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Gasoline stench becomes visible. Also see more MORE FLIR VIDEOS.
Hydrocarbons are strongly colored in long infrared.
If your FLIR camera is filtered to only see 6,000nM light,
then gasoline looks like ink with black smoke pouring off.

Fluidic standing wave!

Swimming-pool reactor. The blue light is Cherenkov
radiation caused by particles moving faster than lightspeed
in water. Notice the remaining glow after the reaction
is quenched.

Crossed polarizers, with 2D "sand" made from poly-
carbonate disks. The force-chains in granular flow are made
visible. Notice the pattern at the very start, before the
black shutter is pulled away. Also another.

Where will incoming lightning touch down? Sometimes the
plasma streamer of the "stepped leader" moves fairly
smoothly. Any sharp object on the ground can launch
more streamers upwards. Also a clearer version.

Slowest bicycle trip: 2cm/hr.

Not oxidation; instead two kinds of tin metal. Back when
tin cans were actually made using tin, this effect could
destroy canned food stored below 56F. Also more.

Cloud Chamber made from a CPU Peltier cooler

Growth from vapor. Nanotubes growing from "nuclei" can
push their growth nucleus along as they lengthen

Aerogel absorbs water?! Who knew!

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