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Oxygen use by EM-shielded potato sample

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September 2, 1993


This file shared with KeelyNet courtesy of Dan Davidson.

Potatoes Can See
Aug.1, 1993 OF

In the late 60's I was working for a company, in southern Michigan, called Space Defense Corp. The company was engaged in basic research with most of the contracts being with NASA. The question of particular interest to us at the time was, "What would happen to man's biological rhythms in a long term deep space flight?"

Man has about 280 biological clocks ticking away and are more or less associated with the Planet Earth. So if we take man and send him into deep space, is he going to fall apart?

The plan was to take something simple, study its' biorhythms on earth, then shoot it into deep space, then compare the biorhythm, which would give you conjecture as to Man. After a reasonable study the Potato was elected-it was simple, lots of data in the data banks, and the life-blood of Americans. To help clarify the data we elected to only fly the eye of a potato thus reducing the size of the experiment.

Pertinent Data:

  • Sample size - 1/4" diameter - 3/4" long potato eye plug.
  • Oxygen consumption- 10 Cubic Inches in 90 days.
  • Oxygen transducer was used to control the partial pressure
  • Potato chamber was constructed entirely of aluminum to preclude the possibility of any Lumens being able to excite the eye.
  • The chamber was pressurized to one atmosphere and maintained to one millionth of a PSI-this is so the eye cannot sense barometric changes.
  • Ambient temperature was controlled to within three Degrees F

One of the first things that we noticed was that not all eyes survived the plugging operation. The potato eye would go into post operative shock as if he were trying to decide if "He" were going to live or die. He would not take a breath for 2 or 3 days, but, if the potato were plugged during the full moon the breathing would

start almost immediately. Thus giving more credence to the "Farmers Almanac" saying that "if you want to have a good potato crop you should plant in the light of the full moon".

The first of the data showed that the potato would get up at sunrise and "Work"; do his thing until sundown. Then he would go into a quasi-state of low oxygen consumption (sleep) until next morning.

Then the process was repeated five more times followed by a low oxygen consumption day ;"cool it day", to put it more accurately he worked six days and rested on the seventh! Now this brought up more questions than it solved. How is it that all potatoes had the same rhythm? Why were they synchronous? When did they pick the day of rest? Was "GOD" trying to tell us something?

Over the years of study the potato appeared to be smarter and smarter. While still locked up in the can, he still could tell Spring, Winter, Fall and Summer. He knew the days of the week, the time of day and the position of the moon with respect to the sun. That potato either had a fantastic memory or was getting information through the can.

We then decided to revise the instrumentation to put a temperature probe directly into the potato eye. We reasoned that as he took a breath, the O2 would combine with the starch - this reaction would produce heat thus telling us the minute the potato took a breath.

This new instrumentation presented us with some of the old problems of grounding, shielding, and stray fields each in turn being answered by perseverance, except one.

Sporadic problems that seemingly come and go without an explanation as to reason or time are the worst and hardest type to correct. The search seemed endless. Finally we noticed that when someone new came into the lab that the potato got hyper.

That is to say, we noticed that the breathing rate increased and would stay elevated for several minutes after the arrival of any new people to the laboratory. Does this sporadic problem turn out to be Potato Memory? Can the potato SEE through the aluminum can, remember who was in the lab, then say to himself "that's a new face, what's he doing here"? Then after a few minutes, think to himself "nothing new is going on, I guess I'll go back to doing my thing".

It's time for some conjecture, what if the Potato were a super- sensitive gravity field detector? This would account for knowing the Spring, Winter, Fall and Summer, further, the position of the sun and moon could be accounted for. But, knowing the day of the week?

That's a reach, but not so much if you consider everything produces a gravity field. That the net gravitometric force is the net of all the fields around you. When Jim, Betty, and Bob are in the lab, they produce a net gravity field which is sensed by the Potato. Now lets say that Judy comes into the Lab. The gravity field must adjust which will affect the Potato as well.

Let us take this one more step, the building that houses the lab normally has about 100 people working there, but on Sunday there may be none to five. Which would give a lower net gravitational field and thus the Potato does not feel the pressure to work so hard. And all this time you thought that He wanted to go to church. One final thought. If the Potato can't see why do we say he has eyes.

Vangard Note..

This is a most intriguing proposition and fits perfectly well with the research done by Cleve Backster (Primary Perception in plants) and Herbert Veale's Homing Conductance Ray (see HOMCOND1 on KeelyNet). The fact that the potato eye is being kept in an aluminum container (a Faraday cage) indicates three possibilities as to the nature of WHAT can pass freely through a Faraday cage?

The first is obviously gravity as suggested in the text.

The second is some kind of SCALAR component as detailed in the file HOMCOND1. Since all cells have DNA and DNA consists of multiple loops (double helices) that create a scalar "ray" from each twist of the helix, then each cell produces multiple "rays" that can be accessed with suitable detectors/emitters.

The third possibility is that of the flow of Aether (also called the "virtual field" or "hyperspace" or "tachyon field", etc.).

Since all matter has centers through which this Aether flows, the degree and "character" (modulations) of this inflowing Aether could be sensed and "sniffed" as to WHAT IS IN the Aether wind. The idea that Aether can be so modulated with other energies gives rise to device possibilities beyond belief.

Another interesting aspect of this paper is with the potato eye KNOWING to skip the 7th day. For several years now, we have been looking for information as to a set of "clocking" fields that control all mass and energy. These fields would be inter-related and follow this pattern :

Universe which clocks
Nebulas which clock
Galaxies which clock
Solar systems which clock
Planets which clock
Mass aggreations on the planet which clock
Molecules of the aggregation which clock
Atoms of the molecules which clock
Inter-Atoms which clock

So, at the birth of each atom, a clock is established that is controlled by the larger clocks. When the atoms combine to form molecules, they in turn heterodyne to form the molecular clock. When the molecules combine to form mass aggregations, those molecules collectively combine to form a heterodyned mass aggregate clock. (see the file NEUTRAL1.ZIP) And so on...

Each mass therefore has multiple controlling clocks that are ESTABLISHED AT BIRTH. By accessing one or more of these clocks,

one can affect the mass under experiment to produce phenomena or changes that are temporarily "independent" of the external clocks. Thus, through the use of magnetic, electric, scalar or other fields of energy, (note here the KEY is FREQUENCY) one can alter the mass clock for phenomena including, time shifts, dimensional shifts, levitation, local tapping of "free" energy, accelerated or retarded aging of material to produce embrittlement or greater strength of that material, etc.

Bearing the above in mind, it follows that each element, being of a specific frequency, MUST resonate IN PHASE with the same element, ANYWHERE within the Universe. Now that is a rather broad concept and so, it should be amended to: each element of the same frequency will be in phase with all other elements of the same frequency IN ITS local energetic media. This again follows because of the changes in energy density in different regions of space...and such changes would produce not only different "refractive indices" but also subject these frequencies to interference patterns from other frequency conflicts.

We have been looking for evidence that this principle has been tested but have not found anything which even specifies the above contentions. It is a difficult matter to test because of the very nature of the machines used to detect the frequencies and phase of different elements. The NMR uses a 10KGauss biasing field which necessarily SKEWS the phase angle of the element under test.

So, using two calibrated NMR machines over a distance, would yield the SAME PHASE, thus nullifying the purpose of the test. If there was a means of testing that did not use such a DISTORTING FIELD, then the following test would apply.

The basic test is quite simple and involves two samples of the same element, located miles (or preferably hundreds of miles) from each other. Each element is subjected to monitoring by two calibrated instruments to determine if the phase DOES IN FACT remain the same over distance. If this is proven to be so, it shows some kind of controlling clock and again leads to interesting machine possibilities.

The point here is the potato RESTED ON THE 7TH DAY, why? It must have picked up some kind of NULL zone, created as a BEAT FREQUENCY BETWEEN DIFFERENT CLOCKING FREQUENCIES!

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