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Try some tricks and demos with static electricity , then play with Rare Earth Magnet Spheres

NOTICE: now on CDROM, The Amateur Scientist, all 810 of the columns from Scientific American magazine (C.L. Stong, Jearle Walker, Shawn Carlson.) Approx 1000 amateur projects, pp2100 $24.99. See a Sample.

Explore these Massive, time-sucking indexes of CoolSci:

This Week In Science
Audio archives of the weekly radio show, from U. of Cal. Davis

One of the best science-blogs. Updated by thousands of compulsive science geeks!

Griffith Observatory: best astro sites
Archive of their weekly "Star Awards"

Hubble Space Telescope's Greatest Hits
Lots and lots of pictures, great for desktop wallpaper. Also try NASA picture of the day and Astronomy picture of the day

Cool Robot of the Week
A large collection maintained by NASA telerobotics. With archives going back to 1996.

The Memepool: Science Archive
The Memepool is an excellent, eclectic "cool sites of the week" page with all links to all sorts of somewhat warped websites. Browse their collection by subject.

Exploratorium's "Cool Sites" archive
The Exploratorium's Learning Studio maintains a monthly "Top Ten" page for science sites. They've ferreted out the cream of webscience cool sites. Don't miss their past months' archive.

Dr. Matrix' Weird Web World of Science - Awards Page
Dr. Matrix cruises the www and collects the coolsci sites for his Awards page. Seventeen catagories, hundreds and hundreds of science sites. Cruise the rest of his site for fascinating, thoughtful commentary

The Last Word
Science questions answered, from New Scientist magazine.

AstronomyPicture of the Day NASA archive
Ten years of collected photos and links from the famous APOD site.

The Editors Selections
Science hotlist from Scientific American Magazine.

Science Friday: HOTLINKS
NPR Radio's TALK OF THE NATION: SCIENCE FRIDAY is not to be missed. They've also built a nice collection of eclectic science links.

ZOOLAND Artificial Life Resource
The famous/infamous (delete one) Santa Fe Institute brings us this brainmeltingly-extensive collection of links to sites involving Artificial Life; a-life. Zerosum breakage and titfortat dealings. Simulations, animations and applet-based growings. Fractals and fishtanks and emergentboid wings ...these are a few of my favorite things!

Cool Science Archive from the Nat. Acadamy Press
Also check out the NAP reading room for all sorts of science books online. Yes, complete actual illustrated books on the internet for free. Also try some non-science at Litrix reading room.

The Virtual Laboratory at Pilot to Physics
An excellent (and large) collection of hands-on Java applets, shockwave, and VRML programs for the visual learning of physics concepts. Also check out online textbooks

ENC Digital Dozen Archive
Eisenhower Nat. Clearinghouse picks a monthly top-12 science education sites. No dry textbook sites, this archive of past picks is the really cool stuff.

Hands on Science Centers Worldwide
Science Museums have the coolest websites. Here they all are, all at once. Take it slow, don't get brainburn.

From the Pitsco Science Catalog site, a collection of "collaborative projects," a cool-science link collection by any other name.

Interesting Devices on the Net
From Yahoo, this is an immense and venerable collection of sites with live stillcams, interactive robots, and all manner of instrumentation connected to the net. Spy on people's offices all over the world. See the coffee pot that started it all. Watch 24hr timelapses at the UW. Talk to the cat. See if the pop machine at MIT has any warm Jolt cola left.

Franklin Institute's hotlist of online exhibits
A list of highly interactive Cool Science sites. Also see their monthly hotlist.

Yahoo's SCIENCE index
Hours of surfing pleasure. If you find something in Yahoo that should be linked in Cool Science, drop me a note!

More and more museum sites.

See my own collection of Cool Science links


Great Big List of Various Cool Places

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