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88. Physics: Re: What properties make some materials gain e- by contact
89. Physics: Re: magnetism and arc welding
90. Chemistry: Re: How does the dye and phosphor coating create the black light effect?
91. Physics: Re: How do watts, volts, ohms, and amperes compare to one another?
92. Physics: Re: Any information on kinetic gas theory - as relevant to spark plugs??
93. Physics: Re: How does the filament dimensions of a black light affect its working?
94. Physics: Re: How do you stop static electric charge in humans, zapping each other
95. Physics: Re: info on magnetics moving.
96. Engineering: Re: How to make a Lie Detector need further help
97. Engineering: Re: Why doesn't my touchlamp work when I touch it slowly?
98. Zoology: Re: How can someone raise worms to the surface using electricity?
99. Other: Re: how much energy can static produce ??( Ex: a car, etc....)
100. Engineering: Re: How do you get rid of static charges
101. Physics: Re: Why does ripping a BAND-AID (or similar bandage) wrapper produce light?
102. Physics: Re: Is cotton positive or negative on the triboelectic series?
103. Chemistry: Re: Why does only one half of the electric pickle light up?
104. Other: Re: What would cause curved stalactites in my icecubes in the freezer?
105. Engineering: Re: Why are prongs of electrical plugs different sizes (polarized)?
106. Physics: Re: Does a caduceus coil generate peculiar 'scalar waves?'
107. Physics: Re: How exactly does resistance cause heat increase?
108. Computer Science: Re: How can I build a computer from scratch? No industry made parts.
109. Physics: Re: hologram effect with water waves
110. Engineering: Re: Is there a high-voltage powerstorage system, and how it is handled?
111. Engineering: Re: Can two transformers be wired together?
112. Chemistry: Re: Can water be electrolyzed by using AC current?
113. Earth Sciences: Re: How do cats eyes in the road, reflectors on a bike and optic fibres work?


64. Physics: How does a Kelvin waterdrop generator work?
65. Earth Sciences: Why do some people have servere problems with static electricity?
66. Engineering: How exactly does a Mercury Vacuum pump operate?
67. Engineering: How will neon react to a low powered laser in a vacume tube
68. Engineering: How do I calculate the magnetic field produced by a 33 Kv power line?
69. Physics: It's AC, so why is "hot" different than "neutral?"
70. Physics: Why does the scotch tape glows in the dark when we take a piece of it?
71. Earth Sciences: Can a lightening strike cause nail pops on your roof and dry wall screws pop
72. Physics: Why do scratches in glass alway seem to form circles around light-sources?
73. Chemistry: On reduction potentials of cells
74. Engineering: Can a video tape show induce a TV screen current?
75. Engineering: Van de Graaff generators
76. Physics: Why does microwave-cooked popcorn have an electric charge?
77. Engineering: Effect of cold on incandescnet light bulbs
78. Earth Sciences: What Is Ball Lightnig?
79. Physics: I am doing a 3-d magnetic field viewing project but I need a variable.
80. Engineering: Can the touch lamp theory be applied to D.C. powered appliance
80. Biophysics: Static Electricity and why does it have to be me?
82. General Biology: What is the easiest way to change light intensity?
83. Earth Sciences: Lightning cone of safety
84. Engineering: will there ever be holographic televisions.
85. Physics: How can you demonstrate a homemade lightbulb?
86. Engineering: Experiment to test piezoelectric crystals?
87. Physics: How does alternating current move forward?


1. Physics : How do generators make Electricity?
2. Physics : descaling water magnetically
3. Physics : Thermodynamic scale movil
4. Physics : How can I build a generator at home?
5. Chemistry : Electric current passing thru chocolate syrup
6. Physics : The best miniature tornado
7. Physics : Car Rearview Mirror
8. Physics : How does sound travel down phone lines
9. Engineering : Magnetic field of parallel wires stack
10. Computer Science : html- how to flash GIFs?
11. Physics : AC is symmetrical, so why are 3 special prongs needed?
12. Physics : What is Electricity?
13. Physics : What makes electricity work?


14. Earth Sciences : What is the official name of the 'skin effect'?
15. Chemistry : why does static electricity build up
16. Chemistry : How does one form silica spherules of specific dimensions
Adrian Popa, Staff Optical/Microwave Physics, Thu Feb 6 13:17:13 1997
17. Chemistry : What gases are in a black light bulb and how does it work?
18. Medicine : Are NMR machines noisy?
19. Cell Biology : Does rusting of iron commonly involve bacteria?
Josef Berger, Faculty General Biology, School of Biology South Bohemian U.
20. Physics : How does light work in a photostating machine?
21. Earth Sciences : Effects of Lightning on Electronic Equipment
Dwayne Rosenburgh, Physics/Electrical Engineering, Tue Nov 11 20:23:10 1997
22. Engineering : How large a value (Farads) can a capacitor POSSIBLY get?
23. Engineering : How can an ariplane fly upside down?
24. Physics : Why does the paint in the join between two walls fade less?
25. Physics : how the volt tracer or detector works thanks
26. Chemistry : Why does storing an automotive battery on a cement floor damage it?
27. Physics : electrocution in a bathtub
28. Physics : Newton's third law


29. Physics: What causes a sonic boom.?
30. Physics: what are the properties of a conductor that affest the electric resistance?
31. Earth Sciences: Can you project static electricity?
32. Chemistry: 9-volt batt. sets fire to steel wool?
33. Physics: Magnetize plates so they repel?
34. Physics: Building a Wimshurst Machine
35. Physics: Electrical device that can heat and cool depending on the current
36. Physics: Biefeld/Brown antigravity experiment
37. General Bio.: Can trees be used to generate electricity?
38. Engineering: How does a touch lamp work?
39. Biophys: Airport Landing Light 'Illusion...'
40. Earth Sci.: Does a tornado (not TStorm) create electricity/lightning?
41. Earth Sci.: What happens to compasses at the Earth?s magnetic pole?
42. Other: Why are the colors on the newton color wheel different sizes?
43. Earth Sci.: Specific lightning phenomenon...?
44. Engineering: Speed of electricity?
45. Physics: Electricity Produced in a Bottle of Orange Juice
46. Physics: Inertial Propulsion
47. Biophys: Can ELF/EMR cause low frequency vibrations in common objects?
48. Physics: Does whitewater produce ions?
49. Engineering: Perpetual Electric Generator
50. Physics: Static electricity: length of 1mm spark
51. Engineering: How to make a Lie Detector?
52. Physics: Why can't reentering spaceships use parachutes?
53. General Biology: Why does a wad of hair make a jar of water evaporate faster?
54. Physics: Volts and amps to explode a drop of water?
55. Physics: Pressure of water at X depth?
56. Engineering: How to build a 'shock box?'
57. Engineering: Magnetically aligning LCD?
58. Engineering: Human as circuit in "energy orb" toy?
59. Biophysics: Do polygraphs (lie detectors) work?
60. Biophysics: Why dappled light makes circles?
61. Environment: Electric power substation harms animals?
62 Engineering: How does the sparker to light your grille work, in detail.
63. Physics: Skin effect

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