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OK, it's not weird physics. But too cool to leave out. Also Thai Sylvania ad

The quite bizarre "Marinov Motor" effect. Thought to be
powered by fast-moving heat-expanded lumps on the ball surfaces.
Or perhaps this is a Faraday Disk, an "Earth's Core Dynamo" being
run as a motor instead of a generator.

Dorothy's house won't get sucked up into the sky.

More terribly cool but not real physics

A kilowatt of ultrasound cavitation bubbles. But I wanna see if
it glows when the lights are off!!!

Inductive repulsion, nonmagnetic aluminum slab in intense b-field

We live submerged within a thick layer of fluid

A 45-tesla b-field! More weird inductive repulsion effects

Real Ball Lightning is incandescing aerogel?

If the max-volt point is in the center, then that thing is
way mis-tuned...

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