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When the fluorescent bulb in a streetlight gets old, it overheats and trips a safety switch. When it cools off, it turns itself back on again. Some streetlights turn on and off by themselves every few minutes.

Beware, it's easy to fool yourself into thinking that you have a mysterious effect on streetlights. If you see a streetlight turn on or off, that's not unusual. It happens all the time. It's only unusual if whole chains of street lights turn off in sequence as you pass. It's weird if you see the streetlights only turn off but never see an equal number randomly turn back on. It's also hard to explain when streetlights often turn off NOT as you approach or leave, but instead they only turn off while you are passing directly underneath (ie. when you are closest to them.)

Also see: ABOUT.COM: Streetlight Interference
i should also say ; i have migraine headache behind one eye --when it happens i know i have to sleep . Sometimes i get these episodes of quickly feeling really bad -- when this happens -- i have to get some regular ruffles potato chips --nothing else will work... then just lay down in dark room and slowly eat some and in 1 hr i am fine again.. my sugars are not low. i also have nasty pain at base of my skull and sometimes need to sleep with ice pak on it. The street lights will go off more if i am exuberant or very happy . I have always had insomnia as long as i can remember. i have a very very good memory. Sometimes i can tell if a light will turn off. i make certain to keep my cellphone away from me unless i really need it . i also have light build issues at home. I cannot use credit or debit cards because the magnetic strip always go bad.
I know some things are going to happen before they happen. It is like a dejavu but one CAN change the outcome.
ANy one else have these problems? the ruffles potato chip seems so very strange to me ... recently i found out that my niece has the same issues with ruffles chips...very strange.
I have some very strange experiences in my life...helpful interventions from unseen persons---- was she cloaked? really strange.

sd USA - Friday, May 09, 2014 at 03:21:25 (PDT)

i have had streetlights turn off since i was in my late teens. Also have had to replace most --if not all of the alternators in my cars during my life. for quite some time in the 1980s i just always kept a spare alternator in my trunk with tools to replace it.
it got really noticeable during medical school in the 1990s. Entire rows of street lights would shut off, and as i walked across campus , the shorter campus streetlights would shut off one by one as i went under them -- i am certain this had to un nerve other people who saw this. I actually had it happen in the bookstore parking lot one night -- saw another person approaching , so i walked some distance away from the light --it came back on --he walked underneath it --light stayed on --i then walked underneath it --light went off ... no words were exchanged just looked at each other --he looked very confused , i shrugged my shoulders and walked away.
It happened so much that my mom noticed it and asked if i was into some dark cult --- but hey -- i am just a lazy catholic who goes to church when my wife makes me which is too much of the time.
Now our daughter is 18 and she has begun to have it happen.
I should also note ...i cannot wear any electronic watches(quit wearing them in the late 1980s, and dont use anything like an ipod and only 1 type of old mp3 player( the old red trio brand), because all the others go bad very quickly. I have gone thru many desktop computers, so the most recent one i had made , i placed on a shelf on the wall quite a distance above me and got a motherboard hardened against emf
charges and i wear an anti static wrist band wired to a ground post and i plan on getting a grounding pad for my feet when at the computer to avoid damaging this new computer. Also I am and always have been very cold tolerant.
Much less heat tolerant. My eyes are light sensitive and so my eyes prefer cloudy rainy days to bright sunny ones.
These are strange --- but my father's friend - a retired math teacher had similar issues..... who knows what causes ---maybe just xs static charges. that would be a nice simple explanation.
I do not think i am unique ---i know of others.

desmet, sd USA - Friday, May 09, 2014 at 02:50:14 (PDT)

The same thing has been happening to me and my son for years: my energy turns the streetlights off, and his energy turns them on. Whether we are walking or driving together in my truck, we have the same electrical effect. It seems to be something to do with positive and negative energy. I do not mean "positive and negative" in the context of "good and bad," but in the context of the mathematical balance of equations. I would walk ahead, turning the lamps off, and my son would follow, a minute or so behind, and turn the lamps on. In alternate situations, I would drive, alone in my vehicle, to pick up my son from cadets, and the streetlights would turn off as I passed under them. Upon our return trip home, with my son in the vehicle, the lights would turn on as we drove under them. This phenomenon occurred from my son's boyhood to manhood--always, without fail. How did our energy impact or interfere with the power supply connected to the streetlamps? My son recently passed away. The lights still turn off as I pass. I wonder, now, who turns them on...?
RJ Merrill <merrill.rj a gmail com >
Campbell River, BC Canada - Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 01:40:14 (PDT)

Streetlights - I've experienced this most of my life and began controlling it in my early twenties. I fry watches, credit cards. I constantly draw an arc from outlets and appliances both at home and at work. At one workplace, they banned me from the computers as I kept frying them. There is more, but that's all I'm comfortable with discussing on an open forum.
Debster <tx383 a aol com >
USA - Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 11:35:13 (PDT)

I would like to report that street lights go out whenever I pass by them. This started happening, or rather I started noticing them 3 years ago. Whenever I walk by street lamps, or even lamps that are on top of some apartment buildings, at times it turns off and very rarely, they also happen to turn on. At first I dismissed them as mere co- incidence, but as time went by, I realized that it happened frequently enough to not be able to pass it off as a mere co incidence. Then I googled "whenever i walk the streets, the lamps turn off" I was introduced to the phenomenon of street light interference which is as of now, unexplained.
Asr <anonymousdude419 a gmail com >
Ranchi, India - Monday, April 07, 2014 at 08:39:39 (PDT)

At my school our lights don't go out on a timer or anything. They say on like indoor lights do. Only time they go off is when they are dead. Yet when walking to my night classes I will pass by this lights and as soon as I take a step past or when I am right underneath. One time I was sitting under a street light at a park with some friends. They were creeped out because the light would turn on and off every two minutes. They didn't believe me when I said that just happened around me. I'm at the point now where I don't notice it anymore because I am so use to i but my friends do.
Jessie <littlespazyqueenpp a aol com >
USA - Monday, January 20, 2014 at 16:06:13 (PST)

Up until now I never really put much thought into how unusual SLI actually is. Typically when I am driving I noticed multiple lights go out and never come back on, I assumed the bulb went out and the city just fixed them. I started taking the same route and realized no one was replacing these bulbs but, the next day they would be back on. Now when driving my kids to school we make game out of counting the ones that go out. The most occurrences happen near industrial/factory and dams/large body of water. Outside of SLI, and being accident prone, these are normal routine events - wall outlets completely stop working with minor injuries (fall or trip), the spark plugs/lights in my vehicle have to be replaced yearly, most all appliances/electrical devices stay unplugged till use or will malfunction (turn on when not in use), Often VCR/DVD/ Cable/Netflix/Radio refuse to work properly when I want to use them. Home Light bulbs have a 1/4 life span than what they should have.
From my personal experiences its time consuming having to always be cautious and double check with your intuition before you make certain decisions, wish it had better advantages than emptying my pocketbook LOL!

Sarah <snitzsche99 a gmail com >
TN USA - Saturday, December 07, 2013 at 06:56:00 (PST)

when I'm driving or walking by a street light it will turn off by itself sometimes the street light could be far away and all I do is look at it and it will turn off, at work I would walk into a room and the lights would turn off or only the light I was standing under would turn off or start to flicker, all my phone batteries seem to die out quick and the same as
My car batteries. I have been told that this problem is due to too much static energy but I didn't totally believe that so I came on the internet to look for more answers.

Nadine watson
new zealand - Saturday, November 09, 2013 at 11:46:27 (PST)

SLI streetlight interference

I just now saw that this has a name has happened to other people and it feels pretty good to know Im not alone.. I've been experiencing this for about ten years now but only happens when I am very happy... It only happens right about when im underneath it but when im in a really goog mood it can happen to a streetlight up to 400 yards away. Ive shown my family and they are all beleivers and have themselves done surveys to see if it happens to them but it does not... Ive been attracted to electricity my whole life and ended ucoming an electrical engineer... Im not some nut, i am an EE with a PE and an MBA...

Archie80 <Jeremyartemik a hotmailcom>
Larksville, PA USA - Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 09:32:54 (PDT)

I often found street lights turn off or on when I walk under them. It is so predictable I began filming it with my phone and posted them on YouTube. I have more experiences than what is uploaded there but it usually is a one off occurrence because I'm never back to that spot again to repeat the experience. But the videos displayed occurred with out fail every time in areas I travel regularly so I was able to record them. Search YouTube for my channel using auraspower.
Wayne Russell <vitality4life a gmailcom>
Toronto, ON Canads - Friday, April 05, 2013 at 15:47:12 (PDT)

While in the Air Force I was stationed at Hill AFB Utah for 7 years (1999-2007); worked swing shift. At random times between 12 and 1 AM I passed a certain street lamp on the way to my car. About 70% of the time while passing exactly 20 feet from the poll, the light would either turn off or on. I told my brother about it once, he thought I was crazy. All these years later I thought about it, googled it, and here I am reading about it on this fine site. Maybe I wasn't crazy? And it only happened with one lamp post.

I believe 70% of the time, at exactly the same mark, and at random times, is statistically an impossibility.

USA - Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 21:58:08 (PST)

I didn't begin to question the SLI effect I had until around 2003, but looking back it may have started before then..I just didnt think much of it. For me, its random lights while driving in my car or anyone's car. Also happens when walking. I am also highly charged with static electricity -I have even lit up a dark room for a split second due to the brightness of an arc of electricity from touching my finger to another persons hand.

I have also had at least one dream in which I previewed an even the next day and even knew what the cost of a few items bought at the local drugstore would cost..to the penny!

I go through light-bulbs like crazy. If an old appliance or electronic object dies, I'm always the one who used it last.

Let me see what else... I have amazing luck and intuition at timescomes in spurts and then goes away. Some days I feel like my brain is operating at a genius level but then it goes back to normal. I have never taken drugs or any kind of hallucinogen. I've never had any paranormal things happen and never seen a UFO. I'm quite scientifically minded in fact so I believe that it is my brain that is the cause of all this. You are not alone.

MW <greenmark1979 a yahoocom>
USA - Monday, January 14, 2013 at 20:56:08 (PST)

Since my late teens, I've noticed that street/parking lot lights would go out when I came near them. Thought it odd, thinking a motion-sensor should turn a light ON, not off. Throughout adulthood I've continued to notice this behavior. I'd take a usual route home from work 2-3 nights a week and pass under the same street light each time, and each time it went out. A couple of years ago, a light near my apartment did the same thing each time I'd pass under it, regardless of the time of day... yet I'd stand across the street at the bus stop and watch others pass under it and it remained lit. Also, lights don't come ON when I pass under. They only go off. I learned about SLI by sheer accident, following a link off someone's blog a couple years ago. I don't see how it's a coincidence, or just the light "dying", given everything I've submitted here. If anyone plans a study of this phenomenon at some point, feel free to contact me at the email above.
Tifani Fenmore <craigslist71370 a gmail com>
USA - Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 18:49:15 (PDT)

I've had this streetlight phenomena happening to me for most of my teenage life now (i'm 18) & i just recently started to look up why it actually happens (i'm convinced no one knows -_-) . in all honesty i put out about 3 lamp post or random street lights a night & i've actually grown to expect it. is there anyway to maybe train my mind to put out lights at will? i think its very possible with the right help. also, when i get too excited while watching something on tv i've noticed the connection is disrupted o_O. these might all just be coincidences but if that was the case i swear i get a lot of them. anyway, some feedback on this whole subject might give me some peace of mind & it's much appreciated. peace
Hansel. M <xhanselx29 a aim com>
USA - Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 22:47:33 (PST)

So, I'm 18 years old, and ever since I can remember, I've had this weird feeling. As If something was watching me, or surrounding me. This feeling came about because since childhood, or at least since I could remember, I've noticed things others haven't, and a lot of "weird" things happen to me daily. No matter if I'm alone, or with other people, lights around me will either shut off or dim. I can always feel a strange sensation before a light shuts off, and I always look at it right before it turns out. At first my friends didn't believe me, but now my close friends do because they've seen it with their own eyes. They see only a glimpse of what I go through, and that's what scares me. Besides the lights shutting off all the time and everywhere I go, there are also other occurrences. No matter where I am, I always feel as though there is someone else by me, looking at me. I need someone who can help me with this. Please
Aaron <Basket_balla_13 a yahoo com>
Detroit, Mi USA - Friday, December 09, 2011 at 23:07:55 (PST)

Since I was a child (I am now 52!) rows of streetlights turn off...now I can even predict when it will happen and thus have freaked out more than one friend. Lighbulbs blow even the new energy savers, major appliance switches , electronics...not just my home but homes that I visit. So weird! As I get older I am able to control it a little by actuall "thinking" the phenomenon will happen and it does! More prevalent when I am stressed or upset. The more intense I am the more the likelihood that it will occur
Susi <Velvetshadow a hotmail com~~~~?>
Canada - Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 12:30:33 (PST)

First off, I want to thank the makers of this website for giving me some sort of explanation for this phenomena that has been going on with me for as long as I can remember. The first vivid memory of SLI was on a summer evening,I was about seven at the time. My father and I decided to go walking. I remember being very happy, my Dad was allowing me to make a"quick sand pit"in. Our yard. We walked across the street to fill up the bucket as we were filling the bucket the street light we were under went out, on a later trip back to the sandlot it was back on. At that time I didn't think any thing about it. Later I notice every time I got near it would go out. Now I am 29,it's still happening. My findings are the longer u live near the light the more sensitive it becomes to you,when You're in any kind of elevated state of emotion it happens more frequently. The lights on the freeway are kind of different I don't live around those but they also go out, also smart phones behave like they have minds of their own(my android called My Mom several times without me even touching it LOL ). I wanted to ask everyone who. has this phenomena going on if they have any physical problems like migraines or unexplained pain where the base of your skull connects with your neck

I have lots more personal experiences that I am willing to share. I am So happy to know after all these years I am not alone,or crazy! I would love to talk to people like me,to tell you all that this is real. If a scientist Came knocking at my door I could tell tttttyt

francis Mullen <francismullen820 a Gmail com >
Reno , NV USA - Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 12:44:35 (PDT)

I first noticed my ability to make Streetlamps turn off and on when I was 21 ( I am 45 now) I was jogging with my then boyfriend on a nightly basis.SO this does this when I am walking, jogging or driving in my vehicle or someone elses vehicle. It doesn't matter the area/state etc. it just happens. I have documented my feeling of when this happens...happy, sad, excited , mad etc. it happens with all emotions. I go through lightbulbs and batteries like crazy, I should own stock in them! I can not wear watches, and I have had many electrical items burn out on me..I have 4 sons ages 27,22,18 and 12 they all do this as well. We shock very easily and it hurts bad when we do get shocked. Forget about going down those old aluminum slides...my kids used to come out of there looking a fright with their hair standing up on end and in pain.

I do have something else and I am not sure if it is connected or not, but I have always had the ability to run an energy currant through out my body starting at my toes and ending at the top of my head. If feels like a surge of energy, it lasts for just a second, i am afraid to let it last longer and I do have the power to do it by thinking of it. It feels more than awesome while it is doing it, but for days after I feel like crap, run down weak etc. I experimented 2 days ago to see how long I could handle it ( the euphoria is like nothing I have ever felt before) lets just say that for the last two days the only thing I have managed to be able to do is SLEEP!! I wont be doing that again anytime soon!

I do have ailments...total neuropathy of my feet and lower legs, Started when the Streetlamps started going out) and I have psoriatic arthritis. many days i can not get out of bed. for about 7 years ( I was a school bus driver and Id come back in from a route and we had to walk around our bus to check everything out, i could only make it around 1/2 way when i would feel like I lightening bolt hit me on top of my head, and I would see all white and feel tremendous pain in my head, I would have to lean into the emergency door exit until it went away so i could stand ( i always thought they would find me out there on the tarmac one day. I never had that after leaving my job. My job was located by a prison and a airforce base. SO I have no idea if there was something there that connected with electricity etc.

I'd like to add that I have lost friends due to the street lamps, it scares people so I pick and choose wisely who I want to tell. Reading all of these gives me comfort in knowing i am not alone!
Jena Hubbard <vacavillegaljena a aol com>
vacaville, ca USA - Friday, August 26, 2011 at 15:07:56 (PDT)

I am almost relieved to see that I am not the only one who has been experiencing lights going off and on when I go by.
Ever since I was young when I passed by a high pressure sodium or metal halide light I have experienced them turning off and or on.
I have even lost girlfriends in the past because they could not handle the frequency with wihich this happens. Anyone who spends any time with me soon see's the phenomena for themselves. rarely other types of lights do it also. Once while walking with my gf a broken light even light up for a few seconds. the light was clearly smashed.
I am a bit of a sceptic by nature. However one day when I was walking through a mall I had a strange encounter. I walked by a psychic booth set up for entertainment purposes at the mall. The man working the booth (the Psychic) shut down his booth and ran after me. He left a paying customer sitting wondering what had just happened to do this. He engaged me imediately about my Aura. he said that I had the biggest Aura he had ever seen. Large white with gold spikes. As he spoke some of the lights above me turned off. He noted that people with my aura can have this effect as our energy levels are much higher than others. I must admit that I am a very outgoing and energetic person. I am a little more robust (healthy and strong) than most people. He was clearly of the spirit as he radiated energy that was palpable.
I do know that the phenomena of these lights is still aflicting me. I am 48 now and have studied most religions and philosphies and have found nothing that really explains any of this.
Just as a footnote it does not matter whether I am walking, driving or biking by them there is no difference.

I have since taken a Rieki class and have learned that I can direct this energy. That is another topic though.

Ray Chiles <rchiles a telus dotnet>
USA - Sunday, July 03, 2011 at 22:50:49 (PDT)

Okay so I have never shared this with anyone because it seems to usually happen when I am alone doing what I call head talking or talking mentally. Well I have two things that always happen I would like to share for now and maybe more later. First when I am driving sometimes I think about a street light going out and it really does. This has happened for years. I think I have gotten better, but I don't know at what. Second I will be mentally singing a song and then it will start to play, on the radio, CD, or I pod. That is one of the more common things that happens. I understand I could memorize the order, but it happens on other peoples mix CD's or when my I pod is on shuffle. The radio is the one that always makes me get a little scared.
Damian <aron cano62505 a gmail com>
USA - Wednesday, November 02, 2011 at 01:49:44 (PDT)

This evening my nephew was on our front porch cutting boards with his electric circular saw, which was plugged into an outlet inside, on the front wall. Three times in a row, whenever he started the saw three nearby streetlights went out. Before he made a fourth cut he summoned me and my wife to observe, and then started the saw again. The streetlights went out.

He took the saw inside and keeping it plugged into the same outlet, started it on the other side of the house. Again the lights went out. Next, he plugged the extension cord into a newer (grounded) outlet toward the rear of the house, and ran the saw again. This time, no effect. Lastly, he plugged into a grounded outlet near the front of the house, and once again starting the saw out on the porch turned the streetlights out.

Some kind of electromagnetic field at work?

Jim Marsden <jmarsdenat!coxdot net>
Providence, RI USA - Saturday, January 06, 2007 at 16:19:45 (PST)

For a number of years I have noticed street lights going off when I am near them. Tonight was the first time I was bothered enough to Google the strange occurrences. I've always assumed it was just street lights cycling and or malfunctioning, however while on a walk my friend asked me if I had notice that when we went out at night that strings of street lights would turn off -then not turn back on. She pointed out that this had happened the last couple of times we were out at night. It's not one or two in a row, it's always several in the same couple of blocks. I don't believe in paranormal activities, however I find this strange -and for someone else whom is quite a skeptic to point out the occurrences I felt that it was worth looking into. In addition I have also noted power surges, I just assumed it was the fridge or other appliances drawing power at the same time. So out of curiosity I unplugged my fridge, proceeded to have an ugly conversation with my mother and the power in my bedroom surged several times. This has happened at several of my apartments new and old. So that is it, It use to freak me out and now I just ignore it. I do find it interesting that other people have had similar if not the same experiences.
Christopher Stanley <christopherrstanley at gmaildot com>
Oakland, CA USA - Monday, March 07, 2011 at 23:17:10 (PST)

I've been trying to research this "phenomena" that I've been experiencing, but haven't really found anything that doesn't deal with psychic b.s. I'm not really sure how long ago I first noticed, but street lights will turn off or on when I go by them. Not all obviously, but certain ones that I assume are 'weaker' than others. I told my wife about this strange occurrence and she has even witnessed it. It doesn't happen to me all the time, but it will happen in spurts. Beyond street lights, my house lights have to be replaced very often and my vehicles I drive always have electrical problems. My batteries on my phones never last as long as they should either and the batteries on the machine I use at work have died since I started to use it (new to the job that requires its use). My laptop battery is completely shot as well. This is all quite annoying. The street light thing was just a little freaky when I first noticed, but the battery/light bulb thing is becoming quite expensive.
AnathemaAnimus <<$blmoesvsudot edu$>>
USA - Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 21:32:52 (PST)

I own a 2008 Prius with H.I.D. headlights.
I too, have noticed streetlights turning off at night for no apparent reason.
While driving home one night this week, not only did the streetlight directly above my car shut off, but both of my car's headlights also stopped working at the same time. I immediately recycled my headlight switch and my headlights can right back on.
This is the only time I have experienced this phenomena.
Any thoughts?

Dave Culver <dcculver2 at gmaildot com>
USA - Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 23:29:41 (PST)

Whether I am in a car, walking, Street Lights go out above me. This includes lights in my apartment complex. Over 25 years ago I reported this phenomena to a girl friend of mine and she said she had the same kind of experiences also. One evening we both went out to go to a club and we turned down a street and a half block of lights went out. It felt great to have a witness and we laughed it off. It is great to have witnesses!
Kimberly Dominique <kimberlydomini2871 at sbcglobaldot net>
USA - Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 22:25:09 (PST)

ok, so i don't always have a scientifical explanation to things, but especially to this.
anytime i become angry or upset or aggravated i will pass a street light, or any other sort of light for that matter, it always seems to either dim down or go out. a little while ago i went to the bathroom while extremely aggravated. the lights began to dim and then came back on. i then realized one of the lights went completely out. what could cause that?

Lucas Coleman <weeiluvu at hotmaildot com>
USA - Thursday, February 03, 2011 at 02:01:14 (PST)

I'm with ALL of you and the lights going off and on...we're very special, talented, bursting with God's LOVE! But would also like to know why just some of us.
Joan Bowers <jazstar7 at aoldot com>
NewGretna, NJ USA - Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 07:09:32 (PST)

Not sure what to think about all of this but here is my story: I notice that streetlights go out as I approach or drive/walk under them. I asked around and I seem to be the only person that this happens to or that notices it. I decided to go online and see if this happens to anyone else. I was thinking that my answer would be that the sensor in the lamps are the reason and that this happens to everyone but they just don't seem to notice. Then I find all these websites talking about SLIders and stuff. I was laughing so hard because I love sci-fi shows and books so this was hilarious to me. I kept on reading because of course it caught my interest and now its kind of creeping me out. Now I'm noticing more similarities that I have just been guessing was bad luck. Light bulb in my restroom....ALWAYS goes out when I turn it on. Its not like the bulb goes out faster than the life expectancy but it just so happens that it never goes out when the 4 other people living in my house try to turn it on. The clocks in my house always go out super quick. I change the batteries a week later my clock is behind again. I reset my clock and the next day it's completely stopped. I buy a new wall clock...same thing. I shock people like no other! I also always get shocked when I touch pretty much anything...maybe thats normal. I haven't asked anyone about that. My credit cards demagnetize all of the time. I make sure that I do not buy wallets or purses that have magnets on them for this specific reason yet they still seem to stop working. It's to the point where store clerks or bank clerks where I am a regular at get annoyed with me. Which really ticks me off because I purposely try and make sure this doesn't happen. Lastly, I am a very warm person. It could be freezing outside and I'm like a freaking heater. My friends love it because while they are all freezing they come and gather around me to keep them warm. I feel like all of this probably means nothing and I just have bad luck when it comes to certain things but, I also often have good luck or am blessed in many other ways...however you want to look at it. Okay, one more thing. Usually my intuition is spot on. Its like I feel a certain thing may or may not happen and I'm usually right. I cant guess an outcome or predict things but for example lets say there is an emergency in the family (I have a very large family so this is not rare) it's like I can feel in my gut that either everything is going to be okay or not. So when I feel like this person isn't going to be okay they usually aren't. Like I said maybe this is normal but, I see some similarities in these stories I read online and not so many with people I know personally who I've asked if this happens to them too. Hope this wasn't a total time waster.
marie <mua.17 at yahoodot com>
USA - Wednesday, December 08, 2010 at 02:29:00 (PST)

I have been experiencing lights turning off on me for the last couple months now. At first I thought that it was just the light burning out or something, but the more it happened, the less sure I was. It is actually starting to freak me out a little bit because I'm not sure why it's happening and I don't want to tell anyone because I think people will think I'm weird!! I wanted to say that it was just a coincidence, and that maybe the lighting was just bad on campus, but then I went home and the street lights would go out when I passed them. I was just out walking a little while ago and it happened to me again and that's when I finally got online to look it up. It amazed me to see how many people experience this.
I read about how certain moods or conversations affect it so when it happens, I'll have to see what kind of mood I'm in and such. Tonight, I just had a bad headache and couldn't wait to get back to my dorm. I really don't remember what might have triggered the other ones.
I also don't really understand how your brain can just have such a forceful magnetic energy field to do things like that? I'm not a skeptic, I would just like to understand what is going on!

Kate W <katey_bug12 at yahoodot com>
Muncie, In USA - Thursday, December 02, 2010 at 19:29:16 (PST)

I am 28 years old and in high school I delivered pizzas. I would often notice street lights turning out from time to time and would mention it to my friends, not thinking much of it. Since then I have noticed a lot of street lights turning of when I am driving. I recently started a new job and the past two days 2 different street lights in the parking lot turned out when I pulled into my spot and I parked in the same spot both today and yesterday. After googl'ing it this morning and reading some of the posts I realized that this happens to a decent amount of people. It also made me remember when I was younger I had an old tv that the volume would go up and down all the time and I just thought that it was because it was old, maybe it was. I can also remember the tv turning off by itself a couple of times.
I also get zapped constantly when getting out of my truck and shutting the door. I realize it's static but it is almost every time. My friend who I worked with at the pizza shop used to say that I became crazy or pumped up when a storm was going through.
I don't believe that I have the power to turn the lights on or off and it is not a constant thing but it made me wonder after two days in a row and here I am. I also read where someone can tell if a tv/monitor is on or off in a room. This is the same for me. Also he stated that sometimes a high frequency would be blaring from the tv, as a child I just assumed that everyone could hear it.
There is no pattern to the lights and I don't constantly pop lights in the house. As for my emotional state, I don't know. I guess maybe the past two mornings it would have been "I don't really want to go into work" so maybe that triggered enough to turn of the lights. Either way I'm going to be researching it more now that I know I'm not the only one.

Ryan Smith <fuji1967 at yahoodot com>
OH USA - Wednesday, November 03, 2010 at 04:59:50 (PDT)

Regarding street lights. So glad to hear I am not alone. I've read the reports about lights on timers, etc. but my experience goes back to the 1960s right up to today. Street light bulbs back then seemed rather large and white and on or off. When they would blow it would be brilliant then nothing. Now of course they go off and come on (when I am no longer under them). I think the bulbs nowadays are more sensitive. I can't go a night without noticing the "off" phenon. when I go under it. Driving, walking, no matter. The time I got to "prove" it to myself was one time when I was under a porch light at a public building. It went out, I walked away...it came on..I walked back, it went out. Tested this for like 20 minutes. People came and went, no "outages" when they came and went, just when I did. One poster mentioned a timer. The "off" for me is as long as it takes to get further away from it, sometimes a few seconds but certainly not 30. Happens on freeways as well, I'll approach the light at 55 and out it goes, then I'll look in rearview mirror on on it goes after I pass.

Also blew out watches. Cheap, expensive, no matter. Finally I have a solar powered watch and it works great. I'm old enough to have lived the advent of the computer in the workplace. The line I got used to hearing from IT people was, "Hmm, I've never seen that before, or that has never happened." Copy machines beware, I am not safe around you. Other apliances not so much.

I'm like some of you who mentioned it feels sort of disconcerting to blow out the lights. Do any of you feel like you've had an encounter with a dark force before this started happening? (I don't mean abductions, more like demonic or whatever...) I don't feel good when it happens, maybe I'm just paranoid but I feel like if it were an angel the light would go on, not off. . I do sometimes "know" when it is going to happend but if I try to make it happen it won't. This isn't a circus trick, it is either electrical or something in the spirit world. Anyone with thoughts about it being related to a dark force I'd be interested in reading them. I don't think it is a connection with being shocked when young. I've yet to meet someone who wasn't shocked when they were young so I don't think it would fair under a statistical analysis.

Cindy O
Folsom, CA USA - Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 20:28:37 (PDT)

I was walking outside one night in the fall. The moon was a crescent I think but it was really cloudy and I couldn't see a lot of stars. The clouds reflected the orange glow of the streetlights back down onto the asphalt in front of my feet. I was going to my friend's house, I had to run out and grab more cookies. We'd run out and we needed more because we were watching the Matrix movies.
I'm heading toward this one light and just looking around when the ground in front of me starts pulsing in different colors; orange, red, white, blue, purple, orange, red, and so on for about thrity seconds. The street light in front of me had begun switching colors at about five colors per second.
I have no history of hallucinations, or epilepsy. Needless to say, I ran home with the cookies.

Classified <kishy_addicted at yahoodot com>
USA - Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 22:50:35 (PDT)

I have read many posts and I found many similarities. Here is my story.

In the beginning I believed it was all coincidence, because the events would usually be based so far apart, months or years apart. I live in New York now but a few years ago I lived in Connecticut with my father for about a year. I'm in my second year of high school and I'm in my marketing class it seemed like a normal day nothing important about the day that I can remember except for what happened in that classroom that day. I don't mean to drag it out but I just want to bring the point across that this was an ordinary day one of many school days in that year.

I was just relaxing talking to my friends and we were waiting for the teacher to come back into the room because he had left to go make more copies of a handout. About three minutes after he left when the conversation in the room started to die out for few seconds it became quiet and all the lights in the room went off except for mine. the one directly above my head, if memory serves correct there were maybe 30 to 34 square florescent white fixtures all throughout the room and they all go off except for the one directly above my head there was no light switch capable of doing this this was a normal classroom in a normal school with a normal light switch like all the others and I highly doubt there was any sort of experiment going on or a sophisticated not to mention expensive light switch board with 34 light switches on in which case how would you instantly turn off all the lights without hitting that one switch that controls the light directly above my head and above all what would be the point and this was a class where the teacher wasn't strict about assigning seats and I moved around almost every single day. So I thought about it myself a long time trying to figure out what it means and what that could be about.

also I read another story somewhere at the top that I can relate to. Where sometimes when I walk under some streetlamps they do turn off, Flicker or turn on but I don't affect light bulbs in my house or anywhere else really I just seem to have an effect on problematic streetlights.I don't shock people.also I would really appreciate feedback on anyone who has similar experience, sometimes I notice a small light in the corner of my vision making a half circle going from the top to bottom but it's not why I can see just that it's in the corner of my eye and it does happen often hard to imagine and it might sound funny but if you've ever looked through a camera at a computer monitor and you can see the refresh line slowly refreshing the screen going from top to bottom sometimes it's only one line doing the job the light is kind of like that very small and dim not blinding or distracting in anyway except that I notice it.it doesn't cover any part of my vision it kind of slides along the edge of my vision the very corner of it.

Then I read other posts where people think and talk about alien implants. I believe in being open-minded and so it's possible that aliens exist and its possible that a scenario exists where aliens might want to do some sort of experimentation with us because I don't remember seeing this light as a child but I can't remember when it started happening but now that I think about it it could have happened around the time I went to Connecticut years ago.but my memory is not that great so I'm completely clueless and wondering if it's possible to connect these events somehow.
Sometimes I do certain things with instinct only to realize I can't do them. Like sometimes I'll reach for things and expect them to be in my hands but then I wonder why I'm doing that and I go to physically grab the object. Sometimes I sit and think about that and I get this inner feeling that I can but I just can't remember how. I used to have many dreams where I could do way more than just that but I stopped having them, they become less and less frequent now it's like I have no control over my dreams when I used to, i had full control over my dreams and not lucid dreams full blown dreaming, I think about what is changed what am I doing different my diet my lifestyle I can't figure out why I don't dream of the things that I used to. is someone making me forget?

PETER <nuwave001 at aoldot com>
ny, ny USA - Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 02:13:29 (PDT)

Honestly, my life was pretty normal til I hit the teenager age. I started noticing lights turning off more then anything. I would be walking or driving and lights turned off. More then they would turn, Thats freaky. I thought what good could come of this.So I thought it was a coincedance. Until I started playing around. I would make them go out with a snap of my fingers. Who does that? Things got even weirder when I was furious one night and no joke the whol row of lights were going out as I was walking. I freaked myself out. I also started playing with traffic lights and noticed I could change the light to green.So started experimenting with that and lets just say hardly do I ever have to stop at traffic lights If I do stop it has to do with the traffic light being times. But wow im looking foreward to developing this gift. It can't be scientifically explained...everyday doing this stuff isn't normal. So I thought I was the only one too, not....Everybody embrace your gifts...
Tara <inluv1986 at yahoodot com>
aurora, co USA - Thursday, July 01, 2010 at 21:06:14 (PDT)

Very interesting posts ? and I, too, have the same effect. As too a reply I read somewhere by an expert explaining the shut off of street lights based upon the need for cooling of aging bulbs he may be right in many instances; however, explain to me why I would always have this effect upon one street light some twenty five years ago as a college student? Every time I would pass under this light located on the downtown street it would turn off and then relight after I had traveled down the street a few yards. Now I can believe that older bulbs might behave as this expert claimed by needing to cool and once cooled would re-fire but I would find it hard to believe that over at least ten times separated by a week or more that statistically this one particular lamp would need to cool right when I passed underneath. At the time I theorized, not knowing the design of these lights that it might have to do with either the dark black paint on my car mirroring in a manner that triggered the light into thinking it was sunrise (similar to how lights are often triggered on when dark clouds roll in just before a rainstorm). I also thought of it being triggered by the alternator or electrical system from my car. But, after several vehicles over twenty five years as well as others it still occurs. There is one light that always turns off right as I approach it. It did it just tonight as well as another one a few miles down the road. It should be noted that direction of travel makes no difference either same side of the street where these lights are located or opposite side of the street. As someone who has worked in the broadcast industry for years and having been exposed to electromagnetic waves being around both AM and FM transmitters it is realized the ability to measure and visually see through oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and a variety of various test equipment representations of frequencies and wave propagations but are we really seeing or knowing everything? Test equipment is only as good as the understanding based upon theories or principles of what is to be measured just like a camera can take a picture of something but a normal camera can?t take a picture of things at the atomic level ? this requires something much more complex. It is totally arrogant for those grounded solely from a scientific perspective to be skeptical because it has not been placed under rigorous trials - and of equal arrogance is to assume that because one aspect of something is measurable that all is known. As example, for years it was assumed that extremely low frequencies (ELF) generating around the household AC outlets was just fine and dandy. Now there?s the fear that it can be harmful producing tumors, but wait - move up the spectrum a bit and the same electromagnetic stuff that might be causing cancer is used in treatment facilities to radiate guess what ? tumors! But just don?t use that damn cell phone because once again it might cause cancer. In the field of social science it?s much the same ? there is no clear cut answer with respect to human behavior. Psychologist often rely on statistics gathered for their answers to questions and often these statistics prove wrong just like neuro-psychiatrists take the chemical approach saying rigorous clinical studies show this or that to be very effective for this symptom or condition but does it work 100% of the time ? not for those who decided to check out early after taking the latest and greatest antidepressant. Now back to electricity, and living organisms with their ionic exchanges taking place in and around their brains ? how come for many severely depressed individuals electroconvulsive therapy (electric current zapped into the brain) is the ticket away from depression for extended lengths of time? Just remember today salt is bad for you but tomorrow it may be good for you or those using rigorous scientific study to either profit from their results or to torpedo the success of a competitor or in attempt to instill fear and control before global warming takes us all. And finally, who I believe to be one of the greatest inventors if not the best of all time (sorry Einstein fans) is Nickola Tesla. This man has patents that were filed in the late 1800?s and early 1900?s that baffle people today in our great techno world. In recent years some have gone to file a patent only to find Tesla beat them to it by almost a century. Incidentally, U.S. courts ruled Tesla as the father of radio and not Marconi as many still believe. While highly educated and a math wiz ? Tesla himself claimed that many of his inventions came from visual hallucinations that would superimpose his current reality and actually sought help in trying to explain the phenomena he experienced. Yes, it is apparent he suffered from OCD. But after his far out ideas became reality through his inventions many had no room to claim he was just being neurotic. It is speculated that many of his ?lost? papers are fueling many of today?s weaponry. What Nation wouldn?t want a death ray device that would melt aircraft out of the sky for fear that their enemy might get it? Of course, many of today?s scientists would chalk his claims off to non-proven nonsensical babble forgetting his successes brought in the technology that?s literally powering their electrical equipment today. As for me ? I claim no arrogance and leave the verdict out on the street light mystery and always avoid literally becoming a half-wit relying solely on left brain analytical, logic realizing there?s a right side of the brain providing creativity and intuition to throw at the left side for analysis if needed.


USA - Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 22:53:26 (PDT)

Just tonight around 9ish a street light turned off right when I went under it. Reminding me of all the times I would go under certain street lights at all different times of the evening, night and they would either turn off or on. From WA and OR states. Another friend I known, who thinks she is a whitch of sorts, think it means we have a very high energy charge in us. Very spirited. Anywayz, just didn't know there was more of us out there. thankx for reading
Ashley <ashleyksvela at gmaildot com>
portland, or USA - Monday, June 07, 2010 at 23:18:38 (PDT)

In response to the Streetlight/SLI-der phenomenon, I started noticing this happenening to me in about 2002 as far back as I can remember, just thought it was odd that when I drove by some street lights they turn off, but then turn on once I'm gone...I thought it was a dark coincidence because I was born with a kidney disease that left me without one of my kidneys and at 17 diagnosed with a seperate disease on the remaining kidney, and have always been plagued by terrible luck (not just my idea, anyone that knows me agrees my horrible luck is undeniable). But, back to topic, I thought it was weird but paid it little mind till one night last semseter while leaving class I walked down a path I had never used before at school Suffok County Community College and as I passed by a light it turned off (well they dont turn off they just get dim, inside you can see the bulb still lit a little bit) I turned and watched it as I walked away to see if would turn back on and nearly fell down the stairs lol like some final destination thing. But when I was about 60 feet away it resumed lighting normally. I am a science major and heavy into physics, and generally anything unexplainable, the reasons people are giving to explain these events as normal interference don't make sense. The distributer idea is awesome except 1) my car is too new to have one, 2) my personal presence sets light off, and 3) if this were the case the interference should set off all the bulbs (they are manufactured the same and on a nearly paralell path you're the same distance away from them). light sensors don't make sense either our headlights point forward not 30 feet into the air. Additionally the random overheat theory also seems flawed scientifically because the time it takes for one of these to cool down is far longer than the couple seconds it dims for as we pass. Additionally the light at school shuts off in my person presence nearly every time I'm near it. As reported by other SLIders it only seems to stay on when I want it to shut off. and deep emotional stress or contemplation effects lights around me, the first time it happened I was leavin lit class and writing a poem about my fight against death in my head (freestyling if you will but emotionally charged) Additionally with the overheat theory the light at school remains dim or off until I leave...indefinitely it seems as I've waited up to ten minutes and it only returns to it normal light once I leave. Also the light above my desk at work tends to flicker and dim when I am thinking hard about an emotional stressor in my life. I also as one SLIder reports have known a street light was going to go out before it did and out of the six or so near me at any one time always know which one to look at. I have known peoples thoughts before without clues like once I was talking about my experiences and the girl I was talking to said "this is off topic but remember that episode of house where that woman had that disease... and before she finished her sentence the image of a scene from the episode she was about to mention popped in my head, I interupted her and said where she couldn't feel pain. AMAZING and completely unexplainable by science. Once while with my ex of four years we were on the phone and she mentioned that she hates how i know what she's gunna say all the time, I half joked and said I was psychic, so we played a game where she would think of a color and I would guess it. her two favorite colors at the time were teal and brown, the first she thought of was orange, got that one, the second purple got that one, the third teal (one of her favorites) got that one, the fourth red got that one...at this point already the statitistics regarding the odds of this are phenomenal, she said you'll never guess this one, so I looked around the room and noticed the table top lamp in my living room which was brass (gold colored) I said is it a metal and she said F you, no way, and I said is it gold, and it was, at this point realizing the magnitude of what had happened I was a little freaked out and could not guess anymore. But anyone who is familiar with statistics knows the odds of guessing FIVE CONSECUTIVE, with NO CLUES, is out of this world. And I swear on anything you ask me to that this and everything else I say is true, these things lead me to believe there is just more out there than we know at this time. I often joke that maybe by the time I have grandchildren that I'll be able to blow out light bulbs like candles to entertain my grand kids, but it seems the SLI effect is entirely sub concious. I have a theory tho that our subconcious brain is really a quantum computer capable of incredible things like being in tune to parallel universes that if you follow physics are theorized to be where the alpha and beta particles which come into and out of existance in a vaccuum go when "out of existance." the universe is crazy and we have biological systems that detect ultra-violet radiation, hair folicals that transmit radio, or emf into micro-electrical pulses, is it so far fetched that life and evolution has created system whihc utilize quantum physics to their advantage?
Kevin Scholer <kevin at briantistdot com>
Shirley, NY USA - Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 12:05:32 (PDT)

Whenever I walk by any streetlights, they turn off instantly. The whole row of lights will flip off one after the other all the way down the walk by my house as I go by. I have had problems with cash regesters in stores that break or go on the blink. I have had slot machines that have broken, inside casinos and the ones I have at home. I could never wear a watch because it would stop working even when purchased new. The metal coolers in food stores always pop me pretty bad when I touch them and so it's like a battle almost to go to the store. Car door handles always pop me no matter where I am parked or what the weather is like. I am not alone in this because my niece has these things happen all the time to her. She can be driving down the street and all the street lights will turn off. I have even set off the alarm going out the door at Wal-Mart. My youngest daughter laughs and tells me I have a weird magnetic field thing about me.
Regina Harper <lucilleh55LG33 at gmaildot com>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Monday, April 12, 2010 at 18:02:44 (PDT)

In addition to street lights turning off as I walk by which started happening about 5 years ago, I also have had 2 incidents of object sitting in the middle of desks falling off (1 of these witnessed by another individual who happened to be looking at the same spot), a watch going backwards two times in a row (a ten minute jump backwards each time) while I watched. There was a period when all my watches were dying on me within a week. When I was younger, I was thinking a random stupid thought like "Wouldn't it be funny if the streetcar (electric trolley car) hit the pole. Within seconds it did with sparks flying everywhere. My cell phone also dies very quickly. Interesting that this happens to others. Not sure what one does with this. The watch thing is mostly really annoying.
USA - Saturday, December 26, 2009 at 04:22:24 (PST)

My experiences are similar. The street light will turn off when I am near, but never turn back on (that I notice). It ocurres during running or driving past. I've had a light turn off when near, then come back the next night and its still off. Then the light on my side, turned off. Seconds later after I carried on, the light that had turned off the night before, would turn back on. So wierd.

As many experience here, I too have had spiritual encounters. Seeing ghosts, preminitions etc.

Does anyone out there experience a repetive number in their lives? If you do, please tell us. I am intrigued.

Eddie <fasteddie_xserver atthe hotmail dot com>
Auckland, NZ - Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 01:16:11 (PST)

I just stumbled onto a site describing the experiance of Street Light Interference (SLI). I didn't know that others experiance these phenomena. I first noticed it in my teens. I would walk to and from friends houses and street lights would often turn off as I'd pass under them. Freinds noted this as well when we'd walk together. Spooked us all out, especially when it happen twice in a row. I've had this happen off and on my whole life since then. A similar thing happens with house light bulbs. I don't know if the street lights turn off or blow out, but I do know the ones in my house blow out. It intensifies during difficult seasons. I always have to buy more bulbs during times of struggle or stress. Always felt like something must be wrong with me. My computer seems to be effected too. It doesn't turn off, but rather it is more likely to malfunction and freeze. Drives me crazy. I can't count how many times I've had to walk away from the computer and have someone else print something for me or do some simple task because it becomes non-responsive and wacky whenever I'm near. I've toyed with this a couple time. When a computer is malfunctioning, I'll leave and have a friend try to get it working, then I'll go back and it will freeze all over again -sometimes before even touching it. Older electronics and computers are the worst. I've had a ton of other unexplainable experiences, but for now this is my experience of SLI. thx
Sara <saha_hah at hotmaildot com>
Bellingham, WA USA - Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 01:30:15 (PDT)

You have probably heard of street light interference, or SLI, where a person ("SLIder") walking under a street light causes the light to turn off. I seem to exhibit the opposite of this effect: I can often stop/stabilise cycling street lights. For a long time, this was spontaneous; but recently I learned to do it at will. Whenever I see a cycling street light (cycling is the most common explanation for "regular" SLI BTW, but doesn't explain this "reverse" effect - it happens when an aging lightbulb draws more power at its peak point than what the ballast can supply), I concentrate on stopping the cycle - and the lamp goes completely dark. I then concentrate on lighting it up again - and it lights up, with no signs of cycling.

Of course, the success rate varies - some lights don't respond at all (this is getting less and less common, as if I was "learning" to "do it right" - I call these cases "negative"), others actually get worse when I try to "fix" them this way (I call this "supernegative"); I've also managed to partially-fix some lights (improving a heavy cycling with a period of a few seconds to a much "slower" cycle, with a blackout like every 15 minutes - I refer to these as "partial positive"), completely fix others (a "complete positive"); but by far the most common occurrence is that the light stops cycling for one night (until the power is turned off?), only to cycle again next day. (I call these "temporary positives". There is a specific light in our street that I passed by every day, and last week, it started cycling. I "did the trick", and got a temporary positive. I continued "playing with it" until yesterday, when I finally decided to report the light to the local electricity company, which they fixed today.)

I wonder if anyone else is exhibiting this "reverse" SLI effect too, or knows a possible explanation (other than the local power company playing pranks on me)... :-)

Gabor <netrolller.3d at gmaildot com>
Budapest, - Hungary - Friday, October 16, 2009 at 17:01:15 (PDT)

Street lights -- they tend to shut off just as I am driving under them. Wouldn't think too much about it except it's the same lights every time, no matter what hour of night nor the weather conditions. This occurs in different towns I'm in on a regular basis.

I can't wear digital watches -- they skip two to three minutes at a time -- gain from 30 to 45 mins. a day. Just happened to look down to check the time one day and caught a watch skipping from 9:10 to 9:13.

I have to stay away from the printing presses if the pressmen have difficult or rush jobs -- the presses can be running perfectly and I can get within 5' to 20' of them and they start messing up -- paper curls or won't feed, presses pick up two sheets of paper at a time, etc.

Joyce M. Coomer <jmcsoomer at washindstreamdot net>
USA - Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 14:25:01 (PDT)

Hello everyone i thougnt for a moment it was just me. This SLi has been happening to me for about 6yrs. this is a regular occurance for me. The lights turning off on me normaly happens when i am alone. It is rare that it happens when i am with someone. I have recorded several occasions where this happens. This normally happens when i am driving at night and the thing it happens anytime that i am out at night so its exciting to know that this is something new that is being looked and being researched
benito juarez <bjuarezz at sbcglobaldot net>
houston, tx USA - Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 09:02:58 (PDT)

I am just now starting to find out that there are others out there that have this same effect on Lights around them and its a big part of my life and I am pleased to see that I am not alone. I had been noticing it for years but never really gave it any thought until I moved out of my Dads house at 19. It had been happening for years but I always just blew it of to crappy D.O.T. replacement of bulbs. But when I moved out I had a girl friend and tried to explain it to her that Street light seem to go out as I passed underneath them ALOT and she just kinda thought that was strange. Then after several years of seeing this happen time and time again she even started to wounder if there was more to it then just faulty wiring or burned out bulbs. I also noticed that a building light that was closest to are apartment would always start going off and on every time we would get home at night. We went are own ways when I was 25 and I had to move home for 2 months. The importance to this is that when I finally moved back out of my fathers home is when I had the proof that something indeed was going on and it was this night that my SLIDer ability showed it true power.

I was going to meet up with my best friend and his wife this night but they had plans until later so I wanted to get out of the house early and decided that I was going to go drive to the apartments I was going to move into and see how long the drive took. So I jumped into the car and took off. I got to the apartment about 15 min. later and was driving around until I came to a dead end and as soon as I did the street light above me went out. Little did I know at the time this was wright in front of the apartment that they ended up renting me the very next day. I just laughed and marked it up on the I guess I make lights go out list. So I left and was driving up the highway by a New car dealership and the new sports car was sitting out under the big spot light and I had another hour to kill so I turned in to take a closer look at it. I pulled up got out of the car walked up to it an boom the big light that shines down on the car goes out. I thinks to myself NAAAAHHH just a cowinsadence. Get back into my car drive a half block down and stop at the liquor store to get some whiskey and I look up at the street light when I pull up and think about if its going to go out and this time it doesn't. Now then I go into the store grab some hooch and a lottery ticket and as I walk out the front door the street light wright above my car does go out. Now I am starting to get a little freaked out. Jump in my car and decide that I am going to go grab a bite to eat at a fast food place so I swing threw the drive up grab a couple of burgers and pull up to a parking spot to chow down and the street light that I was parked under goes out. I don't care what anyone tells me there is NO way that this was a cowinsadence. Four stops and four street light go out all in about an hour and fifteen minutes. I started to tell my friend and his wife what had happened when I got to there house but got one of those looks like "Are you crazy" so i stopped and just let it be, But I will never forget it. It was the night I assured myself that something is going on around me.

The same light that went out in front of that new apartment at the dead end did the same thing the one by my first apartment did it was always blinking on and off. My third apartment had a light wright outside my bed room window in the front and it was always blinking on and off. I then met my now wife and we moved into a new bigger apartment and the street light wright across the street started blinking on and off all the time. LOL I watched that neighborhood association guy change that bulb at least 20 times. I told my wife about it and she still isn't sure what to think other then it seems to happens more then what she finds to be normal. We have now purchased a house and the flood light on the back of the house closest to the master bed room has now started the none stop blinking on and off when I am around. Apparently the closest street light to were I sleep is largely effect by me. All of this time the street light still were going off and every great once in awhile on. The street lights seem to happen just like Matt says. Not when I want to try and make it happen only when I am in a concentrated state of mind. I have put out entire parking lots 20-30 lights.I don't break watches. But I have destroyed cordless phones, stereos, video games, guitar amps and other electronic devices. I am also A very shocky person I can really arc out sometimes enough so that you can see a bright blue arc come off me. I don't know what this ability is or what it means but I have had many odd thing happen to and around me in my life. I have had dreams of future events none of which were life threatening but so detailed that I cant ignore the reality that I had dreamed this event. Psychic premonition of near future event none of huge importantance. I have seen inanimate objects move on more then one occasion. I have heard some one talk to me threw guitar amp head phones when it was off talking about spiritual consciousness!?!?!?!?!? My dad still has the piece of paper that when I told him about it he wrought down what I told him the voice said. And last but not least I saw a UFO or some kind of government aircraft sitting 10-15 feet off the roof of a house shaped like an octagon making no noise with the ex girlfriend sitting right next to me in the car freaking out because of what we were seeing. She was the one that lived in the first apartment with me. I don't know if any of this is related to the SLIDer ability but ALL in ALL a lot of weird stuff has happened to me in my life and science doesn't have any answers for any of them. On the way to work this morning I had 3 street lights go out on me and that's why I came home and started searching the net. And I found this site if any of you would like to email me to talk more about SLI or know of any SLIDer other blogs/chat rooms please send me an email.

But it doesn't look like their has been a post on here for a long time. None of this above is a lie or stretching the truth it is all true whether you want to believe it or not. I just had to type out this message because I feel as if some of you might actually understand what I am talking about and have been experiencing for more than half of my life. If you have had any of these happen to you post about them so we can all see if there is some kind of connection.

P.S. I also have this number thing that happens all the time I will wake up in the middle of the night and look at the clock and it will read 3:33. I will be watching a sporting event and look at the time clock 3:33. Check my watch to see what time it is 3:33. Triging a math problem at work 333.

Chad <.......cjohnson9906 at comcastdot net........///////////333>
IN USA - Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 21:18:27 (PDT)

For many years friends and family have noted that almost every night street lights blow just as I am about to drive under them, but I discounted it as coincidence. At fist I thought it nothing, but recently after my divorce I noticed many many more than usual - daily. I am happily with a partner now however I still seem to blow at least one and up to ten or so every single day (evening). It happens on every single car trip I seem to make. This does not fit any of the explanations I have read and so search as I can I cant find an explanation - other than weird. When I look for it - it doesnt happen, but as soon as I forget to look, someone in the car will suddenly say "2" or however went out.

Michael Beanland <spam at beanlanddot com.au>
Perth, wa Australia - Friday, March 06, 2009 at 06:11:20 (PST)

last fall, riding my bike home from work, typically i would pop one or two lights along this route. but this particular night while riding down the driveway of a va hospital which has eight matching lights all down one side. i zapped six in a row as i was directly under each of them. the last two are in close proximity to a large led sign, at a well lit intersection. (stayed on)
any way when i got to the end of the drive i thought "that was cool".
i stopped and looked back, about thirty seconds went by and all at once they popped back on.
my frame of mind was relaxed, yet in deep thought about a court appearance the next morning. the thing is, after the third light i was conciously aware of the event happening and even anticipating getting under the next light, but not trying to force it, just waiting to see what would happen. sure enough the next three in a row. I rode the same route every night but
never happened like that again.
keep on SLIdin.

blaise <blaznbass at yahoodot com>
st.cloud , mn USA - Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 09:53:39 (PST)

Wow! I knew there were others out there who had the SLI experience, and the experience of not being able to wear a watch for very long without killing the battery, but I had no idea there were people out there with other specifics close to mine - I've just never told people most of this because it sounds too crazy. I'm 39, and have had the SLI experience since grade school. I had a non-battery watch for most of my life, but have discovered over the last several years that I cannot have one because the longest the battery will last is two months (and that was one that dangled from my wrist, not a typical watch). Very frustrating, since I really want a Suunto watch with barometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass, etc... Casio does make a solar-powered watch that has a all but the compass, though. I was wondering if it would last longer for me, or if I would just end up "blowing" the electronics part.

Speaking of which - I also have problems keeping my electronics alive (and I LOVE my gadgets). This is a problem at work, since I work in a medical lab with highly sensitive - end expensive - equipment. The problem is definitely worse when I'm in a bad mood about something. We tend to have a lot of service calls at work when I have PMS... Things weren't so bad when I first lived in Florida - maybe the fact that I was on the coast and the humidity was always high helped? Or the fact that I was rarely in a bad mood the first four years I lived there?

I'm on my second mp3 player, and in one month this year, both my computer (which was about 3 months old) and phone (which was 1 month old) died for no apparent reason (except maybe the extreme stress I was under at work). The computer I managed to save (well, my dad did), and the phone was under warranty (I ALWAYS get the extended warranty!). My family no longer wants me to use their computers when I visit. :-)

When I was in college, there were lights on a bridge on campus. They would start flickering as soon as I got close to the bridge. They would go off and on a few times while I was on the bridge, or just stay off, then go back on and stay on as soon as I was off. I could see them from my dorm room, and never noticed them flickering at any other time. I was a little obsessed with them.

I didn't notice any issues with causing the radio to lose reception in the other posts. I have that problem, as well, when I get irritated. I walk away and the station comes back in fine. I did know one other person, about 20 years ago, who said that happened to her. Does anyone else have this happen?

People mentioned medical conditions - I have a mitral valve prolapse and epilepsy, both which involve electrical currents (heart and brain). It would be interesting to find out if there is a connection, and if so, did the "electrical person" problem CAUSE the other problems? The heart issue was diagnosed only 8 years ago, the epilepsy was probably there when I was born, though it wasn't diagnosed until I was ten.

Other people have commented about loving storms - I do, too. For a while it seemed as though I was attracting them, but I'm sure I was just seeing what I wanted to see (although my niece and nephew were certainly irritated that it rained every time I came over to go to the pool with them a few summers ago).

I'm glad I found this site - I always have one or two humidifiers going at home, simply because I end up with nosebleeds if the humidity gets too low, but now I will look in to getting one of those grounding bracelets to at least use when I'm working on the computer, etc. I wish there was a better solution, but that sounds like it should at least work...

Laura W-A <webmaster AT sheeptopia DOT com>
TX USA - Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 15:09:07 (PST)

After finally doing some research on this site about SLI, I realize now that I am not crazy! For many years I have noticed street lights turning off when I pass either on foot or by car. At first I thought that I was just very "aware" of what was happening, that I was reading too much into it. But in my talks with other people I began to realize that something else was at work. Lights dim or turn off constantly when I am traveling at night, often happening 5 or even 10 times in a single evening. Most often I catch this out of the corner of my eye. I do agree with other posters that I cannot consciously "make" this happen, at least not very often. But the regularity with which it happens around me is astounding. Some friends who I have confided in have begun to notice the effect when with me as well. I'm just glad to read what has been posted on this site...I thought I was the only one until now!!
Jim Haynes <blueshattrick at yahoodot com>
St. Louis, MO USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 19:03:08 (PST)

I haven't had many recognizable experiences since 2001,that is when we moved to Arizona, but during the mid 90's I had daily occurrences, of varying types. This is while my family lived in southern California.

Streetlight were a regular occurrence, just about every time I left the house after daylight hours, those lights would flicker , but mostly they'd wink out in succession, as I passed.

Inside the house we used fluorescent light ceiling fixtures in most of the rooms. I started noticing strong flickers in these rooms when I was present, and since the streetlight phenomenon had become so regular I started becoming very sensitive to light anomaly s in my presence. At the time it was the early 90's, we did not have access to the budding internet, and I am not by nature a hysterical person, so the notion that I might be the true cause of these events seemed to be ludicrous if not just nutty. But trying to remain clinical (and sane), I started trying to note the circumstances around these events.

In regards to the streetlights, I could not find a any recognizable set of circumstances, but with the indoor lighting I started to notice that the long, obvious FLICK, ( not flicker,nor dousing,) of the lights usually instantaneously occured after an unvoiced, mental "question"
type thought. The light flick seemed to indicate a yes answer. I worked with this theory long enough and found it responsive enough that I finally approached my husband with my theory, At which he promptly told to "Go get some sleep".
But we actually have a respectful and trusting relationship,
and during the next month or so I was able to demonstrate the phenom with enough regularity to him that to this day he will tell the story to others with no prompting from me. (I usually glare at him to shut-up at such tellings.)Note: as to whether these "answers" came from me or others is still debatable.

At about 93-94 I began tattooing as a career, and in many occasions, usually accompanying stormy weather, I started noticing blue veins of electricity passing from my UL certified, insulated, power cord passing into my forearm while actively applying a tattoo to a client. This absorption of electricity was completely painless to me and the client but it did cause a noticeable nanosecond of disturbance to my running equipment. Due to the dangerous aspect of this phenom I never persued any experimentation with this. That could just be foolish.

In 1995 I became pregnant with my 3rd child (my 1st son),and the pregnancy came to full term with no difficulties. My other deliveries were C-Section, this was no exception. Things went normal, at lest for the most part. My surgeon was greatly experienced (over 15 yrs) in the obstetric field, I was anesthetized but conscious,and my husband was present. Things progressed normally until the presentation of my son, at which point my doctor said something like"that's weird!" and then called the attention of the entire O.R. staff present to witness my delivered son wearing a caul. (This is the old world term for the presence of the placental sac still encasing the child after the birth process is complete, most notably still covering the face. Superstition denotes this as a omen of importance.)This seemed to innervate my doctor who out loud stated that he had distinctly did the appropriate surgeoning that removes this sac from the infant. I still remember the stir that rippled through the attending staff. My husband remembers at this point that a few of the staff even commenting that to their medical knowledge this had only happened in one or two other C- section births.

But the fun had just begun. As is common in delivery, I remained at the hospital for about 3 days to recover. During those 3 days and nights I found that the light phenom had followed me. My flourescents in the room would not FLICK at my thoughts, But would flicckkkeeerrr while I was reading or actively paying attention to my television. And when they did I couldn't help but think things like "That's a new one",or "Now what?". Then the BIG thing happened. My bed,electric, started to elevate itself in short little bursts, while I was reading that first night at about 1 AM, and I wasn't doing it. Manually or mentally. So I decided it was time for a walk. As I passed the nursery the nurse came to the door and asked "How did you know your baby is awake?". I decided to keep the answer to myself.

During the next 2 days whenever Nick was in my care in my room, the bed would continue its irrational ways.
this culminated in a 40 second long bed ascension from lowest height to full. Coincidentally the nurse entered at this time to find me holding my son, seated across the room from the bed, while the bed was activated. All I could think to say to the wide eyed nurse was "Has this happened with this bed before?". She told me no, so I asked if she had worked this department for long and she said for a few years. And promptly left. I looked down at my 2 day old son
and he looked up directly into my eyes and smiled. No S*#t.

That event was probably the high peak of the phenomenon I experienced with one very notable exception. for the next two years, whenever I changed my sons diapers I would often play with him by rubbing his bare belly with my hands. and also during playtime too, and his body would "feedback" a noticeable THRUMMMM into my hands. The first few months I kept this phenom to myself,but later shared this with my husband, and also my best friend. They both tried the belly touch and had the same result. The only efeect to my son was joy and happiness at all the love he received through the belly rubbing.

Things are a lot more quiet now, we've moved not only out of California, but all the way to the rural countryside, so there is not a lot of streetlights, and we use standard lightbulbs in our home. And feel a bit more normal.

debby infante <infanteflor at msndot com>
florence, az USA - Saturday, August 02, 2008 at 11:48:52 (PDT)

Not that another report of this kind of thing would make much difference, but i just wanted to add that I too appear to be an "electric person" with streetlights going out at times, and weird computer activities, high sparkage especially relating to getting out of my vehicle, warm hands, high heat emission (people used to vie for the seat next to me on the bus in the winter months! I give off heat constantly). I've killed every watch I've ever had, except for one that I started that was dead (and was owned by a friend who had just died). Sometimes I turn that one off, too, but my daughter will wear it for a while & kickstart it again. Usually, I just don't wear one. I also have the ability to "repair" malfunctioning equipment (that I have no prior experience with!), just by getting my hands around it, and can spin a metal rod in an L-shape just about out of the hands of someone many yards away, just by purposely pushing my "energy" out through my hands. I've always known I had lots of "power" in my hands. One time my husband smashed his foot with a mall and I felt so bad for the pain he was in, I held my hands around his feet, just hoping it would help. I watched the tension drain out of his face as he relaxed. He was pretty amazed. I've had lots of psychic phenomena occur, too many to mention, really (one recent example is two days before my mom went into the hospital with an aortic aneurism I told my husband that my stomach was telling me something really big was about to occur).Also, experience with poltergeists and ghost sightings. I would also agree with sites I've found that say meditation can neutralize the effects. I have been a practicing Eckist (student of Eckanker) for at least five years, which involves meditation, or daily contemplation, and I realize I don't turn off lights like I used to. Computers are kinder to me as well...they still do crazy things on occasion, but the effect is usually fairly benign. I have helped a Reiki practitioner on occasion, and one time there was an energy blowout that tossed us back a couple feet. A friend who used some energy-work techniques on me to help pain in my back said she felt an electric charge surrounding my entire body...anyway, the examples seem endless, and I don't think they are very uncommon (just look at the huge number of examples displayed on just this page!). Probably we are just "waking up" to our natural capabilities, and those that don't experience them are just a little bit more grounded on the physical plane...
zirrus vandevere
kasilof, ak USA - Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 22:14:55 (PDT)

I think my the phenomenon I experience is somehow related to SLi or being an electrified person. Though my experiences are a little different than most. I have noticed street lamps going out all my life, but always just assumed it was to save energy and such, but it does happen most often when I am right near the lamp. And recently, after hearing about SLI I started paying more attention to the lamps after I pass them. It doesnt happen all the time, but about 75% of the time the lamps do come back on after I have passed them. While some of this can be chocked up to the normal operation to the lights, it seems to happen more often to me than anyone else I talk to about it. I also have had an affection for electronic equipment for much of my life, and because of this, have been electrocuted numerous times. I would rather call it shocked though, because I feel electrocution should cause some harm, while i feel only a tingling sensation. Even when the current is enough to lock me in place, unable to let go of the source of electricity, and unable to speak or move. I only feel a mild tingle and a feeling of urgency and anger at the fact that I cannot let go.

But this is not what really makes me wonder. The thing that intrigues me is that I have never missed a power outage. That is to say, I have always been aware the power around me was going to go out moments before it actually did. If I am awake at the time I immediately look around the room, at lights, tv's, clocks, and know its all going to go out. I have even announced it to others on the room right before it happens. And even while sleeping, I will jerk awake, sit up, and watch everything just go out. I once woke up, quite frantically, seconds before a nearby transformer blew. I heard the transformer, and had to go wake up my roommates because I assumed that was what caused me to wake up. Though looking back, I had already jumped out of bed just as it happened. I always wake when the power goes out when I am sleeping. Not that I am complaining, because I have never been late to work because of a power outage either.

Another thing that I have noticed is related to WiFi signals. My girlfriend cannot get her computer to connect to the local public wifi connection, unless I am home. She will spend nearly an hour trying to connect from anywhere in our house, but I can connect it on the first try, every time. No matter where I am in the house.

Its all very odd, but interesting too. It makes me wonder if there is some sort of way I can consciously manipulate my apparent aptitude for electricity.

Gary Boyes Jr <gaboyesry at gmaildot com>
salem, or USA - Friday, July 25, 2008 at 04:05:46 (PDT)

So no one really belives me either... But when I go by some street lights there always seem to be one that goes out!! Also i have has 2 cars that had lots of electrical in them and it never fails... something always stopps working. I drive a cadillac now and the interrior light do not work, neither do the locks.. but they trip out all the time... things just go off without the fuse. This is the second car that I have had that had electrical issues.

Also every single cell phone that i get works for a bit but i am constanly taking them into warrenty... i have had 6 cell phones in 4 years and everyone goes into warranty all three times befor they just finally replace them.

My ipod even stopped working, only after having it for a month.

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can correct this issue?? if they do can they please send me an email. I would really like to correct the issue!

Amanda Batten <amandabatten_20 at live dotca>
Red Deer, AB canada - Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 20:13:32 (PDT)

It is reassuring to find other people who have had this occurence. I am 21 and have experienced the SLI phenomena for about the past three or four years. Lights frequently go out and sometimes turn on as I pass underneath them in my car, or walking. This occurs more frequently when I am in deep thought or contemplating something emotionally complex. Yet I have had a couple times where I have consciously burnt out the light by concentrating. My theory is that the sensors are triggered via electromagnetic fields from certain people. The fields become more powerful or hit the correct frequency to affect electronic appliances as more concentrated energy is exerted from the mind.
ZAK RUTLEDGE <unconscious86 at livedot com>
NM USA - Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 00:36:37 (PDT)

Reading all on this page I realize I am not the weird or unique person I thought. This phenomenon is more common than I could imagine. Now, I feel relief. I had not disclosed it to anybody, but my husband; however, he ignores me like implying it is not a big deal

When I was 7 year old, I was shock by an electrified bare wire on the grass. It was probably not very high voltage; otherwise, I would not be here. I struggle for a couple of minutes with feet and hands, until I could release myself.

For 30 years I have been experiencing the street lights going out when I pass by, either driving or walking. In the beginning I thought it was the car, but so many times in different cars, circumstances and even walking would not be a coincidence.

For the last few years I have noticed the electric shocks increasing more and more when I touch any metallic things like doors, shelves, my car, etc. It is really a shocking experience. It really bothers me.

My conclusion is that the electric shocks and the streets lamps interference are related. I am not an electrical engineer or anything similar, but I believe that we “electric people” have higher electromagnetic fields due to intense thinking or emotions, because I am definitely an intense thinker and in a high mood most of the time. For this same reason, we always produce and store excessive energy which causes the shocks as discharge. This may affect the street lights and other electric devices. The street lamps interference would be like absorbing the energy or causing a shock (discharge) on them, either way. That would be from a scientific point of view; however, the psychic part it is hard to understand. I have some dreams that come true up to certain extent, but some don’t. I do sometimes, have a feeling as if something bad were to happen and it does happen, but I cannot tell it is always happens.

I do notice that the static is higher when I wear certain sandals or shoes with certain soles, but it happens all the time, anyway.

Regarding breaking things in the house, we had to replace approximately 6 light bulbs in this house, and we just moved 4 months ago. The water heater also broke for no apparent reason, but I see it as a coincidence. Sometimes, I do get shock when I touch the switch to turn on the lights in the house. Not watches, clocks or other items broken in the house that I can recall.

Someone mentioned something about hair being like receptive antennas. I do have very long hair, and with a lot of static when I comb it.

Street Lamps Interference SLI <magpe at maildot com>
KS USA - Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 13:18:13 (PDT)

I've been turning streetlights off and on for years. Not all of them--seem to be the ones that are wearing down or have bad connections--but I can turn the same light off and on just by walking under, and then walking back under. Happens too often for mere coincidence. There's one light in my neighborhood that I play with once in a while--I've been affecting that same light for over 20 years.
Most people find it interesting; one or two have been a little freaked out by it.
Unlike many of the people who've posted, I seem to have a good effect on computers, printers, copiers, etc., though. I don't have any great repair talents, but I swear that patting them as I try to fix whatever problem there is seems to help. I've done exactly the same things that the person who called for my help did, but mine works. There have also been several occasions when I've been called to help when the problem fixes itself as soon as I arrive. That may be coincidence, but it's been going on for my entire working life--30+ years.
My hair also tingles whenever there's a thunderstorm in the vicinity. I can feel it in my hair before I hear the first rumble.
Don't think it's aliens, global warming, or anything paranormal--figure I just have some unusual body charge.

MtheL <acgazin at gmaildot com>
MA USA - Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 17:07:44 (PDT)

To start I am very happy to have found this site specifically for the streetlight interference. As many others have stated I thought what was going on was just the occasional flicker or just that I was observant. I also blew off my idea that I was affecting the lights for awhile because it seemed absurd but too many instances have convinced me I might be a little odd at least. It first started with my friend. We were walking back from the downtown area of Naperville on the 'Riverwalk', our cities brick paved path for anyone wanting to stick to the river instead of walking in areas more congested by traffic. It's still right next to suburbia and we've walked it many times before therefore we had no incentives to get paranoid because 'we were on a deserted path in the middle of nowhere'. It's a safe path and it's safe because it's next to offices and homes. That night we walked a little less then half a mile of the path and there had been about five lights that went off right as we reached them. For awhile we joked that we would base a movie about the creepy lights but soon forgot. The problem only came up for me again. During the summer I would run in the evening because it was too hot earlier in the day. By the end of my run the streetlights would be on and a few would shut off right when I was under them. I laughed it off again. Another specific instance came up when I was coming out from a late church service with my mother, we walked to the parking lot and our car was parked under, you guessed it, a streetlamp. The moment my hand touched the car door the lamp went out, didn't flicker, just went out. As we drove away it magically came back on. Then came my drives home from work. I get out by the time the suns down and on many times coming home there would always be at least two lights going out right as I reach them or just a second before I'm under them. It started to weird me out so I altered the way I drive home. One of the most recent occasions was while I was shopping with a friend. When we reached the store a large outside light near where we parked went out as I got out of the car. It wasn't a streetlight but I noticed it because I'm getting paranoid. The light was still out when we were done shopping and sure enough as we drove away I looked back to see it come to life again. This has happened on some highways too. I want to be logical and not superstitious, this has to be some sort of phenomenon!
Liz <__lizard22 at wideopenwestdot com__ >
Naperville, IL USA - Wednesday, April 09, 2008 at 22:07:54 (PDT)

I need some help please.

Like some other peoples, when i walk on the street, the street lamp go off. But recently, when i get very emotionnal, it cause electricity breakdown in the neighborhood, twice by my fault, or the lights turn off.
When i am in a place with too many people, something could explose like a window or a mirror could crack.

Is it possible to control this kind of thing? I dont want to be out of control.

Francis <adresse777 at hotmaildot com>
Montreal, QC Canada - Wednesday, April 09, 2008 at 17:20:34 (PDT)

I've really pleased to have found this site, because now I know others are experiencing what I'm experiencing. Most weeks I find that street lights go out when I pass directly underneath them and they don't go back on. This happens when I'm in the car and when I'm walking. Like others, it happens when I'm deep in thought or stressed about something and lately when I return home from an exercise session at the gym. They are always different lights and I purposely take differing routes to make sure that it's not just some technical fault with a particular light. I do tend to believe that it can be scientifically the explained with all the research that is being done in regards to the brain - however I wouldn't rule out something a little beyond the natural realms! I don't see SLIDers as a gift or a burden, it's just something that happens to some people and to be honest it doesn't worry me or create any bother; It's nice to know, however, that others have been researching SLIDers as well!
Rebecca Hillson <denisandliz at ozemaildot com.au>
Adelaide, SA Australia - Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 17:40:33 (PDT)

I am so amazed to see that I am not the only person who turns off street lamps all over the place. I thought it was just me and had no idea there was an actual name for this phenomenon. I don't have some of the really crazy things happen to me that I've read here, but I have a ridiculous amount of static electricity year round. I've noticed that it has been getting progressively worse in the last couple years and especially in the last few months. I used to shock myself only once while exiting the car; now with my new car, it is a quick double shock. My cat is wary of me because I frequently shock him when I touch him. My friend actually researched this and forwarded this site to me after I went on a first date and shocked the guy with my lips when he tried to kiss me. Also, I didn't connect it with the static electricity or SLI issues, but electronics frequently screw up on me as well. I have had so many computer problems at my office that one of my coworkers nicknamed me Virus and jokes that other people shouldn't let me too close to their computers. So glad it's not just me...
Christine <cjtrinny at gmaildot com>
Royal Oak, MI USA - Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 18:38:13 (PDT)

Hi my name is Kelly and I have read almost all of your entries. This is a great relief for me to have the same problems as of all of you good folks!
I don't even no where to start, but I know what you guys are going through and I know you need validation for this Slider effect. I have been expierancing this for most of my life and I am only 40 yrs old. My fiance is 33 yrs old and a skeptic at that and when he discovered, that there was a name for this unfortunate "Power", yes I said POWER, I just want to be different. I've been trying to prove to him that it exists. Although; I have had plenty of validation from others that lights flicker, burn out or bust right over my head indooors.
Out side street light; thing of the past. My conclusion is: That: there had to be a name to this "Energy" to give it merrit and put it on the MAP! So; Yes we have an annoying gift that keeps on giving! But for What? You might say, I can not answer that yet but I am researching. I am not an Electrican, never stuck by lightening, I am just unique just like all of YOU. So instead of focusing on "I am weird" Ask yourselves What else makes me different: Am I the fifth wheel? Do I prefer some of the time to be along and not with the crowd? Do I enjoy the arts more than others? Endless questions? Since my boyfriend found a name for my issue, I have been intertested in finding out WHY? Why me, an Artist from Wisconsin? Well who knows. I have often thought of just giving myself over to science for the will of mankind. One of my favorite sayings is; I must have been a serial-killer in my past life to deserve all this bad karma.
Ok it appears that I am avoiding the issues at hand. I have blocked out most of my childhood up bringing, but mostly remember that street lights didn't fade or burn out until I started counting them. I have OCD and I count things cars, street lanps, when I brush teeth....I think you've got the picture! Numbers are, perfect to me. And I am a perfectionist so every time I get tense, flustered or frustrated lights flicker over my head at work mostly. In the bathroom at work, my stupid computer locks up, copiers, fax machine, the T.V. turns off, than back on, fire gets out of control around me some times(I can't smoke, Asma) Of course I can't wear a watch...now the computer guys are calling me "Helter SKelter" I am marked by others as DIFFERENT and senstive! Ok so I am not perfect. To answer some peoples questions, I do believe the Slider phenomena is a bit pychsic, why not? I believe in ALiens but not that they are putting Micro-chips under my skin - or that they are the cause of this. NO! So can you Imagine if we all got together and stopped the war or something Great like that? Think about it!

Kelly Reyes
Draper, ut USA - Monday, February 25, 2008 at 19:13:50 (PST)

Okay I haven't really put much thought into it, it always just seemed as frequent coincidences. But reading about the SLI theory made me want to share my experiences, which I do not deem to be anything special, but I do not have a closed mind.

Anyhow, I used to walk in a routine around my suburb every night usually around 7pm to 8pm, sometimes 9pm, randomly varying because I have a spontaneous schedule. Almost every streetlight I walked under seemed to shut off exactly as I was underneath it. This happened with such frequency I figured it was purely timing because my pace did not change dramatically.

This happened almost everytime I was walking I could even "count down" to the occurence before I reached the streetlight. This happens consecutively, even when I am around others or riding my bike.

I don't really have much else to say regarding the subject, it's just mildly facinating.

C.L.B. <cb at hotmaildot com>
USA - Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 05:03:01 (PST)

I have read through a good handful of these stories. Like many of you I:

1. Have stop lights go both on and off when I drive/walk/bike by them.

2. My ex started experiencing the same thing while we were dating and is still experiencing the same thing.

3. I have always felt different in the sense that I can pick up on other people's feelings, I also believe I can sense or see their auras.

4. I have had many encounters with entities in almost any place I have lived.

5. I have had a woman die in my arms and since then my problems with street lights and encounters with entities have greatly increased.

6. I feel an odd sense that I can actually communicate with souls/spirits. I cant explain it but I feel like I can understand what they are feeling.

I know this may all sound weird, but its been something I have been struggling since I have been very young. My parents say that as a child I always talked to talk about some woman that used to live in the house we lived in. I believe she died there.

I don't usually get a bad feeling about this except in this one place where I lived where a guy had hung himself.

I think I need to stop living where people have died.

Amanda Walters
USA - Monday, January 21, 2008 at 21:32:21 (PST)

Ok, so I stumbled upon your site today after I spent all night driving up and down the freeway here in Reno (Not because I was bored but due to work) I mustve counted 14 street lights and exit sign lights go out while I drove under them. Its been happening to me for over a year and its weirding me out...well in a good way haha. A really funny thing happened when I was driving to work a few weeks ago, one light went out and I looked up through my moonroof and said to whatever is out there "Why do you play with my head like this? First this light goes out, what next that light (I gesture to an already extinguished light down the road) is going to go on?" And as soon as I said "on" the light turned on...It was w e i r d.

My friends also tell me it never happens to them and only when they hang out with me... =/

At least it makes life a bit more interesting =)

Darin S <darinsalerno at macdot com>
Reno, NV USA - Saturday, January 19, 2008 at 09:46:41 (PST)

Hello all!

I have noticed the exact same phenomena (SLI) as describe on this site since I noticed it happening in 1983 to me. A few years ago I saw a tv documentary on the phenomena and I almost fell out of my chair! Other people see it as well!! Holly Crap!

When I met my wife in 1994 (exwife as of 2007) I told her about what I noticed since 1983 as I was driving down the road and a street light would go out as I passed by. She kinda didn't believe me but as the years passed she became a believer especially when on more than one occasion I would have multiple events .. like 3 within 15 minutes.

To this day it still happens ... 1 night last week there where 2 events with 10 minutes an another the following night.

I recently me a girld who also is experiencing the same phenomena and has a history of "Lights" since she was a child.

Scott Wilkie <scottwilkie62 at macdot com>
Naples, FL USA - Saturday, January 12, 2008 at 20:52:28 (PST)

I don't know if phenomenmonia (what I call it when people have a phenomena sydrome) is passed down from generation to generation or what. My grandfather on my dad's side reported repeatedly seeing people with pink pants with white flowers on them. He started to record the people he saw with blue jeans to pink jeans. He found that exactly every two hundred thirty-seven people he saw with blue jeans, he saw one person with pink jeans. My dad has a terrible case of street light phenomenmonia. When I am with him in the car, streetlights will pop off often. And me. My family calls me the weird one. Sometimes when I am around people, I get odd thoughts of things shaking, and the object I think of shaking slightly shakes! For instance; during Christmas, I was in my grandma's kitchen with my aunt. Much of my family was in her living room opening presents. I thought of the large wooden table in the center of it to shake. Suddenly, I heard my mother scream. I rushed in to see the problem. She said the table slightly began to shake out of control. Her coffee, being on the edge, spilled all over her new blouse. Could someone have bumped the table? If so, why did she say when she grabbed it the thing would not stop. Or is it some sort of odd phenomenmonia?
James McCullough <lives_2_climb at yahoodot com%^&(the "%^&" is just so spammers can't get me)>
pittsburgh, pa USA - Wednesday, January 09, 2008 at 18:34:03 (PST)

For about a year now I've been noticing how I have a LOT of streetlights go off around me. Right when I'm walking underneath them, or sometimes about 20 feet away, etc.

I've always been into ghosts and the paranormal of that sort, so one night I decided to go with a friend to a Graveyard.

We parked in the parking lot across the street, and walked over to the graveyard. After a while, in synchronization, some of the streetlights around the graveyard started going out.

At this point I decided it was time to go back to the car.
The parking lot was a "U" shaped, with about 10 streetlights lining the sidewalks. As soon as we reached the parking lot, they started going off. All the way down the sidewalk. All 10 of them, one after another, just as we were approaching them.

For the longest time I've thought this was some sort of haunting, but after reading about SLI victims, I realized that it may have been because of my mood.

Some experienced "sliders" say that if you are stressed/mad/emotional, the lights will go out much more.

I think that because of my terror of the undead, i became uneasy, and then the first few lights went off. When that happened i was completely emotionally unstable, and so when I approached the parking lot, my emotions shook and sent off the remaining lights.

I still don't know what I want to believe..
My emotional instability at that moment?
Or a paranormal visit?

Robert Kelly <Jesus_in_bob_form at Yahoodot com>
Las Cruces, NM USA - Sunday, December 16, 2007 at 12:01:29 (PST)

I always thought street light interference was in my imagination.. until last fall I was walking with a friend of mine and I was talking about the street light phenomenon. She jokingly said "ok make that one go out".. I had a hood on since fall is chilly in this area. As I walked under the streetlight I pulled my hood off and the light went out, only to come back on once I was about 10 feet away. She ran away screaming!
Just last week I was at the store and waiting outside for the people with me. I walked along the shopping center and stopped for a second, the light above my head went out so my thought was "Oh, I guess this is where I should stand".
On a side note though, my family has always believed that the "imaginary friends" I had as a toddler(ages 1-3) were actually ghosts, due to some unusual things that would occur when I was playing with them. I've always had unusual things happen with electrical objects in my home. I see orbs of light quite frequently, and I've dreamt things that have come true. I never put all of these together because its always been a natural part of who I am and what I experience, but as I'm getting older (26 now) I am finding that these aren't things that happen to everyone.

Sarah <sarahlyn1 at hotmaildot com>
Whitesboro, NY USA - Monday, November 19, 2007 at 07:41:09 (PST)


My name is Debra Bramow and I live in S. California in the wonderful country of America.

My interference with street lights started about 10 years ago, I'm now 57, and was intermittant.....driving underneith a light, it would go out ocassionally. It frustrated me because I felt I was going insane and imagining things, or making mountains out of mole hills. I also noticed I had to be in a heightened state of emotion on some level, stress or anger mostly. I kept this a dark secret for years. When I told my sister she said my headlights were not centered and to get them checked out. They were fine. She sorta joked about it. I shut up for more years. Then I saw the t.v. show about the English barmaid and I was riveted to the t.v. Oh My Gawd! Someone else has this phenomena happening to them also! I told a few more trusted people and they ridiculed me, but by then I was convinced of this "power". I can not conjur it on demand and have to have my mind focused elsewhere. Then I saw the Discovery Show, then researched it online. If people choose not to believe me, I whip out the articles.

Now, I have just moved to a new place and have a close streetlight across the street that wavers off and on ocassionally. BUT! I am about 25 feet from a street light in my back yard and it quivers and goes on and off, fades slowly, dims, then, WHAM! It is very bright. This goes on CONSTANTLY now and I can awaken during the night and it's going off and on. I showed my roommate and he is astounded.

The other thing unusual in my life is that I was a very troubled and abused teenager. We had a poltergist and it was me, my Mom and Dad. Things only happened when I was at home. I know whithout a shadow of doubt I casued this weirdness somehow. Things would fly off tables and break, other odd occurences I cannot remember anymore. The most spectacular.....I was in my bedroom and heard a very loud noise, rushed out to see my mother in the kitchen staring at our breadboard on the kitchen floor. A breadboard if you are not aware of it, it is used as a cutting board for veggies and meat, etc. It is a substantial piece of wood, maybe 1/2 maybe more thick. It was lying in the floor....shattered!! I mean ripped completely in half!! Splintered. Mom was doing something at the sink and had her back turned, the board was WEDGED up beside the 'fridge...against the 'fridge, propped up with a six pack of empty Coke bottles. Somehow it had come all the way away from the counter top, I expect it was about oh a foot long, launched itself into space and hit the floor with a resounding CRASH!! It could NOT have fallen to the floor, it was up against the 'frideg perpendicular to it, understand, sandwich style. I once heard a terrible WHAM later in life in my own house..........rushed into a room to see a wooden picture frame shattered to smithereens on my carpet! Not just upset, broken, I'm talking SHATTERED with splinters. On a thick carpet. Oh and it was way far away from the wall, like 3 or 4 feet from it. Another very odd occurence, which is the last........when I was 28 and pregnant with my daughter, ice cold water would drip down my leg from an unknown source. I'd be sitting in the familyroom and suddenly feel this ice cold on my leg or arm, check and freezing water would be dripping down my leg or arm. This happened repeatedly. My husband was speechless. No A.C. or water cooler on. Far distance from any water source in the house like a fawcett or toilet. It would only be say 2 or 3 very large drops, don't get the wrong idea it was a stream or riverlet of water, it wasn't....just a splash and very very cold. She was born on Sept. 14 so this was during the hot hot summertime too....NOT IN THE WINTER!!!! Besides, I've never had a drip in the ceiling and always maintain a sound roof. But let's say it did somehow drip from the ceiling, but I'd go outside and there is nothing, NOTHING over the house, no tree limb, gutter, NADA folks!!! And again, the roof sound and in perfect shape. I just cannot explain it.

Ok, that's my story. Email me with any of your ideas and experiences at : bramowd at aoldot com


Debra Bramow <bramowd at aoldot com>
Banning, CA USA - Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 02:19:17 (PST)

Hi i have a sli story... i've only recently noticed it but thinking back its happened for quite some time certain lights streetlights in particular seem to turn off and then as i continue pass them they turn back on i will every now and again turn a off one back on again... i figured i was just being for lack of a better word paranoid or looking for something that wasn't there... but i did a search on it and actually found a lot of different topics i've noticed that i fall into a lot of the categories credit cards go out light bulbs flash or go out if i touch them and most noticable is the streetlamps turning on and off in my presence i haven't brought it up to any body thinking that they will more than likely call me crazy and look the other way but after doing some research and finding that im not the only one i believe that now more than ever there is a reason and should probably be looked into more and hopefully scientifically proven or disproven
Chris Brown <tufdude2002 at yahoodot com>
USA - Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 23:42:47 (PDT)

Hello, my name is Randi. I have had odd things happen in my past. I have always had street lights go out if I am close to them, and it only seems to happen once I get about 10 feet away from them, or if they are off they will turn on, sometimes they will just grow dull and flicker as I wall by them until I am about 10 feet away from them. When I was 18 I rented an apartment with my friend and her boyfriend, being nieve as I was. After a while I thought her boyfriend may have been cheating on her because he would lie about where he was and about money. We moved out, shortly after, but our names were still on the apartment lease, rather than risk our credit we drove up every month to give him our share of rent. One night we drove up, every light on the street went out like, click, click, click, one after another, except the one right in front of our apartment, I told my friend I didn't think we should give the money to him tonight, maybe wait for tommorow. She insisted, so we pulled up and knocked, about 10 DEA agents came out of the apartment and around the building and arrested us. Apparently he had been selling and dealing crack with out us even knowing. Then I moved in with my dad, about 4 months after I lived their, the neighbor came over to use the phone, sat down at the kitchen table and shot himself in front of me and my dad. I was sooooo messed up! The police wanted to call my mom (who was divorced from my dad) but I said no because I knew she was just be histerical. So when the police finally let us go and had the house all lined off, I went to my mom's house, I set in the drive way for about 3 hours screaming and crying, accusing god and every one I could think of, of deserting me. I could see the street light in my rear window. When every I would get really histerical it would dim, and sometimes go out. When I would calm down, it would light up as bright as when I first pulled in. This really when on for hours. Until I worked up the nerve to go inside and tell my mom what had happened, and ask if I could stay with her for a while. I have been here every since, almost affraid to leave. Now it has gotten so bad, radio stations will change when I walk in the room, if I think about changing the station on the tv, or turning up the volume, it will sometimes do it before I can grab the remote. When I sit down at the computer the speakers offten will start to buzz. It is very creapy, but it makes me keep going from day to day. I feel like there is a much higher power that is trying to assert its energy and to keep me from giving up. There have been many other things too, these are just more of the major ones that are direct to me. I have recieved visions in my dreams, odd feelings that end up relating to what a family member is going through, and more paranormal activity surrounding mostly death. I really want to try to "harness" this better and have better control over it, if any thinks they may be able to help please e-mail me!

Alot of my family members have incidences like this too, and I do have alot of native american blood, don't know if it has any thing to do with it. Thanks
Randi <rberryma at purduedot edu>
Brooklyn, IN USA - Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 20:30:48 (PDT)

i have had sli experiences for years ,rows of lights going off as i walk under and at home lights blow out consequetivly as i switch them on never really happenened before i had intense radiotherapy and a cesium inplant years ago wonder if that has any thing to do with it as i would be interested in knowing if any one who has had s l i experiences has had similiar treatment in their past
michelle <viva_veeveean at yahoodot com.au>
melbourne, vic australia - Monday, August 13, 2007 at 04:30:47 (PDT)

I am amazing that so many others have experienced the same phenomenon that I have. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 or 15 I started noticing that when I walk or drive underneath street lights at night they begin to flicker as a approach. When I get within about 20 feet of the light it turns either off or on. I notice it much more when I'm walking but this may just be because your moving slower when your walking. I notice this everytime I walk at night. For a long time I thought this happened to everyone but when I walk with others at night they are always saying things like, "Wierd, why does that keep happening tonight." Usually when it happens I get a strong tingly sensation and sometime my skin feels cold. This year the lights in the hallway in front of my dorm room were CONSTANTLY burning out but everywhere else in the building appeared to be fine. Also, around Christmas my roommate and I put of Christmas lights in our room and those died very quickly as well. I haven't noticed (that I can recall at least) many problems with other appliences. But I have notice many other VERY strange coinsidences and reaccuring dreams all throughout my lifetime.
Jo Kephart
USA - Sunday, June 17, 2007 at 22:48:37 (PDT)

I have been turning streetlights,and outdoor business lights off for years. My father calls me a witch because he has witnessed this on numerous ocassions. I interfere with most electrical items. I cannot wear a watch of any kind. My cell phone battery is a frequent victim. Cars zap me every time I get in or out of them. Not just a little static shock, it goes all the way up my arm. I work in a nursing home, and I affect electric beds ocassionally. I almost folded a poor elderly woman in half in her bed one evening because the bed would not stop. My son and I share a computer and I have problems with it that he never experiances. I too spend a fortune on light bulbs in my home. My mother has a pace maker. When they do her monthly tests over the phone, I cannot be in the room, because I interfere with the test.
Ia USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 21:57:40 (PDT)

For years I have noticed lights turning off. The lights that turn on at night when it gets dark out. I used to pass it off as light bouncing off of the ground, or my headlights not being aligned right. Every car I had did this, so I just thought it just happened. It was not until I was walking through an abandoned parking lot one night that I noticed it, before I got to my car. I began to monitor this much more closely. I have to be into DEEP thought, thinking about some complex or profound, almost in a daze. As soon as the lights around me start to shut off, I break out of it because of the visual change. Is this common?
John Smith <draithemoore at yahoodot com>
USA - Sunday, June 03, 2007 at 19:18:46 (PDT)

To the SLI section:

I've also been intrigued by flickering street lights, especially in the past year when I started paying attention on how the phenomenon repeats itself. The first one I had was close to my previous apartment and since I own a dog I routinely passed the lamp post in the evenings while walking her. The bulb went off about five meters before the pole -- either direction -- and so precisely that I first suspected a motion sensor attached to the pole. What a silly idea! As the neighbourhood was full of lights that didn't flicker why would there be a motion sensor -- to save energy? Of course not. The light would go off 9 times out of 10, way more than a random probability distribution would suggest. Once I saw it go off when I was no closer than a hundred meters; someone else had just passed it. Maybe it's not just me?

These days I've moved and there are more flickering lights nearby but they're not as predictable. However, the phenomenon is still there. While taking my dog out now, I rarely observe no lights going off during a walk. Usually at least one, often even half a dozen. But the poles where it happens are more random and I don't have to be nearby which leads me to believe that the effect doesn't directly depend on me.

I've being forced to call off my scientific and analytical mind in the recent years by being introduced to the spiritual side of the universe, so I'm not even trying to find the one and only physical solution anymore. Some conclusions I've drawn:

1) Lights can go on and off randomly, due to electrical spikes/moisture/overheating. This probably accounts for some percentage of what I've observed.

2) Some people definitely can have an electromagnetic effect, causing street lights go off or on. Not to mention interfering more sensitive circuits like televisions: I know people like that, too.

3) A bored spirit of a deceased person can definitely cause such electrical disruptions. However, albeit dead they're just people like the rest of us and switching lights on and off probably wouldn't amuse anyone for too long. Except for a child spirit, though. But souls who don't know they're dead already are usually tied to a certain location which doesn't scale to the thousands or millions of flickering bulbs (apparently) worldwide.

4) Sometimes the spirit world could use the street lights to send a message to someone. Probably not too often because the signal-to-noise ratio would be rather low, due to the above points. Maybe if you knock off five lights in a row, there's something for you to notice. One thing I know is that nothing happens without at least some purpose.

5) The first four things combined, one conclusion would be the increased synchronicity in some people's lives, exposing them to semi-random flickering more often. Synchronicity is a very common way we get messages from the universe, and it happens more often if you're well-grounded and flowing at ease in your lifeflow. If you happen to walk past the light that's just about to go off, you might have nothing to do with the cause and everything to do with the right time and place. Often, synchronistic events happen when you're on the right track so I've grown to take the flicker simply as being noticed by the universe.


USA - Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 14:31:20 (PDT)

I have weird things happen around street lights, the glow brighter, go out, and lamps on both sides of the road will go out when I'm scared (usually about 4 on each side, 2 behind me and 2 in front). When I'm terrified a few bulbs will not only go out, but will explode.
I can also turn off lamps/tvs/movie theaters/iPods/cells phones/cd players/house alarms(my friends, I wasn't breaking in!)/and house lights. It tends to happen more if my emotions are hightened by anger/excitment/fear/etc...
I've crashed multiple computers (including a few bank teller computers, oops), if I'm annoyed or scared I'll completely kill ATM machines and even made a few smoke, those electronically opening doors never open for me, tills routinelly freeze up.
When I hold the plug in part for speakers, they buzz and squeal, occasionally picking up sounds from who knows where and twice picked up a phone conversation. When I had braces I could get radio and if I was near a cell phone I could hear the conversation in my head. I go through cell phones and wireless home phones every few months, by the end they pick up this sound that sounds like horses tromping through it.
If I put my finger on the metal tabs of a clock or watch, it will work without batteries. My watches run extra long, I've had the same battery for one of my watches for 12 years.
I have magnets stick to me, if I wear a magnetic necklace it's a wrestling match to get it off.
I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think off right now.

Canada - Friday, April 27, 2007 at 23:19:45 (PDT)

You may think I am crazy. But I have experienced street light interference for many years. It was so prominent at times my friends used to call me the Anti-Christ and it was a big joke.

I am a professional, so I am not a crazy person. I once did an experiment that creeped my wife out so bad she made me stop. I saw a group of folks walk under a street light and nothing happened, so I told my wife I was going to walk under the light as I did it turned off...I said watch this and walked back under and it turned back on. I did it a third time and off it went. My wife was so freaked because when she walked under the same light right after me nothing happened.

I have no control over this at all, although my theory is that I posess a different electrical current of some sort. I am frequently getting shocked and have had some other similiar strange electrical phenomena. I was excited to hear that other folks have this same phenomena, it also occurs frequently when I am driving and my wife will comment that I turned another light off or on.

Dave <okifish at hotmaildot com>
USA - Friday, April 20, 2007 at 07:12:06 (PDT)

Its really strange that I felt so comfortable providing my name and info on this site as I usually feel very paranoid about giving out that stuff. Maybe its because I feel at home here. I have finally found my "people". Ever since I can remember street lights go out when I pass under them and then come back on when I pass. Like some mentioned this is also when I am in a contemplative mood, kinda dazed out and not really thinking. However it also does it when I am really mad. We finally had to buy the super expensive light bulbs that are supposed to last for years because our regular light bulbs in our house burn out in less than one month. One of the expensive ones we bought six months ago has already burned out. I also can not wear a watch. I have gone through so many expensive ones and finally switched to cheap ones. Money is not a consideration with me and watches I guess. They all quit working within two months. I get a new battery and within weeks its dead again. I also can pick up the phone to call someone and they will be on the other line with out either one of us dialing. That is REALLY strange. Cameras for some reason always break on me also. Does not matter if its a Polaroid, a regular camera or a digital. They ALL do. All I can use are those cheap plastic ones you buy at the grocery store. At least I get pictures that way. My computer crashes on me constantly. It never does on my husband and he uses it for work. The other day I was mad because it happened once, I rebooted and it happened again. I did it one more time and it crashed again. I was so mad I went in and got my husband, he came out and PRESTO! the computer came up for him and stayed up. Im afraid to use my CD player or my MP3 player very often because I have always broke those too. I was shoked as a child and there was a black mark on my finger and one on my big toe where the current went through and came out. I have often wondered if that is what is causing all of this. Some strange things also: My eyes are almost constantly red in pictures. Now I know there is supposed to be a logical reason for that but come on, all of my wedding pictures taken by many different people only showed ME as having red eyes and not one other person. I also seem to be some kind of empath. People seem to be drawn to me. I have people telling me their life stories and asking for very personal advice on a daily basis in places like the grocery store and gas station. I do have a lot of empathy for people and try to make everyone around me feel good about something in their lives. My mother thinks that "electric people" are crazy. She doesnt believe that I create these strange things. But my husband of 10 years finally does. Hes tired of buying light bulbs. I have heard that people with this type of phenomena can possibly be healers or psychic. But I dont know how you learn that. Perhaps we are not yet at that developmental stage as humans. I am so happy to tell my story to you guys. Finally people like me!!! Tamye
Tamye McSpadden <tamye_dave at yahoodot com>
Georgetown, Tx USA - Tuesday, April 03, 2007 at 20:12:02 (PDT)

I'm so thrilled to read that I'm not crazy! I've noticed the SLI phenomenon for about the past 25 years and recently it's gotten really frequent. I never mentioned it to anyone until a few moths ago and have begun pointing it out to friends and relatives in the car with me. Even they are shocked to see how often I can point out a streetlight outage just as I pass under it. It's got to be more than what the skeptics explain it as.... some energy saving mechanism in the light itself. If that's so, howcome some few people report experiencing the phenomenon? Sometimes i can just be looking at a streetlight and it'll go out. I cannot will it to happen but I seem to know just a second before it happens that it's going to go out. Other times I'm right driving or walking under it when it pops off.
L. fichter <flic356 at merrdot com>
USA - Monday, March 19, 2007 at 21:11:07 (PDT)

I cant imagine what else could be said after reading all these reports about streetlights, but I have to tell you that its true... the same things happened to me over a course of years.

Lights blowing out, the streetlights cycling when I walked underneath them, the whole deal. It was observed by many of my coworkers. Three of the best examples are once when my foot touched the street at night when turning left on a corner the whole street's lights went out. They lit, one by one, as I stepped underneath them. Four consecutive ones in a row one by one, then the rest lit up again. I blew out a light bulb in a bathroom on a business trip once, and told my coworker who was with me. The next night we returned to the same bar and he went into the bathroom so I could show him the bulb. It had already been replaced. But when I stepped under it, while he was watching, it burnt out again! A third example which is a little more troubling is that of the many lights that constantly burn out in my house and need replacing, one day I turned the switch and had an incandecent detonate right above me, showering me with broken glass. Many people have observed these things, even coworkers behind me on the highway watching the lights cycle as I drove underneath. My wife could tell you about all the boxes of light bulbs we've gone through. The compact fluorescents help but they still die too after a while.

I dont know what causes this sort of thing but please dont laugh if you hear someone say its happening to them. Its true, it really happens. It happened to me daily for about 10 years, but in recent times has subsided almost entirely.

Nick LASTNAMEWITHHELD <skipandfritz at cfl.rrdot com>
Orlando, FL USA - Saturday, March 10, 2007 at 07:26:29 (PST)

I guess I must be a SLIder. For over twenty years, various street lights would turn off as I walked or drove past them. I always kind of thought it was wierd, and everybody I would tell thought I was nuts. But then I started taking people with me on rides around town, and physically show them lights turn off (or sometimes on) as we passed by. Most lights were random, but a few of them you could count on. I always knew these particular lights would turn off as we would be within 100 feet away.

It had not happened in a while, but then tonight on our way home from a birthday party, a street light not far from our house went off as we approached it. It reminded me of my "symptom", and so I decided to try to find out anything about it on the internet. Sure enough, it would appear that several people have experienced the same thing, and they even have a name for it: "street light interference". Who knew?

JC Cormier
New Brunswick Canada - Sunday, March 04, 2007 at 17:52:07 (PST)

I have had street lights go off as I walk under them sometimes, and evidence is building that replacement batteries are not much use as they go dead very fast, otherwise I actually have a very good record with electrical stuff. (things go dead when I leave a place though)

But more interesting is that long before I read any of these things about people emitting HV arcs when they sleep I was told by the wife/gf of a friend of mine that at least once when in bed she had a massive arc come from her body/head.

To find this exact same thing, all correlated to sleep or a near sleep state (beta? theta? state) is very very interesting.

John <aether22 at gmaildot com>
Auckland, AK NZ - Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 04:54:32 (PST)

For a while now I have noticed that when i am in the car, alone at night... A single street light will turn off either right before I get to it, or just when I am under it. The first few I took to be a mech. thing... Figuring that they were just needing to turn off. Then about a month ago it was going on weekly. Thats when I started to be a little more observant and told a few people about what was going on. The last two weeks has been interesting to say the least. Every day, twice a day, I have been driving and a street light goes out. Its never the same one either. I thought it was my car lights hitting some sensor or something, but then I came to realize that wasnt the cause.
I still dont know what is going on with it all, but it has began to freak me out enough that my creative mind is coming up with outlandish ideas... I even made a joke here and there saying death is after me... HA!
I noticed some others on here were talking about their other abilities... Could the fact that I have dreams of the future mean something to do with this??
I am getting worried real fast. I want answers but have no way to find them, for like I said its never the same place or the same time. The only thing I can link together is that i am always alone in my car driving, and most of the time it is when I am going to a 'love' interests place. I have also been getting sensations while driving, warning me to drive carefully. A few times this month I have gotten sever chills, and a sense that that would be one of my last memories.. Then Ill see a crazy driver come up next to me in the lane that I was going to get in before I had been distracted with the whole sensation experience...

Jenny Stephens <www.myspacedot com/liveagaintx>
dallas, tx USA - Sunday, February 25, 2007 at 17:16:23 (PST)

Yes, I have the streetlight problem and the lights around "any" house I'm in blowing out. Also, computers and especially telephones blow! I would go through one ansewering machine a week - now I have voice mail by my telephone company & that works good. I am a retired Flight Attendant (38 yrs) and would get shocked constantly on any airplane. I would sit in a passenger seat & the reading light overhead would go off, but as soon as I got up it would come back on - this happened bunches! I just spent over $400 on my car's ingnition repair & it still looses electric connections alot - I kept thinking it was fuses but that isn't it. If someone else starts the car, it does just fine! I mainly would like to find a fix. I spend way too much on these problems & I hate getting shocked whenever I touch things & other people. Help! Cissy Reeves Dahlonega, Georgia blackbelt1at windstreamdot net
Cissy Reeves <blackbelt1at windstreamdot net>
Dahlonega, Ga USA - Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 12:32:10 (PST)

SLI / Streetlights / 11:11 02/01/2007

I guess I am what is termed a "SLIder". I would like to tell you about something that happened two nights ago:

It was a cold night in Montana so I decided to take a soak at our local hot springs, which has an indoor Olympic size pool. Lighting the entire pool are two rows of four, very large, mercury-vapor lights. As I was soaking I noticed the one closest to me begin to flicker erratically. It started popping and flickering like one of those insect lights that zaps when a bug hits it. I moved to the next light about 15 feet away and it began to do the same. I decided to do a little test. I swam across the pool to the other side where all the lights were working normally. I stopped under one of the lights and it too began to flicker. I moved to the next and then the next. After ten minutes I had 7 or the 8 lights flicking on and off. The 8th light was working fine but that was simply because I choose not to get near it.
I got out of the pool as I noticed dozens of people including the pool’s owner commenting on what the hell was going on with their lights! I said nothing and went in to shower. A short time later I looked out to find all lights working fine.

This has happened over and over with streetlights. When I drive (or walk) across town there are a dozen lights or more that I can count on to turn off as soon as I approach. I have tested this by having other people walk under them and nothing happens. Needless to say it freaks out my friends. My girlfriend is now my ex-girlfriend because of my compulsion to research this and find out why. I also see 11:11 so often and under so many circumstances that I know it is not coincidence. Something out there is trying to get our attention.

I know that we are some sort of conduit. I know there are thousands of people across the planet that this is happening to. I believe that we are approaching a very dark time (New World Order, global geological changes etc.) and that there will also be a new spiritual awakening. I believe that when we where in the spiritual state we “volunteered” to be the light workers in this lifetime. Is it our job to keep the light of love and hope burning? What is our mission? What is it that I can do? If anyone has any ideas please feel free to e-mail me. markusat revmedia.tv

Markus <markusat revmedia.tv>
Bozeman, MT 59715 - Thursday, February 01, 2007 at 16:10:41 (PST)

I also don't just have the street light thing going on with me but also flashlights.Ive been through so many flashlights they work only for a short time after i had touched them.I am constantly getting shocked touching doorknobs and light switches.I believe we are all electric humans but some of us have more and less.Another thing that's wierd with me i can predict earthquakes before they happen even halfway around the world.Some people are very sensitive to our environment and i believe this is why some people notice these things going on and some people don't.I have many more stories but i would rather keep those secret for now.
Stephanie <syelekciat iwondot com>
pa. USA - Friday, January 26, 2007 at 08:15:49 (PST)

Did anyone else notice the whole streetlight thing at about the age of 20? That is when I noticed mine, and I have heard of a few others that said that too. I have always made things spark when I plug them in, but recently the streetlight thing happens quite frequently, and I know our town doesn't have timers on them. There's one right on my corner that is going crazy when i'm around. Also, it seems to be getting stronger. It started out lights and watches, but now at work, I am driving our infrared saunas crazy. The digital controls are blinking and beeping like crazy, until I "tell" them to stop. Being really upset, or really happy seems to make it happen more. Anyone who has ideas on controlling it, or anything to add, please e-mail me with subject SLIDERS so I don't accidentally delete you. Thanx!!
Tera <tera_23at hotmaildot com>
Sk Canada - Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 10:08:29 (PST)

I found this site recently. I also have a large amount of street lights go out when I go under them. Ive lived in many states, but the light thing happens where ever I go, and enough for me to notice. It usually happens when I am calm, or very drained from a hard day.
erica <navypierferriswheelat yahoodot com>
ky USA - Friday, January 05, 2007 at 21:29:06 (PST)

I too have had many (countless) times when I am driving, street lights go out. I know that it's typical for some lights to cycle. I get that. I drive the same path every morning, 5 days a week and different lights go out at different times. I have even started to document which lights go out on what days. There are no patterns. I also am unable to wear a watch. After a couple of days the watch will stop working. It's also funny, at work when I enter the office area the radio that sits at the desk of the Human Resources is nothing but static. We have joked about this for 3 years now. They know when I am in the office, even if they cannot see me. Is this just me, or is there something I can control? Let me know. I will read on to see if there are any answers to my questions.
J.C. Gregg <jcinkc3at yahoodot com>
Kansas City, MO USA - Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 16:36:44 (PST)

I have always turned off street lamps when passing under them. On the way home from work this evening, I turned off eight of them as I drove by! It is fun for me and my friends now to see how many I can turn off, then see how quickly they come back on after I have gone past. Although I can't turn them off at will, there is a recognizable feeling I experience each time - I am very relaxed, happy and somewhat detached - sort of a pleasant, calm, serene and peaceful state. I do try to enter into this state but have been only marginally successful in turning off the lights at will. As far as other electrical experiences, the bedroom TV goes on and off all night and EVERY night in direct relation to the intensity of my dreams! It changes channels (sometimes quickly rolling through them) and volume as well. The same TV is completely quiet during waking hours unless of course, I turn it on physically. Additionally I have had many personal experiences with ball lightning, St. Elmo's fire, lightning strikes nearby. I can also see, hear, and taste (ozone) electrical currents and sparks around high power lines when others around me cannot. Watches and compasses don't work at all or don't work correctly near me. I'm no longer afraid of any of the events because there have been so many in my life. I'm now just amused and curious of each event when it happens. And turning off street lights has become a fun game to play while riding in the car or walking after dark. Thanks for the time.
ACE <soleilat msndot com>
USA - Friday, December 01, 2006 at 21:18:56 (PST)

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