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OK, I needed a roll of toilet paper, so I took an unopened 4-pack from the top shelf of my hall closet. It was one of those packages that are stacked two-high, two rolls on the bottom and two on the top. The pack was full. All four rolls were in it, and it was tightly sealed.

I used my thumb to poke a hole in the cellophane between the two top rolls, then started trying to tear the wrapper so I could get a roll out. I was holding the pack in my left hand and trying to remove the roll on the top closest to my right hand. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back, that roll had vanished. I was left with three rolls instead of four, and I still had to fight to make the hole big enough to remove one of the three remaining rolls.

I have never come across the missing roll. While this was happening, I never moved from the spot in which I had been standing when I first poked the hole in the package. It's kind of hard to misplace a roll of toilet paper, but to this day, that missing roll has never turned up.

It's not the first thing that's gone missing from my house for no apparent reason, but it's the first time something ever vanished from my hands while I was holding it.

QP Pat
Long Island, NY USA - Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 15:31:45 (PDT)

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Last evening I was out with my family for Fathers Day. We took him to Chevys (at his request) and had dinner. I do not have a very loving relationship. I am not a teenager but not a college graduate either as of yet. So we ordered: 3 plates of the combo enchilada dishes and a veggie burrito wrapped in a flour "taco" for me. Most of us were not able to finish our food so we asked for takeout.

We walked out in a line. My dad in front with my sister following him. Me and my mom a couple of steps back. I was holding my takeout with two hands because I have had experiences where sometimes the food would slip if it was not level. I needed to use the bathroom which was right by the front door and there was a long bench in the hallway leading to the exit/ front door. When you walked in the bathroom was immediately to your left and the counter that you ask for your reservations is 3 steps in front of you in other words not too much room to wander. So again when you walk in:bathroom to your right, hallway in front (with the reception desk blocking half of it so you have to walk around it;) and a bar to the right which I never have or went into in all the times that we have gone there. So when I walk into the hallway (preparing to leave) I see my dad and sister across from each other. My dad is sitting on the bench (no one else is on it) and my sister is milling around near him. I recall saying that I would use the bathroom. When I finish, I leave thinking that I had given (or left) my takeout container to or nearby my dad and then as I am walking to our car alone, I slowly realized that I dont recall the last few seconds before I went into the bathroom before the takeout vanished. No surprise when I asked my sister (who was carrying the rest of the takeouts stacked she did not have it so I went back in and checked the bench and went into the bathroom (it was not a large one either). I dont believe that I would even consider bringing it into the bathroom and yet when I checked the bathroom I did not see anything like my food. All this happened within a range of 5-10 feel with very limited hiding spots. I was laughing but I just realized now that I didn't check the bathroom hard enough which is probably where it was, but its the oddest thing. Im glancing around and yet nothing. I am a healthy 21 year old child.
Im theorizing that it has something to do with emotions, because although I dont generally allow my frustration with my family to show, but I was frustrated with the way that they were treating me. I'm thinking that somehow this energy is venting in... "other routes." I wouldnt be surprised, I've been meditating quite alot as much as I can with before a feeling tells me that its enough for that day. Considering that on that day, I had had a dream where I was flying in this closed environment with these being and I saw this surreal scene where these pair of pigs were flying (no wings but they werw squealing with delight I remember) and somehow had apparently left in such a fashion that they had a rectangular piece of fence or wooden structure around their heads like it was the from end of a barn pen or something that they could peek over and eat from a bin on the other side of it. I recall that I was also waching but it felt alike I was directing them as they were banking towards me like a plane. In these dreams I dont question whats in front of me, I just (and I am beginning to understand and feel this:) go with the flow. :)

Thanks for reading this, people>!

Sean Lowery <sml200411 a hotmail com>
CA USA - Monday, June 18, 2012 at 21:34:30 (PDT)

so it was a normal friday night cooking tea as the last bit of cooking needed doing i lay the table getting all the condiments out the cupboard salt pepper e.t.c

after dinner i put them all back in as normal clearing away ritual. the next evening i did the same thing to find the salt not in the cupboard anymore mmmm strange i thought so i looked everywhere ( in the presence of my husband and my 4 children) and it was nowhere to be seen. the next day i sent my daughter up to the shop to buy some more to cook the sunday dinner as i still hadnt found it. and as the kitchen was starting to heat up i partially opened the top window . when wed finnished eating my husband took the kids for a bath and then bed and i started cleaning through downstairs ready for the new week ahead when id finnished i went upstairs for a bath and then came down and went straight into the kitchen to make a drink as i was in there my husband asked if i could shut the back door as it was getting a bit cold and i told him it wasnt open then automatically looked up at the window i stopped dead in my tracks there was the missing salt directly above the new one id bought on the window sill, placed on the opening of the window and the frame???? i automatically blamed my husband for trying to freak me out but when i called him to show him and after 10 years together can tell when hes lieing i have no other explanation for it i stood in front of that window the best part of 4 hours off and on and even opened it earlier i just have no clue as to how it got there
dana <dizzydanacox27 a yahoo>
england, USA - Monday, June 18, 2012 at 10:45:15 (PDT)

I have had quite a few of these strange phenomena happening to me in the past few years. Seems that more and
more phenomena have happened in the past few months:

1. The lid to my garbage can disappeared in my kitchen. I know I did not throw it out. I bought another trash can for the kitchen and the lid from that one disappeared too.
2. A box of eggs (half full) disappeared from my refrigerator.
3. A half of my sandwich disappeared from my dining room table. I left the room for a minute; when I returned the bread from half of my sandwich had disappeared. I do not own any pets and there are no mice in my house.
4.A colored pencil drawing that I created disappeared from on top my bookshelf. It was there the night before and when I got up the next day, it was gone! I never found it.
(These incidents happened in 2012.)I live alone and had no visitors when these incidents occurred
The latest incidents happened just a few days ago. I found just one shoe in my shoe bag in the bedroom closet. I looked all over and finally found the other shoe in an obscure place in another shoe bag way across the walk-in closet..The very next day, I notice that one of my loafer shoes was missing from my bedroom floor. I have looked all over and there is no trace of the other shoe. I wear these shoes often and was unhappy that one of them was mysteriously missing.
Another strage incident happened about five years ago in my podiatrist's office. I went into the restroom in the office and had a magazine with me. The baathroom was so tiny, I had no place to set the magazine down, so I put it on the floor. I left the bathroom and realized I forgot the magazine on the floor. I immediately went back to get it, but it had vanished into thin air! It was a new magazine (a magazine about paraormal things)!

Jo Ann Gordon
USA - Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 13:54:05 (PDT)

I am a rational person who seeks to explain unusual events by looking for the most likely answer, however, ever for the last four years strange events have happened in my house which have been very difficult to account for, and so many of them have now happened that I feel the need to share some of the more bizarre.

The first major one I noticed was occurred during around three years ago at a time when my older sister had moved into my spare room, she bore witness to the event, so I know I did not imagine it. I had a new girlfriend and wanted to impress her by cooking, and had already planned to make a pasta meal, for which I needed some goats cheese. Checking my cupboards and fridge, I discovered I had everything I needed to cook the meal, some chilli flakes and some red wine. I announced to my sister my intent to go to the nearest shop to get the needed ingredients, "Are you sure the goats cheese in the fride is in date?" she replied. I checked, and as usual, she was right, it was out of date. "Thanks sis," I replied, tossing the old one into the bin. I went to the shop, bought the items, and returned. I still had a few hours to my girlfriend was coming over, so put the cheese in the fridge and the wine and chilli flakes on the counter and sat down with my sister to watch some TV. During that time my neither my sister, nor I ventured into the kitchen. Yet when the time came around for me to make the meal, when I opened the fridge the cheese was not there. The fridge was particularly bare that day, and there was nowhere for it to hide. Even so, I removed every item, to no avail. Reasoning that perhaps I had tossed the cheese into the bin along with the carrier bag from the store, I emptied the bin. The bag was in there alright, but all that was in it was a reciept. The only other items in the bin was the old cheese I had thrown away earlier, and an empty mineral water bottle. After relating the tale to my sister, she helped me search all through the kitchen, but found nothing. We checked the reciept just in case I had forgotten to buy it, but it was clearly listed, and my sister remembers me taking it out of the bag as I walked into the kitchen. We reasoned that wherever I had misplaced it, eventually the smell of it going bad would draw us to its location, but it never appeared.

Several other strange things happened during the few months my sister lived with me, but nothing that we could firmly saying was unexplainable. The next event happened about a year later, a few weeks after my sister had moved out. My girlfriend had moved in and we had gone shopping and bought a bottle of ketchup. I don't really use the stuff, so it was really more for my girlfiend. We still had a little bit left in the old bottle, so put it in the back of a kitchen cupboard. A couple of days later, my girlfriend wants some ketchup to put on her fries, she gets one tiny splatt out of the old bottle, so I head into the kitchen to get the new bottle, but it is not in the cupboard where I put it. We search high and low, for so long our food goes totally cold. We search again the next day, this time looking in every cupboard in the whole house, but nothing can be found remotely resembling a bottle of sauce.

A few weeks later my girlfriend is feeling a little bit ill and calls in sick at her work, so I pull out the sofa-bed downstairs and make it up so that she can watch TV downstairs and be close to the kitchen if she needs anything. I am getting ready to go to work and I put the satelite remote control down next to her on the bed, I lean in to kiss her head, and then as I am standing back up about to leave, she reaches out to pick up the contol, but it is not there. Thinking I must have knocked it down the side of the sofa bed when I leaned in, she gets up out of the bed and we pull it apart, but to know avail. We search the whole room, but nothing. My girlfriend digs out the spare remote (which is a different colour), and I go to work. When I get back that night we search again, but nothing turns up. We give up and carry on using the spare for the next week or so. Then one day as we are watching a football match on the TV, both sat on the sofa that pulls out into a bed, we hear something clatter to the floor across the other side of the room, when I investigate, there is the missing satelite remote. The only thing near it that it could have fallen from was the other sofa in the room. There is no way it could have been on or in that sofa during that time.

Many more bizarre things happen over the next few weeks, culminating in one of the glass shelves in my fridge exploding in the middle of the night making me think a burglar has broken in (the only thing on the whole shelf was some sliced chicken, a nearly empty tub of butter, and a plastic tub with some leftover cooked vegetables in). That week the remote disappeared again and once again we looked everywhere, finally giving up and resorting to the spare again. I walk into the kitchen to get a drink come back into the living room, and low and behold the remote is on the coffee table, which was completely empty of other things before that, so there is no way we could have both missed it when looking.

A few days ago I was vaccuming upstairs and a nail dropped ont the floor behind me. I have never seen its like before, it looks like something like you would see made in the 1950s, even though it is clearly not old or rusted, and I have no idea where it could have come from or how it just dropped out of no where.

So I am dumbfounded about it all. I typed in "nail appeared out of nowhere" and this is the first website that popped up, so I thought I would relate this all here. If anyone has any rational explanation, I would love to hear it.

Mark <medwards1 a>
Oxford, UK - Friday, June 15, 2012 at 17:04:04 (PDT)

My hair brush went missing about a week ago...we had no visitors, and my kids are very young, so its impossible they could have taken husband bought me a replacement brush, ..I had finished blow drying and styling my hair in my bedroom, and I know I left the new brush on my bed, and we went out for the morning...when we returned I wanted to use my brush, expecting to find it where I left it.we turned the house upside down trying to find it and since that day, none of my brushes have been found, its so strange...We have searched everywhere!!!!! Could someone have sneaked into our home with some kind of brush fetish??
Debbie <adseal a gmail com>
USA - Sunday, May 06, 2012 at 15:17:58 (PDT)

I just got back to my hotel room after going out and placed my phone on my bed. I went to the bathroom, changed, but when i came back an earbud to my headphones on my phone were gone. I was wearing my headphones when i went into the room so i knew i didnt drop them. I searched the covers, the bed, the pillow, under tables, everywhere for at least 30 minutes but couldnt find it. I went to sleep and when i woke up it was on a table... I know i didnt have my phone on it when i went in my room and i know it wasnt there last night.
USA - Saturday, April 07, 2012 at 16:40:45 (PDT)

So, this is the second time of an object disappearing and appearing. It was 5am and I was doing the dishes and noticed the bottle brush missing. It is always at the sink. I asked my husband if he took it and he said no. I then proceeded to clean up and actually took the dish rag and wiped all around the sink and on top where the brush would be. As I turned to get the cat's water bowl to wash and came back to the sink the bottle brush appeared and It was as if it materialized.
This happened to me 30 years ago in my childhood home with a wooden jewelry box except I saw the jewelry box come down from midair and land on my bureau. Okay whose ghost is in my house?

grace <gbrilhanteslick a gmail com>
ri USA - Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 20:39:07 (PDT)

Sometime in the late 1970's my husband (at that time) had bought me a ring with a cameo setting made of black Kentucky coal. It was supposed to be one of a kind. A year of so after this we separated.
One night I was at a local club, and I noticed I had lost the setting out of the ring as I was leaving. I went back in to search the area to try to find it, but had no luck. I told the owner if he found it to please contact me. It was never found.
Three months later I went to the drive-in theater to see a movie with my cousin. During intermission I went to the bathroom inside the concession stand. As I stood up from the toilet I saw this small, black thing that seemed to materialize right in front of my face. At first, I thought it was a black spider hanging on a web because it was suspended in mid air. Then it fell to the concrete floor at
my feet. It made a noise when it hit, so I knew whatever it was, it was a solid object. As I knelt down for a closer look I realized this was the setting from my ring! I picked it up and went back to the car. My cousin asked me if I was okay because she said I was as pale as a ghost! I told her what happened, and she was speechless!
I took the setting home, put it in my ring, and put the ring in my jewelry box. It has never been removed to this day. I still have it.
I cannot understand what happened, or why. I lost the setting 3 months prior in a totally different local, and then it materialized in front of me at a different place and fell at my feet!
This is the strangest thing to ever happen to me, and I've had many strange things over my lifetime!

S. Ledford <sled1957 a gmail com>
USA - Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 19:43:43 (PDT)

I've had several clothes disappear from bedroom, both of them are very nice and I really do want to wear them. One is a dress I've been able to wear a few times and the other is this lovely shirt I never got the chance to wear. I've searched my the pile of clothes in my room and I've searched my closet. Either my closet lead to Narnia (where someone needs nice outfits), my sister's taking them (very doubtful, seeing as how we have two different boy shapes and I've raided her closet and drawers), or they're just magically disappearing.
USA - Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 19:16:57 (PDT)

OK SO... I have a set place for all of my's a routine of mine that never changes. I come home and drop my keys in the bowl before i walk further in to the house. If I leave...I grab them out of the bowl as I walk out the door. It's been that way for years. A few weeks ago I had grabbed my keys but didnot need to use them because I left through the garage so when I returned I realize that all of my house keys were missing off of my chain. Out of all my keys only my house keys missing. I looked for them everywhere with no luck. I figured I lost them somewhere. I keep my motorcycle keys in the same place.. a small deep bowl that I use for keys only. I just had them them last week....I needed them to unlock my seat to put my saddle bags on and then I put them back in the bowl. Yesterday I went to get them to start my bike up for a little bit and they were gone. We looked everywhere in the house, basement , yard, garage ,saddle bags , porch , ..we even pulled out every article of clothing that has a pocket to it and searched....NO KEYS..... So, this morning (on my way to work) my new house keys are gone again off of my chain but my vehicle keys (that my house keys are usually attatched to) are still there. Once again I did not leave my house yesterday and never pulled my keys out of the bowl for anything. I looked everywhere and on my way out I checked my porch and garage. The weird thing is when I got home on my lunch break, my keys were laying on my porch right in front of my steps (in plain sight)! I don't get it! What is going on with my keys?
creeped out <hunnie258@@@yahoo com>
ohio USA - Thursday, March 08, 2012 at 11:50:13 (PST)

I bought an amethyst crystal skull from a Witchery type store near my house and I lost it under very strange circumstances. I'm not usually into witchery but my gf is getting us into chakra meditations,she bought a crystal chakra set and sent me there to get my own. So I bought the chakra set and when I was at the counter there was a crystal skull on it and I decided at the last minute to buy that as well. I got really attached to the crystal skull, but I only had it for a few days like 3-5 days, I was carrying it around in my pocket cause it was making me feel really good. But I was getting kind of worried about losing it so I was trying to be really aware of it.
So this one day I have a pair of shorts on with kind of a loose pocket, and I'm kind of worried about losing it, I was even thinking about tying it to my keys. I lost it in the morning, and I was searching for it. I realized that it had to be in the babies room because I was playing on the floor in there, immediately after thinking this I heard something hit the floor in his room, and when I went in there he is standing there holding the crystal skull. So I put it back in my pocket.
Now when this is all happening the house is IMMACULATE, I was off work for two weeks and we has literally cleaned the entire house from top to bottom organized every drawer in every desk, cleaned underneath all furniture, our house had literally never been this pristine, every single thing we own had been methodically cleaned and arranged. So all this is happening at this point of peak cleanliness of our house.
So about an hour and a half after I retrieved the crystal skull from the babies room I was feeding the baby in the kitchen and I was sitting at the table holding the crystal skull in my hand, which my gf remembers too, while the baby was sitting in his high chair I went upstairs to put on a sweater. I had a few folded shirts on the floor, which I put away while in the bedroom (remember the house is magazine cover clean). So I go back downstairs and realize that the crystal skull is not in my pocket, this is max 15 minutes after I was sitting at the table holding it, all while the baby was in his high chair, and I had only been in the two rooms. I spent the rest of the day, and a good part of the following days looking under and behind everything in the house. It has been over a week now and I just really want to find it. I don't understand where it could possibly be... wondering when and where it will turn up.

natesrigley <nathansrigleyatgmaildotcom>
Montreal, Canada - Saturday, March 03, 2012 at 20:26:46 (PST)

About two months ago, I saw something sparkling on my bedroom floor. So, I reached down and picked up a fake sparky bauble (never saw it before), I put in on the dresser. So, like three weeks later, I found another one of those same baubles on my bathroom rug. So, I picked it up and put it on my dresser with the other one. I examined the thing closely, but it was something that looked like it dropped out of a piece of jewelry or some object with bling. I looked at all my stuff....bags, shoes, boots, jewelry, clothes. I could not find one thing that was missing these baubles. Anyway, to make a long story short. This past weekend I went to the beach and stayed in a hotel. The beach is like 150 miles from my home. And what do you think I found on the carpet in that hotel room? Uh, of those shiny baubles!! I sat up and took notice this time. I had nothing in that hotel room that had any bling on it. How weird is that? So, I put it in my purse and bring it home with me. I take it out and put it on the dresser with the other baubles. Now, today I go to the dresser to look at all of these baubles (all look same) and guess what? They are gone...totally disappeared. I live alone and no one has been in my house for a few weeks. What gives? I am so freaked out!
Columbia, SC USA - Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 23:02:12 (PST)

I've experienced three different cases of dropped objects disappearing over the past 10 ~ 15 years, plus one possible case from over 50 years ago:

1) I dropped a screw from an outlet cover I was installing and I was never able to find it. I heard it hit the carpet (not shag) and then it was gone. I searched everywhere (including pants cuffs, pockets etc.) and finally used a powerful magnet and vacuum cleaner, but never found it.

2) I dropped a pill on the kitchen table. It fell only a couple inches into the area of the table were several pill bottles were kept. I immediately looked for it, removing all the bottles and everything else on the table. It was simply gone!

3) The third object was a small round cosmetic container about and inch and a half in diameter and an inch tall. It was in the outside pocket of the shoulder bag I carry books in. I was in the restroom at work with bag on the counter near the sink. I went into the pocket for something else and accidentally dragged the container out in the process. I heard it hit the floor, but didn't hear it roll or bounce anywhere else. I immediately reached down to pick it up and it wasn't there! I searched everywhere in the restroom and never found it. Since this was the third time for me, I assumed it was just another case of dropping something and having it go "somewhere else". The fact that this object was of quite a bit more mass than a screw or pill has me concerned though. After reading some of the stories of others, from this point on I'll be very careful not to drop things such as my keys, wallet or cell phone.

4) The forth case happened so long ago and at such an early age that I cannot absolutely attribute it to this phenomenon. I was 3 or 4 years old and lost the rubber tire off of a small toy bus I was playing with. I dropped it trying to put it back on and was never able to find it. It fell on the concrete sidewalk where I was playing and then bounced or rolled into the grass. I literally tore the grass out searching for it and never found it. Even though I don't remember much else from that time (about 55 years ago), I still remember how long I looked and how disappointed I was at never finding the rubber tire.

Mike <zip2mike (at) yahoo_dot_com>
USA - Sunday, February 05, 2012 at 00:33:25 (PST)

I have an artisan made one of a kind pair of ear rings a friend made for me years ago. They were my favourites.They are made of three pieces of diamond shaped flattened silver strung together. They are long. One day in 1991 I opened the box they were in to look at them and one was missing. I looked under the cotton several times and shook them and thought maybe they were stuck together. They are imperfect sizes and dont fit together. I could not think why someone would take just one of the ear rings. I was really annoyed by this and perplexed. I kept looking for them in the box from then on. Later on after a few weeks I just left it alone and would look at the box from time to time. While reading on the bed and glancing at the boxone day,I got up and opened the box. I picked up the ear ring and while it was between my thumb,index, and middle fingers the other ear ring just seemed to emerge from the other one. I dont know. I just know that things always happen around me.
trish <peakspipes96 a gmail com>
boston, ma USA - Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 09:09:54 (PST)

Date: 1/14/2012
Phenomena:Disappearance and reappearance of keys

I know keys are something we all seem to misplace at times but this was not the case on this morning. I went to drop my girlfriend off at school. When we got there she tells me she forgot her phone and she would like me to go get it. (we live st separate addresses) I reluctantly agree. I go to her place and I open the door with her keys. I proceed to look in her room, the bathroom and the living room. With no luck I decided to go to my car to retrieve my phone from my car to call hers. At the bottom of the steps next to the door leading outside I realize I do not have her keys on me. I search my person to find her (one set of) keys with no luck. I decide I put them down somewhere and I will search for them after I get my phone from my car. When I open the driver side door of my car her keys are on the passenger seat of my car sitting next to my phone.

Mirko <mirko.clarke a gmail com>
Tacoma, WA USA - Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 11:44:03 (PST)

My daughter was six and was distraught about having to go to her first wake, which was out of town. On the way, we bought her a kid's meal, and in it was a tiny, stuffed dog. This dog brought comfort to her and she loved it. She named it John, and she loved it so much that his tiny body became limp in the middle. We had all come to love John, and since he was only about 5 inches long, we all helped her keep up with him. When she was nine, John was lost. We went through every box, nook and cranny in her room and all over the house. John was sadly never found. Years went by and it still made us sad. My daughter is now 16. Three days ago, I had to go to another wake of the SAME FAMILY, and my husband was dust mopping the floor. He pulled our new leather couch away from the wall, just as I did a few days before, so he could dust mop under it, and there was John! He was laying there like he had been there all along! He could not have fallen out of our couch, because we didn't even have that couch all of those years ago. He smelled great, just like he had been out all along. We have absolutely no explanation for John's appearance at all. In fact, there is no logical explanation. However, this is not the first time things happen in our home. I was missing a key drive for almost 6 months. I was sitting down, with my laptop in my lap, and I turned to talk to my husband. When I turned back, the missing key drive was sitting right on top of my open computer! Something or someone had just placed it there, right under my nose!
Trudy <liztrudy a yahoo com>
USA - Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 11:03:32 (PST)

My nephew was missing so my husband, son And myself were out looking for him. Whilst out we received a call to say that he had been found but that he had passed away. On getting back to the car I removed my coat and put it on my seat. When we got home I went indoors and removed my shoes and realised I`d left my coat in the car. When I went out to get it it was not there. I looked everywhere and so did my husband. He said I must have dropped it before I got back into the car prior to driving home. Next morning I went out to car and there was my coat on the seat where I had left it
Hampshire, UK - Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 01:08:31 (PST)

I am only about 13 but i have been experiencing D.O.P since i was five i would lose something and then when we moved from that house i wouldn't find it A couple more recent events
1(Just yesterday i took something a game that was important to me to school and it disappeared during gym now someone might say it was stolen but then how would it be stolen if i was in my locker with a lock i didn't find about it missing until i was at home and i started looking for just this morning i found it in my living room under the t.v my school is a mile from where i live and you could also say i might have taken it in there but my games are with me at all time in a case or in my room in a case.
2(This one also happened yesterday. At my school we have to where an i.d i keep mine on a red lanyard. i put it in my locker along with my coat and game so i locked my locker after gym i retrieved my belongings including my lock so as to lock my more treasured items from my younger siblings. I put on my i.d and and left the gym. when i left school and got home i realized i wasn't wearing the next day at school the coach gave me only my i.d and key someone had stolen my lanyard when they used my locker but how did my i.d get back in my locker when i was nowhere near it.
And 3( I lose most of my lesser possessions and don't pay much attention i am forgetful of where i lay my stuff every once in a while but only my more valuable stuff all of my lesser things i do get sad for a bit but not a long time once though i lost something really important ask anyone in my family and they will say my stuff virtually never leaves my side now this important thing so i sat my sat my wallet down and my game and a necklace and some other stuff on a table so as to clear my pockets before washing dishes and my putting those pants in the washer when i came back to get my stuff all of it was gone i tore my room and just about every room apart looking for my stuff it wasn't until December 27 11 months after i lost them that they returned to my room on my bed i was alone when i lost all of these so no one took them or anything so how did they disappear
back when i was five i remember hearing voices saying my name and i asked everyone in my house if they had said all of which said no i and i don't believe in ghosts but i do believe in god and certain myths so if this was a ghost then i have more proof one night when i couldn't get to sleep when i was about 4 or 5 i remember seeing a pure white figure that sort of glowed right outside of my window if you believe in ghost or something i do believe we could constantly be slipping between alternate universes and i'm starting to believe in ghost could you give me some tips on how to get it to stop taking my stuff should i try talking to it to show i know it's there and ask if it could return my all of my stuff if you have any tips on how what do to a ghost or anything else to get it or them to return my stuff email me at seth.zanders a yahoo com and spammers you take my email and spam it i will report you

Kadan Pence <seth.zanders a yahoo com>
Richardson, Tx USA - Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 15:04:42 (PST)

A few years ago I started noticing that the paper bills that I remember putting into my wallet would not be there the next time I opened it. At first I suspected the kids and even the babysitter, but then I decided to conduct the experiment. I put some cash into my wallet, put wallet inside the purse, and the purse a few yards away from me. It was night time, the kids were sleeping, there was nobody in the house but me, my husband and the kids who were sleeping upstairs. My husband and I sat in the living room and watched TV all the while the purse was in close proximity to me. I kept it under constant watch, even though it was clear that there were no one else in the house who could be able to mess with it. About half an hour later, I opened the purse (my husband was watching me) and surely enough, the wallet was empty! This continued until I told about this to a friend whose mom did something (I think she said a special prayer) and the money stopped disappearing.
Julia <levinjulia a hotmail com675348573>
los angeles, ca USA - Thursday, January 05, 2012 at 12:55:25 (PST)

I had a $15 gift card to Target, and I needed a few things, so I decided to go there during lunch. After I picked up a few items, I got in line at the cash register. There was a lady in front of me paying for her stuff, and a few people behind me. I opened my wallet and took out the gift card. While I was holding it firmly in my hand and looking at it to check the card value, it suddenly fell down. I remember the strange feeling at the moment, almost like somebody pulled it from me. I looked down to see where it fell, and it wasn't there. I saw it falling, but the next secong it was not on the floor and nowhere in sight. Not believing my eyes, I got down on my knees (!!!) to see if it fell somewhere under the counter or on the candy stand next to the cash register. It wasn't there. The lady behind me, probably surprised by my crawling on the floor, asked if I lost something. I told her I just had a gift card in my hand that flew away and disappeared. She said that she saw something falling, and she also didn't see where it went!

When it was my turn to pay, the cashier, who have heard all the commotion, offered to help me look for my card. She also searched the floor and the candy stand, but found nothing. Then she called the manager (I didn't ask for it, at that point all I wanted was to pay and get out of there). The manager came and started looking as well. I guess they only believed me because I was dressed professionally and only claimed $15. Anyway, the card was not found and the manager gave me a $15 discount on my purchase.

Now, there literally was nowhere that the card could have fallen. And what's more, it should have not fallen in the first place! Not only I was firmly holding it, but also looking at it. I swear, this felt very strange, as if somebody invisible took it out from me and disappeared with it.

Julia <levinjulia a hotmail com*&^*>
Los Angeles, ca USA - Thursday, January 05, 2012 at 11:17:29 (PST)

this goes in the catagory of dissapearing and reappearing objects.
'just tonight the day after new years i took my tea bottle out took the cap off layed it on the table .when i went to put the cap back on i couldnt find it anywhere.nobody was in the kitchen except me when it disappeared .i called my mom in to help me look for it.we looked all over the table,then under it.i even went to the trash thinking i had maybe thrown it away by accident but no luck it wasnt there.nobody in the kitchen after my mom helped look for the cap with me and i turned around and the cap was back on the bottle again!it just spooked me so much!greybabby a aol com

robyn <greybabby a aol com>
ocala, fla USA - Monday, January 02, 2012 at 17:57:18 (PST)

This is a very interesting site to have discovered, with so many other people experiencing similar things to myself.
One of the strangest happened about ten years ago.
I was renting a small business workshop in town, and one day I removed my watch as it felt uncomfortable on my wrist. This watch was a cheap black plastic watch bought for the very reason that I find heavy metal types very
uncomfortable. Later, when I went to replace it on my wrist, I found that the strap on one side had come off due to one of the lugs having broken off.
I had a look for the broken off lug, but this was very small and my workshop big and untidy, so I gave up on it and for about the next year simply carrying the watch sans strap in my pocket.
It eventually came about that I had to vacate this premises, and so ended up building my own small workshop in my garden.
I started working there, and I would use my strapless broken watch like a small clock, standing it on the window sill. One day I picked up the watch
to take it out with me, and noticed to my utter amazement that it was no longer broken !!! I looked at the plastic lug with a magnifying glass and it appeared to have never been broke ! I still have the watch - - - I think.

Roy <roymead a onetel com>
truro, U.K - Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 18:03:15 (PST)

I have experienced two incidents of disappearing object phenomenon that I will never forget so long as I shall live.
At this time I'll just mention the first one. Note: I was home alone when the following occured..

This weird incident happened to me many years ago when I was younger; young enough that I was still visiting and staying at my father's house every weekend. My ritual always consisted of getting a few changes of clothing ready, cd player, a few playstation games, and whatever other things I felt may be needed for my usual weekends of fun. I would put these in a duffel bag- the same one, the same general organized way, every time.

One thing I was sure to always bring was a memory card for my playstation game system, because I would often bring the same games from my house over there and wanted to resume from the same progress points when playing.

Anyhow, one weekend in particular before heading out, I double checked that an article of clothing was in my bag or whatever and while looking I noticed I didn't see my memory card in there, after I distinctly remembered putting it in the bag earlier. I didn't find it after searching through the bag fairly well. So I figured I may have left it in its usual spot near my playstation, but it wasn't there either. I ended up searching my whole entire room with no luck. I later returned to the bag and proceeded to dump all it's contents and rummaged through them and searched the inside of the now empty bag - Nothing!

Eventually after resorting to searching around the entire house aimlessly, I figured it was somehow possibly lodged in an unusual position in the bag (being quite small as it is), so I went back and proceeded to turn the thing inside out and searched every seam, nook and cranny as thoroughly as humanly possible - NOTHING! After this I gave up, and assumed I'd just be having a gameless weekend and maybe the thing would turn up in the future in some place that I overlooked.

After leaving the room to use the bathroom and returning a short time later to put my stuff back in the bag, to my absolute astonishment, there it was! Smack dab in the middle of the bag, perfectly placed in plain view - the memory card. I think I'd be more happy and content living with the whole situation if it just never turned up altogether, because I can easily live with the possibility of it having been misplaced or lost. But THIS? Nah..this is just some wacky shit right here..and it still haunts me to this very day.

John M. <pubertdunkinchowder a gmail com>
Pottstown, PA USA - Thursday, December 08, 2011 at 19:07:05 (PST)

A few years back, i was going through a divorce, and to deal with the stress i wrote poems. Well one poem in particular about God, i had misplaced for a good month or so. Couldn't find it anywhere. Well, something on my truck was messing up one day, so for the first time since i had bought the truck, i opened the fuse box to check fuses. Well to my surprise, there in the fuse box, lie 3 pages (i used a small note pad) of my poem... The paper looked as though it had been wet and weathered, to this day, i've never figured out how this happened. Also, i kept the 3 pages together and in a particular place ever since lol
USA - Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 22:16:51 (PST)

I have had a few encounters of lost earrings reappearing, but today was amazing I had lost a small stud earring and butterfly holding clip about a month ago in my bedroom thought they had fallen on floor could not find them. Today I went into my bedroom and on my bed the ear ring and clip about an inch between them were on my bedspread. How, the bedclothes have been moved and changed numerous occasions since losing ear ring.
Rosemary Grimaldi <rosemary.grimaldi a sky com(marosy}>
Ventnor, I.W, United Kingdom - Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 08:18:13 (PST)

I take myself to be a very rational person and certainly not superstitious, however this seemingly subtle event literally tore a hole in my reality and left me utterly breathless and stunned.

First off, at the time this happened, I lived in a small room with very few objects and a lot of free space. "no cludder etc" Basically It was a bed, computer chair, 1 dresser, computer with a desk and a waste bin. The night it happened, I had decided to clean off my computer desk. I had just recently bought a G700 Gaming Mouse for over 100$ and I set it on the floor directly behind me so It wouldnt be saturated with the Windex I was going to spray on the desk. I proceeded to clean the desk "did not leave the room or do anything else" and when I finished, I turned around to pick up the mouse and it was gone. I immediately became confused and started looking everywhere for it, eventually becoming so frustrated that I almost began to cry. I had taken all the sheets off my bed, pillows, shaken them out more than once, checked in my waste bin, places I KNEW it wouldnt be. "u know what i mean" I KNEW that I had set it on the floor behind me. Obviously I checked all around the floor, under the bed. EVERYWHERE and many times. This is where I almost went into tears out of sheer bafflement and even anger.

I sat on my computer chair to attempt at calming myself down and at the same time trying to think what could have possibly happened. When I stood up to resume searching the same places for the 4th or 5th time and put my foot down to stand up and just like that, I had stepped directly down onto it and right on the floor where I had set it.

I picked it and stood there stunned and breathless, I even smelled it, almost expecting to smell Ozone or something strange. I then felt as though something unseen was toying with me, maybe it had gone into a different part of time, all kinds of strange explanations swarmed my thoughts. This happened about a year ago and I still think of it at least once a day. I understand this offers no evidence of and doesnt change anything, but at least for the sake of science, I thought I should share what happened. Even if it is on a paranormal website.

James Peter <lmos26 a gmail com>
Melbourne, FL USA - Friday, November 18, 2011 at 04:56:32 (PST)

Three instances...dropped a bic lighter at my feet, went to table to set down bags, walked back to door to get dropped where to be found. Driving on hwy. two (2) tow trucks entered roadway to my left . first one passed me . checked my diewiew and rearview mirror, 2nd tow truck had vanished with no exits from hwy he could have taken. 3rd instance, most recent this AM, Oct 18th, 2011. Bought a pack of cigarettes at convenience store, walked to car and added the pack of cigs to plastic Safeway shopping home emptied bag. smokes gone, ckd car, clothes pockets, EVERY where in car and house and clothes ckd 3 times. smokes vanished...would like to know what the hell is going on. If things disappear do they fall into some time warp or maybe my brain is warped.
je mcclindon <sandrit9 a yahoo com>
USA - Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 12:19:32 (PDT)

Just experienced the Vanishing/Disappearing Objects issue.
Used my laptop bag as a carrier bag for some groceries, and also used another normal plastic carrier bag.
Had both filled, and once I got home I placed both on the floor in the kitchen and proceeded to unpack them.
I unpacked the plastic bag first, then my laptop bag. All the contents that I had put in the laptop bag were in their cupboards, and I turned around to put the plastic bag in a cupboard under the sink where I keep them and an assortment of other bags.

Upon returning to my laptop bag, it had disappeared. I have spent hours and hours methodically searching every inch of my apartment for it. It's not exactly the size of something like a phone, it's a bag for a 15" laptop!
I have literally disassembled the cupboard under the sink to check the space between the back of the cupboard and the kitchen wall, and underneath the cupboard itself.
Nothing. I've searched every single bag in the cupboard, every square inch of the kitchen, including behind all the appliances.
I also searched the apartment bins, every item of clothing my girlfriend and I own, and still nothing. It has literally disappeared off the face of the planet.

After getting back to my apartment with the laptop bag and unpacking it, I didn't leave the place for the rest of the day. My girlfriend has also spent considerable time searching the apartment with me and it still just plain out has vanished without a trace.

LC <lewcifer a gmail com>
Ireland - Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 14:02:32 (PDT)

I was riding my bike back from work one night.I picked up my check the same night how ever i couldn't cash it till the next day. So the next day came and i rode to the bank to cash my check. on my way home some thing caught my eye it was a ring laying on the ground so i picked it up and brought it home.That night my girlfriend and i had to go to her sister's house so she could baby sit. With the ring in my jacket pocket
and in my girlfriend's sister's car i forgot the jacket in the trunk. so when they came home i went and got the jacket. i told my girl that i had a suprise for her and she had to close her eye's in order to get it so she did.I handed her the ring she loved it. So it was time to go home well my girl asked her mom if she could see her engagement ring from her boyfriend so she showed us. Now with this in mind she took her ring's off like she always dose and count's them every night the next day we woke up too her screaming at some thing he ring that she showed us was missing so we r still looking for it she say's that some one had to go into her room and taking it but my girl and i went to bed before her so idk weird thing's r happening here

Joseph Nelson <amandasboy33 a yahoo com>
Oswego, NY USA - Sunday, October 02, 2011 at 12:24:36 (PDT)

My mother now deceased told me about a time when things were tight and rough for her. She needed soap, flour, potatoes to get by. She took her mother my granmother to the grocery store to buy her needs. She asked my mother if she needed anything? My mom being embarrased told her no I'll wait in car while you shop. She was thinking of the things she needed if she had the money. A big box or tide in the red/orange box, flour, all other things needed. My grandmother came out of the store and mom got out to help her load up her stuff when she noticed a cart with things in it, it looked like Tide and other stuff, but it wasn't there a while ago and no one came out of the store? She walked up to it and in it was everything she needed and wished for. I feel like God answered her prayers.
ROSWELL, NM USA - Friday, September 30, 2011 at 18:40:54 (PDT)

This is all very recent, but we've noticed specific objects disappearing and appearing in random places.

The first time it happened, a hairbrush went missing for a whole day, and no one in the house knew where it was. L had actually remembered the last time she had used it, and had placed it where she normally did in the bathroom. It soon vanished, and since no other person besides our 4 family members had been inside the building. We searched the entire house for it, only to have no luck.

Then, strangely, it appeared in the exact location the next morning. This was the first time it happened, and nobody had actually found it and put it back.

More recently, the same hairbrush went missing a second time, only to be found the morning of September 25th in the medicine cabinet. No one else has been in the bathroom for the entire weekend, and the hairbrush had been in its proper location before the start of the weekend. Even weirder, another hairbrush was found with the initial hairbrush, and no one knows how it got there.

Julia & Laura M
ON Canada - Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 06:23:40 (PDT)

Disappearing objects.

I does sound like bull I admit. Saying that, I have seen a mug of coffee fade away and disappear as I was looking at it. I wasn't on drugs or drink and I was in the house alone with the doors locked - so where did it go?

I was looking for it for months but never found it and it was really doing my head in - still does, if I think about it too much.

Apparently it is a common phenomenon...
http://google com/search?q=disappearing+objects+phenomenon

I guess someone must have 'beamed it up' so wherever it went, I do hope they enjoyed my coffee. :)

Appearing object.

Like the disappearing mug of coffee this happened several years ago. My toilet wouldn't flush so I called out a repairman who replaced the cistern inside and he put a new badge on the outside.

O.K. fine - but while having a shave a year later, I heard something drop on the bathroom floor as though it had fell from the ceiling. There it was, on the bathroom floor; the old badge appeared a year later!

I guess the repairman must have dropped it on the floor but it disappeared (like my mug of coffee did) but a year later 'someone' decided they didn't want it anymore, so sent it back!

John Downing <truthseeker.john (at) googlemail (dot) com>
Yorks UK - Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 18:40:58 (PDT)

all these stories, and I thought I was the only one. I moved into my first appartment with a guy from work he was a few years older and just divorced. every time he called his ex (once a week) it degenerated to a screaming match. the phone was in a central hallway he slammed the handset down (back in the day of ma bell, you could do blunt force trauma murder with those phones and just wipe'm off and they kept working) he turned and with an oath (expletive) he tossed his sun glasses into the kitchen as he walked by.

I stopped him and we talked and he calmed down, he then went to retrieve his glasses in the kitchen, I was right behind him, he looked around perplexed and the glasses were not there. the room was bare, we were kids and had nothing to put in there, not even a cheap formica dinnette set. you actually have to turn left into the room and go about 5 feet to get to the appliances and cabinets. there was a window, but no way for even a mosquito to get through. we looked under, on top of, and inside the fridge, stove, cabinets to no avail. I even went outside and looked around under the window.

in the end we shrugged and he went and bought another pair of sunglasses. we never talked of it again, weird huh?

Tom <valkyrierider40 a yahoo com45>
USA - Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 20:22:57 (PDT)

First I would like to clarify two things; I am a believer in the supernatural but not an extremist; I am an adult who has seen a few strange things and my family has a history of one might tune with the world on a different level.

Secondly this is the case of 3 DOP that happened to me in my life time, I am currently 29 yr old male (as of Sept 12, 2011) so I will recount the odd vanish/reappearances of things in my life.

(June, 2003)- This is a minor case of a few small objects going missing - When I was working two jobs (one retail, one food service) I had a few personal objects I carried with me from one to the next and to night classes at community college there after. One of these objects was a wrist watch, it was a Christmas present from the year before and I prized it amongst all my possessions. It was a Relic Watch, had a digital display in the background with a dragon occasionally appearing and the hands were silver and ornate looking. A good friend and I had both decided to skip night classes and go to a bar down in Cincinnati, Ohio. When we arrived I purposely placed my watch and his silver family heritage ring (worth a lot of money as it was a 5th generation 1700's heirloom he wore since his dad had gotten cancer) in the center console of his red Sunfire and we locked the console with his keys. After a few hours of hanging out we left the bar and when we got to my house we unlocked the console to find...the watch was missing; nothing else was gone however! His ring was still where we left in the console but my watch had utterly vanished. We searched for a break in sign, we searched the glove box in case we mis-recalled the location, and we searched all over his car three days in a row, never found it. No one had broken in and if the had the silver ring would be a big find seeing as it is very old, tarnished, and has the date 1732 stamped on the inside band. Never did find it..

..Later that same summer we both went to a public pool and we had worn some unique t-shirts we had picked up earlier that day at a K-Mart. Mine was a white t-shirt with a weird secondary cloth on top which gave the illusion of a giant illustrated spider being in 3-D; his was a of a similar style but had a lizard on it with the same effect. We had neatly folded the T-shirts up and left them in my Oldsmobile; we went swimming and when we got back to my utter confusion both shirts were gone. The car was still locked, the windows were up, and the shirts had been under a gray beach towel that had not been disturbed or moved at all. Never could figure what happened to them.

(February, 2007)

Later on I had moved for a job to Columbus, Ohio - while living with my then boyfriend we had several freaky things occur. One of the most puzzling was the vanishing of his glasses and their mysterious reappearances all over the house and outside on three recalled occasions.

They would be put down on the night stand, we would sleep, next morning they might not always be where he left them. He was a heavy sleeper and NEVER got up until 8am for work; nothing could wake him short of a REALLY loud noise, the house or bed shaking, or sun light. So we knew he didn't move them; some times we would find them on the stairs, sometimes the room mate's bathroom, others kitchen, middle bathroom, or the front yard once and back twice.

After I had moved out after we had broken up for 4 months he called me and accused me of breaking into the house (which I couldn't have done as he had changed the locks after I left) and moving his laptop. At the time no one else lived there as he had chased off all other room mates including myself and I suggested that 'the ghost did it because your a horrible person' he didn't like that at all but I found out he later located the laptop, in the basement where we rarely went let alone with computers.

(March, 2008) - After some life altering events like getting laid off I was forced to move in with my mother and step father when I had no money and no job remaining. On on peculiar occasion several little things just went missing; most never came back. The one I most recall is a Yankee Candle I had purchased for my mom and we had placed on a warmer in the living room just went missing. She brought it to my attention one day asking if I had moved it, I reminded her I had been gone all day job hunting and my step dad was also out working. There were no animals in the house and no signs of unlawful entry; besides who would break in to steal a candle and then nothing else of higher caliber? We did find it, she told me, last Christmas it just appeared in a box of things they moved with when they were forced to leave the house and end up in an apartment.

(April, 2011)- Most recent vanishing for me was a LAN cable I had purchased to work from home with. I had a 40 foot cable that I had kept in a drawer in a china cabinet that no one else in the house uses often. It was honestly the only object inside and no one else who lives with me would have need of the cable; it was black and truly very long and really difficult to miss. No one who lives with me knew what happened to it and we looked over and over again in the four spots I would normally have put it if not the drawer. Just recently, it reappeared in the same place! The same place we looked over what must have been 15 times or more...I happened to be looking for a C sized battery, checked that drawer and there it was, still wrapped up, and just sitting there. Freaky as it is...I am glad I am not alone in weird vanishings.

Danny Hopkins <*chimera a clovermail dotnet*>
Dover, PA USA - Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 21:43:50 (PDT)

My family and I went out of town for a few hours one Sunday. Shortly after we returned my wife asked about an eyeglass case that was on our computer desk. I said to her that it was probably our son's. Our son said they weren't his. They were not there the morning we left and everyone left so no family member was left at home. We seen no signs of anything else out of place or weird. And there were no signs of forced entry. And our dog didn't act strange at all when we returned. No one in the house owned a glass case like this.
elvis957 <jaxkari a yahoo com>
peoria, il USA - Sunday, September 04, 2011 at 18:20:01 (PDT)

I have lived in the same house for 25 years. Objects have either disappeared after falling on the floor right next to the bed, and are never to be found. Or I place something in the same exact place, it will then be missing, and show up in THE SAME place about a week later. This house is not that big. I am not crazy. Reminds me of the children's book " The Borrowers".

Today I cannot find the earrings I placed on my perfume stand last night. No where to be found....
Sandra Mechulan <s@#$%^&gotman@#$@bellsouth dotnet>
USA - Thursday, September 01, 2011 at 22:05:39 (PDT)

I had a number of experiences in a house i used to live in but one that stands out for me was what some say can be explained by something called "the old hag" where you wake up from a sleep feeling like evil is around you paralized in fear like somethings on your chest.but i dont think that is the case my experience was diffrent because a number of other parnormal type happings had occured in the same house and the experience was a shared one i awoke my heart was raceing like i was having a panic attack or someting i thought what is this a heart problem but a since of something hovering over me in bed but unseen i couldent move i was terrified my spouse was in bed beside me i said his name he said somethings there before i even said a word we both laid there and we heard a sound which i could only describe as that of feathers as strange as that sounds which we both clearly heard then it was gone we turned on the lights and looked around no windows were open and nothing could explain it there
julie <jdkdkdkdkk>
canada - Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 22:14:11 (PDT)

I have had the experience of things going missing and reappearing where they were put sometimes after hours of looking keys and other things many times even when putting after putting the object in a certain place so it would not be misplaced this used to cause huge arrguments between me and my spouse and it almost seemed like whatever was doing it fed on those negitive feelings i almost starting thinking my spouse was doing it just so we could have a fight but then ruled that out i starting addressing whatever was doing it and just not looking for the missing object or getting stressed out and knew it would appear again soon most likely where it was left the crazy thing is this seemed to work and it has since almost totally stopped.
julie hedrick <jewlieh a msn com sjdksjdkijksjdkajsk>
chilliwack, b.c canada - Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 21:58:13 (PDT)

This should go under Vanishing Items (hope I'm posting in the right place).

This morning when I arrived at work, I opened up my purse to get out a pen. I was annoyed at how heavy my purse was, so I decided to clean it out and proceeded to begin pulling items out - old receipts, store discount cards, barrettes, etc. - and putting everything on the desk so I could go through the items. I reached in to pull out a pair of fingernail clippers, which fell onto the carpet by my feet. When I leaned down to pick them up, they were gone. I have since combed every millimeter of the floor of my small cubicle and have not found them.

This has happened to me in the past - where I drop something and it vanishes or when I put something in a particular place, search high and low for it, then end up finding it in an obvious spot where I had already searched.

I remember this happening specifically around 1985 or 1986. My sister had lost her high school class ring. She actually asked about it when she went to see a Tarot card reader and was told that it would be found on the carpet in plain view. A few months later, I was driving my car and saw something "shiny" from the corner of my eye. I looked down and my sister's class ring was laying on the carpeting on the floor of the front passenger seat. I know for a fact that my car had been cleaned, and vacuumed, several times since my sister had lost her ring. Crazy stuff!

Providence, RI USA - Thursday, August 04, 2011 at 09:49:39 (PDT)

This has happened multiple times so it's not coincedence.

Just today I had recieved two new books left them right next to me one of them dissapeared I asked my brother if he moved which he didn't he was across the room. Ten minutes of searching I found the book behind one of the couch cushions. My Phone, which I placed in a certain spot in the bathroom just up and vanished, a week ago said phone still hasn't been found. A few days before My phone went missing I had my girlfriend over and we were going to do each others make up. I went to go find a set of eye shadow I had used only two hours prior, oddly enough no one can put anything in that spot in the bathroom without it dissapearing. I'm frequented by a spirit so every time this happens I know it's him.
USA - Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:25:26 (PDT)

My Great Uncle passed away today at 3-15pm. At 3pm we planned to go and visit him and went to the draw that we put our car keys in. All keys to the cars had vanished. At 3-15pm we got the call to say he had passed away. We went back to the same draw and the keys had re-appeared!

Steve (UK)

USA - Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 14:00:27 (PDT)

This is freaking weird! I recently posted an experience about my electric problems in my arms but just now I was using my mouse when I bent over my chair to pick something up (my laptop). When i got back up with my laptop, I was bewildered to find that my mouse was missing, gone, no where to be. i thought maybe i dropped and looked around for a while. I then remembered that it couldn't have fallen because it was connected to the computer. I looked behind the computer desk, No luck. Then i came back to the front of the desktop sit back down and THERE IT WAS! Right on the freaking mousepad!.... Whats really strange is that it was wet, and there was a HUGE storm over my area.
Jordan Delagrange <mattdelagrange . a . yahoo com>
Hicksville, USA - Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 15:16:15 (PDT)

Disappearing/Re-Appearing Keys, Disappearing Pen

In 1991 I was working at home as a writer and needed more diskettes to copy my documents for my client. I always shopped at a Best Buy store off FM1960 in NW Houston. I knew the store well and parked my car in front of the store door. I walked in and went directly to the aisle with the diskettes, picked up a box and walked directly to the cashier's counter. I had been in the store about 20 seconds. After I paid for the diskettes I realized I had lost my car keys. Store clerks and I searched for the keys in the aisles and under things, and never found them, even though I had driven there with those keys so I knew I'd had them. The keys were not identifiable in any way; they were four keys on a plain metal key ring attached to a little leather snap so the key ring can snap into a SAS handbag. The key ring held two keys for my car, one for my house and one funny shaped copper key for my garage. I keep a spare set pinned inside my purse and used those to drive home. Over a year later the keys re-appeared in my mailbox.

In about 1985 while at work in downtown Houston, my manager and I were alone in a small elevator talking about work stuff. He had a clipboard and he retrieved a pen from his breast pocket to write down what we were talking about. He dropped the pen. We both saw it fall, briefly hit the floor, and we both saw a quick flash of white light and the pen vanished. We looked at each other in shock saying "Did you see that?" We both had. The pen was GONE even though we searched the small elevator floor. He even checked the cuffs of his pants. I was wearing a suit and high heels, so the pen wasn't on me either. We didn't talk about it again.

Houston, TX USA - Sunday, December 31, 2006 at 18:57:02 (PST)

Vanishing object.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I picked up the habit of plucking my eyebrows. Just the middle part. My girlfriend at the time gave me a spare pair of tweezers she had. Ever since then, I would streamline my eyebrows every 4 or 5 days. This has always been my M.O. for said activity, TO THE LETTER.
1) Open drawer.
2) Take tweezers out.
3) Go to bathroom.
4) Pluck away.
5) Put tweezers back on drawer.

I can't emphasize enough how systematic I've been about this. I have no other use for a pair of tweezers. I've never used them for anything else. Ever. Also, since I don't have a spare, I am careful enough to always place them at the same exact spot at the same exact drawer.

So, I just came out of the shower, about to go out to dinner with someone, and I went to get my tweezers. Vanished. "Must have misplaced them..?" I said to myself, even though, like I said before, this is really, really unlikely. 0.01%. I took everything out of the drawer and searched to the last nook and cranny, then I searched the bathroom, behind the toilet, in the medicine cabinet, everywhere on the floor, in the kitchen. Everywhere. They're gone.

I'm still waiting for them to materialize in front of my eyes or something, but they're not here.

Also of note: there's absolutely no way anyone else has taken them. No one's been here since I last used them.

I'm considering sleepwalking as a possible answer.

Nick <doesitreallymatter at hotmaildot com>
South America - Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 16:20:53 (PDT)

Years ago while I was remodeling my house a number of objects disappeared, which I generally put down to absent-mindedness on my part. But two missing-object events stand out as weird:

I was soldering some copper pipe in a new bathroom, using a small water-soaked rag to quickly cool down each joint after I soldered it. At one point I reached for the rag and it was gone. Nobody else was around and I had soldered several joints since entering the room. I figured I had set it down somewhere near me. After a futile search I became determined to find the thing, so I pushed my tools and stuff up against one wall and methodically picked up each thing and moved it across the room, one by one. I move every single object in the room (which was very empty -- no cabinets yet, just a bare room with a toilet and my tools & supplies). The rag was absolutely no longer in that room, and it never reappeared.

During this same project I got used to losing tape measures around the house. I had gone through 5 or 6 of them when at one point I spent about 20 minutes in a fruitless search that included a bathroom with a large white countertop. Returning from the hardware store with a new tape, I went into the same bathroom and there was the missing tape sitting right in the middle of the white countertop, with nothing else near it, absolutely impossible to miss.

There have also been two generally mysterious events at our house:

Power tool being turned on in a locked garage:
We used to have a detached garage with no electrical power. I was using it as a workshop and had run an extension cord out there for power, which was plugged into the back porch light on our house. So to use power tools in the garage I had to turn on the porch light. One evening we got home at dusk after a day of errands, and I switched on the porch light. I heard a loud electric motor noise coming from the garage, so I quickly turned off the light and then went out to investigate with a flashlight. When I checked my various tools I found that a joiner had been switched on. This is a very loud power tool that I never step away from while it is running, even to pick up another piece of wood. I would absolutely not walk out of the garage, go to the house and turn off the power with that tool running. The power switch on the joiner itself lifts up with a distinct click that requires solid finger pressure. The switch is mounted between two metal protrusions that protect it from being bumped by accident. The garage had been locked with a padlock for at least 24 hours. Who or what got in there and switched on that tool?

Ghostly voice:
One evening I was lying on the floor playing with my infant daughter. We were alone in the house. I was lying on my side, she was sitting facing me. I noticed that she was looking past me and up, toward the stairway that went upstairs. She was staring at something and smiling, and her smile and expression kept changing as if she was watching something entertaining. She seemed very captivated and on the verge of laughter. I was about to roll over to see what she was looking at when I heard a distinct voice say, "Hi!" It sounded like the voice of a pleasant old lady, in exactly the tone you would use to say hi to a cute little baby. I quickly rolled over but there was nothing there. It gives me chills just typing this.

Doug <doug, at the domain: geekazondot com>
Seattle, WA USA - Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 14:17:18 (PDT)

in 2004 on my birthday i bought a brand new glass tobbacco pipe. I took it to a friends house to christen and i set it on the table and reached in my pocket to grab my stash and i broke out a bowl and as i was breaking up the pot i knocked the pipe onto the carpet and it bounced off my foot i was buisy so i waited untill i was done breaking up the herb and when i finished i went to retrieve the glass pipe and it was not on the floor, there was nothing on the floor it was completely clean no pipe nothing i never found that pipe and i was the only person in the room i looked for it for hours... with no such luck...
Cam Miles <killacam4207 at yahoodot com>
abilene, tx USA - Sunday, May 01, 2011 at 20:38:09 (PDT)

A few years ago i had pulled up to my house and saw what looked like my watch laying face down on the cement curb next the the street,, i walked over to it and to my amazement it was not only my watch but it was not damaged in anyway.. and the date was off!! by over a year..
I know for a fact that the date was correct i set it when i opened it up 4 months ago for Christmas.. I placed it back in the tin it came in on December 27th and i put the tin in my safe that i kept personal possessions, like pictures of my dead pets, and my art books money gold coins and a box with odd small weird objects... i put my watch in my safe because thats where i kept my other two watches. i placed them all in the safe because i hate wearing watches...

I know i put it in the safe on that day because i came home that day my old cellphone and that watch were placed in the safe that only i have access too ...

a little over a month later i find it in the street in front of my house on the curb crystal down on cement in perfect condition..... the safe was undisturbed for that whole time i had no reason to open it,,,, when i opened the safe to check the tin my watch was not in there so it was in fact my watch.. how it made it 200 feet and through metal and drywall with out as much as a smudgeprint on it ill never know...

Cam Miles <killacam4207 at yahoodot com>
abilene, tx USA - Sunday, May 01, 2011 at 20:32:37 (PDT)

While in my room I was cleaning off my computer desk. I had set the mouse on the floor and finished the job. When I turned around the mouse was GONE. I have hardly any stuff here in my room AND despite knowing where I had set it I still searched the room in even the most bizarre places. I checked inside of all my pillows took off all 3 bed sheets I mean EVERYWHERE. I was almost to the point of complete shock and confusion when suddenly I took a step and had stepped on it exactly where it should have been and in plain sight. I stared at it in awe and almost wanted speak aloud as if to some unseen entity. I am an atheist and a very rational person. This is by far the strangest thing thats ever happened to me and will keep me wondering for a long time. This just happened about 10 minutes ago. I dont know what to think
James Peter <lmos26 at gmaildot com>
Melbourne, FL USA - Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 03:03:14 (PDT)

While laying in bed 2 weeks ago, my comb flew across bathroom, Ok, a little freaked out. Saturday morning the TV remote went missing, we took bed apart & room. Saturday nite when getting bed, the spare remote & missing remote were laying next to each other. He is a believer now :)
Stacey Bacigalupo <staceybaci at aoldot com>
Newfield, NJ USA - Monday, April 11, 2011 at 07:50:17 (PDT)

Hello, I have been experiencing the DOP phenomenon (Disappearance Object Phenomenon) for really a very, very long time and I have learned a lot from it. I also disclosed some information about it, as I believe it may help people who met with this phenomenon only for the first time and are in need. I published an article about it (see the link). One of thousands of such of my experiences is, for example, the disappearance of several packs of tea from my shelf. This made me believe that DOP is the Agartha issue. If you do not know, Agartha is the civilization in our Inner Earth. The Hale Crater on Mars is a proof of their existence: http://www.marsanomalyresearchdot com/evidence-reports/2005/084/hale-civ-evidence.htm (I at least believe so, you do not have to agree with me).

When the packs of tea disappeared, only one pack of tea was left on my shelf - Lapacho from the Mato Grosso area (all other packs of tea were of the Oriental sort). Have you ever heard of Colonel Fawcett? His story is described here: http://www.rickrichardsdot com/ac/ac_1.htm Colonel Fawcett disappeared in Mato Grosso (Brazil). For me this (Lapacho) is a clear evidence that the Mato Grosso area is really mysterious. A very interesting, too, is the account of George White as he visited this underground Empire of Agartha: http://ufo.whipnet org/xdocs/underground.empire/index6.html

I hope this will make DOP a little bit clearer. Thank you and greetings from Europe. Posid is the name of the Atlantean city believed to exist under Brazil.

Juraj <sevenseven(the second seven write as number)ATinboxdot com>
Slovakia - Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 15:17:36 (PDT)

For a bout 6 months my fiance and I could not find the TV remote anywhere. We searched the whole house numerous times and in and behind the recliners and couch. A number of times previously we had misplaced it only to find it had slid into recliner. The time came for us to move house, surely in packing and shifting every last thing we own we would find it? Still nothing. We moved in without the TV remote and after having to completely pull the couch apart, move it and not finding it in there anywhere, we forgot all about it. About a month later my fiance and her sister we play fighting on the couch when the remote dropped on the floor as if it had been sitting on the arm of the couch the whole time!
Mark <collo_82 at hotmaildot com>
Naracoorte, SA Australia - Sunday, March 06, 2011 at 22:12:37 (PST)

My son who is 25 had something happen to him about a month ago that has driven him crazy since trying to figure out what exactly did happen.

He was carrying a bike to his friends place so that he could replace a part on it. He decided to call his friend and let him know he would arrive soon. He set the bike down and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, dialed the number and held the phone to his ear. The number rang through once, then twice and then seemed to cut off in the middle of the third ring through. He thought the party had answered and he said "Hello?" but there was silence. He said "Hello?" again and "You there?" He then removed the phone from his ear to look at it and see if the call had been dropped. When he looked at the phone, it was not there. He stared at his hand, dumbfounded. Somehow in the moment that he decided to look at the phone, remove it from his ear and bring it in front of his eyes, the thing had dissappeared. He looked at the ground, he looked in his jacket, he looked at the bike, the entire area surrounding him...but it was gone. Just gone. One moment the phone was ringing through to his friends home and the next the phone did not exist. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He went back inside where he had come from and explained what had happend and asked four friends to come outside with him and help him find it. It was light out so it wasn't hiding in darkness...they all came out and helped him, questioning him the entire time. Did he remember dialing the phone? Was he sure it was in his hand to begin with? was he on drugs? was it in his clothing? Was it somehow caught in the frame of the bike? He MUST have dropped it. He swears the phone was in his hand and he was gripping it as usual. The only thing strange was that the third ring through ended half way through as if the phone had been picked up or the call had been dropped. Everyone gave up but my son has never gotten over it. He has gone back to the area several times. There was no one around him when it happened. When they were all looking for the phone they used their own phones to dial my sons number so that it would ring. The battery was fully charged when he left with it but for some reason when they dialed his number, the calls went straight through to voice mail as if the phone had been turned off. He bought a new phone the next day but the case of his disappearing cell phone has been on his mind since it happened. I believe him one hundred percent how he says that it happened. His father thinks he dropped it and just couldn't find it. His friends, whom I've talked with about it swear up and down that the area was impossible to have lost anything in. No hidden holes or clumps of bush or crevices to drop into, nothing. It disappeared.

My son did it move from his hand? Why didn't he feel it dissappear? His hand was still "holding" the phone when he brought it around to look at it!!! Most of all he wonders though, WHERE IN THE &%$#(* DID IT GO?!

Kim Strain <kimstrain5 at clearwiredot net>
anchorage, ak USA - Wednesday, January 05, 2011 at 18:20:32 (PST)

So today is the new year, January 1, 2011. Me and my boyfriend and our almost 6 month old son went to my moms house for a new years party and left a little before one in the morning, let me note that I do not drink and neither does my boyfriend, we're 19 and don't like it anyway. When we got home it was around 1 am. We walked in and placed everything down, the bags I had, and he put the baby in his carseat down on the floor, pulled out his cell phone and texted his brother, I knew he had his phone and he knew it because I asked who he was texting (his bro). He then threw his phone onto our little "bed" made of blankets on the floor of our living room we've been using since christmas eve. He went to the bathroom and I took the baby out of his car seat and went to his room to put him to bed. My boyfriend then came out of the bathroom, walked by the living room and saw his phone still on the blankets where he tossed it and came into the babys room to kiss him goodnight. We walked out and went to the living room where he sat down and noticed his phone was mysteriously missing. We looked everywhere until I finally had to say we needed to go to sleep. We would look for it in the morning. When we woke up we searched everywhere, we tore apart the bed, we lifted up the couch, we looked in and under the heater, we looked through everything possible in the living room, then we looked in the kitchen, the babies room, our bed room, and the bathroom, I even looked out of the bathroom window because he closed it when he went in there when we got home, i even made him go outside and look around the ground to see if maybe it had flown off of the roof (quite impossible but at this point we were desperate to find it) Finally at about 1 in the afternoon i told him that we just need to take a break from looking and that it will show up, and that we cannot afford to buy a new phone. Its now about 330 and we have yet to find it. I'm really hoping it turns up soon! I don't know what else to do.
Samantha Desmond <bettylove2393 at yahoodot com>
Amesbury, MA USA - Saturday, January 01, 2011 at 12:37:38 (PST)

I was in my room one night cleaning it up, getting ready for bed. My step-brother, whom I share a room with, was with me and he was also getting ready for bed. I have a dresser next my bed with a T.V. on it, and two pictures in frames on that; one of a band I am in, and the other of me and my dog. I must have bumped the picture of me and my dog because it fell, but did NOT hit the floor. Instead, my step-brother and I searched for 15 minutes trying to find it. We looked in our closet, under our beds, in the dresser, under the dresser, and we could NOT find it. This was two weeks ago.
Tonight I went to practice my violin. I opened my case and my shoulder rest had vanished. I always put it back when I am done using it, and remember doing so the last time I practiced. I also noticed that my two page solo I had been practicing was missing. I spent an hour searching in vain for these two objects and could not find them. I have been home alone with my parents for the last week; all of my siblings are out of town.
The picture remains missing.

WI USA - Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 18:55:51 (PST)

December 1,2010

I'm the type of person who people might believe to have OCD disorder, not on everything, but most things. On this particular day, last week, it was going to be stormy so I knew I needed to get my errands done before hand, to be home for the storm. I finished just before dark, as the storm was starting to pick up. Backed the van into the driveway as usual, & made sure the lights, wipers, heat and radio were off, before turning the van off. With keys now in hand, I undid my seat belt and reached over the passengers side to get my bags. Before getting out of the van, I glanced over at the passengers window and noticed the storm might blow over my holiday decorations, & thought I should secure them. I proceeded to get out of the van, and locked it manually from the drivers side door. Walked in front of the van, and up the walkway with keys and bags still in hand and secured the decorations. Satisfied, I headed up the deck stairs only to notice there was an unexpected package waiting on the top of the railing. I picked it up with everything else I was holding, and went in for the night.

The next day, after putting my child on the bus, I went to go out and couldn't find my keys. This is so not like me, and I could have sworn that I put them on the table along with everything else. I dumped out my bag several times and retraced my steps, but nothing. I decided to check the van, which was locked, and my husband has his set of keys with him, I couldn't search inside, but had to be certain they must be in a place I can't see inside the van? I searched all around the yard as well, and when he finally got home, I ran outside sure they must be in the van, but the weren't. I was very sad for the next two days because all my keys to everything were on that ring. Finally, on Saturday, I got new keys made and given up the search, thinking they must have blown away? Life goes on and if they turn up, they do?

Well, Sunday morning I receive a call from my husband telling me that he found my keys. Only he found them at his work, which is an hour away from where I had them, and hanging on the visor of a company truck, which he didn't even know he'd be taking that day. I dropped the phone and was going to be sick. I've never been to his employment ever and he swears he isn't playing any tricks on me. I'm so freaked out!

derry, nh USA - Tuesday, December 07, 2010 at 09:41:30 (PST)

I have experienced things missing and appearing for years... generally chaclked it up to me just not seeing what was in front of my face. Until...

... I have a saying... me and my keys are like a fool and his money... very easily parted. I generally went through car keys like kids through ice cream. I typically got about six cut at a time and then when I was on the last one, had them recut. Again... just me. Then, about 10 years or so ago, I lost my main set... car keys, house keys, everything. I searched everywhere... ripped apart my room, my house, checked my drawers... everything. Finally, I gave up and used my spare car keys... and didn't lock my house. I used that spare set for months. Then, one night, my kids were at the lake for the weekend, and I arrived home in the wee hours of the mourning from work. I took my contacts out, placed them in the case, and went to sleep.

Morning came, I went to put my contacts in, and, lying on top of my contact case... literally... I would have had to pick them up and place them on top of my contact case, were my missing main set of keys.

I've never been able to explain that... but I did tell a coworker about it today... and she described a similar event that happened to her... except in her story she and her husband were actively looking for her keys and she was leaving the living room... then suddenly turned around to grab something, saw a flash of light and saw her keys materialize in the air and fall to the ground in the middle of the living room.

Edmonton, AB Canada - Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 16:25:11 (PDT)

I noticed my portable house phone wasn't in it's charger, and I proceeded to look for it to put it back on there because it loses a charge quickly. After 20 minutes of looking for it, I stopped and stood in the middle of my kitchen completely bewildered. I turned around and the phone was back on the charger. I literally gasped. It's July, 80 degrees, and I didn't have the AC on, but I suddenly became very chilled and started shivering. I was so cold, I had to leave the house and go outside.

I was home alone because my husband was several hundred miles away attending the funeral of a close friend of his who passed away several days before. I couldn't go to the funeral because of other obligations. My husband was one of the pallbearers and was preparing to move the coffin from the funeral home to the hearse right around the time my phone vanished from it's charger and suddenly reappeared.

Catherine Ramsey
- Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 17:53:43 (PDT)

Dissapearing fly swatter

One night I sat on my sofa, on the left side of it, but being a two cushion seating area anyone who sat on the right side would make the cusion sink. That is what I felt and observed, and I even placed my hand on the indent on the cusion and felt it. I just thought how wierd and blew the whole thing off as just strange, however I did mention it to my fiance after.

The next day we were talking about going for a drive, as we talked my fiance playfully picked up a fly swatter and lightly swatted me which playfully turnned into a game. As I tried to take it from her hand, she said oh no! and tossed it over the back of our sofa, the same sofa. We then decided to leave to drive to my sons house, but before leaving I went to pick up the fly swatter, which wouldve or shouldve been on the kitchen floor. Its been three days since that happened, and the very very bright orange two foot long swatter has not been spotted. As a matter of fact, we never even remember it making a sound of landing on the lanolium floor, which we shouldve heard.

We have looked for it, even removing the range and moving the fridge. Its like it vanished into another world, and I wonder what the person who finds it will think when they find it.

Just Odd

William Andrews <oregonman97448 at yahoodot com>
USA - Monday, June 28, 2010 at 15:12:51 (PDT)

My husband and his grandson traveled through Elizabethton, TN, 2 days ago, and upon passing the spot where a train engine and caboose sit under a shed as a monument, they noticed that the train/caboose and the shed were NOT THERE, but upon the return trip 7 hours later, the train/caboose/shed were in fact there once again. There are no train tracks for the train to be moved on and if the train had been moved by some means it would be a major undertaking which would take several hours to do and there would have to be some evidence of the move. Both my husband and grandson are still completely mystified as to how they both experienced this together and we are all at a loss to explain this weird event.
Carol Ayers <mtngrlnc at gmaildot com>
USA - Monday, May 31, 2010 at 08:42:12 (PDT)

On my way to work, I vaguely remember putting my reading glasses in my purse. When I got to work I looked in my purse and my glasses were not there. I was not surprised that my glasses were not in my purse because I was in a hurry when I left out to go to work. I thought "maybe I left them on the table at my home."

I need my glasses to read so I decided to search my purse again just in case I overlooked my glasses. This time I did a thorough search. I took everything that was inside of my purse out and I also looked inside of all of the pockets that are attached.

I am telling you the truth,my glasses were not in my purse. I even have a co-worker who can bear witnessed that I emptied my pocketbook and my glasses were not inside.

Again, I figured that I just left the glasses home and I said to myself, when I get home the first thing that I am going to do is look for my glasses.

When I opened my door to enter my home, I went inside of my purse to put my keys inside and the first thing that i touched was my eye glasses.

Where did my glasses come from.....

Tonie <tonietate1 at aoldot com>
USA - Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 21:39:39 (PDT)

I'm a first year student at The University of Portsmouth in the UK. I share a house with 4 other people. We each have a day in which we wash and dry up all the dishes. It was late one monday night and all my house mates had eaten dinner and gone out. I was left with all the washing up as it was my turn to wash the dishes. I was half way through when i really needed to use the toilet so i washed up one last tray, dried my hands and left the kitchen to use the toilet. When i returned the tray i had just finished washing up was gone. I noticed it had gone straight away because it was kind of a big tray and i put it on the side next too the kettle. i searched all over the kitchen and it was no where to be found. I continued to to wash up the remaining plates and then dried everything and put them away. The next day i asked my house mates if any of them came back without me noticing and possibly moved it but none of them did. I checked if it was possible to fall behind something or some where unvisible but it was not possible. The scary thing is myself or my other house mates have not seen the tray since. We could not confuse it with another as we only had one and it was really distinct. I haven't ruled out any normal explinations like my mind playing tricks on me but it's strange how 5 peoples mind plays the same trick. Disapearing Object Phenomenom seems the best explination.
Emma Relf <emmarelf at livedot com>
Portsmouth, United Kingdom - Friday, April 16, 2010 at 06:35:13 (PDT)

So, this is a disappearing object type thing. One night, my boyfriend and I were planning to go see a movie. He was running a little late, so when he got to my house to pick me up, I already had my jacket on, and met him at the door. Since I hate being late, I didn't even stop to give him a kiss, just went straight to his car. On the way to the movie, he went to get his cellphone out of his pocket to show me something a friend had texted him, and realized it wasn't there. We both just assumed he had left it at home, and went back to what we had been talking about. We went and saw the movie, had a great time. On the way back, I reached into my back pocket to get my cell phone (all I had brought with me), and instead found his. We hadnt even touched before the phone went missing, and neither of us could figure out how it had gotten there. I never felt anyone or anything touch me, and it's not like I left something somewhere and forgot it. The phone somehow ended up in my pocket without me having ever touched it, and without anyone else touching me.
Charlene <could_we_have_known at yahoodot com>
USA - Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 18:50:27 (PDT)


I am ex military of 9 years ( Navy )I have been married for 11 years and been with my wife for 16 years. I have read stories of strange events, but those events don't come close to the events my wife, children, and I have had. They have become so intense, that they are now a normal part of our existence.

This is one story you may find difficult to believe. But this story, ( event ) DID out of 12 events in 16 years.

We were living in Las Vegas in 2009 just off of Las Vegas Blvd and Lamb road. My children were attending a local school not far from our home we were renting at the time. My son was sick and we needed to go to his school to get his homework so he would not fall behind in his classes. I opted to stay in the truck while my wife and my son went inside the school to retrieve his homework. The time was around 9:15 A.M. and this event would only take place in the matter of minutes, To retrieve his homework that is.

Everything was quiet and it was warm outside. My window was rolled down as I listened to some country music and had a cigerette. I was watching very carefully for my wife and son to come out the school door and head to the truck. After about 20 minutes, I saw them exit the school office and cross the street ahead of me about 50 yards. I lost sight of them as they passed in front of a vehicle that was parked about 6 cars in front of my truck.
I waited for about 3 minutes when I noticed I didn't see them on the sidewalk or anywhere. They knew where I was parked and saw the truck parked there, because they waved to me as they exited the school three minutes before.

after about 5 minutes I began to worry, so I decided to pull out of the parking space I was in and drive forward to see if I could find them. Suddenly there they were standing on the sidewalk. I assumed they were waiting for me, and it was my fault they did not head for the truck, I felt pretty bad.
They opened the doors to the truck and got in. I pulled away talking to my wife Kay as my son zack sat in the back seat quiet.

NOW..what I about to explain next is almost unbelievable to those who have not gone through what i am to tell you.

I asked my wife what had took her so long to walk to the truck, which she never did, but SHE DID. let me explain this.

She explained to me that she walked to where the truck was parked and Zack and her saw me driving down a side street and had left them behind. I came back with " Wait a minute, I didn't go anywhere! I saw you cross the street with Zack and then didn't show up. so, I decided to drive forward to see if I could find you and there you were."
She came back with this statement and so did my son. check this out.

" Uh, ...honey! were NOT there, Zack even stood in the parking space and waved his arms around making sure you were gone. we both saw you drive off down the road."

To this day I have researched this phenomina, I think I spelled that wrong..sorry.

Anyway, we were so used to having STRANGE events happen to us that It was and is a part of my life to find out what the HELL is going on.

This is only 1 event. we have had missing time, we have seen thing you wouldn't believe, and we have had extra dimensional crap happen to us. NOW, we don't drink, we don't do drugs, BUT, we are very aware of what is around us all the time, we pay close attention to details and events and conversations.

The only thing I can come up with is this:

Somehow, someway, my wife and son SHIFTED to an alternate reality and stayed there long enough to see another me drive off. then, they walked back up the road and re entered our reality Now, If anyone has had anything like this happen to them or close to it, PLEASE e mail me so I know I not alone in this. Do yourself a favor, pay close attention to everything around you. watch the time, events, conversations and other things as well. You may find out that this world that we believe is stable, is not so stable and explainable.

John Holmgren <johnsholmgren at hotmaildot com>
Fallon, NV USA - Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 23:47:32 (PST)

It just happened to me and Im seriously confused. i was walking back home from having lunch with a friend. on my way back I was texting with another friend of mine. I placed my phone in my pocket waiting for his reply and 10 meters later wanted to retreat my phone and make a call. the phone was gone. i began checking in every pocket and in my bag but there was no nowhere in sight. i asked for a borrowed phone and dialed mine. it ran several times and then someone answered. i could hear the road both through the phone and because i was there. i hurried to a friend's house and went back to the place to look for my phone w her. we tried calling several times and the only thing we could hear was a tv and people talking. i lost my phone but its not the first time things just disappear from me. it also happened w my wallet. i could've swear it was in my purse but when i doubled checked it was gone. w no sings that it could've been stollen
Marce Romero
USA - Friday, December 18, 2009 at 14:31:17 (PST)

the other day i was searching for my lighter to ignite my cigarette but it wasnt anywhere i looked i took my bedding off my bed and shook it out i even took my pillowcase off and tossed it and my pillow onto the adjacent couch nothing i just couldnt find it it was on my bed it wasnt in the bedding just nowhere so then took all my bedding shook it out again (still nothing) and tossed it on my bed for reapplying to the bed i then went to the kitchen to find matches (i found some) but when i returned the lighter was on my bed.

today i was looking for my camera but it just didnt show up so i pulled my xboxs box (witch fit very snugly underneath) out from under the couch nothing i left and came back and it was sitting on the box there was no way it could have gotten there im i going nuts or are the borrowers real or is this multiverse messing with my plain of reality all i know is its happened alot to me not just these instances i just cant remember all the details of the other experiences

rodney </\/\/\-hackfu420 at yaho123odot com/\/\/>
USA - Monday, November 30, 2009 at 23:06:11 (PST)

The wedding ring:
Today I had a strange thing happen where my wedding band disappeared and reappeared on my hand. I dumbfounded me and my reasoning fails to explain this phenomena.
I had my wedding ring on this morning when I woke; I never take it off unless I wash my hand or shower. After my morning shower I did put it back on. At 11:45am this morning I had a chiropractic appointment, when I was there I used a hand sanitizer that was on the receptionist's desk, I took the ring off setting it on the counter and rubbed the sanitizer in hands. I then put the ring back on. After the chiropractor, my wife had a 1pm salon appointment to get her hair done. Setting in the salon waiting until she was done i read a magazine, as I was reading the magazine I glanced at my hand as I turned the pages and not only noticed the ring was gone, I could now feel the absence of the ring from my finger. After her hear appointment we then went shopping at the mall, I did not have the ring on the entire time, and kept wondering what had happened to it. it wears snug and won't just slip off. After the mall and all that running about getting food and rental DVD's we returned home. Here's the crazing and comical part, I was in the rest room setting on the toilet and just as mysteriously as the ring had vanished it reappeared. I felt the presents of the ring on my finger and looked at my hand and there it was as if it was there all along. I cannot explain it was there then it wasn't. Then it returned like magic.

Cecil Anthony Ince <cecil at cecilincedot com>
Irving, TX USA - Saturday, September 05, 2009 at 22:17:29 (PDT)

Theorys of others about dimensions and things disappearing makes me wonder if maybe there may be something to it.
I'm 55 and all my life i heard stories of all kinds of strange things that occur but never experienced anything impossible. I was open minded to these stories though.
In 2008 my wife and me went to Walmart in Miami Ok.
It was 12:30 am. We like them hours to avoid the crowd.
My wife shopped for shampoo etc. while I shopped for food.
Tooked a cart and picked up around 200 dollars worth of hamburger, milk,orange juice etc.
Being 12:30 am there was hardly nobody in the store.
Walking east at the southend of the bread isle I stopped and let go of my cart and walked away from my cart no more then 4 ft. and grabbed two loaves of bread and turned toward my cart and there was No Cart. From the time I turned away from the cart and turned back,no more than 4 seconds occured.
With a smile on my face I knew my wife or somebody was playing a trick on me. At a fast pace I ran immediatly toward the next three isles then back north at the other three isles. Nobody was around. I continued walking with my two loaves of bread thinking I will find the joker soon.
I walked and walked and walked, finally found myself walking the entire store looking for my cart and my wife. I walked the entire store 3 or 4 times.
While I was walking I looked at the workers that were there at their expressions to see if anybody knew what was going on. But no one looked at me funny.
While I was walking fear was setting in. theorys were on my mind, trying to find a logical explanation etc.
I was thinking, Is this what death is,I died of a heart attack and went to another realm.
I can't find my wife, If I go out where my car is will my wife and car be gone?
Crazy things pop into your head when something unexplained occures.
I went to my car and I never thought I would be so glad to see my wife like I did that night.
My wife said "what took you so long?"
I sat in the car telling her my experience.
She wanted me to go see the manager but I felt a fear in going back in there. So she went in and walked around and asked questions etc. I watched from the front door.
At the first checker I could see that they may have called the manager so I came in told and showed the location of the ordeal to the manager.also the items in cart.
He said he would look around for me after I gave him my phone number.
Wouldn't it be something that a year later the manager gives me a call saying "I found your cart but the reason I'm calling you is the dates of the milk and orange juice is over a year old"
When I meet my maker the first thing I will ask is

mark doser <chubbyfeller53 at yahoodot com>
seneca, mo USA - Monday, August 17, 2009 at 02:15:17 (PDT)

I have problems with missing, reappearing and changing items all of the time. You would think that I would get used to it but I don't. I have always kept close track of my possessions, so when I lose something, I don't deal with it well. Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind unless I have a witness. My family refers to it as having a hole in the house. There are many times that an object will disappear and never return and other times that they reappear exactly where I lost them. Once I dropped a hair brush on the floor and it vanished before it ever hit the floor, right before my eyes. Everyone in my family witnessed the disappearance. We searched everywhere to no avail. A week later it was back in the same spot.

Recently, though, an event took place that is much larger than most of my experiences. A few years ago my eldest son bought a home. Upon our first visit, we commented that it was interesting that he had a mantle in his living room but no fireplace, just a blank space marked with tile. The house had a place for a chimney but didn't have one.

This past winter when I went to visit my son, I was shocked to see that he had a regular fireplace with evidence that he had been burning wood. I went around to the side of the house outside and saw where the chimney was. I commented to my family a question, "I thought he didn't have a fireplace." The answer I got was, "He has always had a fireplace." I called up my other son whom has shared many of these experiences with me and asked him, "Does your brother have a fireplace?" He answered "No., remember? we laughed at how he had a mantle but no fireplace?" I told him that he does now and has always had one. To put it mildly, we are both stunned by the thought. What really concerns me is that the frequency of these events is escalating and I somehow feel that I'm responsible. I'm teetering on the edge of sanity because of this. Things change so frequently these days that I don't give it much thought unless it is expensive to replace, then I hate it.

One other post about Trees and doors suddenly appearing...that happens to me all the time now...even buildings with appear and disappear or events and memories. I'll remember clearly having never done something and people will comment on the contrary... there an explanation for this that makes sense? Are we mearly slipping between alternate dimensions? Is there a way to control it?

Kevin Henson <$ at %$%$kevinhenson at austin.rrdot com>
Austin, Tx USA - Monday, June 01, 2009 at 09:19:13 (PDT)

no submission to report, I'm just wondering if there are any theories on why no one seems to find any reappearing objects that aren't theirs? I have dropped small items, searched thoroughly, and had them turn up months later exactly where they should have been, eluding vacuum cleaners, bare feet, and cats. it seems like if there were some (bizarre) reason for this, that we'd also find things we DIDN'T drop. the neighbor's lost earring, for example. I was wondering if anyone has posed any theories on why we only find our own things?

BTW, I love your captcha! so much easier to read than the usual.

Diana <miz sydney junk nospam a yahoo>
CA USA - Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 22:13:49 (PDT)

When I was a young child about 5 or 6 I was downstairs in my basement alone playing with my change. At one point I was holding a penny in my hand and trying to be cool I said some crazy words to make it disappear. To my surprise I opened up my hand and it was gone. I searched everywhere in my basement for that penny and could not find anything. There was no way I could have dropped it I remember clenching my hand. I even tried making it reappear saying stupid words again. No one believed me when I told them, and to this day I am still baffled.
Paul Mendes <Pauldmendes at yahoodot com>
Me USA - Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 11:55:42 (PDT)

In the late 70s I lived in a very small house. I was alone in the house soaking my aching back in a hot tub of water. I had been there about 30 minutes when i heard a noise of something that had hit the floor and was rolling down the hallway toward the bathroom.. Its just a short distance from the bedroom to the bath down this hallway.. but i had time to sit up and lean on the left side of the bathtub curiously wondering what this noise was.. I saw a coin come rolling from the hallway and make the turn into the bathroom and up near the bathtub. I reached out and picked up this coin and it was a silver 1940 mercury head dime. I thought well i left my pants draped over the bed and the coin fell out of my pants.. When i got up to look matters over i had put my pants flatly on the bed and i had no coins ( especially no silver coins ) in the house at all. Some people said that a passing truck vibrated it off of my dresser or something similar but this was a country house away from traffic and no such thing had served to disturb a coin off of a table. I still get goose bumps when i think about it!
Bob Hammer <mojaveratt at aoldot com >
grand jct, co USA - Saturday, May 02, 2009 at 19:24:34 (PDT)

When I was a small boy of somewhere from four to six years of age I was in the habit of taking toys to bed with me. At some point in time they started to disappear one by one, night after night. After a few weeks I became concerned. I could not find any of the toys no matter how much I searched. Finally, I awoke one night and saw a pure black hand emanating from my mattress grabbing one of the few toys left -- my favorite toy -- a green plastic toy gun. I quickly grabbed the other side of the toy gun with one of my hands and a tug of war ensued. The black hand was stronger and my toy was going towards the bed. I put my other hand on the toy gun and finally mustered greater strength than the black hand. At this point I was sitting up and had been trying to scream to get my parents to come help, but my voice was frozen. Finally after starting to win the 'tug of war' my voice unfroze and I released a scream. At this, the black hand quickly let go and disappeared into the bed.
Justman <coven at numandot comfy>
USA - Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 18:21:30 (PST)

i was at my computer a few days ago and i need reading glasses to read the screen. as i was reading, a neighbor knocked on my front door. i got up and answered after taking my glasses off and setting them down. the distance from the computer to the door-maybe 15 feet. when i went to put my glasses back on they had disappeared! i searched for several hrs. my girlfriend also searched. guess what? glasses were never found and i had to buy a new pair! a few days later i had a paycheck in my wallet and went to cash it. gone also!!! searched my entire house,my car,girlfriends car. no check, i have to ask for a replacement check! i havent been a believer in the supernatural. now i am. theres no explanation for these items to literally vanish and never be found!!!
michael <michaelweaston at yahoodot com>
lakeland, fl. USA - Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 18:22:36 (PST)

Ok so I'm the type of person that loves watching ghost hunters, reading about paranormal things and such...however I rarely believe in it myself..

I just always try to find logical explanations for EVERYHING lol
I came across this site by accident but found it quite interesting

However, I've encountered my share of quite UNEXPLAINABLE things.

1)not too long ago, id say a month or so ago i was wearing a clear hair clip in my hair.i have sensitive scalp so i would remove it from time to time and would either pocket it [in my hoodie]or leave it in my room or on the dining room table. I was sitting in my living room watching tv sitting on the couch with my whole body on a cushion and a half [hope that makes sense] anyway i got tired of the way my hair was on the back of my neck so i decided to clip my hair up again..i searched for it in my pocket because i was playing with it in my hands throughout the time i watched tv BUT it wasnt there i looked around ont he couch thinking i probably set it down or dropped it on the floor or crushed in inbetween the cushions but nothing.
I didn't think much of it then, so i got up and looked for it in my room. again NOTHING i stated to get annoyed after looking in the dining room and even the bathrooom sheles because sometimes i tend to misplace things even when i think im not distracted. I finally gave up and decided to get a hair tie. When I went back to the couch and continue my tv show the clip was RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CUSHION I WAS PREVIOUSLY SITTING ON. Ok i know ppl are gonna be like "well you did say it was a clear clip, maybe you just didnt see it" which i totally understand i thought about that too only that i flippedover all the chushions and felt around the couch several times!
And I couldn't have sat on it cause I surely would've FELT it or simply crushed it. Its plastic and those things snap esily.IDK wat that was...btw i was the only one awake at the time it was close to midnight maybe

2)Just yesterday i was in my room getting a mirror for my I have a n entertainment center type shelf thing that i use for books and shoes lol i also keep a valentines day bear on a separate shelf that I got from my boyfriend last Valentines'. I took it off my bed or anywhere the kids can grab it for the sake of keeping it clean and so they wont press the hand [where it says"press"] to keep the song from going off cause i can't lie its annoying! lol but watever...So i go and grab this mirrorfrom a lower shelf and as im turning to leave my room the bear goes of...the song comes on clear as day i ran out and asked my mom if she heard it too...she was like "yeah, what about it" and i told her I didn't touch the thing! She was like wtf? lets see it. I went near it with my mom and tapped it with an empty curling iron box and nothing...i did it again and it went off. So i assumed that it had some bad wiring or something, but tht still doesnt explain why it went off the 1st time. But heres the even weirder part. I grab the bear and start hugging it, squeezing it, and even tossing it around to see it it would do it again due to the bad wiring,but NOTHING! no matter how hard i tried I HAD to press the hand for it to happen.[we were the only ones in the house btw]

3) i have a really weird one that involves a different mirror but its quite difficult to explain, however it also occured in my room [can you say hot spot? a lot of weird stuff goes on in there i cant explan it] the point is a mirror was "pushed" and knocked off a bunch of stuff i had sitting on top of my tv [its quite big so i keep hairspray bottles body mist, and just random hair products and make up]Its quite neat actually despite the way it sounds...there is no way it could've happened withought an actual push cause i was sitting on my bed. My mom was the only other person in the house at the time and she was in the kitchen...nothing else on the tv moved so no sudden movents on the floor caused this.

4) This happened during the time i was reading the many stories on this site. No nothing disappeared as i ate it lol but I did start to hear a tapping sound that sounded quite unfamiliar....i know "wohoa big deal" no but was shortly after reading the story about someone tapping on a girls window as she slept...creepy. So the thing was I just blew it off at first thinking OMG im DELUSIONAL. But it got louder and more consistant i got scared so i said out loud "please stop.." and it did. I continues reading and a few min later it happened again as if testing me, not as loud this time but consistent...i asked it to stop againa nd it did but now its f&^k!ng with my cell phone and im scared as S#!%...Someone help lol
im serious im freaked out. EMAIL ME!! PLZ SOMEONE

Eve <eve_torrano at sbcglobaldot net2323>
East Chicago , IN USA - Monday, November 24, 2008 at 01:01:25 (PST)

One night, I went out to a restaurant to eat with a friend and so we drove over there in my car. However, after we had finished dining, we went out to the car only to discover it was gone. Naturally, we thought it simply got stolen. There were lots of people around, but no one noticed anything. So I said good night to my friend and went home after reporting my car stolen. The next morning, when I went to my garage to drive my SUV to work, the missing car was in it's place - NO SUV! This was very odd, I was so confused I forgot to report this to police. Then, when I drove past the place where the car was supposed to be parked the night before, the missing SUV was parked there instead!


Stan Jones
Hollywood, CA USA - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 21:17:03 (PST)

My wife borrowed my keys because she couldn't find
them for just under two weeks, while she had searched
her purse looking for them several times they suddenly
appeared laying outside of and on top of her purse
just under two weeks of being missing.

That wasn't so weird I am sure it happens to people all the
time. What is weird was we normally sleep with two head
pillows and a leg pillow each for a total of 6 pillows.
When we removed the pillow cases and sheets and washed
them and dried them and went back to make the bed there
were two pillow cases left over because there were only four
pillows. We asked the spirits to bring the other two pillows
back but are still waiting. Also have had things fall of of
shelves that we couldn't account for and door knobs rattle in this house.

also a pearing knife vanished and have searched high and low.

I have heard of socks go missing but pillows and two of them !!!
There isn't a place for them to hide!

Michael burk <michaelburk54321 at yahoodot com>
Arab, Al USA - Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 07:03:48 (PDT)

Ive lived in my house for a little over a year now and there have been strange sounds that i have heard but didnt think much of it. My roommate has experienced objects move, but she is the only one. Lately there have been strange things that come up missing. We bought four pack of stick butter that came up missing after a couple of days, and today we had two cat litter scoopers disappear. we've looked everywhere and cant find them nor do i know why someone would want to take them.
amanda bohnke
fort wayne, in USA - Monday, October 13, 2008 at 17:21:03 (PDT)

I just bought a lottery ticket at a gas station in Holland, Michigan and I put the ticket in my shirt pocket.

I then decided to put it in the glove compartment of my car, a Ford Taurus. About a minute later, or less, I checked on it to be sure of where it was and to lay it flat in the compartment and it was not there. Two days later I checked the winning numbers and recognized that a couple matched. I then checked the lottery website. I was glad that no one matched all six because I did not want to lose six million dollars from this. But there is no explanation for where the ticket went.
Darrell Laning <macisl at yahoodot com>
Grand Haven, MI USA - Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 07:09:56 (PDT)

First one of the 3 diamonds in my ring was missing. Then about a month later the whole ring went missing from my ensuite. I searched the room & the adjoining bedroom, without finding it. I hoped, when I moved house, I would find it, but I didn't. 10 months later at my new address, it was late morning when I walked into the kitchen and there it was, in the middle of my kitchen floor, and with all its 3 diamonds as well!
Over the years I've had several personal objects disappear and later reappear, but the ring episode is the most amasing. It only happns to me, not my partner. I'd googled the subject before I lost my ring and tried the advice to ask for things out loud to be returned. It doesn't work for me. I read one person's story which said it took 10 years for a watch to reappear on their bedside table.
I'm in my 50ies and this only started about 8 years ago. During this time I've had my computer turn on while I was dusting it, the doorbell rang playing the tune it wasn't set at and no-one was there. It rang at 3a.m. once, no- one there. My 2 fridges have been turned up flat out, partially freezing the food, a loud bang in the kitchen heard from the bedroom. The weirdest thing was an unearthly noise from under our bed one night, when we were standing in the bedroom. It sounded like a sick wailing cat. The noise moved into the wall behind the bed, then the wall under the window.

Heather Murrin
Australia - Sunday, July 06, 2008 at 07:19:53 (PDT)

Back in 1998 my 92 year old father died, he had a chest of drawers
that had had the pull handle missing on the top right hand drawer, (all my life that I remember, (some 50 years)).

I looked through the contents of the drawer to see if the parts were there as my daughter wanted to take possion of it ,to remember her grandfather.

While cleaning the contents of the drawers I found two of the parts (post that were held by screws), but
didn't find the pull handle itself. When my daughter came to pick it up the handle was on and secure, neither of my sisters
claimed to have put it on and we were all baffled. After bringing it home and putting it in my daughters room the handle rattled by itself in the middle of the night for one week and has been quiet for the past 10 years.

I would like to think that he wanted to let us know he is
OK, dead but OK.

David Spiller <ae4j at yahoodot com>
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl USA - Sunday, July 06, 2008 at 07:11:57 (PDT)

This happened back in the 70's when I was attending college in Allentown PA.
One evening I went over to the dorm that had a soda machine (it was a small college and only one of the men's dorms had a machine)to get a drink. As I enterd the room that the machine was in I reached in my pocket to get the change I needed and found that I was short a quarter. I was disapointed that I didn't have enough change and said to myself "man and I really wanted a soda too" I did not say this out loud. As I was standing there I caught some movement from the corner of my eye and I looked up in time to see something falling straight down to the floor.
I looked up quickly enough to see that it had fallen straight down without any apparent trajectory and that when I first looked up it was fairly near the ceiling. It was at least even with my head when I first focused on it and I am six feet tall. The room had an eight foot ceiling. I walked over and picked it up and it was a quarter! I looked down the hall that branched from the room and there was nobody there and all the doors were closed. I had heard no sounds other than the coin hitting the floor and there were no holes in the ceiling either. I used the quarter to get a soda but I never could figure out where it came from unless it was a gift from heaven or someone upstairs had dropped it and it went right down through the floor to my level or something. Anybody else ever have something like this happen?

Denis <n8542j at yahoo dot com>
Denver, co USA - Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 11:58:09 (PDT)

I'll keep this bathroom, lollipop in mouth fell out, three of us looked for it for half hour..never found?
margaret king <margaretkingone at hotmaildot com>
cincinnati, oh USA - Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 08:37:11 (PDT)

For the past 20 years or so, I have had objects dissapear and NEVER return. They are always objects that I have not taken outside of my home (wherever I happen to live at the time) and they are frequently objects I saw/had/used only minutes or hours before their dissapearance. They cannot be attributed to another person being or living with me at the time. The earliest I remember is a light blue Champion sweatshirt given to me as a gift. I set it at the foot of the bed still in the box it was given to me in, while getting ready for work. I returned from work that day and the box remained, but the sweatshirt was gone. I looked for DAYS for this sweatshirt, and often wondered if the landlord had taken it because I could find no other explanation - despite the fact that we (my husband and myself) had recently changed the locks and had yet to give him the key. My husband and I worked together, over an hour away from home, and we drove to and from work together and I knew he hadn't done anything with it. It was never found. A year or so later, a different home, and I set a gold celtic cross necklace my husband given me on the ledge in the kitchen to color & rinse my hair in the sink. I distinctly remember putting it there. No one else was home that day. After finishing my hair, I went back for it, it was gone. I looked on both sides of the ledge, I looked everywhere for weeks, never found again. I was given by my father a pearl ring that had belonged to my mother before she passed when I was a child. I always cherished this ring and kept it in my jewelry box. One day when going to get it, it was gone. Ok, so someone (maybe a new landlord at this place) stole it, just didn't steal anything else I had with it or more valuable. Never recovered. I had a silver watch I had bought and adored, black face, roman numerals - not particularly expensive but I was picky about the watches I bought and hadn't found another like it before or since. I placed it on my end table when getting ready for work, making a mental note to grab it on my way out the door as I was running late. No one was home with me on this day. Five minutes later, I went back for the watch on my way out - it wasn't there. Thinking maybe it feel underneath or beside the table, I moved furniture and searched as much as I could then and when I got home. Never found the watch, never recovered. I had a black crochet tank top and jacket I bought and kept in the closet (different home) and was waiting for the opportunity to wear them. I passed it by every day when looking through my clothes and getting ready for work. It was there one morning, the next, not there. The jacket was, not the tank top. I don't think it was my boyfriend at the time. I never found it again. These are just a *few* examples I can recall off the top of my head. I made a list one day, of all the objects I still miss but never found - none very valuable, but all small personal objects of mostly clothing or jewelry. These are small and seemingly meaningless incidents to most I am sure, but this pattern repeats so many more times and they are too numerous to count. Like most, I don't have a perfect memory, no, but these are occasions when I specifically remember placing something somewhere only to have whatever it is disappear and not temporarily - but permanently. And not while out with it, but always within my home, always an object which never left the house. Strangely enough, they are almost always objects I treasure, for either sentimental or other reasons, regardless of any lack of monetary value. It happens more often now, and I guess I would be able to chalk it up to being absent-minded if the objects reappeared, but they *never* do.. I am amazed to find this exists for others and to find this board - very strange. I really wish I knew the answer.. I have theories, yes, but for fear of embarrassing myself I don't share them. And there is only one or two people I have ever shared this with personally in my lifetime.

Out of Answers <no>
SC USA - Saturday, March 08, 2008 at 11:21:20 (PST)

This is kinda a missing object thing, in a sense they were teleported...

a couple of weeks ago, when i was working the cash at where i work, a customer came in and asked for some chapstick. i asked her what kind, original or cherry. she asked for cherry. when i went to get it, ALL the cherry ones were hanging BEHIND the original ones on the hook...

so i took the lazy way out and broke the punched hole that it uses to hang on the hook (instead of taking off the originals and getting a cherry then putting back on the originals). so i sold it to her, she left and then when i went back to rent a customer a movie, 3 of the cherry ones were put on the hook IN FRONT of the originals.

i never moved the originals off the hook, nor did i move any of the cherries in front of them. neither did anyone else because there's not enough room behind the counter for someone to go unnoticed and because the other person i was working with was out pumping gas.

Brian M
Ottawa, Ontario Canada - Monday, January 07, 2008 at 17:30:33 (PST)

Disappear.....waiting for it to appear

My boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment about 4 months ago. Last week, I was getting ready to do laundry. I gathered up my clothes, grabbed my detergent, and started a load. When it was time to put the clothes in the dryer, I went upstairs to grab my fabric softener. I had just bought a brand new box of arm & hammer lavender softener. I distinctly remember laying it on the counter, still in it's plastic grocery bag. I was not there. I tore the place apart searching for it. It's nowhere.
My boyfriend came home and grabs his jacket. He looks in the pocket for a bottle of pills that he had and it also was not there. He said he remembers zipping it up in the pocket. Nothing.
We got to talking about the fabric softener and starting coming up with a list of other things. Come to think of it, SEVERAL things have been missing since we moved in.

As of now, nothing has reappeared. Does anyone have any tips on how to get it back?

Jess <JessDanger at aol.999com>
Raleigh, NC USA - Monday, December 17, 2007 at 06:28:59 (PST)

When I was about 15 year old (25 years ago), I had these same things happen on several occasions. They always happened in my bedroom. At times, I actually knew when it was going to happen. Examples:

1--Sitting on the edge of the bed. I dropped a pen on the floor. Rather than bending to pick up the pen, I finished up what I was doing. When I bent to pick up the pen, it wasn't there. It was on the top shelf of the table beside my bed (not really a table. the thing was on four wheels. it had a metal shelf at about 3" from the ground, another at 2' and another at 4'. it was handy for a teenager with lots of junk so I kept it beside my bed.)

2--I had a bed with a post at each corner; two on either side of the headboard, and two at the foot of the bed. the ones at the foot of the bed stuck up about 4", and were square 2"x2". I kept my wristwatch on one of these posts at the foot. One night, I was making my bed. I held onto two corners of the blanket, and flipped the blanket up to straighten it out. The blanket covered up the posts at the foot of the bed. The blanket wasn't lying exactly right, so I pulled it back for another try. When I did, I saw the empty post. The watch wasn't there anymore. I had seen it just seconds before. It was on the table thing beside my bed. The funny thing is, I was going to move the watch as soon as I was done.

Just like with the pen, I was going to get to it...but it got there by itself without me. wierd.

3--Another time, same room, I dropped some change (a quarter?) beside the bed. Again, I did something else first planning to pick it up in just a second. Too late, it was up on the middle shelf of my 'table' thing.

Lots of wierd things like that. I was always alone, so no witnesses. But these things happened 25 years ago, and I can remember them like yesterday.

This is the first site that I have seen (by accident nonetheless) dealing with these things.


Chris Deni <srilankachris at yahoodot com>
OH USA - Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 13:41:02 (PDT)

When our son was very young (3-7) we experienced something similar to the dissapearing/reapearing object phenomonem. I was employed by a defense contractor at the time, and so was very aware of everything going on around me.

We would buy our son some new small toy, with which he would play with. Later (hours or days), we would notice him playing with a toy we had never seen. The toy would be similar to something you would expect a child his age to have, but upon close examination would sometimes have writing (like the factory code numbers) in a script/language I have yet to ever see elsewhere, and the toy we had purchased was no where to be found. Please note that we lived in the country and our son had no contact with other children while unsupervised. When pressed as to where the toy had come from, and where his toy was, he would simply state that he had traded with his 'freind' who
he could not see or touch, etc.

Since I worked in an extremely sensitive environment, with very nervous people, we never mentioned this to anyone until now. However, after a few days, the mystery toy would always dissapear, and his toy would reappear, sometimes to his great dismay-he seemed to like the toys from wherever better then the ones we purchased, on several occaisions.

As he approached his early teen years, the phenomona stopped. Or at least we believe it's stopped....very weird stuff, but not unexpected in a chaotic multiverse. I think we need to see more with our perceptions, not with our three dimensional minds.

By the way, our son is a very healthy, normal and intelligent young man-no side effects noted from his encounters with the toy-trader from wherever.
Mike <mctuck_99atyahoodot com>
USA - Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 23:10:57 (PDT)

it was just a normal day, but i was bored, so i decided to go and watch a DVD in my bedroom. i went into the downstairs computer room to get the DVD, so i picked up 'The Fast And The Fourious' and read the case too see who was in it, so i took the DVD up to my room went to open the case and it wasn't The Fast And The Fourious case it was a AC/DC-Back In Black case
I still don't know how this happened becaus the DVD's are stored on the othe side of the room, on a different cabinet.

Andrew Berry
united kingdon - Friday, August 24, 2007 at 07:32:34 (PDT)

A vanishing object... with conventional explanation. As a warning!

I was carrying three small parts to another room, and in an agitated emotional state. I put them down on a table, and when I went to retrieve them... only two were there. Impossible! I had three! I looked all over the room and under stuff, but one was definitely gone. I retraced steps in case I had dropped one unknowingly (but I knew I didn't drop it. And I didn't find it.) It was definitely gone. I had to make another part.

Some time later I sat down at my desk, and suddenly had a strange memory. I remember picking up the three objects, and DROPPING ONE which hit my shoe and rolled under the desk as I watched. I reached for it, and there the memory ends. WHAT? What happened?!! Ah, now I remember. A guy from upstairs walked in just at that moment, and asked about the parts. I looked up and started talking to him. And then I left the room, taking what I thought was three parts along in my fist. And yes, sitting right under the desk was the third small part.

So yes, much of the time there really is a conventional explanation for these things. To be certain that something weird is going on, we have to "plug all the holes" of various everyday possibilities. Maybe your keys really are on the table, and anyone else could see them, but you cannot. Maybe your pen rolled off the table and fell silently to the linoleum floor, even though it should have made a loud noise. It's only the *totally* inexplicable events which we should take seriously. Situations when huge objects fall off the table and then utterly vanish. Or times when objects wink out of existence as you're staring right at them.
Bill Beaty
USA - Friday, August 17, 2007 at 17:35:20 (PDT)

It was 1976. Saipan island: isolated, white sand beach; mid-day; blue sky; myself, two lawyers, two Irish setters - all alone; one lawyer swan nearby; the other lawyer and I stood on the beach and threw a found stick (perhaps 2 feet long), dark color, for the dogs to fetch. We threw it many times to a distance of, perhaps, 50 or 60 feet. The dogs would fetch it back, wait and, thrown, race after it again.
When arriving at the stick, they pounced with front feet - sending it spinning or tumbling in the air. Then, this one time, when they simultaneously ponced on the stick, it spun, as often before, into the air - one spin, two spins, three spins and, then, simply, vanished. I witnessed the entire sequence and have visualized it, without alteration, to this day.

The dogs spun, turned, searched and then came back toward us. The lawyer (his dogs) yelled to them, "Get the stick! Fetch! (or similar words)." They did not turn. I said, "They can't. The stick disappeared in thin air."
The lawyer, confounded, continued to tell the dogs to get the stick. Why I caught the event was my good fortune, but he did not see what I saw. The dogs attention shifted to other matters of dog interest.

White sand beach. Full sun. We walked to the site and made a diligent search. Nothing. The other attorney, noting the ruckus, came from the ocean and, told of the events, also made a search - no stick. The dogs' lawyer (stick thrower), understandably, could not reconcile the events - cognitive dissoance - and opted, understandably, to purge himself. The other lawyer, baffled by events, uderstandably, took the matter under advisement.

From this experience, I have formulated a standard that must be met (by me) to accept such things as having happened outside of my mind (I am my own most severe critic). In this ideal circumstance, there were two attorneys (only the facts) and two dogs (only the facts).
A laboratory beyond doubt.

Of course, many trips to Saipan after the fact, I would go to this beach and, feeling foolish, try to replicate the disappeance of the stick by myself, alone. Nothing, of course.

I have read (researched) the many submissions. Though I do not doubt the sincerity/belief, unfortunately most have "holes" in them - to the extent that one wishes to have a 2nd party accept them as "true". I am the first to state that there is no reason a sane/objective person shouls accept my story with les than a fist of salt. Hereine lies my dilemna.

I am interested in pursuing "unusual phenomena" (inexplicable) but there is no purchase in reality from where to start...or so it seems. If there are those out there with an insight, I wish to hear from them.

Eliot Wehead <ams at logopacificdot com>
Hawi, HI USA - Monday, August 13, 2007 at 22:20:56 (PDT)

Vanishing/Reappearing Objects
Okay, this one tears it. I've been browsing through your web page, reading a few people's accounts of missing/reappearing objects, and darned if it didn't happen to me, right here at the office. A co-worker is off for a week, and yesterday afternoon we discussed two files of pending work that I will need to handle in his absence next week. Just now, a gentleman showed up in the office, asking to review one of the files as it relates to a real estate transaction he's involved in. No problem with that, except I couldn't locate the file. I looked high and low, looked in every drawer in my co-worker's office, turned my office upside down, looked in everybody else's work space in the department. Finally, I said out loud, "Okay, this was really cute, but I need to find that file. Can you please help me out?" It wasn't three minutes later that my absent co-worker popped into the office to pick up some travel directions he had left behind. I grabbed him and asked him where the two files were, and he said "right here." He walked to a drawer I had checked just ten minutes earlier, and there were the two files--the only things in the drawer. I did say "thank you," both to him and to whoever put the files back in the drawer for him to find!

This kind of thing happens to me at home all the time, and sometimes I think it's happening at the office, but the coincidence this time makes it pretty hard to ignore--just reading the online articles on the subject, and then having it happen to me.

At home, it's mostly a matter of things disappearing from my kitchen spice cabinet, only to reappear exactly where I just looked (the oregano seems quite elusive). And our playful spirit also likes to snag pieces of a jigsaw puzzle just long enough to make us crazy, and then place them in plain view where we've just looked. I get the feeling it's a "hey, look at me!" signal, so I've started talking out loud to him/her, just to give a gracious response.

If this is a deceased family member's spirit, there are a couple of people who come to mind. In fact, there have been other occurrences--my bedside lamp turned on by itself one night, with my face not two feet away from it, and my husband has heard a woman calling his name several times in the night. I'm a little hard of hearing, and have never heard this--but I have heard a little tinkling bell that he's also heard, in the dead of night with no apparent source.

I get the strong feeling that this activity is attached to us, and not to the house or my office. And it's oddly comforting, so I don't really care, as long as my lost objects turn back up when I need them.

Betony Green <betony reads mail at emaildot com>
NC USA - Friday, June 08, 2007 at 12:22:33 (PDT)

One Night my brother and I were throwing twinkies at eachother and he took a shot at from the stairs which are next to the kitchen. the weird thing was that is it never hit me and he was no more than 4 four feet from me and directly over head. I never heard it hit the floor either so fearing our mothers wrath of stepping on a twinkie we had a search party for the twikie. Think it may have bounced to the next room (do twinkies bounce?)I searched everywhere there. After 3 hours of searching for the culprit twinkie to no avail, we gave up. I found it a day later at the top of the Christmas tree in the westwing of the house. We`ere in the east. Asking my brother if it was his doing he said no. No one else knew of this Twinkie war.
Barbra <SmoothS8er at yahoodot com>
SLC, USA - Wednesday, April 04, 2007 at 21:19:02 (PDT)

Missing Item
I am a marine, which means moving around alot and waiting for belongings to be shipped from your hometown to your station.
When I came back from Iraq, I had a baby on the way. My wife and I went to my duty station after the baby was born, we had very little belongings with us, only what could fit on the plane, so clothes etc.
When we got to my duty station we had a house waiting for us, but had to wait 4-6 weeks until the rest of our stuff came to us. Well, we didn't have everything for the baby, one thing was a crib. So we just decided to buy one in advance and set it up, because we( my wife, baby and I) were sharing a burrowed futon at night, every night. So we could sleep without the baby.
So we bought a crib and we were setting it up, and we had the direction booklet in the babys room with us, there was nothing else in there but piles of clothes on the floor, and the parts to the crib, we started putting the crib together, and halfway through we just all the sudden couldn't locate the directions, so we picked things up, looked around, we just couldn't beleive it could disappear. But after about 10 minutes of searching, moving everything and searching the whole house, it couldn't be found, at the time, my wife started a big fight and blamed me, but I didn't hide it or something. She still doesn't beleive me, but maybe now I have a case to argue with after reading the other stories.
I have never come across the book again. So I just don't know what to think.

Ben <jewishslacker86 at yahoodot com>
AZ USA - Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 21:28:11 (PDT)

The guy who wrote before me I agree with, that we could transport many times in one day to parallel universes. Simply because i have had many experiences in my life, so small but significant that leads me to conclude we don't stay in the same universe all the time. One example I have never been able to forget. I had a junker car when I was 18, my first car ever, the oil leaked, the breaks squeaked the wipers didn't work kinda car.
When I got a new car about a year later I always made a point to always park in a specific spot to avoid all the oil leaks my previous car had left behind, my driveway was off white and they were very prominent, one day I came home from work, went upstairs to change for a date, came back a half an hour later, and the oil leaks were GONE! I was like what the hell. I mean no complaints, but oil leaks don't disappear. And the driveway was spotless, dry, no evidence of any cover up. I was baffled and weirded out. When I returned later from the date I checked it out and they were still missing????? TO my knowledge they never returned. I have no explanation, to date!

Kelli <beautifulbabe711 at yahoodot com>
OH USA - Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 21:14:12 (PDT)

Following my earlier post http://amasci com/weird/unusual/objs.html

I started to pay particular attention to vanishing objects in my everyday life, with a view to expanding my theory that there may be some kind of 'Multiverse' interaction going on.

I have also talked to various people regarding disapearing objects and found some interesting trends. Mainly there seems to be periods of time from several days to a couple of weeks. In cetain locales (a single dwelling or work place etc) where multiple items vanish. Some never to be seen again.

After one of these 'Hot times' where several items of mine had vanished almost right before my eyes. I was prompted to email Dr Michio Kaku in the hope that a scientist of note, might take an interest in the subject of dispearing objects with special interest to multiverse theory.

Here is a copy of the email (including spelling mistakes), which to date has had no response. LOL I wonder why???

Dear Dr Kaku,
I have long held the belief that Multiverse theory is a distinct possibility. However I lack the firm academic background needed to pursue this area of science, as such I happily leave such things to noted persons such as your good self.
That said, I do admit to spending much time devoting brain power to such theories and wish that I had strong enough mathematical skills to somehow add to the scientific endeavours.
The reason I am writing is that I have two personal accounts which recently happened to me, that may be of interest to you. In particular they have started me on a line of thought regarding possible testing or study of certain aspects of Multiverse theory. I hope they are useful in some small way.

Account 1)

While sitting at my office (home) desk, I was using a small pair of nail clippers.
To my left I have a tower case PC, which I use for creating music. As such It had a small midi keyboard along side it.
The side of the case is always kept off, so I can swap the Hard drives, etc. conveniently.
I was reading emails on my main pc which was to my right.
I went to put the nail clippers down on top of the midi keyboard, but dropped them from a height of about 3 inches. They hit one of the keys of the keyboard and bounced into the tower case through the open side. I heard them rattle inside the case and quickly looked inside for them through the jumble of cables, etc., But could not see them.
I wasn't at all bothered so turned back to my emails and left the clippers in sittue.

Later, I went to retrieve the clippers. moving the keyboard and putting it on top of the case. I held the IDE and power cables out of the way and looked around inside the case, but was quite set aback that I could not see the clippers. This now became a mystery that needed to be solved, So I got a torch, removed the cables and thoroughly checked the inside of the pc case. I then checked under the case, around it, cleared the desk of all items. Checked the floor and finally sat back in complete amazement and swore loudly in disbelief.

I must point out that the internal working of the pc are no mystery to me as I have built many thousands including the one in question. I can assure you that there is nowhere inside it or indeed in the local vicinity where the clippers could be hiding.

Account 2)

While undressing in the bedroom, Sat on the bed next to my wife. I removed my slippers, socks and trousers and talked to her for several minutes without moving. During the short conversation I was reminded that I had several chores that needed to be done before the morning, So accordingly I started to redress. However one of the socks that had been removed only minutes before and placed on the floor at my feet was missing.

I checked inside my trousers, put my hands in the legs and then turned them inside out. checked in my slippers, under and around the bed and even the pockets of the trousers. I got up and looked around the immediate area which was bare of anything else and then checked the bedding itself.
As the phrase says 'There it was, Gone'
Both my wife and I were in complete disbelief and at a total loss for an explanation.

As you can see from these slightly bizarre but very real accounts, which I believe are far from unique. It would seem that things really do 'Vanish into thin air' or certainly go somewhere. Obviously I do not expect you to accept these accounts as empirical data, however I must personally except them as such unless the items later turn up. In which case I will be seeking medical advise, and taking my wife along too.

I was wondering if you are aware of whether a studies have been performed of unexplainable accounts such as these? Also whether you could see the implications to Multiverse theory and possible related tests?

If you cannot, then I apologise for taking up your time with this email 'from left field,' The reason I have sent it, is because It is my strong belief that information needs to get to the people most able to deal with it. I hope that this is the case and this may prove to be the catalyst for a fruitful chain of thought (or perhaps one you have already followed?)


Mr A Blainey

Theory Man <ablainey'REMOVE THIS' at aoldot com>
USA - Sunday, March 18, 2007 at 18:51:25 (PDT)

I was going for a spoon to dish out a takeaway last night and when I opened my cutlery drawer I saw a spoon that I have never owned. All my spoons are of the same design and this one was completely different. No one else could have brought it in as i live alone. has anyone else experienced this kind of thing?
Trevor Oliver
Durham, UK - Monday, February 05, 2007 at 05:36:23 (PST)

Strange but true. I am now 47yo I was i think about 6 or 7 at the time but here goes. I was visiting my friend's house and we were playing magic as all kids do at sometime. I was pretending to make my friends button badges disapear below a cusion I sat on it and said abra... you know the drill I then got up and low an behold the items vanished their were i think 5 or more ( Its forty years ago) my friend was very anoyed and our parents said stop aurguing so we did. He does not remenber the event, but it is clear a 10 seconds ago to me. I hope all the other events I have read here are true or else I am mad. great site. emails welcom!! admin(dot)urdns(A)gmaildot com
Martin <admin(dot)urdns(A)gmaildot com>
Oxford, UK - Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 17:41:09 (PST)

i have hope when i read all these is why:
about two weeks ago i was in my home in California, doing some housework. i took my engagement ring off, put it on the coffeemashine to do some dishes( coffeemashine isnt anywhere close to the sink).
later on i remember very clearly taking the ring putting it back on. i did do a few more things around the house, not remembering ever taking it off.
then i left on a mountainbike trip and i am super certain that i put the ring in the `secret spot`, which is where i leave it when i am traveling, or doing sports. i for sure didnt take it on the bikeride as my gloves don`t fit with the engagement ring on.
having said this, i am always so paranoid about this engagement ring, always making sure its `safe`.
anyhow, i returned from the bike ride and the ring wasnt in the `secret spot`..
i searched the house like a mad woman,every room, every drawer, behind the drawers, i even looked through the dog poop for the next couple of days. the house is really big, so it could be in many corners (5000sf)...
anyhow, after a couple of days i left the house to go to ny for a week. i drove myself insane. i have no explanation what happened and i am going insane. nobody was at the house when this happened.
it cant even fall through the sink, i mean did it fall in the toilet? i am feeling so stupid. how could it disappear?
maybe the minute i`ll forget about( how can i?) it will show up again...i will keep you updated..

svenja p. <svenjaparotatat yahoodot de>
new yorkny, USA - Monday, November 20, 2006 at 16:39:12 (PST)

Here's a "screw-y" experience reported on the VORTEX-L discussion group


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