William J. Beaty           BIO
[apparently live webcam image]
Office webcam, UW campus
Age 5X?, divorced.    UW Research engineer, exhibit designer, consultant
Main sports: crackpot physics. Sitting and thinking.
This one is non-smoking, but it occasionally tries odd beers.
Not very American.   Grew up on Guam.   Still doesn't know the
   rules for football.   And USA girls are too skinny!
Daughter in art school.    Day job = U. of Washington
Reads far too much, (how long before entire brain am FULL?!)
Messy but knows EXACTLY where everything is.
Trying to make the world a better place. Who's the real fool?
Makes science videos, does art, runs a salon, attends dorkbots.
Enjoys twisted childlike music: Bobs, TMBGiants, Lehrer, Yankovic.
    Threepenny opera, Vincent. The Ventures and Un Bel Di.
Eats: mostly veg, Indian, Thai, Japanese, & anything weird.
Hangs out on Reddit , also on Youtube and The Straight Dope
Hey ma, I'm a Tee Vee star! Me brane 'urts from Python & Red Dwarf,
David Lynch, Gahan Wilson, Crumb, Paul Bartel, Bob, John Waters.
Great fan of unusual phenomena & research, Castenada, Seth, utter
   self-honesty, awareness, excessive introspection, rapid spiritual growth.
Talks to animals; cats, dogs, conures, budgies, amazons, rats, spiders.
Movies: The Man Who Would Be King, Real Genius, Little Big Man,
   Young Frankenstein, Fight Club
Heroes: the usual ( Tesla, Feynman, etc.) plus A. Jarry and G. N. Pyke
Yes, I do give talks on Electricity, k-6 misconceptions
William J. Beaty
6632 Corson Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98108
     BIO MAP: 47.653421,-122.309246

People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history. - Dan Quayle
         email:          URL: http://amasci.com          MAP: 47.653421,-122.309246          FTP: ftp://ftp.eskimo.com/u/b/billb

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"Physics is like sex. Sure, it may give some practical results,
but that's not why we do it."
- Richard Feynman


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"The weirder you are going to behave, the more normal you should look. . .When I see a kid with three or four rings in his nose, I know there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about that person. " -- P.J. O'Rourke

[Making fingertip
corona, beams of creep-out] [Me touching VDG machine, remaining hair standing 
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9/13/2003 Article                 (C)The Seattle Times, Mark Harrison



It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.
--Harry Truman


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rAG3665 rAG3666 rAG3667 rAG3668 rAG3669 rAG3670 rAG3671 rAG3672 rAG3673 rAG3674 rAG3675 rAG3676 rAG3677 rAG3678 rAG3679 rAG3680 rAG3681 rAG3682 rAG3683 rAG3684 rAG3685 rAG3686 rAG3687 rAG3688 rAG3689 rAG3690 rAG3691 rAG3692 rAG3693 rAG3694 rAG3695 rAG3696 rAG3697 rAG3698 rAG3699 rAG36100 rAG3746 rAG3747 rAG3748 rAG3749 rAG3750 rAG3751 rAG3752 rAG3753 rAG3754 rAG3755 rAG3756 rAG3757 rAG3758 rAG3759 rAG3760 rAG3761 rAG3762 rAG3763 rAG3764 rAG3765 rAG3766 rAG3767 rAG3768 rAG3769 rAG3770 rAG3771 rAG3772 rAG3773 rAG3774 rAG3775 rAG3776 rAG3777 rAG3778 rAG3779 rAG3780 rAG3781 rAG3782 rAG3783 rAG3784 rAG3785 rAG3786 rAG3787 rAG3788 rAG3789 rAG3790 rAG3791 rAG3792 rAG3793 rAG3794 rAG3795 rAG3796 rAG3797 rAG3798 rAG3799 rAG37100 rAG3846 rAG3847 rAG3848 rAG3849 rAG3850 rAG3851 rAG3852 rAG3853 rAG3854 rAG3855 rAG3856 rAG3857 rAG3858 rAG3859 rAG3860 rAG3861 rAG3862 rAG3863 rAG3864 rAG3865 rAG3866 rAG3867 rAG3868 rAG3869 rAG3870 rAG3871 rAG3872 rAG3873 rAG3874 rAG3875 rAG3876 rAG3877 rAG3878 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rAG4093 rAG4094 rAG4095 rAG4096 rAG4097 rAG4098 rAG4099 rAG40100 rAG4146 rAG4147 rAG4148 rAG4149 rAG4150 rAG4151 rAG4152 rAG4153 rAG4154 rAG4155 rAG4156 rAG4157 rAG4158 rAG4159 rAG4160 rAG4161 rAG4162 rAG4163 rAG4164 rAG4165 rAG4166 rAG4167 rAG4168 rAG4169 rAG4170 rAG4171 rAG4172 rAG4173 rAG4174 rAG4175 rAG4176 rAG4177 rAG4178 rAG4179 rAG4180 rAG4181 rAG4182 rAG4183 rAG4184 rAG4185 rAG4186 rAG4187 rAG4188 rAG4189 rAG4190 rAG4191 rAG4192 rAG4193 rAG4194 rAG4195 rAG4196 rAG4197 rAG4198 rAG4199 rAG41100 rAG4246 rAG4247 rAG4248 rAG4249 rAG4250 rAG4251 rAG4252 rAG4253 rAG4254 rAG4255 rAG4256 rAG4257 rAG4258 rAG4259 rAG4260 rAG4261 rAG4262 rAG4263 rAG4264 rAG4265 rAG4266 rAG4267 rAG4268 rAG4269 rAG4270 rAG4271 rAG4272 rAG4273 rAG4274 rAG4275 rAG4276 rAG4277 rAG4278 rAG4279 rAG4280 rAG4281 rAG4282 rAG4283 rAG4284 rAG4285 rAG4286 rAG4287 rAG4288 rAG4289 rAG4290 rAG4291 rAG4292 rAG4293 rAG4294 rAG4295 rAG4296 rAG4297 rAG4298 rAG4299 rAG42100 rAG4346 rAG4347 rAG4348 rAG4349 rAG4350 rAG4351 rAG4352 rAG4353 rAG4354 rAG4355 rAG4356 rAG4357 rAG4358 rAG4359 rAG4360 rAG4361 rAG4362 rAG4363 rAG4364 rAG4365 rAG4366 rAG4367 rAG4368 rAG4369 rAG4370 rAG4371 rAG4372 rAG4373 rAG4374 rAG4375 rAG4376 rAG4377 rAG4378 rAG4379 rAG4380 rAG4381 rAG4382 rAG4383 rAG4384 rAG4385 rAG4386 rAG4387 rAG4388 rAG4389 rAG4390 rAG4391 rAG4392 rAG4393 rAG4394 rAG4395 rAG4396 rAG4397 rAG4398 rAG4399 rAG43100 rAG4446 rAG4447 rAG4448 rAG4449 rAG4450 rAG4451 rAG4452 rAG4453 rAG4454 rAG4455 rAG4456 rAG4457 rAG4458 rAG4459 rAG4460 rAG4461 rAG4462 rAG4463 rAG4464 rAG4465 rAG4466 rAG4467 rAG4468 rAG4469 rAG4470 rAG4471 rAG4472 rAG4473 rAG4474 rAG4475 rAG4476 rAG4477 rAG4478 rAG4479 rAG4480 rAG4481 rAG4482 rAG4483 rAG4484 rAG4485 rAG4486 rAG4487 rAG4488 rAG4489 rAG4490 rAG4491 rAG4492 rAG4493 rAG4494 rAG4495 rAG4496 rAG4497 rAG4498 rAG4499 rAG44100 rHT4770 rHT4771 rHT4772 rHT4773 rHT4774 rHT4775 rHT4776 rHT4777 rHT4778 rHT4779 rHT4780 rHT4781 rHT4782 rHT4783 rHT4784 rHT4785 rHT4786 rHT4787 rHT4788 rHT4789 rHT4790 rHT4791 rHT4792 rHT4793 rHT4794 rHT4795 rHT4796 rHT4797 rHT4870 rHT4871 rHT4872 rHT4873 rHT4874 rHT4875 rHT4876 rHT4877 rHT4878 rHT4879 rHT4880 rHT4881 rHT4882 rHT4883 rHT4884 rHT4885 rHT4886 rHT4887 rHT4888 rHT4889 rHT4890 rHT4891 rHT4892 rHT4893 rHT4894 rHT4895 rHT4896 rHT4897 rHT4970 rHT4971 rHT4972 rHT4973 rHT4974 rHT4975 rHT4976 rHT4977 rHT4978 rHT4979 rHT4980 rHT4981 rHT4982 rHT4983 rHT4984 rHT4985 rHT4986 rHT4987 rHT4988 rHT4989 rHT4990 rHT4991 rHT4992 rHT4993 rHT4994 rHT4995 rHT4996 rHT4997 rHT5070 rHT5071 rHT5072 rHT5073 rHT5074 rHT5075 rHT5076 rHT5077 rHT5078 rHT5079 rHT5080 rHT5081 rHT5082 rHT5083 rHT5084 rHT5085 rHT5086 rHT5087 rHT5088 rHT5089 rHT5090 rHT5091 rHT5092 rHT5093 rHT5094 rHT5095 rHT5096 rHT5097 rHT5170 rHT5171 rHT5172 rHT5173 rHT5174 rHT5175 rHT5176 rHT5177 rHT5178 rHT5179 rHT5180 rHT5181 rHT5182 rHT5183 rHT5184 rHT5185 rHT5186 rHT5187 rHT5188 rHT5189 rHT5190 rHT5191 rHT5192 rHT5193 rHT5194 rHT5195 rHT5196 rHT5197 rHT5270 rHT5271 rHT5272 rHT5273 rHT5274 rHT5275 rHT5276 rHT5277 rHT5278 rHT5279 rHT5280 rHT5281 rHT5282 rHT5283 rHT5284 rHT5285 rHT5286 rHT5287 rHT5288 rHT5289 rHT5290 rHT5291 rHT5292 rHT5293 rHT5294 rHT5295 rHT5296 rHT5297 rHT5370 rHT5371 rHT5372 rHT5373 rHT5374 rHT5375 rHT5376 rHT5377 rHT5378 rHT5379 rHT5380 rHT5381 rHT5382 rHT5383 rHT5384 rHT5385 rHT5386 rHT5387 rHT5388 rHT5389 rHT5390 rHT5391 rHT5392 rHT5393 rHT5394 rHT5395 rHT5396 rHT5397 rHT5470 rHT5471 rHT5472 rHT5473 rHT5474 rHT5475 rHT5476 rHT5477 rHT5478 rHT5479 rHT5480 rHT5481 rHT5482 rHT5483 rHT5484 rHT5485 rHT5486 rHT5487 rHT5488 rHT5489 rHT5490 rHT5491 rHT5492 rHT5493 rHT5494 rHT5495 rHT5496 rHT5497 rHT5570 rHT5571 rHT5572 rHT5573 rHT5574 rHT5575 rHT5576 rHT5577 rHT5578 rHT5579 rHT5580 rHT5581 rHT5582 rHT5583 rHT5584 rHT5585 rHT5586 rHT5587 rHT5588 rHT5589 rHT5590 rHT5591 rHT5592 rHT5593 rHT5594 rHT5595 rHT5596 rHT5597 rHT5670 rHT5671 rHT5672 rHT5673 rHT5674 rHT5675 rHT5676 rHT5677 rHT5678 rHT5679 rHT5680 rHT5681 rHT5682 rHT5683 rHT5684 rHT5685 rHT5686 rHT5687 rHT5688 rHT5689 rHT5690 rHT5691 rHT5692 rHT5693 rHT5694 rHT5695 rHT5696 rHT5697 rHT5770 rHT5771 rHT5772 rHT5773 rHT5774 rHT5775 rHT5776 rHT5777 rHT5778 rHT5779 rHT5780 rHT5781 rHT5782 rHT5783 rHT5784 rHT5785 rHT5786 rHT5787 rHT5788 rHT5789 rHT5790 rHT5791 rHT5792 rHT5793 rHT5794 rHT5795 rHT5796 rHT5797 rHT5870 rHT5871 rHT5872 rHT5873 rHT5874 rHT5875 rHT5876 rHT5877 rHT5878 rHT5879 rHT5880 rHT5881 rHT5882 rHT5883 rHT5884 rHT5885 rHT5886 rHT5887 rHT5888 rHT5889 rHT5890 rHT5891 rHT5892 rHT5893 rHT5894 rHT5895 rHT5896 rHT5897 rHT5970 rHT5971 rHT5972 rHT5973 rHT5974 rHT5975 rHT5976 rHT5977 rHT5978 rHT5979 rHT5980 rHT5981 rHT5982 rHT5983 rHT5984 rHT5985 rHT5986 rHT5987 rHT5988 rHT5989 rHT5990 rHT5991 rHT5992 rHT5993 rHT5994 rHT5995 rHT5996 rHT5997 rHT6070 rHT6071 rHT6072 rHT6073 rHT6074 rHT6075 rHT6076 rHT6077 rHT6078 rHT6079 rHT6080 rHT6081 rHT6082 rHT6083 rHT6084 rHT6085 rHT6086 rHT6087 rHT6088 rHT6089 rHT6090 rHT6091 rHT6092 rHT6093 rHT6094 rHT6095 rHT6096 rHT6097 rHT6170 rHT6171 rHT6172 rHT6173 rHT6174 rHT6175 rHT6176 rHT6177 rHT6178 rHT6179 rHT6180 rHT6181 rHT6182 rHT6183 rHT6184 rHT6185 rHT6186 rHT6187 rHT6188 rHT6189 rHT6190 rHT6191 rHT6192 rHT6193 rHT6194 rHT6195 rHT6196 rHT6197 rHT6270 rHT6271 rHT6272 rHT6273 rHT6274 rHT6275 rHT6276 rHT6277 rHT6278 rHT6279 rHT6280 rHT6281 rHT6282 rHT6283 rHT6284 rHT6285 rHT6286 rHT6287 rHT6288 rHT6289 rHT6290 rHT6291 rHT6292 rHT6293 rHT6294 rHT6295 rHT6296 rHT6297 rHT6370 rHT6371 rHT6372 rHT6373 rHT6374 rHT6375 rHT6376 rHT6377 rHT6378 rHT6379 rHT6380 rHT6381 rHT6382 rHT6383 rHT6384 rHT6385 rHT6386 rHT6387 rHT6388 rHT6389 rHT6390 rHT6391 rHT6392 rHT6393 rHT6394 rHT6395 rHT6396 rHT6397 rHT6470 rHT6471 rHT6472 rHT6473 rHT6474 rHT6475 rHT6476 rHT6477 rHT6478 rHT6479 rHT6480 rHT6481 rHT6482 rHT6483 rHT6484 rHT6485 rHT6486 rHT6487 rHT6488 rHT6489 rHT6490 rHT6491 rHT6492 rHT6493 rHT6494 rHT6495 rHT6496 rHT6497 rHT6570 rHT6571 rHT6572 rHT6573 rHT6574 rHT6575 rHT6576 rHT6577 rHT6578 rHT6579 rHT6580 rHT6581 rHT6582 rHT6583 rHT6584 rHT6585 rHT6586 rHT6587 rHT6588 rHT6589 rHT6590 rHT6591 rHT6592 rHT6593 rHT6594 rHT6595 rHT6596 rHT6597 rHT6670 rHT6671 rHT6672 rHT6673 rHT6674 rHT6675 rHT6676 rHT6677 rHT6678 rHT6679 rHT6680 rHT6681 rHT6682 rHT6683 rHT6684 rHT6685 rHT6686 rHT6687 rHT6688 rHT6689 rHT6690 rHT6691 rHT6692 rHT6693 rHT6694 rHT6695 rHT6696 rHT6697 rHT6770 rHT6771 rHT6772 rHT6773 rHT6774 rHT6775 rHT6776 rHT6777 rHT6778 rHT6779 rHT6780 rHT6781 rHT6782 rHT6783 rHT6784 rHT6785 rHT6786 rHT6787 rHT6788 rHT6789 rHT6790 rHT6791 rHT6792 rHT6793 rHT6794 rHT6795 rHT6796 rHT6797 rHT6870 rHT6871 rHT6872 rHT6873 rHT6874 rHT6875 rHT6876 rHT6877 rHT6878 rHT6879 rHT6880 rHT6881 rHT6882 rHT6883 rHT6884 rHT6885 rHT6886 rHT6887 rHT6888 rHT6889 rHT6890 rHT6891 rHT6892 rHT6893 rHT6894 rHT6895 rHT6896 rHT6897 rPA03 rPA04 rPA05 rPA06 rPA13 rPA14 rPA15 rPA16 rEL07 rEL08 rEL09 rEL17 rEL18 rEL19 rEL27 rEL28 rEL29 rEL37 rEL38 rEL39 rEL47 rEL48 rEL49 rEL57 rEL58 rEL59 rSM02 rSM03 rSM04 rSM05 rSM06 rAC03 rAC04 rAC13 rAC14 rFO04 rFO05 rFO14 rFO15 rFO24 rFO25 rEC02 rEC03 rEC04 rEC05 rPO05 rPO06 rPO15 rPO16 rPO25 rPO26 rPO35 rPO36 rPO02 rPO03 rPO04 rPO05 rPO06 rAV03 rAV04 rAV05 rAV13 rAV14 rAV15


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