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December 1,2010

I'm the type of person who people might believe to have OCD disorder, not on everything, but most things. On this particular day, last week, it was going to be stormy so I knew I needed to get my errands done before hand, to be home for the storm. I finished just before dark, as the storm was starting to pick up. Backed the van into the driveway as usual, & made sure the lights, wipers, heat and radio were off, before turning the van off. With keys now in hand, I undid my seat belt and reached over the passengers side to get my bags. Before getting out of the van, I glanced over at the passengers window and noticed the storm might blow over my holiday decorations, & thought I should secure them. I proceeded to get out of the van, and locked it manually from the drivers side door. Walked in front of the van, and up the walkway with keys and bags still in hand and secured the decorations. Satisfied, I headed up the deck stairs only to notice there was an unexpected package waiting on the top of the railing. I picked it up with everything else I was holding, and went in for the night.

The next day, after putting my child on the bus, I went to go out and couldn't find my keys. This is so not like me, and I could have sworn that I put them on the table along with everything else. I dumped out my bag several times and retraced my steps, but nothing. I decided to check the van, which was locked, and my husband has his set of keys with him, I couldn't search inside, but had to be certain they must be in a place I can't see inside the van? I searched all around the yard as well, and when he finally got home, I ran outside sure they must be in the van, but the weren't. I was very sad for the next two days because all my keys to everything were on that ring. Finally, on Saturday, I got new keys made and given up the search, thinking they must have blown away? Life goes on and if they turn up, they do?

Well, Sunday morning I receive a call from my husband telling me that he found my keys. Only he found them at his work, which is an hour away from where I had them, and hanging on the visor of a company truck, which he didn't even know he'd be taking that day. I dropped the phone and was going to be sick. I've never been to his employment ever and he swears he isn't playing any tricks on me. I'm so freaked out!
derry, nh USA - Tuesday, December 07, 2010 at 09:41:30 (PST)

I have experienced things missing and appearing for years... generally chaclked it up to me just not seeing what was in front of my face. Until...

... I have a saying... me and my keys are like a fool and his money... very easily parted. I generally went through car keys like kids through ice cream. I typically got about six cut at a time and then when I was on the last one, had them recut. Again... just me. Then, about 10 years or so ago, I lost my main set... car keys, house keys, everything. I searched everywhere... ripped apart my room, my house, checked my drawers... everything. Finally, I gave up and used my spare car keys... and didn't lock my house. I used that spare set for months. Then, one night, my kids were at the lake for the weekend, and I arrived home in the wee hours of the mourning from work. I took my contacts out, placed them in the case, and went to sleep.

Morning came, I went to put my contacts in, and, lying on top of my contact case... literally... I would have had to pick them up and place them on top of my contact case, were my missing main set of keys.

I've never been able to explain that... but I did tell a coworker about it today... and she described a similar event that happened to her... except in her story she and her husband were actively looking for her keys and she was leaving the living room... then suddenly turned around to grab something, saw a flash of light and saw her keys materialize in the air and fall to the ground in the middle of the living room.

Edmonton, AB Canada - Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 16:25:11 (PDT)

A theory I have been hatching for many years now about why things Vanish, change and generally are not as you KNOW they were.

Although people who relate personal accounts of things vanishing, are usually regarded as absent minded, mistaken or just plain cookooooooo!. Events such as these can fall well within the realms of genuine science.

Along with the usual stories of disapearing keys, pens, tools and such like, I also have a couple of real brain teasers that have made me stop and think.

1) I lived in the same house for over 30 years. I spent my whole childhood there and new every inch of the local area. Climbed every tree, hid in every bush... you get the idea.
One day I left for work and drove round the corner to the T junction at the end of my road. Same as I had done for the previous several thousand days. But this day something wasn't the same. I stopped the car, put it in nuetral, pulled the hand brake and stared. straight ahead in front of the house where a friend of mine used to live was a tree, a tree that had never been there before.
It was about 15 foot high, so quite a few years old. I got out and looked around it, The ground was undisturbed and grass, moss etc were growing right up to it. No sign that it had been a new addition.
I was late for work, but declined to use this as the excuse and said I had just got up late.

2) Also in the same street not long after the tree incident. one day I came home from work and parked up in my usual spot right in front of a house a few doors down from mine (there was no parking outside mine) Again I was struck by the WTF?!!! feeling that I had with the tree.
The house, which I new very well as I had been in it many times and saw it every day. It DID have two front doors, however this day one of them had been bricked up. Not too unusual, but this had obviously been bricked up for years. There were weeds growing up against the wall, algae and dirt on the bricks and stains that ran from the wall above.
I even know taht the main front door was white and this door (now wall) was blue. WTF?!!!

I asked people about the tree and the door and was surprised that people's memory was 'kinda foggy' they remembered the same as I did, but no one could remeber when these things had changed.

These 'am i loosing it?' events started me thinking about the whole issue of stuff that changes, vanishes etc and I have come to the following conclusion.

The parallel universes or multiverse theory is pretty much established and excepted by most rational scientists. I believe that if true, then there must be some sort of interaction and even intersection between these universes. Each one is just a little different from the next. very occassionally, things or even people in one universe slip into a parallel plane, without even knowing it.
It could be that we are all just skipping from one to the next, backwards forewards here there and everywhere without ever knowing it. Each one has so little difference that it is virtually imposible to percieve, however every now and then there is something different enough to prick up our ears.
If you think about it, you could have skipped a thousand times today. People and things all round the world could have changed, moved, vanished and unless it was something close to you, you would never know about it.

I have watched the news and seen that someone famous has died, only to think 'But I'm sure I remember them dying years ago, didn't they ?'

I just hope that tommorow takes me to the win the lottery and marry a supermodel universe :O)
but knowing my luck, the men in white coats will take me away somewhere quite and padded.

theory Man <ablainey a aol com>
USA - Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 17:42:27 (PST)

One morning about 25 years ago, I locked my apartment door and went off to work. About mid-morning, I realized that my key was not in my pocket, nor anywhere I thought I might have lost it. I had to resort to a spare key. THat evening or the evening of the day after, I was walking towards my apartment when I felt something, as if some shrub had caught the foot of my pants. It was dark so I could not see. I tried to shake it off my pants and when I reached home I forgot about it. Five days after I was putting that pants on again. As the foot of the pants hit the tile floor, I heard a "clunk" and one wouldn't expect cloth to make that sound. I inspected the foot of the pants and felt something metallic in the sewn up part. I knew somehow it was the key. I made sure to check that there was no break in the thread of the pants foot. There was none. I had to break the thread to get the object out. It was the key. The pants had even been to the wash and had been ironed but the lady who washed and ironed said nothing or noticed nothing, which adds to the mystery since she handled it after I had felt the "shrub". Somehow the key had transported from my pocket (which had no holes), through the sewn up foot of the pants and reappeared.
Robert <roban127 a yahoo com>
USA - Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 17:32:59 (PDT)


When I was about 10, I was bouncing a ball off the wall of the house. It deflected from my body and rolled underneath an abandoned car at one end of the lawn. I walked up, bent down, looked, but there was no ball. I eventually turned every blade of grass underneath and around the car, all to no avail. Each evening after school I would spend about 30 minutes looking without success, even with my brothers helping. Then on the seventh day I walked out to do my customary search. But this time, I had a certain optimism. I went to the car, bent down, and there was the ball where it should have been all along. It didn't look or feel any different.

Robert <eoban127 a yahoo com>
USA - Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 17:11:37 (PDT)

I have had two strange incidents that were the same and both occured in the same city (Gainesville, Florida) but in different houses.

The first time was many years ago in My families original house. When we were kids, (my sister and I ) used to hide goodies that My mother would by at the store such as cookies, sweets etc. from each other so we could hog them for ourselves. I knew that mom had purchased a new box of Nestle's Quick the day before and after school the next afternoon, I was looking for it to make myself a glass of it. Well it was no-where to be found in the kitchen. I was searching the kitchen high and low for it and it was not to be found. I asked My sister if she had hidden it and she says no as she was doing her homework in the living room next to the kitchen. I called My mom who was out at a friend's house and also asked her. She says No she did not hide it and to do my homework that she was coming back home soon. After a very tidy search by actually moving things on the counter and in the cabinets one by one and replacing them, I was perplexed that it was not there. I was making a count of every place I had searched and when I turned around again facing the counter,,,THERE IT WAS IN PLAIN SIGHT. right there on the counter not near anything else. It was sitting there as cool as you please in the open ,,,away from all other objects and there is NO-WAY I could have missed it.

I was amazed knowing that something that strange had taken place and then almost started to doubt that it had happened. But IT DID!!!

The box had not disappeared in front of Me Nor appeared in front of Me, but was there when I turned back around. Why a box of Quick, I do not know.

The other time was a number of years later in the house I am still living in today. I had bought 4 cans of cat food with a picture of Morris the cat on the label and had them stacked on top of the refridgerator in plain view. I had already fed the cat several times and knew that I had one more can left. I went into the kitchen to get the can, and the Cat food can was NOT THERE where I knew it was. I even looked in the garbage for the empty cans thinking that possibly I had fed the cat the last can and was just not with the program. This bothered Me because I was Sure that there was one can left and I could not account for the fourth empty can. Well, I did not associate this with what had happened years before and fed the cat some dry food from a 2 pound bag of that kind of food that I had. The cat likes the smelly bstuff in the can way better than the dry food, but when hungry enough, will eat the dry food.It is better for their teeth anyway because the wet food sticks to their teeth and can cause decay. I went on about my business and forgot all about this until a few days later when I was walking into the kitchen and there in plain sight on top of the fridge right where I had stacked them was the CAN of CAT FOOD. IT WAS IN PLAIN VIEW with the cat on the label and could be seen from many feet away before even entering the kitchen.

I said to Myself "NOoooooo Not AGAIN!" and I smiled and walked over to it.

I looked at it for a few minutes before touching or moving it. And I did end up feeding it to the cat.

Now I tried to think of WHO may be behind this of the Family members or friends that have passed away and could not come up with a solid answer.

It is almost like someone has a good sense of humor and was trying to get My attention. Well,,,They DID get My attention. I still wonder about these two incidents and nothing has happened since out of the ordinary. Both times, These things took place when I was not expecting anything out of the ordinary.

I have never looked on the net for similar experiences until now and I see that There are Many other people who have had similar experiences. Until the internet, Unless this information was in a book, I would not know of others.

There is something going on around Us that We do not always see with our eyes. Everyone who reorts something like this can't all be nuts or spaced out.

Since I See now that others Have had these things happen,,, Who IS TRYING TO GET OUR ATTENTION? They are probably smiling with amusement.

sincerely, Nick Savage, Gainesville, Florida

Nick Savage <Supersax13 a aol com>
Gainesville, Fl USA - Tuesday, October 24, 2006 at 01:47:33 (PDT)

One for the "Missing Objects" Section.
Back in Late January I got a copy of a video game called Final Fantasy 4 for the gameboy advance. Being a Portable version of one of my Favorite games ever, I played it non-stop. However, One Day, it was just gone. No Where to be Found. I looked in every box, behind every item of furniture, in any possible space in the Entire House. a Couple Months later, after breaking down and buying another copy, I found my Original Cartridge at the bottom of the Center Console (storage compartment between the seats) of my Mom's Van. How exactly this happened is beyond me, as there was barely the space to fit what was in there (2-1/2 rolls of paper towles, maybe a dozen CD's) in there without breaking anything. And the paper towles, located at the bottom, blocked all lint, dust, etc. from reaching the bottom.

Most of these experiences I have, are sheerly mindlessness, like losing the remote, and searching for an hour only to find out I was sitting on it the entire time. So Just Remember people, take it with a grain of salt...

Doug <omgmatrix a gmail com>
USA - Saturday, August 12, 2006 at 20:58:11 (PDT)

I was using a comb standing in front of the mirror in my vanity area. When I finished combing my hair, I went to put the comb on the vanity top as I was walking away from the vanity. I heard the comb hit the edge of the countertop as I was walking away and said, "rats." I bent to retrieve the comb and it wasn't there on the floor where I expected it to be. Figuring it took an odd bounce when it hit the tile floor, I expanded my search to to the adjacent bedroom. No luck and no comb. All the drawers of the vanity, doors of the closet, hamper and linen closet were closed. I opened them any way and looked inside. No comb. I moved items on the floor in the bedroom and in the vanity area - no comb. I got on my hands and knees and scoured the floors of both areas - no comb. I spent 15 minutes looking for that comb - to no avail. The next day, I told my son about it. He's an engineer so he thinks very logically and just KNEW the comb had to be there. He spent quite some time looking for it too. Same result, no comb. It wasn't caught on my clothing, underneath anything, not rolled around the corner or anything. The comb is just gone.

If what I've read on here follows, the comb will just show up one day - either on the countertop where it belongs or in the purse that wasn't even in the room that day.

San Antonio, TX USA - Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 09:36:42 (PDT)

i was on a day trip with my wife and son recently. i was taking a lot of pictures which meant taking my glasses on and off quite a bit. i was worried i might drop them so for peace of mind i put them in the small zippered front pocket of my camera bag. that night, having returned home (driving with a different pair of sunglasses), i went to get my regular glasses from the camera bag. i was stunned to find they were not there. now this made no sense whatsoever. i knew i had zipped them in the little front pocket and i knew i hadn't opened it since. so i checked the pocket a second time. no glasses. baffled, i emptied the contents of the pocket. ticket stubs. a lens cap. a lens cloth. nothing else. this is a very small pocket with no hidden corners or secondary inner pockets. in other words, once you unzip it and look inside, you can see the entire pocket. having confirmed the glasses were gone, i put the ticket stubs, lens cap and lens cloth back in. rezipped the pocket. totally mystified about my disappearing glasses, i had no choice but to go buy a new pair at the optometrist the following morning. so i did and that was the end of it, i thought. but two weeks later, i grab my camera to take a picture of my son. i see the lens is a little dusty so i unzip the front pocket to get my lens cloth. and there, in plain sight, the very first thing i see, are my missing glasses.


USA - Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 04:08:21 (PDT)

Dop Effect:

Yesterday i was driving over to my girlfriend's house and I was a little late to get there . I got to her door and she called my cellphone. I remember answering and she does too. In matter of fact she opened the door and I had it i my hand. All i remember is I took it from my hand and placed it in my pocket and then we went off for a drive and then a movie. During the drive I decided I wanted to call my mother and noticed it was missing. I said to myself again darn it lost it it again but hey its back at her place because thats the last place it could have been. When we got back we searched all oveer the house for the phone and even called it and no answer. I decided it was a lost phone for good and went to cingular to get another one shipped to me. Here comes the really weird part. We went to bed at my apartment and my girlfriend and me never got out of bed the phone could not be at my apartment anyways because i never went to the apartment. So we woke up the next morning and there it was sitting on the chair, as we both looked at each other stunned like no way it cant be here. I begin searching the phone looking for evidence i had it yesterday and there it was the evidence was clear at 1244 pm on sat 20 2006 the phone had a picture on it the funny thing is I lost it around 1240. Now I am not making this up i can send the picture and I have four witnesses knowing I had the phone at her house and never going to my apartment that night, I searched everywhere if anyone else has experienced Dop please email me. I am also a paranormal Investigator and have documented many hauntings thanks for your time.

James Casey

james casey <punk21812000 a yahoo com>
champaign, il USA - Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 07:54:00 (PDT)

A good and very reliable, totally no nonsense guy I know told me this in all seriousness. He is very particular about things being a vet. He went camping one time and was completely alone. There were no other people for about a half mile. He was setting up his tent and laid down the bundle of tent pegs in a specific spot on the unfolded tent. Looked away, looked back, and they were gone. Just gone. He looked everywhere. Never found them. Went out and bought new tent pegs. The day he was ready to leave he came out of his tent in the morning and there infront of the tent door was the bundle of pegs.
EA < >
USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 14:52:53 (PDT)

i have stuff dissapear and reapear with some frequency it annoys me greatly. sometimes i think its just me being unobservent but there are times where i KNOW i have looked in the spot and it wasnt there, then i go back and it is, one occurence that stands out in my mind in particular. i had lost my gamecube memory card and looked through the entire house for it finally giving it up for gone, i got a new one and about SEVEN MONTHS after losing it i walk into the spare room and right ontop of a keyboard sitting on tthe floor there it is, in plain sight, where i never had it. it was very weird
john k <triton_barton a a a hotmail com>
iowa USA - Sunday, February 05, 2006 at 12:43:53 (PST)

Date: January 15, 2006
Time: 12:20pm and 12:33pm
Place: Public Bathroom at a Carvel Ice Cream Store
Temp: Partly Sunny 23 degrees Fahrenheit

FREAKIEST THING!! What I?m about to describe happened to me about 4 hours ago. I?m writing it here because this was the first place I found with similar stories, after desperately looking on the internet for some answer to what happened to me.

As I was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, I noticed a bug near the wall opposite where I sat. It looked as if the bug was alive and had just paused for a minute. Curious, I decided to have some fun and pulled about two feet of toilet paper and rolled it into a small ball. I wet the paper using the sink next located next to me. After squeezing out the excess water, I tightened the ball which was about one inch in diameter. I aimed it at the bug and threw it. The ball missed the bug by an inch and rolled to a stop about five inches away. I thought of trying again but decided to finish the matter at hand.

Upon completing my duty (excuse the pun), I walked over and stood over the bug. I slowly moved my foot over it to see if it would move and when it didn?t, I proceeded to step on it. I heard the crackling and lifted my foot to see the bug squashed and pretty dead. I used my foot and rolled the ball of toilet tissue that was laying to the side, over the bug. At first I was going to bend down and pick the bug up using the ball, but instead I decided to use my foot to squish the ball over the bug and sort of swipe it with my foot, like cleaning your shoe after stepping on gum or mud.

When I picked up my foot to see the results, I noticed a wet streak on the floor. But the tissue and bug were not on the floor. Naturally, I picked up my foot to see if it had gotten stuck to the bottom but it wasn?t there. I looked against the wall in front of me to see if it had gotten stuck to it. Nothing. I turned around and looked to see if it had somehow gotten stuck to my shoe and flung behind me. Nothing. I called my wife and asked her to look around to see with fresh eyes. Nothing. I retraced my steps, using a new wet tissue, placing it on the floor and it too disappeared. When I looked under my foot, though, it was wedged there as it should have been the first time.

Feeling defeated and very shaken, I picked up a sharpie permanent marker and placed an ?X? on the floor where the original disappearance had occurred. I thought maybe that someday coordinates can be calculated and traced back to another universe. I don?t know, I was reaching for something. Anyway, I found this website and was relieved to see that it has happened to others. I?m scared yet excited about the possibility of it being a something miraculous or even a proof of some scientific theory.


Ray <artfux a spymac com>
Union City, NJ USA - Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 15:57:22 (PST)

The cases listed here deal with objects vanishing. Events like these are memorable and weird, no question about it. However it is not only object that vanish, people do too, and that sounds sinister to me. Recently I read some statistical snippet that in Hungary (it has about 10 million inhabitants) over 5000 people (of all ages and both gender, pretty much representative of the population) reportedly disappear. Over the years this number is rather stabile, and out of these 5000 approximately 3500 are found, recovered in one way or other, but 1500 are never found. The interesting background information is that in this country the borders are very well controlled, there is a national ID card, one can not use any services without being able to identify himself, i.e. it is almost impossible to fake a new identity and identity theft is unknown. In addition, the number of people murdered used to be less than 500 per year and even in the worst years, less than 800, and over 80% of cases are solved eventually.

Where are those missing people: 2-3 times as many vanish forever than get murdered? In fact tens of thousands of people disappeared over the 50 years of peacetime, regardless of the changing political systems, and nobody seems to notice. There are special crime units at the police to deal with murders, but in fact nobody is really looking for the ?victims? who disappear.

I am sure that situation is rather similar here in the USA.

Gaithersburg, MD USA - Monday, December 26, 2005 at 09:34:19 (PST)

About a year ago, I misplaced a diamond ring I always wear. I must have set it down somewhere and then couldn't remember what I had done with it. That really ticked me off. I looked all over the house for about 10 days, because I couldn't believe it was lost. I sometimes have a habit of putting things in my pocket and then tossing them in the wash, so I looked through all of that with no luck. WhileI was looking for it, I decided to clean the entire kitchen. I took everything off the counter and wiped it all down, and put everything back. I then suddenly got an idea to sya what I wanted out load and said that it was pretty good humor, but it was time for the joke to end and I'd like my ring back. I went into the living room about 15 feet away for maybe 30 seconds to get something, and when I went back into the kitchen, I could see my ring sitting right next to the sink because what caught my eye was the reflection of the light off the stones. There is no way, NO WAY for that to have been there before because I had just cleaned everything off. I thanked "whom or whatever" for the return. No explanation, but there is no way for that ring to have been sitting there for 10 days.
Mark Daniels <mrdmn a earthlink net>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Monday, December 19, 2005 at 19:54:28 (PST)

When I was in my dad's garage, in 1978, I was working on a piece of woodwork. I had just set down his counterbore drill, on top of the other things on the workbench. No one else was anywhere near the garage, and no one new what it was that I was doing. I turned my back to verify a measurement on the wood, and then reached for the drill, only to not see it ANYWHERE on the bench. My dad came up a few minutes later, and I asked him if anyone else had been around here. He said that everyone else was still down in the house. I mentioned that I was looking for the drill, and told him that I had just set it down on the bench, and couldn't find it.

He helped me look in all of the drawers and cabinets, as well as PHYSICALLY removing ALL of the things off of the bench. We were unable to find it. He asked me if I went anywhere else, and I said NO! We went about putting everything back onto the bench. Still no drill. He went back down to the house(I watched him go). There was still no one at all around the garage. I looked again at the bench hoping to find the drill, and assured myself that it was not there. I went back to measuring the wood, since I spent about one hour looking for the drill. I turned around again, and there it was, in the EXACT position that it was when it dissapeared. The bit was around 2 feet long, and with the drill, was around 3 feet long. NOT something that you can just OVERLOOK!!!, and not something that can be EASILY MISSED!!!! All of the other items on the bench were put on there NEATLY, when we were looking for the drill earlier, and the drill was the only thing that was where it was before.

I mentioned this to dad, and he assured me that no one else had left the house at that time. I would have heard someone enter the door, since it had squeeky hinges, and you had to push the door hard enough to make a sound.

I have had many other episodes of premonitions, and warnings, as well as being told to go to a particular spot and finding that someone was in need of some kind of help that I JUST HAPPENED to have the experience or tools to be able to help them. I would put this number in the 75 to 100 times range.

Recently, my mind has been under so much stress with work and such, that if something was happening, I was unable to pick up on it. I am going to try and relieve as much of this stress in the next week or so, and see if I can tune back into whatever it was that I had connected with in the past.

I really liked the fact that I was able to help so many people out. I never intended to be where they were, but found myself directed there. It is a strang feeling, but one that I had come to cherish.

Hope that I am not the only one with this happening. I loved it, and hope to get it back. Stress seems to be a BIG dampener.



David T. Henneberry` <daviddoes a hotmail com>
Jackson, WY USA - Monday, November 21, 2005 at 22:33:48 (PST)

I had a favorite pair of blue jeans. I waited a couple of weeks to was them. I noticed that they wern't in my wash when I washed my dirty laundry. I thought no problem I just overlooked them. They never did show up and I have a small apartment. Well I thought at least I have these black jeans I like. I remember washing them and taking them in my home and even hanging them in my closet. I go to wear them one day and they are gone as well. I think that someone is playing tricks on me. They have to be, things just don't dematerialize from existance. That is not logical. Well say a month later I grab a cereal bowl and spoon from my bedroom to wash out by hand because I did not want to have to look for a spoon. I am just washing away and realize my spoon is gone. I know it was there because that was my main intent, to wash the spoon so I would not have to hunt one down. Oh, it fell in the garbage disposal. I'll be damned it was not there. It simply vanished. I did not physically see it dissapear, it was just gone. I was thinking first my jeans that I like, now a spoon that I care nothing about, and one time my keys hidden in my room where I did not put them,and one time I tried to open my apartment door where I lived previously and my key would not open it. I looked at the door and it had a different number than my 5. I thought how in the world could I have entered the wrong stairwell. I walked down keeping my eye on my door and still a different number. I look at the same time and it is my satirwell and the same wrong number. I run upstairs thinking I am in the twilight zone and by the time I get up there, it is my number and my key works. What is next? Who does this? How does this happen and why? What is the purpose? Perplexed in Indiana
Justa Lady
Indianapolis, IN USA - Thursday, October 06, 2005 at 00:26:22 (PDT)

This happened to me some 3 years ago. I have a large collection of VHS video tapes with movies recorded from TV. Some of them I store in a slim wooden cabinet, some 2m high. It fits precisely between a much larger cabinet and the door, and it has some 5-6 shelves. Most of the tapes were standing vertically in the shelves, but on the uppermost shelf, they were on their side, horizontaly.
Allright. The collection was getting a bit dusty, so I wanted to clean it a little. I took the tapes from the uppermost shelf, placed them on the table, cleaned the shelf and wanted to put them back on the shelf. And then it happened, the bloody tapes DID NOT FIT into the shelf. It was about 2cm too narrow for them. I am pretty sure they fit perfectly just 2 minutes ago. What the hell happened? Did the cabinet shrink? The other tapes on the shelves below were perfectly OK. Did the tapes themselves grow? No, they were the same size as before. Was some reality editing going on? Did I get stoned by the dust?
I don't know what happened there, but now I think that I stepped into another reality while dusting.

Rado Kalossy <yndulona_blackATyahooDOTcom>
Bratislava, Slovakia - Sunday, October 02, 2005 at 12:36:15 (PDT)

This happened a few years ago and I am still baffled by it. I have a large cat that I keep indoors. When I take him outside, he wears a halter which fastens around the neck and around the belly like a man's belt fastens. To that, I attach a leash. So, on this particular day, I let him wander over to the neighbor's tree. He stretched out on the ground and I was just gazing about when I heard a metallic clanking. I looked down at him and saw that his harness was completely off and still fastened. He didn't even notice until I gasped. How does this happen?! As I said, the harness fastens like a man's belt, into a buckle---both buckles were fastened as if the harness was still on the cat's body.
Capitol Heights, MD USA - Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at 16:44:38 (PDT)

Ivan L. reminds me that Uri Geller reports a totally stunning event where the heavy innards of a machine gun were teleported from their hiding place and back while Uri was on manuovers as a young soldier.
Geller book, Magician or Mystic, ch 5

W. Beaty
Seattle, WA USA - Saturday, July 09, 2005 at 22:12:54 (PDT)


Well, here's part of my story. On a weekly basis, I can simply lay things down on a table in front of me, quickly turn around - and it's gone! Keys, glasses, coffe cup, doesn't matter. Then, if I leave the room for a minute and come back (as if returning from looking somewhere else) the object(s) are right there where it should've been. People have been right next to me when the thing "zilches out".

I've also lain tools on a car fender, and one or two of them will zilch on me - occasionally forever.

I was cutting cheese with a sharp knife a few months back and the knife kept going thru the block-cheese up to the hilt and I couldn't pull the knife back out. I broke the cheese apart to discover the knife blade had curled like a clockspring against the formica counter - as if it were tin foil. Yet it was cold stainless steel and very coiled up.

Many years ago (15) I was sleeping in one morning, and around noon I heard the chatter and muffled laughter of what I thought to be children - at the foot of my bed! I thought " - who let these #^%*$~"! KIDS in here while I'm TRYING to sleep?" The room went silent, and my eyes were still closed. Good! Then soft chatter, pause, laughter, more chatter. My head bolted straight off the pillow and my gaze went directly down my blanket covered legs to the two noise-makers at my feet, and my mouth fell open - because floating there a few inches above the floor and dressed to the hilt were 2 Elves/Nomes? As I watched, they became very excited that I could see them, their forms wavered like a heat mirage and the two zipped out my bedroom and down the hall with me in hot (very) pursuit. Their feet never touched the floor as they rounded the corner into the kitchen, I could still make out their "outlines" in the air. I thought "I've got'em now, that's a dead end in the kitchen". I rounded the corner a second later and - all was still. No noise, light, motion -nothing! I finally closed my mouth.

I've often been reaching for something just beyond my fingers and the thing/object will fall over, off the shelf, fly over my head or bounce up once then down. Happens every 3 to 4 weeks (monthly?). Recently, just before Thanksgiving I was giving myself a quick "Goatee" trim, and cheek shave, when my attention went to a pen (writing) on the mirror-shelf in front/to the right of me. As I wondered who put it there, it jumped up and into the sink in front of me and I never even blinked. I calmly picked it up, put it back where it had departed from, finished cleaning up and said - "Hmmm. . . interesting". My thoughts then led to Cherry or Pumpkin pie for desert later.

In case you've wondered, yes I'm a "sensitive" and have given readings, contacted spirits, seen ufo's - up close, had premonitions come true, saw a bigfoot (yes he was big and his arms were longer than they should've been), found other people's lost objects, had OOB's, located a runnaway girl once, and have had future visions (but the info was just for me), found water underground, and I'm LOST - LOST - LOST!

Why? 'Cuz I'm NOT NORMAL by society standards and other people around me get scared or make fun or just plain don't know what to think of me so avoid me. I'm not lonely but I'm often alone, lost in a sea of normality.

There. That's part of my story. Tip of the 'berg as it were. The rest may be published some day.

Love One-Another
Sincerely, Windwalker

JT Windwalker <spiritsonng333 a juno com>
Camp Verde, AZ USA - Wednesday, December 07, 2005 at 17:33:32 (PST)

This happened to me while I was living in Queens, New York. I'd been living in a house for a few months when I began to notice some of my belongings would disappear from where I had left them, to reappear later on in another spot. I would've just chalked it up to inattention on my part if not for something going missing about a week later. My mother had sent me a package for my birthday. Included in the box was a pair of socks. (In my younger days my mother seemed obsessed with making sure that I had enough underwear and socks. I think it's a mom thing) But one day after coming home from work(third shift)I changed into my pj's and went to bed.Now this was the first time I'd worn the socks, and as I took them off and I laid them on the top of my other clothing, I had a chuckle at my mother's perception that at the age of 22, I was still unable to purchase for myself proper foot attire. Now when I woke up that evening, I saw that, although the rest of my clothing was where I'd put it, the socks were gone. There was no one else in the house all day and even if there was, they couldn't enter my room without waking me. It was a small attic room and my bed was right by the door. Anyways, who would want a pair of dirty socks? So I looked EVERYWHERE for those dang thing. I must've checked under the bed 20 times to no avail. But by now I was starting to get worried. What if more important things like my glasses or keys started to disappear? I'd be up sh-- creek for sure. A day or so later I was walking in Manhattan and I happened to pass by one of Rastafarian-looking guys selling incense and the like. I stopped and asked the fellow(a bit tongue-in-cheek)if he had anything to drive away pesky poltergeists, and without batting an eyelash, he handed me something to burn(I forget what it was being so long ago)to get rid of bad spirits. I actually surprised myself by buying it, and I was sure that after I left the guy was thinking to himself "there goes a real sucker!" Now I went ahead and burnt this stuff in my room. It wasn't very smoky and the aroma was rather pleasant but I found myself feeling very tired all of a sudden and then (this part is gross but I feel I should add it because it was so odd)I began to bleed very heavily. It wasn't anywhere near that time of the month and even if it was, my period always started out very light, so this occurence was very out of the norm. That episode scared me but luckily I suffered no ill affects from it. And after that day, I never had any problems with misplaced or missing objects. I never did find those G--D--- socks though.
Patricia C. <nikita76543yahoo>
gatesville, tx USA - Tuesday, September 06, 2005 at 21:22:11 (PDT)

Not sure it's the right category or not, but I remembered this experience while reading the "missing objects" reports.

This happened to me when I was probably 10 or 11 years old. I'd been playing in the basement with the dog, with her chasing me back and forth around the basement. At one point, I stepped on one of my shoelaces, tripped and fell down. The shoelace was definitely untied, because I remember looking down at it and resolving to walk carefully so as to not step on the long, dangling end and trip again while on the way over to the stairs where I could sit down to tie it.

Arriving at the stairs, I sat down on the bottom step, only to discover... Both my shoelaces were neatly tied! I can't remotely explain what happened, but have been pretty open-minded regarding the idea of multiple realities ever since.

Dave Etchells <detchells(at)imaging(hyphen)resource com>
Woodstock, GA USA - Wednesday, April 06, 2005 at 12:48:52 (PDT)

This happened in late November, 1946. My step father and I were climbing up a wooded, curving hiking trail on the Virgina side of the Cumberland Mountains, returning from an overnight visit, back to our home in Kentucky. There was a freshly fallen, light snow of perhaps two or three inches on the ground, so that we could see small animal and bird tracks plainly. At a turn in the trail we saw an animal the size of an adult groudhog (woodchuck) on an old dead log, not more than fifteen or twenty feet away. On such rural treks as this one, we always carried a gun of some kind, on the off-chance of bagging a rabbit or a squirrel or two, for the kitchen pot. At the time, I had a single-shot Stevens 'Favorite'.22 rifle, and of course we paused so I could shoot. At that distance I could easily have hit a coke bottle cap, but when I went to look across the log to get my prize, there was nothing there! I called my step father, and we made a thorough search: there was no sign of blood, nor were there any tracks anywhere in the snow--except for some song-bird tracks, here and there. I must state that I have little interest in the paranormal, preferring to have faith in some logical explanation or other. But the day was perfectly clear; we were neither tired, nor sleepy, and so I have to write this one off as 'unexplained.' It is the only such experience I have ever had, and I'm glad I had a witness!
Paul L. Kidd
Muskegon, MI USA - Monday, April 04, 2005 at 21:38:02 (PDT)

I was alone in my residential hotel room at the time. I felt like having a smoke, which I roll. I rolled the smoke just like I always have done, no doubt thousands of times before. Anyone who rolls tobacco, or any other similar substance, knows that one has to spread the stuff evenly over the 'vee' that the paper makes. I suppose it is not absolutely necessary to look at the tobacco to roll a cigarette but I was not trying to perform some kind of feat...I simply wanted a smoke. I lit the smoke and it burned oddly for second ...then went out. That was a little odd so I examined the cigarette and noticed that the butt end...the end that I was trying to drag on..was white. I was thinking, no big deal but, "Wonder how that got in there?"

I started pulling on the cotton woolley stuff expecting it to pop right out...but no...it kept coming out, and coming out, and coming out. I finally broke the paper open...and the whole cigarette was rolled out of the cotton wooley stuff...no tobacco at all!

I suppose someone reading this might imagine that, say...'A friend slipped this wad of stuff in my tobacco pouch' or that kind of thing. I swear, I remember taking TOBACCO that I took out of the pouch, and it was tobacco when I was rolling it and it was tobacco when I licked the paper and it was tobacco when i folded the paper over it to finish making the cigarette. I don't believe in that kind of thing, in fact I am what a lot of people would call a skeptic. I just wish that that tobacco had turned into diamonds or something worthwhile.

ian taylor
canada - Monday, March 28, 2005 at 16:22:54 (PST)

I was working on a printed circuit board in my office at home. I had made a mistake in designing it, so I needed to bend the leads of some surface-mount transistors to make them fit. Since they were small (SOT-23), one of them popped off the bench and went flying into the air onto the floor. A few minutes later, I sent another one air-mail onto the floor. At that point, I stopped and spent a great deal of time looking for them. Now, granted, my floor isn't the neatest, but I really searched and never found either of them.

A couple of days later, I bent down to work with the laptop sitting on the floor under the workbench so I could do some testing. Next to it, in the center of a sheet of paper (actually the outside of a large brown clasp envelope), were the two transistors lined up together all by themselves like someone had found them and put them there for me to find. I also seem to remember that the envelope was under something else when I dropped the transistors.

No one else in my family even knew that I dropped the things, and would not have been working around my bench anyway.

Pete Koziar <RebbePete at the letters see ess dot com>
Owings Mills, MD USA - Friday, March 18, 2005 at 09:50:51 (PST)

One day I bought some meat at the grocery. I don't remember what kind, but I know it needed to be cooked within a few days. I remember seeing it after I got home, so I know I didn't leave it at the checkout counter. A couple days later, I wanted to cook it, but it was not in the refrigerator. I then checked my cabinets, my car, and around the apartment, but I still couldn't find it. I expected to find it in a couple days in some weird place after it started to rot (ewwww). A week went by, but it didn't turn up. Later I pieced together what I think happened. I had bought the same kind of meat the week before, but had forgotten to cook it. I remembered throwing it out after I got home with the new meat. But I had already thrown the old meat out a couple days before. I had actually thrown out the fresh meat by mistake. No paranormal or psychic explanations needed.

What's my point? Many of the dissappearing/reappearing object stories, as strange as they seem, can be explained with very ordinary explanations. You drop an object, and it rolls or bounces far from where you dropped it. Later, you stumble upon it or even unwittingly kick it to where you dropped it. Another explanation is absent-mindedness. A lot of the time we function on "auto-pilot". We might pick something up and move it without even thinking about it and have no memory of it later. Someone else could move the object and not remember it, so even if we couldn't have moved it, and everyone else says they didn't, it could have still have been moved. Also, our brains tend to filter out ordinary or familiar objects. You can look right at them and not "see" them, because your brain decides they're not interesting. This would be especially true of precious things because we see or handle them frequently. This can even happen when you are conciously searching for something. Then, later, you snap out of it and it "reappears". To see this phenomenon in action, try rearranging the artwork on your walls. You will notice them more for a while after they have been moved, because you're not used to seeing them in their new location.

I'm not saying this to discourage people from posting reports or to put this site down--I LOVE this site! I'm just trying to inject some healthy skepticism into the minds of people who read the reports. Having said this, I've read a few reports here that are nearly impossible to explain. Keep up the good work, Bill.

OH USA - Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 11:17:41 (PST)

One of my very good friends had a "missing object" experience. Although he solved the mystery in the end, it still deserves being told.

My friend, Horst, works as an airbrush artist and was working on some project one day, when his rubber eraser slipped out of his fingers and fell to the floor. He looked around but it was not lying on the floor. He the searched the whole room, which is quite large getting more and more frustrated that he couldn't find the eraser. He went back to his work desk and purposely dropped a number of erasers to see how far they would jump away from the table. None of them went very far and all could be easily found. But the first one remained missing. He checked and double checked everything and even started looking in very unlikely places. Having spent so much time on this now got him almost obsessed with finding the missing eraser. He turned out the light and got out his UV-light. The other erasers lit up very nicely lying on the desk, but still he couldn't see the missing one. Finally he got down on his knees and THERE - inside one of the rectangular shaped "tubes" that his work desk is made out of - in there lay the eraser. This however didn't reduce the mystery. The inner dimensions of the tube match the outer dimensions of the eraser exactly - and the eraser was about 2 inches inside the tube! I have seen the eraser sitting in there and seen how there is absolutely no gap between the eraser and the tube. He has spent a lot of time since then trying to figure out the chances of this happening. Whenever he gets the chance to talk about it, he will go on and on about angles and vectors of force. He has made drawing and sketches and has tried again and again to duplicate the event - with no luck at all. Sometimes I think he would have been better off if the eraser had just disappeared all togehter. The unlikeliness of the factual evidence disturbs him more than the unlikeliness of a mysterious dissapearance would have, I think. Anyway this was not really a "missing object" story - but it still makes me think twice when I hear someone say that something is impossible.

Chris Hansen
Copenhagen, Denmark - Wednesday, February 16, 2005 at 15:06:14 (PST)

WOW! I just experienced a "disappearing object" event, BIG TIME, with no sensible explanations and no questionable memories to provide excuses. This is the first time I've had an object vanish almost right before my eyes.

I was stirring a tall paper cup of coffee with a wooden stir-stick while slowly pouring in cocoa powder. I was holding the very tip of the stick so I could use it to scrape the bottom and dislodge any powder. I lost hold of the stick and it slipped under the surface. (These particular cups are so tall that a stir-stick can get lost, it always happens.) But then the end of the stick didn't float back up again.

Hmmm, mysterious. Did the wood get saturated that fast, and sink? Must have. So I grabbed a second wooden stir-stick and swept it around to feel for the lost one. Nothing there. Hmmm, maybe it remains diagonal and won't lift up? Or... it must have broken in half, and the two halves were deep in the coffee? But they should be floating. I stuck my finger into the coffee to check temperature, and it was too hot to continue, but I swept my finger around quickly and didn't feel the stick. Then I wondered... is this one of those "vanishing object" events? If so, then ooooo! This one could be scary, since the stick ***MUST*** still be in the coffee. If it's gone, then I'm going to scream. I was stirring my coffee and the stick went under, so it HAS to be in there.

As is typical in these things, my emotional state could be significant: while stirring, I was fuming about the situation between my ex-wife and teenage daughter... and right then I DROPPED the stick. Vanishing-object reports often involve emotional distractions and DROPPED or tossed objects.

OK, now I freeze; stop and examine my latest memories. I was looking right at the coffee and watching the rotating cocoa powder on the surface... the stick really went under as I watched. Yes, I really lost hold of the stick, and it has to be submerged in the cup, no question. And there really are two sticks involved: I really grabbed a second stick after the first one sank (and the top half of that second stick is dry: it never was submerged.) No question at all about the time sequence. But the missing stick didn't float back up again. What should I do next? Pour off the coffee! Check whether there's two stick-halves down under it.

So I carefully went across the room and got my ceramic coffee mug, dumped it's contents (two dry teabags and yet another wooden stir-stick) into the trash can near the microwave, and then sloooooowly poured off the hot coffee into the mug. And... no stir-stick pieces pour out. No wooden fragments under the coffee in the paper cup. I carefully drink the coffee in the ceramic mug, then slowly pour the rest of the paper cup into the mug. I empty it totally. I look for tiny framents. I even feel around inside the paper cup... in case my brain is somehow editing out the image of the stick.


Holy. Effin. Crap. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now my hands are shaking and I have to type up the story quickly, before I 'edit history,' or perhaps convince myself that it didn't really happen.

Later addition: a friend mentioned that I should keep the cup. I thought I still had it, but no, it was in the main trash can. The trash can had a new plastic bag with nothing else in it (the cleaning staff changes these every morning before anyone else arrives.) In the can was the paper coffee cup (upside down,) along with the plastic lid... and underneath were THREE STIR-STICKS. One stick was clean white wood and was covered with lint (I'd found it on my desk and discarded it while looking for the vanished stick.) One was light brown; it was probably the second one from my coffee. And one was... totally dark brown, as if it'd been totally immersed in coffee much longer than the other. Oh kayyyyy, did my vanished stick... reappear?!!! But first, did anyone else in the office discard a dark brown stir-stick? Nope, the two other people had no tea that morning (and neither of them drinks coffee.) Two of the stir-sticks had the unmistakable dark stain of coffee. Both were dry (since an hour had passed,) so I couldn't tell if both were used that morning.

But but... supposing that my original stick had earlier winked out of existence, wouldn't it return in the same place, and be found near the microwave oven? How could it reappear in the trash with the cup? It's as if the stick had been in the cup all the time, even when I emptied the cup and let it dry out, and even after checking the cup several times and sweeping my finger around inside out of paranoia. The only thing I DIDN'T do was to show off the (empty) interior of the paper cup to the other two people in the office. Maybe they would have seen the stir-stick that I could not see. Or feel.

Weeks later: I buy the same type of coffee and repeat all the same events as the first time, but this time the stick doesn't vanish. This time the stick doesn't even submerge in the coffee. It's too buoyant, and it's very visible as it circle around as the coffee spins. These sticks almost submerge, but they always leave at lease 1cm (sometimes 2cm) of very visible wood protruding from the coffee.

In years past I had two other mysterious vanishings. Refer to entries below. One was a missing want-ad from the newspaper. The other was a dropped spool of solder back when I was a kid.

W. Beaty <billb a eskimo com>
Seattle, wa USA - Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 11:59:20 (PST)

Something missing? I was cleaning house one day, and had cleaned off all the tables, in order to dust and wax. I had placed a clean ashtray, with my cigerettes next to it, on one table. My cigerette case, at that time, was a bright red. When I decided to take a break from my house cleaning, I set down in my chair, went to reach for my cig case, and could not find it. I thought I might have dropped it, got down on all fours to look, and found nothing. I then thought that I might have thown them in the waste can, by mistake. I went though the garbage, and still no case. Finnally giving up, went to the fringe, where I keep extras, took a new pack out, and lit up. About 4 hours later, I went to set down in my chair, and lo and behold, there on the table, next to the ashtray, was my cigerette case. During this time, my husband came home, and helped me look for the case, and he could not find it.
Pat <patsylou a yahoo com>
Lapeer, MI USA - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 17:00:06 (PDT)

For the Vanishing/Reappearing objects I've had in my house. Now I want to take this time to tell everyone something...our house is built somewhere on or near a fault-line. The fault-line is dormant (in-active) and I don't know if all these things happening in our house has something to do with it.

I've had a few things become missing only to reappear somewhere else. In my room I was listening to a cd (don't remember which one). I had my headphones on and placed the cd case in the middle of my pillow. I went to change the cd and turned back to my bed only to see the cd case was gone. I searched everywhere in my room and couldn't find it. Then my toe hit something under the bed and there on the floor was my cd case...how it got there is beyond me. I would've known if it dropped cause I would've heard it.

I've had keys vanish and reappear next to my purse when I swear I didn't see them there before. I've had pens and shoes vanish and then reappear where they were before or in another part of the house.

Has anyone had this happen to them before?

Bartlett, IL USA - Saturday, May 15, 2004 at 15:41:38 (PDT)

A few weeks ago I was vacationing at home in Seattle with some of my old friends from high school. We had decided to rent "Pool Hall Junkies" since I play pool all the time. We also rented a second movie...some kung fu somethingerother. We watched pool hall junkies, and enjoyed it, but when we took the DVD out of the player, but the case for the DVD was just plain gone. We were in a two bedroom apartment, but at no point during the night did anybody go into either of the two bedrooms. There weren't even that many pieces of furniniture. We spent three hours looking for the jewel case. We looked EVERYWHERE, we even went so far as to disassemble the sofa and look inside the framework. No dice. The bloody thing just plain vanished.
Dave Hanson
Fairfax, VA USA - Saturday, May 08, 2004 at 08:03:10 (PDT)

this experience is for the disappearing objects category. when i was very young, not sure what age, i was playing in my living room with a plastic ring that i had bought from a toy machine. i was in a small space between a recliner and a desk. the ring was gold colored with a red plastic jewel. at some point i lost the ring somewhere in that corner. there were lots of things cluttered in the corner, and lots of places for something that size to hide. i searched for hours, i looked under and in everthing within a five foot radius. after years passed, furniture got moved, clutter got cleaned, carpet got taken up, a new recliner was brought in. any way, a decade or so after it had been lost, the ring appeared on an empty space of floor in that corner.
joe hawks <demon mind 137 a aol com>
knoxville , tn USA - Tuesday, February 24, 2004 at 17:16:45 (PST)

At the first house we owned, we kept a number of seldom used kitchen utensils in an upper cabinet, which was about 7 feet off the floor and required a step stool to reach. One of these items was a large strainer used for draining pasta or whatever in the sink. While helping to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, I went to retrieve the strainer, which was always kept right at the front of the cabinet. When I opened the cabinet door, the strainer was gone. I began to empty out the cabinet, then continued my search in the other cabinets, but nothing -- no strainer. I assumed one of our kids had somehow climbed up and taken it, and put it out of my mind. 3 months later, I needed a package of coffee filters, and remembered seeing them in the same cabinet where the strainer had been. I moved the stepstool over to the cabinet, stepped up and opened the door, and there in plain sight at the front of the cabinet was the missing strainer, as if it had never been moved! I thought this very odd, but continued on my search for the coffee filters, but now they were nowhere to be found. No one in the house had any idea where they could be, no one knew how the strainer returned, and the coffee filters were never found again. There were other disappearances in this house, including books, articles of clothing, tools, and other small items, none of which ever came back like the strainer. We moved a few years after these incidents. Sometimes I wonder if the new owner suddenly discovered some new possessions?
Greg <gjannen a zapestry com>
Chicago, IL USA - Monday, October 20, 2003 at 23:23:05 (PDT)

One afternoon my girlfriend comes out of the bathroom and ask me if I knew where all the clean towels went? I told her that there were quite a few of them 20 minutes ago, they can't all be gone... Well they were all gone. Not only the clean ones, but every single towel was gone. We both searched the entire house. There wasn't a towel any where to be found. We joked about the entity of the house playing tricks and finaly gave up looking. About 2 hrs later I went to use the bathroom and saw the towels exactly as they had been before they disapeared. I asked Wendy if she had found the towels? No... It was if they all just vanished for a while, and then reapeared exactly where they had been.
Lebanon, OR USA - Monday, October 20, 2003 at 00:27:22 (PDT)

Hello everybody. I live in a small attic flat far removed from the hubbub of the streets below but I have experienced quite a number of "strange phenomena" while living there. I used to wear my Father's gold wrist-watch which he had left to me when he died in 1975. My Mother gave it to me and told me that Dad had said he wanted me to wear it. I wore it for years but always took it off at night and placed it on the bed-side table beside the alarm clock. One morning I awoke to find that the watch was not there. My first thought was that my cat Ramba might be responsable (always blame the cat first!) but I thought this hardly likely. Search as I might, I could not find the watch anywhere in the small, snug dwelling. I was sorry the watch had gone and was puzzled, to say the least, but nevertheless dismissed it from my mind. About two years after its disappearance my Mother came from England to visit me. On the morning she was due to arrive I awoke and there was the watch, lying as if nothing had ever happened to it, on my bedside table. Of course I was much surprised indeed. Shortly after my Mother's arrival she told me about how excited she was and how she had enjoyed the flight from England via JAL (or a well-known Japanese airline if you prefer) and how the flight attendant had presented her with a beautiful pair of Japanese paper slippers for her in-flight comfort. Of course, my Mother kept the slippers and showed them to me and wore them for the rest of that evening in my place.

The next morning I got up before her to prepare the breakfast and heard Mum call fom the bedroom, "Terry, have you got my slippers?" Well, to keep the story short, I said of course not and poor Ramba was again suspect number one. Mum said she had taken the slippers off and placed them beside the bed the night before as one might expect. That was in 1986 or thereabouts and since then the slippers have not re-appeared. However, Mum died in 1997 and about two years afterwards I was in the kitchen and had taken off my Father's watch (the same one as before) and laid it on the work-top just beside me in order to wash my hands. I dried my hands and turned to take up the watch again only to discover that it had again vanished. This time there was no cat to blame as Ramba had died the year before. To this day, neither my Mother's Japanese slippers nor my Father's watch has re-appeared though I still live in hopes as a watch that can vanish twice could just as easily reappear twice. There have been other strange occurrences in the place where I still live but all that, is, as they, say, another story... I wish you well. Terry
Terry Burgoyne <treeburg a hotmail com>
Madrid, Spain - Wednesday, October 15, 2003 at 09:58:35 (PDT)

I've had three significant experiences with disappearing/reappearing objects.
1) After washing my car, I went to wax it. I kept the car wax under the sink. It was a fluorescent green bottle with brilliant orange writing; not easy to miss. I couldn't find it. So I checked the garage. Nowhere to be found. Asked my wife to help, but no luck. I didn't wax the car that day, and never found that bottle. Every time I was in the garage, I always kept an eye out for it. It certainly wasn't under the sink, as that is easy to clean out and check. About a year later, I finally decided to buy some new car wax and after using it, put it under the sink. I opened the cupboard door, and there is my green and orange bottle of wax right in front. It's in plain view. How could it be missing for over a year?
2) I wanted to chop some firewood. So I went to get my axe from the garage. Although I always kept it in the same place, it wasn't there and I couldn't find it. Once again, I asked my wife to help but we couldn't find it anywhere. After a few weeks, we figured it was lost and bought a new one. After using my new axe, I went to put it away where I always kept the other one. And there is my old axe; leaning against the wall in plain sight. Right where I always kept it.
3) I keep an extra cell phone battery in my briefcase. One day, I went to change batteries and I couldn't find it. I emptied that briefcase but still couldn't find it. This was very annoying, but it was gone. About 4 months later, I opened my briefcase, and there is the extra battery laying on top of some papers.
I can't explain any of these events, but we joke a lot about mischievous elves. But these events still give me the creeps.

georges <starstuf a attbi com>
Salem, OR USA - Monday, June 02, 2003 at 23:27:22 (PDT)

This happened a few years ago when I was working in the lab of a local chemical factory. We used an X-Ray spectrometer to measure the level of additives in polyethylene. We made small discs of the material and placed them in the instrument. One day, I placed a disc in the instrument, performed the analysis, and when I opened the sample compartment to take it back out, it was gone! Vanished into thin air! I repeated the test and again the plastic disc disappeared. There was no way it could have fallen into the machine because the sample compartment was an aluminum cup. After that it never happened again.
Robert Franklin
USA - Friday, May 30, 2003 at 11:35:00 (PDT)

I was mopping the church hall way one morning and I looked in on my sister spreading out some paper to cover the bulletin board for easter. Out of the air a penny dropped on to the the paper with sound of a definite thunk.

Being baptist, the sort of thing is frowned upon but it did happen and that's all there is to it.
manuel paredez <mparedez a msn com>
dallas, tx USA - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 21:55:07 (PDT)

I submitted a report eariler today and realized that i had an even better story. One day i was home by myself and my hackysack was in the middle of my floor.(i have no pets). I got up tyo get a drink and came back to notice that the hackysack was gone. I thought i was seeing things. !5 minutes later i went to the bathroom and whenb i cam back my hacysack was back in the same place where it dissapeared. What do u think happened?
Josh roberts <boymoose6 a myway com>
groton, ct USA - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 10:45:57 (PDT)

In 1975, I placed a special order on a large, uncommon book "Ferro-Cement Shipbuilding". 10 years later, that book was badly damaged by rain, yet somewhat usable. In 1990, I was returning to my car after visting a swap meet. As I was about to open the door, I noticed something placed on the trunk lid of my Fiat. It was a nearly-new copy of "Ferro-Cement Shipbuilding".
Chas Robinson
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 12:21:17 (PDT)

one time when i was out of weed and was searching my house for a small roach or anything i could smoke,i became extremley desperate. i even searched the floors with a light to find any little scraps of hash or weed that always littered the floor. but after an hour or more of searching i finally gave up.not finding a darn thing i left the living room and went to my room. this is the strange part,i said out loud "god if you can hear me and if you exist then show me prove it by helping me." and not thinking anything about what i said i returned to the living room and there on the floor where id searched with a fine tooth comb was a small peice of foil from a smoke pack (gold) my smokes at that time were(siver) in the foil was about 2 grams of fine hash.i will never forget that day,there is no way i over looked it before,it was not there or i would have found it.it was right in the middle of the floor.it refer to it as the day god got me high.
k mac <thehellion01 a yahoo com>
cambridge, canada - Thursday, April 24, 2003 at 15:28:35 (PDT)

In 1990 I was living on the Venice Canals off Venice Beach, California. I came out in the morning to find my car in the driveway had a flat tire, the right rear tire. It was an old car, so I had a spare in the trunk which was fully inflated. I opened the trunk, took out the jack and the spare tire and leaned it against the side of the house behind me. The driveway was narrow and fairly long. No one could have entered the driveway without me seeing them.

I put brinks under the tires, quickly jacked up the car and removed the flat. I set the flat tire againstg the buumper and turned to get the spare behind me.

It was gone. I was confused, thought I must have put it somewhere else. I circled the car in the narrow driveway, checked under the car, checked in the trunk. The tire wasn't anywhere in the driveway or in or under the car.

I thought it was vaguely possible that it had rolled into the street somehow, even though the street was slightly uphill. I went into the street and found nothing. Completely baffled, I looked all the way across the street in the neighbor's yard, then up and down the street. Nothing.

Then I went back to the driveway and looked inside my patio, even though I knew it was impossible for the tire to have jumped over the gated fence.

I was faced with two possibilities, as far as I could see: 1) I was nuts and had forgotten where I'd put the tire, even thouugh I remember exactly where I put it, namely right behind me. Or 2) The tire disappeared. You tell me.

That's really the gist of the mystery. But something amusing happened a little while later at a party. There was this girl in a room doing psychic readings. I sat while she tranced out and asked for personal questions. I asked, "What happened to my spare tire?" The psychic said: "It was needed elsewhere." That's as good an answer as any, I guess.
Los Angeles, CA USA - Friday, December 27, 2002 at 00:01:30 (PST)

This is not to report an object that actually disappeared... at least I don't think it did. Let me explain. Back in the early 1970s, I lived in a big house in Ames, Iowa with a number of friends. I had a motorcycle at the time and since Iowa had a manditory helmet law, I had a helmet. One sunny afternoon, I decided to go for a little ride. So I began looking for my helmet. I couldn't find it. I searched the whole house, every room, even in the yard but could not find my helmet. One friend came home. I asked him, "Have you seen my helmet?" He hadn't but agreed to help me look. We both combed the house to no avail. A second friend came home with the same results. The three of us were standing in the dining room, theorizing that someone must have taken the helmet. A fourth friend walked in and asked what was happening. We told him the story of the missing helmet. He calmly walked two steps to the dining room table, picked up my helmet which was sitting right there in plain view and said, "You mean this?" The three of us who had searched the house were flabbergasted. How could we have missed the painfully obvious? By the way, we were not chemically altered at the time. It has been 30 years since it happened yet I still remember the disquieting shock I felt upon seeing that helmet sitting in plain view after searching for it diligently yet unsuccessfully with two friends. So I guess the old adage is true, if you want to hide something, put it in plain view. Then again, maybe, just maybe, what we experienced was a rare case of temporary invisibility. We'll never know.
Paul S. Szymanski
Eugene, OR USA - Monday, October 28, 2002 at 15:06:38 (PST)

When I started UNUSUAL PHENOMENA ARCHIVE I had a couple of vanishing object stories of my own. I didn't expect it to become a whole separate section of the site!

When living in Rochester NY after college I started buying the sunday papers from several different cities so I could check out their employment ads. One day in the Boston Globe I stumbled across and ad for the director of the electronics department at the Museum of Science. Low pay, engineering degree required. THE PERFECT JOB! I tore it out of the paper with quivering hands. It was late at night at the moment, so I couldn't call the phone number. Then it hit me: small important slips of paper sometimes vanish. Well, THIS ONE wouldn't. I stuck it in a SF paperback book so it was sticking out and visible. I placed the book in the center of the kitchen table and backed slowly away. Next morning... it was still there (sigh of relief.) I dressed for work and picked up the book. Driving to work, waiting at a stop light I glanced at the book on the passenger seat to make sure the ad hadn't fallen out. It was still sticking out. I arrived at work (Sykes Datatronics, around 1984,) looked over at the book... and the ad was no longer sticking out. Impossible. It had just been there ten minutes ago. It COULDN'T be gone. I flipped through the book, but that was just stupid, since the ad could not have magically pushed itself down into the pages. Nope, no ad. OK, so I locked all the car doors to prevent my opening them accidentally, then I spent 45 minutes cleaning every square inch of the whole car. Nothing. No trace. I opened one door while watching for a slip of paper to fall to the ground. Nothing. Nothing in any of the other doors. Nothing under the front seats. I had to leave at lunch and drive to the city news stand and buy another Boston Sunday Globe.

I did get that job, and I kept the little slip of newspaper around for years. At one point I was cleaning my desk at work and I took the ad home. It was kicking around the apartment for months, and I saw it and stuck it in a box of various small objects and toys. But the story continues.

When I moved to Seattle and was cleaning the apartment, I saw that original ad mixed with various stuff. I stuck it in the box of toys. When I was sorting stuff in Seattle... THERE WERE TWO ADS IN THAT BOX. The long lost want-ad had reappeared. I have no idea when this happened, since several times I had noticed the ad laying around in my stuff and I would put it in a box where it wouldn't get lost. Apparently I had noticed the ad laying around twice, and had put it in the box twice. I even have vague memories of finding it stuck between the pages of a paperback book, so it might have reappeared in its original spot.

Bill B < >
Seattle, WA - Saturday, June 3, 2003 at 6:51:42 (PST)

In the entry above, why was I initially paranoid about the want-ad disappearing? This was because, as a kid, I had once lost a spool of solder.

I was in high school at the time, and was at home recovering from the chicken pox while working on a Heathkit oscilloscope that was part of a home-study electronics course the physics teacher had bought (I had volunteered to build the kit.) I built several PCBs, and then I dropped the spool of solder. I don't remember whether I heard it hit the floor, but when I leaned down to pick it up, it was gone. My room was fairly clean at the time, so I got down on hands and knees and looked around. There was no place it could hide. It was just GONE. I spent about 15 minutes carefully looking at the floor from all angles, but it did no good. I ended up digging through my tools to find a little wad of solder from some old project.

Days later I came back from school and there was the spool of solder, right next to the leg of my desk chair. It wasn't there after being dropped, and it wasn't there for several days... then it suddenly reappeared. Such things can't happen!

I notice that many of the following stories involve a certain situation: an object dropped accidentally.

I wonder... maybe human beings do have psychic abilities like the weird books claim! Suppose that mental teleportation is a genuine phenomenon. In that case, why can't all people do this? Maybe we can. Maybe it's a disused, atrophied ability, as if we all possesed a third arm which was invisible. This "extra arm" might still be controlled by our brains, but it only moves around during moments of panic, such as when we notice an object falling off the table. During such an event our "teleportation" ability flails out and, rather than catching the falling object, instead it knocks it away somehow (maybe pushing it ahead into a future time.) After coming up with this idea, I realized that it was a re-invention: Larry Niven's 1976 science fiction short story "The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton." Mr. Hamilton could catch an accidentally falling object with his hand, yet his arm had recently been amputated, so there was no hand there to do the catching.

This idea is also disturbingly like the one in Alfred Bester's "The Stars My Destination," where the human teleportation ability ("jaunting") is finally discovered. In the story a research chemist accidentally sets himself on fire while others are there as witnesses, and then he teleports across a room to appear next to the fire extinguisher. The witnesses believed their own eyes and started a research program to harness the effect. I even have a "jaunting" story myself, where during a college summer job my hands were almost crushed while using an overhead crane to unload several tons of steel flat stock from a flatbed truck. While pushing it towards the warehouse, the load suddenly shifted with a loud bang. I ended up several yards away from the load with no gloves on my hands and no memory of having leaped backwards so many paces. My gloves were trapped; crushed between two steel plates which I'd had my hands upon while pushing. I couldn't imagine any way that I could have escaped having my hands crushed. I had been pushing hard upon those particular plates when the load instantly "folded" into a smaller shape. And I had to walk several paces back to the hanging load in order to inspect my trapped gloves. That event always bugged me. Unfortunately there were no witnesses to tell me what actually happened.

Bill B < >
Seattle, WA - Saturday, June 3, 2003 at 6:51:42 (PST)

This happened alot when i was younger... in my late teens especially. On numerous occasions things would disappear (or I'd lose them) but somehow they came back to me extremely quickly through bizarre sets of co-incidences, which could just be that but judge for yourself(a few of many): 1)My house keys fell out of my pocket when i was in a taxi in my hometown (a big place). The next fare was a girl who worked at the same place as me and recognised the keys, and told the taxi driver to go to my house. i had them back within 5 minutes of getting out of the cab. 2)I left my school id card in a library book. The next person to take out the book was a friend of my sister's. i got my card back the day after returning the book to the library. 3)I left my mobile phone on a table in a cafe at lunch time. The cafe owner who picked it up happened to be my classmates sister, and recognised her sisters'(my classmates') name and number when going through the phone numbers. I got the phone back before dinner! etc etc these three incidents i remember most clearly because they happened within two weeks of each other.
twinkletwinkle <twinklex2 a hotmail com>
Barcelona, Spain - Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 11:40:42 (PST)

This happened a couple of years ogo when i was about 11, my dad had hidden my mums wedding ring as a joke above our piano in a jar under the cover of the piano. There was no way my mum could of found it. later on they were having a fight and my dad said "look your not even wearing your wedding ring" my mom then replied. "it's right here on my finger, i never took it off" my dad checked under the piano and sure enough the ring was gone, my mum had never taken it off. Another strange thing happened when my mom had bought a huge tray of mince and was de-frosting it, when she went back to check on it it was gone, we only had a cat and there was no way my cat could carry 10kg of meat off the kitchen counter. the meat never turned up and we have never smelt it either.

One thing that i will never forget was when i was asleep, i am a very light sleeper and wake to the sound of anything. I heard a tapping on the window and i looked out side and say a person runing around in our yard, by then we had a dog, a large dog, she would of barked it anybody was out ther but she was sound asleep out side.

When my mother was cradling me as a child she felt a cold presence in the room, she wispered, "if someone it there tap the glass", expecting my dad just to play a joke one her. she heard the glass tapping but as she turned around to smile at my dad she remembered that he went out a few hours before to get me milk. Nobody was there except me,and i was just a few weeks old.
Sydney, NSW Australia - Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 23:26:31 (PDT)

Twice, maybe more....Once I was in the kitchen in my apartment, filling up the salt shaker. The top to the shaker fell to the floor, and I heard it hit. I bent down to get it, and it wasn't there....it was no where in the kitchen. Another time, I was in the livingroom, taking batteries out of a remote control. The batteries flipped out, one hitting the wall, and I caught the other one. I heard it hit the wall and went behind the sofa to retrieve it...No battery.....no battery in the house at all. I even removed the sofa cushions and felt down into the sofa....No battery. Where do they go?

Another incident, I always sleep with a light on in the house, and I always leave my TV set playing all night., and I never turn off the VCR. Some mornings I awake to find the TV turned and VCR both turned off. The problem is, there will be no tape in the VCR, and the VCR is not connected to the TV as to where if you turn of the TV the VCR would turn off as well. I thought it might have been a power failure during the night, but the clock on the VCR would be displaying the correct time. All my clocks are electrical, so if there was a power failure, they would be blinking. I thought too it might be the outlets, but then I remembered, it has happened each place I've lived...I've lived in three different apartment complexes.
Lex, KY USA - Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 14:05:14 (PST)

Wife lost a piece of jewelry, then a year later it materialized in front of her and her friends, when she was in another country, and it promptly fell to the ground. She had been opening a menu.

Another time she lost a small ring, and later it rematerialized on her fingers. I saw that one.

I'm amazed at the things they find in solid rock: materialized screws, nails, metal balls with grooves, gold chains, etc. Even a spark plug.

I think they come from different times of the earth, and go back to the past. Then the past catches up to us, and we find it again. Therefore, they are only HUMAN artifacts, and nothing from OUR FUTURE has been found... or am I wrong on this. Will we Have a future, if no artifacts are ever found representing that time?
Bill Jensen <wdjensen123 a hotmail com>
Cupertino, CA USA - Monday, March 25, 2002 at 17:01:27 (PST)

One day I was looking at some pictures that I had just had developed with my sister. As I was taking the pictures out, one of the negative strips fell out. My sister and I both watched as it fell towards the ground then disappeared about 6 inches up. We both looked at each other with startled looks! There were a couple of sheets of paper on the floor nearby but that was it, but we looked anyway. About 6 feet away was a basket of clothing. We looked at each other, we both said "No Way!",but we looked anyway. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PILE we found it!
Kim Hardman <khardman a ckr com >
Anaheim, CA USA - Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 18:15:54 (PST)

I cannot explain what phenomenon causes the following to happen. It does not happen all the time but it has happened enough for me to decide it is not coincidence. The two incidents below were witnessed by other people. There were many more.

In 1988, I was having a rough time financially. I had just had my daughter, my husband was absent and I ws sharing an apartment with a friend who was having similar problems.

One day we were discussing what items we would like to have that we could not afford at the time. I jokingly said the only things I needed in my life at that time were a new blow dryer, a new set of towels, a new comforter and a set of those time life books on wizards and witches.

Two weeks later I was visitng a friend and across the street the people were moving out of their apartment. We were standing outside and one of the fellows asked me if I wanted some of the things that they could not fit in their car. I went over and he handed me a large comforter with items wrapped inside. I took it back across the street and when I opened it up inside was a blow dryer, a set of towels/and washcloths, and a complete set of the timelife books wizards and witches.

3 years ago, my husband and I had received one of those invitatins to join a club store. Wee decided to try it out. The store was having a sale on cases of bottled water. buy 3 get two free. I argued with my husband that we should buy a couple of cases since they were so inexpensive. He would not relent and explained that since we have home delivery we did not need these extra bottles. I finally conceeded and forgot about the water. We checked out and took our packages to the car. Next to the car on the passenger side, someone had left a cart. I walked around to move it and get into the car. On the rack underneath the cart were two cases of the bottled water.
NJ USA - Monday, June 03, 2002 at 12:43:12 (PDT)

This is the first time I have visited your web site, and by accident. I have just read thru all of the reports. I thought that I was the only one. I have stuff disappear and reappear almost every two to four weeks, much to the extent like the report by Natasha and the others. I have done extensive / exhaustive searches with complete verification to myself that the item is truly GONE, only to have the same item reappear a half hour later or a week later.

I came to the realization about five years ago that something was not normal. Am I losing it completely?

Many times I take a precognitive verification for the safety of the item and it still dissappears / reappears. This theme seems to run through half of your reports, especially with cherished items.

Sometimes I put items on a table and I know ahead of time that the object is going to disappear! And it does!

I am 56 years old and I can say that this has happened to me approximately over 50 times in the last ten years. I can easily exclude many instances to simply lost items, but I cannot exclude those times that I have done extensive / exhaustive searches only to have the items reappear exactly where I did the searches.

It seems that there should be a better name for the phenomenon than vanishing / reappearing objects, and it seems that there could be some sort of classification, i.e., dropped objects, emotional/cherished objects, tool objects/ geographical areas, activity / attention losses, etc..

I would like to be kept abreast of any future articles you have on the subject. You may contact me at email: sonoramente a yahoo com
John-Titus <sonoramente a yahoo com>
Arvada, CO USA - Monday, July 15, 2002 at 02:15:37 (PDT)

When I was 14 I was activally practicing Roman Catholicism. One night after coming home from CVS with my mother, I starting sorting out items I would be needing for a 4 day retreat coming up in a week. (I liked to be prepared hehe). I put the CVS bag in the suitcase, knowing I would need the deoderant, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste only for the trip. A couple of days later I started packing away the clothes. The CVS bag was still in the suitcase, but the toothpaste was gone. Baffled, I searched my room. Under the bed, IN the bed, the closet, all my clothes, the car, even both bathrooms thinking my sister might have grabbed the toothpaste thinking it was ok to use. Still coming up with nothing, I tried something my Youth Group Leader, Joann had taught me. "Pleaes Saint Anthony, Please come around, Something is missing and must be found... My toothpaste!" I chanted it three times, then researched my room... Nothing, absolutely positively nothing... I gave it up and went on with my day. The next day, as I was cleaning off my dresser I accidentally pushed a necklace off the back edge. As it was an extremely nice necklace, my *only* real gold necklace at that, I scrunched myself up and reached behind the dresser to get it right away. Lo and behold the first thing I grabbed was my toothpaste. I have absolutely *no clue* how it got back there. Reaching back again I went to get my necklace. But no matter how far I reached, I couldn't feel it. Breathless, I decided to move the dresser (which entailed removing all the drawers as it was extremely heavy). As I stood up to start removing the drawers, I saw my necklace, clasp wedge on the side of the mirror, dangling off the back edge. It was a bit strange, but I felt elated that Saint Anthony had pulled through for me. :-)
Amy <paradox0690 a hotmail com>
Albany, NY USA - Saturday, July 27, 2002 at 22:16:44 (PDT)

This happened this summer. My sister asked me to go get a propane canister from her cabin. I went 10KM with my car to get it. I opened the trunk with the carkey and let the key stay in the lock. After loading the canister and closing the trunk, the key was gone! The car doors was also locked! Had to hitch back to my house to get a spare key. Upon returning to the car I unlocked the door and drowe home. When I opened the trunck, the first thing I saw was the carkey on top of the propane canister! How it got there I don't know!
Norway - Friday, September 20, 2002 at 14:22:13 (PDT)

I realize that any story involving weirdness - especially suspected memory lapses - becomes suspect when marijuana use is involved, but this true story was simply too clearly experienced to be the result of "stoner" absent-mindedness. Anyway, my friend and I had walked to a nearby beach to enjoy the sunset. We took along a large and heavy bong which, when not being used, we placed on a half-embedded log between us. The beach was flat and there were no hiding places or objects behind which anything could have been placed so as to be hidden from our field of vision. A distant street lamp and the illumination from nearby high-rise condos provided ample light even after the sun had started to set. After having set the bong down, one of us stooped to pick it up for another hit. But it wasn't there where we had left it, less than twelve inches from our feet. We were both clad in shorts and t-shirts, and it would have been impossible to conceal this very unwieldy bong on either of our persons. The water was too far away for it to have been flung into. After each of us accused each other of somehow hiding it as a prank, it dawned on us that clearly neither of us knew where it had gone. We grew increasingly puzzled and started as scientific a physical search and methodical thought process as we could to determine its whereabouts. I could tell from my friend's alarmed attitude that he wasn't playing any joke. Also, no-one was anywhere near us. We walked back and forth, dug and squinted along the beach surface for twenty minutes. Suddenly, we both saw the bong sitting there in precisely the location I had left it - but where we had looked fifty times in the last twenty minutes and had not seen it. In fact, I was on my hands and knees inches away from it when it "re-appeared". We were stunned. It is possible that some world-class magician has somehow decided to play a pointless elaborate joke on us - it couldn't have been my friend because the whole episode badly unnerved him, and he couldn't have faked such a plausible adverse emotional reaction ( he was my closest friend, and I had never seen him freaked like this). Also, the bong couldn't have been buried in sand because it was completely clean and leafy material was still in the bowl- and water was still in it. Again, the whole thing resembled a classic magic trick and if it had taken place under controlled conditions I wouldn't have been remotely impressed. We spent hours afterwards re-constructing the event in minute detail and could see no way this could have happened without the involvement of another skilled trickster - but we checked for prints in the sand, and there was only the two sets of our tracks. The advantage of a sand surface is that it clearly shows if it has been recently disturbed - so we were satisfied it had not been buried. Nor had the log been moved. The bong itself was clay and about 15" x 4", which a very wide base sculpted into a "sitting deity" form and very heavy -as I said, no way it could have been concealed under any clothing. A small mystery, of perhaps no lingering interest. All I can say that made it particularly noteworthy was that after it occurred we took the care to spend two hours at the scene where it happened looking for physical clues and finding nothing - so it was much more "evidential" in nature than so many fleeting incidents that are caused by simple confusion, mistaken interpretation or hallucination.
Tony Danis <wdmc_77 a yahoo com>
Mountain View, CA USA - Thursday, January 03, 2002 at 20:14:44 (PST)

This one incident has stuck in my head as clear as the day it happened. When I was around six years of age, I had a toy called a prop shot. It was a hand held launcher with a rip cord. When you pull the cord, a small plastic plane shoots off and flies about 60 feet. It was late on a Saturday evening and I had just been bathed by my mother. Not wanting to stop playing with my cool toy I decided to have a few shots off the back porch. Unfortunately, I pulled the cord to hard and shot the plane over the back fence into my neighbours rear yard. That night I had a vividly clear dream. In my dream, it was the next morning...the sun was shining, clear blue sky, dew on the grass, birds chirping.....my plane was lying in my rear yard near a vegge patch. When I awoke that following morning I ran straight to the spot where I dreamt the plane was located. There it was. I picked it up and looked around. Everything was as it was in my dream. Pretty freaky heh? I thought it was Deja Vous except that I ran out in the morning on a mission. The mission was based on the dream I had. Anyway..thats my little not so scary but otherwise interesting story.
Peter <timehopper a logoblue com>
Sydney, Australia - Friday, August 31, 2001 at 03:32:34 (PDT)

In 1985 I was at my friend's house involved in a little jam session. Whilst grooving along on my bass I lost my grip on the pick and it landed on the floor. When we finished the song, I bent down to pick up the fallen pick, but it was GONE! My friends and I scoured the entire living room for it, but after a lengthy search of the same areas over and over again, we gave up. Later, when we'd finished jamming, we went down to the basement to say hello to my friend's father who was in the rec room watching tv. I sat down on a chair and looked down at the carpet just to the right of the chair. There in this spot, which was directly under the spot upstairs where I had dropped it, sat my pick... I don't understand! How could this have happened?
JAMES <jamtart a powersurfr com>
edmonton, alberta canada - Thursday, November 01, 2001 at 19:21:15 (PST)

Alright, those of you who read this probably wont believe me unless you too have experienced this. Well this happened about 30 minutes ago. I was sitting here reading these bull shit entries while I was eating some funions. As I was sitting here indulging myself i dropped a funion. To my surprise it was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere and i still found no trace of my funion. If any of you crazy people no where my funion is or have experienced this same ordeal please, please contact me.
jan sambataro <quesoesbueno86 a aol com>
USA - Saturday, October 06, 2001 at 16:22:33 (PDT)

Just remembered another one, though after reading other accounts on this site I see that these events are pretty common. This event happened this year (2001). As I left for work in the morning I grabbed a container of yogurt to eat as I drove (I know this isn't a safe practice). I put a "soup" spoon (much larger than a regular teaspoon)in my shirt pocket to eat the yogurt with. As I got underway and reached for the spoon, I couldn't find it. I carefully checked my shirt pocket, but it wasn't there (how carfully do you need to check a tiny pocket for a large spoon?). I patted the pocket from the outside and stuck my fingers inside as well. I was mad because I was going to miss my snack and I was hungry. I didn't feel the spoon fall out of the pocket so I turned the light on and looked in my pocket, it wasn't there. I figured it must have fallen out somehow. I couldn't eat the yogurt so I stopped at a donut place when I got to town. Unfastening my seatbelt I emmediately saw the spoon in my pocket! These events have happened so many times I have to wander, does this happen to everyone?
Steve <commonblue a att net>
Evansville, IN USA - Sunday, October 21, 2001 at 20:03:07 (PDT)

Displaced/ reappearing objects have bothered me occasionally for years. I have learned that if I get that "weird feeling" when I can't find something that should be in a specific spot, then I hold my finger out and very slowly scan the whole area. I think this helps avoid mistakes caused from quickly glancing over an area with just your eyes. Even with this careful scanning, many times I have had no doubt that an object was definitely not in a location, only to look away and suddenly see the object in plain view when I look back.

The most extraordinary event occurred to me fairly recently. I placed a quart can of paint on a shelf in my garage in a location that was dedicated to that type of item. I was careful to place it prominantly in view because I knew I was going to use that paint in a project within a couple weeks. When I wanted to perform the project, I remember being glad that I did place it carefully so I wouldn't have to look all over for it. Things didn't go so well from that point however. I could not find that can of paint. I started to blame my wife but she assured me she never messes with that stuff. I looked over the very area I knew I put it, and looked over and over again. Remember, I'm talking about a large can of paint. I then expanded my search to other areas, but I knew it should be in one small spot. I went into the house (attached garage) then returned. As soon as I looked into the garage while still standing in the doorway and 20 feet away from the shelf, I could easily see the paint can. It was right where it was supposed to be, and it was right up front on the shelf. There is no way I could have missed seeing it earlier.
Steve <commonblue a att net>
Evansville, IN USA - Sunday, October 21, 2001 at 19:16:01 (PDT)

I have several to report from over 40 years of life. This is one of two early yet very profound "wierd events". I was 7 years old and we didn't have too many toys, so I really valued the ones I did have. I found a toy rubber knife and was thrilled to add it to my toy collection. Some time later, I was doing something only a child would think of doing. I tempted fate by holding that valued toy knife by its very tip and dangling it inside a narrow pipe that a neighbor had driven into the ground. I lost my hold on the knife and it fell inside the pipe. I was devastated by the loss as well as by my stupidity. I ran home and was very depressed. Late in the day I got something out of my closet and was stunned when I looked down and saw the very knife I lost down the pipe! About every 3 or 4 years similar weird events have occurred to me, but nothing to that extreme.
Steve <commonblue a att net>
Evansville, IN USA - Sunday, October 21, 2001 at 18:42:46 (PDT)

This happened to me a few weeks ago. It was evening and I was in the bathroom to take out my contact lenses - they really hurt in my eyes because they had been in all day and they were dry. I stood there at the faucet sink, in front of a mirror to see what I was doing. I took out the first (left) contact... it jumped out, it sticked to my eyelid. I took it, I washed it and stored it in its box.

Now for my right contact lens - I put it out, but because it was so dry it jumped out of my eye with the typical "slick" sound, and I heard it fall down in the sink (which I had stopped down to prevent a lens from disappearing into the sewer). There was some soapy water in there due to washing the left lens earlier. I frequently drop a lens that way so I just searched in that water for it. It wasn't there. So I searched on the little shelf just under the mirror and above the sink, where the toothbrushes were. It wasn't there either. I didn't understand, but assumed it must have fallen on the floor, so I crouched down and searched on the floor. Nothing. Then, I searched in and on my clothes, nothing. I looked in the mirror to see if it was in my hair - I brushed my hands through it, but nothing. I studied my face in the mirror, but it was not sticking on my face either (and I didn't expect it to be, since I had heard it fall down into or on the sink).

Eventually, my dad came in and helped me search... about 10 minutes later. He asked me exactly how I dropped the lens, so I showed him how I had been standing and how I dropped it. I explained to him that it just fell out of my eye into the sink, and I described the path the lens would have fallen. As I did that, the lost lens seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of my face and fell down along that path into the sink with a tick sound.

If anyone can explain this, I'd like to hear... I had searched around everywhere and brushed my clothes, hair and so on - I had moved quite a bit. But only after I stood still in the same position as first (posing for my dad), explaining to my dad how it fell out, it just seemed to rematerialize again in front of my face and did fell down like it would have in the first case.
Harald E. <heedens a yahoo com>
Wijdenes, NH Netherlands - Friday, October 19, 2001 at 11:22:45 (PDT)

My friend lent me a video tape "Speaking With Your Angeles" ( a simple guide to talk to your angels ) I thought it might be a fun thing to watch on a boring Sunday afternoon. I was in the middle of watching the video and feeling rather positive that angels do exist. The video was explaining that angels have a sense of humor and will play fun pranks here and there. In that moment the phone rang, I paused the video and the "wrong number" on the phone line asked me "Can I please speak to Angel?". Naturally, I laughed and said "there is no one here by that name." OK, I thought, now I am a believer, cute angel prank, I believe ( it doesn't take me much, I like this stuff ). So , now I know that the angels are there to assist me. I had lost my cell phone for 3 months. No-can-find, 3 months, gone , forget it , but it bugged me. I don't loose things, where is it? I ask my angels to assist me. The next morning there is my cell phone in the center of my small living room floor. 'Splain that Lucy !
Beverly < x astrogal a earthink net>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, August 01, 2001 at 18:23:41 (PDT)

I have a couple of odd ones to report. The first was a dissappearing chook (domestic hen). We have pet hens and we keep them locked up at night because of the fox problem. Sometimes they go clucky (broody) in inappropriate places, where the fox could get them. We had forgotten that a hen called Leopard had gone clucky and was locked out of the chookhouse one night.

It was midnight and I heard her scream as the fox grabbed her. I ran onto my balcony and yelled at the fox, because they're pretty wussy around here, and if you give them a big scare they might drop the chook and run away. My husband and I rushed outside and started searching for Leopard. I found the still warm egg she had been sitting on, and 2 feathers. Our yard is 1 acre and I admit, not that easy to search in the daytime, let alone the middle of the night, but we found nothing. I counted the chooks safely locked away, hoping I had made a mistake about Leopard, but she wasn't there.

I was tired the next day, and miserable because I hate to lose a pet like that. About midday the following day (that would be about 36 hours since Leopard's dissappearance) I was throwing some bread down to the chooks, and Leopard was there. Maybe she'd just been hiding for 36 hours. I don't know. But the foxes around here have a good sense of smell, and they're not so wussy that they'd go 2 nights without checking a food source!

My other weirdness was a displaced ear-stud. I was standing in my walk in wardrobe as I put in the stud, but it slipped and I dropped it. I saw it fall just beside my foot. I searched for about 1/2 an hour, really annoyed because it was one of my favourites. Eventually i gave up, I figured it would turn up sooner or later. Or not. And it was only $2.50 and I could replace it. I did replace it, then, just over a year after losing it, I was emptying the drawer-baskets in the wardrobe to re-line them. There was my ear-stud, in one of the baskets. I saw it fall to the floor. There was no way it could have bounced the 40cm or so (15 inches) to get into that drawer.
amanda <feathers a cyberspace net.au>
melbourne, Victoria Australia - Monday, October 30, 2000 at 14:57:52 (PST)

After my stepfather's mother died, he brought home a few things from her house, including a little brass elephant with it's trunk raised. We placed the elephant on a table in our front entryway along with a brass unicorn and some plants. It stayed there for a while, until my mum and I noticed it had gone missing. The unicorn was still in it's place, and nothing else seemed to be missing in the house, it was only the little brass elephant. We noticed that it had been gone for quite a while, about 2months, before my mum commented on it. I had assumed that she had moved it and she had assumed that I had moved it, so when we realised that neither one of us moved it, we asked my stepfather and he looked rather confused about it. We spent another two months looking for it. No one other than the neighbours had been in our house before the little elephant disappeared. We asked our neighbours (feeling rather guilty about making them feel accused of stealing a brass elephant), but no one had remembered even seeing it to begin with. So, that left us all perplexed. We searched every inch of the house and could not find it. It just disappeared. If it had been purloined, I dont see why the theif would have just walked away with the elephant and left the unicorn. They were both pocket-sized, and in my opinion, the unicorn was nicer. Anyway, six months after the elephant disappeared, the house burned down. We had a friend who claimed to be psychic,and she claimed that an elephant with it's trunk upright was considered good luck. She thought the spirits had taken it as a sign that our luck would run out. Of course, we also had a barn and hung up a horseshoe on it, and found out that the horseshoe was hung up the wrong way. After the barn burned down (it actually burned two years before the house), we were told that because we hung the shoe upside down, our luck had run out. Oh well. After the house fire, we found the little unicorn, but the elephant was never seen again.
Donnie H. < Saphron a NHL com>
Raleigh, NC USA - Friday, April 20, 2001 at 09:45:42 (PDT)

About two years ago, I was getting ready to go to the movies with my older brother. My car keys were on a key ring that had a lot of other keys, and key rings on it. My brother and I were the only ones home. We went into the kitchen to get something to drink, and I set my keys on the kitchen counter. Just a few seconds later I turned to grab my keys and they weren't on the counter. At first I was confused, and then I thought that maybe I had left them on my bed, so we went back to my room. They were nowhere in sight. My brother couldn't have taken them because he was with me the whole time, and he wouldn't anyway. We searched the whole house, but never found the keys. My brother grabbed his set of keys for my car, and we decided to go to the movies and not worry about it until we got home. We walked out to my car, got in, and there were my keys already in the ignition. Someone please explain that!
Jen < jjmadewell a yahoo com>
Dallas, TX USA - Friday, July 27, 2001 at 15:11:04 (PDT)

One evening back in the early 80's, I watching TV and tinkering with a disabled slide projector. I had disassembled the unit and removed the condenser lens. This lens was made of glass or crystal, very thick and had a faint green tint to it. I began to observe different objects under the lens. The objects seem to have a fisheye look about them. Quickly growing bored with this activity, my attention was drawn back to the program I was watching on TV. As I sat there watching the program with the lens in hand, I thought, lets take a look at the pixels on the screen with this thing. I placed the lens against the screen and watched the phosphurs dance and change color. I looked at this for about 5 minutes then sat back to resume my TV viewing. This is where it gets weird! I had the lens in my left hand and felt and heard a buzzing sensation eminating from the lens. I opened my hand allowing the lens to rest in my up turned palm. The sound and the buzzing sensation increased, then suddenly there was a SNAP! and the lens disintegrated! I mean it just vanished!! I dont have to tell you that this took me by surprise. After the shock wore off, I looked all over the office and area that I was sitting for any fragments of the lens, but I came up with nothing! Any Idea's? I offer this theory for your approval. What I think happened is the electrons that bombard the phosphur screen of the TV set caused the molecules of the glass of crystal lens to vibrate to a point that caused it to shatter. Like the old crystal glass on the Memorex commercial. But there should have been some trace of it left behind, dont you think?
R. Garlick <richdude1 a chartermi net>
Whitmore Lake, Mi. USA - Friday, March 23, 2001 at 09:25:57 (PST)

Last night I purchased some lawn furniture, a table and four chairs. each chair came with a small plastic bag tied to a lower support, in each bag were four plastic inserts that you're supposed to stick into the bottom of each leg of the chairs. the box the table came in contained an identical bag with identical inserts for the four legs of the table. i could not get any of them to go into their holes with bare hands. my girlfriend suggested using a hammer, which i scoffed until she brought out the hammer and easily put in a couple of the inserts. so i used the hammer and put the other two for that chair in, and proceeded to put in the inserts in another chair, and then the ones for the table. no real reason i can think of i did the table in the middle of the four chairs. anyways i go to do the third chair, and *none* of the inserts will fit in any of the holes, i tried 2 or 3 of them in all the holes. so i try to put those inserts in the fourth chair.. no luck... hammer all you want but they just squeeze out because they seem a tiny bit too big. so i figure alright, i'll try the inserts that came with the fourth chair.. again they will not go into either chair.. i am getting kinda psssed at this point. i give up and go inside for awhile... come back out and try again, find that by hammering very carefully and gently i can get the inserts to go in eventually although it requires 50 times the effort of the first 2 chairs and the table. after like 10 minutes i get all four into the fourth chair.. grab the third chair to use my newfound skill to finally complete the task and the inserts are *$%#ing gone.. this has been done on my patio which has 4ft stone walls around the entire perimeter except for the doorway and where the walls of the house are.. so only one way out for anything dropped. all the packing material, everything else is there, just not the 4 inserts. it makes you think that i put the 4 that first game me trouble down somewhere, and i'm still not sure, but after almost 24 hours they are still gone and i have searched top to bottom. normally i am very skeptical about most anything unusual but this is so weird... i almost went and accused my neighbors of stealing my 4 plastic inserts. i truly hope that they soon fall from the sky near me so i can finish setting up the patio set.

a few years ago i was i had just parked at the taco bell when this crazy chick in the drivethru lane managed to drive over the concrete barrier and hit my parked car as i was getting out.. after we went through the whole "deal with an accident" rountine (acutally she paid me cash and we called it even) i go to leave and realize i dont have my car key... look for a long time and finally use most the cash she gave me to pay an all night locksmith for a new ignition. as i'm pulling out of the parking space i see a glint and there's the key directly in the exact middle of the parking space (where i and some stangers helping me had looked many many times..) and now it doesnt even work cuz i had a new ignition... that sucked.
Aaron <spam a aaronwolfe com>
Stuart, FL USA - Saturday, February 24, 2001 at 21:33:43 (PST)

This happened quite sometime ago, but yet it is still pretty vivid to me (and I have never figured it out to this day).

When I was in the 7th grade, my grandmother had given me a birthday gift, which was a silver athletic-type of runners band, which, I believe, was originally intended as an identification bracelet for elderly runners. It was a silver band that fits securely and it had a small plate on the top of the bracelet with a simple picture of a running figure (hence why I say the band is a runner's ID).

So I wore this band all throughout 7th grade and it became one of my most favored possessions. However mid-way into the year, I was walking down the hall and I happened to look at my band and the small plate had popped off -- well it was just gone. I tried retracing my steps, but to no avail, as the designs on the floors and the size of the plate itself (a little less than 1/2 inch) made it too hard for me to find anything. I was kinda devastated, but after a few days i forgot about it.

A few weeks later, our school had our annual Olympic Day, where all the students compete against each other, etc. I was signed up for the 500 meter dash (or something like that), althought i am not a very good runner. Now here's the weird part -- as I was standing at the start line just before the race actually began, I was putting my chewing gum back into its wrapper in my pocket, but as i reached into my pocket i felt a tiny poke. Confused i grabbed the foreign object and pulled it out of my pocket - - it turned out to be my small running man. I was really happy when it showed up, and it kinda inspired me to run that race. I am pretty sure that I was NOT wearing the same pants that I wore when i lost the 'running man'. After the race (which I lost despite my renewed vigor), I forgot about the running man which i ensured was stored securely in my 5th pocket (that real tiny one). The next day i remembered about it and when i looked in the pants, there was nothing -- it was gone again. I searched the whole pants, even every corner and seam, but I found nothing. Well that's my story and it's still a mystery to me.
Jamie Moore <blessedwarlord a hotmail com>
Lithonia, Ga USA - Saturday, February 24, 2001 at 21:24:47 (PST)

In 1981 my girl-friend was staying in the house of a friend of mine and one evening my friend's wife asked us to "baby-sit" the two stray Siamese cats they had adopted as she had a social engagement and to make sure we put them in the garden if we left the house. About an hour later my girl-friend said she wanted to go out and I went to collect the cats to put them in the back yard.

One of them, a very strange and vocal little animal, refused to be gathered up and ran to the foot of the stairs. As I approached the cat it darted up six or seven steps and waited, calling out loudly and looking at me but, as I got near again, it ran up some more steps where it stopped again and sat staring at me, mewing loudly.

To my astonishment and annoyance the animal did this repeatedly as though it were teasing me until we had ascended two flights of stairs and reached the third floor landing at the top of the house. "Now I've got you" I thought as I reached the landing because I saw the cat dart in through the slightly open door of a small disused room. Approaching cautiously, bent low with hands outstretched to stop the animal running out of the door and past me, I entered the room, carefully closing the door behind me.

The cat was nowhere to be seen! The only contents of the room, which measured about 9 feet by 8 feet maximum, were an old armchair, an empty crate, a cupboard with a locked door, some half empty paint tins and a few odds and ends. Thinking the animal had hidden itself I began to search through the few available hiding places, even unlocking the cupboard and looking inside. I turned the armchair upside down to see if the fabric was torn allowing the cat to find its way inside but there was no sign of any place where an animal could hide. I looked up the chimney (it was blocked by an iron plate), examined the paint pots, looked into the crate and moved a couple of bits of cardboard and searched through the room thoroughly for about half an hour. The one window was locked and there were no other doors or exits available.

Eventually my girl-friend, exasperated at the amount of time I was taking, called up the stairs to ask what I was doing. I had searched the room thoroughly three times and eventually gave up, feeling baffled and irritated that I was unable to carry out my friend's request. As I left the room I closed the door behind me determined to search the room again on our return.

We went out but later, on our return, I told my friend's wife what had happened and apologised to her for failing to put the cat out. She stared at me disbelievingly and said, "That's alright. When we returned both cats were out in the back garden calling to be let in."

I have told this story of the dematerialising cat several times inviting some explanation but none has ever been forthcoming the usual response being disbelief or some trivial answer such that I did not look carefully enough. To this day I have no explanation for how the cat got out of the room without me seeing it. Even if an explanation is available for this there is no explanation for how it got out of the house which had all its windows and doors thoroughly locked against intruders.
Paul Whitehorn <t.p.whitehorn>
London, UK - Friday, January 19, 2001 at 03:33:43 (PST)

well this is kinda lame but i was sitting in front of my computer playing a game and eating plain pringles chips. I droped one on the floor directly in front of me. I thought nothing of it and decided rather than pick it up i would just get it later. about half an hour later i went to pick it up. it wasn't there. My floor was clean and there was no where for it to go. it was a perfectly made chip and would have stuck out like a sore thumb compared to my carpet. I never did find it. i searched for like half an hour then gave up. I went back a bout an hour later and searched for about another half hour and never did find it. Now every time i sit there i glance to where it would have been half expecting to find it. Lame eh? well i never did find it. Everybody probably has a similar story if they think hard enough. 73888163 is my ICQ number if you want to talk about anything on this site i am really interested and would like to talk to you?
Chris Griffin <zzgriffin a hotmail com>
heward, sk Canada - Friday, January 12, 2001 at 15:54:13 (PST)

in 1998 me and a friend were walking dowwn the street smoking a marijuana filled cigar. undercover officers clearly saw us and pulled the car over to confront us

i had the cigar in my mouth grabbed it and dropped in on the sidewalk next to me. the side walk was clear except for my friend and those two cops . by the time the cops walked up to us it was gone. they threatened to arrest us and searched us but they did not find it and neither did we it just disappeared intno thin air. I will never forget that
lbenet <loganbenitez a hotmail com>
bx, ny USA - Sunday, January 07, 2001 at 18:56:37 (PST)

I often have things disappear from where I left them. I mentally ask to please have it returned to me. Sometimes it will turn up in the same place I left it and other times it will turn up in a very unusual place. I believe this is my guide or higher self just letting me know they are around, because this usually happens when I feel lost and need guidance.
Dee <dwheeler a mmcable com>
Edmond, OK USA - Sunday, December 31, 2000 at 21:04:07 (PST)

I was watching TV in my room one night and i suddenly felt hungry. I got up and went into the kitchen and got a snack. I came back to my room and couldn't find the TV remote. I thought maybe i had brought it with me to the kitchen but it wasn't there. I searched the whole house and couldn't find it anywhere. I finally got tired of searching and went back to my room. I sat down in the chair extremely frustrated. I got so mad that I had lost the stupid remote that a great amount of anger built up. I looked up at the TV and changed the channel with the remote that had suddenly appeared in my hand.
Brian <archive777 a juno com>
medford, ny USA - Friday, December 15, 2000 at 20:24:26 (PST)

A couple of weeks ago, I read the reports posted here about disappearing/reappearing objects. At that time, nothing like that had ever happened to me. Then last Sunday I had an extremely odd experience with a pair of slippers that still has me baffled, although I do have my own wacko theory about what might have happened.

It was very cold that morning, and I put my bedroom slippers on my feet when I got up. I went downstairs and sat in the living room for a while with my son, watching a movie on TV about a bear cub and its mother in the wild. Although I usually find such films boring, this one had a hypnotic quality that was hard to resist, and I watched it for quite a while, marveling at the scenery and wondering how the film makers got the bears to do such amazing things (the cub, at one point, was struggling to climb up an almost vertical rock face of a mountain). I got up and went out into the kitchen/dining area. Our Rottweiler, Spike wanted to go outside so I put on boots and a coat and went out the back door with him. We were outside for 5 minutes or so, and I noticed while walking with him that the air had a strange sort of feeling to it. We're close to an interstate, and the traffic noise seemed at the same time louder than usual and not quite real. The traffic sound was having a similar hypnotic effect on me as the movie I had been watching, and it was sort of a creepy feeling. Then we went back inside. I took off my boots and hung up my coat. My feet were cold and I went to retrieve my slippers from the entrance to the laundry room (which leads out into the back yard), which is where I usually leave them when I go outside. But they weren't there! I looked all over the whole downstairs of the house for a good 10 or 15 minutes - I searched everywhere. I went into the living room where my son was still watching the movie. "The weirdest thing just happened," I told him. "My slippers disappeared!" "What do you mean, disappeared?" he replied, looking at me like he thought I was off my rocker. Then I went upstairs and into my bedroom and there, in exactly the position where I take them off each night when I go to bed, were the slippers. The weirdest thing of all is that the second I saw them there I had a very strong sense that the slippers had been there all along, that I had not put them on that morning and worn them downstairs. But at the same time I knew beyond any doubt that I HAD put them on!

I am a very sane, sober and practical person - I do not drink or do drugs. My son, also of a serious nature, is definitely not the type to play practical jokes. And he and I, along with Spike and two cats, were the only ones in the house. And, although Spike or the cats might take one slipper and move it, it is highly unlikely they could have taken them both upstairs and put them exactly in the position where I leave them at night. So what the heck happened? If anybody has any thoughts or ideas, or similar experiences, please e-mail me!

Maybe the whole thing was a hallucination, a passing temporary insanity. Or maybe I really did wear the slippers downstairs and at some point while watching the movie or walking with the dog I slipped into another dimension, a parallel reality that was almost like the original one, except that in this one I didn't put the slippers on!

If I have any more delusions or reality slips or whatever, I will be sure to report them here. In the meantime, I hope to hear from someone (anyone!) with similar experiences.
Pat Lord <PL799EZ a aol com>
Port Crane, NY USA - Saturday, January 27, 2001 at 18:55:09 (PST)

Hey! This really weird thing happended when I lived in Iowa, about 4 years ago when I was 9. My family was watching some movie and I was really bored. So I went downstairs, a place I was really afraid of when I was a kid because I thought ghosts were there. I had a penny. It was really dark. I was playing catch with the penny. I dropped it, and I turned on the lights to look for it. to my suprise, there was nothing. My basement is empty, no carpet. I was really freaked out. I went to check the wall I was leaning on when I was playing catch. When I bent down to check the lining of the walls, I slipped on something, and I felt something hit me behind me. No one was downstairs! It hit my lower leg, and I turned around to see the penny! THE PENNY HIT ME! I was so freaked out I picked up the penny, made sure it was the same one and dropped in and ran upstairs. I thought someone or maybe something did not want me there. As I said before, no one was downstairs. I just remembered this about 5 minutes ago! My left leg is getting chills just thinking about this, so I guess it was my left leg it hit. I have 20-20 vision as I have had all my life. There is no wind or anything, I am not on crack or any other type of drug. I was not dreaming, or anything of that sort. Now I gotta go. Bye! Love your site
You can just call me Bob :)
- Monday, January 29, 2001 at 20:02:52 (PST)

I used to drive cab. One day I lost my wallet. Never did find it and had everything in it replaced.. what could be replaced. A year or so later I am picking up a fare in an alley/back door and see what appears to be a wallet sitting in the alley , not up against the wall or anything.. OUT.. in the roadway. I pick it up and it is MY wallet everyting intact. IMPOSSIBLE that no one had seen it in over a year. Go figure. Who loves ya. Tom
tom hennessy <watchman a nucleus com>
calgary, ab canada - Sunday, November 05, 2000 at 09:24:47 (PST)

I've dealt with disappearing objects a couple of times at least that I recall now. Once, I was home by myself, and searching for my lighter. I had canvassed the house, including a small, bare coffee table in the tv room several times. Later I sat down on the couch in front of the table, looked down, and there the lighter was, in plain view. The other occasion I remember was losing an earring, a diamond post. I had worn it into the shower, so I assumed it was gone forever. Months and months later, I was walking into my bedroom, for the zillionth time since I lost it, and there it was, lying right on the floor in front of the door.
Frankfort, KY USA - Monday, October 30, 2000 at 08:56:30 (PST)

One morning about 3 years ago I noticed something funny about the trees that screened our yard from the street. There had been three trees there, I'd climbed in all of them, but now there were only two. I thought I was seeing wrong so I went outside to check up close. The middle tree was gone and the branches of the two end treed had extended to fill the gap. There was no hole in the ground or any sign that there had ever been three trees. At that point I was sure I just remembered it wrong, so not telling anyone else anything yet, I simply asked them all how many trees we had out front. We had friends over at the time, totaling 8 people and I got 6 "three"'s and 2 "at least three"'s. Then I told them that there were only two, everyone had to go check.
tom < sales a quantumslip com>
morgan hill, ca USA - Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 01:02:59 (PDT)

When I was 11 years old (i'm 13 now) something very strange happened to me. at that time I was living in an appartment, and was over my best friends house. I had brought my box of trading cards over, which I had a rather large collection of, and told my friend to go get his, which he kept in a bag in his base ment. I placed my box RIGHT NEXT TO ME, on his computer desk, and turned around to watch him exit the room. The entire time he was gone, i never looked at my box, which i thought was sitting right next to me, but rather was watching the Simpsons on his TV. A few min. later he entered the room with a bag. he sat down on his bed and began to untie it. while he was doing that, i turned around to get my card box, amd realized it was GONE! Damn i thought, what the hell could i have done with it. while i was looking( looked everywhere it could possibly be, under the desk, behind it, nothing), i heard my name being called out, and turned around to see my friend pulling my box out of his bag. We looked at each other and realized that this was really screwy. after a long discussoin we finally gave up as to ideas of how this happened. There was NO way he could have grabbed the box, before he left the room as I was sitting RIGHT next to it, and definately NO way he could have got it on his way back in, as the he sat down immidiately on the bed after enterring the room, which was quite a distance from where i was sitting. Absolutely nobody believed us, as to what had happened, and he was definately not the kind of kid that could play this well of a joke and be so serious about it. Other strange things happened in that appartment, up until i moved out a year ago? still no explanation though.
Eric Gendron <EMG8714 a aol com>
Mont Vernon, NH USA - Friday, September 08, 2000 at 19:32:18 (PDT)

Me and my cousin were playing a board game and I accidentally dropped the dice on the floor. We both looked under the table and all possible places they could have rolled. We realized after a long exhausting search that they have disappeared. we sat in out chairs in disbelief. I told my cousin that its impossible and they have to be here somewhere, so I looked down once more. and there was the dice right by my feet. both of them, so close to me almost touching my foot. I still get shivers to this day, and tears come to my eyes. This happened when i was ten years old.
melanie <melrose152 a aol com>
cheshire, ct USA - Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 21:20:21 (PDT)

When i was around 7, i was playing with a G.I. Joe and they had the huge (way big) grenades that went with them, well i was playing and it rolled under the refrig.... i was upset that i lost it, so we my dad and grandpal and my uncle moved the thing, they saw it roll underthere, and it wasn't there, they moved everything in the whole kitchen, and we couldn't find it, then 2 days from then, it showed up in tied to my G.I. Joe..... and now one could have touched it! cuz i kept them locked in a special chest that was hidden! and i was the only one who knew were it was and had the 2 keys! Now you may think that my dad just found it and took care of it, but we were all shocked by the fact that it wasn't there!
WhiteGoblin <whitegoblins a hotmail com>
No, NO USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2000 at 18:50:52 (PDT)

PHOENIX, AZ USA - Thursday, June 08, 2000 at 23:06:54 (PDT)

I am a 48 year old woman who has lost both elderly parents within the las year and a half. My father passed away first and shortly after his death, I visited my mother who had many serious medical problems. On this visit, I was getting ready to bathe her in the bathtub. I was the only one she trusted to do this. Anyway, I took off my rings and watch and put them down somewhere in the house; either upstairs or down. Hours later, I went back to the bathroom and picked up my rings and returned them to my hand. However, I couldn't find my watch. I searched the whole house. First downstairs, then upstairs. I went to the upstairs bedroom and walked to a bed. I lifted clothing I had left there in search of my watch. I remember saying to myself, "I wonder what I did with it(the watch)?" I took the ten or twelve steps to the bathroom and let my eyes walk around the room. No watch. As I turned around, I saw my watch lying on it's side on the very bed I had searched so carefully only moments ago. I feel this is a way that my dad chose to let me know he was still around. I often smell his presence in the house from time to time.
Sammy Mitchell <SANDRAMITCHELL13 a aol com>
Lynchburg, Va. USA - Saturday, June 03, 2000 at 01:06:43 (PDT)

I was a high school senior and was in my room getting ready to head out with one of my best friends. I laid my car keys, which had several other keys on the ring as well, down on the bedcovers. My friend was standing about 5 feet away in the center of the room.

I plopped my butt down on the bed to put on my shoes, and my weight hitting the mattress bounced the keys up off the bed and over onto the floor, which was covered with a thin wall-to-wall carpet. There was no sound of my keys hitting the floor.

My friend and I both noticed this, and looked at each other before I bent down to pick up my keys. From the bed to the floor was about 2 feet, and considering that the keys bounced up in the air before going over the edge of the bed, the total fall was about 2 1/2 feet -- plenty far enough to make an audible noise on the thin carpet. Since they fell close to the side of the bed, the keys passed out of both our vision on their way to the floor; in other words, neither of us saw them actually hit the floor.

When I bent down to get them, there were no keys on the floor.

I got down on my hands and knees to check all around, on the off chance a key ring with about 8 keys on it might have bounced anywhere. (Try this for yourself sometime and see how far keys dropped straight down from 30 inches can bounce.)


I looked on top of the bed, thinking that we were mistaken and the keys hadn't actually fallen off the bed.


I tore the bedcover, sheets, mattress, and box springs off the bed to see if they had gotten caught somewhere on the way down. (It was a steel frame twin bed, with no wood anywhere, no little niches where a seet of keys could hide.)


My friend and I looked at each other after about 10 minutes of searching and shrugged our shoulders. As I recall, I said something like "black hole," and we left it at that.

Never did find the keys.

This sounds trivial, but I had a witness who was too far away to have grabbed the keys and hid them as a joke (which would have been a rotten thing to do since I never ever got them back, and that is carrying a joke way too far), and who could also testif y that the keys made no sound of hitting a floor. (Again, drop some keys onto your carpet from 30 inches and see how audible a sound they make.)

So where'd they go?

Who knows?

I didn't notice any Cherenkov radiation in the room -- just a profound silence.

And now I take Hamlet's admonition to Horatio as absolute truth. ***

I've read all of the above occurrences, and a couple things strike me as common to all or most of the events:

The "victim" was young, in his or her teens.

The event is almost never clearly observed.

One point that was mentioned only a couple of times was the juxtaposition of electrical disturbances with the events. This interested me as I have always noticed a tendency of electronic devices to act strangely in my presence: things like streetlights turning off or on as I drive under them, even under daylight conditions where the light would not normally be active at all. (This has always been a semi-joke with me, as I'm quite aware of the laws of probability. But still.)

If we assume for a moment that these occurrences are real and are not made up (mine's not!) -- what the heck does it mean? Can causality reverse itself? Are there time-traveling jokesters playing games with us? What _would_ be best possible explanation be, granting the actual existence of such events?

Man, I wonder.
James Schrumpf <hatteras a hotbot com>
Monrovia, MD USA - Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 21:30:27 (PDT)

Some people will believe this, some won't. I can assure everyone it is true. I lived in a house in Pa. where strange and scary things happened all the time. For example, I was getting ready to go out one day, and I plugged in my curling iron in the bathroom on the second floor. The only other person in the house was my mother; she was downstairs. I went down to talk to her for a few minutes and went back upstairs to curl my hair. The curling iron was gone. It WAS GONE! My mother and I searched everywhere. I was so mad I kept looking for about two hours and so did my mother (this was not the first time something had just vanished). I tore apart drawers and closets, looking everywhere. We finally found it downstairs in the dining room closet underneath a huge pile of coats and other junk. The cord was wrapped neatly around it. Things like that happened all the time in that house. One more example. I was at home alone one day. Just me. I put my drivers license down on the kitchen table and when I went back to get it, It was gone. Again I searched the house up and down. I never found it. Finally, after about a month, I went to get a new one. I came home with my new license, and sat down on the couch (and I was alone again). I watched t.v. for a few minutes and then I looked down at the cushion beside me. There sat my license. I have quite a few stories like that, and some are on the scary side, but I haven't told hardly anyone. This is for two reasons: 1) It was common to me for so many years that I just got used to it, almost to where it was expected. It wasn't weird anymore. 2) Who would believe me anyway? They'd just think I was a nutcase, as I'm sure 75% of the people reading this right now think.
Natasha <LKam7 a excite com>
USA - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 15:30:16 (PDT)

My brother and I were fighting one afternoon, about 18 years ago. He had been eating an orange popsicle, and had about 3/4ths of it left. He threw it at me, and I held up an unlined windbreaker to block. He saw it hit on his side, I saw the jacket bulge out on my side, and then it disappeared. No sticky spot on the jacket, no stick, no puddle on the floor, no nothing. This confused us so much that we stopped fighting and spent the next 20 minutes searching.
StarChaser_Tyger <StarChaser a mindless com>
Tampa, FL USA - Sunday, April 02, 2000 at 11:17:46 (PDT)

I had a four foot aluminum pole with a wooden handle and a hook on the end. I couldn't find it one day, and looked for it for three months. So I gave up, and thought someone had stolen it. One morning I woke up and it was laying on pillows next to my bed. I asked the two other people in the house where they found it, and they denied having found it. Sometimes things vanish, and come back, sometimes they don't.
Wally <brennamen a eudoramail com>
USA - Saturday, February 05, 2000 at 04:19:51 (PST)

When I was a teenager, I was helping my mother sweep up the kitchen floor after dinner one evening. While I was sweeping in one corner, my mother opened the refrigerator door to put something away and the action sent a tomato that was on top of the refrigerator rolling off the edge. We saw it fall off, but somehow could not see where it rolled after "landing". We pulled the fridge away from the wall and even looked under it. No tomato! We looked all around the room and no tomato! We gave up, perplexed. I began to sweep again, and looked at the refrigerator area just in time to see the tomato reappear out of thin air six inches in front of the top of the fridge and fall to the floor. Mom didn't see the materialization, but she heard it hit the ground. We were more perplexed than ever...the tomato had been borrowed and returned.
C. S. Palmer <algoma a pathway net>
USA - Tuesday, February 01, 2000 at 17:48:02 (PST)

Back when I was about 14, something I had built did something I'd classify as odd. The circuit was simple: the DC-DC inverter salvaged out of an old xenon timing light, and one of those hoop-shaped UHF television antennas. I hooked the inverter to 12 volts DC from a wall adapter, and connected the high voltage/high frequency secondary to the two leads on the hoop. Surprisingly, the crude device didn't short out and go up in a fireball; and I could hear the inverter make a faint "whining" sound from the transformer laminations vibrating.

Somewhere along the line, I got the bright idea to stick something inside the loop and see what (if anyhthing) would happen - I expected at most some magnetic oddity. So I suspended an ordinary steel paper clip in the exact center of the ring with fine sewing thread, and plugged the circuit in. The paper clip developed a faint blue glow around it, and about ten or fifteen seconds in, IT VANISHED, leaving the sewing thread dangling free. Where did it go?

What makes this so odd? It's that when I reversed the polarity of the hoop (by doing the 'ol switcheroo of the two high voltage leads) and repowered the thing, the paper clip reappeared on the thread amidst a faint blue corona like it had the first time around. The paper clip appeared to be intact, and did not change temperature or exhibit any obvious metallurgical changes.

So this leaves the question: Where did the paperclip go anyway? Did it really "transport" to another physical location? Did it slip through our spacetime and end up in some kind of subspace domain or interfold layer? Did a quantum phase shift occur, putting it slightly out of phase with the dimension we exist in? Did it end up in another quantum reality; ie. an alternate universe? Or did it time-travel to some past or future point?

I think I can rule out a straight "transport" from one physical location to another; for the paperclip would have likely fallen on its side during the first half of transport and reappeared in a different physical orientation; assuming it reappeared at all. It might also come back very cold (from being briefly exposed to space, should it have been transported there).

Time travel also seems suspect; a very similar effect might have been observed upon its return - again, it might not even have been retrievable.

That still leaves the door wide open as to what may have happened to that paper clip after it vanished from the wire hoop.

About two weeks after this experiment, I came home from school one day to find the entire apparatus (which had been set up on a dresser) quite thoroughly destroyed; and I've never been able to re-create these results nor did I ever find out who smashed th e piss out of it.

Has anybody else come across some wierd effects in some circuit they messed with, either intentionally or by accident - not counting the Bajak flux cap, of course.
Craig Johnson <toyletbowlbbs a worldnet.att net>
Seattle, WA USA - Friday, January 21, 2000 at 03:37:35 (PST)

This happened in 1962 - I was 12 at the time. My Mom was curling her hair at the bathroom sink in front of the mirror, and I was chatting with her, sitting beside her to her left. She would reach down and grab a bobby pin, twist a lock of hair into a donut, stick it into the pin, and reach down for her big pink plastic comb, comb out another lock of hair, and repeat the process with a mechanical precision. Except for the this once- when she reached for the comb, it flicked out of her hand, and made a very loud "snap". We both thought that it had just fallen into the sink- but NO COMB! We looked everywhere, even removed everything from under the sink and the carpet, too- never did find that comb, tho! I have always thought that it snapped into another dimension or universe- hope it's new owner doesn't ever drop it!
Dave Salyer <ccahmoff a gte net>
Clearwater, Fl USA - Tuesday, October 05, 1999 at 13:06:25 (PDT)

I was just returning home from school. We had a PE class the last period so my school uniform was in my PE bag. I had put the keys and my wallet in the sidepocket of the bag. (there are 2 sidepockets.) I don't know how but I knew that the stuff was in which pocket. So I checked out that pocket. Empty. But here's how I checked: I put my hand inside and swung it abroad 2-3 times. I then checked out the corners and all the sides. Believe me, it was a desperate small search. Then I opened the pocket WIDE and LOOKED INSIDE IT in clean daylight. I saw the empty pocket's base and side walls reflect the light BACK. There is no way that I would be mistaken because the case keys were in, and my wallet are scrumbly and cannot reflect light like the sides. The pocket was about 25x25x2 cm (10x10x1 inches)

The key case was 10x6x2.5 cm (4x2x1 inches) (brown and scrumbly)

The wallet was 12x10x2 cm (5x4x1 inches)
(I'm measuring these now)

So I gave up and checked the other side out. Not there, either. So I said SHIT and decided to check again. I did not remember if I looked in or searched with my hand again, but I know I found the key AND the wallet to be in the first pocket SOON as I checked. The same PLACE where some seconds ago, I saw LIGHT RAYS go through.

I lived somethings like this both before and after this happening, but I remember none of them since none were as DESPERATE as this one.

I think now, even though, even IF the wallet and the keycase was there in the first place, which I would swear by my life were not, me searching that strong and not finding it would be even more of a phenomenon...
GaLGaMeT <galgamet a hotmail com>
Istanbul, N\A Turkey - Friday, July 16, 1999 at 02:37:11 (PDT)

This may sound weird, but it's totally true. I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom, listening to the TV playing in the background while working on my homework. I opened up the drawer, saw that the only things in it were a pen, a pencil, and a sheet of paper, then closed it. About five minutes later, in which I didn't leave my desk and nobody came into my room, I looked in the drawer because I needed a new pen. Strangely, the pen and pencil were gone, and something new was in there. It was a hat, a worn out grey hat with the Nike symbol on it, but no label. I took it out and looked at it, then put it back and closed the drawer. Then I opened the drawer and found that it was gone and the pen and pencil were back. I kept opening and closing the drawer, but the hat never came back in there. The next morning, I put on my coat and went outside. I checked in the pockets, and found the hat! That night I put it back in the drawer, and haven't seen it since.
Jon Specht <zoogy +man2 a yahoo com>
McGregor, IA USA - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 at 18:10:09 (PDT)

I don't know if this exactly qualifies as a vanishing/reappearing object story but this incident occured a few years ago. Six of us were over at a friends house to watch TV. Toward the end of the evening we were all went outside to smoke cigarettes. We were seated in somewhat of a circle. I was telling a story to the rest of the group while I finished my cigarette. Upon finishing the cigarette I tossed it on the ground next to my chair. I watched it hit the ground with a little flurry of sparks. I immediately looked up and continued my story. I brought my hand up from the arm of the chair to emphasize a point in the story and there was a cigarette in my hand! I looked at it quizically for a moment and then looked at the ground where I thought I had thrown it. While I was looking around everyone was sitting and looking at me stunned. They had all seen what happened. Odd thing was there was no cigarette on the ground next to me. It was not windy, nobody had moved, others had seen me toss the cigarette, and yet there was no evidence of it. The patio is a large flat concrete one with no slope at all. When I brought my arm back up to the arm of the chair I was sitting in there was no cig in my hand. Only when I raised my arm did this cigarette magically appear.

Just a strange incident that nobody has been able to explain.
I R Crockett <ircrockett a earthlink net>
Thousand Oaks, CA USA - Monday, May 24, 1999 at 07:19:34 (PDT)

A few years ago I apprenticed as a mechanic in a local shop. Near the front of our main hoist was a wall which had several hooks on which were hung various tools. The hoist was located only a few feet from the west wall and the above mentioned wall was only about 3-4 feet to the south. Throughout the time that I worked there, several small items(nuts,bolts,and other small objects) were occasionally dropped on the floor near the south wall. Almost none of the objects dropped were ever found. even after looking for several minutes. I can understand one or two "dissapearing" but this happened many, many times. I have spent quite a bit of time looking. As I was designated floor sweeper, I should have come across at least some of it. Even the other mechanics joked about a "black hole" at the front of that one hoist after a while. I remember one time I dropped a 6" long bolt on the floor while working on my own truck. I joked silently that I could kiss that goodbye. I looked for half an hour in that small corner. I watched it hit the floor and roll towards that wall, but never found it. I wonder if it still goes on there?
Rod Peters <Petersr a uniserve com>
Vanderhoof, BC CANADA - Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 20:26:42 (PDT)

I really enjoy reading all of these facinating stories here.I have a open mind ( my friends think sometimes it is to open though!) Any way. about 3-4 nights ago I got 2 magazines down from a shelf to read before going to bed. I set them down at the front of my bed. I definently remember getting 2 of them. I set both of them on top of some other magazines. I remember seeing both of them out of the corner of my eye while getting into bed. I turned my back to them and pulled the sheets over me. But now here is the weird part: There was only one magazine sitting on top of the others. I have looked all over my bedrooom for it with no success. I don't I will ever find it...I really don't have an explination for why it "vanished into thin air". But I don't belieive it was a random act of subspace anomoly or anything like that. I think that whatever took that magazine has some kind of intelegence behind it. It it was some kind of dimentioal shift it should have taken other things too. Put nothing else was affected. By the way I had just got done playing around with a low power Tesla coil.. though I doubt that had ANYTHING to do with it... Well if you want to contact me at any time you got my email address. But for even better communications I have ICQ.
My number is 18430771....Mr. Bionics. Thanx!

Isaiah <mritchey a gervais com>
Or. USA - Friday, April 16, 1999 at 01:27:14 (PDT)

Disappearing toilet-paper:
One day, after doing my business, something very strange seemed to have happened. There was no toilet-paper in the toilet. This was very odd, since I did use some. I hadn't flushed, and I checked all over the place - floor, under the mat, in my pants, etc. I never found the toilet-paper, and it was very strange... I'm absolutlely certain I dropped the toilet-paper INTO the toilet, but it was not there.

This really does sound unbeleivable, and because it sounds so rediculous, it will be seen as hogwash.

I can assure you though, this did happen to me, and I still don't know what happened to the paper.

This sounds like a joke even to me, knowing it happened to me. Beleive me - I'm not insane!
USA - Wednesday, December 02, 1998 at 19:36:28 (PST)

After reading some more reports (which I consider to be extremely valuable) I recalled this event from my childhood: I and a friend were playing with a "King Tut" toy. This is a mummy and a sarcophagus; the mummy will lay still if you know how to do it or jump out of the sarcophagus if you don't. It works with a sliding magnet. Well I handed it to my friend, the mummy jumped out towards the wall of the house. I know where, because we were next to the fireplace. We looked for a very long time (because the toy was so cool!) and did not find the mummy. Some days later, I was kicking around on the grass RIGHT OUTSIDE WHERE IT DISAPPEARED and found the mummy. I thought, having an embryonic scientific mind, that it might have gone through the fireplace, but on examination of the fireplace I could find no path. The windows had been shut. It remained a small mystery, and only surfaced after reading about a similar occurrence in these pages.(I also solved the mystery of the prevalent typos in these pages. The type goes off screen and there is no chance to correct it!)
Bill Colburn <rrgp a juno com>
Los Gatos, ca USA - Saturday, May 02, 1998 at 01:56:57 (PDT)

On the last Saturday of September, 1987, I was at my mother's house. 10 a.m. I got up to take a shower in the blue bathroom (my parents used the other bathroom exclusively). I had a pair of khaki pants that I went to put on. As I fastened the button, I felt it pop off (I had noticed it was coming loose). I heard and saw it hit the side of the sink, and 'saw' it peripherally head toward the floor. I went on dressing, then proceeded to look for the button. I tore the bathroom apart for one and one half HOURS, looking for a cream-colored button with olive green splashes, in a medium to dark blue bathroom. I even looked in the sink and bath drains! ONE WEEK LATER, I was in the same bathroom, again about 10 a.m. taking a shower. I had sewn a new button on the khaki pants and put them on again. I was finishing up dressing when I felt a 'pat' on the lower leg of my pants. I looked down and THERE WAS THE ORIGINAL BUTTON! It was about 2 inches inside both edges of the corner of the DARK BLUE bathroom rug, and extremely visible. I confirmed that my mother had not entered the room the entire week. I am positive I would have noticed the button there as soon as I walked in to the room that morning, if it were there. With a friend one night, getting extremely drunk, I tried to figure out a way that this entire event could have been documented in the first place -- a dated camera taking a picture of it falling & disappearing, then staying in place for the entire week, then noting its reappearance, but I still think someone would have cried, "FAKE". I have yet to meet anyone who has believed my story. I have another time/ space type disappearance/reappearance story if anyone is interested.
NGB <john01rhys a aol com>
Louisville, KY USA - Wednesday, July 23, 1997 at 07:10:31 (PDT)

Here's a "screw-y" experience reported on the VORTEX-L discussion group


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