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> I can't help but inject a bit of metaphysics in too. Einstein 
> was quoted as saying he wanted to find out "if God had any choice 
> in creating the Universe"?  I think the answer to that is that he 
> had no choice if his Universe required intelligent carbon-based 
> lifeforms. The degree of fine tuning of the 3 subatomic forces 
> neccessary to create life is incredible.
> Martin Sevior
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One could also ask "Is God really HE?" "Are we really here 
at all?"

I am still perplexed by simple things.

Several months ago I was working on a four pole digital 
filter. Each pole was a tuned brass chamber. The sections 
were connected to the other physically, but there was no 
opening between the chambers as a 50 ohm probe was used to 
couple the RF from pole filter to pole filter. Each filter 
was tuned with a large brass screw. I did a stupid thing 
(normal for me) and went in to far with a tuning screw on 
the end filter. It dropped into it's chamber. I opened the 
chamber to find the screw missing. I knew I had the right 
chamber because of the hole where the screw had been. I 
shook the whole assembly to hear a rattle. The filter did 
not rattle before the screw was dropped. I opened the 
chamber on the other end to find the missing screw. I 
studied the problem for many hours and saw no way the 
screw got into the wrong chamber. I allowed two visiting 
russian scientists to study the filter, at first smiling 
and then agreeing that what happened was impossible.

This is a true story. Not interesting, but true.

God may not play dice with the universe, but sometimes she 
will screw with your head.

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Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 03:22:41 -0500 From: Jerry Decker To: John Schnurer Cc: William Beaty <> Subject: Re: Information ABOUT Spheres with VERY VERY high rate of rotation sought Hi John et al! Years ago, I was told by one of my techs about a ball bearing placed inside a chamber fed with compressed air so that the ball would bounce around the chamber and acheive an apparently very high rotational velocity....he SWEARS after a couple minutes of clattering, you will suddenly hear nothing and the ball will be gone from the residue and it didn't get out...I don't know about this or how much pressure it is supposed to take, we thought maybe it wore the ball down but not in two minutes with 125psi...thats all I know about spinning spheres that might do something weird...seeya!

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