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When draining a tank from below, it's wise to allow air to
enter from above

A dust-devil ...using giant dust!

Remember "rotating blimps hovercraft?" Here's the airplane version

Flying car, also Mythbusters' version

Steganogram image encoded in frequency. The shy Richard
James shows his "Face." (long)

Hovering amateur LOX rocketships (long)

Visible sound waves during concert: synchronized cellphone flashes (long)

Automated music from 1906: The 'Telharmonium' (long)

Plasma in your microwave oven. Besides carbon fiber, also try
leads from mechanical pencils. Also try charred toothpicks
atop burning candles. Any salt grains stuck to the glass
ceiling will give intensely bright yellow light.

Generators generators generators. And induction motors.
Westinghouse plant, 1904. It's why Tesla was a millionaire.
See film collection, Lib. of Congress

Weird "convection" effect of fluidized beads in a rotating

The speed of sound in glass (speed of the cracks) is much
faster than the speed of sound in air.

Thunderstorm, plus sundogs, equals mysterious moving
lights in sky. Watch closely, you can see the lights flick
suddenly, then slowly shift as the e-field again builds up
before the next lightning. Also another. It only takes
10v/inch to align the suspended ice crystals.

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