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Updated June 2012

I had never had any paranormal events happen to me until my father past away. About a month after he died I was sleeping at least I think I was sleeping when all of a sudden it was as though my father was in me, but I could see his face. He asked me to give my mother a message. He asked that I tell her he knew what she did, and as he told me this there was something holding me down it appear to look like the devil. I tried to get up but could not and all of a sudden I was thrust out of bed onto the floor on on my knees, there was a bright light that I could hardly look into and I heard a voice say "fear not for I am with thee." It was so frightening and beautiful.

Years later, I had another experinece in 2009 A nieghbor of mind was shot by his brother one night after an argument during the day with him. After it happened I went outside to see if he was okay but I saw him leaning on the garage door, and when he saw me he said "they came back and shot me." A few minutes later the police and fire trucks came and took him away. The next day I found out that he had died on the operating table.

A few months later things statrted to happen at my home. One night my mother and husband was home with me and all of a sudden my door knob to my bedroom started to move and the next thing I know there were 3 knocks at my bedroom window and another 3 knocks and another. So, I asked my husband to call the cops because I thought there was some one in the house. The police came and searched everywhere but there was no one and no tracks.The police made a comment that we must have ghosts. After the police left the 3 knocks happened again and we did not go to sleep that night.

A few weeks later I was laying in my bed and through the mattress I heard 3 knocks as though it was on wood but I was hearing it through the mattress. Some weeks later I was laying in bed and on the night stand on the side of my bed where I sleep there was 3 knocks on the night stand. another few weeks later I was at work in my office where I work alone I heard a voice in my ear call my name. That really scared me.

Johnnie Scott-Boller
St. Petersburg, FL USA - Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 13:04:21 (PDT)

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Ok i dont remember how old i was, at the time.but i use to see
the strangest things. i can not find an answer for. every night i could hear noises. talk talking and bird sounds. in
my grandpas house. after a bit they will appear. birds that walked from room to room. and growing rings that whould appear on the floor. the rings light up but nothing els would. they just lite them self. like a candle you can see the flame just fine. but no light transfer to the room. even a doll head that will hide in my behind stuff. like a pile of socks, toys, ex. and when i would move what ever it was hidding from it would rock back and forth and hide behind somthing els. on day i tride to grabe it and it bite me not hard. but i did fill it bite me. i also use to see black bird that use to bring me toys. i never played with the toys but the toys would just appear the the birds did. the birds also us to drive in a toy truck. they did not fly i dont thik becuse i never seen them fly.when we move from the house it was up for rent. the man how was renting the house told me that 2 black birds pulled the blankets of him while in bed and asked if i ever seen the same in the house. i said yes and he then told his friends. that i was not crazy because i seen it to. i cant find a website. to know if anyoune els ever seen such a strange thing. and if their not ghost what is it and what are they call.

adrian <a.dillasana18881 a gmail com>
oxnard , ca USA - Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 00:26:13 (PDT)

A week ago my wife left for an early morning meeting. I went back to sleep. When she came back, she kissed the back of my neck gently and whispered "Good morning, Beautiful girl!" Groggily, I kinda twisted my cheek up for her to kiss, and I fell back into a light sleep. Suddenly feeling really antsy and scared, I called out to her, but the house was suddenly silent. I felt a creeping fear. I was paralyzed in bed. What seemed less than 10 minutes later, she came in again, and repeated the kiss and phrase. I sat upright, really confused. "What?" She asked. I said, "Why did you come in again?" She got confused. "What do you mean? I just got home!" I was awake now. I told her she had just come in and done and said the same thing. She thought I was just tired. And then it happened again. Three days ago I was in our office at the laptop. My wife had gone out to an appointment. I had no music on. I heard the side door unlock, the alarm system stating "back door open," and she came in and bellowed "hello!" I called out hello back, and was confused when she didn't answer me, again, just the dead silence. Minutes later, the side door opened, and all was repeated. This time after her hello, I demanded she come into the office. I asked her if she had come in earlier and not responded to me. Again, she said, "no, my appointment was an hour." I told her what I had heard, and this time she was even a little curious. It frightened me, because both events were so real. Does anyone have an explanation for this? If extra information would help, the paranormal activity in our house has picked up signifigantly as well. Did I mention lately my wife and I have the same dreams on the same nights all the time too? Answers would be greatly appreciated. I am a bit overwhelmed.
Lilly Hastings <ljhastings75 a yahoo com>
Rochester, NY USA - Thursday, April 05, 2012 at 21:50:03 (PDT)

I have been living in the same apartment for a year. I woke up from a nap and went to the sink, to discover that it was not the same sink I had before the nap. This sink had a weird little spray nozzle attachment for cleaning dishes. It never had that before. When I went downstairs to get the mail the hall way had a new layout with a new doorway in it. This apartment is a brownstone, and it is 100 years old. Nothing like this can change in the course of a 30 minute nap. Did I not wake up? Am I dreaming? Did i wake up in a different dimension? Did someone discover time travel and go back and change something? Why is there a wall where there was never a wall before? I feel incredibly confused. I have a year of architectural engineering collegiate studies.. I am not the person who would randomly overlook the existence of a wall, or a sink's spray attachment. Ever. This is strange, and I am a little freaked out.
New York, NY USA - Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 17:38:08 (PDT)

I have experienced a number of strange incidents. This one happened in the early 80's at college.

CAVEAT: I am a huge chicken and afraid of the dark in general.

I was sleeping in my dorm room and had woken up in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep. I wasn't startled, just awake, fully awake. I raised my head and looked around the dark room. Sitting in my room-mate's chair was a blonde man, blonde hair on the long side. he was casually leaning back in the chair, one leg over the other (right ankle on left knee), arms casually resting on the arms of the desk chair. From what I remember he wore casual clothes, sneakers, socks, skater cargo shorts, t-shirt. I remember I wasn't afraid (and any reasonable person should have at least been startled, especially me). He didn't move, and had been watching me the entire time. My eyes went back to his face, and I realized that there was no possible explanation for him (a stranger) to be in our room, much less sitting deadly still watching me sleep. As that realization started to dawn on me, I focused on his face. He was a white male, about 160, perhaps 5'10". The part that startled me was his eyes. His eyes were at least half again the size of normal eyes, and as blue as the Caribbean sea. I remember marveling at the color until i realized that there should be no way i should be able to see this much in a dark room in the middle of the night. His pupils nearly encompassed his entire eye. I couldn't see any white. And they appeared to nearly be lit from behind as the color was vibrant and surreal. I looked at him for a time longer, he was about 8 feet from me. I seem to remember raising up on one arm at one point. I remember him moving just a little, his head, to the right about an inch. After a time, I laid back down and went back to sleep.
The next morning I remembered it being a very strange incident, far too real to be any kind of dream. I was confused by my calm reaction. I asked my roommate if she saw him, she said no.
That morning I had gone shopping at a small boutique store and was walking around. I happened to glance up from the front of the store toward the back and froze. Facing me about 15 feet away, behind a low display were 2 blonde men turned slightly toward each other, faces 3/4 toward me. For all intents and purposes, they looked like college boys, but I recognized the one on the right, he was the man in my room the night before. They both had the surreal larger eyes, and had obviously been watching me at least since I entered the store about 15 minutes earlier. We all looked straight at each other for some period of time, other people seemed oblivious. I broke eye contact to move off to find my boyfriend and tell him what i just saw. I only looked away for a moment and went to point them out, but they were completely gone.

They were beautiful strange entities, and did not incite fear, only curiosity on both parts.

I have never seen them since.

TM Adams <tina.adams a gmail com>
USA - Friday, March 09, 2012 at 14:28:53 (PST)

About 7 years ago I was living in a house with a dying loved one whose clock was counting down until they could pass peacefully in their sleep. I had heard when death hovers over a home, paranormal activity never experienced there before suddenly becomes unusually high. That house had produced many paranormal activities which I had never experienced before; being grabbed on the leg by an invisible icy hand, chairs moving that no one was sitting on, a disembodied voice yelling in my ear when I was obviously alone. My children also experienced similar things such as their hair being pulled when no one else was around, or their toes being grabbed in the middle of the night when they were alone in their room. Quite often my dogs would stand in a room and bark hysterically at nothing. As I walked out of my bedroom and turned left to head down the hallway, I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed a glowing blue ball directly in front of the restroom. It was about 2 feet by 2 feet top to bottom & side to side. On my skin I felt what I can only describe as this weird tingling or prickling sensation similar to what it feels like to stand near one of those huge electrical towers. All the hair on my body was standing on end. As I stood in shock and stared at it trying to decide if it was a danger to my safety or not, it started expanding in size and glowing brighter. Then, the glowing blue ball just disappeared into thin air like the flame on a match being extinguished by water. Poof! It just wasn't there anymore. I have wondered for years if I truly saw something in that hallway, or if I was in that half waking half dreaming moment that I experience right before I fully wake up. I will never know, but I truly believe I did see an electrical phenomenon of some kind as opposed to paranormal activity that I had learned to live with in that house.
Tracy Peralta
USA - Monday, February 27, 2012 at 13:47:55 (PST)

I am not a religious person and never believed in ,ghosts stores' etc etc. However a phenomena that I experianced and days later with my wife was really weiered.
One Friday morning as i was driving going uphill on this road which is called 'the road of God and mother' As i was going around the last curve the car engine died. I turn the key, the engine started and off I went. The fuel tank was nearly full. The next week same thing happen the engine died in exactly same spot. THE AMAZING THIG ABOUT IT IS the engine died in the same spot on another occasion my wife was with me same thing happened however when i was going to turn the key to start the engine again my wife stopped me she gripped my hand and said 'No do not start the engine again as we need to say a special prayer for the dead' after we said a little prayer we started the engine and drove off. Amazingly i never experiaced this 'dead engine again'.

joseph schembri
st.pauls bay, malta - Thursday, February 09, 2012 at 14:13:00 (PST)

My girlfriend has these small fairy statues all over the room on a wine rack, on professionally installed shelving units, And dressers. Every Sunday night between 7:00 and 8:00 pm 1 of the many fairy's will fall from its location for no reason no shakes,tremors,or movement. To worsen the event if the fairy does not shatter if it is saveable and we put it back on a shelf that shelf the following Sunday will fall breaking all fairy's on it. This started about 2 months after we moved in around the time we started hearing noises from the attic/roof, several times right around the 7/8pm area we would hear footsteps either on the roof or in attic several times i would run out with my gun to find no1 there and on many occasions my girlfriend called 911 and they can find no evidence of any1 being up there at this time i thought maybe was a mouse so contacted a very good friend of mine who is a exterminator he checked thru the house walls attic and roof and could find no evidence of any bugs, rats,or mice when i discussed with him why he was here and what was going on he only said cops,you,and me find nothing call a priest
Devlgunny <@anarchy@.@mayhem@@aol com>
USA - Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 16:35:39 (PST)

I have a recurring water phenomenon. The latest occurence was yeterday. I was cleaning out drawers in the main bathroom. I left, When I returned minutes later, half of one of the drawers, which I had left open, was sopping wet.
For the remainder of the day I ignored the messy bathroom. Then last night, I went into it to take my nighttime pills. One of the small pill containers in the tray was full of yellow water ( a color first) but its lid was still clicked into place. I opened the lid and smelled the water. There was no odor. I did not taste it.
When I checked this morning, the water was still in the pill box and the lid was still closed, as I had closed it.
I have unexpectedly found water in a kitchen cupboard, in a sack full of decorating supplies, and on the dining room table inside a glass hurricaine globe, which was otherwise
empty. The very frist time was years ago when I was lying awake before rising. Suddenly a blob of water fell into my face. None of this is frightening, but it is puzzling.
Thank you for your attention. Sally

Sally Wunsch <bwunsch a kc.rr com>
USA - Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 08:38:15 (PST)

I have been living at my home for a little over 10 years with my family. I have never heard anything until recently a couple of weeks ago while a sleep my husband and I awoke to a noise that sounded like someone running in to the living room table and knocked stuff over. It was very loud and my son sleeps in the living room couch because our home is very small. My husband and I went out to see what was going on because of my son and he was sound a sleep. We checked all the house and my daughters room she was a sleep and my husbands uncle that lives with us also was sound a sleep. We couldn't find anything and thought it was the weirdest and dismissed it. Then the last 2 days my son, daughter and husbands uncle have been experiencing a hard time sleeping because they here the cupboards being opened and closed and water bottles being thrown on the ground and my daughter said she even heard some breathing in her room. I am getting a little scared thinking something is going on and don't know what to do to get rid of whatever may be out here my son is worried and he has always been scared of the dark normally. I have been working a lot of hours at work that I am just drained and fall asleep immediately. Please give me some recommendations to take care of my family. Thank you.
Alicia <latj27 a yahoo com>
Phoenix, az USA - Saturday, January 07, 2012 at 20:40:17 (PST)

One time I keep having the same dream over and over again...it was very disturbing because in the dream I would always be standing in the middle of a parking lot and I could sense danger as I staired up at some trees and glanced at a building that was far off....finally one day I asked God why am I having this reoccuring dream for the six time ? .a few years later I visited another city...and suddenly I notice that my surroundings was the same as the reoccuring dream and there was some type of trouble...but I was able to avoid it because of the reocurring dream and guidience from ' God ' virtuefavors a gmail com
virtue favors <virtuefavors a gmail com>
georgia, atlanta USA - Thursday, January 05, 2012 at 17:48:41 (PST)

About a month ago I had a guest over and he was spending the night, he said he heard something in my room and he thought he would check and make sure it wasn't my nine month old crying. So he went on to tell me...He opened my bedroom door and saw a man standing over on top of me, on the bed, trying to 'do something' to me. He said he startled what ever it was and it looked at him with this look like "How dare you".

Which brings me to this, I was sitting all alone, in my bedroom again, and it had to be around 7am. I had a touch lamp, when you touch it, it goes on and off. My light started going completely hay-wire, on and off; on and off; on and off; All by itself, this went on for 40 minutes!
There was not a short in the lamp or anything.

And get this, I decided to research the neighborhood I live in, and what I found out was just over-whelming. The neighborhood I live in was built on top of a slave graveyard, (yes I know it sounds like that movie). And the bodies were never moved, they took the head stones down & left the bodies behind.

I could go on and on with my experiences.

Jackson, TN USA - Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 10:03:26 (PST)

Not as much of an event but rather the story of my life in a nutshell. Weird things have been happening to me and others around me most of my life but it has really intensified over the last year or two since I had my daughter.(not sure if its related) So until I was in about 4th grade, my teachers, family and sometimes my friends would randomly ask me, in the middle a conversation, "why do you do that?" I was always confused and didn't know what they were talking about. Apparently they said I would move my lips exactly with what they were saying. However I didn't try to and thought they were nuts. But after hearing this several times, I decided when talking with people, I would focus on my mouth to be sure to keep it still. Nobody mentioned it after that until just recently.

Though I have always been very in tune with others emotions and even thoughts. a better word might be intentions. my friends ask me advice a lot because I am 95% of the time right about what I say to them. Its weird though because sometimes I answer them and after think to myself, where the hell did that come from? this happens often when I journal and many random people tell me their secrets for some reason. I have had far too many men say I love you within a week of meeting, which is highly absurd seeing as they know practically nothing about me, its very strange and I dislike it a lot.

Also I have lived with this intense fear of ghosts my entire life though ive never seen one. Its more or less I just feel uneasy and frightened for no reasons at night. Its so intense I cant fall sleep until the fear goes away usually around 5-6 am even if im dead tired.

my dreams are so vivid EVERY night. Its amazing but not during the night. If I sleep I always wake up in a panic like I cant move and try to scream but cant its blackness, my body tingles and I wake up. Its SCARY!

I have also noticed when I smoke marijuana I get this transparent liquid dripping from my head and fingers. I can see and feel it and my hair dances around like crazy to the point that 2 weeks ago I cut my hair down to 3 inch pixie cut from long cause it bothered me so much and kinda hurt. My skin began to develop weird changes and the "fuzzy liquid" would go into my mouth and eat away my fillings (3 of them in the last 6 months)When I am around other people, if they are close enough to me and not as tall or at lower elevation, I can feel this liquid transfer from me to them. Imagine a cup of "fuzzy liquid" was somehow dumped into your body and its as if the other person absorbs it right out of your body. I feel lighter and can see them physically react. Sounds crazy but its as if they are in a trance, they stop in their tracks, take a long inhale and fumble with anything they are doing for about 7 seconds. this happens EVERY time but they dont say anything and I feel too weird to ask. I'm sure they notice because after this happens, the very next time I come into contact with these people, its as if they try to reenact the experience and try to find every reason to get into my space. I have only had the guts to confront one person about this experience.

A good friend I know wouldnt think I was crazy. He said he knew what I was talking about, that it was weird like warm and electric, and very peaceful. my 2 year old always notices when this happens and constantly asks for kisses and says it tickles and acts extremely lovey wanting to be on my lap constantly where normally she never wants to sit on my lap. but for me its like someone is taking the life out of me, my hands and feet freeze and my skin turns a bit purple down my legs and arms, face becomes red. It makes me so uncomfotable and weak I dont really like going anywhere besides places im comfortable. it happens only when my emotions are raised bad or good. It can also absorb others "fuzzy liquid" if we are near enough within seconds I am forced to get up overwhelmed with weight, it becomes hard to breath, I feel nauseous absolutely unbearable feeling. I can feel it enter my nose mostly its an uncomfortable tickle sensation.

Adding to all this I've started noticing more and more that electric malfunctions such as phone batteries die extremely fast, my phone wont even turn on sometimes if im touching it even plugged in and if I walk outside sticks seem to be attracted to me like static or something. my christmas fir needles are straight up (looks crazy) and I literally spill once a day anything and everything.

my short term memory has become less than average and it sometimes impairs my ability to speak correctly and my hearing is amplifiyed to the point I can hear what people are talking about clearly one, sometimes two floors up. This causes me to talk extremely quiet but to me its normal sounding. but everytime I speak to anyone they almost everytime say, "what? I cant hear you. And I go to tell a joke and my voice sounds serious rather than joking.

another crazy occurance was twice everything electric in my duplex, tv ps3 microwave and even heat turned off, however the tv and ps3 red lights stayed on. then it all came back on within 10 minutes both nights(5 days apart)

most of the time its not that extreme and its more subtle like little noises from aplliances or anything heat or water related. if I flick my hand at something I can do this on command.

if someone drinks something near enough to me I get these little pricks like needles poking me on the drier parts of my body like legs and feet. And if I have something to drink it feels so refreshing like I have been deprived of water for days.

Lastly, it seems as if I have an influence on others emotions a bit. after a short time of hanging out there mood becomes what my mood happens to be that day. this is more noticeable when my mood is good usually can cheer anyone up easily.

and last but not least on days the more intense days of this phenomena I can make my scars disappear buy pinching just above my skin(centimeter or so)and "pulling" it out into the air. but if I touch a spot of my skin too long it adds a defect. I just dont know anymore what to do. So many crazy things to count, nobody to talk to about it. I know this will sound insane but for the people that can read this and not feel alone and to help me not feel so alone, I just had to post this.
Ashley Jean <ashabea21 a gmail com>
St paul, mn USA - Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 20:02:52 (PST)

may 2011 started seeing black childsized beings outside in my yard&neighbors yard on their roof, climbing trees, as if trying to get my attention..started getting intense feeling of being watched when outside and when i came inside because of weirdness id see pieces of creatures looking in my windows doors. became increasingly worried i was loosing it..

my child has always seen ghost her whole life and around the same time she said there was somethingn in her room at nite & would not sleep in her room ever...i never mentioned my experiences to her she is very sensitive to spirits they seemto be drawn to her and she communicates with some of the more pleasant beings...

after approx 2months of that activity next things started moving in my house, small movements just enuff to get my attention.. i became very uncomfortable inside my home always felt like i was being watched especially in certain rooms...my child is also very intuitive, empathic, clairvoyant, &she was feeling the same way she slept on the couch everysingle nite and couldnt sleep unless i was sitting watch/guard over her all nite,,i started seeing images, certain faces reocurring ones all around the windows looking in then inside blending in with everyday objects in my home..

i started taking pictures when id see shadows moving around and faces and things moving . weird unexplainable pix. things would show up like a towel would show up as a small man writhing in pain layin in spot wher towel shsold have been,,,

electrostatic light particles fragmented reddish greenish broken lights would appear in large areas on floor walls ceilings it would look like creepy alien/demon face, and when this phenomena happened id feel unsteady on my feet, my eyes would burn and id become confused and drained....

my daughter still was unaware of my experiences but she being empathicknew something was up with me but i guess she was having her own experiences and just kept it to herself because she knew people didnt believe her ,,,

in early sept me my daughter and her buddy were in the yard at nite time and her friend said "ghost" ,i looked around..and said where,,he said again "ghost" i looked around and said "do u see a ghost, where? cuz i see them all the time" at that moment my daughter JUMPED straight up off the steps screaming 'mommie!!, mommie!! look at the ghost children on the trampoline!!, look mommie!!, do u see them?!!!! i looked up and i sure did see them i kindof felt releived it was the same black shadow humanshaped child-sized things i see all the time along with sum other more imprint greyish images of other children..her friend was scared and under my arm , my daughter was excited because they were everywhere in my yard playing climbing trees jumping on trampoline, playin chase.. it looked like recess at he cemetary..this went on for sometime a few minutes,,i started seeing the black ones come right up to us the back off fast...i saw them touch my child and her friend , until after a few minutes of completely unbelievable things around us that seemed to engage us...we started getting surrounded by black ones and we all got scared and ran inside...

we all 3 got a bad headache felt high almost dizzy confused disoriented ...that nite would chang my life forever....if i had ever questioned other dimensions, afterlife anything of that nature i surely was convinced of all 3 now.l.

then the next month the weird activity changed to evil looking bad scarey beings that we saw felt and showed up in my photos, we started feeling threatened loosing sleep feeling like we were loosing it, very few people believed us and i had been steady researching , journaling, photographing things,,,,i could not find a similar story anywhere on net , couldnt wrap my mind around the constant evolving encounters,,,,,,so many different entities , asteady flow of beings, spirits , creatures, negative, positive, aliens, what in the world is going on//

then the next phase began early november...started seeing strange clouds everyday. in them i saw images of angels demons, animals , unknown creartures, dragons, huge faces peering down. it was beautiful yet freaky,,,

then i started seeing weird lights flying at night, at first glance they looked like an ordinary stars, but me and my daughter and her same buddy started noticing they were flying darting across sky and they were very low. thru the bi noculars they looked like orbs of varying colors with a few different color combonations,,,

then we started noticing in the trees all around in our neighborhood...alien type varying faces weird branch and twig formations but it just looked like the leaves wer accidently forming a face or arms all over every tree and bush had sum or 1 small alien faces med sized, giant faces, looking similar to many of the aliens common on tv and net....strange formation of a certain symbol was showing up in alot of the trees the twigs and small branches it looked like a circle with lines crossing across the cirlemeeting in certer similar to cut lines in a pie or pizza,,,,

i started getting visions of religeous type and some angel and sum demon type images would show up in my pictures and in the clouds so i would refer to the bible to see if i found a similar relating verse etc. every time i would open the bible randomly it would open to ezekial or daniel or revelations ,,,,every damn time, without fail..eventually i got the impression i needed to read the entire book of each...and after reading each one atleast 2 times i started noticing a similarity ,,1st ezekial seemed to be describing ufo's and aliens that took him and gave him information he was instructed to tell everyone and to document the prophecy,,very interesting since alien faces and glowing eyes &ufo lights were a daily/nightly occurance....also the visions and dreams were happening quite of ter also along with a whole lot of strange coincidences i continuously document journal and photos and now bible verses and visions my daughter was seeing and receiving messages in dreams aliens angels all sorts of phenomena..

by now i realized the books of the bible were all about the end times and i seemto be instructed to tell everybody about my experiences and about all the things i learned about the dna activation about the very fine line between positive and negative actions thoughts words intentions, i learned about many conspiracies many of alien/demon/illuminate evil influences controling everyone and everything . about all the government secrets lies violence, chemtrails, ancient civilizations alien influence and agenda to opress enslave the entire planet , i learned about holographic science about plasma science and technology,,,star children indigo kids, crystal children, reptilians galactic federation, the need for a revolution, a protest of everything and everyone in charge of every city state and nation.. the need for awakening of dna or of people ..so i have been enlightening anyone who will listen but as of now a very upsetting discovery is taking place in my neighborhood...........

along with the star orb type ufo twinkle stars flying around up there, the alien faces in allthe trees then i have noticed at night ther seemed to be glowing whitish icey blue glowing spots in the trees along with distict alien shaped eyes and upon binocular and spotlight investigating the eyes are accompanied by an alien shaped heads, various sizes and races....the glowing icey blueish glowing spots seem to be eggsacks maybe , some seem to be a different alien beings the moon seems to have fell over,,it also seems to be a hologram and the faces of aliens now seem to be real its not a solid being it is barely visable in our dimension it slightly transparent and seems to be living in our trees it also seems that they are eating ourtrees,,,and i have found many other stories of the same beings all over the worlds trees and the star twinkle orbs its a concern because what ig the are devouring our trees...no trees no oxygen , no trees maybe meat is on the menu next...its all unraveling daily i am confused as to why i am bombarded and pressured into seeking the truth before its to late and the book is closed or the earth is exploded or the aliens eat us all or before they wipe us out of plant life,,,,,,,,,,,

what next to consider as a threat....and in all that to keep in your head, that the government or reptilians or illuminati are trying to keep the entire planet scared angry at others emotionaly charged, and dulled to the wake up call , wow
maura <maura**^%rewwlee12 a yahoo com>
jacksonville, fl USA - Friday, December 09, 2011 at 23:59:40 (PST)

Firstly I personally think this is strange but if you don't then cool let me know and it will put me at ease. Secondly this is all true and accurate.

At age 6 I was on holiday at some family's holiday house in a small village a few hundred kilometers away from Cape Town, where I stay, I made the silly mistake of lifting up a cross belonging to a woman who died a long time ago. A shadow engulfed me and my cousin and uncle turned and ran away from me like bats outta hell my cousin nearly bursting my ear drums! I then slept on this bed that although comfortable made me very uneasy. 6 years later I needed a new bed and received the exact same bed I slept on that night. Now I didn't make the connection at the time I started having really bad nightmares and for no reason asked my parents where they got the bed from and they told me it was the very same bed I slept on when I was 6. Not believing them I went to check and nearly shat myself because firstly it was the same bed and secondly there was an imprint of a woman's face that didn't look particularly friendly. Now I'm not saying that is the woman because nobody knows who the woman to whom the cross belonged to nor did they have a picture of her. Since seeing this facial imprint I find that find it looks increasingly meaner everytime I show it to somebody however I. Keep the getting angrier part to myself.

I still have the bed infact I still sleep on it and I no longer have fear towards but I brace myself every 6 years for the very violent and bad nightmares. I figured if that is woman then its her right to get pissed off with me but I'm not giving that bed back for 2 reasons, the house has been demolished with the cross and all and the second reason the bed is just too darn comfortable.
Regan Moore <reganmoore82 a gmail com >
USA - Wednesday, November 09, 2011 at 06:14:55 (PST)

This morning (Sunday,November 6, 2011) at around 8:30 a.m. p.s.t., I had a feeling of light electrocution throughout my entire body. When i felt this come on it felt warm at first but as it intesified it seemed to feel colder and colder, momentarily freezing my body stiff, paralyzed i guess you could say. During that entire time which was in reality about 10-15 seconds (felt like an eternity) i saw a scene of an old delapedated country road with a rusted out gaurd rail, kind of a close up scene from ground level as if i was seeing from the prone position. I would like to keep my anonymity, just wanted to put this out there for others who experience similar happenings and havent came forward. Thank you all for your time and its a great relief to know someone else out there has felt similar and built a place for people to go and talk of these phenomenon, and for that, i thank you all. Peace & positivity to everyone.
Mike Mudgett <seventythreenova a aol com>
Fresno, CA USA - Sunday, November 06, 2011 at 10:20:36 (PST)

as my name says, I cannot reveal any information about myself or this phenomena will stop. when i close my eyes and focus, I hear a roaring in my ears, and I have found that when this is happening i can shift probability. i can also use it to erase the memory of a specific event from a single persons mind. this started about a year ago. what is happening?
Icantrevealitorthiswillstop <icantrevealmynameoritwillstop a gmail com>
USA - Saturday, November 05, 2011 at 20:29:55 (PDT)

I'm taking a class at a technical institute. Lately, I've noticed that some of my papers for that class have been vanishing right out of my folder. It's not a lapse in memory where I moved it but forgot. I have a photographic memory and I remember putting them in a front pocket. Just now, as I typed this, I checked the folder and the paper with my school user name and password is gone. I just saw it in there and I tucked it into the back so I would't lose it. I used to have a spare key to my house. I hung it on a hook in the coat closet and the next day, it was gone. Stuff in the basement gets moved around a lot and sometimes I hear a weird knocking noise in one of the storage bins we keep down there. It's not a super creepy basement, like, a cellar or one of those cold cement ones. You know how they say that children see things more clearly than adults? When I was a little kid I was terrified of the back room in the basement. It wasn't like a silly little kid fear, it was like,a truly blood curdling terror. I used to have dreams about an old guy sitting in a box, rocking back and forth and muttering something about "I'm not home! Stop coming over!" and then a door would knock and he's start crying and suddenly the box would open and.... then I woke up. and even now I'm still afraid to go back there, especially at night. Whenever I go in there I always hurry back out and it always feels like someone's following me out through the door. A lot of my favorite toy's from when I was little kept disappearing too. I always used to cry. My mom had me in counseling for a while and I eventually learned not to tell her about it. Also, sometimes, when I sleep, I suddenly feel like someone is touching my leg and I jerk awake suddenly.

About three months ago, I had a dream that I was lying on a cold, dirty, concrete floor and I had a nasty sewer rat crawling on my chest, I screamed and when I woke up I had little scratch marks on my chest. My mom didn't even know where they came from.

Two weeks ago, I had a dream that a had shackles on and was standing in a white space, except that I was watching myself from the outside, and a cold female voice echoed through the space and said, "For your crimes against death you face the ultimate punishment.... You shall cease to exist!" I thought I was gonna die from terror... and suddenly, a was flung down a huge tunnel and out into empty black space and the woman said, "Don't worry, it won't hurt... Much... Hahaha!!!" and I felt a crushing pressure on my chest and I woke up feeling like I'd almost drowned... My friend said it was an "out of body experience"

When I'm walking, sitting, etc. I'll suddenly see a person with blurred features out of the corner of my eye and when I turn to look there is no one there. I know I'm not hallucinating. I looked up the history of our house and ten years before my mom and dad moved in, a crazy old man named Alabaster (I don't remember what the last name was) was murdered here. The court convicted his son (don't remember his name) but found him back in court and changed it to NOT GUILTY after they found evidence that someone else, a stranger, was in the house that day. The picture looked just like the old guy in my dream except that he looked more drawn and sick in my dream....

Can someone explain this to me?
USA - Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 17:50:53 (PDT)

My manager at the store was a loud know it all,and would often berate me in front of others,I would often wish to myself that he would stop treating me this way.One day I arrived for work,and he called me over to the office saying in a loud voice:"we just got our budget for the month, you'll never guess how much it is",sure I do,I replied,just joking,and came out with a figure off the top of my head;$76,582.48.The look on his face said it all,this was the exact figure to the cent.I had never had anything to do with budgets etc,and had no idea what previous ones had ever been.This might not seem a big deal,probably just coincidence,but interesting all the same wouldnt you say?Since then my manager has treated me with a bit more respect! Sincerely,Alan.
alan robertson <kirkcaldyal a hotmail com>
USA - Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 21:17:01 (PDT)

I feel terrible and I don't know who to talk to. Whenever somebody close to me is pregnant or has a spouse who is pregnant, I know pretty much at the point of conception. I experience the morning sickness, the pain, and whatever joy or sorrow they are feeling. For the last six weeks I have been in and out of the emergency experiencing everything from abdominal pain to migraine headaches. Whenever I was near a co worker, I would get sick to my stomach and experience shooting pains in my uterus. I predicted his last baby and have been asking him several times if his wife is pregnant. Finally, a week ago, he told me his wife had a positive pregnancy test. I begged him to get her to a specialist. I told him this would be a high risk pregnancy, but did not have the heart to tell him the baby boy was not going to make it. Friday night I became so I'll, I could not get out of bed for two days. I just found out the baby self aborted Monday morning. That was about the time I was feeling better and was able to get out of bed. I feel like there was something more I should have done. I should have been more exact in telling him the baby was in trouble instead of beating around the bush. I feel like a freak, so I was to much of a coward to say anything. I feel at fault and it's a horrible feeling. I don't know who to talk to that can relate to this. I wish I could block out this ability but I don't know how.
Misty <Sacredeye73 a yahoo com>
Temecula, Ca USA - Wednesday, October 05, 2011 at 23:24:01 (PDT)

since 2002 i've had an ongoing experience which can be interpreted in several ways-like a brain tumor or i'm crazy or it's just true-i've only told one person about this because they'll either blow me off or not believe me or believe me too quickly which also bothers me because at heart i'm a total sceptic. i started having the sensation that someone was sitting down on the bed beside me-i worked long hours on call and was lying down in my bed when i was off work trying to get some sleep most of the time and i had two cats-at first i just thought it was a cat jumping up on the bed. i didn't even bother to look behind me. one day both cats were lying beside me in plain view and something sat down on my bed-i was so convinced that it was real that i jumped up and turned around fast but there was nobody there. at this time it happened all the time meaning several times a day. this particular house had a lot of odd things happening there-too many to go into except lights going off and on for some reason and heavy steps in the attic-so much so that a friend went up there-saw nothing-but it bothered him so much he nailed the opening to the attic closed.
anyway this bed thing continued to happen and expanded to the sofa or whatever chair i was sitting in. when i moved away it continued to happen no matter where i lived. i moved to another state and it happened there-there was always a lull when i moved though. if you weren't a sceptic you'd say it hadn't found me yet. i've thought of so many reasons like i mentioned before and even demons following me or ghosts or all kinds of irrational things. it started scaring me a little after a couple of years since when it started i was exhausted all the time and didn't trust my feelings as much. just let me say that since then not a month has gone by that this hasn't happened. they say cats are sensitive to paranormal things but my cat has never been disturbed by it at all even though she seems to be looking at something invisible to everyone else a lot of times-several people have noticed this and commented on it-i just say oh cats do weird things. has anyone had an experience like this-i wish i knew what this is.

USA - Saturday, October 01, 2011 at 16:56:06 (PDT)

i am an amateur painter and sometimes i have a feeling i should paint a portrait. i usually meet that person in the future. .once i painted a portait and i knew immediatly that i lived w/that woman in Egypt and she now lives in the house behind me. what is real strange is that she had a dislike for me for no reason
anthony <bf3r6z4 a wildblue dotnet>
yarnell, az USA - Monday, August 01, 2011 at 10:08:45 (PDT)

Ok this is my weird thing. Last year we traveled to the northern part of the state for a wrestling tournament. I noticed at one point my speedometer dropped 15 miles. I knew it did because my Garmin said I was still traveling at 60 although my speedometer said 45. Came home a different way. Took my car in to get looked at and speedometer was fine. Well, we just traveled north again for the same tournament and the same thing thing happened again!! This time we came home the same way and it happened again just during this one mile stretch of the highway. What the heck????
Laurie <laurie.anderson at hotmaildot com>
NE USA - Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 16:55:32 (PST)

A large (4 lb) chunk of rose quartz falls off a shelf without any obvious reason. It did this three times, without any vibrations causing it. It's just a pretty rock on a shelf in the bathroom, ground floor, no streets or other vibration-causing things nearby. It now is stored on the floor as this was freaking my son out.
Louise <pmokolumne at swiftwirelessdot com>
USA - Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 13:17:16 (PDT)

it was about 3 years ago. i had a dream about a tornado that tore up a walmart store that is close by my home and all that i could remember was being wokes up by a strong breeze and it made me sit straight up. then i had this weird urge to turn on the tv and when i didthere was a news report on saying that a tornado had torn up walmart ........... creepy
summer vanwinkle <lovedforwhoiamoenot>
USA - Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 11:05:17 (PST)

When comming back from Austriala by cruse ship there was a demo of Riki going on behind the chair i was sitting on i was looking out over the bow of the ship at the sea up to that day we just had the sea to look at all of a sudden a pod of doplins jumped over the waves in front of the ship i stood up to get a better look when i just happen to turn around to see if anyone else seen the dolpins and saw black worm things rising up into the reki practitioner hands from a lady laying on a bed which he was doing the reki on.The lady sitting beside me said i dont know why this nonsense is allowed on a passenger ship but i was so shocked i did not answer .When i got home to New zealand i went and had a course in Reki myself ,
When i asked my Reki teacher about what i had seen on the ship she asked me did i see strange things and i told her once as a child whic is a other story .

pauline magee <pauline.magee at xtradot co dotnz>
otaki, new zealand - Friday, January 28, 2011 at 21:10:11 (PST)

I am a 19 year old female. I have been told I am "weird". I don't take offense to it because I understand what people are trying to say. I'm asked "..How did you know that??" often. Of course, I am unable to answer that. I've always felt I have a sort of "sixth-sense". It seems to be most powerful when I am feeling a strong emotion; whether it be anger or even love.

For some reason, I have the tendency to flip on a light switch and it will blow out. This happens frequently, usually 4-5 times per month: at my work, at my home, at my father's home (which is only 10 years old).

I have a strange connection with my boyfriend. We live 72 miles apart, so we spend a lot of time talking on the phone. 8 times out of 10, I can predict exactly what position he is sitting in, even when he decides to be funny and make it complicated. At the same rate, I'm able to tell him what shirt, jeans, and color undershirt he is wearing. Frequently, I will call him as he's calling me. I have noticed I have a strong physical connection once I fall in love. He will tell me he has an itch, and never once have I been unable to find it the first try.

I am able to "sense" when someone I love is doing me wrong, at the exact moment they are doing me wrong, and be able to somehow "know" exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it. It is hard to prove to that person that I got their wrong-doing down to a T, but sooner or later, I find out I was 100% right. This is my least favorite part of this "ability" I have.

My mother (deceased) had similar abilities. I'll never forget the time she told my sister to move her car off of the street, because it was 2am and there were drunk drivers and she didn't want her car to get hit (we lived on the Main Street). As my sister was getting out of her car after parking it on the side street, the car that was in front of her got hit by a van, and destroyed the entire driver's side. My mom said she just "knew" somehow. I know the feeling.

I've noticed my "abilities" have become stronger, and events have become more frequent within the past 2 years. I've also noticed I'm getting better at having more "control and/or focus" over my "sensing" ability. I used to just randomly sense something. Now, if I focus hard enough, I am beginning to be able to sense things when I want to. I am going to school to be a counselor. I believe the skills I've learned, such as changing perceptions of events in a positive manor and positive reinforcement, have helped me gain control of my ability.

I don't know how all of this came about, if I was born with it, or if it developed over time.

I do believe in the paranormal phenomena. I grew up in an old house, next to an underground railroad. My mother, father and 9 brothers and sisters will agree that that house was "haunted". My mother told me when I was 3 years old, I was sitting on her bed while she was getting dressed. She said I asked her, "Mommy, who's that?" while point to the rocking chair, that was rocking on it's own. When I was 14, my mother called a paranormal research team to investigate our home. I struggled with severe depression in my teenage years and during that time, more unusual things were happening in our home. They told me the activities could because spirits are attracted to negative energy or it could just be because I was in a fragile state of mind. They found nothing too unusual, except for in my room. I'll be honest with you though, ever since we left that house, my depression has improved immensely. Coincidence? Who knows.

I can't explain any of this, how it happened or why. All I know is that I've got something, undefined, that most people do not.

Sami <samuella.bee at gmaildot com>
Madison, WI USA - Saturday, January 08, 2011 at 14:08:32 (PST)

I work as a retail manager at a store in our mall. I often call to check on sales on my days off. My crew has begun calling me Nostradamus because I have the uncanny ability to know the net sales $ amount before they can even get the report printed. Example: "Hey, what's the sales look like today?... should be about $500?".... "let me check... wow, we just hit $504" I do this at least once per week, and often call my the store, just as they were getting ready to call me about some issue. My crew has taken it all in stride and jokes about me having hidden cameras above the registers. As I saw in another post about thinking too long, I too find if I stop and consider what they should be at, I tend to be off. It's the fast thought stated that is uncannily accurate. Hence I have stopped second guessing myself and just go with gut intinct.
Sherrie Casteel <sherriecasteel at yahoodot com>
AR USA - Saturday, January 01, 2011 at 06:58:17 (PST)

Hello, I'm 59, a Vietnam veteran and am generally down to earth; this is about something I saw twice when I was 13 and again recently when I was 57.

When I was 13, at a summer camp, they occasionally used to take us to a park. One day while at that park, I was looking at a woman (about in her mid/late 40's) about 20 yards from me and I saw a most unusual/"can't be" 'thing'.

It was a rectangular shape 'wall' floating right in front of her. It appeared to be smoky brown/gray in color and it extended from her lower stomach to the top of her chest. It was as wide as her body. There appeared to be about three or so inches of space between it and her torso. It seemed to be about four or so inches thick.

Just floating there, right immediately in front of her. She did not seem to be aware of it or maybe better said, she was not reacting to its presence.

Being 13 I was not comfortable walking up to her and asking her about it and I was certainly not going to speak of it back at the camp so I shelved it for lack of an explanation.

Very much to my surprise, at the same park a week later I saw this same 'energy wall' (I've come to call it, for lack of anything else to say about it) and this time it was an older man, about in his 50's.

Same dimensions. Only more like about five or six inches thick. Otherwise, it was exactly the same as the one I had seen a week earlier. He also did not seem to be reacting to it or gave any impression he was aware of its presence.

Again, I decided that at my age, no one would believe me were I to speak of it and since I decided not to ask the person, I again shelved it in my mind and as time went by I forgot about it.

In August of 2007 I saw it again! Remembering seeing it long ago, I was shocked and as maybe some of you can guess, relieved to see it, knowing I was not crazy after all.

But! the dimensions were way different- it was overall the same in appearance but instead of being only about five or so inches thick, this time it was about 18 inches deep!!

And the best part was that the person in front of whom it was floating was seated right in front of me, within arm's length.

So there was no mistaking what I saw.

Being older, I had no qualms about speaking about it with her so I came right out and asked her if she knew this 'dark energy wall' was right in front of her and naturally she said no, smiling a little and giving me a funny look, obviously wondering what I was talking about.

I had thought at first it was a phenomenon of the supernatural but I'm now convinced it is a property of our bodies, something we are not aware of. Maybe it is a defense mechanism, I have no idea.

I've been to a lot of spiritual/supernatural websites asking about this but no one has indicated they've seen the same thing.


Paul Forel <paul at pfesincdot com>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 00:49:43 (PST)

I have a number of unusual phenomena to report. They have to do with some psychic abilities I seem to have, however these abilities come and go and I can't always bring them on at will.


It all started when I was really little. I can still remember certain things about my past that most people wouldn't. When I was just old enough to talk, me and my mom would sometimes have what I like to call shared brain phenomenon. It's a term I invented, because I find it is the best way to describe this sort of occurrence. She would be in one room of the house, minding her own business, and I would be somewhere else in the house, well, actually we lived in a trailer, minding my own business. I would be playing with blocks or something like that, and my focus would drift. The next thing that would happen was really beautiful. I would be either next to my mother, as if I were really standing beside her, or I would be able to see through her eyes. But even more interestingly, I knew what she was thinking, and she knew what I was thinking. The degree of love that I felt in those moments was incredible. But please note that I'm not all too sure about what love is, but I think it was love. We could talk like this for hours. One time, I was in that state, but my mom was not and she called me. I wanted to tell her I was standing right beside her, but when I tried to talk, my body wasn't there and then I realized that I was actually somewhere else in the house. I knew what she wanted to ask me. I can't remember exactly what the question was, but I answered it before she asked it. This made my dad kinda freak out, I guess because he didn't understand it. But not really freaked out in a bad way. Also, I used to be able to see around corners and know that someone was coming over without anyone telling me. Once my mom asked me if I knew who was in the driveway, and without having to look, I said the name of who it was, because I could see them. It was like I just had to concentrate on the driveway and I would just be there, looking around. Sometimes I was the only one in the family that knew who was outside, without having to look. I would spontaneously say who was coming over and then the doorbell would ring, because I could see them coming. Unfortunately that power seems to have left me for the most part. However, I started meditating a few years ago, and it seems to be coming back, but it seems different now, and a little bit harder to understand.

Just over a year ago, while I was dreaming, I dreamed that I was on a boat, and the boat tilted, and I fell in the water. But it wasn't me. It was as if I could see the world through someone elses eyes, although not very clearly. Anyway, I fell into the water and for some reason I couldn't swim, it was as if I were falling through the water. The water was also really bubbly. I knew I was going to die all of a sudden. But I felt like there was another presence in the water with me, and it made me feel warm and safe. Then the dream changed and became utterly random and confusing, but the feeling that someone was being mourned remained constant throughout the confusion.

When my dad got home from work the next day, he told me that one of his colleagues had drowned and I told him about the dream, but I don't think that he really believed me.

Another time when I had a friend over and my dad and his girlfriend were out driving I suddenly got really tired, these sudden fatigue spells are usually when I enter my deepest states. In my daydream, I was sitting in the backseat of our car and my dad and his girlfriend were in the front. A few cars ahead of us there was a silver car, and left of it, in the other lane, there was a black truck. The black truck was trying to get into the right lane and for some reason nudged the back of the silver car. The silver car spun sideways, after swerving back and forth for a few seconds, and once it went sideways, it rolled multiple times and got completely smashed up. When they didn't get home when they were supposed to, I was worried. It had felt so vivid and real, that I told my friend about it, who pretty much looked at me like I was a crazy person. But when they got home they started talking about how they saw a car crash and I blurted out the details of my dream. And they looked at me like I was insane also, and I told them I just knew when they wanted to know how I knew.


Sometimes I have a gut feeling that I can't shake. Since I have trouble discerning it from normal worrying, I try to forget about it. But if I can't forget about it, or if it just rings too true to ignore, I usually know.

The first bad premonition I had was when I was little. We had a good friend of the family over and his wife was there and we were eating pizza. All of a sudden I started crying because they were so happy together now, when the man was going to die of cancer. I was still pretty little then. My parents asked me what was wrong, and I lied to them and told them I didn't know. They did die a slow, and painful death of cancer a few years later. My parents wondered why I was so emotional about that, but the thing is, I don't need to know a person very long before I start to really feel warm about them. Sometimes I can just look at someone's picture, and feel like I know them.

I also had a premonition that someone else my dad knew was going to die. This one was strong. They were over at my dads place. I got a really bad vibe. Then it was suddenly like something had put a thought in my head from outside. I was suddenly thinking about telling them that they were going to die soon. The urge got so strong, but I resisted because I was scared. They died within a week of this incident. I had the same thing happen with one of my friends, who got hit by a drunk driver, and that was the worst, it still impacts me. This is all actually very painful to write about, but I am finding relief in getting this out there. I hope that other people will be able to relate to my experiences and feel less alone. Anyway, my friend was in my class on the last day before a long weekend. I spent the whole class in a state of unrest. I kept thinking that they were going to die. I looked so distraught that one of my other friends asked me what was wrong, and I told them that the guy was going to die. He told me not to say crap like that, not in a mean way, I guess he was just worried for my sanity. But sure as heck, the guy died that weekend, and it started a series of problems for me. That weekend I was trying to sleep, but I was totally restless. Something was making me want to walk in a certain direction out of our apartment. I knew I could prevent disaster, but I didn't want to be a maniac, running around on the streets like a fool. It was so selfish of me. And I'm so sorry. (I'm actually crying right now as I write this) Then I finally went to sleep and I could see them walking on the road. Then I kind of blacked out and I heard a dull thud, and I woke up screaming a startled aahh! kind of scream. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the long weekend, I was actually awake for something like 35 hours at a time. And then I read in the newspaper that a teenager had been killed, and I knew who it was, but I was still in denial. Then my sister told me the school had called and that they were dead, and I lost it for an extended period of time. I wanted to hurt myself and stuff because of the event. I actually ended up forgetting it happened altogether...the rest I guess I'm gonna cut this story off here because it's not really going anywhere.


Sometimes at night, I will wake up feeling like I am being electrocuted. Sometimes, when I wake up after dreaming very deep, my whole blanket will light up like Hiroshima when I get out of bed. Sometimes when I am angry or frustrated, my computer will freeze. Sometimes, when I'm really really angry, the pvr(its sort of like tivo), will stop working properly. Also, sometimes I feel electrically charged. I am also extremely sensitive to thunderstorms. A while ago we had that solar flare and I was extremely sensitive to that. I was sleeping with my room darkened, so no outside light could get in, and my whole head just felt electric. I decided to go for a smoke(we dont smoke in the house) and I could feel the pressure in my head getting worse and worse. Then the whole sky lit up blue, and I actually dropped onto my butt. There was this sort of lightning that made weird noises, and was curvy and thick, and my head felt worse and worse the whole time. It didn't go away completely until a few days later. During bad thunderstorms sometimes it gets so bad that I completely freak out. We were camping once and there was a thunderstorm and we were in a tent. It started gushing rain so hard you could barely breathe in it(it sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I swear I'm not ) so we went inside the tent. The rain was actually coming through the tent fabric in some places. I got the weird pressure in my head and there was lighting and thunder everywhere. We were all scared, but then the pressure in my head got so bad I thought I was going to completely black out. I screamed, oh my god, it's coming. right after I said that there was lighting so bright we could see through the tent and a sound so deafening I tried to cover my ears, and while I did that I touched the side of the tent and I got zapped, kinda like the time I touched an electric fence. Once I got zapped, the pressure in my head kind of stopped, but of course I ran out of the tent screaming like a maniac. Is it common to feel weird in your head during a thunderstorm? Maybe this isn't paranormal but I'm posting it anyway, sorry.


This kind of stuff only happens when I'm at my dads house, he's prone to this sort of thing, I think it's not really ghosts but maybe it's his negative energy, hes got lots of issues.

Sometimes I sense a presence in the house, and it's not really threatening, it's like it's someone I know, and I'll think it's my dads girlfriend(I'm pretty sure it's a female presence)and I'll turn to look at it, and there will be nothing there, but the cat will be looking right at it too. Also sometimes stuff will randomly fly out of the cubboards in the kitchen here. This is really uncommon thought, it's mostly just the weird female presence, I'm sure it has something to do with my dad, but I'm not sure what.


Sometimes I get randomly dizzy or black out. This started when I was little and I was in a daydream kind of mindset. I used to just sit in a beanbag for hours doing nothing but paying attention to what was going on around me and enjoying the moment. then eventually this thing started where it was like my head was shaking and whirring, sort of like an electrically powered weird machine like thing. I have similar happen sometimes when I meditate, but never as intense as it was during that time. I think its because as a grew up I learned not to believe in that stuff, and now I kind of hate society for it. I love people, but I hate society, its a bit ironic but whatever. thanks for listening, i hope.

I guess that's it for now. If you want to organize this and fix the spelling and make it make more sense, feel free, because I just blabbed forever.

also if you want clarification, email me.

oh also, sometimes i can pick a card out of a deck of cards. one time i had someone tell me a card and i would pick it out of the deck without looking. i did that 3 times in a row. it only works when im in a really good mood though. lol, ok, ill shut up...roflcopter

Marvin Hilbig <marvinhilbig at hotmaildot ca>
USA - Saturday, October 09, 2010 at 00:17:53 (PDT)

I wasn't sure what catogry this would fall into.But my best friend,he has a strange story to.He's always apsoluty FREEZING aalll the time,he can just sit there in freezing weather in just a top and trousers and he's barley notices the cold.Also if he gets this REALLY wierd thing.He did it to me once.He gets these tiny patches of cold on the ends of his fingers occasionly,and if the touches someone while they're there,a cold goes through there ENTIRE body.And if it's happening when hes holding a glass,it becomes really cold and so does the liquid inside does seem a bit of a coincedence that me,an 'Electric person' and him be friends.But thats kinda why we get on so well.Cos we're both wierd.
William James Bayliss
USA - Wednesday, September 01, 2010 at 09:01:20 (PDT)

I witnessed a stargate open. It happened two weeks
ago. All day I had noticed geometrical patterns in the
sky. After observing for a while I realized this was
not by coincidence but in fact it was being
controlled. I assumed that the government was testing
HAARP and perhaps that has something to do with it.
The patterns began as clouds formed points, two points
connected and created a third point, then a circle
surrounded the triangle. This process kept repeating
all the while the previous points merged into what
looked like a DNA molecule. Two strands came together
and the energy just began to flow through evertything.

After the events in the sky a Stargate opened in an
empty lot behind my apartment. I have others who
witnessed it as well. The gate was a Circle of white
light and in the center a void was created. It sounded
like wind blowing through a log. As if all this werent
enough to blow my mind completely I heard a voice. It
said are you ready to fly. This voice was male. A
female voice sounded next inside my head and said
opening gate one. My friends all heard it.
With that a Red light appeared on the Gate. It was
in the 3 oclock position. simultaneously a Red/Violet
rod of light appeared next to the gate. Then in the
front a bright yellow light appeared. This light was
shorter and was angle at about 45 degrees towards the
It remained this was for several minutes until dark.
When it became dark the light followed, but you could
still hear the gate as if it were lit.
I know your wondering why no picture or anything. To
tell the truth I was completely mesmorized. I didnt
want to miss a second of what I was seeing so
selfishly I gazed.
Please respond seriously to this. I can take a
polygraph, and I am sure my friends wouldnt mind
either. I seriously need a community like yours to
relate this to. The burden of such incredible
revelations is tremendous to bear alone.

Josh Ladner <joshlad at yahoodot com>
moselle, ms USA - Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 07:17:13 (PDT)

When I was 3 years old I looked over at the window and saw a huge blue eye staring at me in the window. It frightened me half to death. I got up out of my bed and put on my slippers and ran into the kitchen where my mom was and told her. She told me it was my fever that made me see the eye. I have never forgotten this and I saw this thing staring at me.
Jo Zimny <selket51 at hotmaildot com>
NM USA - Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 15:40:00 (PDT)

while looking after my terminaly ill dad, the strangest things started to happen 3 days before his passing,one morning my sister and my husband stayed with my dad, while i did some errands for him,when i came back my sister said that 3 knocks came to the door and each time there was no one there, my husband said the same,then on the night as i was alone my dad started to see my mum whod died 5yrs before , this realy started to freak me out as my mum used to say that someone always comes for you before you pass over, well the day after, my dad, who fought as much as he could to stay with us,as me to clean the porchway as the leaves were building up,as i did, i saw what i thought was a hamster with 8 legs moveing slowley to the other side of the porch, now theres no way on this earth could that of gone passed me or gone done a hole cus there wasnt one,but it completly vanished,i told my dad, and he said he knew it was there and to leave it alone,then i realised somethink hed told me just before hed been diagnosed,he said sometimes on a night hed been sleeping wiyh the light on as somethink kept stareing at him through the window, a big dark coulerd spider or beetle i remember telling him dont be daft,but you see,my mum who died at 73 broke her foot and died of pneumonia,now the thing i saw in my dads porch had a leg that seemed to be broke because it was dragging one of its legs,the main thing is and it does sound funny i know, but that could of been my mum waitingg for my dad,it sure got me thinking. has anyone else experienced the same.
mrs lynnewills <lynnewills1959 at hotmaildot com.uk>
st,helens merseyside england, england - Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 15:39:52 (PDT)

I was 11 years old. My dad was dying of cancer and I knew this for 2 years. He lived in new Hampshire and I lived in Pennsylvania. One night I was sleeping and having a fairly happy dream about my father. We were sitting under a Christmas tree opening presents. All of a sudden (in the dream) the window was shattered with a vaccuum like wind sucking air out. I heard a creapy deap voice yell "his time is up!" my dad was sucked threw the window and I was left there alone. The next day I woke up later than I should have and I found out the cancer had taken my father at 5-6am that morning. I only told this to one person and when I told them something weird happened. We were sitting in a parking lot and all of a sudden the car accross from us lights started blinking. Not a fast blinking but a slow blinking like they would come on then fade out. So I think something is out there. Let me know if anything like this has happened to you.
Jeremy <Jracine9210(at)gmail(dot)com>
Harrisburg, Pa USA - Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 01:19:36 (PDT)

One day, I was riding my bike on the gravel jogging path that surrounds the city storm drain retention pond in my neighborhood. As I was riding, i heard excitement from the back yard of the house I was passing. They had an iron gate fence, so I dismounted to investigate. I saw some kids, maybe 13-18, gathered around a hole. Being a little kid, I said hi. A girl with no pants on squatted on the other side, and she said in a speech-impediment voice, "Hi, Cameron". This was my name. I had NEVER seen this girl before. Dumbfounded, i asked, "How do you know my name?" She replied that she had special powers. Then, a teenager came and started making grunting noises. The girl said that that was her brother, who also had powers. At this point I was seriously creeped out, and my heart was racing. This girl, who obviously had some kind of mental illness, was squatting behind a fence, had guessed my name. I said goodbye and mounted my bike. I raced to my house. I felt like I was losing my grip on reality. I have never told anyone about this encounter until now. I have not and will not ever go there again. I suspect that It was a dream, but it is not any way unreal. I have tried to accept my psychic encounter for what it was, or to dismiss it as a sick prank of sorts, but this is a true account. I do not remember much more than is described in this account. I will always fear this family.
Cameron <starchaser.alred at gmaildot comaasdfgh>
USA - Friday, June 11, 2010 at 18:48:19 (PDT)

My wife baby son were asleep on a warm summer night with an almost full moon pouring a lot of light through a bedroom window. I awoke to see an individual standing in the bedroom doorway. He was solid and was wearing a green plaid 'deer stalker hat' (like the typical Sherlock Holmes type) a plaid heavy overcoat over a white shirt and dark tie. Thinking that we had an intruder I shouted at him to get the hell out of my home, or words to that effect.(actually i was a little more 'flowery' in my language but that is bye the bye!) There was also a VERY strong smell of pipe tobacco in the room and neither my wife nor i smoke. The 'person' moved into the room towards the crib my baby son was sleeping in, By this time my wife was wide awake as well and started yelling for him to get out. He stopped just a meter away from the crib as i began getting out of bed to confront him. Actually i was preparing to pound him and intended to hand him his arse on a plate!

He didn't move at all but just smiled and then evaporated right in front of us. Babny Ben slept through it all but my wife and i decided that a cup of tea was in oprder!

Several days later we met a neighbor who had lived all her life 2 doors away and mentioned our experience to her, as we didn't want to upset our landlady with this story as she lived alone in the other half of the semi-detached house. Dot the neighbor identified the man immediately from our description. His name was Ed Kerr and he was the late husband of our landlady. Apparently he had retired from his job as a Master Mariner and had come home to die. He had terminal lung cancer caused by his prolific pipe smoking habit.

Our bedroom used to be a sitting room when the house was undivided and poor old Ed used to wake a lot at night due to his illness so he moved out of the master bedroom and into the sitting room where he eventually died. We never felt uneasy at all in the house either before or after this experience and we never saw Ed again.

My guess was that he was just checking out the new arrivals in 'his place' and satisfied he never bothered us again. Now I've seen a few so called TV haunting reality shows but they are mostly just silly folks getting each other scared and not really experiencing much at all. Just a lot of emotional silliness mostly but obviously good for TV ratings. Our experience however was of a 'solid' three dimensional individual that looked like a real person and smelt of tobacco. Until he evaporated right in from of our eyes!

True story. Oh and by the way one can't smell anything if one is asleep and i certainly didn't imagine sitting up in bed and drinking tea and discussing the whole thing with my wife afterwards either.

Peter Angle <thfsr at hotmaildot com>
Auckland, NZ - Monday, May 03, 2010 at 20:49:36 (PDT)

I have the ability to control what time i wake up when i go to sleep. One day, I decided to set my "clock" to 3 hours BEFORE i went to sleep. I fell asleep for three hours. I checked my clock. Nope. it didn't work. But then my alarm digital clock stopped, flashed, and suddenly went back to the time i wanted to wake up!!! Only my digital clock. I didn't really go back in time. only my clock!
norm zeff <NormZ at gmaildot com>
Irving, TX USA - Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 18:42:05 (PDT)

So it happend when I was 12 when my Dad was driving me home from school. On some street corner Some kids were fighting and one kid tried to kick the other kid but before he could the other kid vanished. He dissipeared. I was amazed, and the kicking kid fell over, confused. Then I drove past. I dont know WHAT happend but it was the wierdest thing I ever saw.
Jonny Nied <JNIED at hotmaildot com>
irving, TX USA - Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 18:26:47 (PDT)

Every night I appear in a different state, one (i think)I recently moved from. I appear whenever I go to bed to appear somewhere else. I don't know where I am any more. Am I in Ohio or Texas? I have friends and lives in both states!!!!
Jnied volco <bobj at hotmaildot com>
Irving, TX USA - Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 18:56:13 (PDT)

One night,only a few days after watching and mocking Paranormal Activities My girlfriend and I were getting ready for bed. Our T.V. went out in our first room, so we decided to sleep in the middle room for the evening. We stayed up watching t.v.for awhile then decided to call it a night. A few hours later I woke up to a door on me!(The bathroom door) The door was on the other side of the room across from the bed. As soon as the door hit me, I woke up in terror ready to fight, whoever was the cause of it. However, when I looked around there was no one there! I searched the house and the front and backyard as well; still no body in sight.I went back in side, My girlfriend and I tried to come up with an explanation to the door falling.The door was on the henges,and there was nobody in the house except for us. We never came up with an explanation. There has been a few more encounters that we have heard a man's voice whispering, and strange noises every now and than. But thankfully nothing too out of the ordinary to handle. I'm still not sure if watching that movie had anything to do with the things that happened to me, but don't have any other explanation
yoshi <mdesi08 at hotmaildot com>
las Cruces, NM USA - Monday, February 22, 2010 at 14:54:56 (PST)

When i was about 9 or 10 i started to have these vague dreams about random situations for example just recently i had a dream where i decided to get a job at a convenience store and i was so stoked to be getting the job. this was about 6 or 7 months ago. when i woke up i was confused because i was trying to figure out why the hell i would want a job (i was 13) now in the past couple of weeks i have taken on the hobby of photography (which is expensive!) and i needed a way to get $800. this bothered me greatly then i woke up in the middle of the night and the events in the dream came back to me. the only thing i can think of is that my brain may have used suggestive reasoning on itself but that doesn't make sense because it happened so far apart i have continuously had dreams and deja-vu on and off since then.

Dalton <daltondoughty at hotmaildot com>
USA - Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 20:45:08 (PST)

My grandmother had a small collection of Carnival Glass, The origins of this glass is unknown, she picked it up at a local flea market.
We lived in a farmhouse sitting on a main highway. This particular piece of Carnival Glass was a Mother of Pearl colored Plate, and it sat shelf in china cabinet in her dining room. One night she was walking from the dining room into the living area, since she was just passing through she had no reason to turn on the lights, and just happened to look back and swore she saw something in the plate when the headlights from the highway passed through her dining room window. She relayed what she had seen to myself, my father and my cousin. After 10 minutes of her insisting that we look for ourselves, we all followed her to dining area, and sat waiting in the dark for the light to shine through the window and onto this plate. Sure enough the headlights from the passing car shown directly through the window and onto this particular plate. As clear as day, all of us witnessed what my grandmother had insisted she seen. In the center of the Carnival Glass plate there was a imprint, if you will, of a small face. The face's features resembled that of a "tiki god" or a "skeleton". There were only eye holes no eye, and the mouth was squarish, with square teeth. No nose, no hair, no ears..... We were all amazed. My grandmother insisted that we get rid of the plate, so she snatched it out of the cabinet and marched with it outside and flung it out onto the pavement. It bounced like it was made of rubber, two more failed attempts to shatter it and nothing.... My Father took the plate to the dump and that was that.
We cannot explain the face or what material it was made out of that prevented it from shattering....

Amber <oohbunnybunny at yahoodot com>
Pompano Beach , FL USA - Monday, February 08, 2010 at 11:44:25 (PST)

5 yrs ago on xmas eve this feeling come over me' so i said to any1 but mostly 2 my grandson that there were rock's calling me' that day was windy' cold and very icy so it was probably better that littleman stayed home' now i had my full focus on the task at hand' so i packed up the gear and went to my favorite spot' and there were people there' it made me feel uneasy so i decided to hunt another spot' so i do that' but its was dangerous with very large rocks everywhere just 1 slip' but that did not happen as faith had something for me to find' so i was collecting the usual suspect's when it happened, as i was kneeling down beside the cold wavy fidget water with my left and right hand's i reach down and culped 2 rock's at thee exact time, 1 was flawless beaytifully coloured with bands going completly around the treasure' but it was shaped to mimic or resemble a baby's cradle' i could not believe what i was staring at, but it never clicked in until i looked at the second 1' it was a white quartz crystal with rose quartz crystal's within the mineral mimicing or resembling a 5 point Star, here i was being called by some higher calling on Xmas eve and they direct me right there to find what subconsiouly was predicted' and it get's better the same thing xmas day' i go and what do i find (the jesus tear) I was so over whelmed by these occurance's that i was joyous (da passed on in 84) you guessed it' (xmas day) is not my best day' i watched him pass tears then and still(tears in my eyes)but' the jesus tear was found on xmas day it was a dead ringer 4 a tear (i have misplaced the tear)and it was at my favorite spot' where i did not go the day b4 so it really was programmed from step 1 to the final step, imagine i am named Kristal after a jewish doctor' i am catholic' and i am a anglosaxon guy 57 yrs young' that was led to find these treasure's (faith) that and only that must be the final answer but No' what do i go and find on a sandstone rock ? something that looked like a face ? but what ? every person which would be only a hand full that saw it' said it resembled a face' but thats as far as it went' but something's was amiss and my subconsious could not pick up on it ? i had that rock for 3 yrs' not knowing what it was trying to tell me (not a clue) but something happened which pissed me off ? prevously' i had misplaced the face rock' not knowing i had done it, so when i found the facerock' i got mad at myself for being so absent minded and that i could misplace this weirdly unique rockface' so i take the face and misplace it again i swear to You i did (completly forgot) but it was placed where if i walked by i was sure to notice it' it's just a narrow hall way with dim lighting' so as i am going past the wooden stand again i notice the facerock' again i got mad at the way my brain was funtioning calling myself unfaltering names' when it happened as i was looking' i started moving trying to get the best angle i could because i was seeing something'what i did not know up to that point'so a move here a move there and that's when my hair stood on end (neck and arm's) it was him' the unholy 1 himself (satan) staring back at me' i was excited' and could not believe that all it took' was dim lighting for him to expose himself, these stories are accurate and 100 oer cent fact. i am tired'thanks
Kristal Mac Leod <kristalsrocks at hotmaildot com>
New Waterford, USA - Monday, January 11, 2010 at 22:20:52 (PST)

About 3 weeks ago I was washing dishes in my apartment. All of a sudden I knew just as I know my own name that my boyfriend, who lives 3.5 hours from me was thinking about wood, then wood grain, then the color of wood grain. It was a very solid and true thought that I had and I thought I'd share with him my opinion. I texted him "My favorite color of wood stain is Mahogany Red." He called me about 20 minutes later saying that at the very moment he got my text, he was telling a guy he works with about a time when another worker was cutting Mahogany wood and had a problem of always cutting the wood too short, no matter how many times he measured it to start. My boyfriend was floored by the experience while I'm not entirely surprised since stuff like that happens to me all the time. I also feel presences and have been physically pushed by entities unseen by the naked eye.
Lora <chiborn at livedot com>
thomasville, ga USA - Sunday, December 27, 2009 at 14:39:11 (PST)

I first had a very unusual experience when I was about 30. My husband had been invited to go gliding at a paragliding club. My brother in law had arranged for him to take his first flight. We waited quite a long time and we were so excited that he was getting an opportunity. However, my excitement began to turn to anxiety, and so much so that my brother in law was called over, and he explained that this club had been paragliding for 30 yrs without one incident. none of this stopped this overwhelming uneasy feeling, and sense of doom that i had. the last guy before my husband to come down crashed and was killed on impact whilst we stood waiting his turn. of course he never did go up in the air.

The other time was about two years ago, my husband and i were sitting on our pcs, back to back in the study, and i let out a huge gasp, and said oh my god. of course he wanted to know what was wrong, thinking i was in pain, or having a heart attack, who knows what was wrong with me, but quickly realised i was ok. i had a very strong taste/sense of death. i tasted the death, sensed death, and when i told him, he said is it someone we know, and i said, yes. then he said, is it someone close, and i said, yes, and he said how close and i said, very. and he said like someone in your family, and i said yes. well three days later my brother was murdered.

Apart from those two incidents, i went back home to south africa and was chatting with my brothers children, and their new wives, when i looked across the table at a girl who i had never met before, and asked her if she was a diver. she said yes she had been, and who had told me. i had no clue where this information came from. i had to sit and think about where the heck it did come from and i remember looking at her and seeing a bathing cap, with the top flipped over.

I was born with a veil, my mother told me that the hospital where i was born, tried to steal it and that she had wrapped it in wet tissue paper to try to prevent it shrinking. who knows if this has anything to do with this.

i came to this website because i suffer with static electricity something terrible. i give everyone including the dog the worst zaps imaginable. and last night my husband and i were standing outside and the street light went out.. never thought it was me, but now i am wondering. i am sure there are other things that i have an influence on, just have to be more alert i guess.

elizabeth <chantelle_sa at yahoodot com>
las vegas, nv USA - Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 19:55:37 (PDT)

Back in 2005,I was working as a correctional, in Granite,oklahoma. one morning about 15 minutes before my shift was complete, i pulled up to tower 3 about 20 or 30 yards away. Tower located at the rear of prison, to log out. I was pretty darn tired , from being on the slow quiet midnight shift, but still alert. That morning it was quite foggy, well i grabbed the log book to finish my shift. As i grabbed for it, i looked toward the tower at the bottom to see who was coming to relieve the tower officer i seen someone walking toward it. great i thought relief for me is on the way, i looked down for just a second to grab my pen, and looked up and no one was there. I thought to myself where did the person go, maybe it was the oncoming yard officer. So i start to drive closer to the tower, and as i am i see further down the the road in front of me someone heading my direction. It was another gaurd, i asked her if anyone walked with her she said no and that she was relieving the tower officer. I asked the tower officer(not over the radio)if he seen anyone walk by, as earlier i could see him out on the catwalk, and he said no. by this time, the fog had cleared somewhat and i still had time to circle the rear of the prison. I did so and found nothing. the next day i asked if anyone had walked around the prison during relief and again the answer was no. I felt kinda spooked and i personally thought maybe ghost or I was really tired, in any case very wierd! Thankyou
hobart, okla USA - Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 01:00:06 (PDT)

Well, starting from when I was little and very close to my Aunt Goldie (Great,Great) she was old when I was little, who had passed and somehow I felt her presence in my hospital room. Years passed and suddenly things started happening with in the last few years. I've had dreams of close people who have died and have assured me in a dream each time that they're o.k.
My G-Parents house is 157 yrs. old and I see what looks like thick white strings in a certain part of the house at night.
And , so I don't bore you , I've burned out 2 ipods and my 1st new computer , this is my replacement,oh and one boom box and my new one is becoming a bit testy! I teach dance! This new job means I supply equipment! I tend to shock a lot and I blew a hair drier into flames this summer! Ha! But, it was old!

Leah <leahtaps at yahoodot com>
USA - Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 11:42:43 (PDT)

Well..my 2 cents worth..too much to write.I will give small examples.I have seen flying discs in the daytime, lesss than 200 ft away. Seen numerous black "cloud" entities.. I was once physically attacked by a small being..small body but huge head..he was very evil. Numerous encounters with spirits..too many to tell here. I have turned on several electrical devices by touching them, in front of witnesses...by mistake (didnt mean to). I had the easy ability to read palms and cards...extremely accurate. I dont do it anymore. I chose not to. I have become a Christian now and now my experiences are still extremely strong and not natural,,but of a good nature..(many experiences. I guess you can say my whole life has been a very un-natural experience...but completely natural and common to me. Thank you for letting me have a place to let this out.
JOE <127001EXP at GMAILdot com>
USA - Friday, August 21, 2009 at 06:37:21 (PDT)

I've been holding on to these things for years, and I feel that it's time to get it off my chest.
When I was a child, I grew up on an old civil war outpost. Granted, when I lived there, all the old buildings were gone and there was no sign of any "antique" memories. But they found me. I was about 4 or 5 when I began experiencing these phenomenon. I went to bed one night and was awakened by the sound of what I describe as distant voices. I pulled the covers up over my face, just my eyes peering out into the darkness. I had a double door closet in my bedroom, one side was slightly open. As I lie there in my bed, covers up to my eyes, I lie and watch as the closet door slowly opened. At this time I was freaking out, breathing was erratic, but trying my best to be quiet. At that moment I saw a roughly 2 or 3 foot creature emerge from the closet. It had a huge overexxagerated grin, almost like it was smiling literally from ear to ear, huge teeth, small but stout stature, and it looked like it was hairy in some places on it's body but not everywhere. As it emerged from the closet, it went almost into this "dance" (I later told my parents that I watched the monkeys dance in my room). It would coax me closer to the closet, almost like it was offering a child a treat. One night, I mustered enough courage to get out of the bed and go over to the closet, but not all at once. I would edge closer and closer, with stops in between, just looking and watching intently. When I finally gathered my courage and made it to the closet door, I peered in and saw several of the same type creatures, but they were smaller in size than the initial creature. I sat indian style in front of the closet and watched them for several minutes, and then they were gone. But this happened almost 3 or 5 times a week for years untill we moved away from that property. As soon as we moved, I no longer saw them. Is there anyone out there that can help me with a scetch or even tellme what these beings are? I have lived with this for over 32 years and I need answers... Thanks!

Karen <dixiecriket at yahoodot com>
Rio Rancho, NM USA - Saturday, May 02, 2009 at 18:49:16 (PDT)

In the early morning hours of December of 2002, my mother passed away peacefully in her home, with me a few feet away.

Hours after my mother's body was removed, my friend and I were having coffee in the living room - and before our eyes, the front door opened very slowing.....all the way.....for no apparent reason... It didn't open just a little crack....it did a full arc, while we just looked on, no doubt with our mouths hanging open..

If it had not been broad daylight, or if I had been alone.... I would have run out of that house as fast as I could. As it was, my friend said, very deadpan, "She's back....".

For the next 6 weekends, I went to the house to clean and organize - always keeping the tv or radio on for company. Every weekend - the TV and or radio would turn off for no apparent reason. It wasn't due to blown fuses or power outages as the lights stayed on. I also replaced alot of blown bulbs during those weeks after her passing.

One weekend, I called my friend, Marsha, from mom's house, and mentioned the tv/radio occurances. Her father had died several weeks earlier also, and told me about similar experiences. As I sat there, discussing it with her- the tv turned off again- the 2nd time that day. I became alittle frightened at that point.

Another weekend, a music box I had bought mom, kept playing and playing, although I had not wound it up. I actually thought I would have to break it - to get it to turn off - which it finally did - on it's own.

Another time I walked into the bedroom and found the pull chains from a ceiling fan, hanging down, all tangled up together in a complicated loop. Another time I found mom's baptismal record lying on a table - having no recollection of having pulled it out of whatever box it came out of from.

Six weeks after she died, I literally ran out of the house with the hair standing up on the back of my neck after getting the distinct feeling that someone had rushed up behind me as I was putting together the last box of things from the upstairs linen closet.

I later rented mom's house to a friend, never mentioning what I had experienced there. A year later - my rentor became convinced my mother's presense was sometimes in the house - but was never frightened by it. She experienced appliances turning on/off, ceiling fan blades moving very very slowly although they were switched off (no internal drafts as the house had water heat). She also reported coming home and finding doors and cabinet doors open. (she lived alone).

As for me- I began noticing I was replacing alot of lightbulbs at my own home as well. Once, I "challenged" my mother to do something to prove to me- it was really her, and not just bad lightbulbs. Within a half hour of my challenge , a lightbulb in my living room burned out while I was sitting there...again.

I would also "find" things - like a card from my mother's rolodex card bearing my address & phone number (in my mother's handwriting) sitting on my desk. I'd have no recollection of having put it there.

I would sometimes discuss these things with my extremely skeptical friend, Mike. He always said I was grasping at straws. One evening, I became upset with his closed attitude and drove home early.

I arrived to find my ancient answering machine blinking with an "incoming call" and pressed the "message button". Instead of an incoming message, the machine played an "outgoing announcement" I had recorded years earlier, when my mother was first admitted to the hospital in 2000. On the announcement, I told callers it was my mother's birthday, and how she could be reached at the hospital. This outgoing announcement had only been on my machine for a few days back in 2000, before I "deleted" it. And here it was, playing for me in 2005 - as if it was an "incoming call". And there were no additional calls on my machine that night - that would explain the blinking light.

That was the last time this machine worked. Of all the outgoing announcements, it could have accessed from it's memory in it's "death throes" - the coincidence factor that it played this one - especially on that evening when I was so upset with Mike's attitude - boggles my mind.

I definitely began to track these kind of anomolies and continued to wonder if they related to me, my mother, or were simply random events.

It was at this time I also noticed the street lights going off as I drove by, which alot of people have reported.
And lights in a local parking garage turned on and off almost every day as I approached them. I could see 2 levels of lights, as I walked to and from the elevators, yet the only lights going on and off were the ones right near me. I felt as if I was indeed crazy and felt too silly to mention these events to anyone.

Once I issed a silent "challenge" to my mother on the way to the garage elevator. She had to do something more exciting than one lightbulb if she wanted me to take notice. She had to do at least 2 in the same day. And that day, on the way back to my car, when I had completely forgotten my challenge, 2 bulbs went off as I passed by. That was the last time I ever challenged her.

So here I am in 2009 - not much has happened in the last few years. Light bulbs burn out at a reasonable rate, street lights don't seem to turn off very often and I don't find strange items lying around, In a nutshell, things seem to be back to normal.

I still have no idea if these were random events or were somehow caused by me or my mother.

Carol Dickau <DenverCarol3005 at comcastdot net>
- Saturday, March 07, 2009 at 12:10:15 (PST)

This happened in my house to my friend. She was in her room finishing her zen meditation and it was early in the afternoon. Her desk is near her bed. As she was walking towards her bed she was about to pass her desk when she saw a small fire with sparks start in the middle of her desk. The fire lasted a few second and it fizzle out. She checked for burned papers or things and found nothing burned but for an hour the smell of burned things stayed and after that it dissappeared. She checked all the outlets and wires as well as her lamp but nothing unusual or burn was noticed. Can somebody point out to me where i can find some sort of explaination on this event. Thanks
Angelica <angelic79_99 at yahoodot com>
USA - Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 08:46:23 (PST)

i remember one night when i was about 15 -im 18 now- i woke up overnight and staring right back at me was the red digital glow of the time 4:44 and i thought to myself in that blurred just woken up apathetic mindset "cool, im going to take a picture of that" and i grabbed my phone off of the dresser thing within reach and snapped a shot and fell back asleep before even closing and putting the phone down. throughout the 2 years following, EVERY DAY when i would glance at the clock - 444- when i'd glance up at the music timeline on itunes -4:44- (and that happens a fuckin lot. like 5 times in an hour when i'm on the computer for awhile). total amount due for food. $4.44. but all of a sudden one 4 got knocked off about a year ago. so it has turned into double fours. which made it a greater opportunity to find me. at least twice a day i glance at the clock and the time is within the 44th minute. 3:44, 7:44, 11:44, 2:44. it's ridiculous. and it then also appeared on my receipts and the itunes thing happens more and it pretty much took over. well i mean in comparison to 444. i often happen to look at an address i drive by and there are two fours beside each other. phone numbers in advertisements. i ask people the time and it's something 44. blah blah blah. i'm basically just sayin... i see 44 every where i go.
long beach, ca USA - Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 00:34:30 (PST)

Well this has happened a few times and I've just shook it off but today during P.E. some one looked at my eyes for just a few seconds and said whoa then looked at my eyes for a few more seconds afterwards her eyes watered up then she got a small headache then some one else looked at my eyes to test it and his eyes watered up and he got a small headache.
Garrett <grttanderson at hotmaildot com>
USA - Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 23:49:17 (PST)

I work in the IT department of a local bank. We have night shifts so that we can close the day's operations and also take backups and perform other closing operations.

Usually our work begins around 9 pm and lasts for around 4-5 hours. It was one such night around a year ago and me and my friend were on the night shift. My friend was in the 1st floor of the building and I went up to the 3rd floor to get the attendance register.

I have always had a wierd feeling going up to the 3rd floor alone in the night and I had always discounted it as my imagination working overtime. This night it was the same. I felt nothing unusual as I reached the 2nd floor but as I climbed towards the 3rd floor, the feeling started again.

I do not easily fall for such things and I ignored it thinking I had been watching too many horror movies (I love them). But this day little did I know what was in store for me.

I reached the 3rd floor and switched on the lights. The attendance register wasn't in it's usual place so I searched around for it a bit. As I was searching for it, I passed a wooden cabinet. As I passed the cabinet, my face was pretty close to it and right at that instant I heard a loud knocking sound right next to my cheek!

I stopped in my tracks and tried to locate the source of the sound but saw no-one there. Me and my friend were the only 2 people in the building. The guards were outside the building near the gate so there was no-one who could have made that sound.

I had grown so accustomed to sounds and quick glimpses of things since my childhood that I merely shrugged it off and continued to look for the register but I couldn't find it. I thought it might have been misplaced and was about to go downstairs when the knock occurred again this time behind me but coming from the same cabinet.

I quickly turned around but as was expected there wasn't anyone there. I thought I heard someone laugh very lightly but I am not sure (could be my imagination) but the knocks were very real.

Needless to say I was very happy to get out of that floor and I turned off the lights and turned around to go down the stairs when somebody tapped my shoulder from behind. I turned around quickly but no one was there.

I hurried down the stairs and after I reached the 1st floor I felt more calm and even thought about going there again with my friend. I didn't tell him anything about the incident but I just told him that I couldn't find the register and maybe we should both go and search for it. He agreed and both of us made our way to the 3rd floor.

We searched for that register for around 5 mins and both of us could hear slight noises like someone moving some paper although when we turned there was no-one there. We left having not found the register and this time there was no tap on the shoulder.

The next day I questioned the lady responsible for the register and she said that she had placed the register in its usual place and even showed me the register. It was perfectly in its own place!

USA - Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 02:49:28 (PST)

today novenber 23rd 2008 my mother went to sleep alone and at 3 o'clock. she slept for 30mins and when she awoke there was a swollen bruise on her left hand, the skin around the bruise was blue and she said it pained alot. its weird and we dont know what caused it. this wasn't the first time. for the past years this has been happening but they usually happened overnight. my mother has seen spirits roaming our yard. once i too saw what i believe to be a spirit, i was watching television while my mother was cooking and this tall dark figure which resembled my brother walked inside and went into my brother's room. clearly i didnt think much of it but my mother went to ask him if he wanted food and surly eniugh he wasnt there. so that figure wasnt my brother it was something that we really cannot explain. another incident occured when my mother was sleeping one night with my father, she said she heard footsteps and then she felt a heavy weight on her chest and something started choking her.she fought for a few seconds until she grabbed her rosary and bible and gathered enough courage to get up. my father awoke also. my mother started praying heavily until she caught her breath. my father sprinkled salt all over the house. they woke through the night. the next morning her neck was red and somewhat swollen and u could see finger marks. i hope you reply to me i really need help on this... these attacks are getting to be too much.
reply to sexie_baybee at livedot com or rizr_angel at yahoodot com
thnx for your time.

ariel6975 <sexie_baybee at livedot com>
st joseph, trinidad - Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 14:51:16 (PST)

ever since i was a kid i've had strange things happening around me, i remember countless times when i would go to open a door and before i touched it the handle would turn and the door would slowly become ajar.
i would be in the car with my parents and streetlamps would turn off and then back on as we passed them.
I always know who is on the phone before we answer it.
One year my grandmother at a heart attack in another state and i was sitting in class at 11.15 and felt heavychested, like someone was pressing on me and like this strange trickling up my arm like someone poured ice water down my veins and then it stopped i happened to look at the time it was 11.15 and about 30 minutes later i got called from my mum saying to go to the hospital and wait for my grandmother to arrive via helicopter the nurse told me she had a heart attack at around 11.15.
and whenever someones pregnant i instantly know if its a girl or a boy

Melbourne, VIC AUSTRALIA - Friday, November 21, 2008 at 14:56:50 (PST)

I was asleep, in bed when i snapped awake. i started floating 5 feet in the air! I was levitating! I went up in the air and floated around the room. i then looked at the mirror. i saw myself floating in the air.once i saw myself i was compelled to move back to the bed. i then saw my own body still sleeping! i then went back in side my body, and went back to sleep!
weird, HUH?

canada - Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 08:39:49 (PDT)

In my life life i have several odd experiences occur including an out of body experience. But the one the most recent one I can't put in a catergory. the brief version is it was like my concinous not soul mind you went to a dimention or another plane of exsistance, which seemed more real than this one like this one we are living in is training program. I know this all seemsas and sounds crazy. But imagine a society so advanced that when it comes to education it can take a "student" hook them into program it plays through teaching in a hands on real time mode. like a dreams that seems to last for hours or even days but is only a few seconds old and at the time it seemed so real that even when you awoke you still had emotional fellings relating tio the dream experiance. now imagine the whole process was not to teach but to determin what type ofperson you might become such as violant or passive or whatever and if given time you would be able to change negative aspects of your self in time or would the just evolve into worse behavioral problems. now imagine if it was all set up in a way that seemed like you lived a life time everything so real that it included all sences an intweracted with other people like on a on line game. but all were safe even if they seemed to get hurt or die iin this dream world bet inreality they and you were hooked to some srt of machine and your mind was the only thinbg inteacting with others. now imagine for some reason there was glitch so to speak and you awoke to soon long enough to relize some of what was taking place but then you were rehooked up to play the "rest of your life out" so as to finish the program and to be evaluated. thtis is what had happened to me. I do not really expect anyone to blieve this but had to put it out ther. Lifes big question may not be a question at all but in simple form it's not if we win or loss but IT IS HOW WE PLAYED THE GAME that counted. would like to here from anyone who might of had the same expierence you can email me at markmsmith at maildot com

mark d messersmith
lexington , sc USA - Wednesday, October 01, 2008 at 00:02:12 (PDT)

Well, i was with my friends in my bedroom and unusually, we were talking about our experiences with the paranormal. As i was finishing up on one of my encounters we ( myself, carly -on the bed with me- and taylor -by my closet on the floor- ) suddenly felt my bed shake and we heard my floor creek like someone was walking past my back.So I sunddenly turnned around thinking it was my dog but then i saw nothing and everything got louder and faster. Then suddenly everything stoped, but only for a couple of seconds, then my closet doors started to shake, and my friend's had told me they heard a distinct knocking comming from by my closet. When this all stopped we looked at each other like Let's-get-out-of-here-im-scared-shitless-! typea' thing. so we ran down my two set of stairs and made it into my livingroom.

I personally have had many encounters with
possible spirits. But i am not sure what
they could be. My imagination, my
worried-ness, or even the event of a real
paranormal experience.

- amanda <3

manda <mannnnda at aimdot com>
Barnnegat, NJ USA - Friday, September 12, 2008 at 16:38:48 (PDT)

Well, Ive had numerous paranormal experiences and I can relate to quite a few that were posted in here. Most of my experiences relate to people who have either died or will die. I had one incident back in 1970 when I was in Dallas Texas, I was trying to sign up for the Marines, and because I was on a probation, I was a 1H which is classified as a holdover, In other words I had to be off probation for two years before joining. I finally decided the hell with it and went out that night to club and got totally waisted, I was so waisted that I was standing at the bar looking at huge mirror on the wall in front of me wondering why this guy was standing there staring at me, and I thought this club had another bar so I walked over to it and banged myself right into the wall like fool. About 2 in the morning when the place closed I tried to walk to a Greyhound bus station to go back home and tell the family I wasn't enlisting. But I ended up past out in a ditch on the side of the road right next to a cemetery. I woke up somwe time later, the sun beating down in my face, and wondered why no one saw me there as a few cars went by. I got up and noticed a hole in the fence of the cemetery and decided to take a short cut through the cemetery to get to the bus station. As soon as I stepped through the hole and walked several feet I see this old cement grave stone, It said 1887 to 1910 And it had my name on it. I sobered up real quick.
Another incident happened in Chicago in 1969. There was me, my future wife, a guy who had been a foster brother with me in foster home, a younge girl who was freind of my future wife, and a younge black male freind. They were all sitting in the living room, and to make a long story short, they all wanted to play with this Ouija board. The future wife kept kept bugging me, "come on you can do it." I could barely keep my eyes open, hadn't slept in about three days, and hadn't eaten in like two days. Kind of like fasting. Anyway, I'm sitting there in the living room and just above the livingroom doorway off the hall we had this green flourescent lighting similar to a black light only green. Any way, there's a huge greem ashtrey on the floor right in front of me, everyone was leaning against one of the walls in a semi circle except for me. I looked at the girl and told her her feet were cold as she was barefoot, she shakes her head, yes, then I tell her they're getting colder, she says yes again. The black kid is just staring, he suddenly gets up and goes to the washroom. I picked up a pack of Marlboros from the floor, when I noticed the pack was empty and I take the tin foil out of the pack and crumpled it into a ball when suddenly I get this weird sensation like I'm being pulled by my chest with the beating of my heart, boom, boom, boom, each beat makes me rock forward as if being pulled, I dropped the tin foil in the huge green ashtray and suddenly I could see it, I don't know if anyone else did, but I see this like fishing line or something, very thin, it came from my forehead staight toward the ball of tin foil which I was staring at. I was afraid to look at anyone thinking they'd keel over dead or I'd cause them to have a heart attack. The next thing I knew was that the ball of tin foil jumped out of the ashtray with a crackling sound and I noticed little sparks flickering off it, and it would roll across the floor in any direction I turned my head, as if I was guiding it in whatever direction I pleased. When I looked back at the ashtray it cracked in four peices. Every one saw it except the the younge black kid who came running out of the bathroom ranting and raving about he saw his grandfather in the mirror in the bathroom whether that was true or not I'm not sure but one thing I'm sure of, I've never seen black kid run out the door so fast in my life and jump five stairs at a time, even the girl got up and said, "I'm gettin' the f---- outta here right now." She fell down the stairs twice trying to get to front door. Funny too when I stood up I noticed the flourescent light started to flicker. The ouija board was thrown out the third story window out in snow,and I finally got some sleep. The next morning my buddy who once was in a foster home with me calls my house and my future wife wakes me up out of dead sleep and says... "It's Barry, he want's to know if you can show him how to do that trick of yours with tin foil." I says to her... "Tell him, not unless he wants to see his grandfather in the bathroom mirror."

defoor <n.defoor at attdot net>
USA - Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 19:42:42 (PDT)

USA - Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 03:21:31 (PDT)

Ever since I can remember, babies and small children seem to stare at me. It doesn't matter what color clothes I wear or how I style my hair or any other external factor. I read somewhere that babies and children up to a certain age can see auras, and when they stare, that is what their focus is on. While I find it cute that they do this, I can't help but feel slightly awkward because I don't know anyone else this happens to. I tried to find an answer, or at least an idea of why this happens on the internet, but it must be more un-common than I thought because I haven't been able to find much of anything to explain this. The truly odd thing is that years ago a friend of mine from work invited me to dinner at her house. She has 5 children, one of which is a very special 14 year old girl. This girl has a certain type of mental disorder where her brain didn't develop past the age of four or so. This sweet girl (along with all of the other four children) made a special bond with me that I was told she never had with anyone outside of her parents. She can't really speak very well at all, she makes sounds and gestures to communicate. Yet, this girl learned my name and kept calling it out for no obvious reason. She also liked to hug onto me and "pet" my hair. I was told that this was not normal behavior for her and that "she must really like me". Her parents are very protective of her, so I cannot imagine that this reaction to me was because I was somehow more kind or comforting to her than others. So what is it that makes children want to be around me? What makes babies stare from across the room? I do believe in auras, and I believe that children and those with the mind of a child see such things until society kills the idea of magic and believing in things you can't see. So if auras are real, do certain people shine brighter or more complex colors than others? I still wonder.
Chrystal <cheshirekattee at hotmaildot com>
WI USA - Friday, July 18, 2008 at 16:44:51 (PDT)

my mother works at a nursing home in a town nearby, and one night as she was sleeping she had a dream about one of the elderly people who worked there dying. she woke up the next morning and called the nursing home to find out that the man she was dreaming of died. this was the second time something like this has happened.
eddie carreon <eddier815 at yahoodot com>
USA - Wednesday, May 07, 2008 at 17:11:54 (PDT)

My grandfather passed in 1959. His old clock was given to my father and then to me. This clock is so fragile and cannot be wound. At least 3 times in the past year the clock has bonged. Nobody around it, just sitting all by itself. My father in law passed away recently. He had an obsession with old clocks and radios. He would always wind this big grandfather clock in his mothers house for her. Now, this clock, twice has stopped right at 12 o'clock. Does anyone know if there is a correlation between old clocks and spirits?
Dennis Parrott <dparrot48 at hotmaildot com>
USA - Friday, March 28, 2008 at 18:13:25 (PDT)

Sometimes at night when im about to go to sleep, I see unexplained flashes of light. Usually whenever that happens, weird things happen. During the night when I'm sleeping, I'll have a really vivid dream about the people I care about. When I wake up, I can still remember the dream. But thats not the weird part. Be it a couple of days, months or even years, the dream comes true.
Jeffrey <jeffrey070895 at soldot com>
USA - Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 14:28:48 (PDT)

My friend and i were playing hide and go seek for the fun of it and it was my turn to hide. i hid quite a ways from my house watching my friend circle around the house many times. one of the time she walked around, a white figure with some sort of weapon came straight out of the ground and started following my friend. it did every thing my friend did like if it were her shadow. jsut as she turned around the corner of my garage, the figure went right through the garage wall. i got up and ran to the house yelling my friend's name. when i passed my garage window i saw the figure looking at me. I ducked down under the window and ran looking for my friend. When i found my friend, we ran back to the garage where i saw the figure. we looked into the garage, saw the figure looking back at us and sunk back into the ground.
USA - Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 18:00:11 (PDT)

In late summer of 1983 in WPB Fl, I was in my "Florida" room downstairs at the back of the house. I was not under the influence of any substance, nor had I been since the year before. My husband and I had moved into this mansion under "reconstruction" several months before, and I refer to this house as the House on Westminster as a house with as many disturbing phenomena deserved a name. Back to the Florida room. As I stood in the middle of the room, I saw a ball of blue flame burst through the wall on my far right and roll extremely fast across the long length of floor, hit a floor lamp at it's base and exploded with a pow and sparks. It blew the cord away from the base of the lamp. This was just one of the unusual phenomena that happened at this house. It was a Mediterainian build circa 1900. There was a large ballroom or by today's terms, a great room, a kitchen, a butlers pantry, a dining room, the Florida room, and a small bathroom downstairs. My dog and I on 2 occassions were downstairs in the dining room when we heard heavy male footsteps start from the uninhabited upstairs bedroom suite. There were 3 bedrooms upstairs. Both my dog and I immediately looked up and tracked the footstep's progress as it made it's way down the hallway to the curving steps to the 1st floor landing. We were able to stand the anxiety until the footsteps hit the top of the stairs and we both fled the house. On another occassion while on the phone with my mother, the burglar alarm went off. It was not plugged in, the wires had been cut years prior as it was an antique bell and clapper type burglar alarm. The last incidence I'll report involved 2 other witnesses. My mother was visiting. We used the two small bedrooms on one side of the hall leaving the "creepy" 2 roomed suite empty. It was approximately 11:00 p.m. and the 3 of us heard a God awful screaming, pounding,and someone/thing pulling on the inside door knob of the suite as if to tear it off. My husband, hoping it was my mother, who was hoping it was us, yelled out, "is that you?" Each screaming NO, all of us worked up the courage to confront whatever it was across the hall. We grabbed the 20 gauge before walking out our bedroom door, we saw the door across the hall rattling as if to tear the door open, the thing was screaming, and making gutteral grunting noises. Frightened barely describes our feelings. I was secretly relieved that I finally had a witness, besides my labrador, India. While living in this house for 6 short months had made India a nervous wreck with ulcers and growths breaking out on her body. It had pitted my husband, Don, against me. Our behaviours changed drastically. Mom took the dog to safety, back home in SC. My husband left with no forwarding address, and my mom came back to help me pack up to move back to SC too. I reported the incidents to the landlord so he could look into the history of the house, which he did. His name is K.C. Collette, and at the time, the District Attorney of Palm Beach County. He believed me. I had been a silent witness to so much of the phenomena because I was certain people would label me a neurotic. Now I could "tell." Thanks for your patience in reading my experience with the paranormal. Judy
Judy Herring Lay <jlherring at e%m(b&a#r*Q$m*a(i:ldot cometlg723>
SC USA - Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 12:34:59 (PDT)

In 1980 my sister who was 2 years older than I died very tragically and very suddenly. Less than a week later I was laying wide awake in bed in the middle of the night after a very fierce thunder & lightening storm. Being very distraught over my sister's death I started to pray the "Our Father" out loud. While I was praying, the room filled with this weird soothing light (although the storm had already passed) and I could hear the voice of my deceased sister very clearly saying the "Our Father" out loud along with me, as well as the voice of my mother (who lived a couple of miles away) also praying the Our Father out loud with us. It lasted just for a few seconds only. When I spoke to my mom on the phone the next morining I asked if she had been praying the "Our Father" following the storm and she replied that she had been. I guess that this may have been a religious experience of some kind, but I am not always a very religious person. I have never had anything like that happen again. If anyone has experienced anything similar to this following a thunder & lightening storm I would appreciate hearing from you. Maybe my sister's spirit was still present in some way and the electrical charge of the storm made us able to communicate? I have not told very many people about this for fear that I will be accused of imagining it. I have never forgotten the experience and never will. I was very, very much awake when it happened - I was NOT dreaming. Email: yennev at yahoo dot ca
Sara Venney <yennev at yahoo ca>
windsor, ON Canada - Monday, February 18, 2008 at 08:59:07 (PST)

i was driving with a friend on route 64 headed back from virginabeach.it had to be around 1.30pm when my eyes seemed as though they were playing tricks on me .what i seen would of shocked the day.it was a person or at least thats what i thought it was standing in the middle of the road. as the car approched the figure became more vivid.it was an ghost or angle of some sort .it had a white but goldish looking dress or night gown on .long gold blond hair.an was facing the drivers side with her hands by her side .we drove right through it.i thought to my self for a minute told my self i was crazy an before i let my thoughts rest my friend asked a question. did you see that she said? i was like yeah .she descibed what she seen an it was xactly what i saw an we both were like damn that shit was crazy. i thank it was christ or one of his angles.what do you believe.
andron <andronrose at yahoodot com>
richmond, va USA - Monday, February 11, 2008 at 11:02:45 (PST)

Well I always have bad dreams, but I can also see how people died by holding a persons most valued posetion. This morning I woke up screaming and crying, I had a dream about a man all bloody that was ghost but did not know. He was in a car crash up my road I looked at the records and he was in a car crash over by my mail box in 1963.
jessica atkinson
USA - Thursday, January 24, 2008 at 13:33:37 (PST)

I have had many of things that have happoned to me and that I have seen and I have only shared with my husband. There is the time I was five and saw the two sets of red eyes and the green eyes. I have seen friends and family and people I dont know pass away. I have seen haunted places and been able to tell what has happoned. I have seen what my husband has stated to me were acuall Druids and they were doing a ritual with a child and this guy that had a red skull face. This druid incident was below a church. I have seen people haunted and lift off the ground and be through across a room. I have seen so much I dont know were to start or how long it would take me to explain all that I have seen. I have seen a spirit to which has scared a child so bad she stopped talking. I have seen how and where people have been brutily murdered and as of naw the house I reside in has a spirit that at times calls out our names at night. This one I have seen as a shadow but feel no feer as alot of times since the day at age five when I saw the eyes. I have done everything in my power to find resson for these things with me and have even gotton baptized which never has helped. I have seen so much. And like I have said I dont know what to do or what I need to do and try my best to ecept this as a gift. Does anyone know where I might find some answers to there things I have seen or witnessed?
Traci <angel697779 at yahoodot com>
St Paul, NE USA - Wednesday, January 02, 2008 at 13:03:02 (PST)

This happened only about 5-6 days ago.

Normally i go to bed around 1 or 2 am.I ont usually get alot of sleep.But i can also get paranoid kind off easily by my own thoughts.

Well, i had been asleep frim about 3:45am and woke up around 4am.Now it was dark in the room i share with my sister and for some reason i got extremely paranoid but not from anything in particular.

Now, for an hour until around 5:50am had been falling asleep for like 1min-3min intervals that were very spaced out.At around 5:54am, i fell asleep from basically fatige im guessing and had a dream.

I only remember the last part of the dream.I was siting in a very empty desert area thats ground was a reddish color.The time was speeding by, but it remained night.I looked up at the sky, and time literally froze as i looked at the stars.Emmediatly, it felt like i fell over and clenhed my eyes shut.Only thingg is, my body was on its side but i felt like i wasnt in it.At this point i realized i was awake in a way.

Now i know i was still in my room, but all i could "see" was white.I could clearly hear my ouwn thoughts and my brain started to literally feel like it was vibrating.It almost felt like a high pitched sound oes.Annoying almost but it didnt hurt.I tried to say something like no but realized i couldnt move any part of my body even though i could still sense all of my muscles.After trying to move my mouth, i felt the vibrations inrease and almost painfully so.I tried to say no agin but it didnt work.SO, after i realized i was still breathing(odd, i know), i tensed my stmach and managed to grunt or groan.

The second i made a noise, the vibrations in my head stopped, i could open my eyes, tense my muscles and i felt back in my body.After that, i was wide awake and just stayed up all day and told myself i had been hallucinating from lack of sleep.

Does anyone know of something similar to this?I would rather not jump to conclusions and say aliens were inspecting my brain no matter how much i believe their out there.
And no, i have no known mental problems unless you count my habit of not sleeping alot.Email me any explanations please.Thanks.

Melissa <requiem_of_a_sorrow at hotmaildot com>
CA USA - Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 15:59:10 (PST)

Ok - so I have some other events that are kind of a mixture - related mostly to dreams and experiences of astral travelling.

1. When I was 15, and I'm sure it was not a dream, I woke up one night and looked outside my window, noticing the time was about 2am before I looked out. It seemed like the moon had become huge and the top half of it could be seen hovering behind the hills across the valley from my house. But then I noticed human like shadows moving across a horizontal strip on the moon like object, which would disappear and reappear again, like they were moving between places where windows were and were not. Then I remember looking at my clock again at it was 5am, and I thought "how did I stare at that so long?' and I went back to sleep.

Some years later, having never forgotten this, I went under hypnotic regression, this just being one of the things I asked the hypnotist to ask me about. I said I had been transported onto this craft - which was all white in the interior and seemed to be circular, like it kept going around in a bend, and there was this creature with big black eyes and a huge head, skinny body, who was quite a bit taller than me, and it was like they were talking to me without talking, but no words that I remembered, but just felt calm and joyful. Then I saw some plants surrounded by glowing crystals and understood that the plants were taking nutrients from the crystals. Then that was that.

2. Number of experiences of feeling like I was floating above my body when asleep, and once walking down the hallway in my house, seeing all the detail very clearly. Then thinking 'this is odd', and then suddenly being back in my body, then sitting bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding.

3. Numerous experiences of being caught between an awake state and a dream state, where my body was paralyzed, felt like it had electricity running up it (like so strong you feared you would die), you could see everything in the room as it existed, but then there would sometimes be creepy stuff, sound of footsteps coming down the stairs, the door opening, a hooded figure coming in, a claw shadow on the wall. Once there was a male speaking in one ear and a female speaking in the other ear, and they were fighting to be heard and as their desire to be the one heard got more heated, it felt like my body was being rocked too and fro. The male seemed to be saying 'do you go to lunch?', can't recall what the female was saying. But strangely enough, a couple of days later I got two phonecalls in the same day, from two old friends who used to be partners but were now estranged from one another. I had not been in contact with either for over a year. The female was inviting me to lunch. Her ex-partner must have run only 3 to 4 hours later, uncanny. I don't really have these anymore - thank goodness.

4. I've had a number of dreams that seem to have been prophetic, but will just recount two more recent stories. The first, I was having serious problems with a woman at work, who had been causing serious problems for my boss before that, and when I stuck up for my boss, she started really going after me too. Her behaviour took a real toll on the health of both of us. Anyway, I was just feeling exhausted one morning and didn't know how I could possibly find the strength to go on, get up out of bed and do everything I had to do. My daughter - who was only 2 years old at the time - came in and handed me a little black book of Robbie Burns poetry, that had been left to me by my grandmother when she passed. The page opened to 'Spoke at the theatre, dumfries, on new year's day evening'. What I read within that poem was an older person talking to a younger person and there was one sentence therein that were very needed for me to hear 'That whether doing, suffering, or forebearing, you may do miracles by persevering'. This just made me so emotional - I never got a chance to see my grandmother on her deathbed, and it felt like she had reached out to me from beyond, through my daughter, who she never got to see, to support me in this time. My goodness, I couldn't stop crying all morning. The other curious thing was that in the space of that morning I saw my birth day and month in about 4 random places - 22/7. This date has ended up having far greater relevance to me than a birthdate, but I won't go into that. To get to the dream part of it - a wee while later, I had such a vivid dream that I was reading an email from my boss which said this woman had resigned that when I got up in the morning I actually checked my email, because I thought it was real. There was nothing there. However, the next afternoon, such an email did arrive!

5. The final thing, which might seem crazy and I've thought nahhhh can't be, myself, is that it seemed as though my daughter, particularly as a baby and toddler, but less so now, traveled with me in my dreams. It was so consistent, whenever my dreams got a bit scary, that my daughter would start crying, that it got to a point I was conditioned to wake up when my dreams got to that - I would wake up and think 'oh no, that will scare her', and then she would start crying. I asked her when she was older, do you ever come with mommy in your dreams and she nodded yes. But, you know, I'm still not sure - but wow, it sure seemed like it.

Jo <jojo22 at cleardot net.nzzzz>
Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand - Wednesday, December 12, 2007 at 05:19:33 (PST)

When I was 21, I was flatting with this guy and we were just talking and then from what sounded like no less than 5 feet away, near the fridge, there came this voice that sounded like it came from another world - the voice was deep and word slowly drawn out - it sounded like "Jason", but was pronounced like "Jayyyyyysonnnnnn".

We both heard it, and it completely freaked us out.

Jo <jojo22 at cleardot net.nzzzz>
Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand - Wednesday, December 12, 2007 at 04:43:07 (PST)

The incident happened in the year 2001. We had recently moved in to our new apartment. One night I woke up sensing someone has entered the room. The room was quite breezy with all windows open and my wife was deep asleep. I too closed my eyes but then I felt a sudden breeze and opened my eyes. I noticed a shadow of a small child on the top corner of a wall just about a foot below the ceiling. The shadow was 3 dimensional and of a very small child in a sitting position. Somehow I felt that was looking at me and may be trying to communicate something. I felt the chill waves and goose pimples all over my body and closed my eyes. The next I felt a lot of breeze in my room which calmed after a few seconds. It felt like someone walked out of the room. I tried to gather courage to get up and see but thought such things dont exist or I might just be hallucinating and moreover i was a bit scared too. I turned on my belly and tried sleeping. In just about five minutes I again felt the breeze coming in from the door...giving me the chill... i chose not to move but my body got shaken with couple of jerks as if a child has landed on my back... bounced... and... landed again and the jumped out of the window. I was sweating and took time to return to normalcy. This time I got up switched on the lights, it was 3.40 am, my wife was asleep. I could not sleep afterwards. But there has been no repeat of such things. I would have forgotten the whole story as a whims of mind but the jerks i got from the breeze that shook my whole body twice, is some thing unexplanable. I would like to know of similar experiences and comments. can mail me at <>
A Kumar <ak2506 at rediffmaildot com>
Bombay, India - Monday, December 03, 2007 at 03:03:48 (PST)

Ok so one night it was a saturday,and i was up by myself my brother and my mum were both asleep and i was in my room watching a dvd.Then i heard something down the hall in my kitchen.So i decided to see what it was, so i walked down there and i diddnt see anything.So then i walked back to my bedroom and i was a little bit freaked out,but then i had this weird sensation to leave my door open (i always shut it its never open)and then i sat back down on my bed and started to watch my movie again and i saw like a black figure walk past my door but i just thought it was brother going to the bathroom but i went to see and my brother and mum were both asleep.So now i was very scared so i went to my room and turned all my lights on and crawled into my bed and then i saw the "thing" again and again but it was much much bigger then both of my brother and mum.So i went into my mums room and she told me i just needed some sleep so i just plugged my ipod in and tried to sleep.When i finally calmed down my ipod died at full charge? it just shut off then i threw it and hide under my covers.Then i was almost alseep when i heard whispers and then i felt someone sit down at the foot of my bed so i looked down there and i diddnt see any1.So after that i was like in tears almost so i sleep with my mum that night.And no im not making any of this up! It all happened to me,i wouldent make something like this up cuzz now im freaked out just thinking about it again!!!
cassie <mcrchickkk at yahoodot com>
USA - Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 09:10:13 (PST)

Not sure what section to file this under. Some years back I was at a country fair and there was this woman who did palm reading and fortune telling. For $5 she would hold you hand while looking into this crystal ball. The whole set up just like you see in the TV shows. It was almost laughable. I laid down my $5 and sat down. She took my hand in hers, that was the only real reason I went in there because she was so nice looking. Any way she started this chat and started saying things like "I see in your future...". Now here come the weird factor. She looks at me and the look on her face was one I will never forget. It was the look of pure terror. She then jumps back calling me something in a language I could not understand. Throws my $5 back and he and tells me to get out. I am more than a little taken back by this to say the least. I tried to asked her what was wrong.She snaps back at me "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!". What that she ran out the back of the tent they had set up. With her yelling these tow guys came in and looked as if they were going to kick my tail. One ran after her while the other ask me what happened. I told the truth. He said he did not understand what happened any more than I did. That has been over 20 years ago and to this day I still wonder what it was that she seen.
And what did she mean by "one of them"?

David Hendrson <envelopes1at alltel dot net>
USA - Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 17:18:58 (PST)

I thought of something else for the 'Paranormal' site.

When I was in High School, I was finishing up Art Class one day. I was standing by the sink washing out my paint tray. I started having that deja vu feeling. It was one of the longer ones, if you know what I mean. I remember concentrating really hard, and I 'remembered' what would happen next. The girl on the other side of the sink was going to hand me her paint tray and ask me to wash it out for her.

Very quickly, I looked up at the girl, and said, "Yes, I'll wash it out for you." And then, afterwards by a second or so, she asked,"Would you wash out my paint tray for me?"

And then her eyes got really big and she walked away.

Based on this one incident, I no longer believe that deja vu is just a brain glitch/misfire. There's more to it than that since I was able to know the future and respond accordingly in the present.

Now if I could just get the lottery numbers!

Chris Deni <srilankachris at yahoodot com>
OH USA - Monday, October 22, 2007 at 06:33:57 (PDT)

This happened to me 5 years ago, i was about to wear a necklace made up of different birth stones. once i started wearing it i closed my eyes and in a fraction of a second i was able to see that my best was coming inside the class weeping that she was being followed by a boy till the school entrance, to my shock after an hour or two i saw my friend weeping and entering the class and when asked her the reason she told me was, that a boy had followed her till the entrance of the school, at that time i asked myself a question how did that flash moment come true even to this day i could not find a perfect answer.

I thought i was the one feeling wierd but after reading these entries am glad that am not just one but one among them.

samita <samita1234 at gmaildot com>
ohio, USA - Saturday, October 20, 2007 at 14:06:38 (PDT)

Well i would like to call this incident the 'ghost car' since thats what it corresponds to.I have lived in Boston for around 5 years now and this happened last summer while taking a trip to Maine. Its was around 10:30 pm and it was one of those days that got dark early. I was in the car with my dad in the car and he told me we were around 30 minutes away from our destination but he thought we took a wrong turn and we might be going the wrong way. We park on the side of the road and waited for any cars to pass by. After 2 minutes a car with MAINE tags stopped next to us so we asked the driver if we could follow him to Maine and he said yes. He went first then we followed and we rode for about 4 minutes on a straight road until he made a right turn on a dirt road. When we turned right there was a fence there and the other car had somehow passed though it and we saw him dissapear in the dark, The fence doors were locked and we dont know who to talk about this so if any1 has any ideas e-mail me with any questions or suggestions.
Semi <semi505 at aoldot com>
Boston, MA USA - Saturday, September 15, 2007 at 11:37:58 (PDT)

When attending the Congregational Church in Salina, Kansas

in 1966, everytime I left the sanctuary and went to the anteroom of the church, I would see a water fountain. I would always go to get a drink and no water foutain was there.

Three years later, my wife and I once more visited the church. As usual, I left the sanctuary and rounded the corner to the water foutain I saw there. This time it was there. Hope this is unusual enought for you.
Bill Johnston <johnstonbil at gmaildot com>
Hutchinson, Ks USA - Sunday, September 09, 2007 at 14:13:44 (PDT)

I just found this website and I think it's cool. Here's the story. I have a room in the basement where I sleep. One night when I was finishing watching tv I decided to go to bed as usual. I turn off the lights and was laying in bed. The light switch is about 8 feet away from my bed. When I was laying down on my bed the light turn on. I thought nothing of it, so I got up and just turn it off again. This is where it gets weird. When I laid down again the light turned on again. This time I got a little nervous. I got up to turn it off again, just when I was about half way to the light switch the light turned off. I took some steps back and the light turned on again. This freaked me out that I ran upstairs and didnt sleep the whole night. Since this incident, I have never slept in that room again. This happen in 2005.... Somebody email if this has happen to them
Armando <mondo_huerta06 at hotmaildot com>
Ne - Monday, August 27, 2007 at 13:44:13 (PDT)

i was scared so bad, something came right out of me. my room mate was haveing a rage attac, and picked up a glass candle to smash me in the face(he didn't). at that moment when i thought i was going to get hit, something was scared right out of me. i felt and saw this golden shiney blob fly right out of me. kind of from my chest area, right up and out of me. sence then i have felt empty and almost like no emotions, not quite emtoinless, hard to explain. anyone ever heard of this? this is for real. does anyone know what i can do to get what ever left my body, back? i would like real answers please. NO JOKES thanks
gail <gailie49 at hotmaildot com>
USA - Friday, April 13, 2007 at 08:30:47 (PDT)


This happened to me about 25 years ago.
I was driving on the M6 moterway in Staffordshire England, going home after a long day at work.
It was night time and I was wide awake, when suddenly I felt as though I was passing through the back of the drivers seat. I suddenly realised what was happening and jerked and suddenly I was back in the drivers seat.
This shook me up a little as I was doing about 70 mph at the time.
about 10 minutes later the same thing started to happen again but this time I was a little more prepaired for it.
Again I passed through the back of the seat until I was actually in the back of the car. but I was also still in the drivers seat holding the wheel, although from my position in the rear I could not see the back of my own head. This time I DECIDED to return to the drivers seat which I did instantly but without any jolt.
A further 10 minutes or so and for the third time this started to happen. This time being a little more comfortable about the feeling I decided to let it go and see what happened.
Again through the seat into the back and slowly lifting up and back out of the car till I was aproximately 3 feet behind and about 6 feet above the car.
I could clearly see my car and the road ahead although I could still feel the drivers seat and steering wheel. There was no impression of wind on my OTHER body but I could experience the speed of the car, this continued for about 10 - 15 mins. during this time I felt totaly in control, until suddenly and again without any jolt I was back in the car again. The rest of the journey was totally uneventful.

This experience has never happened since but the memory of it will be with me always


John Preston <j_preston1947 at yahoodot co dotuk>
Stoke on Trent, UK - Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 12:52:04 (PDT)

My class had to write a report on a indian prays or spells. I personally don't believe in spells or charms and such but i needed a better grade in my class. So i went into the library and found this book about indians spells and prays. I opened this book and found this spell about concentrating on an object and then having it float. I read it aloud to my friend and all of a sudden the books that had been in front of me and my friend started floating, not high up in the sky but just a couple inches. We looked and there was no string or anything holding the book up. I still do not know what had happened and i did fail the report not daring to say a word of what happened to anyone. If you think what may have happened or want to email me my address is jamjamkutie411 at yahoodot comdgf
USA - Tuesday, April 03, 2007 at 13:29:18 (PDT)

A few weeks ago one night i thought i saw something outside but then i thought no i'm just imagining it but then the lights started to flikker i took a quick glance outside and saw a man staring back at me but then he just walked straight through my neibhours fence.
pete <petes_coolat hotmaildot com>
sydney, nsw Australia - Friday, February 09, 2007 at 12:05:13 (PST)

Well when i was about 16 years old I had a dare from friends to go into this Mausoleum and of course being the man that I am i did. I remember it taking three steps to get into it and 10 to get to the back wall. Well the first time was at noon time on a saturday afternoon. After talking about it the guys who dared me said i had to finish the dare and go back at night, so i was like sure no prob. Took me back to the exact same Mausoleum and when i went in it took me 8 steps to get in and i got about 13 steps into it before i turned around and left. not only that but the reflection on the door looked like the virgin mary as well. Weird huh. i havent been back to this day and have been relegious ever since
Ken <kermit0069(remove)at aoldot com>
Eglin AFB, Fl USA - Sunday, February 04, 2007 at 03:32:15 (PST)

At a very young age, I found I had the ability to astral travel involuntary. I also saw events which took place later in the future.

I had a dream I was in art class, when the teacher asked us to gather around the tables (six of them, arranged into a large rectangle).

We all gathered around. This girl in the class walked infront of the class and proceeded to sit on the table flirtishly. The then proceeded to lay down on the table infront of the class. I looked at one of the boys in the class as if to say "How imbarrasing, she has no respect for herself". He looked am me nodding his head, agreeing.

Three days later, I was in art class. When the teacher asked us students to gather around the table because he wanted to show us some art techniques and designs.

One of the girls, (like in my dream)went to the front of the class and sat on the table, then laid down on her side.

I said, "Stop, this is deja vu". People just looked at me silly but.

From that moment onwards, I made a promise to tell at least one person of my dreams. Especially when I remember then so vividly.

Deborah Torrens <kooridoll001at yahoodot com>
Toormina, NSW Australia - Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 18:50:21 (PST)

This happened around 1996 near MA and RI border on 95. A co-worker and I were traveling around 2:00am(after work)to go to foxwoods casino from boston. My friend was driving and as I was looking out the passenger window as I noticed a black hearse(spelling?) traveling beside us. When I tried to look at the driver I could not see anyone because the window were completely blacked out. He kept driving next to us and speeding up only slightly then slowing down to be next to us again. I thought nothing of this until I notice his lic plate which said the word MORBID. After 20 min of this he finally pulls off an exit and like magic an extremely dense fog appears in less than a minute. We start to become real paranoid and my friend doesn't want to drive after discussing don't swerve if something is in front of you like a deer so he pulls over and I start to drive. After 15 min of driving I see the car in front swerve and when I see the Orange barrel in the middle of the highway it was too late and reaction got the best of me and I swerved the van going on 2 wheels left than swerving on 2 wheels going right very close to flipping in the ditch. We say our prays and thank our lucky stars that we just avoided death and go on our way. fast forward After I lost $500 I look for my buddy and find he is in no better shape we start talking about how much we were down and we should go soon when the dealer says "Wow guys, it's sounds like you guys are having a morbid night". 10 years has past and to this day nobody has ever said morbid to me in a sentence.

ps my friend says he swears he did not tell the story to him and the reaction he had when the dealer said it makes me believe him. Also the dealer was perplexed when he saw our reaction and could barely believe our story when told.

chris lisek
malden, ma USA - Friday, January 19, 2007 at 04:10:31 (PST)

During my life many "weird" thinga have happened to me the one I would most like to share was when I was doing the laundry , I had a twin tub machine my then boyfirend had gone out for the evening, and i decided to put a wash on then curl up with a good book, I had no TV or radio on and the place was lovely and peacful i live in an appartment on the first floor with no balcony, it was winter and i had no doors or windows open.
The washing had stopped and i opened the lid to remove the clothes from the water to put in the spinner, someone said with some degree of authority "Sandra" , I turned around to see who was there thus taking my hands out of the water , with that the machine exploded!!!

luckily I was ok just stood in the middle of the kitchen dripping wet, I looked out the door, window under beds!! but no one there....... I was quite shaken up more with the unknown voice than with the actual incident....

just one of many experiences.... thanks for reading

sandra redmond <freakyas_666at hotmaildot com>
UK - Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 00:17:44 (PST)

Maybe around 10 years ago, I owned a house built in the early 1900's. Very strange and unexplainable things happened in the house, not only to me but to my little grandchildre, my husband and others who were there. It was located in a very small town in South Dakota, USA. My husband was a trucker and I was alone alot, except for my two dogs. I had a problem with depression and always took my pills before bedtime and they knocked me out.( no I'm not crazy, alot of people get depressed) I would sleep the night through.
One night I awoke. When I opened my eyes,I saw something about as high as a person would be, only all I saw was what looked like red glowing eyes, you know the way deer eyes glow in the dark, like that only red. My room had only two windows and this was winter, so we had totally covered the windows with insulation as the house needed to be insulated badly. Nothing could have been shining into my room. Anyway when I awoke, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I closed them and reopened, still there, turned my head it was still there in my side vision. At this time, I didn't realize that the dogs had woke me.
This did not scare me, just thought it was my eyes.
When I turned the light on,there was NOTHING there.
I went and slept in the living room.
The next day I kept wondering what that was, and then I realized that I was not the only one who saw it, my dogs were growling until I turned the light on.
After this incident I always slept in the living room unless my husband was home...even though I say I was not scared, it kinda gave me the creeps afterward.
If anyone wants to hear the other things that happened in the house, just email me. Seems weird, unexplainable things have happened to me all my life. Ouija board, voices and footsteps after mom passed away... etc.

Linda Skrukrud <tej1210at hotmaildot com>
Sioux Falls, SD USA - Saturday, December 23, 2006 at 09:10:42 (PST)

At night I have dreams.I see little tiny films in my mind. For example one night I dreamed about a woman picking up a three legged cat. The next week at my baby sitters I saw a mom of one of the kids pick up a three legged cat that beloged to the neighbors.PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!
Syaracuse, ny USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 07:47:12 (PST)

I have heard a train sound on the tracks in arcata california in Humboldt county I have heard others talk about it they say its the train ghost there is a train track,but there are no trains,the track has not been used for years.if anyone has any info Id like to hear.
bearpawjonieat aoldot com

Duke of Arcata <bearpawjonieat aoldot com>
Dallas, or USA - Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 11:36:35 (PST)

strange things started happening in my room first i would get woke up with my mattress shaking like a vibration as if someone was jumping on my bed it would last about 2 minutes then it stops i felt a tingling sensation on my face as though someone or something was touching it. ive seen an orb on my bed a thin white misty line and my video recorder turned itself off. i was getting woke up everynite by this shaking on my mattress so i decided to buy a new mattress but the same thing was still happening. i always felt as though someone was in my room i felt really scared i still live at home with parents but it would never happen anywhere else in the house but my room. i have a 3 year old son and he has frightened me a few times like when he pointed to the bottom of my bed and said mom he scares me i couldnt see anyone. then he said grandad was standing in my room by the window but my dad was asleep in bed. and he also said there was an earoplane on my ceiling and i never saw anything. my niece ran upstairs the once and said that she saw a little girl sitting on my bed in my bedroom when my dad took a picture the axact spot my niece saw the little girl and a white mist came up on the picture. so i decided it was time i went to see a mediem i booked an appointment and the day before the appointment the srangest thing happened just as i was lying down in bed someone wispered in my ear (tell john) or (watch john) i didnt hear it exactly clear i dont know which one it said. but as my dads name is john i watched him curfully i was scared something was about to happen to him. as the day dawned it was time to see the mediem i had to see him at my cousins flat. my mom was having a reading and so was my cousin. the mediem told me there was a little girl that kept following me she never touched the earthplane so he said she passed away through stillbirth or miscarriage. then i realised i did suffer a miscarriage just before i got to 3 months i never realised the soul lived on i was completly shocked. the mediem told me she was around me when i needed her most. then i mentioned to the mediem about the whisper i heard (tell john) or (watch john) he looked at me strange and said my name is john i was gobsmacked i didnt even realise the whisper meant about the medium and i thought it was talking about my dad so i was glad it meant the medium. i still dont know from this day which one it said all the wiered going ons in my bedroom lasted about a year and now they have stopped. i was in the garden a few months ago and my son just mentioned the name johnaleave i asked him who it was my son said it was his brother he said he lived down the road he keeps mentioning this person he knows so much about him he said that he wears a mask which freaks me out. ive never seen anyone named johnaleave i dont know who this person is but my guess would be it could be my sons past life. but what is really scaring me know is the past few days ive started experience spooky things like 2 days ago i saw a white misty line just above me in my room it stayed there a matter of seconds then dissapeared. then last night in the living room i saw a big puff of smoke as though someone was smoking just above me it was there a few seconds then dissapeared. i dont know whats going on its scaring me i feel like someone is trying to show themselves to me. but i dont want to see a spirit i know it would really scare me. ive never had premonitions or heard the phone ringing before its rang ive always been interested in phychic stuff i buy fate and fortune i like reading story,s about paranormal stuff so i dont know if its just playing on my mind. i dont know if im phychic or if my son is phychic but as far as im concerned ive had too many things happen in my lifetime. can anyone tell me if they know what is going on please
sarah <twinkle2002ukat yahoodot co dotuk>
west bromwich, uk uk - Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 09:45:52 (PST)

I was working a late shift by myself at night at a popular fast food place it was almost closing time.I was cleaning up and the manager told me not to take out the trash because I was alone.I took it out anyway the dumpster is in the front of the store,I propped open the door then when I went back inside I locked the door I kepy my eyes on the door when I went iutside.anyhow the lights starting going on and off by themselves very fast.This scared me but I still went and looked the light switch was on so I turned it off,it came back on slowly on and off.I stood there with my mouthopen in shock and if that wasn't enough the trash can in the bathroom starting jumping up and down by itself,one I still had to put a bag in.Needless to say I called the coworker david to hurry open and get down to the store because I was scared and wanted to go home.I told him what happened and of course I was laughed at and the butt of jokes for awhile at the time I told himI did not care what anyone thought that paranormal event scared me.
jacksonville, fl USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 17:22:57 (PST)

I had either a ghost warning or a gaurdian Angel warning onetime.I think everyone has a guardian that help us,Ido not believe I am more special,we all have value.Anyway on to my true story.This is a little embarrassing,I have a mole or wart like thing on the side of my nose no I am not a witch.I was traveling somewhere in florida I believe with my boyfriend and we stopped at a mom and pop store in small town,now my plan was to get some wart remover and apply liberally.A older gentlemen starting talking to me before I walked in the store john had went inside.I felt at ease with him but I also felt like I was in a fog at the same time .He basically told me that some warts cant be removed with cream because they have roots and that it could leave a whole where the wart was and cause all kinds of problems.This happened in 1988 so I cant remeber verbatim,needless to say I did not buy any cream john came out of the store asking me where were you?I said talking to this nice gentleman.There was no one there.I do not think it was a patron because he just disappered.
jacksonville, fl USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 16:49:24 (PST)

The most recent paranormal thing happened this past summer.My son and I were walking our huskie across some grass,I was on the way to tell my girls it was time to come home from the pool.Our dog stopped for a brief second to sniff the grass when my son and I both heard a child giggling and what sounded likr running up behind us.WE both looked behind us in the dirction of the sound NO ONE was there and there is no way if it was a little child giggling for him or her to go anywhere in a half a second not to ne noticed.I know this sounds weird it was either a ghost imprint or a nature spirit,Im not sure.My son was there ,the odd thing was we weren't scared we both had smiled when we heard the child laughing and running we really did expect a human child to be right behind us.
jacksonville, fl USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 16:33:31 (PST)

My first experience with the paranormal happened when I was proably six or seven.I was staying all night at my aunts house in ohio on a summer night.My two cousins and I wre all in the same bed I was not sleeping because I was hot and alittle uncomfortable.I heard someone calling my name I thought it was my aunt in the next bedroom over.However it was a woman that was dressed in old fashioned clothes from the last century,she had a blue glow about her and she was pretty and even though she was as real as you are ,you could see thru her and she was beckoning me to go down the stairs.She starting walking down the stairs I woke up my cousins and they got to witness her to we sat at the top of the stairs fascinated and scared because she was beckoning us with a finger as though she wanted us to follow.We did not.Our parents tried to tell us we all had the same dream.I knew I saw my first ghost and so did my cousins.
jacksonville, fl USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 16:22:24 (PST)

About two years ago.My family moved to bradenton florida because of my husbands job.We lived in apartment.I never heard of shadow people before until then.I was amazed when I looked up the term on the internet because I did not know what I was dealing with.The first experience happened when my kids and I were watching tv when my kids said look,they pointed to their bedroom doorway in the doorway stood a six foot at least man who was all black he was not alone he was with another shadow person this one was of a child.They just stood there as though they were staring.They had no features except it was shaped as humans that were black,the man had a wide brimmed hat on,I feel the child was agirl.Another incident in the same apartment.I was sleepin in my daughters bedroom because they felt uncomfortable in there after seeing the shadow people.There was a blind on the window and the street light glowed orange on it at night from the lamp post.I saw a large male figure standing outside of the window as though he was hesitating on what to do.I was thinking a break in or something,well to my suprise this man walked thru the blinds into the bedroom.Yes I said walked right thru the glass windows ,thru the blinds and he was not flesh and blood ,he also was not wearing a hat like the other one.I did let out a little scream and when I did he stopped for a very brief second looked my way and kept right on walking.I was on the bed when this occured and when I first saw the "burgaler" I did look out the window no one was there and then he came back and walked right in.That one was scary.I had another encounter in my bedroom and this shadow person was standing at the end of the bed when I noticed him he left.Another encounter was when I was cooking dinner in the kitchen my daughter pointed out two smoke billowing see thru shapes in the corner I was annoyed and yelled at them to get out which it did not do immediatly.Another encounter was when I was in bed we were on the second floor I was not dreaming or sleeping or whatever.I had the blinds up the windows up there was a good breeze we lived two miles from the beach anyhow I was looking down into the bushes behind the next building over I saw the largest pair of eyes looking at me and yes every so often it would blink.The bushes were small and low to the ground.I saw no body of human or animal orgins just eyes.TO me that was unerving.I believe it could have been a shadow person in a different form but I do not know.I have not since living there had another encounter with shadow people and do not want to either.
jacksonville, fl USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 16:10:08 (PST)

I worked at one time in a fast food place.I saw a boy with red hair who looked like a teenager on top of a freezer,a walk in one.I said to him what are you doing up there?I thought well maybe he is fixing it and he said to me "you can see me?".I said yes as in you are weird.So I went and got a coworker David.I said who is the guy fixing the freezer?he said what?in a alarmed tone and we went out there togther.The redhesded guy wasn't there.So I looked like a nut case.I believe I was talking to a spirit.
jacksonville, fl USA - Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 15:34:28 (PST)

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