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This happened just before the 9/11 bombings... Every time i would look at the digital clock it said 9/11. Needless to say after about a month i was begining to freak out. I thought that something was going to happen to me or one of my family members. The day of 9/11 i wanted to tell people i saw the date on the clock for a month, but didnt want to sound stupid. Then it happened, in my mind i knew the twin towers would fall. Every body said they wouldnt but they did. Now i see 11:11 on the clock, its ben about two weeks, whether its in the mourning or in the evening, i see it. I cant predict whats going to happen, but i know it wont be good.
LB <MSlusser azdes gov>
Mesa, az USA - Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 14:56:56 (PDT)

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My 15 month old daughter waves "bye-bye" to things we (daddy, older sister and I) can not physcially see. She has seen things from the time she was a baby. At first she just stared and smiled at it, but when she learned how to wave "hi" and "bye" to them is freaking me out a bit. Her first encounter was when she was about 4 months old, I had left the room and my husband said that the baby kept staring at something that was following me. People told me babies can see auras and some told me she was watching my angels. How come some babies can see stuff like this and others can't because my first daughter never did anything like this. In addition to waving to non physical beings, the other day, she had a frightened, concerned look to her and kept pointing at the front door. At that moment, we heard car doors slamming so we opened the front door and there was a fire engine looking for a fire next to our house. The fire engine did not have siren on, but did have lights on. She knew something was wrong. Maybe she has strong intuition, but the weirdest thing happened at 2 A.M. Easter Sunday. I was awaken from what it sounded like little bare feet walking quickly across our tile hallway. I rose from bed to listen carefully and my first thought was oh my baby has sneaked out of her crib. (Although, active, she has yet to to this)the barefeet foot steps went across the tile floor twice and at that moment, I am franticly trying to wake up my husband, but he was out cold. I was so frightened that I did not have the courage to find out what it was. I just told myself it's the dog, it's the dog and tried to put myself back to sleep, but something tells me that the footsteps I heard was of a toddler, my daughter's first out of body experience. Sylvia Browne on Montel said it is common for children to do this, but what is it called? I think she said Astro travel or something like that, but I can't seem to find any real information as to why children do this. Why is she special? Does it have anything to do with the fact that she and I share the same birthday and we are both born on odd years? I don't know if I was or am clairvoyant. As a little girl, I was able to guess 25 out of the 52 deck of cards of their color, suit and number. My mom told me that, that's only 50%, so I didn't think it was a big deal. I thought everybody could do it, but researching the topic now, because of my baby's extra sensory ability, I read that guessing 1 card of its color, suit, and number can not be performed without clairvoyance. I use to kick ass at "flip the deck of cards over and match your cards by memory game" because it wasn't much of a memory game for me, but rather feel the cards and win the game. HA! Any information on parent/child share birthday information or child being able to see non physical beings are appreciated. Thank you
Annie <anniehoppa a>
Sacramento, CA USA - Monday, March 28, 2005 at 13:30:43 (PST)

(1) Levitating
(1) Levitation as I refer to it happened to me almost 40 years ago, at the age of 10. I am the youngest of six children but no one was present to witness this event. I recall being in the back room of our large house and deciding to walk thru the house towards the kitchen when at the intersection of three rooms something compelled me to go into the office instead.

I stopped in front at the end of this wooden shelving unit which attached to the floor and ceiling. I felt the urge to use it for stability in attempting to throw my body up backwards to reach this other plain as I call it and lay flat on it in mid air Superman style. It took 3 or 4 tries kicking my feet and legs up backward with my hands holding on to the shelving till I was shakily levitating about 5 feet in the air. Soon I was stable enough to let go and found that if I leaned in any direction that I would glide in that direction. I also knew that concentration was the key to staying afloat. Although the room was small, I had 5 to 10 feet in which I practiced gliding forward and backward, right and left movements which were slow and easy. The thought occured to me that if I was to open the back door that I would be able to zip around on this second level or plain in no time with greater speed. I also felt the presents of a third plain or level above the second one. Deeps thoughts, insights, or knowledge of the universe entered my mind. All the answers became crystal clear and simple to me. The key to this particular equation evolved around the number 3.

Suddenly this short ride came to an end. It lasted about 15 minutes. As the unpleasant urge to dismount this 2nd level came over me, so too did the supreme knowledge that accompanied it. I unsuccessfully tried to hold on to this knowledge. All I could remember was the importance and simplicity of the factor 3 in relation to the equation (think it had to do with the universe). I got down from the second level back to the first slightly dissappointed, turned and walked out of the room towards the kitchen. My thoughts were to find other family members around and share this magnificent event but quickly realized I would only be made fun of and not believed. So I kept it to myself until about 5 years ago in which I have shared it with select, few friends. I have the desire to revisit this and feel if I did it once, I can do it again. I do not know how. I know or feel it will return when it wants too but still look for any suggestions or exercises that can help me. I also know it took a kind of subtle concentration to jump up on the 2nd plain or level. I won't find this trip in any travel guides. Any helpful comments or suggestions appreciated.
Carol Hutchinson <gcjh46 a>
Avon Park, FL USA - Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 13:11:57 (PDT)

About 6 Months ago I was paranoid that everyone in the world was physic. I went to a psyciatrist he gave me schizophrenic medicine. I took 20mg of Geodon once, it rendered my mind useless. (Very Horrible) About a week later I started dreaming of everything that happens in the next day. It really got to me at first and I was comforted when I met someone who had the same experience also. He told me about the White Rabbit and for some reason I knew all about the white rabbit too. Its all very weird. Maybe there are more people out there that aren't ashamed of it too.
Ace Frazier <Spaceman a>
Lawrence, KS USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 16:55:04 (PDT)

We live in a very wooded area of Northeast Pa, which has never really bothered me before, even taking walks at night have never bothered me. Recently though there seems to be a foreboding feeling in the air that my small children and dog picked up on first. Then a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I had an argument and I stormed outside and was overcome with this urge to put my fist through the kitchen window. I am normally a pretty mellow person, not violent and it takes a lot to get me into a rage, but before I could think about it, my fist was through the window. The shape that was left in the glass is eerie. It is the same shape that was drawn by the reporters wife who died early in the movie The Mothman Prophesies. I thought that was pretty weird, but oh well. Then a week later in the evening our little terrier disappeared and then by around 4 am the following morning I couldn't sleep and went outside on our porch for a cigarette and heard the strangest sounds coming from about thirty feet in front of me on the dirt road that goes past our house. I couldn't see anything as it was dark, but it sounded like a mixture of something bird and human. It made three calls. I went back in the house and went to bed and then about 20 minutes later I heard a dog yelping. We haven't seen our dog since, and i don't know if that was her or not. The next night I was outside at around 1 am having a cigarette and about 20 to the left of me in the bushes I heard whistling which sounded human. Like a signal, it happened twice. It freaked me out so bad, I threw my cigarette and ran back into the house. I haven't heard anything else since, but several times that I have had to go outside at night to get something out of a car or whatever I feel like something is in the woods watching me. I have only told my husband and best friend about this, not in front of my children, but they seem to sense that something is bad outside and at night lately they are terrified and wake all night long, wanting to make sure the doors are locked and their door is closed, etc. Can anyone else tell me if they have had any similar experiences?Thanks
Stacie Jennings <alaskan907 a hotmail com>
PA USA - Sunday, October 06, 2002 at 08:21:59 (PDT)

no matter where i am or who im with and how quiet it is i can always hear people wispering and when i ask if anyone else had heard it or seen anyone they would say no. i wanna know if this has happened to anyone else or if its just me and if its normal or its just something wrong with me thank you
chrystal <clpmjldmp a yahoo com>
webster, ma USA - Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 19:35:33 (PDT)

Many unexplained things have happened to my family and I since we moved into our home about 15 years ago. We had the house built so we can only speculate the source of the following events. In 1997 I was in 8th grade and I had a couple of friends over to celebrate our graduation. My mother had retired to bed at around 11:00 or so, and of course we were just getting started. We ran out of juice at 3:00 am and everyone started to fall asleep when out of nowhere my friend Paul jumped up screeming and before I could move he had drug me halfway up the stairs. Everyone followed suit. He described a little boy in over-alls holding a ball. But before he could finish his sentence my friend Dan finished it for him, their descriptions fitting each others. They both had seen the boy standing by my fireplace staring off torward the other side of the room. Paul, being half in and out of sleep, thought maybe it was my brother so he called his name and the boy vanished. Both Dan and Paul saw this happen and they still swear to this day that it occured. That was one event. The second happened to my mother and I. I have two younger siblings, my brother 11, and my sister 15. At the time my brother was 9 or so, and both he and my sister were at friends houses. That Christmas my mother bought my bro a power rangers pinball game. It was the most annoying thing I have ever encountered in my life, but my brother loved to play it. The day before the incident my mother was cleaning Jimbo's room and when she turned I threw the pinball game in the bottom of his toy chest. He wasnt home so when he eventually returned he wouldn't know where it was. That night I heard a noise coming from my brother's room and I got up to investigate, my mother heard the noise as well and she met me in the hallway. We aproached his room and I knew and dreaded the melody emitting through the door, it was the power rangers pinball game. She flung open the door and there it was on his bed being played by unseen hands. The game stopped and I explained what I had done with the game. We packed small bags and stayed the night at my grandmother's house. This also occured around 3:00 am. Now more recently we aquired a computer. My sister is 15 and she has to have this thing removed from her hip every night. My mom grounded her from it for a night and expected her to comply. Around 3:00 am or so....again, she heard the hard wood chair squeek across the lanolium floor, the sound it makes when someone is scooting away from the computer. She immediately jumped out of bed to go yell at my sister and Jimbo met her at the top of the stairs. He said he was getting a glass of milk, all the lights were off downsairs, and he heard the chair as well. He was petrified, enough to drop the milk on the floor and run straight to my mothers room. My sister was asleep. Now what possesed me to write this was the last encounter. My mom n her new husband were at home alone sleeping. Her room is right next to mine. We share a wall so she notices when i come home. At around 3:00 am they heard a boy and a girl laughing. Im 19 and we have this argument daily " NO GIRLS IN YOUR ROOM "! I can usually get away with it, but that night the voices woke her up. I was at The Who concert so she thought i had met a girl and brought her home. She woke up her husband and told him to listen. Then they noticed the voices were that of children. When they were both up and drawing all ears to the voices they heard " Shhhhh...we'll wake them up," followed by a giggle. The voices came from my room. She told me the story, and many others of voices she has heard from my room that she had neglected to tell me because she knew I wouldn't sleep in there anymore. I have brought up the option of the Quija board to try and contact whatever it is in our home, but my mom says they attract negative energy. Whatever is here is not mean or negative but they make their presence known. Things you know you put for example right on top of your dresser will not be there when you return to get it. And after you search for an hour it'll turn up right where you left it. We hear noises all the time and we are frequently awaken by our dogs barking always at or around three am. What is the signifigance of this time, and how can I contact or find out what is in hour home. These events are all factual and I need real advice, please help!!
Brian <Clubheadz21 a aol com>
burbank, il USA - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 11:19:57 (PDT)

This happened to me one night in 1989. What basically happened...I went to go to bed as normal- but suddenly had a weird feeling sweep over me- Like a sense of dread that something really bad was about to happen. I thought maybe a meteor or something might hit the earth that night or something like that. I didn't know- it just felt like it was going to be really bad. Anyway I fell asleep.

Then in the middle of the night I was suddenly aware that "the bad thing" whatever it was was coming...I was still asleep but was aware that something bad was about to happen and that I had to wake up. (It was like one of those dreams where you're falling and you want to wake up before you hit the ground- except there was no dream- I was just aware I was asleep and had to wake up).

Anyway I could sense this thing getting closer and closer and wanted to wake up- but couldn't. I felt like I had a ton of bricks on me. Then suddenly something hit me on the chest. I woke up. There was nothing in my room. But when I turned on the lights - all the stuff (i.e. souvenirs and trophies etc) on a shelf on the far side of my room had been either smashed or snapped in half. Things on other shelves above and below it were unaffected.

I thought it could have been a small earth quake- but when I rang the Bureau of Meteorology the next day- they had no record of any seismic activity. The room was totally sealed, all the windows were closed and the door was shut. Has anyone had that sort of thing happen to them or heard of anything like it? It was pretty freaky.
Simon Hodgkison <Simon_hodgkison a hotmail com>
Adelaide, SA Australia - Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 22:25:05 (PDT)

Okay, I've had a few encounters from unseen forces. Here I go:

1) When I was in grade 2, I was with a bunch of my friends and we went to investigate a "haunted" trailer. My friends were all chicken so I went up the deck steps and passed by a tea cup. It was old but still fully intact. I didn't think much of it and walked up to the picture window and peered into what appeared to be a bedroom. The floor was sinking it, the roof was falling apart and the wallpaper was peeling horribly but what caught my eye was the white shadow that was in the doorway. It vanished and that's when my friends screamed. I went to investigate and saw them running. Fearing something but not sure what, I ran after them, yelling at them to stop and wait which they did very consideratly. Then one of them screamed and I felt a piece of cold glass brush passed my cheek. When I looked where the object had landed, I saw the tea cup, staring, LEERING at me, with a tiny hole in the centre.

2) This experience happened 2 years ago when I was sitting in my grandma's basement watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. I looked over and saw a person, I'm not sure what gender it was but I know that it was a person dressed in brown, HANGING from a noose. Its eyes were wide open because I could see the gleam coming off them. I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming and I looked away real quickly. Needless to say that I never go down there unless my grandma is with me or I keep the door open to cover that area!

3) This one happened a little over a year ago. I was at a friend's birthday party and we were all outside on her trampoline at like 2 in the morning, standing around, acting like losers as usual when a bit of white caught my eye. I turned and saw a man with a white ruffled blouse-like shirt, tight black pants and shoulder length wavy hair. He was trailing his hand lightly on the trampoline and he was extremely pale. He disappeared behind my friend and I told her to turn around but my voice came out kinda high cuz I was scared and shocked so everyone freaked and whirled around to see nothing. I told them about the man and they all said that it must have been a sock. How can a sock look like a man? And I asked them if they had thrown a sock and they said no.

4) Last one, I promise (for now). About 4 years ago, I used to be in Girl Guides with my best friend and we used to go outside and see if we could find ghosts or call on angels. One of those nights is one I will never forget. I rememeber my dad had told me the lamp that was across the street from the church had to light in it (and to be careful of traffic but that's beside the point). When we walked outside, the light suddenly illuminated and there was this blurry blob with two red dots that can only be described as eyes. We ran and the blob followed us as we ran around the church. On the third lap or so, I had the sudden urge to look over into the dark doors that was by the minister's office. There stood the figure of what looked like the Virgin Mary but she looked very angry. I looked over to the blob as it passed by the doors and appeared to explode and the Virgin Mary was gone. My friend and I just shrugged it off and sat on the church lawn. We closed our eyes and tried to see if we could maybe "contact" an angel (our beliefs in being able to do this was very high then). Without warning, I felt a hand brush my cheek. The hand was soft, tender and small. The hand went from my cheek to my shoulder and then to my hand. It grabbed my hand and gave a tug, as if trying to get me to move. As this was happening, my friend screamed softly and I opened my eyes and saw my friend crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her dead grandmother, who she had been close to, had told her to go back inside the church because she was needed. We both went back inside the church to see our mothers trapped under a wall seperater. It wasn't very heavy but because of the angle they had fallen, they couldn't get back up. We believe that we had been pushed to go help them. It was freaky.

P.S. YES, all stories are true. I don't believe in making up ghost stories.
~*Mandy*~ <smyles_56 a hotmail com>
Grande Prairie, AB Canada - Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 20:30:24 (PDT)

This is not so strange, but when I was young, I saw my my mother, but she was not really there. I had waited for her to come home and when I finally heard what I thought was her, I was excited. I ran to see her and there she was. I then ran to tell my father that she was home and ran back to find her. She was not there. Her car was not there. I asked her about it when she finally did come home, but she said that she had not been home before then.

Something else that was strange was a magic trick I did for my grandfather. I flipped a coin and could somehow tell what it would be before I flipped it. I got it right 5 times in a row! I then tried it for my grandmother, but it did not work and has not worked since. The logical explanation would be that I subconsciously manipulated the coin to fall a certain way. I can percieve what is going to happen in simple guessing games with a 90% accuracy! Strange. Probably cooincidence.
Irvine, Ca USA - Monday, September 02, 2002 at 22:12:49 (PDT)

when i was medataion i saw a weard glow on the plants,and then as i walked back to my camp in the woods i stoped for some reason by a pale of water it seemed to ,,,,make me want to tuch it,as my hand was drawn near ,,till it tuched the water,,i felt nothing as the water was like air no felling,as my hand swerled around in the plae ,my mouth shut in scilence for some reason. I was still in a scilence,state of deep madataion,it seemed as the water was whispering to me,,a strange felling,'this is true,,this really happend at a camp out for my boy scouts in the white moutaions.....
dallas, texas USA - Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 21:39:04 (PDT)

Guys, I am an aussie and I hav always had a facination w/ the paranormal and electronics, so thats what attracted me to your site. Any way when I was 13 years old my dad took me along to a meeting with people interested in ufos/spirits/harmonic(which I will explain soon)anyway it was hosted by a guy called Bill (a 69 year old man) and he had this crazy idea that he could build a "mother ship" and and fly off to meet the "aliens" he always thaught he should be w/. We all thaught he was crazy but when he told us all to get in a circle and hold hands w/ the person next to us and he would "concerntrate his thaught patterns" and if we did what he thaught we were "gifted". I did'nt but my brother did, Bill sat there w/ his eyes closed and suddernly 6 people in the circle, thair right hand shot up in the air and my brother was amonst them. For some reason he made us all wear this yellow ribbon?? Any way after that none of us ever saw him again! Harmonics is a set of books written by B.L Cathie titled Harmonic 288, Harmonic 33 and Harmonic 695. They spoke about mysterious radio antennas and anti-gravity. If you really want to know about the real working of the world (not in a phisics point of view) READ THESE BOOKS!! :)
Jordan <jordobru a aol com>
CAB, Australia - Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 22:29:50 (PDT)

When I was about 5-6 I had 3 encuonters with the same ghost.

It look liked my dad and acted like him too. The only thing is that my dad is alive. The daddy ghost (as I turned to call it) would appear after my dad left a room.

The first time was at night my dad just finished saying good night. Seconds later I saw him again but the real dad was in bed.

The next time it was about the same time but in the TV room (2 levels down from the bedrooms). Once again ny father left the room and "Daddy ghost" appeared in the same clothing as my dad. It walk through a wall and my dad returned.

The last time I saw the ghost was in the day. I was in my parents bedroom telling my dad about the ghost. He said to ask it who it was then left the room. Just then the ghost came it, just appeared I said "Who are you?". I never got a reply it looked at me then left. It was never seen again.

Also no family member looks at all like my dad.
Brampton, Canada - Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 18:11:41 (PDT)

about 4 years ago i was walking home along the shore one night about 4 in the morning (this sort of thing is normal as i am a black belt in two martial arts and a first class runner (the true martial art!) and am confident) whilst walking down this beach a figure loomed out of the distance really too close not to have been spotted earlier but this figure was about 10 foot tall and i instantly felt an intense fear as this thing headed straight towards me it looked like a man but seemed non solid instantly made fecently my mother died who'd lived for 60 years in the house,and the 'spookyness' has disappeared however the upper landing contains a hot spot that a number of visitors have remarked upon believing the wall/floor to be radiating heat, it is my opinion that we had a presence and that my mothers 'spirit' has removed this entity and perhaps replaced it with her own, however when alive she used to discuss dying and said she would add extra zero's onto my bank account as a ghost so far no luck......
Gordon Hatton
liverpool, UK - Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 03:48:42 (PDT)

Three Knocks Phenomena. I continue to hear three types of 3-knock successions. On wood (doors), on glass (windows), on sheetrock (walls). No, the knocks are not due to clanging pipes, neighborhood children playing pranks, or creaking house structures. They appear to be intentional because they are very distinct and have awakened me from sleeping. I have also heard a multiple effect of 3 X 3 knocks (nine knocks) on a few occasions. Accepting the phenomena decreases the occurrences, while fear or apprehension increases the occurrences. Sometimes they are extremely loud and forceful as if someone(?)/something(?) is angry. If anyone has encountered the 3-knock phenomena under any circumstance, please contact me. I am a researcher studying the "threes" phenomena. My site's content page can be found at: http://cenocracy.topcities com/cro24.html
Herb O. Buckland <herbobuckland a>
West Valley, Ut USA - Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 06:34:34 (PDT)

Dear Sirs,

I'll start off by saying that I don't think telepathy in the SF 'mindreading actual words' sense exists. However, 2 things happened to me in rapid succession which made me think about the possibility of telepathy at a much lower level. On the way home from work one night, I was waiting on the central platform of a Glasgow tube station. To my right and well in front of me was a young man. Behind me arrived a train, the doors of which only opened on the opposite platform. A young woman siting in the train started to stare very intently at the back of this young mans head. It was obvious she thought she knew him. The 3 of us formed an isoceles triangle with myself at the apex. I could see him & her. She could see him & me. He could see neither of us. Slowly he turned round with a puzzled look on his face, towards me, past me to the young woman. They recognised each other & there was a bit of happy shouting through the train windows (which do not open). I found it interesting but dismissed it until... later that evening I parked my car in an unlit car park behind a newagents. On my return from the newsagents, I got in my car and turned on the map light so that I could write a card I had bought. Suddenly I felt compelled to turn my head left. Sure enough, in a car about 30 feet back & about 15 feet to my left was a small child in the back seat. I could just, only just, make out the face, but it was obvious from the way the child was staring that he felt quite sure I would be unable to see him in the darkness. Later that evening I started to think about the 2 events. In both cases the watched person turned in the direction which led in the shortest time to the watcher. In both cases the watcher & watched were separated by physical barriers. Neither watcher made any sound. In my case I say 'I felt compelled', to be honest I did it with out any active thought at all. My head was turning & my eyes were searching, but I was just along for the ride. Much as the young man had appeared to be. He had a genuine look of bemusement on his face as his head was turning.

Any animal which could detect the intent thoughts of an unseen predator would be at an advantage in that it would be prepared to fight or flee. We've all experienced the feeling that we're being watched. Given that we now know that the brain generates detectable EM fields, its not a big leap to the idea that at a very low level we and other animals may be capable of detecting them.

I think there's something in this that merits further study, but I admit, creating reproducable experiments would be very hard.

yours, Wilson Logan.
Wilson Logan <wilson a>
Glasgow, Scotland - Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 07:30:38 (PDT)

it was a 1983 i was shopping at a local grocery store in huntington beach ca. with my wife at the time and my 2nd daughter. we had just left the store and found our car in the parking lot when an older lady aproached us. she told us that she came to the store for the first time since moving to her new apt. she said she was lost and she didnt know which apt building she lived in(there were apts. all around the area). she handed me her apt key and told me to find her apt. of course not knowing her i didnt have the slightst idea where to go. she got into my car and pointed to a apt. complex with about 200 apts. i decided to knock on doors and if no-one answered i would try the key. well i pulled up to the 3rd or 4th building got out of the car went upstairs down a hall to a door ( i dont know why i picked it) tried the key, it was the apt i was looking for (and on the first try) i went to the car to get the lady and she said "thats why i picked you"
weird huh?

mark carpenter <mushbo a aol com>
crescent city, ca USA - Friday, June 07, 2002 at 16:33:35 (PDT)

It was 1995 and I was 16 years old, I was on a church skiing trip in Colorado, I think the mountain was called Beaver Run or something like that. I was always very curios about religon and at the age of 16 had already studied Zen, attended a jewish temple a number of times with a friend from Russia, and was a spectical about Christianity. I guess I was somewhat of a non-beliver as that I had never seen any evidence of a greater God or Enlitened being. I only attended the wed. night youth group meetings and never actually went to Sunday service at this church.

So I'm on this trip wit about 20 kids, ages 16-21 maybee 6 adults. It was a week long trip and we stayed in 3 different condos. There were about 8 people in my condo, we were all seated in the dinning area and everybody was praying before bed, it was prob 10:00pm. When I looked around I saw everybodies heads were bowed in pray except me. I noticed an open window directly behind the adult at the head of the table. As I looked at the window I saw a stream of smoke enter the room,like when you breath out on a cold day and you can see your breath. But the room was warm, its as if cold breath was coming into the warm room. I saw nothing in the window, and nobody else saw this happen, I told nobody there as not to scare them.

I can only imagine what was outside that window that night, perhaps an evil spirit or Demon watching us pray. I had a very hard time the rest of the trip, my mind engulfed with thoughts of evil. I have also seen a ghost once as a child, perhaps I am conected with the realm of spirits somehow. I am not looking for an answer, but if anyone else has had a similar experiance I'd love to hear it...
KC Linn <cmclauchlin a attbi com>
Dallas, Tx USA - Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 12:14:01 (PDT)

This is very weird and I hope not to receive crack-pot e-mails as I explain my phenomenon. Since childbirth I have heard people talking, voices spirits, whatever, I can sense spirits and see psychic imprints. The bizarre thing is I quite frequently have dreams which I vividly remember where it feels as if I am being held down, in the dreams I see distorted images and during one dream I heard a voice calling to me asking me the questions my minister asked me in my confirmation vows. I responded to the voice with the same responses I gave on confirmation day. I verified they were the same responses by checking my confirmation book. I have been told by a psychic that I dabbled in the dark arts in a past life and now both sides fight for my soul. I would normally dismiss this as weird, however what the psychic didn't know and what most people don't know is I can read latin however I have never studied the language and knew the bible inside out and backwards long before I ever studied it in detail. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can give me any insight into why I have these dreams and any information on past lives. I feel the need to add the fact that I am well educated and a respected professional I just experience these strange occurances.
Patricia <patticrackers a>
cambridge, on canada - Friday, June 14, 2002 at 08:33:53 (PDT)

This was not second nor was it the wind. One morning I was cleaning (straightening)our bedroom. My husband had taken our son to day care.I was back in our room, when I thought I heard the front door open, I looked down the hall and the door had swung open maybe half way or little less. I thought to my self we have never had this happen before, usually we were having to pulled the door rather hard. When I got to the door, it opened a little more. Our dog, Brow she was a red and brown german shepard, was behind me, I closed the door and began back to the bedroom. Brow stopped right in front of me and began vigoriuosly looking around as if she were chasing a fly around in the air. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at me, then looked toward the kithen and dinning area. she headed towards the garage door thru the kitchen. She stopped and started to bark at the door about 4ft. away. At this point and time I was getting a little spooked. I stood between the kitchen cabinet and breadfast bar. Brow, stopped barking turned and looked at me, then I felt it, I smelt that cool,misty,moldy scent. I felt the cold chill start at my left side and it left out my rightside. I even felt a little faint. It was nothing I had ever experienced before. Brow she bolted thru the walk way down the hall back ing our bedroom, stopping at the end of the bed. She looked up at the corner of the room and just barked, barked and barked. It seemed like for ever but it probably was only a minute or so. That is my phenomena. I was there , I felt it,smelt it, and experienced it. That was back in 1989, Austin Texas.I'm 41 yrs. and just now really sharing that experience with others. Didn't want to look to werid. I truely believe. I felt rather special afterwards, not many other people get to feel what I felt.
lana <siamin a 281 com>
Burnet, tx USA - Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 08:22:04 (PDT)

Okay we just got back from the Oregon coast and on the way back we decided that we were going to stop at some lighthouses on the way (cause my mom luv's them)and we went to this lighthouse and then it was said that it was haunted and that there was a trap door somewhere in the house and that was supposedly were the ghost lived but the keepers of the lighthouse didn't know where the trap door was.So knowing me I went looking for it so I left my tour group and went looking for it.And i was wondering through the lighthouse just looking at everything but couldn't find anything even interesting.And all of the sudden I started hearing this whispering sound and so I followed it and it lead me to the basement and there was a rope that said "Do not Cross" but since I had already left my tour group I figured oh well what's one more rope gonna hurt.And surprisingly the basement had a light switch and it worked so of course i turned it on.And it looked like a regular basement and there was this really old pretty rocking chair there so I went and sat in it when I heard a noise behind me and there was a wall behind me so I didn't know what it was.So I got up moved the chair and there was a little door so knowing me again I opened it.And there was a bed and a desk it looked like a place where maybe an old lighthouse keeper might have come to write or something.There was a little seashell on the desk and I took it.And then I got really cold so I got out of there and went back upstairs to find my tour group and they found me before I found them and my parents were all like where were you and I just said that I had gone to the gift shop.So we left the lighthouse and I didn't feel right for some reason not like I felt sick or anything I mean just not...right.So when we got home I took the seashell and put it on my desk in my room.And now whenever I go to open my door it opens by it self.You know kinda like in the movie "What Lies Beneath" it's really freaky and I have really weird dreams about that loghthouse now.And it's always really cold in my room now.So if anyone belives me or has had something like that happen to them please e-mail me!! thanx!!
Amber DesMarteau < Princesssweetpickles a yahoo com>
Hermiston, Or USA - Monday, July 01, 2002 at 20:00:01 (PDT)

It was 1969, my senior year in high school. I was driving East of Quapaw, Oklahoma on a road that many of the residents of the area had traveled, "The Spooklight Road". The early fall of the year when everyone had just started school again and...of course our favorite sport "parking". (Oh yeah, no booze and no dope) Spooklight road had to be the darkest place in the world when I was growing up. I had pulled up 4 or 5 car lengths behind a pickup truck with two people in it. I was alone and was supposed to meet the young lady of my dreams once again. I had seen the spooklight many times but this time it appeared and came flying down the road at us very fast. When it got to the front of the pickup it appeared to go inside the truck. The inside of the cab lit up with a glow that reminded me of an old blue neon light on a foggy night. The passenger side door of the truck opened and a blonde haired girl bolted from it and out in the ditch. She turned and was screaming as the driver bailed out his side of the truck and ran around the back of the truck in front of me. I left my headlights off, got out of the car and ran over to the girl. She was hysterical and crying holding her face with her hands. He asked me if I saw it, and I said I did. They were from Missouri and said they had been out there and seen the light many times and nothing like that had ever happened. I had seen the light before, but never before had I seen it enter a vehicle. He said it got really cold in the truck before he g ot out. After he got out of the truck the light appeared to all of us about a half a mile down the road in front of us.
Jim Potts <jimandcarolyn a potts com>
Wyandotte, OK USA - Sunday, January 27, 2002 at 22:38:11 (PST)

This is a short one, but a definite "event". I woke up from a deep sleep as I dreamed someone had raised a large knife and plunged the knife into my heart. This was 25 years ago and is still extremely vivid. What jolted me awake was the extreme pain I felt as I was stabbed. I instantly bolted upright (in my bed, not my dream) and took a while to calm down, as the pain was so real and severe. Later that night I received a call that my grandfather died of a heart attack.
Steve <commonblue a>
Evansville, IN USA - Sunday, October 21, 2001 at 19:24:20 (PDT)

I enterd my place of employment as I do every day, whilst makeing the coffe before anybody else had arrived in the building at around 8.45 am. I noticed a grey object floating down the stairs and dissapearing through a wall,this object had no form or fisical apperance and was more of a haze than anything else about 5 feet high. I do not take drugs or any sort of substances and would regard my self as quite level headed. I have told my boss but he thinks that I am just trying to get a day off. If anybody could shed some light on this I would be very interested as I have never in my 48 years experienced anything like this.
Martin Thackwell <firstchoice.mobiles a btinternet com>
cardiff, uk - Friday, February 15, 2002 at 02:00:50 (PST)

I was hiking in the woods (a dark, dense pine forest)when suddenly I saw several white translucent 'people' simultaneously duck behind trees. They had appeard to be floating and wearing sheets. I thought at first I had run into a kkk meeting but I could hear no running or see no legs and they were several feet above the ground. I watched for a few minutes and it happened again, with them moving (gliding) behind different trees. After watching for awhile nothing else happened. For the life of me I can't figure out scientifically what I saw!
Dave <guerradj a yahoo com>
Putnam, Ct USA - Monday, February 11, 2002 at 08:50:55 (PST)

I have been reading all these reports and have to add my own: About 2 years ago I did some training in a special martial art after a special training lesson to open up my energy I have noticed that after resting for a while i get these partialy visible fields flowing through my eyes this is great at night seems as i can see almost everything! my family is very skeptical. I can light up flourecent gloves while doing the meditation and move materials closer to my hand. When I do the breathing exercises i can increase my strenght by 50 % and fell a cold wind coming out of my hand s I do not put out light but i distort the radio heavily. I often see small ball lightning in intense electrical storms and some the size of peas come close to my body nd then disappear. Please write to me if you have similar experiances! Wilyarti howard
wilyarti howard <wilyarti_howard a>
Australia - Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 19:31:23 (PST)

maurice dillard <shadhoa26 a yahoo com>
greenville, sc USA - Wednesday, February 06, 2002 at 05:45:18 (PST)

Here is a real story many of you may find interesting: When I was 16 years old (I'm 29 now) my girlfriend and I were standing outside of her house talking. This guy that liked my girlfriend kept driving by her house while I was there... On the fourth or fifth time he drove by (I was really mad) I looked at my girlfriend and said "I wish he would wreck his car" - no sooner than I said it - it happened - he ran his car off the road into the ditch and flipped it!(the guy was shaken up but his car was totaled) You should have seen the look on my girlfriends face! I have never forgotten that day. Needless to say my girlfriend broke up with me soon after this incident... Is that strange or what? Is it possible to MAKE things like this happen? Be careful what you wish for - it just might come true! Nate
Nate <KNN10 a>
GA USA - Sunday, February 03, 2002 at 19:37:16 (PST)

My very sweet great Aunt Mimi (real name Mildred) just died on January 25th 2002. She was 91. She would have been 92 on April 1st 2002. She was very crippled with arthritis and she was very distorted and she could not even hold up her head. It made me very sad to see my Aunt in this sad condition. Regardless of her condition she still never lost her wonderful sense of humor. I used to visit her every Friday and she would tell me funny stories and always be upbeat no matter how bad she was feeling. I admired her so much for her overcoming all aversities that I never missed our Friday visits. A lot of the time I would be feeling down and she would bring me up. I always brought her an angel every time I came to sit in her window sill. She had 91 angels in her little tiny nursing home room. I really started to go see her again in August of 1995 when I heard she was getting sicker and I remember her vividly as a child how kind she was and how she always told me to come over after school for hot chocolate and cookies. This became a ritual I very much looked foward too. I did not have a lot of positive family members when I was growing up. She was always there with open arms and a big hug. So I decided to make it up to her. I made sure to buy enough angels to cover her window sill her dresser and her night stand by her bed. I just brought her two angels on January 23rd two days before her death. This made a total of 91 which was her age. I knew she was close to death but she opened her eyes and sad may God bless you forever. She died two days later. Now we come to the strange part. On the evening of January 25th after I had went to her very short and sweet veiwing. Which was fine for me because I do not like furnerals I came home feeling very exhausted. Sitting on my night stand by my bed was a very small angel with a bowed head and hands together in prayer. I told my husband that was very sweet for him to do this for me because it did make me feel much better. He said he did not get the angel. I asked all of my frinds and family members if they had brought me this very thoughtful gift. Today is January 31th and still I have not found out where the angel came from. I truly think my beautiful Anut Mimi sent me this angel to express her appreciation for my great love for her. I keep the angel on my bedside table and say a prayer every night and tell Aunt Mimi thanks and to watch over me. I truly feel she is around me. I feel her presence everyday. No doubt in my mind this angel is from her to watch over me and express her thankfulness for all of the love we shared. Sincerely Dianne Leonard
Dianne Leonard <Angeljustis a aol com>
Springfield, Oh. USA - Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 17:47:25 (PST)

I found this sight while searching for an answer as to why I seem to have problems concerning electricity. It is a running joke in my family when a street light goes out as I pass. My children are 20, 18 and 10 now, and they all remember this as they grew up. My wife looks for sales and stocks up on light bulbs because we go through so many of them. They usually pop when i turn the switch on, but often they will blow when just sitting at dinner or watching television. I also have a terrible time with any sort of credit card. I refuse to use them unless I absolutely have to. I have a company gas card for work and cant remember how many times I have had to wait while the clerk had to call in the number or use a hand imprinter. Phones themselves are a large problem also. We have bought countless telephones and answering machines over the years. Ironically, I work for a phone company, and while I dont do much technical work, the technichians just shake their heads when I tell them of some of the problems that I have had with phones, wiring and connections. I do have to use a transmitter at times and i have had 3 of them in the shop at once. A lot of people have mentioned static electricity, and while it has not been a problem for the last several years, at one time it was to the point that it was worrisome. The kids were afraid to touch me and I was to the point where I was afraid to touch metal or get out of the car. In fact, there was a story on the cover of one of those supermarket tabloids about a man being killed by static electricty from his dryer, and my wife bought a copy for me as a joke. While I laughed along with her, i have to say that it did make me a bit paranoid, because i had already began to refuse to take the clothes out of the dryer. I also have the same problem that many people have described with watches. I haven't worn one since high school because they just would always quit working. my wife bought me several wind up pocket watches and I had no luck with them either.

Another thing that I have noticed while reading other peoples experiences it that many of them seem to have some sort of psychic occurences. I was never big on this sort of thing, but have had some things happen recently that have made me wonder. When I was in college, I took a bus home and the woman next to me asked if she could read my palm. What the heck. She told me things about my family that she couldnt have possibly have known, and while I was curious I put it out of my mind until this summer. At my wifes 25th high school renunion, I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in years. He introduced me to his wife and we hit it off at once. Everyone drifted away and she asked me if she could tell me something she had never told anyone before. What the heck. To make a long story short, she told almost the exact same fortune teller story with the exception that hers was on a recent flight from Salt Lake City. Then she said that when they got off the plane this woman told her that she would "believe," when she met someone like her again. That was the strangest part, because this is the exact same thing that my mystery woman had told me. I was in shock and asked her why she told me this, and she said she didnt know. We were interupted before I could tell her my story and I never did get to tell her. Since then, I have had intermitent short periods where unrelated events seem to come together. It only lasts for a few hours, but becomes very intense. Sometimes it will be just silly little things, but once in a while, it becomes a little disturbing. Anyway, I found this site and the posts on the street lamp interference seems to have cut off about a year ago. Im wondering if I'm not navigating the site right or they were discontinued. If anyone has any comments on any of this, I would appreciate hearing them.
tom <flyqc a aol com>
davenport, ia USA - Wednesday, January 23, 2002 at 09:29:00 (PST)

Kind Readers, As previously posted, I have the knack for dreaming about a location before I actually visit it, albeit surrepeticiously. This has occured numerous times. The latest occurance is totally unlike the rest. A brief background... My family and I were confronted with a dire medical prognosis regarding our dear father. He was, and remains to be, a great man who will live in our hearts forever. Dad passed on Dec. 28, 2001. During that troublesome time, as would be expected, emotions were stretched to the limit. We prayed, cajoled, wept and slept fitfully. Dad and his recovery was our sole focus. During that time I had a dream of hopelessness, repetion and an unhealthy obsession with confined spaces. August last, my wife and I relieved the suffering of our K-9 buddy, Spike. He was a good dog and yes, the tears did flow. During the preceding weeks of Spike's demise, (vacation) I anticipated my return to work and instead of watching the tube or reading, I purchased a PlayStationOne gaming platform. (It's that kind of Job). After playing-out several games, I returned to a local retailer and purchased "Metal Gear Solid" maybe a week or so after Dad's funeral. "MGS" is a paramilitary game that relies on stealth and sneakiness for success. One scenario in the game is crawling through virtual air-conditioning ducts to infiltrate the "enemy base". As one would imagine, it is dark, confining and an unhealthy atmosphere. Exactly matching the dream I've had weeks before. This is the first time that excludes the physical realm and delves into the concept of realizing, in a dream state, virtual reality. I am truly astounded.
Dave Hicks <escarpment a>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 22:31:28 (PST)

Well here is my story , it is the strangest thing I have ever seen . It is about my 1993 GMC safari van. Lets start with the day I bought it . It was at my Local dealer , in excelent shape , Black with a gold stripe , with 56000 miles on it . After I got it home I noticed there was little bamboo crosses in it . They were all over the place , glove box , under the sun visors and all the compartments . And there was a Brown poppy [ for a dead Vet]hanging on the mirror And a baby picture in the over head compartmet .

Well Nothing bad happned the first year I owned it , and it ran fine , but 1 and a half years later [it had only 74000 miles on it] I stopped at my Local hardware store . And an Old man came up to me , and with a slightly forien accent ask me " Do you own the van ?" I said yes . he ask me kind of pausing as he went , had Anything strange happened while I was driving it ? I said No . He said him and his wife had problems with it as soon as it had 2800 mioles on it . he said they would be driving along , and it would just stop , then later it would run fine . So we went out to where it was parked , he acted like he did`nt want to touch it . I said " I have a baby picture in here " So I looked for it and found it and he opened the door, I gave it to him along with the crosses . And he went to his car . Now remember , this van ran fine , I used it every month to go on 400 mile round trips to see My Mom . I drove away from the hard ware store , I got 1 mile from there and the van jerked a few times and stopped dead ! I had it towed in . It would not start . So to try to make this short , They tried to fix it , The had it running sevral times and The service manager would drive it up the road with me in it , and I would tell the story of the old man , and the van would stop dead ! I spent $2000.00 on repair , and they could not fix it . So I had it towed home and it sat in the driveway . Well I met a guy who wanted it and would trade me a car for it , cause it looked new . So he came over to get it and pull it home with his Big truck . Just before he came over , I tried to start the van , It WOULD NOT RUN . So he arrived and started to hook it up to pull it , He said " well I am going to try to start it " I said ok . He started it , it started right up , like new ! , it ran fine ,They drove it home and Him and his family went on vacation with it that week About 150 miles away . So Whatever it was , that Van would not run for me , But as soon as he got it, and I sighned the title over , whatever "spell " that was on it was broken . I sware this story is true , I have a couple friends who can sware it . And you would really have to be there to believe it , and see just how strange this all was . The Man who got the van is still driving it , his wife loves it , And they think I am crazy for getting rid of it . I don`t ever want that van around me again , there is something evil about it !
Jim <pine_forest_trail a yahoo com>
Roscommon, Mi USA - Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 09:07:59 (PST)

Im no mind reader nor can I bend spoons...and have definetly never been ubducted but heres my little story that is a bit odd, apparently I was born with a memory, this memory is of me sitting in the back of a white van but seeing the van from the outside, the inside, every angle and two people sitting in the seats a man driving wearing a suit and a women wearing a wedding dress in the passenger side...they are laughing and talking....I can remember this so vividly and have "remembered" this for as far as I can tell forever, anyways later in life I tell my mother about this and in amazement she relays to me of her wedding night driving around in a white van they had rented to go on their honeymoon, every detail was exact except for I had not been born yet but was about 8 months along inside of my mother
?, mt USA - Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 04:02:45 (PDT)

How do I start? I guess at the beginning. I have seen things around me all of my life. Even at a very young age. As you grow up and through the years you just espect these things to happen. I never looked for the things they were either already there or just simply following me. My grandma used to tell me Donna this is just somthing that you were born with. And I have seen it all.

When I was very small I remember seeing people that my Mom and family would say where Donna where we don't see it. This was when I was as young as 3 years. But I guess I will tell about the experiances at my sisters house. A few years ago my husband I moved here. When we first got here we lived with my sister and her family. Almost from the beginng I felt it. There was so much. There was scratching on the walls. Everytime I would sit at there kitchen table it was as though someone was either sitting in my lap or sitting next to me. The sensation was one of a cold body that moved as we do. The other family members would watch as I had to get up from the table. I tried moving around the wall into the other room. It just followed me. One day my husband and my sister were in the kitchen with me and I felt something as I was walking to the dining area . It was right behind me. As I turned around I saw it. The thing was a big round ball of electricity and it flew into the ceiling. I have got to admit. This scared me. I then saw a tall figure in my sisters front yard very tall. and her dog is always chasing things that noone can see. I see them sometimes. When I do I let my sister know. My sister has two children and they have never slept well in this house. Anyway I would enjoy having someone to talk to about some of these happens and others I have had.
Donna <dcoulson a>
Friendswood, Tx USA - Monday, July 15, 2002 at 18:08:30 (PDT)

This insn't just one occurrence but some things that have happened as long as i remember:

I often have dreams that are quite realistic but not "normal". Some time later, the EXACTLY SAME scene plays out in real life.

I also see "shadow people" doing normal things, but when i look closer, they dissappear. I have even seen the feet of one in a restroom stall.

There have been two hard things under my skin on my forehead. one is a lump of pencil lead (embarrassing story!)

the other is unexplained, and has recently dissappered, leaving a small scar.

I believe everyone is psychic to some extent.

email me
nathan <tesla4D a yahoo com>
Gardner, KS USA - Friday, July 19, 2002 at 12:05:54 (PDT)

Three teenagers watch a grown man(Abdul)turn into a midget in front of their very eyes.

After smoking a J, which Abdul masterfully rolled, the three of us are quietly and politely paying attention to normal 6 foot Abdul, sitting cross legged on the bedroom floor, banging a drum between his legs and chanting something into the air in a language I could not understand or recongnize. Shortly after,I take noticee that this man who during the rest of the evening looked like a typical 6 foot man was now shrinking! At first I felt disbelief. A few seconds later I tell myself that I am having a hallucination. There he was! Sitting on the bedroom floor still playing on the drum between his legs, the only difference now is that his head is huge compared to the rest of his now miniature body. His body, arms, hands , legs and feet are the size of a midget! I begin to laugh nervously and try to change my attention from this midget to the window and outside. After regaining my composure by staring out the window I decide to look back at Abdul who is still in the form of a midget. I can't believe my eyes. I look to my friends, but they don't seem to be freaked out. They just keep smiling and are focused on Abdul. Abdul the midget keeps on chanting. I start to think I'm having a bad trip and get up and leave. I'm only thinking to escape this home. I get out. While waiting for my buddies to exit, I've rationalized what I just experienced and categorize it as a major hallucination probably out of consequence from the weed Abdul smoked us. Shortly after my buddies come down the stairs all excited and laughing like kids. And I hear one of my friends ask the other, "Did you see when he turned into a leprechaun?!" Then the other responds with a yell, "A midget! He turned into a midget!"

The three of us spent the next week laughing at what we experienced. We can't explain it. Was it a hallucination that the three of us shared at the same moment? Or did Abdul transform himself into a midget?
alex <sweetspot80 a hotmail com>
north york, on canada - Sunday, July 21, 2002 at 11:19:49 (PDT)

I can't decide if this truly is "weird" by anyone's standards. I personally believe it's totally natural, and everyone has something to this effect.

I have *very* vivid dreams. The level of detail I have in every dream I ever have is almost frightening. I can give details on dreams I've had years ago. For instance, two years ago I had a general dream about hanging out with my friends. There were 8 of us, so we needed to take two cars. Since I didn't have my car available, we decided to use Josh's and Eric's car. I rode in Eric's car in the passenger seat, Eric was driving. I have no clue who Josh actually was, but he was a slightly dumpy man... an old looking 18 or 19, wearing light blue jeans, a pair of old ratty Reeboks with no socks, a stained white t-shirt, and a ripped light blue jean jacket. He had dirty-blonde hair that was closely cropped, blue eyes, and laugh crinkles around his eyes. His front two teeth on the top were perfectly straight (as in as straight teeth go) but the two on either side (not the canine's though) were tilted in slightly. Anyway, to make an extremely long dream with lots of detail short. We stopped at a CVS in Latham to pick up disposable cameras and batteries for flashlights. On the way back out to the car, a slender man with longish bright blonde hair... *extremely* clear (but pale) blue eyes, wearing Dark blue jeans, a pair of combat boots with worn tread, a black t-shirt, and a newish jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up, came up and stabbed me directly below my sternum. While I never really considered that dream to be prophetic or have any special meaning, I can note now that since that point I've had severe problems with heartburn and acid reflux. In fact, just after eating dinner tonight I had a very similar sharp shooting pain in the same place I was stabbed in the dream.

Typically when I have extremely vivid dreams like the one I related to you, I realize I am dreaming somewhere during the dream. I have actions that I can use to wake myself up (like tapping the back of my hand, or yanking a bit of hair out). A friend in high school studied Lucid Dreaming at one point, and she informed me that if someone realizes they are dreaming, the human body tries to wake the person dreaming up. I do *not* wake up after realizing I am dreaming. And if I do for any reason "wake up" I'm usually not really awake. Having dreams within dreams within dreams seems to be my forte ;)

One thing I do find a bit disturbing, when I *do* actually approach conciousness after a vivid dream, my body is *extremely* heavy. I have a very difficult time breathing, if feels like something might be wrapped around my chest, and for some reason my right ear (sometimes both, but usually just the right) rings like crazy. If the dream was especially active I spend the next day totally drained, walking around half asleep, and my eyes have an acute sensitivity to light. God forbid I can't find my sunglasses.

Please note, I don't do drugs. My only vice (well two actually I bite my nails too) is that I smoke.

I *have* had prophetic dreams in the past, but I don't know they are "predictions" or "symbols of the future" (so to speak), until the event or action occurs.

I *have* tossed around the idea of astral projection or astral planing,

but i have no way to validify it. Any information would be appreciated.
Amy <paradox0690 a hotmail com>
Albany, NY USA - Saturday, July 27, 2002 at 20:56:05 (PDT)

Dear Sirs,

I'll start off by saying that I don't think telepathy in the SF 'mindreading actual words' sense exists. However, 2 things happened to me in rapid succession which made me think about the possibility of telepathy at a much lower level. On the way home from work one night, I was waiting on the central platform of a Glasgow tube station. To my right and well in front of me was a young man. Behind me arrived a train, the doors of which only opened on the opposite platform. A young woman siting in the train started to stare very intently at the back of this young mans head. It was obvious she thought she knew him. The 3 of us formed an isoceles triangle with myself at the apex. I could see him & her. She could see him & me. He could see neither of us. Slowly he turned round with a puzzled look on his face, towards me, past me to the young woman. They recognised each other & there was a bit of happy shouting through the train windows (which do not open). I found it interesting but dismissed it until... later that evening I parked my car in an unlit car park behind a newagents. On my return from the newsagents, I got in my car and turned on the map light so that I could write a card I had bought. Suddenly I felt compelled to turn my head left. Sure enough, in a car about 30 feet back & about 15 feet to my left was a small child in the back seat. I could just, only just, make out the face, but it was obvious from the way the child was staring that he felt quite sure I would be unable to see him in the darkness. Later that evening I started to think about the 2 events. In both cases the watched person turned in the direction which led in the shortest time to the watcher. In both cases the watcher & watched were separated by physical barriers. Neither watcher made any sound. In my case I say 'I felt compelled', to be honest I did it with out any active thought at all. My head was turning & my eyes were searching, but I was just along for the ride. Much as the young man had appeared to be. He had a genuine look of bemusement on his face as his head was turning.

Any animal which could detect the intent thoughts of an unseen predator would be at an advantage in that it would be prepared to fight or flee. We've all experienced the feeling that we're being watched. Given that we now know that the brain generates detectable EM fields, its not a big leap to the idea that at a very low level we and other animals may be capable of detecting them.

I think there's something in this that merits further study, but I admit, creating reproducable experiments would be very hard.

yours, Wilson Logan.
Wilson Logan <wilson a>
Glasgow, Scotland - Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 07:30:38 (PDT)

Three Knocks Phenomena. I continue to hear three types of 3-knock successions. On wood (doors), on glass (windows), on sheetrock (walls). No, the knocks are not due to clanging pipes, neighborhood children playing pranks, or creaking house structures. They appear to be intentional because they are very distinct and have awakened me from sleeping. I have also heard a multiple effect of 3 X 3 knocks (nine knocks) on a few occasions. Accepting the phenomena decreases the occurrences, while fear or apprehension increases the occurrences. Sometimes they are extremely loud and forceful as if someone(?)/something(?) is angry. If anyone has encountered the 3-knock phenomena under any circumstance, please contact me. I am a researcher studying the "threes" phenomena. My site's content page can be found at: http://cenocracy.topcities com/cro24.html
Herb O. Buckland < herbobuckland a hotmail com>
West Valley, Ut USA - Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 06:34:34 (PDT)

I too have had similar experience with the defribulator shocks in my sleep. A loud buzzing begins just as I am drifting off. It escalates and builds to a crescendo and ends with a loud BOOM. Just as the Boom is about to explode my body is shocked at least five inches in the air. For years as a child I was afraid to sleep over at anyone's home for fear that they would see this and think I was epileptic.

I also listen to ocillating solar winds and have out of the body experiences.

My recent out of the body experience happened when I was asleep on the couch. I though I had awakened, opening my eyes, at the time I was wearing braces, I could feel that the bottom wiring had popped out of place so I lifted my hand to adjust it but I could not SEE my hand. I could only Feel it. I realised that I was partially disembodied.

I looked down at my hand lying by my side and tried to move it but I couldn't. By now I am wide awake and my heart is racing but my whole body feels as if it is asleep, a terrible prickly ghost pain feeling. I gave up on the broken wire in my mouth and set out to prove to myself that I could MOVE my body!

This took a great effort and struggle but I finally came back and shot out off the couch.

As I walked around the blood flow came back into my arms and leggs. I felt for my braces with my tongue and found that the wire was NOT broken or in any way misaligned.

Was it a dream? I don't think so. That feeling of helplessness scared me like no other.

I do not shock things or cause faults in electrical equipment. It happes quite the other way. I make equipment work where it fails. I can often make a car start by "pleading" with it or I just seem to be able to "fix" things without opening the device but by placing hands on either end of it. It does not work consistently and is most successfull when I am in a detached mood.

This means that if something breaks down and I am in a hurry to "fix" it it won't work, the energy builds up and I break out into itchy hives.

But if someone else is having a problem then I can calmly walk in, ask them what happened and set about fixing it.

I have no electronic background but I do like to study the more esoteric nature of electricity and it's relation to man.

My latest experience was when I attempted to fix a dss receiver and in opening it just to take a look I forgot to unplug it and touched its electronic insides, shocking myself. It was a mildly pleasant buzzing. The shock stemmed more from my deisbelief that I had actually touched a live device and not died.

After the tingling subsided, I found my self wanting to do it again and I was oddly giddy for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I would very much like for us to get together in a chatroom or forum I have and discuss ways of utilising this "untapped" power for the benefit of man and our civilization.

If others have been wrecking havoc on standared electronics then we can only assume that these electronic devices do not use "harmonic" electricity. That is electricity that is compatible with living substance.

I hold the opinion that future electronic devices should be powed by the human units using them. They should charge themselves on the natural bio-electricity of the the planet and people.

If any of you have ideas and designs for this future technology I would like to hear it, discuss it and then make it HAPPEN!! The FUTuRE IS NOW changig the past, in the present, for the future, ngws
new group of world servers < ngws a>
- Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 10:57:30 (PDT)

A coupel of thing have happened to me. The first thing happend when I was about 15 yeara old. I was at my old farm house. I was in my room with the curtins closed but there was a little crack still open. Something caught my eye so I went over to the window and opened the curtins. I saw a ball of light that went around the corner of the house. It was blue but it never gave off alot of light, it moved fast but it ws easy to keep track of, I ran out of my room and into the living room, where we have a big picture window. I was yelling at my mom to come and see but, by that time it was too late for any one elese to see it. No one else has had a simmiler experience that I have read about.

About 4 years later I was up stairs in my parents house (on the same farm but a different house) I was having a fight with my girlfriend to whom I later married. I went to bed but we were not allowed to sleep together so she had to sleep in a different room. After I fell asleep I was awakened by someone grabbing my big toe and shaking my foot. I am a sound sleeper so it is no easy to wake me up but I woke up. I never opened my eyes I just said "Amy why are you shaking my foot" and I could hear her from the other room say "I am not shaking your foot" and I stood up straight in my bed no one was there. I told my sister this story a few years later and her face turned white. She told me as a little kid on the farm ther was two farm houses one that me my mom, dad, brother and sister stayed at and one that my grandma and grandpa stayed in. As a little kid we use to go over there and if we had a nap she would always wake us up by grabbing our big toe and shaking our foot. My grand parents were dead by the time for about 3 years I was 19 so who was shaking my foot?

if any one has the simmiler experience please e-mail me at colinbriske a hotmail com
Colin Briske < colinbriske a hotmail com>
Regina, Sk Canada - Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 23:42:49 (PDT)

On the night that princess Di was killed I was asleep in bed when I heard a voice say" the princess of wales is dead ".I sat up and asked my wife "did you hear that". I went down stairs thinking that I had left the tele switched on. I hadn't I put the tele on and saw the news report of the event.
momo < mac d8tyy a aol comm>
burnley, uk - Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 07:24:24 (PDT)

I graduate in June of 99, and the hard times began. I moved out of my parents house at 18, and moved from place to place. I ended up moving to Long Beach, CA (near 21st and Pacific). It was a duplex built in the 1920's. My roomate Shannan's grandmother (who had recently passed Feb. 00) owned it and so we moved in on March 11th, 2000. From the beginning I saw strange things. Missing things, like the salt and pepper shakers (for ONE example) went missing and we never found them. I saw shadows, heard footsteps, lights would go on in the back bedroom when Shannan and I were sitting together in the living room.

I got really sick and my rough times grew worse for personal reasons, but I was wasting my life away, and Shannan and I grew apart after only living there for about 2 months, when one day, she left a note saying she would be gone for a week.

So I was in the house alone. On the first night, I heard voices. I also heard the toilet flush at least a dozen times that night. I had a hard time falling asleep that night and woke up at about 4 AM to the sound of a woman humming. My eyes adjusted and I thought I saw a woman by my window. I jumped up and turned on the lights - nothing.

The next morning I was showering when the bathroom door flung open, I screamed and grabbed my bathrobe and ran out of the house. I went to the downstairs neighbor and called my mother and spent the rest of the week at my Mom's house.

Not too long after that, I moved out and straightened my life out. It was really freaky, and I still get goosebumps and nervous thinking about it.

Brianna < fabulousbanana a hotmail com>
Laurel, MD USA - Wednesday, June 27, 2001 at 12:39:24 (PDT)

I once happened to come out of my house at the dead of the night.I do not usually do that but this night was different I felt forced to go outside and when i did it felt very eerie then off to my right i saw a figure it was hooded and it was dressed all in black it's head was bent low but when it spoke it had a clear and distinct voice it said" beware of number 345".At first i did not understand and later i forgot all about it and the hooded figure never returned.Earlier this year i lost my job and money was tight so we struggled and we had to leave our house we moved into a run down house and the door number was 345 i suddenly remembered everything so before we moved in i researched into the house and found out that the house was built upon cursed land and the last owner had hung himself! So then i decided not to move in i think the hooded figure saved me alot of trouble.
James Smith < tintern121berg a hotmail com>
Houston, Texas USA - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 03:35:41 (PDT)

back in 1989, i was half awake from a nap. All of a sudden, an invisiblr force was trying to suck me out of my body through my feet.

I was terrified, and paralyzed with fear!

It occurred to me to shout JESUS!!! and as soon as I did The force was gone and I was in a blanket of comfort.

When I was arounf 3 or 4 years old. I was being babysat at this house. I creature, about my height, appeared and tried to get close to me.

HE was covered with black fur or hair, had pointed ears and white sharp teeth.

I became scared and angry with him and threw toys at him. He raised his hands to protect himself as the toys bounced off of his body.

He also picked up toys and threw them at me. This wasnt a dream, I never woke up... just walked out.

Phil Spades < philspades a hotmail com>
USA - Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 12:36:39 (PDT)

One night while laying on my bed thinking... the thought occurred to me that I was made of light.

All of a sudden I saw a vision of a digital countdown. Some number in the thousands was counting down to zero so fast it reached zero in about 3 seconds.

As soon as it hit zero, i felt myslef shoot up out of my body and go throught the ceiling.

I ACTUALLY FELT the ceiling as i went through it.

In an instant I went down through another ceiling and sat down on a chair... in the living room I had lived in a decade earlier!

A woman was sitting there crying. I tried to say something to comfort her, but as soon as she saw me she became afraid.

I was shining bright with white light and she tought i was a ghost.

I shot back up through the ceiling, and back down through the ceiling to my original starting point... and back into my body.

The strangest thing about the whole experience was that I could actually feel the ceiling material as i went through it.
Phil Spades < philspades a hotmail com>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 12:26:03 (PDT)

In the summer of 1981, in Utica, NY, I laid in bed very restlessly. Suddenly I felt paralyzed and a sensation of a buzzing or vibration started at the top of my head and slowly worked it's way to my feet. My eyes were closed and in a panic to stop the feeling I tried to open them and sit up, but nothing would work. I was frozen....paralyzed! I was scared to death. When it stopped I sat up and was shaking and my heart was racing. I was scared to go to sleep after this so I spent the next few hours looking out the window and tossing and turning. I wanted to call and tell someone so I wouldn't be so nervous, but it was late and they would only think I was crazy. I also notice street lights and house lights go out around me quite often. Please write to me if this has happened to you so I don't think I am crazy.
ldyhawk < ldyhawk a mindspring com>
Ft Lauderdale, Fl USA - Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 21:40:36 (PDT)

In my third grade year, one of my closest friends and his mother (my mother's best friend) and sister died on their way back from our childhood home, killed by a drunk driver. My parents and I attended his funeral in Dallas a couple days later. The day was clear, not a cloud to be found, no wind at all, and we had commented about the good weather earlier in the day. After the caskets were placed in the ground and the last bit of earth had covered his grave, a sudden strong wind blew up, stronger than any wind my family and I had experienced that was not accompanied with a strong storm or hurricane. The canopy that had been shading the burial site was actually blown over, despite the heavy wheels. This disturbed us very much as there had been no gusts of that strength anywhere else in the city that day, and none were reported later, either.
Bunny < aikai07 a aol com>
Corpus Christi, TX USA - Monday, May 07, 2001 at 19:08:22 (PDT)

This may be only an odd coincidence but it was also a bit freaky as well. My aunt's son died from unexplained reasons when he was 16, just dropped dead in the car of a friend. This happened in Henderson, Nevada, right outside Las Vegas. My aunt was inconsolable about her son dying and refused to clean out his room, leaving it just the way it was when he died. Almost one year later, a freak tornado ripped through Henderson, lightly damaging a neighbors home and completely demolishing my aunt's home, tearing off the roof in the process, then dissapearing as fast as it started. My aunt's two young daughters were present in the house during the onslaught but were only terrifed and left unhurt. However, the freaky thing was that the only room to completely vanish with all of it's contents was her dead son's room. It was the first and only recorded tornado in Henderson, Nevada. Like I said, it was an odd coincidence, but very strange none the less.
Wilson Reese < wkreese a aol com>
NC USA - Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 18:28:13 (PDT)

Back in '79, I spent most of the summer hiking and camping by myself in remote regions of the Coloradan wilderness. One night, I found what was obviously a very old abandoned campsite and decided to sleep there. Sleeping very closely to the embers of the campfire, I was suddenly awoken by a vigorous shaking of my shoulder and a voice telling me to "go join the other campers". It made perfect sense at the time, and I exited from my sleeping bag in my underwear and starting walking in the pitch-black forest. I went several hundred yards before I realized with horror what I was doing. Turning around, I could barely make out the tiny light from my campfire. A few more yards and I would have been lost almost naked at altitude in the mountains - I wouldn't have survived the night. Two nights later I was nearby settling down to sleep by the fire when a tremendous blow struck me. I somersaulted clean over the fire and ended up a considerable distance down the slope. I had no bruises or obvious impact point on my body, but I have never been hit so hard or flung so far since.
Tony Danis < wdmc_77 a yahoo com>
Mountain View, Ca USA - Wednesday, July 04, 2001 at 20:13:38 (PDT)

This was back in the day probably 1994 or 1995 or so when my friend from 6th or 7th grade and I were messing around in an old reservoir near his home. It was a large concrete pit, empty of water, surrounded by brush and heaps of dirt and with a ramp going down into the pit which was about 20 feet deep, with sloped sides. A fence a bit farther on surrounded the whole place, enclosing it and making it great for messing around by kids like us. We were always a bit jittery when we went in there, because of the "no trespassing" signs and stuff, so we always took pains to wait for all cars to be gone before we hopped the fence in, etc. Once inside we'd build a fort, as kids do, or mess around and break all the junk people had left in there. Now for the weird part.

This was after my friend and I had watched Star Wars one too many times and had convinced ourselves that the Force is real and that we can use it as the Jedi could. 6th graders, what do you expect. Anyway we were messing around in the reservoir one day, throwing some old boards around or something, when all of a sudden my friend and I stop, look up at each other, and both say, "run!" We dashed off to a large concrete pipe, about 30 feet long and 4 feet in diameter that someone had left in there, and hid inside. A few moments later we heard a helicopter approach, and fly directly overhead, so close that we could feel the rumble of the rotors in the air. That was totally weird, especially since we *both* seemed to have sensed it beforehand, and *especially* because we had believed we'd be able to do this.

After a while I gradually forgot about this old "use the Force" belief of mine, and it faded to a childhood memory that I fondly recalled at times. I have not talked to this friend for a while, as we went to different high schools etc. but I still have his contact info and know where he lives, etc., and see him online occasionally. But recently it's come up, and now I begin to have renewed belief in my ability to predict *something* *somehow*. It was probably back in 1998 during my sophomore year in HS, I was at home sitting in my large chair trying to do homework at my desk, it was late in the afternoon and I was tired as hell so I started dozing off. I was probably just about asleep, and sorta drowsed in and out of consciousness for 20 minutes or so. Then all of a sudden, I snapped wide awake, eyes open, sat up, and then 1 second later the phone rings. I had not been expecting anyone to call. The weirdest thing was... I picked up the phone, and it was this same friend calling me, the one who I had been in the reservoir with, whom I hadn't talked to in an extremely long time!!! Weird.

Now.... ? What happened? There are other minor things that have happened that I can recall, and they were much too complex and similar to each other to be coincidences. Hmm... Like I said, I haven't been able to shrug off the possibility that I can occasionally foresee upcoming events, although I don't know for certain what they'll be. I just seem to sort of sense that something will happen very soon, and then something does.
Luke H. < redfive2001 a>
Oceanside, CA USA - Sunday, April 29, 2001 at 16:59:26 (PDT)

Now, I've read through all the stories on the sight, but I haven't yet run across anyone having a problem such as mine. When I was very little, I heard about four leaf clovers for the first time. I ran out back and told my grampa that I was going to look for a four leaf clover. "You can look until the cow's come home, but you wont find one" he said. It took me 20 minutes, but I found my first one and I went screaming around the house, "The cow's have come home!"

Anyway, ever since that day, I've found alot of four leaf clovers. After a while, I could put my hand over a patch of clover, pass it over the patch until I felt my stomach tighten and feel queasy. At that point, I knew there was a four leaf clover and I would reach down and pick it up. One day, I had been standing at the door of the car, speaking to a friend, when I suddenly felt queasy. I stopped talking and told my friend not to move. "There's a four leaf clover down there" I said. Of course, he didn't believe me, so I bent down, picked the clover, and gave it to him. He thought I had seen it there before, but I hadn't. I felt it, but I never saw it until I picked it. I try not to go out looking for four leaf clovers anymore. I cant stand the queasy feeling (after being pregnant a few times, the thought of any more queasiness can make a person not want to bring it on unneccessarily). I also find that if I think about something, before it happens, I get that same stomach tightening feeling. I'll be sitting quietly, then I'll start thinking about the phone ringing and I'll feel ill in my gut. Then the phone will ring right after I've thought about it and I'll feel better instantly. It also happens during sporting events. If I spent enough time thinking about a certain racehorse, or my favourite team, and then wonder who will win, I'll feel ill, then I'll just know who's going to win. I really hated having this happen, so I try not to concentrate on anything anymore. Which leads to a total lack of concentration at all. I wonder if that part of my brain just goes to sleep when I make a conciencious effort to ignore it. Like I said, I dont like having any pain in my abdomain! But, dont think that I'll claim any psychic abilities. I can't tell anyone where their diamond earring went to, and I can't tell you that your uncle Ted, who died last weekend, says that the keys to his antique Mercedes are in the third drawer of his dresser. I can only tell you that the phone will ring, point out a four leaf clover, or tell you that my stomach says to bet on the number 4 horse. Not very interesting stuff. But still, I'd like to know why I get that stomach tightening feeling when this happens. Anyone else ever encounter it? Anyone else know how to make it stop? (besides my husband's suggestion that I take a few antacids).
RTP, NC USA - Friday, April 20, 2001 at 15:08:21 (PDT)

I come from a small county full of small towns and most the surrounding county's are the same. Around here there is not much to do besides go out in the boondocks (middle of nowhere, woods) and soot guns drink beer fish or have a small party. Well, when I was in school there was a few spots we would go to hang out at. The one IM going to talk about is called the lost city. The reason it is called that is because it is what's left of an oil refinery that exploded 20 something years ago and it kinda looks like a city. It was left alone and never tore down and the woods grew up around it. We loved to hang out there because there where lots of places to climb up on tons of concert to tag and it was big enough that if you wanted to get some privacy you could. We had a lot of parties out there.

Well three of us got broke of the habit of going out there by the events of one night. Me and two friends of mine Greg and Justin went out there to mess around and just hang out and see if anyone else showed up. We where sitting in the car BSing when Justin told us to hush. He said he heard someone talking in the woods. So me and Greg shut up and listened but did not hear anything. So we just sat there BSing some more deciding what to go do when we started to hear it again. It was not exactly talking more like mumbling and hissing sounds. We where sorta spooked but I thought I was just someone messing with us so I told Greg and Justin the same and they agreed with me. so we got out of the car and started walking around acting like we where tuff guys. We yelled and cursed and said it would take more than that to scare us that we knew they where out there. It did not stop though and we did not stop because of that. We where walking slowly toward the woods with my tire tool and some sticks when Greg saw something move. He stopped and said shhh.He pointed to where he saw the movement and we watched the wood line for more. We could still hear the sound and still thought it was friends of ours. While we where watching we started to see shadows moving around in the wood line. Justin told me to go turn the light in the car on so we could see them. So I walked back to the car and hit the lights. When I did we saw nothing and the sound stopped. That scared us but we where still saying that it was somebody and not something. We decided that it might not be someone we know and that maybe we should go, so we all got in the car and as i started to turn around so we could go the sounds started back up again. They where not any louder than the first time but we could see people moving all around in the woods and grass. At this point we where scared to death and i was doing my best to get the car turned around. The lights hit one of the figures and as it did we saw noting. It was like they where there but no there. We got the hell out of there and have not been back. We told a few people not many but i have been told similar stories of what people around here call the shadow people.
John Sanders < Mrniceguy7921 a aol com>
Atlanta, Tx USA - Friday, April 13, 2001 at 02:25:16 (PDT)

OK this will be short and sweet, There are demon living in the woods around where I live. I know this from first hand experience from seeing them. We have been calling the shadow people or shadows because that's what the look like. They look like either a shadow that hovers in air making a dark spot that looks like a cloud that shifts around or they look like a human but in the same shadow like appearance. We found them while we where looking for a place to drink some beer and hang out with a few girls that was with us. We went to a spot back in the woods where and old oil refinery once was and where goofing around when we saw them. My buddy saw them first and we watched them for a little while even though the girls where freaking and when they seem to grow in numbers we got scared and decides to go. If anyone knows what the hell those things where please write and tell me I would like to know. Personally I think they are demons.
ATLANTA, TX USA - Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 02:07:40 (PDT)

A strange occurance regarding dreams. In November of 1991 I aquired a classic 1977 Harley-Davidson Sportster (XLCR). I was absorbed in the restoration process which lasted about six months. During that time (in May) I had a dream in which I viewed a concrete block building. It was fronted on a two lane blacktop. The building had two overhead doors, one small, one large as well as a sevice door. I entered the building and discovered it was a repair shop. The dream ends. The following August I packed for an extended camping trip with no destination in mind. It was a great three weeks outdoors. I took my time on the last day returning home and avoided the Interstate instead using County roads which were unfamiiar to me. As I meandered down a two-laner, off in the distance, standing alone, was a vagely familiar sight. I slowed to take a look and there stood "Hoban's Cycle Shop". The same building I saw in my dream. I didn't stop. Fast forward two years. A flyer appear in the mail from Hoban's MC. I do not know how I got on their mailing list. I jumped on the scoot and followed the directions to the shop and introduced myself to the proprietor and explained the occurance. He was nice about it, found it interesting and invited me back. These dream events have happened several times. Different dreams, different places.
Dave Hicks <escarpment a>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Monday, March 26, 2001 at 08:32:03 (PST)

Blue Ball of Light in my bedroom at 3:30 1988. Accompanied by a hissing noise, phased as if you were listening through a short tube. I was temporarily paralyzed and could not turn over in bed to look at it directly, but I saw the blurred reflection on the wood panneling. It was the size of a basketball.

This Blue Ball of Light spoke!

Hold your hands cupped in front of your mouth and say...

"Hello... it is me! III..... aammm..... new." and that is what it sounded like.

If you have had an encounter with an entity like this, you are definately not crazy and I'd like to hear from you.


Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor <bluescarecrow a hotmail com>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Saturday, March 24, 2001 at 23:05:27 (PST)

My father has often told the story of his fathers passing. Its been cooberated by his aunt to me personally. My father was 12 years old and living with his grandpa and aunts,because his mother had died when he was 3 giving birth to his brother and his father was in the hospital at volga,sd dying of colon cancer. each day they were with his father and each night one of the family would stay the night at his bedside in the hospital.

In the early morning of jan 13,1928 about 5:30am, the clock in living room started bonging.It bonged more than a dozen times,at that time all the doors on the inside of the house flew open,and all the folks (my dad,his grandpa and aunts and cousin) sat straight up in bed wide awake.

A few minutes later the phone started ringing,when they answered it it was my dads uncle Lute,who had stayed with my dads father at hospital,he had called to tell them that my dads father had passed away a few minutes ago.(at the same time as the clock bongs,doors and awakenings).

At 6am that same morning the clock again bonged.....6 worked perfectly after that for years. in the year before my aunt passed father was cleaning out her old storage shed and found the clock. it was all apart and part of the casing was broke. my dad restored the clock and has it sitting in their living room.working perfectly. He still vividly remembers what transpired that day his father died,and the story has never changed a bit through the years,his aunt DID cooberate the story to me. i often wonder when he looks at that clock or hears it bong out the hour if he relives that moment in 1928.
liz <dreamflyrr a yahoo com>
mn USA - Wednesday, March 21, 2001 at 21:28:52 (PST)

Feb.2001.I was walking to the shop,and saw a friend's car coming towards me. She slowed down[10 m.away] and signed that she was turning into my street. I walked back to the turnoff, but she was already parked outside my place, about 6 houses down the street. I was really annoyed that she hadn't picked me up, as she knew I had a sprained ankle.I stood on the corner and watched her getting something out of the car. She waved and signed that she was going into my place, so I thought she was simply leaving something there; also she was wearing a new party-type dress so would be on her way to somewhere else. I didn't go back, I walked on and was surprised she didn't catch up with me. Next day I rang and asked why etc. ********She hadn't been within 10 km. of my place for a week, and does not own a dress like I saw.******* This isn't the first time something like this has happened, but I am devastated that someone knows about it.
darwin, n.t. Australia - Monday, February 12, 2001 at 22:31:11 (PST)

I have a pet chicken, she lives in my house with, that is not the weird part. Recently I have started seeing things out of the corner of my eye, moving around, sometimes very quickly. I have never seen anything straight on, and would make no claims on what I think it is, only that it is low to the ground, no taller that a cat. I do have a cat, and I will frequently see my chicken standing perfectly still, neck stretched out staring at the cat in an apparent attack position, although she has never hurt the cat. About the same time I started seeing the movement out of the corner of my eye, my chicken started assuming her attack position at thin air, like she could see something that I could not, and my cat started playing with "something", or someone that I also could not see. Other that being unusual, I didn't think much of it, until about four days ago I found hand prints on a waste basket in my bedroom. These hand prints are white and dusty, as if someone dipped their hands in flour and stamped them on the can. They are perfect human hand prints and there are left hand prints and right hand prints. Here's the kicker, the hand prints are no more than one inch high from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. It is not a hoax, or a practical joke that someone played on me, no one else has been in my house. I am hoping that someone else has had a similar experience and can shed a little light on the subject.
Beth <eupton a>
Perkasie, PA USA - Sunday, October 01, 2000 at 21:28:06 (PDT)

as a child i lived in north minneapolis,we lived in an old duplex that was built in the 1920's.we owned the house and used both the upstairs and the a small child i slept downstairs in my parents room.and that is when i first saw them.i was sitting on my folks bed,it was in the morning,and the shades were pulled down yet and the door i sat there a little brown creature came gliding in from the living room ,came into the room and went behind the bedroom door.i was shocked but i got up and looked behind the door ...nothing was there.a few months later i saw another one come out from under my folks bed and walk into the bathroom mirror.i told my folks about them but my mom told me i was dreaming.when i was about 8 or 9 i moved up to my brothers old room as he joined the army. i didnt like the idea of being up there,especially alone because i had seen those brown men go into the closet. my mom made me sleep there i would lay in bed at night i would see these creatures coming out of and going into the closet,occasionally the would sit on the footboard of my bed and look at me. they never caused any harm ,just looked.

but they terrified me!they seem to come and go about their bussiness like no one could see them.and would disapear in the corners.i kept my mouth shut about them because my mom didnt believe me the first 2 times and i didnt want people to think i was weird or nuts. when i was 12 we moved to another house in another town and i never saw them again. but i accidently mentioned them to my brother one day a few years ago and he described them to me before i could finish, he had also seen them in that old house and my mom told HIM he was dreaming also. then another eerie footnote to this story is i moved to a suburb of mpls and made a friend.she was about 10 years younger than me but we had kids the same ages,we were talking one night about weird stuff that has happened to us and she told me a story about when she was a kid she had seen these brown creatures that would come out of the corners of her room at night and they would stare at her ,but go about their business,it made my skin crawl.she described them just as the ones i saw. it turns out she saw them when she lived as a child in a house in north mpls,not the same one as me but several blocks over. the closest i can come to discribing these little men is, they looked somewhat like the brown mrs butterworths syrup bottles,with large eyes.they never harmed anyone that i know of, but it was scary just the same.

beth <lakebetsy a yahoo com>
mpls, mn USA - Friday, December 29, 2000 at 01:28:53 (PST)

One day something really freaky happened to me. I was about 6 or 7 and i was living in Canada. Well,anyway, i was lying in my bed trying to get to sleep when i rolled over on my side and i saw my dad. He was PERFECTLY still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said "dad" in a scared voice about three or four times and he didn't answer me and kept on staring into my eyes. I rolled over after and turned back and he was gone. No noise at all! In the morning i asked my dad if he was staring into my eyes and he said "no". Now im eleven
Devin Myers <rubbyman a hotmail com>
surrey, BC Canada - Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 16:37:43 (PST)

My mother died about 10 years ago. One of my sisters lives with me and we planned on going to see John Edward (medium) last Friday, along with another sis who lives close. Was hoping that our mother would come thru. The morning we were leaving, my sister came and got me and told me the battery operated clock on the wall had changed time. Not just minutes, but hours. I kinda dismissed it. Went out of the room and she called me back and said it had done it again. I stayed in room with her and we were both saying "you didn't change that clock, like playing tricks on me". Neither of us had touched that clock. I glanced at the clock and it said 10:59; glanced at my sis and glanced back at clock and it said 12:00; we both looked at each other and looked right back at the clock, and it showed 6:30! We never saw the hands move, it just happend in seconds. We called another sister on the phone and told her about it. I got to thinking about what the numbers might mean, and it turns out the 3 sisters who were going to see John Edward were born in the months of 10, 12 & 6! The sister who we talked to on the phone was born in August, and I said "now all we need to see is an 8 or 7 (my brother's birth month) on that clock; well, I heard my other sister gasp; the clock now showed 8:45!!! If I had not been in the same room with my sister to see this I think I might be losing it. Got back from the John Edward seminar (mother did not come thru) and the clock was still "off". Later, my sister said "it's stopped running" and I went to look at it and sure enough the battery had died and the hands were both straight up 12:00. We put new batteries in it and tightened the hands (one was loose) and it is keeping perfect time now. I think my mother "came through" for us that monning because she knew she wouldn't get through to us at the John Edward seminar. Verrrrry strange! If anyone has had a clock experience like this, I would like to hear.
Klaudya Callender <sunridge a bayou com>
USA - Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 17:53:38 (PST)

Has anyone out their experinced smelling an strong sweet odor that no one else can smell. The smell is over whelming and isn't present all the time. I can't explain it, (buT my feeling) it is aquainted to something evil. I have recently lost a job I have had for 14 years, for no real reason. I have noticed the odor in my old office several times. It is haunting because i will smell it for days then it will go away, but will come back again. NO ONE ELSE CAN SMELL THE ODOR. I HAVE BEEN INVOLVLED IN SPRITUAL WARFARE WITH A CHURCH GROUP. HELP!!
Bruce B. <lt bertsch a msn com>
EUGENE, OR USA - Thursday, October 26, 2000 at 17:45:56 (PDT)

once when i was little i went into a old house my mom saw a mirror that she really liked so she got it the next day i saw a small child standing in front of me i didnt know what it was at firstbut than i realized that it was a 4 year old kid he said his name was keven brasher than about the same time my sister screaned out my name and said there was a little girl in her bed than we told our parents and they put the mirror outside and my dad was citting the grass and the mirror broke and we never saw the strange visitors again
todd and jennifer <stp5002 a aol com>
helena, al USA - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 09:22:11 (PDT)

On a vacation to florida we were driving on a long barren highway in the middlee of a forest in th middle of the night. I was looking out the window and saw a minitor leading an army of skeleton horses noone else noticed but me h stared at me and raised his appox. 4.5M Trident at me to attack then faded away I soon learned a general was in the area and h was of the taurus Zodiac
Mewhunter <Dark_master_master a hotmail com>
Burlington, ont Canada - Friday, September 29, 2000 at 18:33:33 (PDT)

The 2-story house that I share with my family for 4 years now has been reported to be more than 100 years old. I have never felt comfortable in that house but any idea of it being haunted has never occured to me, much less, an unappealing thought.

I have never been a strong believer in ghosts or any of the sort but whatever happened convinced me otherwise. As a former atheist, I am also now a true believer in GOD. If what I saw exists (I am CONVINCED they do) then there must be a divine being that created everything.

My husband works swing shift and I always kept my kids close to me at night. My 7-yr old daughter, whose bedroom is upstairs, usually sleeps on the futon in our living room right outside our bedroom. My 14 month old son sleeps with me. Usually, without thought, I close the bedroom door. But on Aug. 8, 2000, we went to bed earlier than usual and I had decided to leave the bedroom door open.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by a faint whisper,"Mommy"... I'm a light sleeper so I KNOW I was fully awake. Thinking it was my daughter asking me to pour her some water, I decided to gather some strength before I answered her. I layed there, on my back, unmoving. I saw a black figure (the exact same size as my daughter) standing at the end of my bed by my dresser, which is parallel to my waterbed. Its right hand was on the corner of the dresser and its left on the waterbed. "Mommy"...I was expecting to hear, "I'm thirsty"...nothing. I began to wonder if I was imagining things. The fan was on so I thought it could have been a factor to my hearing this. We turn the fan on every summer and I have never confused it with a voice before, so I ruled that out quickly. Then the figure slowly started toward me. "Mommy," it touched the waterbed with its left hand by my left foot. I felt the bed rise and fall as if someone had pushed down on it. I was still convinced it was my daughter so I instinctively looked at the alarm clock(on my dresser)to check the time before I got up to pour her some water. The time was 1:46 a.m. Still, I waited to hear the request for water...nothing. I looked back at the figure and it slowly started toward me again. It was tr aveling up from my feet toward my head. My eyes converted back to the alarm clock. The numbers became blurry from right to left as if someone had passed a sheet of glass over it. I then realized whomever or WHATEVER it was that was talking to me was now s tanding right in front of my face, between the clock and myself...and that I could see right through it!!! Right away, I knew it wasn't my daughter. I thought to myself, 'don't move and maybe it will go away.' I reached over with my right hand and started to feel for my son next to me, and couldn't feel him. I started to panic and worked up the strength to scream out my daughter's name 2 times(definitely not expecting OR wanting an answer from in front of me). Slowly, the figure started to fade away and the numbers on the clock became clear again.

I jumped up and turned on the light. There was nothing by my dresser where the figure was standing. My son was missing; I found him sucking his thumb in the closet next to our bed. I scooped him up and put him next to my daughter, who was oblivious to all this, in the living room. He started to cry so I went to pour him some milk. I didn't feel afraid right away so I was planning to sleep on the futon with my children...besides my husband would be home in 7 hours. In spite of my effort to stay calm, my hands were shaking as I poured the milk. My teeth started to chatter and I was freezing with shivers running up my spine. I took that as a sign to get out of the house right body was in shock...and I didn't even realize it. We took off to my sister's for the night and never returned without my husband again. We are in the process of moving right now.

If you have any worthy explanation or study on wandering souls/spirits, please e-mail me. No offensive e-mails please.

leigh <lilacs_77 a hotmail com>
madison, wi USA - Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 23:44:11 (PDT)

I was a Police Officer in Utica, NY for 22 years, 67--89. I was having these strange dreams, about a business located in the present zone I was working, Car 44, south Utica. Midnight shift, early Winter 1974, myself and another car where dispatched to a automatic alarm of fire. We arrived and took up proper positions, by the time the fire fighters had picked up and gone it was 12:45A.M., the other Ptl. asked me if I wanted coffee, No I said, I'm going to go the the Ridgewood Market and catch a couple of criminals.

I proceeded to that location, drove immediately behind it and discovered a door had been jimmied open, it wasn't the exact business I had dreamt about, it was instead a drug store, I called for baqck-up and took position by the police car, the two ptl. men I just left were sent as back-up along with a command car. Ultimately we apprehended two men who were charged for Burglary. what is strange is that this dream kept repeating itself to me, weeks in advance of this incident, the dreams however was a gas station located just two doors away, I had made mention of this dream to another police officer some weeks in the past, can anyone explain how I knew this??

I would have many more strange events occur to me during my career, some of the guys thought I was physic! Thank You, Tom.

Thomas W. Money <thumbs a borg com>
Remsen, NY USA - Monday, August 14, 2000 at 17:22:21 (PDT)

LOS ANGELES, CA USA - Monday, July 24, 2000 at 15:26:11 (PDT)

I'm only 15, but I was really close to my Great-Grandmother. I was really upset when she died, and was given her bed set (including bed,dresser,bureau,and bedsheets,quilts,and pillows) from her room in wich she had her several heart attacks leading to her death.Well, approximately 1 year after her death in Febuary of '98, I was sleeping in my room, set up with the things I was given that was hers'.I was awaken by a noise coming from my sisters' metal bunk bed set across the room, for I shared a room with my 2 sisters.The sound was like that of a squeaky bed when someone is moving around. So I looked up to see if my cousin, who had slept over, happened to be getting down off the top bunk to go to the bathroom. What I saw was a shadowy figure much too short to be my cousin.I closed my eyes, frightened that a figure was standing over by my sisters head, and layed motionless. A few seconds later, I felt the side of the bed move downwards,like someone just sat down next to me. I pretended to be asleep and moved with the bed. But then I got a sensation from head to toe so undescribable, you'd never understand. But in my heart I know that my Great-Granmother laid down in her bed. I felt the sensation go from right to left over my entire body, like she rolled right through me.Many nights after that, I'd hear her voice right before I fell asleep. She'd say sweet things, like "Tell your mom I said HI" or " Tell the girls I miss them.." you know, but sometimes I wouldn't tell them, afraid I might upset them. I decided to look beyond this occurence, and brought a ouija board in to my room. I asked the holy spirits to put my Great-grandmother on the board, and the y did.. I am a strong believer in the ouija board, so when the oracle spelled out her death date, her full name, and who she was to me, I cried... She then told me she was my bed gaurdian meaning how it was her bed and all. I found that kinda cute.. I just wanted to share my story with everyone, and hope that you too will stay in tact with your loved ones, because everynight when I go to sleep, I whisper a good-night, and I hear her respond that she loves me...
Crystal Hunter <XxCrys15xX >
Bayville, NJ USA - Friday, March 03, 2000 at 17:42:55 (PST)

My Own Encounter With A Ghost

I feel that this page would not be complete without including a short narrative of my own encounter with a ghost. The incident took place in Austin, Texas on August 14, 1995 between 11:30pm and Midnight.

A friend of mine who I shall call James had been going thru some bad times of late. He had been suffering from partial paralysis from an injury he had sustained years ago in a diving accident. His business was failing, his bank account was dwindling and since he had lost his lease with the apartment he lived in, he had to live with a friend until he could get back on his feet.

As sometimes happens in all of us, James lost hope and felt that there was no way out and so, commited suicide. I was told about this the next day by a mutual friend of ours. A bunch of us got together later to remember him and grieve.

Two nights later, while at a payphone talking to a lady friend, I caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of my eye. I looked to my left across the street and saw James! He was walking without any sign of paralysis at all! As he walked he looked at me and then disappeared! Oddly enough, I was not frightened by the experience, but I sure was suprised. I went and told another mutual friend of ours of my encounter and he told me that he had heard that James' Sister In Law had also seen him.

Two days later, James was taken to Dallas and laid to rest there. As far as I know, his ghost has not been seen since.
Scott Spencer <Scott413 a excite com>
Austin, TX USA - Saturday, February 19, 2000 at 12:00:30 (PST)

i have been living in an older house in the small fishing village of sasebo japan for about 1 1/2 years now. i grew up in a small town in ohio and never put much stock in ghost stories until about a year ago. the first event that occured was in the mid afternoon , i had decided to take a nap so i went downstairs to my living room as it was extremely hot in my bedroom. i had been laying on the couch for about twenty minutes when i heard the sliding door to the room open up . i thought my girlfriend had came to suprise me so i acted as if i was asleep . i heard soft foot steps aproach the small downstairs closet where i keep my winter clothes . i heard someone move the hangers around. then i heard the footsteps approach the couch . thinking she was going to scare me i rolled over quickly to suprise her but no one was there but the clothes were still swinging on the rack .

sence then there have been many incedents( especally the morning after i have had female company ). they have been completely harmless , more like pratical jokes actualy . but i have had problems with work because of them i have been late to work more than once because "she" has hidden my car keys in odd places such as the freezer or the toilet tank .

i have studied the history of the area where i live and i have discovered that the mountain side on which i live was the sight of a devestating fire around 400 years ago that was the result of one of the many battles in japan's feudal era .

as i have said it has all been harmless to date but it does have a tendacy to make one uneasy about it . i have had women come to the house and say that they won't stay because they feel strange . i am just wondering if any one has ever enountered anything like this and if i have grounds for concern .
mike <rollin_1 a hotmail com>
sasebo, japan - Monday, August 07, 2000 at 03:51:35 (PDT)

I noticed this starting about a year ago, when I was 15. I have always been a rather shy person and I didnt like to talk in class, so even if I had a very good question I wouldnt ask it even when I wished I could. After a while people around me started to ask the questions that I wanted to ask, but not just the same general idea, the EXACT SAME WORDING as I had thought of. As the year progressed I kept trying to use this conciously and succeeded in very minor attempts, but once I managed a rather large shift in the people around me conciously. But lately more interesting things have started to happen, and all of them completely unconciously. The best example involves a girl I know, she was always very blunt that she hated me, and how horrible a person I was for no reason anyone could remember. This summer, however, while working with her in a summer school class she did a total 180 in her opinion of me in one day. On tuesday it was, I hate you Stephen, and on wednesday it was, Youre the greatest guy I know, why did I ever say I hated you. All of this was through no attempt (concious anyway)on my part. I still have no explanation for this besides some form of telepathy, which may sound very far fetched, but if you had seen all of the things happen that I have you may begin to sing a different tune. July 29,2000 Stephen
Stephen <pacifcace a aol com>
Fargo, USA - Saturday, July 29, 2000 at 00:27:39 (PDT)

Well, this is my story, I come from a famliy who occasionaly see events before they happen. I was laying in the bed one day wide awake, but my eyes were closed. I got this strange vision of a young white woman with long blondish brown hair, dead floati ng in a lake or a maybe a pool. The color of the water was green I don't believe it to be a river because the water was not real dirty. I have been trying to forget this, but I can't seem to shake it. I know if I were to ever see a picture of this young woman I could identify her as the dead woman I saw in my vision. If anyone is missing a loved one female of course please feel free to e-mail me maybe I could help or maybe I could get this weight off my shoulder.
cinay <cinay_avery a yahoo com>
louisville, ky USA - Monday, July 17, 2000 at 17:39:40 (PDT)

I am a person who has been a subject in a dream telepathy experiment which was successful. And I can get into an altered state and accurately report sensory data and have been doing that for about 30 years. I was just browsing today and found this and wanted to tell you about some physical experiences. Glad to see I'm not the only one that pops light-blubs and shocks people on occasion. But the thing I'm curious about is this particular experience.

Years ago, maybe 20, [and I still have a copy of the audio tape somewhere]I was giving a counseling session to a client. I am a transpersonal therapist. I turn on the tape recorder to record the session and give that to the client. Some things happened simultaneously. A very loud airplane flew over my house and at the same time as I was intuiting/counseling/talking to the client about her relationship with someone, - I was in an altered state- the kind I get in when I use telepathy and clairvoyance- a word came into my mind and the word was "platonic". I simply thought the word but DID NOT say it, but continued to talk to the woman. She called back some weeks later when she played the tape to hear the session by herself and said to me, "Kate, there is a man's voice on the tape. He is saying the word, "platonic". She invited me to come over to listen to the tape and it was NOT my voice. It was a man's voice.

[By the way, I want to say here that I've been hooked up to brain-wave analyzers by Dr. Jean Millet, a parapsychologist, years ago. They showed I could synchronize both hemispheres in a high-amplitude beta brain-wave frequency. When I'm in the state of accessing data- pulling it in- it's more alpha-theta, then, when I start talking about it- it goes into the beta- at least this is what I remember] Anyway, the following is my theory about what happened and I'm not a scientist-

I've read that the limbic system is the carrier for emotion and that it is involved in high affect around intense emotion. As I was talking/counseling this woman, I was also recalling in my own mind a conversation I'd had with someone with whom I shared intense and deep feelings. He had used the word "platonic" speaking to me about our relationship. So, though I did not divulge it to my client, I felt a resonance with her [back then] present situation. I was remembering his voice, saying that to me. I'm just wondering if somehow my intense thought and emotion somehow etched, effected, recorded the words from the scenes of the feelings I had recalled from this man that I had loved- on the tape. It was not his voice. But it was a man's voice- quite clear. "Platonic" no trouble figuring the word out. Clear as a bell. Like the audible memory of a mans' voice. It was quite weird for me to hear. Especially when I had not told her about my personal thoughts. And I wondered also, if the sound vibrations of the airplane going over somehow created a disruption- a "field disruption" that permitted my MIND to "lay down on tape" sensory data. Kind of a reverse order.

In the 70's when I observed the film that Dr. Krippner showed of a documentary done by Ted Serios on movie film, and the film is winding up, the research is done and someone tells Ted, "Hey, Ted, why don't you go over to the TV camera and put your -for want of the word- "mojo" on it, and he did; he looked into the video lens and did his "thing". When the video was developed it showed, out of an amorphous blur, images taking shape, which later proved to be some imagery of property outside of the building- they coalesced in front of your eyes. I cried quietly. I so long wanted to know what my mind was doing and how it did it. For the first time I saw what was going on inside the head. The inner projector. So, I had some consolation from that. Found some mental peace.

Besides somehow being an agent to putting the voice on the tape- I was also able to create some blurs on photographic film. But nothing distinctive. And one time people noticed a glass moved about eight or so inches from me and my hands were folded in front of me.

So, you researchers, what could an explanation be, just looking at the mind/brain field? I'd like to know. Please let me know if you find out. Best, Kate
Kathryn M.Lang <mereaux a>
Sacramento, CA USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2000 at 15:19:41 (PDT)

During my marrige, we lived in several houses, but one house brings back memories of sheer fear. It was a simple two bedroom home formerly owned by an elderly lady that died there prior to my family moving in. She was blind and a very religious woman of the catholic church. All of her belongings where stored in a room in the basement. The house was in poor condition and we tried to fix up what we could with what we had. I could not bring myself to go into the basement, not even during broad daylight because of the bad feeling I had. My infant son, and 1 1/2 year old son could not sleep in their room. They cried continuously throughout the night. They ended up staying in our bedroom for the year we lived there. I always got the impression that I was not wanted in the house. I felt as though I was an invading female. I worked late and sometimes around the clock. Sometimes after settling in for the night, I would wake up to knocking or a tapping from the back door. I would send my husband to see who was there. He always came back and say there's no one there. I would wake up to shuffling feet coming down the hallway. The next morning, I would pass this off as dreaming. One night as we where nearly falling asleep I heard the TV playing. I asked my husband what was going on and he said, "oh, that happens from time to time", and got up to shut it off. When he came back to bed I asked what he meant and he said it does that now and then and not to worry about it. I found out later from friends of mine that knew the old lady that her past time was watching TV. Late in 1993, I got a new job about forty miles away. We decided to move because of the long commute. We packed our belongings into the late night and had them loaded on the truck around midnight. My husband said we should leave the matresses and move in in the morning. I said no way! We are moving tonight. I was not about to spend one more night in that house than I had to! When we got to our new house I had the most comfortable sleep since we moved into that old house and we even slept on the floor! Since then, the TV never turned on by itself and my children had no problem sleeping in their own room.
Ronda <runslikeadeer860 a aol com>
USA - Sunday, July 09, 2000 at 21:48:28 (PDT)

well, i know this is kinda weird and stuff, i was sitting in my bed late at night watching tv, and then all of the sudden my door just open, and then i walked out of my room, and no one was there, and then my dad told me to go back to sleep, i'm still at a loss to at what that was, if anyone else has seen this, e-mail me
steve bauer <stratman a>
USA - Thursday, April 27, 2000 at 19:17:51 (PDT)

Every once in a while I have a dream in which a certain event occurs or certain objects are seen. Later on, these events will happen or I will see these objects. So far I have predicted three issues of a comic book called Sonic the Hedgehog, a pokemon called Dragonite (which appeared in a comic book in my dream), the birth of my niece, and certain events which I cannot recall at this moment but realize that they have occured. At one time my parents complained about my two dogs fighting, and I told my mother abourt a dream I had where I lost my cocker spaniel due to a terrible event, which at the time I believed would be sudden death in some unusual form. When I got back from my spring trip a few weeks later, I was told that the previous evening my pet cocker spaniel was hit by a car.
Mizutohi <mizutohi a sailorjupiter com>
Perry, GA USA - Monday, May 01, 2000 at 10:36:10 (PDT)

This happenned when I was a child of about 7 or 8 years old. It was late at night and I saw something like a stick figure looking into my bedroom window on the second floor of the house that we lived in. The area had a lot of fields, and I was aware of "flying saucers" and "spacemen" at that time. It scared the living heck out of me, and I do not think I would ever want to revisit that event ever again. I do not believe or disbelieve in alien life forms, they are either there or not there whether I believe or not. I often wonder if it was my imagination, but then, several months later I saw a green object shining outside the same window, and looked around to find that it was the reflection of the nightlight from the hall onto the window.

Interesting, but does not make me a believer, follower or proponent or opponent of such things. I just think it is good that there is a forum where one can share such experiences. Please, no-one else needs to share their similar experiences alone with me, I am not interested at all, and don't care to expand and share on a one to one basis.
USA - Thursday, April 06, 2000 at 09:32:28 (PDT)

I occaisonaly wake up at night and hear a loud whooshing or electrical crackling in my head. Sometimes i am paralyzed when this happens and a couple of times I was amazed to find myslef outside of my body floating around the room.
Jon <jadams a pgl com>
USA - Friday, April 28, 2000 at 11:02:21 (PDT)

ok i was in my room just doing something .. i dont remember .. but i was all mellowed out and calm at this point and then for some reason my thoughts went to a friend that had passes away a little while ago and i was getting very down by it all. ok my favorite band is garbage they are amazing . : ) but anyways ... there is a song called vow on their 1st cd this song reminds me of my friend ... just the lyrics and vengfullness of it ... i can somehow know she had those feelings in that song when she was alive toward someone. .... well i started singing the words to it ..... and about midway thru that song i realized that not only was my cd player not on at all but it had somehow skipped to track 7 all by itself and h ad also been on repeat song .......... this freaked me out a lot but i know she did it to calm? me or whatever maybe to let me know she is still around also i smelled her perfume ..... eternity a very beautiful smell indeed but that clinched it for me i knew she was around me ... this thought brought me more peace than words can possibly ever convey : )
rachael <shelly webster 21 a aol com>
louisville, ky USA - Monday, April 24, 2000 at 19:04:19 (PDT)

After an auto accident in 1971 which took my brother and sister, so many strange occurances have happened. For years their pictures would fall off the wall in the middle of the night, landing face together, but never broken. There were always strange noises, things missing, even the dog was affraid. Even years later, after I was married, and living in a different house, there were still things happening. Just as if they(the spirits) had followed me. One night, my cousin and I were sitting in my dining room, We distinctly heard children playing and laughing and running upstairs. But, there wasn't anyone up there. It went on for quite awhile. This was the second time it had happened. It has been 29 years, and things still continue to happen. Maybe someday I will get used to it.
Valerie Diermyer <Vee7239 a aol com>
USA - Monday, April 10, 2000 at 18:58:09 (PDT)

It all started when I was 13 years old (am not 20). I used to always get visions...For instance I would see one of my brothers coming down the stairs or out of a room...and minutes later I would actually see the same situation I had mentally seen moments ago. Even what they would be talking about I knew. I don't like to call myself a psychic because I am not into that stuff. But sometimes I can think the phone is gonna ring, and *voila* it happens. I can also tell what time it is exactly without looking at a clock. I have dreams of other peoples lives, people I have never met or seen in my entire life. I don't know what's going on but I wish it would stop, I want to live a normal life...sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. I haven't told this to anyone in my family. I am a christian woman, I believe in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour that's the only thing that keeps me going. I don't know what to do...I just pray that it goes away, but maybe God wants this to happen to me for a reason. What do you think?
Annabel Moreno <catgirlpwr a aol com>
Vallejo, Ca USA - Friday, April 07, 2000 at 15:57:30 (PDT)

ok this is sort of a two part little story. Twice it has happened to me where I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep, but not quite asleep yet. My eyes are open and Im staring at the roof. then I would get this wierd feeling in my body, sort of a tingling feeling,and it realy scared the carp out of me. I try to get out of bed,but no matter how hard I try, I cant move.For a couple of minutes I feel paralyzed, then all of a sudden I just shoot straight up, like nothing happened, as if something let me go. Anyways, this happened to me once when I was living in florida,and then again recently here in california. Only this past time was realy wierd. I was staying in my girlfriends room trying to get some sleep. its pretty dark but my eyes had adjusted to it. There is a mirror on the other side of the room, slighty facing another direction. All of a sudden I get that paralizing feeling again,and then this glowing green light,more like a beam, comming from the mirror gets my attention. It kind of looks like someone has a flashlight (green light),comming from the mirror. And it shines on me. Then a dark fluid looking figure appears at the foot of my bed, about the size of a person maybe 6 feet tall. No distinct features,just a sillouette. I was so scared I tried screaming, but nothing would come out. I still had that paralyzed feeling. My heart was beating so fast and I have never been so scared in my life. Then like before,I popped right up, and as fast as I could, got up and ran out of the room. Now Im not realy one who believes in UFO's and most other things, but something was definately in the room with me. But what mostly I want to know is if anyone else has ever felt like something was holding them down and couldnt move. Because honestly I dont know if maybe I was half a sleep or what but I know Ive never been so scared and it felt realer than any dream Ive ever had before.
eric <emg a>
san diego, Ca USA - Friday, March 24, 2000 at 14:52:40 (PST)

Several years ago a formation of snow on my screen accurately resembled the figure of a veiled woman praying.
SG <Cobelli a aol com>
Chicago, IL USA - Friday, March 24, 2000 at 12:25:32 (PST)

I was walking along a well known beach along the pacific in Mexico with my boyfriend when we decided to take a swim. The first 5 minutes were nice but as i looked back I saw we were realy far from shore.Sudenly we saw waves building up closer to the shore and another row of waves were building until we realised we were in the last set of about five huge walls of waves I don't know how tall but they were so strong that each wave would knock my head into the sand beneath and not knowing how to control strong currents I had to find my way up to breath .Iscreamed but being so far it was impossible for anyone to see or hear and my boyfriend never dared to hold on to me since I was struggling himself. The currents of the ocean and waves were very unpredictable. I felf like I could no longer fight for my life after 10 min of being shoved in the sand below ,being knocked by huge waves....I was suddenly starting to feel the approach of death.Somehow I felt so lonely and mad at the ragging maddness of the ocean cause I was without energy and could no longer find my way for air.I had lost sight of my boyfriend after one big wave had passed by...I thought"this is it" I can't remember much after this since I had already started to pass away.My ALMOST last vision beafor giving up to struggle for the next wave was I saw a strange floating woman beside me with no features on her face but was smiling.The sensation to me was not so nice since she was uggly but it was instantly when I saw her that the last huge wave did not pass.I had given up but seing this mermaid type "thing" of the ocean at that same moment was like my guardian angel coming to save me since I had given up and that at the same moment everything got calm.
monicaC <moncourrier a com>
N.Y., USA - Wednesday, March 08, 2000 at 17:57:41 (PST)

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX USA - Monday, March 06, 2000 at 07:46:45 (PST)

I am employed by a small bed and breakfast in the New Orleans French Quarter. The building has been in existance since before the Civil War and is said to be haunted. As a matter of fact the building is a point of interest for several haunting tours in the French Quarter.

As the Night Auditor I work the night shift. One night I heard from the 2nd floor crashing and banging as if someone was trashing one of the rooms. This was impossible as the hotel was completely void of guests at this time.

I quickly ran upstairs to see if some street psycho had someone got past me at the front desk. Once their I was astonished to find no one and that everything was in order.

This was not the first instance of this sort. A previous Auditor had actually been slapped on the face by an unseen hand one night. Another has seen on occassion a spectre of a small boy seated in one on the lobby chairs.

Lights flicker and dim for no apparent reason as well as the hotel's computer rebooting itself on numerous occassions. Guests check into room 208 and than quickly ask to be moved to another room for some reason.

Until working in the Quarter the strangest thing to ever occur to me was ball lightning shooting across the dash of my car one night during a thunderstorm.

However, this by far, has this beat 100%
tom b <switchblade a>
new orleans, la USA - Monday, January 10, 2000 at 04:51:31 (PST)

First of all, please forgive my grammar, English is my second language. 9 years ago I got very angry at a customer, as I couldn't respond to his insults, "the customer is always right" I had to listen to him for about 15 to 20 minutes screeming at me. My arms starting shaking and became very heavy. The next day I had to go to the doctor, I had burn stripes on myhands, and I still don't know what caused it.

The problem today is that everytime I get a littel angry, or suddenly scared, either by a friend trying to scare me, or driving and getting near to having an accident, I feel a burning sensation all over my body. Is as if my entire body is on fire, very painfull. I will like to stop this but don't know how. Can anybody help me? I also stop watches, and shock people and myself all the time. I leard a way when stepping out of the car, before completely leaving the seat, hold on to the door, and step out, then close the door, the problem is that when I have to open another door I get Zaped.
Mavi Figueres <maffifa a yahoo com>
Montgomery, Al USA - Saturday, December 18, 1999 at 13:33:26 (PST)

Once, when I was sleeping, I had a dream that I was walking around my house. Up the stairs, across the hall, and into my bedroom. There, I saw myself lying on the floor. I looked at the clock and it said 1:00 AM. I woke up and found myself in the exact same position that I was in the dream! I was lying on the floor in a crouched position. Then I looked at the clock and it read... 1:01 AM! Crazy huh?!
Buzz Carlson <buzzoo77 a hotmail com>
Galena, AK USA - Friday, December 10, 1999 at 18:40:59 (PST)

I also have the problem with street lights going out as I pass. Have had dreams that came true most of my life. And I have a scanner type radar ability. (sight with skin?) I once (25 years ago) worked as a patrolman on security guard route. And found most incidents and accidents for the evening were places within a block of where I recently passed at random on my routes. (I got tired of directing traffic) I am now a skilled mechanic /electrician, who picks up and carries the needed part to the machine befor it is called for, and frequently meet others coming back to get the parts. I "zoom into trouble spots from a distance. For these reasons I am good at my work. Helped by a near photographic memory for shapes. After an accident two years ago left me slightly handicapped, I have had ghosts (physical hallunications of people). And have been treated with drugs of various kinds to cure them. After 45 years of this life, I have found my niche as a mechanic with the ability to "scan". And mostly want to be left alone to do my job, so I do not talkabout it.

After my accident, due to drugs, I briefly went for a week period, where I was able to see thru walls accurately, my skill levels peaked but this faded andthen turned into "ghosts". I think part of my "external scan" turned into a "internal scan" and has been partially stuck this way for two years. Now allergic to prednisone and any other steroid. (Still deliver parts befor asked for.)

You have all the information I wanted to deliver. I still want to be left alone. (I am still seeing doctors for ghosts)
Thomas <BrotherThomas a>
nc USA - Wednesday, December 08, 1999 at 20:29:07 (PST)

i have been experencing odd things i have been seeing stuff beforeit happends and not realizing it until it happends. for an example i dreamed that i wazs in a factory with 4 bowls of dust like substences in the bowls and a few weeks later i went on vacation and we went to a gold processing plant and in 4 bowls was dust!
michael <mc4906 a go com>
wichita, ks USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:46:20 (PDT)

I took some pictures on my daughters birthday party a couple of years ago. They were both sitting on the floor holding their cake. When the pictures came back, there was a white image of a possible shoulder up in the right hand corner. It had to be in the air. And one of the pictures of me standing in front of the door had a white picture of a hand from the wrist down to the fingers, which looks like the hand is motioning to someone to come here, on it. My brother who was there the same day had his camera there, and took pictures also. They were developed in two different photo developing places and one of his pictures had the same fragmented white picture of a hand on it also. About the same time as this party we had our pictures in the house being tipped sideways, our model cars on a shelf close to the ceiling being turned around and moved, and all kinds of strange sounds in the house at all hours of the day or night. My one daughter kept telling me that her sister kept crawling in her bed at night, but her sister never left her own bed. My dogs and cat kept staring at things that were not there, as far as I could tell or see, and one night my rocking chair started to move on its own. My niece said the window in the living room slammed itself shut so hard that it came off the track. It wasn't to fun putting it back. My vase of roses was on top of the t.v. picked itself up, went about a foot out in front of the tv stand and tipped itself upside down while my nephews were here watching my kids one night. I was telling a friend what had been going on, trying to rule out the possability that someone in the house was playing mind games, when I fealt something put a hand on my back for about fifteen seconds, and then disappear. There was definately nothing there as far as I could See!!! Since then little things happen every once in a while to let me know our Friendly Ghostly Pal is still around. Pegasus.
Camille Brittain <Pegasus10565 a AOL coM>
Provo, Utah USA - Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 15:08:17 (PDT)

I work in a factory that moved from Maryland to here. Most of the equipment is up to 60-70 years old. There are odd things that happen, like equipment malfunction that is totally unexplained, or parts that come up missing out of the blue, and then reappear. This mostly happens around equipment that is very old. Most of the new equipment does not have strange events that happen in the vicinity. Some of the workstations, and this has been verified by several different people that have worked there, you can actually see people walking around you out of the corner of your eye, and if you turn around, there is no one there. I personally was working in a cell that had VERY old equipment, and one night I was just working on the machine, and out of the corner of my eye there was a lady with a clipboard and yellow shorts standing beside me. When I turned around, there was no one there. This continued for a couple of weeks, until I asked one of the maintence men if they knew a good exorcist. He said he did. The next time the lady in the yellow shorts came around I yelled out "If you dont leave me alone, Im going to get Randy!" The lady never came around me again. There are still times where you see people walking around the place, out of the corner of your eye, but none of them try and bother me anymore.
Pam <babywhiz a aol com>
West Fork, AR USA - Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 07:44:14 (PDT)

My husband was military and we were stationed in California in 1982. We lived on base at Fort Irwin.There are five apartments in one building.We were unaware of this but the attic door gave you access to all the apartments.It was one long attic that covered the whole building. Each night when I fell asleep, I could hear a childs voice calling,"Mommy,Mommy". Ihad children of my own so I thought maybe it was one of mine. I would awake and try to get out of bed to check on them.I COULD NOT MOVE.I could feel a preasure on my back,like something was holding me down.I tried to talk to my husband about it.He was and is a true nonbeliever so he paid no attenion. After about a year of this,something bad happened in another building.A woman was killed and it was determined that she had been killed by a neighbor of her's and that he had gained access through the attic door in thier building.This made my husband decide to put a lock on our attic door. I never felt the presents again.But shortly after that my neighbor that lived directly behind me told me that at different times of the day she could walk into her baby's room and the rocking chair would be rocking.She said she always felt like there was someone there. She was unaware of my story as she told me this.I never told her but I missed my visitor. This is a true story.
Vicki Cook <Rustori a aol com>
Pelion, sc USA - Friday, October 15, 1999 at 10:25:02 (PDT)

When i was about 9yrs old I was home with my sister babysitting me because I had a fever, while my parents were out. We were in the living room watching T.V. and my chair was positioned in a way that I could see the front door of the house and the door to my sisters room which was adjacent to the front door. My sister was sitting opposite of me so she did not share my view. I was into (which I might add had nothing to do with horror) when through the corner of my eye, I saw movement. I then glanced towards the front door and saw a very defined silloutte of a being popping its upper torso and head from behind my sisters doorway. It was very slow moving yet it seemed to occur so rapidly. It just seemed to stare at me though i couldnt see its eyes, and then popped back behind the door. I then turned pale and told my sister about what I had just seen while still focused on the doorway. We then hauled ass out the back door to a neighbors home and called my grandfather who searched the whole house with a gun and discovered nothing. Was it the fever? A young boys wild imagination? Im 26 now and Ive often seen things through the corner of my eye, but ive never again turned to glance and actually have seen a body, silloutte, or anything else for that matter.
jorge <moreaa a>
miami, fl USA - Thursday, October 14, 1999 at 09:27:02 (PDT)

I have always felt a small psychic ability since I was a small child. My Grandma used to tell me about her visions all the time. I have never really been able to control my abilities though. They come and go as they please. My father sells cars and owns his own business. I used to help out there a lot in the summer. One time, when I was about 12, he lost the keys to a car that he sold. The people who bought the car were comming to get it in abut an hour. Everyone had looked but no one could the keys. A woman who worked for my dad knew I liked to think of my self as slightly psychic. She asked me to sit down and think about the keys. So I did. I thought for a minute and the next thing I saw was a sky view of the car lot. I could see the customers walking around and the cars passing by on the street. I felt my self slowly float down until I stopped just above two motorcycles parked on the far end of the lot. I opened my eyes and found myself sitting in the chair where I started. I told her to look by the motorcycles. She sent my sister to go look. They were found directly under the first motorcycle she came to. I have always been proud of myself for doing something like that but nothing like that has happened again. Cool Huh?!!
Jenni <hippie24 a>
Berrien county, MI USA - Tuesday, October 12, 1999 at 18:43:38 (PDT)

I have had several strange occurances during my lifetime. My whole family witnessed what appeared to be the northern lights in the Southern sky--where we've never seen them before. The lights were actually one form--the shape of a perfect angel. The image was unmistakable and in complete detail down to the fingernails, the bible in one hand, the other outstreached in what appeared to be a compassionate jesture. The feet wore sandals and the body was clothed in a flowing robe. Yes, there were wings too, with feathers. There was no part of the figure that was not in complete detail, right down to the embroidering of the sash which held the robe together. The figure was moving very slowly and shimmering as it went. It was uniform in color--almost 100% pure white with a hint of gold--very unusual color for northern lights and very unusual in that northern lights usually change color. We were on a speedboat while witnessing this and it was exactly midnight and 12 days before Christmas. We all saw it and remarked on the detail. There was a scientist on board and what was strange was he admitted the likeness in form, but kept telling us over and over 'It's just the northern lights'...

The depth effect was very real as we were moving quickly. It was obvious it was a high altitude display taking place in the ionosphere. I would not call this the northern lights. My theory is that it was a deliberate projection. With ionizing beams you can 'paint' an image onto the ionosphere with great detail. Then when the solar wind comes along it will prefer to follow the ionized paths, lighting up your 'display'. HAARP can do this and there is a (now defunct) HAARP-style facility in Homer, Alaska, called 'Olsen Mountain' which is just SouthWest of Halibut Cove. The dish antennas point straight up but they are aimable. It is my belief that during its final day of operation somebody fired it up and got creative.
Henry Kroll <on.line a>
Anchorage, AK USA - Friday, September 17, 1999 at 15:48:27 (PDT)

Full documents at
This information would fit right in with this site. Give it a look-see.

Emory Cranston <ecranston a>
Little Egg Harbor, NJ USA - Friday, September 10, 1999 at 17:16:48 (PDT)

Ever been trapped between reality and a dream? When I am near waking in the morning i sometimes find myself in a strange state of conciousness. I will be in bed asleep yet still awake-- trapped in between the two realities. My eyes will be open looking around my bedroom while i will also be dreaming and seeing objects in my room move around. I have alot of control in this mental state and can move objects on command. Sometimes it is difficult to break out of this state of mind, I sometimes cant get out of it for hours. One day my roomate walked into my room and tried talking to me because he thought i was awake. I remember watching him come in and in my mind i made him float of the ground. He was freaked out by no verbal response from me (with still wide open eyes) and shook me to awaken. I then broke out of my state of conciousness and talked with him about it. The first time this happened to me i was 15 yrs old (now i am 21) I was in bed and half awake and half asleep and looked over at a small desk lamp several feet away. The lamp started to change shape into a small creature with a drum in his hand, the creature was very detail as if this was truly happening, he moved across the table beaten the drum. I was scared to death and then in an instant the creature became the lamp again. My eyes were open the entire time. I am not making any of this up and i am far from crazy.And I never used any drugs in my life.I go to the university of delaware and talked to one of the leading proffesers there on neurology and psychology and he said he has never heard of anything like it. Only thing that is similar is narcolepsy when you are driving down the road and fall asleep instantly. But to be trapped in a stable mental state between the two worlds -one dream and one reality and two be able to interact between the two is unheard of. Please if anyone else out there has ever experienced or heard of this sort of thing please e-mail me at josh a intellistream com . Take care-josh:)
Joshua D. <josh a intellistream com>
newark, de USA - Saturday, August 14, 1999 at 12:45:11 (PDT)

One day in June, 1999, my husband walked into the kitchen and let out a sound of disgust. I hurried to his side--what we saw were hundreds of maggots, crawling from the center of the spotlessly clean floor toward the sideboard. I searched for decaying food, but couldn't find even a crumb. We sprayed the maggots, swept them up and flushed them down the toilet. We couldn't understand where they'd come from. A few days later, on June 14th,1999, at around 11:30 AM CST, my youngest daughter called me, hysterical because her kitchen floor was covered with maggots. I went to her house and began stomping on the maggots, as she didn't have any bug spray. While doing so, my eldest daughter came in with a woman I didn't know. I could see my daughter had been crying and was very upset. She insisted that I sit down, but I refused as she and the woman (from the sherrif's dept.) proceeded to tell me that my only son had shot himself in the head that morning and had died. No need to go into the heartbreaking details about that day. A few days later, I walked into my kitchen, and there were the maggots again, originating from the same spot--the center of a spotlessly clean floor, but there weren't as many as there had been the first time. It's July 23rd, 1999 now and the maggots haven't re-appeared. I'm very curious to find out if anyone has any information about maggots symbolizing impending death; especially since these maggots had no source of decaying food on which to feed. Please e-mail me if you have any info about this. Thank you.
Reenie <>
Niceville, FL USA - Thursday, July 22, 1999 at 22:20:59 (PDT)

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer late in 1993. She went through the surgery and radiation, and by the summer of '94 we all thought she had it licked. In October, however, the doctors found spots on her liver. It had metastasized and had spread throughout her body. The whole family got together for Christmas that year, because we knew it was her last. She went downhill pretty fast. In the week and a half we were home, she went from being able to get around in a wheelchair to being completely bed ridden. Yet she never lost her spirit or sense of humor. I stayed as long as I could, but as painfull as it was to leave, I had to get back home. I had just started as a full time teacher at a private school, and was already late coming back from Christmas break. About two weeks later, I'm lying in bed, just dozing a little before I had to get up. I had just looked at the clock,(it was 7:35 am), debating whether I should get up yet or not, when I heard someone call my name. It sounded as if they were outside in the yard. I live in an old school bus that had been converted to a motorhome, that was parked out in back of some friend's house. At first I thought it was Kathy, my landlady, but she only came out back to get me if I had a phone call, and never this early in the morning. Then I had a case of terminal goosebumps as I realized it was my mom's voice! I heard it as a clear audible sound. It even had that same tone that she used to get me out of bed for school. (some of you teachers out there may have noticed it was 7:35 am, kinda late to be thinking about getting up for a school day) It also had an unmistakable excitement to it, like she wanted to get my attention or show me something. She just said my name two or three times. A half hour later, Kathy did come out to tell me I had a phone call. It was my brother calling to tell me mom had just died a half hour before. I've never been a big believer in the paranormal before, though I'm a LOT less skeptical now. When I mentioned this to one of my sisters at mom's funeral a couple of day's later, she just looked at me like I was nuts. Am I?? I think my mom was just trying to reach one of us kids to let us know she was fine now, no more pain. As there's a three hour difference between Atlanta,(where mom died), and California,(where I was snoozin', late for school again), I was the only one she could get through to. Well how 'bout it? Anyone else out there have a similar experience? E-mail me please at aircorps a gte net P.S. I'm no longer a teacher, the school folded. No one else could get up on time either :)
Chris Walker <aircorps a>
Lancaster, Ca USA - Thursday, July 08, 1999 at 01:56:58 (PDT)

At a friends home recently, the topic turned to the paranormal. The house that they are renting, and that we hope to move into when they move soon, apparently has a "ghost". The week that they moved in, several things began to happen. They would wake up every morning to discover that their front door was unlocked. They wondered if one of them was sleep-walking. Then they found their shoes in the fridge one morning. Several times, in the night over their bed, a reading light would turn on. Its the type with the rotating "click" switch. The only way to reach the lamp is to sit on ones knees or stand up in bed. The light clicked on and they both woke up. Instantly, it clicked off. In the morning each asked the other why they had turned on the light. Each denied it, but had heard the switch and seen the light. The next time it happened, they woke up again. The one asked his fiance why she had turned on the light. She replied,"XXXX, where am I?" then he realized she was lying next to him and then the light turned off. Since they moved into this house along the river, they have heard more ufo stories than ever. Apparently, many people report seeing them flying down the river at night. They have yet to see one. The woman in this story claims to have seen ghosts and witnessed strange phenomena in her childhood. Particularly in their basement while growing up. Things such as the vaccuum cleaner running while they(her and some school friends) stared stupidly at the cord which lay on the floor without being near an outlet. And as they ran terrified up the stairs, they all saw the image of an old man staring at them as if reflected in the window downstairs. The man in the story, says his childhood friend had a picture of his grandparents in the foyer of their home. After the grandma died, her picture began to fade. He began to dread visiting that house because his friend insisted on showing him the photo each time and the fading was spreading. XXXX, from the above story, was in the photography club in highschool. After inspecting the photo, he realized he could see what was behind his friend's grandmother where she was fading. Soon, the grandmother was totally gone, and the grandfather had passed away and he too was beginning to fade. Shortly after that, his friend moved away. He(XXXX) was glad because it scared him badly. Also, the two previous occupants of the house they are renting died tragically. Could all of these things combined be enough concentrated energy and subconsious thought be producing the haunting effects? One other thing, the fiance finally told "it" the ghost, to leave(not so nicely) and that it was there house now, and that they would have to learn to live together or it could just go away. Nothing has happened since.
Rod Peters <petersr a uniserve com>
Vanderhoof, BC CANADA - Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 21:14:58 (PDT)

I am a Law enforcement offical who really never beleived in any type of unusual events until now. On the day of April 24th 1999 at approx 2350 hr's(11:50pm)I was working the night shift. If started out to be a normal shift but as the following chain of events started to unfold. I new there was something strange about the night sky and how the sky would seem to open up and show an erie glowing light and then just disapear back into darkness. At first I thought that I've been woking to many hours lately and I could just be seing things. How wrong I was. It was approx 0130 hr's,I was driving my patrol car though a rather large patch of woods on the out skirts of town is when I really came to terms with this unusual phenomena. If started out as a faint light in the distance but soon devowered to entire night sky. The colors where so bright at one point I had to shield my eyes for there glare. The reds,greens,blues and oranges where brillant and so very clear. I stopped my car and got out and stood there in amazement as the colors just seemed to dance across the sky in a circular motion. I became mezmerized by there color and after a minute of so of looking into this vortex of color I started to see a picture emerge. I started to see a face of a long haired man with a beard,thunder then erupted and flashes of light covered the night sky. These flashes where not normal as they seemed to be colored also and the tremendous roar from the thunder was like nothing I've ever heard before. Then as if started it ended.This sighting of what ever has left and deep lasting impression on me and has made me a true believer of unusual phenomena.
Alan George <alg a>
Barre, VT USA - Saturday, May 08, 1999 at 13:21:11 (PDT)

This is a report of an unusual noise.

I have heard odd noises most of my life. Not to an overpowering extent but every once in awhile. Earlier this year, in early 1999, I heard something new.

The noises I have heard before had definitely been *sounds only*. This noise was more than that. I had just gone to bed and was trying to relax. I was not on drugs or alcohol, and was not upset or in any other sort of altered state. I was also not asleep yet. I was lying on my side. The apartment was quiet, and so was the rest of the building.

Suddenly there was a "twang" noise inside my head, accompanied by a very intense physical sensation. It was located at the back of my head, just above my neck. The way it felt was that I had a tight spring stretched inside the back of my head and someone had plucked the spring. This was an overpowering sensation, beyond pain.

As far as I know this experience was not accompanied by any other events. It was not a "precursor" of some sort. It had never happened to me before and I hope it never happens again. I would be very interested in hearing from people to whom this has also happened.
Susan Mullen <s_mullen a>
Seattle, WA USA - Friday, April 16, 1999 at 13:53:27 (PDT)

Ok, this just happened about twenty minutes ago and the first thing to run through my mind was to tell it here, so here goes. I was just sitting in my room and "surfing the net" when I started to hear this rattling sound, it was faint at first but slowly got loud enough to really draw my attention. So I get out of my seat and I try to follow the sound which lead me first to the TV and then above it to my CD rack. That's when I found the cause, my CD's were rattling against each other very quickly! I have a square CD case which holds 11 CD's on each side and spins around. Each CD is on it's side with the labels facing out. Now at first I thought that maybe this was the signs of a minor earthquake or something equally as mundane, but then I looked a little closer. Only four or five CD's where shaking, all on the side nearest me, and even when I turned the CD case only those CD's would shake. I steadied the case with my hand, they still shook. I picked up a screwdriver and poked at the CD's trying to make them stop, they still shook. Even if I applied a fair amount of force with the screwdriver they would shake. Now I got kinda scared, but I still had courage to reach out and touch one of the CD's. As my finger came in contact with the CD's edge, they all stopped. Instantly. Now I'm wondering if perhaps static electricity might have something to do with this? It's never happened before though, so I don't see why if would only do it now.

One more thing I guess I should mention, a couple of months ago my mom woke up screaming about someone being in her room, and several weeks later she swore she saw a ghost in the livingroom, sothere is a fair chance that some kind of supernatural activity is going on around here. Can anyone give me some kind of explanation? I have goosebumps still from this.
Russ M. <nyhc4 a>
St. Marys, PA USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 23:39:42 (PST)

Ok here goes. Anyone out there familar with Kundalini? Its essentially a yogic energy that resides at the base of the spine, lying dormant until it is aroused by rhythmic breathing or other means. Anyway about a couple years ago, I began experimenting with meditation which involves rhythmic breathing, and have since had kundalini experiences. This is a strange experience indead, but is not out of the ordinary in that it has been experienced by Hindu and yoga followers for thousands of years, and still is experienced by those who practice meditation. What's strange is that I've noticed it has a pattern of occurance that coincides with the phases of the moon. It seems that the intensity of kundalini increases around quarter moons often going into full moons. The tingling in the lower part of the spine and up the back, are most notable during these luner phases when there is fast running water nearby, such as when I am drawing water for a bath. Please note during these moments I am not breathing rhymically or trying in anyway to arouse this phenomenon--it just happens. This is interesting to me because it mimics a woman's menstral period, but I am not a woman, also this occurs twice a month and continues from two to five days during the quarter moons, unlike the feminine cycle. It also is much more intense if I've been meditating recently. Anyway, is there anyone else out there that has cyclic occurances of kundalini, especially revolving around flowing water?
Darren Wright <dew1 a>
Arcata, CA USA - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 21:45:16 (PST)

I am going to tell you a story that is very hard to believe. The outcome of the story is that I now believe 'aphrodisiacs' exist. By aphrodisiacs, I mean drugs that can increase your sex drive.

Basically the story can be summed up that I drank something which had violent aphrodisiac effects.

"So what", you say. "Anecdotal evidence is worthless."

Well, I think it's a mistake to view all anecdotal evidence as worthless. Its true that I , myself, dismiss many people's experiences, for instance, when someone reports that he has been abducted by aliens from outer space, I disbelieve him. On the other hand, anecdotal evidence can be right on target. For instance, there are instances of early explorers who were not believed, because they saw things in their travels that their countrymen could not believe existed. Anecdotal evidence, then, is something to keep in mind. It may be true, it may not be.

I will say that I tried to investigate "aphrodisiacs" on medline and on the internet. (Actually you can get to medline (database of recent medical articles) via the internet). I found that there is an occasional article by someone who claims that some drug has mild aphrodisiac effects, but in general, there is no such thing - at least it hasn't yet been discovered. On the other hand, I've come across some suggestive evidence in some articles. I once read that parts of the brain, when stimulated, give 'aphrodisiac' type effects, and I have also read of drugs (usually that manipulate seretonin) that lower the sex drive. If drugs can lower it, perhaps drugs can increase it. Also, there are drug users who claim that illegal drugs such as "ecstasy" have aphrodisiac effects.

Now suppose some researcher found an aphrodisiac that really worked. Would he market it? Given the success of "Viagra", you would think there would be a market. On the other hand, he might not. He might think a drug like this would be bad for society (which I certainly think it would).

Now let us speculate. Suppose some unsavory group found such a drug. One example of an unsavory group was the Stasi, the secret-police of East Germany, when it was Communist. They specialized in seducing secretaries and lonely women in West Germany. An outfit like that might use aphrodisiacs, if they could find them.

There is a recent book called "The Secret Man" by Frank Dux, who worked with the CIA. He claims in his life with the CIA he learned of drugs that can give you a heart attack. The CIA itself actually has access to drugs that can loosen inhibitions, so that you talk more readily. As far as I know, the book is still out there. If he is telling the truth, then one can speculate what the CIA might do with an aphrodisiac, if it could get one.

Now for my story.

The following story happened in Connecticut, in 1994.

I was at a center of a minor scandal involving a girl friend and some unsavory types. I made enemies. But I moved away from them, and led a normal life. I felt good, I looked good, and life was great.

Then things changed. I was beginning to feel physically sick. This was odd, because I had a very healthy lifestyle (lots of exercise, a good diet, and lots of fresh air). But I was definitely not feeling good. Not only that, but a really strange symptom started, which I will describe later.

In desperation, I stopped drinking the local water, and instead got Poland Spring. It did not make sense that the local water was bad, since if it had been, everyone in my town would have been complaining. I also changed my diet. I ate out near a supermarket, and stuck with a healthy diet of fish, rice, vegetables, fruit, bread, etc. Gradually, I felt better. I looked better. Life was good.

Then one day, I came home to my third floor apartment in town, and put a bottle of Poland Spring in the fridge. The fridge was empty, and had been for months, because I did not eat at home any more. This was not out of paranoia, instead it was because I was just trying to eat differently, and it was convenient to eat at the mall near the supermarket. I opened the windows, and looked over the balconies. I read my newspaper, and went to sleep. The next morning, I got up, got dressed. I was feeling great. I was ready for work. Then I went to the fridge, and drank the rest of the Poland Spring.

This was a mistake.

Immediately my body felt like it was on an electric chair. I had various horrible symptoms. I felt like I had been drugged with something out of hell. And that 'peculiar symptom' came back in full force. And now I will tell you what that symptoms was. My sex drive(!) rose and rose and rose. It was beyond belief. But it was true. I will not go into the details.

I could not work that day, nor sleep that night. And the symptoms did not go away. Some got a little better, many got worse, and they just lasted. This is the hardest thing to believe in this story. Drugs simply do not last more than 36 hours. But here, I had symptoms that were lasting basically forever.

I went to doctors. I went to policemen. I wrote to specialists on biological warfare. I put up posters all over town asking for information (which got people calling me a 'lunatic').

I visited an endocrinologist, and he told me that what happened to me could be caused by drugs. He said he knew drugs that could cause such symptoms as side effects. This was a big surprise, since nowhere else have I heard that such drugs exist.

I did not tell the endocrinologist that the symptoms had lasted more than 2 days. It just seemed to crazy to believe. I did ask a pharmacologist about the duration, and he said no drug (apart from surgical implants like Norplant) could last so long.

I talked with an expert in biological warfare (I got his name from a Wall Street Journal op-ed that he wrote), and he told me that I might indeed have been the victim of some kind of operation, and he also said that the duration might be due to some genetically modified bacteria or virus that took residence in my gut!

Ultimately though, I was up against a wall. Nobody would investigate this, nobody would take it seriously. And as a policeman told me, I should have taken the obvious step of saving the water. (I don't quite remember why I didn't save it, maybe it didn't occur to me that someone would actually be willing to test it)

So now I go through life with these awful symptoms, some of them sexual, some of them not. Its as if a big and nasty joke has been played on me. And the people who I interact with have no idea of any of it.

And that's why I believe in aphrodisiacs.

n Ivan. n
, CT USA - Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 05:07:02 (PST)

I have been a journalist all my life, and like most journalists I am a very "down-to-earth" person - not in the positive sense. I am unimaginative, stolid and very skeptical. In my profession, these are positives. Unfortunately, my being so anchored in reality has led to a strange and disturbing series of occurences, which I have been terribly afraid of revealing.

Over the past 25 years I have probably had at least ten occasions when "reality" changed on me; in each case, it involved someone who had died whom I find one day to be quite alive and normal. Apparently death is the great transition and when "reality" shifts it fractures along this transition. I will recount the most disturbing case.

Nearly ten years ago I was the editor of our local newspaper, a weekly here in Texas. There was an attorney who had an office down the block and around the corner from the office. I did not know the man personally, but he was generally well-known in the community and his name would be familiar to many people. One day I received news that he had suffered a sudden and severe heart attack and passed away. This unfortunately was not a surprise, the man was very obese.

I printed his obituary in the paper and in fact also ran stories about a fund set up to help provide for his children. He had some very pretty young daughters and the fund was to help them down the road with their college education. About three years later I attended the meeting of a civic board which this man had belonged to. Imagine my shock when I saw him sitting there. I was stunned that I took two of the board members aside after the meeting and asked them, without trying to appear totally insane, if they knew the man had a heart attack three years earlier. They disavowed any knowledge, although as would be expected they predicted dire consequences if he didn't reduce.

On the way home from the meeting I drove by the building where his law office had been and saw to my shock his "shingle" - which had been taken down after his death - was back up there as normal. And when I went through the back issues of the newspaper I could not find the obituary or the subsequent stories about the fund for his children. I asked an employee at the newspaper who had been there a number of years, and who had in fact typed the man's obituary, whether she recalled it. She did not. The gentleman is still very much alive and raising his daughters very happily. In fact, I recently took a photo of one as she was named a beauty queen.

Since the time of this occurence I have become a publisher and run the paper myself as a sole propreitor ship. I also served a term on the local school board. Obviously I had to use an alias on this message. If word got out in the community about what I have just described, they haul me off to the looney bin.

Over the years I have had a number of these cases where people who I believed dead turned up well and no worse for wear later. Most cases have involved public figures. The first case involved Sam Jaffe, the famous Hollywood actor. I read his obituary when I was in high school, but later he was hale and as sound as could be expected for a man his age. I think he "died" five years after I read his obituary.

As this has happened a number of times over the years I feel that somehow there must be an infinite number of slightly varying dimensions, and because I am by nature so personally conservative there must be so little difference between my persons in different dimensions that somehow there is a slight overlap sometimes. These discontinuities have only involved deaths, so I assume it is a dimensional problem, death being the great transition. The particular case I have just recounted was the closest one ever came to me - literally down the block.

Four years ago, however, I had a dream which told of the different life I would have led had I chosen a different mate in college. I dismissed it as just that, a dream, but later went to my newspaper office and found a printing foul-up caused by an action I had taken in my "dream" when I had visited the newspaper (which didn't know me because, had I chosen a different mate, I wouldn't have moved to where I am now) and while sneaking around in the newspaper disturbed some page layouts. If you want the full details or case, you could e-mail me. Has anybody else ever had this kind of problem? I mean of shifting realities, who is not schizo or a crank?

Lisa Pascal <chpaper a juno com>
USA - Saturday, December 20, 1997 at 23:12:44 (PST)

greetings from the ancient name is micheal.i am a poet ,writer and metaphysicist.i have had a local cable tv show on the paranormal and written a column on it for extreme magazine.i also work as a psychic and i have lectured on alien phenomena.this is one of many experiences. my friend collette and i were siting at a cafe,she began talking about her father who had passed years ago.she said"i feel his presence lately." i replied"its not over yet."we left the cafe to walk to her daughters.on the way there we passed an antique store.we had to stop because men were carrying a piano across the sidewalk.she said"thats my fathers piano,his actual piano,i havent seen it in years.i said"its not over yet"we get to her daughters house and her daughter immediately says"have you felt grandpa around lately ,i heard his voice over the baby monitor last night."after we left her daughters ,we went to a local spoken word event.while a friend of ours was playing the harp and singing collette began to weep.i asked her what was wrong,she said"i see my father up there".myself and a few of our friends also felt his was at this time that a woman who hadnt been to a previous meeting and that none of us knew,approached collette and myself.she said"i'm not psychic or anything ,but when that lady was singing i saw a man standing beside her.we havent seen that lady since. as a psychic i have had many anomalous experiences,this one stands out because of the verification of an outside party.
micheal teal <ancient1 a>
st catharines, on CANADA - Tuesday, October 20, 1998 at 04:03:41 (PDT)

I am 58 year old American teacher. For several years now, I occassionally have had nights in which street lights and other lights go out as I approach them. This sometimes happens even when I am driving a car. As I go away from the light, it comes back on. My wife has seen this happen several times. I can not do this at will. It just happens. But when it does I am usually tired, or emotionally down. Could someone please explain what is going on or at least advance some theory?
Jess Browning <jess-browning a>
Bangkok, , Thailand - Tuesday, September 15, 1998 at 04:43:56 (PDT)

A group of people, sitting quietly in the dark, = strange phenomena? Back when we were in high school, a group of us, about seven to ten, had gone into the woods near our homes to talk. It was at night, and with the trees all around, very dark. We found a comfortable place to sit in a large shallow depression formed by the root of a sizeable pine. Facing eastward, the ground sloped steeply away from us. As we sat there, most of the conversations petered out, and it seemed we were all mostly content to just gaze into the shadows. One conversation to my left kept going, but only in indistinct whispers. As I sat there, I began to become aware of a tree in front of me and slightly to my right that was from time to time dropping a twig or pinecone, or so my first thought was. Maybe it was a squirrel, or some other small animal. In the darkness, my mind began to focus in on the the phenomena. It seemed as if all the other people's minds began to do the same, as the whispering ceased. Just as if the phenomena could sense the attention, within a few seconds later a louder crack was given, about the same as snapping a pencil-sized twig. I then leaned over and whispered carefully in the ear of the person in front of me whether he had been following the situation. Just as he whispered back, "Yes," the phenomena let loose a tremendous CRACK!! No questions about it, we all immediately lept to our feet and took off back up the trail, out onto the street and for several more blocks, before stopping. We did not discuss it much amongst ourselves later, which is also strange. The skeptical would say that it was only a large branch falling, but to me the interesting point is the way the phenomena seemed to be setting us up by attracting our attentions. A question for the skeptic: what would be the survival factor in a gene coding for the fear of ghosts, which fear is near universal in the human race?
Joe Compton
USA - Thursday, September 10, 1998 at 02:19:53 (PDT)

In,1978,a friend and I were at the Ross Barnett Reservoir near Jackson,MS. We were using SCUBA gear to look for a lost outboard motor. About 20 minutes after we began, my friend dropped his diving mask overboard while climbing into the boat. I put my gear on and went into the water to look for his mask. This lake is fed by the Pearl River which is brown in color. At 10 feet below the surface you can see no light. The bottom depth was near 30 feet. With no light,I was randomly searching by feel. After 15 minutes, I was near giving up, when a voice said STOP! its HERE! So I stopped and reaching my hands in front of me, I found the mask. About 20 minutes later I found the motor the same way. I have tested this out many times since. The results are that if the "voice" says stop, I always find the object. If the "voice" doesn't speak, I find nothing.
Ronald Cook <Ronalmack a a0l com>
Pearl, MS USA - Sunday, June 07, 1998 at 15:55:31 (PDT)

I'm not sure what you'd group this under, except maybe "paranormal weather". It happened about six years ago in the fall of the year. There was a tropical storm out in the Gulf of Mexico that was threatening to come into land. Although it never came in, we did have a few days of very windy weather. One afternoon I sat on my bed looking out the window at the sky. The clouds seemed unusually white, while the blue behind them was extremely vivid as well. The clouds were in continuous motion; it looked as if the whole sky was boiling or something. Transfixed I kept watching, then started to notice some of these clouds began taking shape. The first was a city that for lack of a better description, looked like the Emerald city straight out of the "Wizard of Oz"! It hung there for maybe a minute then dissolved into mist again. As I sat dumbfounded more things were forming into winged angels and menacing things with large horns. Again they hung then evaporated to create yet another scene depicting four men. Or rather just from the shoulders on up. Three of them were in a row and small compared to the one that was directly above them. The large man on top wore an "imperial" crown. The men on bottom looked very biblical and all had beards. The one in the bottom center had a turban on and I could see only his profile. Then all of a sudden he turned his head and looked right at me!! I wasn't really frightened, just totally, totally astonished at what I'd just seen. My skeptical side would probably chalk the whole thing off as maybe just seeing things, except the whole scene repeated twice more. I was not on LSD, sleep deprived, meditating, or under the care of a physician. I know this really happened, I just don't know how or why? I hesitate to tell about it since I've never heard of another experience like this. If anyone has heard of this type of phenomena please e-mail me.
Melissa Mcdonald <missy65 a>
Fl USA - Saturday, January 24, 1998 at 14:18:31 (PST)

I become lucid during a dream, and suddenly feel pulled to a new location. I'm walking (floating) along a city street where it is snowing heavily. I enter this building and approach some of the people inside. I'm very anxious for their safety. I'm yelling at them to get out while I look over at a clock on a wall. The time is 1 minute before 6:pm. I try to grab someone, but my hand goes through them. I yell at them but they don't seem to hear me. I become frantic as I try to get them to leave. The clock reaches 6:pm exactly and the roof begins to collapse from the snow. People begin to scream and panic. I see one section of the roof come down on a group of people and they are crushed. I run to the exit and get out just in the nick of time as the rest of the roof comes down. I wake up at that point in an obvious cold sweat. Later that day I continued to think about what happened during the dream and kept watching the news on TV. At 6:pm (Calgary time) while eating dinner with my family, (whom I had already related this story to), the news announced a building somewhere in the United States (I no longer recall the exact location)., had collapsed due to heavy snow accumulations on the roof. There were several deaths and many injuries. The next day another news announcer at 6:pm my local time stated that another building collapsed in British Columbia Canada due to heavy snow accumulations on the roof. The entire experience was as real to me as if I were awake during it. Yet I know I was asleep. It was so vivid the images are still crisp and clear in my mind as if I actually was there and part of the experience. I continue to have at least one such vivid dream per week and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to stop it. Frank Kliiger Fkliiger a netcom ca
Frank Kliiger <Fkliiger a>
Calgary, AB Canada - Saturday, August 02, 1997 at 03:19:07 (PDT)

I owned my own framing business for 10 years and over that time framed many many photographs for people. It is a very long complicated story and at first I didn't believe it but somehow when I look at photographs, I will know the person in them is dead. I did this about 7 or 8 times over the past ten years. Often these were pictures of young people obviously graduation photos. After my experience, the customer would seem to volunteer the information that the person had "passed on". There were a few times when I chalked it up to coincedence but the final time I had a witness and the experience was even stronger. I can no longer deny it. I later (after having the experiences) began to read up about esp and discovered that my experience had a name, psychometry. So far I have not been able to find out much about it but for obvious reasons I am very intrigued by it. I'd would love to hear from anyone who has had likewise experiences or knows of any book or website on the subject.
Canada - Sunday, April 13, 1997 at 17:53:41 (PDT)

Many Years ago, probably 15, I closed my eyes one night in a crowded dormitory in an attempt to go to sleep. I opened my eyes immediately, thinking that I had better turn off the lights, only to find that the whole night had gone by. I had no experience of time passing. It startled me so much, that I remember to this day the amazement I had at that time. It has never happened again (so far). I had no fatigue the next day. Has that happened to you? Tell me about it!
J. Merrion <jkmjr a aol com>
USA - Thursday, April 10, 1997 at 07:56:23 (PDT)

I am a Physics II student of Mr. Rippetoe's and would like to enquire about a strange tale I heard on television (Unsolved Mysteries, or Arthur C. Clark's Mysterious World, or something). It metioned religious statues, made of stone, that had mystical powers. When someone would hold a bowl of milk up to the statue, the statue would absorb the milk, or as they said, "drink the milk." Now this sounds very strange and although I have spent countless hours at the Local and College Libraries, I have found no documentation on such statues. Are these real, or just made up? Do they still exist? If you have any information about these phenomena, contact me at rippetoe a tenet edu
Scott Rippetoe <rippetoe a>
Conroe, TX USA - Friday, January 31, 1997 at 13:18:11 (PST)

Crystal instrumentation research. Design based on Tesla-type coil. Objective aura-type photographic evidence documents the instrument energy field interacting with human energy field. Subjective evidence indicates increased psychic sensitivity. Invento r claims he can demonstrate effect of energy generated by your thoughts, the results observed by a simple Radio Shack sound level meter. Objective tests also show some electromagnetic pollution can be neutralized.
Harry Davis < StLorraine a aol com>
Tucson, AZ USA - Monday, January 27, 1997 at 22:06:51 (PST)

Hello I just wanted to relate an experience I had about 10 years ago. This experience was not about ball lightning or anything like that but I cant explain to myself what it was.Anyway I found myself in need to repair the tailpipe of my car ,it had rus ted out and needed to be replaced I went to a junk yard to find acheap replacement .I took some tools and a handyman jack to lift the car.I jacked up the car lifted it high enough to get myself underneath to remove the tailpipe. I was pulling and tugging and just having a hard time trying to get it off but it would not give. Getting frustrated with the seised up pipe I kept pulling and twisting. Suddenly I heard a voice that said to me in a clear strong demanding tone"Get out of there ,NOW!" I immediately slid out from under the car and just when i cleared, the car fell.Freaked out by what had just happened I looked around to see who had warned me but there was no-one around. What seemed strange was that the voice sounded like someone standing right besid e the car watching me. Anyway I am grateful that this voice spoke to me when it did .I probably wouldnt be here typing had it not .maybe this is not the type of weirdness you seek but you decide.I am sure this type of phonomenon happens to many ge
Rudy Pallares < >
Houston , Tx USA - Sunday, January 12, 1997 at 21:32:08 (PST)

Hi, I am an electronics engineer - I am not prone to flights of fancy.

I was recently invited to a group meeting in Norfolk (NE of London). There were 10 of us. We were asked to sit in a cellar in complete darkness - it was cold.

One of the phenomena (I won't say what the rest were because people simply will not believe me...) we all witnessed was a small photoluminescent green ball of light or point source.

This object initially manifested by rising from the floor of the cellar in a spiral. Shortly after it did this, it stopped in mid air (no more than 5 feet from me) - it just hung there.

I later started to perform amazing spinning stunts around the room - including very tightly controlled loops in mid air.

Every so often it would wink out and someone would report that they had been 'touched'.

I was also tapped on the knee by what felt like a small ball bearing - I reported this to the rest of the group and was told to open my palm and raise it before me. The object then appeared a few feet away and slowly drifted toward my open hand - it seemed to hesitate. Finally, it landed right in the middle of my palm and rolled about gently.

Please note: it felt cold to the touch, very dense, it luminescence was sufficient to light up my hand, forearm and parts of my face. It WAS NOT CONNECTED TO ANYTHING. It left me a few seconds later.

The show continued and we witnessed the object pass through a solid wood table (illuminating it as it did so) whilst emitting a cracking sound.

We also observed it entering one of the group members chest and exiting from behind - he said it tingled inside.

After about 2 hours of this (and other bizarre phenomena), the object returned to spiral where it had started in the room - only the spiral was in a downward motion now.

It then winked out and we were told the 'energy' had been expanded and it was over.

The group I was invited to sit regularly and ALWAYS achieve a wide range of seemingly unexplainable phenomena - they regularly invite outside visitors, including scientist and engineers.

If anyone out there has ever experienced this phenomena - in a closed room with other witnesses, please get in touch.

If anyone can explain said phenomena please do so ASAP. My e-mail is A.Vilches a
Antonio Vilches <A.Vilches a>
Lodon, UK - Thursday, January 09, 1997 at 05:01:36 (PST)

Topic Time Lapse: I was a ta party several years ago, talking to a friend who was sitting accross from me. We were in a room full of people who were all talking and generaly having a good time. Suddenly it felt like and this is hard to explain, like time was broken and spliced together like those films from Jr. High school. It made an absence of noise, like an uncomfortable silence, unbearably long and overwhelming. My freind's exact words were did you feel-hear that. I was shocked that anyone else felt it, I thought I had a seizure or something of that nature. No one else in the entire room had any incling of waht me and my friend experienced. Now for the Twilight Zone part of it all. My friend and I talked about this for months beacuse it was just so damn bizzare, but after a while it was getting hard to remember exactly what it felt like and what had happened. My friend even mentioned it to me, "like something is trying to make me forget". Now I was feeling the same way at the time and just beacuse I am a stubborn person, I told myself "aint no way you gonna forget that". So I didn't, well my friend moves away and I see him about two years later, and I mention this to him, and he can't remember a thing about the whole incident. I mean I described it to him and HE COULD NOT REMEMEBR! So the next day I remember him telling me about how he felt like someone was "making him forget". Now when I said this you could feel this strange feeling like it was almost happening again, then he finally remembered, but only small fragments of it. I still make an effort to keep the memory fresh in my head about four times a year, I don't know why, but it was a very sppoky event, and I guess I want to figure out just what happened.
Steve <snkreft a mich com>
USA - Thursday, October 10, 1996 at 10:29:17 (PDT)

While hitch-hiking on Highway 26, just before the turnoff that goes to Cannon Beach, I got dropped off at a place called Camp 18. It was around 3 a.m. I had walked West for about 5 minutes from this point when I heard some very loud noises, like heavy equipment to the South of the Highway. I saw what I thought were lights from a house, and assumed someone was up in the woods clearing scrub or something...getting an early start as I thought. I didn't pay much attention, as I was busy just walking along since I had decided getting a ride might be dangerous, since the trucks on the north side of the road going my way were really hauling, and it was pitch black.

Pretty soon I realized all the noise had stopped. I then peared into the woods, and could still see the lights and tried to discern what their source was. When I first noticed them, they were to my left and in front of me. Now they were directly South and somewhat elevated, and I thought they might be outside porch lights or spot lights. I had stopped walking to get a better fix and realized they were moving. I thought this might be an after effect of my own motions in otherwise pitch darkness, and I looked up to try to see if any stars could be found. It was hazy, so no stars, but the sky was dimly lighter than the horizon before me, which was a long straight strecth of the highway, and I could discern the tree line. It wasn't moving. So I looked back at the lights and saw they had also moved to the West a little. It then became apparent that these were not lights of a home or trailer, but pinpoint lights perhaps 50 feet away. They were much too brilliant to be fire-flies. Also, this was in October, when I doubt such insects would be flying. They faded out and I resumed my treck until daylight. I went back that way and there was absolutely nothing but Old Growth and a stream in that area, no habitations. What I though was a hill on which the lights might have been roving, was about 30 feet in the air.

A few days later I had gone South from the Coast to Eugene Oregon. I and a number of friends took a late night trip up to Cougar Hot Springs. It was again over cast, and I walked away from the camp around midnight. I had begun to enjoy walking in total darkness I guess. I found a little clearing off the trail and sat for a while. After a little rest, I got up to return to the camp when I looked into the woods...there they were again. I would like to know if others have observed such lights. Miniature ball lightning? As I said, the points gave off scintilating beams, like the view of a street light from say half a mile.
R.S cathey <rsc a>
Portland, OR USA - Thursday, October 03, 1996 at 01:05:11 (PDT)

when i gaze at light colored planes i see a tiny ,perfect sphere in the center of my vision. it used to come and go of its own "accord" but now I can conjure it up at will. Its pretty wierd. Its quite small, perfectly round with a dot in the middle. It is about the size of the leter "o" on the screen. Also when i cross my eyes I do not see two of them it stays in the same place. i sware its true. if anyone really reads this please tell me what it could be. address 321 colvin hall. orono, maine 04469
joe kosnow
orono, me USA - Monday, September 30, 1996 at 22:20:26 (PDT)

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