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    The last few weeks I have been sleeping profoundly. This is strange because I am US Army Combat Veteran who suffers from PTSD, and my sleep in the last seven years has been terrible where even the slightest sounds will awaken me. For a few weeks now, I have been oversleeping and also having awkward dreams (non-combative for once)and almost surreal in a way. I have also noticed that on many occasions I will awaken so tired that I can't even keep my eyes open, let alone stand up without having to hold on to a wall or something in order to prop myself up. My body feels extremely tired, as if it had been up all night. Some of these times I also felt my legs and arms being sore, as if I had worked out quite a bit, but my routines in my workouts have not changed lately, my diets are the same, and I feel as if everything is still the same as usual. I don't drink alcohol and occasionally will smoke pipe tobacco to enjoy an evening but I have not done any smoking for a few weeks now. This morning I woke up and felt the usual tiredness that I've felt in the last few days, and although my felt tired, there was a certain sense of satisfaction within me...it's hard to explain the feeling, but when I went to the restroom this time, showered, and shaved off a few days worth of beard on me I noticed something strange on my neck. On the right side of my neck, next to the jugular vein, I had a mark of two lips. The mark is subtle but yet noticeable to the eye. I started at it for quite some time, and there is no denying that it is the mark of a set of lips; upper and lower with center untouched. If there was a way I could post the images here I would do so, but I don't seem to find an upload pictures button anywhere. Anyways, the reason I am posting here is in order to ask if anyone knows or has an explanation for this situation? Thank you everyone.
    Manny Villalpando <donmanuels a yahoo com >
    Downey, CA USA - Thursday, April 03, 2014 at 23:22:57 (PDT)

    once I was working in the countryside of ascot England and one day I decided to take a walk, I went into the forest and seen a large group of crows flying around this clump of wood land so I went into the wood ,and I found myself being drawn towards an old tree where I sat down and as soon as I sat down I started to hear a chant say my name and god had the answer over and over again and the sun shune down throught the trees right on the spot I was sitting and I felt the need to build a spiral with a pyramid in the middle when I was finished I just left ,but a few days later I was walking back to where I worked and it was a dark night and I was on the road walking when all of a sudden I seen a dark figure in front of me at first I thought it was just someone else on the road I called out to ask if anyone was there but I didn't get a reply. the hair stood up all over my body and this figure ran right at me ,I ran as fast as I could back to where I worked ,I told some people about it but they didn't belive me ca n anyone explain this please .as since then some people I meet say I have a shadow over me ,sometimes I feel it draining me.
    m <stonryop269 a hotmail com 123581321345589>
    france - Monday, March 31, 2014 at 18:51:22 (PDT)

    Hi my name is Dandiram 22 yrs and I have been experiencing Sleep Paralysis since a year till now and its very scary. It happens to me every night and its very scary, I am afraid of sleeping alone at night so I sleep with my younger brother. Day before yesterday I went to my sister's house and I had to sleep alone, so I have been listening to music whole night to get rid of sleep paralysis but I thought that I should get well sleep, so I set timer in music player of 2 hours starting from 11.54pm and I slept well while music was playing on and as soon as music stopped that sleep paralysis got me for 8 to 10 minutes, I saw a girl sitting on top me and I tried to move my hand, calling for my sister but no voice coming out from my mouth......while this sleep paralysis happening that girl sitting on top of me said that I should go to priest to get rid of this things... As soon as I was awake of sleep paralysis I saw the time that it was only 2.08pm or something like that.....and I thought as what the hell was that, as soon as music stopped playing it attacked me on this 10 minutes..... After that I didn't sleep at all till it was morning.......!!! My mom went to priest and priest said that some women spirit is beyond me and she making me weak.
    And what I am felling weak day by day......!!

    Dandiram Basumatary <dandirambasumatary a gmail com >
    Gohpur, Assam India - Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 03:08:37 (PDT)

    Okay, no one has reported something in about a year, so I'm not quite certain this will even be seen. I was in the bathroom for a bit of time (food poisoning) and during that time I heard a mean scream outside. It was a chilling scream, but just a scream. A few minutes later I heard it again. The scream lasted for a second or two, same time as the first one, and was also at about the same volume. When I finished I went to peek out the window but no one was there. I am aware he could've walked away but it is really bothering me. Maybe he was drunk? On drugs? What was most peculiar was that it was ONLY screaming, no shouting words or mumbling.
    Crimea <vicfitz14 a hotmail com >
    Los Angeles, CA USA - Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 22:18:23 (PDT)

    I have had a couple of strange things happen. one time I was at my grandparents and I saw someone standing at the doorway at about 10:30 pm. the next morning I figured out my grandma had died and come back to life. On other time I was laying in bed and something scratched my face and I started bleeding and I have a scar across my face now because of it. I have also gotten punched in the shoulder a couple of times at night. Last night I was home alone and something flew from the other side of the room and hit me in the head. I am really scared do you think their is a demon following me please help.
    USA - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 12:20:24 (PDT)

    My old house was very haunted. I always felt like I was being watched and always saw black clouds running under the beds. My sister witnessed this also. They would growl unlike any earthly animal. Lights would flicker and there was on odd smell of sewage that would appear throughout the house. My brother woke up to a man wearing a black cloak starring at him at the foot of his bed, which eventually faded away. My sister took a picture in the mirror and when we printed it out there was a ghost face in it. In that same bathroom hands clawed at my back in the bathtub. My mom and I always heard voices. She also saw a black shadow of a man walk by the kitchen and thought It was my dad when my mom and I were actually the only ones home. The tv would turn off by itself and the radio would turn on by itself. My sister and I slept together since we were always so scared. We would wake up in the middle of the night and run to our parents room because we were scared. I started having "dreams" of us doing this and everytime I ran past the living room to my parents room I would see a dark shadow of a girl behind the couch watching us. These dreams happened a lot. After a while I started asking the girl who she was and she would run away and dissapear into the wall. After this happened many times, I started running after her. In the last dream I had, I tackled her right before she diasappeared into the wall. I asked her who she was and she turned around. Lights came on in the house and showed she was a blond a girl wearing a white dress. When she replied to me, she told me she was the devil and her eyes turned into flames. I turned around to see another girl with long dark hair come out of the ground with fire surrounding her. She told me she was jealous of me and was going to hurt my family I I didn't do what he told me. This was when I tried to befriend her. I can't remember much besides this, but right before the dream ended I remember the girl with dark hair pulling the blond girl back under the ground with her in flames and I felt as if the girl with blond hair did not want to follow her. Of anyone knows what this means please tell me. I also would hear doors slamming people talking and glass breaking when I wa home alone while my dog ran around and barked like crazy in circles. I would hear a girl whisper my name and it would turn into a yell as a cold gust of wind went through me. My parents divorced in this house. We moved out and this did not happen to me again.
    Nicole <nicolemawallace a yahoo com >
    Avon, IN USA - Friday, February 21, 2014 at 08:15:04 (PST)

    my mother told me how one night when i was only 2 or 3 i was sleeping with my mom in her bed. the same time my parents were divorcing so there was already negativity in the air. and my mother was alone with my younger sister and i, and she woke up to a all black hovering fuzzy looking blob hovering on top of her face. she woke frantically hitting the all black ball and it thumped on the wall and she saw it leave the room in a hurry through the t.v. light. she turned every light in the house on and didn't go to sleep.
    Albert <sanchez7703 a gmail com >
    USA - Sunday, February 09, 2014 at 22:21:26 (PST)

    When I go in to my woods my nose starts to bleed and I here static some times I see a tall ma in a suit. He is pale from what I can see he has no face and some times a kid is with him the kid has a mask on it creeps me out can some one tell who they are

    jesse <sharklee55 a hotmail com >
    USA - Monday, January 13, 2014 at 13:48:33 (PST)

    When I was still married, I woke up one early morning to feel something standing on top of me. I felt extremely cold and could not make eye contact with what ever it was. All I could see was rags blowing madly with icy cold wind.

    Very weird!

    David Snell <davidsnell1976 a gmail com >
    Pretoria, South Africa - Friday, December 20, 2013 at 13:04:54 (PST)

    I had a lucid dream where I was asleep but I was aware what was happening and I was dreaming that a demon was trying to hurt me and get me out of bed.
    Anyway I was hanging out of my bed and I felt something grab hold of my head and start smashing my head against my computer desk, after that I must of passed out then woke up in the morning in bed with blood all over and cuts on my head.
    I am an athiest so I am not sure what it was all about whether it was sleep paralysis or what but I did feel like something was in the room with me and I had no recollection of the pain that was caused to me at the time.

    UK - Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 07:20:37 (PST)

    in 2012, I experienced many weird things. I was living in a new guest house when my husband went to work. it was about 2 pm when I decided to rest so I close my eyes near the window and waited to sleep. the first thing I saw was a big snake eye surrounded in flamed. the eyes disappear but not the flames from the flames a dark hooded man with red flaming eyes came out and he did the cross in an insulting manner and went back inside the flames. I opened my eyes and felt stranged. another event that happened in that guest house was when I was cooking some eggs I started feeling cold and then I felt a dark cloud entering my apartment after that the eggs began to smell like rotten.at thst point I began to ferl afraid but I couldn't tell my husband he wss going to get mad. when he came from worked I talked to him near the kitchen and I saw something coming out from my husband. it was a weird creature gray color black eyes and horns and it was smailing at me. that lasted less than a minute. my husband left to work and I stayed home very confused and shaken. i went to my family's house and waited gor my husband to come. I was seating on the table and my dad on the couch when I suddenly saw the figure if a man with a translucent skin resembling the colors if the universe walking toward my dad while moving its hand. I saw this weird thing entering my father's body. it happen so fast that I stood silently without saying something. I always had a weird aversion to the border town is san ysidro U.S.but I didn't know how to express it.I used to live north of san diego but when wr moved to the border town of san ydidro I just felt something weird about the town I couldn't breath well I felt nausea. the other event that happen in ydidro wad when I went to the beach with my husband and when I starred directly at the ocean I saw the water up to my eyes then a couple of hours later I felt a dark cloud coming from my back and darkening the sky. a few weeks passed and we went to a liquor store. I looked at the sky and saw 3 big stars together and a loud female voice said who are you. the three stars diminished in less than an hour. the next morning I prayed to Jesus for these things to disappear. while I prayed I looked at the sun and something made me grab a mirror and pointed to the sun. after that I saw the sun dividing itself like an embryo and a little baby stretching itself appeared radiant. I have more incidents to talk about but I decided to live my reality and not seak any of these weird things that I don't understand. do I believe in Jesus yes I do, do I believe in magic no I don't I just believe in the magic of jesus. after all these events I haven't had any vision. hope to share this with all of you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    janette noel <hellojanetteh a gmail com >
    san diego, ca USA - Tuesday, December 03, 2013 at 17:41:24 (PST)

    Ever since I was a child I experienced very bizarre unexplained phenomenon. It actually stopped happening to me about 7 years ago and I havn't experienced anything like this since but in the past it was so bad i felt haunted wherever i moved to and it traumatized me so much i couldn't sleep for a long time after. I will try to keep them short but its fairly indepth and i've never told anyone the extent of it.

    As a kid my grandparents lived with us and my grandmother who always hated me passed away when i was about 13.

    About a year later the strange things started happening. I was standing with my brother when i felt lots of splashing of water on my neck. my brother seemed genuinely shocked when i showed him and swore it wasn't him and i did wonder where he got the water from as he was standing directly next to me in the loungeroom. A few hours later i went to my room and shut the door, started writing in my diary about it when i felt a splash of water on my arm. i looked and there it was all this water. I looked around, the door was shut, there were no leaks in our house. i was so freaked out i held my arm out straight and showed my mum.
    She seemed confused but didn't really believe me until she started noticing weird puddles of water in very bizarre places too.
    Soon after I heard my grandad lying in bed talking to someone, when i went to his room he was literally talking and laughing to someone standing next to me. He was completely not senile and never done anything like this before. When I asked who he was talking to, terrified by this stage he said grandma and she kept moving his things around which he was telling her not to.

    We ended up getting my family friends (who knew my grandmother very well) around to do an exorcism which i thought was complete bullshit at the time but willing to try anything, and nothing occurred after that in that house.

    A few year later i moved out into my first share house and it started to happen again. Only this time no one believed me.

    - i felt immense pressure like someone was sitting on my chest on night, i felt someone grabbing my arm harder and harder on another night i was lying with my boyfriend and started crying it hurt so much and for some reason he just though it was in my head and didn't believe me. he was really dismissive about everything and didnt want to deal with it.

    - one night my friend and i were in my housemates room and she grabbed a magazine and took it to the loungeroom where she continued to read it, i looked at it in passing. when my mates left i took the magazine back to his room where i found it (i remember very distinctly and soberly doing this so he didn't think we'd been snooping)and had a shower, locked the door.
    When i opened the shower curtain the bottom sink drawer was wide open, with the magazine sitting there. I completely froze and freaked out. I didn't dare touch it until my boyfriend came home and i told him about it. He grabbed it from under the sink and flipped through it, yep same magazine and it was no longer in my housemates room where i had just put it.

    I cannot explain this, how physically, even speaking metaphysically, this happened with the door locked. My boyfriend again didn't believe me til he flipped through the pages and as i started to recognize them burst into tears. I had never opened that cupboard or looked inside it before in my life, there is no way i "accidentally" put it there as he suggested.

    The whole time this stuff was happening to me I felt it was very mean natured and harmful. When it was in my family home I always felt that although everyone felt the presence, the attack of it was always directed at me. Now looking back and writing this, it seems to make sense that if it was my grandma, she waited till some time had passed and i was no longer under the protection of my family to haunt me again. I know it sounds crazy but hey, this happened to me, whether people believed me or not.

    People tried to make me out like I was skitzing out when i was traumatized and terrified about what was happening to me but I promise you, I'm a normal sane 29 year old woman, and i would not bother wasting my time writing this if it was made up.

    jaz <info a atlargegallery com >
    Australia - Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 06:53:22 (PDT)

    We moved into a very old house in sept 2012. Immediately things started happening. Things i could not explain. Random objects flying at me and my husband was the start. I remember getting a piece of mail addressed to the old owner of the house. I dismissed it and put it on the counter. All of a sudden the envelope flew off of the counter, and there were No fans on or windows open. It landed at my feet. So i picked it up. It was a bill for the upkeep of gravesites of the people To which the letter was addressed to. That is when i knew something was up. I started losing things and finding them in the place i had already lookeod a hundred times. I started to feel very sickly and there was not a dr that could find anything wrong. I also woke several times night to the sounds of rattling cages. I took pictures of my son playing one night and undertone the picture You can clearly see a black hooded figure with an upside down. Cross on its cloak. We saw a psychic and he told us to not give it any attention and it would stop. Well, the other night i was sitting in the dark and i saw what i thought was my shadow on the wall. But the shadow began to move and i didnt. It quickly moved down the wall and upon reaching the floor, it turned into a panther. We have also noticed that the door to the attic is always open after we had closed it. It's in the ceiling and no one can reach it. Tonight I stood up on a stool and stuck my video camera up into the attic. What I saw as the video recorded was unbelievable. Dozens of white orbs moscoming at me sometimes two at a time. And I do not believe they were dust particles bc they moved like lightning. That's my story. It's nothing new to me bc ever since I was a child I saw things. People mostly in my room at night. They called them waking dreams, but I wasn't dreaming of what I saw. My husband had also experienced sleep paralysis a few times and all he could see was black figures standing around the bed. He could not move, speak or barely breathe. It was like something had a hold on him.

    Whatever it is apparently doesn't want me to write this bc the cursor on my phone is going wild right now.

    kris jones <k.jones724 a hotmailcomlkj>
    nanticoke, pa USA - Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 23:37:12 (PDT)

    I woke up at exactly 3:33 am to stare right into what seemed like a differnt dimension , it was like i was watching a movie right infront of me , the wierd thing was i could only see the outline of ppl and objects not all the details and it felt like i was frozen and i couldnt move and my eyes were glued to what was infront of me and than i was able to finally move and i was so freaked out and my heart was pounding so fast i was finally able to go back to sleep and when i woke up again my whole body felt like i was in an car accident my whole body was sore!! I am so freaked out
    Stacy <APPLE123 a GMAILcom>
    MI USA - Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 12:33:40 (PDT)

    Hi my name is David in July 2012 i was out in my back yard it was about 1 am i thought i seen something in the sky so i ran into my house and grabed my phone and started taking pics i didn't really look at them until three weeks later my ex girlfriend was looking at them and pointed out the faces over lapping one another i really didn't know what it meant so then one night my cat was sitting on my lap and it look behind me and hissed and then something hit the window behind me really hard didn't think to much of it then i started realizing my light outside my back door kept fading in and out it would go dark and light again through the window then one night my ex girlfriend and i and my little brother and his friend was watching a movie and my ex looked at the back door and grabed my phone and took a pic and there was a shadow person standing in my back door then my kitchen lite up a light blue and a shadow appeard on my kitchen wall it was a bulls head with horns the nexted day i started seeing faces in the sky in the walls at my house all kinds of faces alien faces demond faces and all my energy was drained i had to call into work i basicly thought i was dieing so i went to this lady at my work and showed her the photos off my phone and she looked dead at me and told me the faces in my phone are called the faces of death she told me i needed to get my life back with god so i did and got a blessing done one me with sage and everything got better but the demons or falling angles have not left and i tried everything and nothing so if anyone can help please i need it it's alot of stuff in my life turn upside down
    David holik
    washington twp, Mi USA - Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 10:22:08 (PST)

    My dad died and was really evil.This morning my husband and I woke up to find a picture on the wall face up, placed on the floor away from the area it was hung on. It had to have been laid there because there were too many things in the way.
    Bonnie <b4r1o4o1kl9n7b6onarkie a hotmailcom>
    Fayetteville, AR USA - Friday, January 11, 2013 at 08:38:10 (PST)

    I was at church the other night and my kiinds and i were sitting in the hall i was listening to the song that was playing as i sat there all the sudden i heard a voice cry out to me the devil is trying to kill you i believe that voice was God the next day i stil had that voice and what it said on my mind my son had falling asleep in the car and he woke up abrubtly abd crief out mommy i had a bad dream that u died ever since that night that i wad warned i have barely escaped different situations i wish i knew what was going on im scared and maybe the devil is gonna kill me
    christa johnson <rainbowrebel86 a hotmail com>
    las vegas, nv USA - Monday, June 04, 2012 at 08:24:07 (PDT)


    In my boyfriends dark bedroom sometime in the night, i woke up to skeletal black hands lurking above me about 3-4 feet. They looked like medal and sort of like garden rakes but not so thin. I could clearly make the hands out, even in the dark. The hands were boney and had really long fingers that were boney too. The hands were joined at the wrist. I didn't see any other body parts.


    This only has happened once and I need to know more PLEASE! I was unable to move or speak and I don't remember the dream I was having. I did wake up on my back and I'm almost sure there was a pillow on my chest. I was whimpering and wiggling. I dont remember if there was any sound but i think there could have been a slurping noise, like a vacuum suction. I was being held down and i recall struggling for a couple minutes. LISTEN, I WAS AWAKE..EYES WIDE OPEN.

    next thing I remember my boyfriend said DID YOU SEE THOSE HANDS????

    No one else has a whitness.....I DO! He described the hands instantly and if it weren't for him asking me if I'd see them and describing them the same as I had seen, I would of thought the hands were his.
    He said I was choking on my tongue maybe?? and that's what woke him up, I was trying to talk and couldn't form words. The hands didn't look human even but I would of had to come to some logical conclusion. HELP ME.

    After the experience I guess I went back to sleep cause I didn't wake up till it was light outside. We woke up at the same time but we'd switched sides of the bed. He looked over at me and rolled out of the bed onto the floor, looking devastated. The bed was way bigger, the room was way longer. I was really scared when waking up and I pretended that I wasn't because he was freaking out on the floor backing up from me. He was looking around the room lips quivering asking me where we were and I wanted to cry and ask him the same thing but I felt like I couldn't cause then we'd both be freaking out. He told me to look in the mirror and I had a freaking huge black eye.

    Instantly I recalled him and I being outside (I'm assuming now we'd went outside after seeing the hands) and him in my face then he punched me. I know it was him who gave me the black eye.
    IVE DELT WITH THAT WHAT I NEED TO GET HELP WITH IS HOW DID HE SEE THE HANDS THAT WERE HOVERING, THEY DIDN'T TOUCH ME AND I WAS PINNED TO THE BED. THEY WERE SO TIRING AND BIG! And they were above me, not to the side of me. At that time, I was on the outside of the bed so wouldn't they be next to me?

    He said that he fought the hands or wrestled with just the hands? To get them away from me and release me from the trance like experience. I just remember him being next to me sitting up asking me about the hands and giving details about them.

    This happened around the 2nd of July 2011. Think about it he could have said any description including a face and anything else. There was no face only hands and no body no clothes. The hands weren't his..I'd love for them to be just to be settled. They weren't his.

    CAN ANYONE HELP? He also said that there were like 4-5 4ft other things in the room. I told him I kinda remember seeing him struggle in the bathroom with 4ft something's around him. The bathroom was our bathroom but it was farther away. He said they were fast and I don't remember them having anything but a peachy golden glow. He said they were fast.

    I mentioned to him that the bed was way bigger than his twin and that there were quilts on the bed when we'd woke at the same time. An orange crouched blanket was near him. My mother has an orange crouched blanket And then I was covered with a white quilt with little tiny flowers on the material. Never seen that blanket before and he asked if there was pieces of yarn on it and there was! Ive since then seen that blanket at his moms house. I recall these blankets on the bed when I was lying to him telling him he was ok and we were at his apartment as he scattered on the floor. In all actuality, there were no blankets.

    after this happened he lost his mind. He hasn't been the same since, lost his freaking mind thinking of possible answers. I'm more okay with it and the hands were punishing me.

    Krista <Kristadaniellepatton a yahoo com>
    Downtown Sacramento , Ca USA - Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 05:17:41 (PST)


    I have experienced this on a small scale since I was 20 years old, lights magically going out, car thermonstates and regulators bursting. On a much larger scale, I am now 37, and have much more negative effects on things that are well documented and viewed by others. This is the main reason I am seeking help. It is becoming very costly. I not only burn lights now, but have recently received a report the main fraim a year old computer was completely destroyed as well as the battery, mother board, key board, and power cord. The same thing happened a year and a half ago with my other computer. Both computers are a hp gateway, and I asked if this was a common defect, and they said no. We moved into a new house and got a digital remote, when I was elated or very upset, the channels flip and not only flip, but to a channel I like. My calculator does the same thing, it just stopped calculating certain calculations. I have witnesses for all this. It has taken me many years to analyze and understand I am not alone or crazy. I was pointing my index finger a inch away from my bosses computer screen several years ago and in midst of discussion I noticed a blue light came from computer to my finger. As soon as she visualized, she called me a witch and told me to leave. I am so far from something weid as a witch, I am a christian who knows much about the spirit world biblicaly. But this stuff is very odd, and is really getting out of hand. I really could use some help to stop the burn outs of electronics, lights, and flippiing of channels weirds my friends out.

    Annette Varela <avarela12 a comcast dotnet>
    Edmonds, WA USA - Friday, December 09, 2011 at 22:51:21 (PST)

    well weird things have been happening at my house here in Cali. door knobs rattle on there own,i have been awoke from a deep sleep by what seems to be a man s voice hovering above me screaming at me from the top of his lungs!,my smoke detectors seem to all go off on there own whenever they like-& not just once they will go off for minates at a time,lights i know for a fact that i turned off will magicly be turned on,constant noises upstairs in the guest rm-one night i heard what was the loudest thunk sounded like someone dropped an anvil upstairs on the floor-keep in mind iam a verry tough individual i have always been the type to stand up to Anyone for Anything & in my town iam verry respected for that & ppl look up to me for that! i lift weights & am in excellent shape & can fight like a MOFO!-but when i heard that noise i shunk like a little baby-

    the thing that has happed recently i have noticed is things are disappearing in my house so far=stamps,house key,mailbox key,money,=thngs that i know where there=iam verry organized so when something goes missing it wears on me hard,well last night after talking to my older brother on the phone for less than 2 i set my cell phine down on my living rm table(i live alone)went to the fridge to see what to eat came back & my phone was gone!!!!!!!! Vanished!!!!! i have looked everywhere but its gone like a fart in the wind!! i know where i set it(im 30 yrs old & my cell phone is everything to me i constantly text ppl-talking on it it is part of my life so i would know better than to lose my best friend!! i then went on to think now for sure my house has an entity tricking me/playing games with me! i cursed it and read from my bible in every rm of my 4000sq ft house & challenged it to do it again &(yes i was pissed off EXTREMELY!)=i think this it tested me to see if i was going to run away with my tail tucked in between my legs but obviously it dosnt know me as well as i do because tonight iam going to sleep upstairs by myself in my guest rm the creepiest rm here & show this unholy fuck who;s house this really is!!
    Darrin <darrin.oliver a hotmail com>
    San Jacinto , C.A. USA - Tuesday, September 06, 2011 at 08:11:59 (PDT)

    I have always had nightmares since I was a kid. I'm 24 and there getting worse. When I was younger I would have the same nightmares over and over. Now there getting worse more evil then ever. My new one goes something like this. Everything is fine I'm at a lil garadge sale with my mom. I pick up a book it's all red I look at the lady and she starts turning into some hellish evil creature. The walls start caving in,things are moving I'm getting scared but don't know what to do. I have always been able to control my self and fight very well in my dreams! So at this point I look at my mom and grab the red bloody slimy evil thing by the neck, I then leve the room with it put it on a table grab it's head with 2 hand and rip it's head and spine out of its bloody decomposing body and walk back it to the room and slam it agents the wall and some I get it to stay there with it's horns stuck in the wall. All this time it's still moving still screaming! I then go to leve with my mom and are car is flat dime size flat crushed ambulance comes and I wake up! I don't under stand why I have there nightmares any one that could help pllz email me.
    Richard <Johnnyblaze72787 a yahoo com>
    Saratoga, Ny USA - Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 00:34:22 (PDT)

    I moved into a 3 bed home 3 years ago since i moved in i had no work before this never missed a days work since leaving school Bad smells of urine stale smoke perfume comes and goes at least5 other people have smelt this with out me saying anything things disappering reappering 2 many to list missing stuff falling out of cupboards when opened 3 differnt times worst case 9pm went to kitchen to make some tea kitchen like a ice box uncontrol shaken teeth clattering wife wrapped me in a blanket could not get warm 5 minuites later heard water gushing from sink hot and cold pipes burst new pipewok 3 years old dishwasher turned its self on had to be turned of from mains dog running about house houling barking uneasy went to bed still could not get warm about 1.30 am heard a bang shampoo bottle in shower fell shower started runningwent to turn if off just stopped went to bed 5 min later house alarm goes off not set all in the middle of summer most nights dog very restless howling jumped up said leave dog alone alarm goes off dont set at night got alarm checked out every thing is perfact yesderday lost jewelery turned up had not been seen since moving home in a drawer we use every day the first thing i seen when i opened the drawer it come to the point now i dot take much notice
    Desie. Kennedy
    kent, britian - Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 11:05:26 (PDT)

    2 nights ago without our phone ringing our answering machine just turned on and said record message 5 times in 20 minutes. what's creepy are the messages, they sound like a child with an evil voice saying something wierd. you have to hear it to believe it. how is it possible for the answering machine to just record random messages, its not a tape machine either so nobody could record it from my house.
    chris kinisch <chris_kinisch at hotmaildot com>
    london, canada - Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 19:50:07 (PST)

    Hi, I have posted this all over the web in an effort to find out more about the artist or to find out why these things are happening but so far my efforts have been unsuccessful. I'll give you the background on the painting. My Grandmother had this painting in her attic for twenty five years. She said it was evil. She told us she used to see the dark figure of a man around the house and at night she heard strange noises and crying. She told me the artist committed suicide shortly after finishing it and that he had used his own blood mixed in with the oils. After she died we got the painting, it is currently in our basement. Shortly after we got the painting various members of the family started seeing the dark figure of a man. At night we began hearing noises and just recently we have heard crying and moaning. The painting is still in our house and although I never believed in the supernatural I am now convinced there is something evil about this painting. People from all over the world have contacted me about the painting and I have had lots of offers from people wishing to buy it but I don't want to sell it, I just want to find out what is happening. I don't know if the background story is true but I do know there is something very unsettling about the painting.



    I recorded some new footage regarding The Anguished Man and I recorded some strange light anomalies.

    I set up the video camera again in the spare bedroom to try and catch some more of the activity on tape. I recorded over four consecutive nights for seven hours each night. After looking through the footage I found several strange light anomalies. At the time these were recorded everyone in the house was sleeping, there are thick curtains up in the bedroom so it can't be light from outside. There was one small lamp on in the bedroom at all times. I also recorded many noises, such as bangs and scraping sounds but they were similar to the sounds in my previous video so I have just uploaded the light anomalies for now. After recording this my son fell down the stairs and is convinced something pushed him. We are still hearing noises and sensing a strange presence around the house. I have no explanation for the lights in this video - Sean Robinson


    Sean Robinson <sean2802 at skydot com>
    UK - Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 07:25:33 (PDT)

    hi,is there anyone in the planet,or universe,who could solve my problem...? The year 1998 i read the holy bible for the first time in my life,and i during the process of reading i suffered from tremendous horrible intense pain in my stomach and i use to throw out eventhough i am totally healthy and alive as you can see.When i stop reading bible after short time the pain has gone.But,each time that i start again to read the bible i again suffer from crazy stomachache,exactly in the same area and i again throw out.It has been so already for the past 12 years and none can help me to get ridd of that pain nor can explain why the reading of the bible is allways immediately followed by these terrible stomach pain,days and nights.Please help me.Tell me to who can i present this paranormal problem? To which institut ?
    marco <disanto2010 at libero dot it>
    milano, italy - Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 20:15:04 (PDT)

    I'm in my fifties now, these occurrences took place about 8 times, that I remember, throughout childhood up to 26 years of age. I'd be lying on my back in bed eyes open. Through the gray darkness of the room, directly above me a pitch black "cloud" would slowly ascend towards me from the celling. It would seem to engulf me, so that I felt I was in it. If I said anything out loud, my voice sounded as if I was in a gymnasium size space. My words sounded far away. I would usually bury my head in my pillow and try to sleep. When I was married and living in a townhouse, my wife and I experienced this together. We talked as this cloud had engulfed us with the same distance sound of our words. She saw this as something evil and began praying. It seemed to fade away at that point and I never experienced it again. The fact that I didn't find these episodes terrifying as a child, as I just excepted them, seems strange to me. Of course I told my parents many times about this, they guessed I had been dreaming. I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this.
    mike zagorski <artistguy44 at aoldot com>
    wisconsin dells, wi USA - Friday, December 03, 2010 at 10:10:07 (PST)

    this happened in 2008 or 2007 not sure. I was at the shopping center off exit five in Greenwich ct. just walking past that bakery to the a and p food store. I am wide awake looking strait ahead and two young men was just there. no one was there. then they just was there just like that. one tall with a grey suet. the other not as tall but tall with jeans and a pull over. they came strait at me and blocked my way so I cant pass. the one in the grey suet says hello to me. then I asked who are you guys and what do you want. so they told me there names one sounded like it started with a Z. then I asked what?s this about what?s up. the tall one seed what?s up im afraid is your very salvation. im thinking. what?. then they got together turning there backs to me and I over heard what the tall one was saying. he asked the other guy well how should we do this. then the one not as tall says. nothing. then they are quiet. again he says nothing. we cant touch him. look. see. he will succeed. and his Soule still cries ewo. that?s it im thinking. and i told them i have to go now and whatever your talking about yes i am trying. and i left. i looked back and the tall one kept looking at me. he gave me the impression he wanted to what ever it is and couldn?t. a year and a half later. my mom told me in the morning she saw someone come in the bedroom window and seed hello. but the window was closed. strangest dream she ever had she told me. then i remembered that day with those two. and i keep wondering if i indeed met the two. who are to show up 3 and a half years before the end days and its tribulations start. from the date i saw those two give or take a year. to right now November 2 2010. is two or three years. if it was three years then mid 2011 is when they get murdered then three days later raise up back to life. if it was two years ago then its i 2012. . this is just hyper thinking but its true the meeting i had with them and my mom with her dream of the tall one coming in the window while it was closed. do you think its the water?

    kerry <kbeethoven71 at hotmaildot com>
    stamford, ct USA - Tuesday, November 02, 2010 at 10:18:15 (PDT)

    this went on from when i was 6 years old right up to about 10 or 11,my brother and i would be sent to bed around 8pm each night and every time he would fall to sleep first,(deep sleeper and sleep walker),i would lay awake for about 2 hours(always),nothing happened in the summer 'still bright out' but in the winter it would be dark and my father worked night shift,my mother would go next door to talk to the neighbour but this would start before she left,we had bunkbeds and i would hear a distant chant of native american origin i think,that is how it sounded,then i would freeze with fear cause i knew what comes next,out from the wall on the left of my bed by my head would dance a line of shadow people in what looked like yellow raincoats
    ,i could never see their faces it was just a dark emptyness under their hoods and their legs were like black smoke and they would chant and bend forward then stand straight over and over as they moved around my bed and out the right side wall next to my bed,i was always terrified of this even though they never tried to harm me,it was more like they were stopping something else,then they would stop comming out of the left wall and it would end,i would run downstairs looking for my mother but never told her what i was seeing ,until one night i managed to scream,my mother came bolting through the bedroom door and stopped with a terrified look on her face,she grabbed me and my brother(he was still half asleep) and she brought us downstairs where we waited til my dad came home,it turned out that the neighbours boy micheal was seeing the same thing 'exact same thing' and it had just happened next door,my mother claimed she saw them too when she burst into our bedroom but of course my dad said she was being silly and that kids talk so have the same nightmares and she was just seeing things cause the neighbour told her the story and she was on her own and afraid,(dissmissive gitt,my dad)problem is micheal never told me anything about this and i never told him cause i thought if i spoke about it ,then things would just get worse ,it never happened again to any of us after that day,my dad spent the next night sitting in the bedroom in the corner on the floor to prove nothing would happen,the memory of these shadow people is as fresh in my mind today as though they are still with me,i constantly feel like they are watching and waiting to start the chanting again but i am not afraid, although it can be an uncomfortable experience at times when i am alone,I have found peace through the knowledge of the white rabbit,(quantum physics helped me to see the true nature of reality,acceptance is key but i find it impossible to accept that reality is not at all as it seems to be,)oh well,we shall see where this road ends,i truly hope that no one else has had these experiences as that might just send me over the edge.
    thanks for your time,
    lirah from ireland

    lirah laine <cead----lirahlaine at gmaildot com-slainte>
    clare, ireland - Monday, June 28, 2010 at 19:03:43 (PDT)

    I'm currently in my later 40s and ever since my childhood I've experienced strange phenomena, some very bizarre stuff that has led me to rethink our reality here on this planet. I have only told friends about such experiences but sooner or later I will sit down to write all of this down.

    It is not my intention to change anyone's views about life: but through the cognitions I've accumulated in this lifetime, I've come to the conclusion that we as beings are not bodies. Furthermore, there is no scientific data (meaning based on empirical studies) that proves that cognitive processes take place in the brain. In other words no scientist at any time has been able to prove that you think with an organ called a brain, nevertheless psychology/psychiatry is still widely accepted as a science although technically speaking it is not.

    That being said, the experience I will describe next must be the most extraordinary one I've ever had.

    It was June of 2009 and I had just begun working for a company here in Germany as a sales rep, so I had a company car. I planned out my first business trip in advance including all of the hotels I would be staying at. I've always been fascinated by history so I always try to stay in historical places with interesting architecture: the older the better.

    On this first trip I had to visit clients in the Cologne area, including a store in Aachen which is an ancient city west of Cologne on the border to Belgium, but this is not where I stayed. I stayed in a small picturesque town called Monschau in a hilly landscape and on a little river called Rur. Monschau is just about a mile or so from the Belgian border; it is also an ancient town which was first mentioned in 1198 but which certainly goes back even further back in history, probably to the Merovingian period. I had visited this charming medieval town back in 1988 and was so impressed that I decided I would stay there again.

    I had booked a room in a hotel named Alt-Montjoie (Old Monschau), "Montjoie" being an old spelling of the town's name. After checking into this charming family owned hotel, I decided to stroll though the old cobble-stone streets and alleys as there was much to discover. I returned to the hotel, had dinner and went up to my room on the upper floor of the building. After surfing on my laptop I decided it was time to go to bed.

    I tuned off the lights and closed my eyes in an attempt to go to sleep. After a minute or two of closing my eyes, I began to see strange symbols & figures in my mind as if some external source was bombarding my mind with this. It was quite lucid as if I was watching a movie screen. They were geometric shapes, numbers, strange figures scrolling down my mind when I had my eyes closed. I could not sleep obviously. I opened my eyes and obviously this phenomena stopped. By the way, I had already on several occasions experienced this, but not as vivid and lucid as this time. I once again closed my eyes in another attempt to fall asleep, but the whole thing started again, this time even stronger. I figured by now that the source of this was in the room.

    I communicated silently to myself or to this other "being" and said: okay, I know you are there, come on, give it to me, show me what you want to show me. I closed my eyes again but this time physically felt a weight come down upon my chest as if a person had sat down on me. My body really sank down deeper into the matress of the bed a few centimeters due to the weight upon me and I got the goose bumps on every square centimeter of my body. I was not frightened as I have had similar experiences throughout my life, but I still got an eerie feeling.

    This is what happened next.

    This being exteriorized me out of my body, in other words, he pulled me out of my body completely into the bathroom and I was staring into the mirror of the bathroom but I obviously could not see myself as my body was about 3 meters behind me still on the bed of course.

    Keep in mind, outside of the body, a person can still have full perceptics meaning audio, visio, smell, etc. if he's in good shape; so I was still able to perceive my surrounding well outside of the body.

    This creature began to hurl whirl me around the room and I perceived him or it (whatever it was). He had mass, just like a physical body, and I could perceive a long pale body about 2 or more meters long, sort of slimy, he had sort of a dragon or demon face (like a gargoyle) with horns on his head. And this creature was mad, outright spiteful!

    A struggle ensued and to tell you the truth, this being was simply much too powerful for me and he could have sent me to god knows where and my body would have perished there in that bed that night and no one would have ever known what happened.

    After a few seconds of this struggle I simply communicated in German to whatever this being was by thinking "geh, geh, ich wei? da?du da bist" which means: go, go, I know that you're there. At this time this being left the room and I interiorized automatically back into my body. At that point I knew I would be able to finally fall asleep. I was breathing really fast and sweating as well.

    This incident is true and difficult for most people to grasp as it happens out in space and out of the body, but nevertheless it was certainly the creepiest experience I've experienced in this life.

    So was this a being who perhaps lived in Monschau many years ago and after death has just been hanging around to haunt visitors? He did have perceivable body mass, but not necessarily visible to the human eye, however, I did get full visio on the proportions and details of his body. Was this a different race? Or was it a demon-type of creature indeed?

    I don't know, but it was a real person, being, entity who could think, calculate, and it did have emotions although he didn't possess a visible body.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Guilhem de Peitieus <szaszigeti at yahoodot com>
    - Saturday, May 01, 2010 at 13:54:57 (PDT)

    This one has to do with a post a few years earlier about a father and his daughter locking eyes with people who had cat or reptile like irises in their eyes.

    I have had a similar happening. During a reseption of a wedding a relative of mine had, it was in an old village out in the mountains around Fallbrook, California, I had decided to explore the place, the few houses, the reseption hall, the church we had the wedding in. It happened in the reseption hall, a young boy about my age (12 at the time) was walking toward the door I was entering in and we had locked eyes just like aforementioned. His irises were similar in shape: oval like some feral animal, but his eyes were big. Abnormally big. It ended when my mom came up and spoke to me. I looked at her and the only thing I could do to get my moms attention of this was to point at the kid and say "Big." My mom looked in and thought I was talking about the reseption hall because the boy wasn't there anymore. I ran to the back door of the hall, it was open but no one was out there and I didn't see him for the rest of the time we were there.

    Chad <Kirara209 at hotmaildot com>
    San Clemente, CA USA - Wednesday, March 03, 2010 at 11:13:29 (PST)

    This is all true. I am a medium. I sense emotion and I have preminitions. Sometimes the emotion will be so strong that to protect myself, I put up mental barriers. My nickname is Troi like Deanna Troi from Star Trek next generation. I am going to describe it as best as I can.

    It was in late janurary back when I was sixteen years old in 2003. It was late at night and I was in bed trying to fall asleep. My cat, Licorice, who was laying next to my stomach, suddenly sat up from a sound sleep and shot into my closet. He never goes into my closet. I could hear him crying like he was scared. that is when I felt something proding my mind. I put up my barriers and it almost seemed like that very act made it angry. this was the first night.

    the next night, at about the same time, (2:30 AM) the thing returned. My cat bolted into the closet where I could hear him crying. I felt the prodding only it was more intense. I put up my barriers and I could feel it beating on the barrier. it withdrew and the next day i had a really bad headache all day.

    the following night, the final night this happened, at the same time as before, my cat shot for the closet where I heard him crying. i put my barriers up but because of the headache, i was also blocking off the pain. the prodding started and it got through my barriers. I couldn't move. All i could do was lay there. it prodded my mind as if it were searching for something. my headache got worse and i heard my cat growling from inside the closet. my other cat, Scamper, suddenly burst into the room, his fur fluffed up making him look like he was more then twice his size. i felt my mind get relased but my barriers were like they were transparent. I could feel it coming back when Scamper did something very unlike himself. he jumped up onto my bed and stood over my head, hissing the whole time. my headache suddenly went away and i felt lighter. Scamper was protecting me from something. i don't know what it was, but i know it ment me harm. has anyone else had something like this happen?

    Sunstar <primagirl at comcastdot net 123>
    USA - Friday, February 05, 2010 at 00:10:37 (PST)

    My story takes place about 18yrs ago when i was working in a restaraunt that was supposed to be haunted...located just south of st. louis, it was a family owned business that had been in business for over 30 yrs..the building was located on a local main street and very old...stories passed my ears from the kitchen help..things such as utensils flyin across the kitchen and creepy noises being heard all the time...for first two years that i worked there, i was often by myself in the afternoons between the lunch & dinner hours in the main room...sometimes there was a bartender in the adjoining lounge room (but not always), and usually one or two people in the kitchen which was located in the downstairs area...while i hadnt seen anything myself (up to that point), i always felt extremely uncomfortable, especially in the back dining rooms...lights were very dim..shadows seemed always around so i tried to shrug off the weird feelings...but one afternoon i had an experience that would change my thoughts of the paranormal forever....i was in the main front room (by myself) eating a piece of cheese cake that i shouldnt have been sneaking..the help wasnt allowed even though we all did it...the bartender was in that day & two people were drinkin at the bar in the lounge....all seemed fairly normal...it was just before four o'clock in the afternoon, bright and sunny light streamed in through the front windows, and i, eating my cheese cake as fast as i could before my boss came down (from his apartment that resided upstairs) for the dinner crowd...suddenly i heard a loud bang that came from the front of the restaraunt..i thought it was my boss, using the door located behind a full length mirror in the front (are u realizing now that this was a very strange building?) ...well as i stashed the cheese cake and walked around to greet him, i suddenly seen something that stopped me cold and made my mouth drop wide...standin infront of the front door (right beside the sunny windows with plenty of light) was a shadow person!...but at this time i had never heard of such and everything ive heard of since didnt begin to match the description of what i saw...yeah it was a black shadow, but it was 3 dimentional...no features at all was apparent..no color...no clothes...just solid black...and it stood on a rug infront of the door not twenty feet from me!...nothing stood inbetween us to hamper my vision...i wasnt on any substances that could have caused a hillucination...i wasnt sick and have never suffered from any paranoid dillusional problems...i am of sound mind and yes, while ive always believed in the paranormal, i never imagined id see something such as this!...this thing was extremely clear and also appeared intelligent...i stared for about 10-15 seconds and then suddenly it realized i was standing there, for it hunched down, then took off running straight into the lounge area....i ran through a middle doorway connecting the rooms to try and cut it off but when i got to the lounge (which only took a few seconds) there was no sign of it....the bartender was sitting with the two customers right at front of the bar where they would have had a perfect view, but no one had seen anything....everyone laughed at me about the experience, but another two years later, one of my friends i had worked with for several years came to visit me right after i had my baby...i wasnt working there anymore, so i was a bit out of the loop on what had been happening...we talked and gossiped for a while and suddenly she jumped up saying, 'oh and no one is laughing at you anymore..i was lost at first, and she proceeded to tell me how the bartender who was working the day i seen my shadow person, was working a night party in one of the back rooms...afterwards while cleaning up, she was taking some dirty linens down the back stairs to the kitchen when suddenly a black shadow came running up the stairs and knocked her down!...she was so stunned (and scared out of her wits) that she got her purse and left, leaving the party room still a mess!.....to this day im still more amazed by my experience then i was scared...it was incredible to say the least, and i have no doubt that restaraunt is haunted!..since then the place has been renovated (walls torn down) and people are still reporting activity, but no word of the shadow man.
    Kimi <kimi_d71 at hotmaildot comment>
    USA - Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 21:24:43 (PST)

    FOr the last few years my room mate's home ( mostly the kitchen floor ) has been invaded by maggots. I moved in 9 mo. ago & have seen this infestation three times. I sweep and mop with chemicals and before the floors are dry in the next room, the first room's floor has 20 - 30 maggots creeping about on the floor. THere are one or two flies at aby given time in the house but there are NOT enough to be laying this many larve in a day...day after day. There is no obvious reason or source. I have been on hands & knees witha flash light to look under ALL od the cabinetry & aplliances. There are no water or food sources, nothing sticky on the floors no collective trash or compost etc. I clean them up and BANG they are back. this will last 5 or 6 days and then poof they are just gone. This has happned about every three mo, since I moved in. We are clean people, leave no food out etc. an as I said there are not enough flies to produce these large larve...
    There are other bothersome and seemingly metephisical/paranormal things going on - lights on by themselves, cat getting out after everyone is home, in bed aseep & had see the cat before turning in yet he is on the porch in the a.m. There are no holes or windows that re not secure.No one has gone out so he cannot be slipping away between our feet. Odd sounds, voices in the home etc.

    Can anyone tell me what to do re: the maggots ???? Besides smudging with sage and mopping with bleach etc. and laying down bug srays? H-E-L-P !!!

    Thanks !!


    Dew Weise <prettywolf at aoldot com>
    USA - Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 11:43:02 (PDT)

    Me and 3 other friends were standing out side of my house around 11:00 or so and we herd this cat meowing across the street in the woods that surround a wheat field it sounded like it was in pain, but it was like a cross between a painful meow and and growling so i got a baseball bat because it was noting I've ever heard so me and my friend(Chris) stared walking towards it and it got louder and louder we went into the woods with a flashlight and we found a cat bowl filled with blood we herd the leaves crunching behind us so we turned around and we saw a large figure about 7 feet tall and very wide and fat like it had brown fur and it had a face like a gorilla and it was holing a large branch so we ran back to my house and started telling our other friends about it. The next morning we went back down to the wooded area and there was to sign of the bloody cat bowl or the larger creature.
    Joe Sativa <WARXKITTY at gmaildot com>
    Hampstead , MD USA - Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 11:17:52 (PDT)

    One night me and my friend were sleeping in my room I was on my bed and she was sleeping on the floor on a mattress. I woke up to go the the bathroom and i noticed she was sitting straight up and she couldn't breathe and she was gasping for air as if she was being strangled she fell back on the bed then just woke up again and she hand marks like a belt around her neck so she tried to calm down, so we went in the kitchen to eat breakfast. After breakfast we went back into my room to clean up, we she moved the blanket off of the mattress there was a leather belt sitting at the end of the bed. It wasn't mine, and it wasn't hers.
    Joe Sativa <WARXKITTY at gmaildot com>
    Hampstead , MD USA - Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 10:47:21 (PDT)

    Today Oct,22,2008 at about 5:30am I believe I had my first paranormal experience. But could it be real? I woke up at 4:30 and was trying to go back to sleep.. I would slowly starting to fall back to sleep or at least a concious state of lite sleep w/e I was first dreaming of a vacation i was on when all of the sudden my thoughts focused all on my grandmother who has recently passed.. I tried everything to stop thinking about it but the thoughts would not go away. I kept my eyes shut trying to fall alsleep when I felt my body shaking as if someone was trying to get me up. It was atleast a minute it continued and was on my left arm towards the outside of my bed but forceful enough to shake my hole upper body! I have never been more scared I dint want to move or open my eyes because i was terrified!!! Now i have never experienced anything like this before if anyone can relate please let me know! I would LOVE feedback possibly someone that may have had a similar experience!
    Lisa R <lrogel3 at comcastdot net>
    USA - Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 06:30:54 (PDT)

    Years Ago when A Friend and I Went Camping At a place called the holland Marsh Near Barrie(Ontario.) I woke late one night(second or third night upon visiting a secluded area) to a disturbing cackling followed by a horselike barking sound, I then I tried to wake my friend but I became scared and stopped and the next morning I told him about it then we left. Some time went by and we had photos that we had taken developed and there were high dense light streeks all around us in the photos. A long time went by close to now, Ive hearing a horselike voice that I thought sounded alot like the one In that Marsh? My friend is now past away ...

    I thought it was a one time thing until last night when I was a woke by the same thing again! let me tell there is a 100km difference in these two places

    Ive never Had the Guts to look, or the setup to record

    Rich Bolland <atlantianpunch at gmaildot com>
    Burlington, Ont Canada - Sunday, October 05, 2008 at 09:13:21 (PDT)

    A few days after i turned fifty years old,an event of major import changed my life.
    My wife was asleep in bed while i remained in the living room watching tv,i heard my wife ask in a definite manner "Honey is it you... ?" No,i replied thinking that she must be dreaming.

    A couple of minutes later I heard my wife making sounds of distress,it sounded serious enought that i runned to the bedroom to find my wife in a state of agitated trance of sort .try as i did i could not snap her out of it.

    I was getting very upset by my impotence in the situation.

    In a desperate gesture I asked God to punish or put the hurt on me not on my wife,the words were still in my lips and she come out of the state she was in.

    We were both so stressed that we did not discuss a single thing of the event,i went to shut off the tv and turned in.

    About three hours later I was awaken by the Paramedics and two police officers by my bed,I had a Grand Mal seizure and cut off my tongue,the doctors stitch it back in at the emergency room.

    Here comes the WEIRD part It happened at 5:00am on the 13 of January 1997.

    February 13th at 5:00am same situation {Emergency,stitch my tongue back in place...}

    And again the following month on the 13th at 5:00am.

    My wife then told me of the WEIRD event on the night of the first seizure,she said that when she called that night asking if it was me by the door she recall hearing someone stop at the bedroom entance,that is when she asked if it was me? She says that right after that a ball of light not very bright about two or three feet tall,come into the bedroom and delayed a second and proceeded to come to my side of the bed,suddenly the light leaped onto the bed on my side and began to spin in a circukar motion that entranced and hypnotized her ,that is when she called for help and i went to the bed.

    My drivers licence was suspended,my work and relationships everything suffered.Doctor were at a loss after so many Brain scan MRIs and the likes,there was no reason why i should have suffered three Grand mal seizures.

    All of them at 5:00am on a 13th

    At the time of the second seizure i become ill with Ulcerative Colitis and lost about sixty pounds in two week.

    I look so bad the admitting doctor on my second emergency demanded a drug test she tought i was a drug addict in the worst of condition,The result surprised her.I was clean.

    Since that First time more Weird stuff has happened but we do not talk to anyone about it.

    I concluded that life is often not as it seems.

    Thanks to God and to our Lord and the Love of friends and family who care.
    God be with you all.

    Serge J D <dsurge at sbcglobaldot net>
    Lake Forest, Ca USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 09:59:06 (PDT)

    my family had gone down to wyoming to visit our grandparent and our cousins from O.K. were there also. My twin cousins, my sister and i made up this creature which we call the oilman (its a stupid name but we were 10 when we made up the name). The oilman always "haunts" us when ever we are there, but we let it because we want to get scared out of our wits cause its fun to us. anyway we (as in My twin cousins, my sister and i) all decide to sleep in the RV a ways from the house and start up the scary things. every night we either saw or heard something walk around the RV and one of those nights something tried to break in by jiggling the handle bar. the next morning all sorts of things happened and that nightwhile one of my cousins and i were just about to fall asleep, we hear this earspliting scream from the back were my sister and my other cousin sleep. we get up and start to head to the back when the RV starts shaking voilently and when we were in the back my sister told us that they had lifted a curtain and saw a black figure staring at them. After they calmed down we headed back and slept. some of the other things that happened was the bed would vibrate on and off, the closet door would shake, we could hear breathing sometimes, something inside the shop next to the RV would lock and unlock the shop door, we heard faint screams in the woods next to the house, and we usually felt we were being followed and watch. I dont know how this all happens after calling a creature the oilman just becasue we saw a black figure walk behind a car when we were 10. These stories will always stick with us and will have future stories also.
    MT USA - Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 17:28:15 (PDT)

    Here's mine, as far as I can remember, back when I was a kid, I've experienced and seen a number of unusual phenomina. But this one tops it all. Back when I was staying with my parents, there were anumber of incidents where as some force would be pressing down on me in the bed and I remain immobilized between 5-10 secs. I 6ft tall weighing between 200-250lbs, I know my strength, I know I'm pretty strong. But at every instance this happens, the only way Im able to break free is through prayer and will power. One time, I decided to let it be, meaning, Id let it press me down and sink into the bed due to the force. Then it happenned, started out in an image of smoke slowly appearing and forming a torso and arms (due to how Im sinked in the bed, these were the only parts I can see) pressing down on me. As I let it sink further, the image becomes clearer. Then it hit me, the fear and horror. I began praying really hard and use the strength left in me to break free, in few more seconds I would have seen the entity pushing down on me, but I eventuallybroke free and everything just in a snap came back to normal. I have a lot more stories, but this encounter is one I'll never forget.
    A.J.A.E <roye85 at hotmaildot com>
    USA - Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 13:30:11 (PDT)

    I have lived in my home for 12 years with my sister and parents. Many strange things have happened in this old house but before I get to that let me enplane how this all began. My neighbor is an old woman whose husband built their house during WW2. They owned a lake and part of a forest where my house now stands. The womans husband passed away in WW2 and his ashes were put into their lake. Due to losing her husband the woman had to sell her property along with the lake that contained her husbands ashes. The lake eventually went to the cities water supply and only a handful was left. My home was built. Many families moved into the house and moved out, my neighbors reported strange events from these people but when I brought up the subject of my home being haunted no one seemed to believe me. Not even my parents. However my friends came over on sleepovers constantly and they witnessed the strange unexplainable things. For example; one night my friend jenny slept over and we slept on my two couches in my living room. She recalls that she saw a pure black spirit in the shape of a human hovering toward her.jenny felt that it was demonic. She rubbed her eyes and blinked but it didn't dissapear. It eventually hovered above her and she was too scared to wake me up. She hood under her covers and peeked true to see if it was still there, it wasn't. I usually don't tell anyone about my experiences because I have learned to believe that no one believes what they don't see them selfs. So you see I didn't tell her about my sightings and experiences so it came as a shock to me when she went up to me and told me about it. I told her about what Iv witnessed and she believed me. Her mother came to pick her up that evening and jenny told me that she was phycic. I took them to my basement and she said that she could tell something wanted us "out". We left. Another time my friend came over. The lights went out. W herd heavy footsteps and we knew that my mom went out to eat with my dad and my sister was over at her friends house. She was really scared so I wanted to show her that there was nothing there..I said aloud and affirming to the spirit " If your there, knock." a few seconds went by and nothing happened. I turned to my friend and said "see nothings.." I was cut off by a thumping that seemed to be coming from everywhere my friend hood under my desk and cried. as soon as she shouted "GOD HELP ME!" it all stopped. the lights went back on and my mom came home. I felt a sigh of relief but my friend left trembling. My bedroom door would always open and slam with a great force and id ALWAYS feel and hear someone sleeping next to me. I would hear snoring and heavy breathing and id feel someone on my lap. One night I snuggled in with my parents after something was pulling my covers off of me. I herd my parents room floorboard creek and i assumed it was my dad seeing who was taking up all the space but i herd demonic sounding breathing so I thought "cold?" I was trying to tune it out but i couldn't. The breathing got louder and I felt something crawling up my legs and right when it was going to reach my face i went under the covers and I saw a blinding white flash. I couldn't believe it. I thought the only safe place was my parents bed and I suddenly felt hopeless. M y mother grew accustomed to my stories and blamed it on "scary movies" Its one thing to see something that could be your old black sweater in your closet, or your heating system but when something attacks you its MUCH different. My mother never experienced anything strange since she worked LONG hours and left early and came back late . I'm still living in this house. I cant explaine all the phenomena that happened in 12 years but if you e-mail me ill send pictures and other stories. I have to do this on my own with the help of friends so I cant get an exorcism done without my parents, which still are too ignorant to believe anything I say because they don't experience anything. I have been attacked and left with bruises and scars , how does imagination enplane that? Or how things move by themselves? please e-mail me if you have any advice.
    sandy <l00k0utitsmex at aoldot com>
    wooddale, IL USA - Sunday, January 06, 2008 at 17:15:00 (PST)

    in june of 1989 i was huusesitting for relatives as thy went on a month long vacation-one night i entered the house and when igot to the middle of the house-all the lights/power suddenly died knowing the fuse box wsa in the basementiheadedfor that room by touch because it was totally dark when all of the sudden the rosery was blasting from the stereo-BUT THE HOUSE WAS STILL DARK AND WITHOUT POWER-IRAN OUT OF THE HOUSE-when ireturned-with others-the power was restoerd-but no rosery recornding
    to add to rosery house-in same house later iwas sleeping in my room[my grand ma died in that room]-iawke to a2 foot figure floating above my head sitting indian style watching me grinning-inoticed i was paralized and could not move anyhing but my eyes[cound not even scream] when he noticed icould see it its face tuned evil and it mouth opened toshow dozens of razor sharp teeth it lunged with mouth wide open to bite my head offwhen it seemed thatit mouth closed on my head it was gone and my movment returned
    greg valadez <g09051968 at yahoodot com>
    chicago, ill USA - Sunday, November 18, 2007 at 12:30:53 (PST)

    The other night I was sleeping, so I think. All I Know is I was scared out of my wits. My husband was lying next to me, but I couldn't move. I felt like something was holding me down and trying to bring the covers up to my face. I could see my bedroom and the door to the bathrroom a few feet away. Still feeling paralyzed I could feel my heart beating and the frightful feeling coming over me was indescribable. I wanted to reach for my husband to help me, but nothing would move. Not my arms, legs, nothing. I tried so hard to yell, but even that was hard to do. Finally, I screamed and my husband shook me. He was saying wake up, but I told him I was awake. He insisted I was asleep, but I know I was awake. I really hope this never happens again. I couldn't go to sleep and I was sick the rest of the day from it. Physically sick. Has anyone else experienced this?
    Nancy Friess <Iodyne100 at aoldot com>
    Rexford, NY USA - Monday, September 10, 2007 at 17:18:38 (PDT)

    Well. Im not sure where to start. I guess it just has to deal with this feeling of evil I get. I dont know what it is, how to explain it. Its just a very powerful vibe I get. I experience it the most at night when I am dreaming, which I suppose it could just be my mind, but I wake up, and I feel this just horrible vibe of evil. I dont know how to explain, only happens like once a month or so, but it stands out from everything else. I used to live in a different house, and I used to always feel this vibe there. Its like this despair, and anger, and pain, or something, that I dont feel, but I feel its presence. Its very hard to explain. I wake up when I feel it, and it just stays in my till I turn on lights and walk around and eat something and turn on the TV or the radio and calm myself down. Light seems to be the only thing that helps to get rid of it. Maybe someone has some clarification to as what I am feeling? I dont know what it is, could be my own mind, something else, no idea. Any ideas?
    Shawn <excabus at gmaildot com "remove this and the quotes">
    WI USA - Wednesday, September 05, 2007 at 18:53:14 (PDT)

    Its very strange, but about every couple of months i wake up to a very swollen eye, looks almost as if i were punched in the eye, and then i see this very odd hand imprint on my upper right thigh. Now clearly i would think nothing of it if the print looked like my hand, but the fingers are much longer than mine. The fingers are tilted to the side and you can actually see where the nail is on the finger. I just find it very weird and don't know what could be making it happpen
    Nicole <tommyg36822 at yahoodot com>
    USA - Wednesday, June 20, 2007 at 05:06:47 (PDT)

    Hello, my name is Michael Bell. I am 17 and ever since my freshmen year in high school I have experienced this phenomenon around a dozen time sense. And in some was I have some control over it. My most common experiences with this phenomena comes shortly after I fall asleep or just before when I?m half asleep.

    Assuming it was, not being a hundred present sure it was the same phenomena, I was 15 the first time it happen. Whether it was because I couldn?t or I just didn?t try to, except for me eye (like in all of my other occurrences), I didn?t move. I was lying in my bed waiting to fall asleep. My room was dark but my door was open letting in a dim light from the hallway which allowed me to see things like my desk, bookshelf, and closet. I was still awake lying on my back with my eyes open. I?ve always had a vast imagination and in those days sense childhood I had a fear and nervousness of the dark. Just when I turn my eyes to the door I saw something what wasn?t there, a dense swarm of black spider like one large shadow crept through my the door. My eyes followed them as they crawled over the walls of my room to my desk. Again I looked to my right and saw coming slowly through the door a giant floating black hand its wrist just out over sight. But despite my fears I wasn?t too scared of what I was witnessing. Shortly after seeing the hand it all ended, either I fell asleep or it just stopped.

    My second time was much different. It accorded during the day after I awoke from a nap. The first thing I noticed was lying on my stomach motionless. Despite my efforts my lags and arm would not move. I felt a presents in my room. I looked as much as I could towards the foot of my bed where I saw a man standing next to my bed his back to me. He wore a light blue collared short tucked in his long tan pants with a black belt. I panicked not so much because of the stranger but from the inability to move. I struggled vigorously but was only about to manage a very slight twitching in the limbs I tried desperately to move. Finally I gave up struggling and try to relax and close my eyes. It worked; I felt the mobility of my body return to me. It felt like being in an elevator (going down) as it rapidly slowed to a stopping. I open my eyes to fide that it was all over. It was this technique that would always work on the occurrence I applied it to.

    Many people talk of witnessing aliens when they experience anomalous phenomena, but out of all my experiences I have only once felt the presents of an alien. This time was my second and last time I was on my stomach. It was pitch black so with my eyes open I couldn?t see anything other then the red glow of my clock next to my bed. And although I didn?t see it I could still sense it was one of them. It was next to my bed in front of my face. It leaned over me its mouth close to my ear. I could feel its feeling towards. The feeling were of hatred and angry as it hissed loudly at my head. But I closed my eyes and some it was all over.

    fama But by far my scariest experience happened last year when I was 16. But first I must explain when I am paralyzed I feel a strange numbing throughout my body and I hear an odd sound located deep in my ears. And rarely on some nights just before I completely fall asleep or start to get really relaxed and drowsy I can feel the numbing in my body and hear the sound in my ears start to build and unless I move or shift it might take over me. And on this night it was particularly unrelenting. I had to shift three or four times before it seemed to stop. I finally started too laid still when despite the room being dead silent it suddenly got somehow even quieter. I didn?t relies it then but when I closed my eyes a fear came over me fore I though the blackness was not from my eyelids but instead from death. I thought I was dead as I peered through its darkness. This was the first time I really felt like I left my bed. But not only that I felt I left my body then earth. I believe at that moment that I was some were between life and death. It was an incredible feeling of floating there and despite being an atheist I was waiting there, waiting for god to judge me. But suddenly I felt a great relief come over me after waking up and discovering I was still a live.

    Michael Bell <bigfoot19000 at gmaildot com>
    northboro, MA USA - Monday, April 02, 2007 at 19:38:49 (PDT)

    Being on the Prescott Police force in 1983, I knew something weird was going on when my buddy and I were called in to investigate 2 strange murders down in Prescott Valley. Now, some call it the Whistler legend, but that's just ridiculous. I saw 2 unidentified dead bodies, plain and simple. A true story. We all saw the state police and feds come in, even county sheriff's office and Phoenix P.D. were involved. The whole thing has been dismissed as an urban legend.

    But there WAS a strange conspiracy. The horror of what I saw that night, and a year later again in 1984 is gruesome, gory and hard to believe. But it happened.

    2 days after we finished with the official police business, we were notified to avoid any discussion of the matter due to Arizona legislature demands - whatever that meant. My buddy and I just looked at each other in disbelief.

    I would have not given it too much thought, except that the next year, I was at a local bar when I saw on the news about 5 gangbangers that got killed. The way they were hit reminded me of the 2 bodies we found the year before.

    I would have thought nothing of it if I hadn't received another communique at the station, this time at the federal AND state level, to keep quiet about the previous year's discovery.

    About 3 years after that, my fiancee and I were at a Blockbuster up in Flagstaff. She likes horror movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween. But what happened to us later was worse than both of them them put together.

    Back in those days the northern Arizona area off the I-17 was very spooky, far less inhabited and lent itself to an array of ghost stories, urban legends, Indian voodoo tales and all sorts of strange religions, New Age Movement and the like. Sedona is worse than ever in this regard, and the wierdness continues to this day.

    Well, as we drove home we saw a masked guy with an ax chopping at something when I had to stop to relieve myself on the way back to Prescott. My girlfriend screamed, the masked guy took off and we found a mutilated body. Forensics specialists with the Prescott PD again couldn't identify the body.

    Well, like the Jason/Mike Myers/Freddie Kruger/Jigsaw films that you can rent at Hollywood Video or Netflix (these days), the masked guy that some call the whistler has earned himself a reputation in the Prescott area as a specter or ghost that kills for vengeance. Some think it's for the deaths of those seven people. I just think some nut is out there killing people, and it's somehow tied to the Arizona government.

    And I saw him kill. It had to be him.

    Ned J. <njtl7 at yahoodot com>
    Prescott, AZ USA - Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 07:08:36 (PDT)

    This is true. Wild, but true. One night, a group of friends and I were playing manhunt. A friend of mine and i were hiding in my best spot in some dark bushes. I lay there and she was next to me. I heard everybody else screaming, and smiled. they were yelling that we were somewhere else. i looked over and there was a ghostly face. i was horrified! it smiled at me, that evil, terrible, im-about-to-kill-you-smile. I screamed, and tried to get up. I WAS STUCK!! I told my friend to get somebody, but she said she was stuck and panicked. She was scared, even though she didnt see the face. It laughed at me. Laughed! It was enjoying this. Suddenly my friends ran up, the face disappeared, and i sprang up. I never went there again.
    Anonymous <I dont want to post it>
    Spotswood, NJ USA - Monday, February 26, 2007 at 15:42:48 (PST)

    I am at a loss of where to start, for I have had many incounters with the same.... umm creatures, if you will. I don't know who they are or what they want, or even if it is just all in my head. But what I do know is that they have been bothering me since I was a little girl. They come in the night, and right on the border line of awake and asleep they start to mess with me.

    Either they will lift up my legs and let them drop (which is very scary when you think no one is there) and sometimes they will shake my bed untill I wake up. But lately they have been very aggrasive toward me. Now they somehow make me paralized, I tryed diging my toenail into my boyfriend's leg (who was awake at the time) but he said I wasn't moving or didn't have any signs of having a bad dream. But I could hear him flipping the pages in his magizine while I was parlized, almost as if my mind and senses were awake but this... demon wouldn't let my body wake up. And while I'm parlized I can see pictures that they are sending me to scare me, One image I remember was A fuzzy black and white TV screen. You know, when a cord isn't plugged in. Also one was of a The KKK group but instead of white robes they were black. I don't know how to make them go away, I usually just accepted them as part of my life that I have to deal with. But now they have become to much, and are making me late for my classes, sometimes they will attack me in brode day light, when no one is aorund of coruse. They are all diffrent, its not like an old angry family member haunting me, because they all have diffrent tenicques to scare me. Some are more aggresive than others, i don't think its my house because they have been in every house I have lived in. Whats Happening? What are they? But most imporantly What do they want?!! Please if anyone knows anyting or experinces the same things let me now so I'm not crazy.

    Michelle Martin <chelly72890at msndot com>
    Denver , Co. USA - Friday, January 26, 2007 at 15:28:08 (PST)

    Also: Older evil event reports



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