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  1. Shortwave laser in psi-charged super-Q di water supposedly gives Mie-scattering notches in the angular-spectrum, can we see these changes occur in real time? So build a meter-long array of ?32? water-cells with photodiodes, sweep it past the subject’s hands during a healing session.
  2. W. Smith UFO detector, some nylon fiber (2lb fishing line leader) stretched into nonlinear stress/strain region, biased by a steel spring (detect small changes in fiber’s length.)
  3. PK detector based on 20uC of Ra223 between two GM counters for differential readings?
  4. Detect human-discharge of watch/phone batteries: a micro-battery amp-hour measurement, charge/discharge zinc electrolyte to glassy carbon, detects anomalous loss/gain of "battery charge," in realtime.
  5. Automated stick-plate, slow motorize rotating glass cylinder with spring-mounted leather pad, measure displacement of pad (supposedly very sensitive to e-fields DC to RF, perhaps also sensitive to non-EM too?
  6. 100MHz crystal-oscillator pair,, detecting the freq-difference, senses ppbs of time-distortion (place them far apart, perhaps use opto fiber.)
  7. Neon plasma voltage-monitor at sensitive edge (10uA?) of glow discharge regime, to detect reported “streetlight damping” PK effect
  8. Binoculars with PMT audio channel, listen to star-twinkle, listen to car headlights, modulations of distant UAP lights, earthquake lights and BL. (If UAP lights give a 400Hz buzz, that’s USAF standard!)
  9. Thermal camera rigged for air-temperature sensing, for realtime imaging of “cold spot” hauntings.
  10. Biosensor to detect PSI and human fields, via a heavily-shielded potato
  11. Scanning drum, detects b-field, e-field, and gas ultrasonic absorption, at scale of 1 square meter.
  12. How about a pyramid-power detector: opto beam-dump based on stack of 1950s razor blades w/damaged edges, monitored by photodiode (if the bent edges gradually “strop” themselves spontaneously, obviously we must be inside a Cheops pyramid? Does any material *shield* the pyramid-power? Can we reflect or focus it, or turn the effect on and off? Send morse code, or slow data via collimated beams of pyramid-power? Does our razor-based detector sense any EXISTING beams of modulated pyramid-power? Ha! )
Heh, now build hundreds of these and put them on the www, as with PEAR global RNG array.



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