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I am 24 now. When I was about 10 years old, I lived with my mother and grand mother. I had my own room. An aunt came to visit from out of town, so she was to take my room for the night while I slept on the couch. I had a femail Viszla dog that I slept with all the time. She was spread lengthwise next to me on the couch asleep. For some reason, I woke up and looked over at the dog. She was looking up toward the dark hallway where the bedrooms were, as if she saw something. That look on a dog's face just before they begin to bark at something, you all know the look.

Her gaze followed something and looked up. I looked straight up toward the ceiling and something was there. It was a transparent clouded being of an old woman dressed in a ankle-length gown and she had part of her also transparent clothing crossing over the rear of her head similar to a bonnet. Her thinning hair portruded out of the front and it hung down the sides of her head. I wanted to scream, to cry...but something held my breath. Something kept me from doing so. Was I in shock or was this being forcing my silence? I still do not know. Her eyes caught my gaze and there they held. She floated around the couch in front of it, holding my gaze. She was floating, there was no motion of walking. Her eyes were the blackest I had ever seen. Darker than space without stars. She floated across the room and just before entering the kitchen, she turned her head away and broke our eye contact. My eyes swept down the back of her gown. Her feet were puffs of white smoke and about 6 inches off of the ground. She disappeared into the kitchen and I could do nothing but lay there and gasp as my heart pounded in my chest.

Then, again, she appeared from the kitchen and floated, holding my eyes against my will with her gaze, across the room back toward the hallway.

She disappeared in the darkness of the hall. The dog too could not apparently move. After the spirit or ghost or demon had dissappeared, my dog jumped up and began to sniff the floor around the hall and living room, trying to pick up a scent of the being.

Later in life, when I was about 13, I told my mom. I hadn't spoken of it before. I found out that my dead grandfather had, years before his death, had described seeing the same thing one night about 25 years prior in that same living room, while he sat in his recliner smoking a cigarette. He worked nights as a security guard, so when he had days off, he could not sleep at night, so he often sat in darkness in the living room, smoking and watching the sky out the window.

I have never seen the being since, and don't care to. Although, some other things in that house have happened to me over time which are a bit disturbing. My grandmother and mother still live there, but I have since moved out. I moved into an apartment alone with my cat. Sometimes, though, at night, among the darkness, I feel a presence. It is as though something is lurking beneath the dimness of the shadows, watching me, living among the beings of a world just out of our sight.

Mike <GilHook2000 a aol comxxxxxx>
Denver, CO USA - Thursday, April 07, 2005 at 13:29:46 (PDT)

One morning, just afew months ago, i was taking care of my dogs daughter "lucy" i was just rolling over mostly still sleeping when i heard lucy do this low growling thing that she does when something is not right, you know if you own dogs right. Well she did this little thing and emediatly i heard a mans voice go"shhh....quiet!" i freaked i was up on my feet in the living room looking everywhere in seconds. Nothing? the doors where locked the windows where closed i was in fact alone ........ but i heard the voice i heard it like it was right there. i still can't explain it but i think he's still here............the dog lucy went joke.......and i still have my dog, more protective than ever?
nancy zena jennewein <nancy_jennes a excite com>
vancouver, bc canada - Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 10:53:46 (PDT)

Okay here goes, I swear on my grandmother's grave that this really happened. Early evening in San Luis Obispo on High St. Near Smart -n-Final, my boyfriend and I were taking a stroll. Me, being the plant enthusiast that Iam, stopped to admire some small flower bushes that were growing along the sidewalk., when out of nowhere came a hideous growl, but there was nothing there!!! Nothing was in the bushes because you could see right through them. The growl sounded like a very angry wolf but much worse, I'm getting chills while Iam writing this by the way. Another strange thing was that my boyfriend and I both said the growl sounded like it was right next to our ear, but we were standing a couple feet from eachother, it seemed to be in two places at once. My boyfriend and I were very spooked for a couple of days, especially because the spot where it happened was right across the street from our apartment in San Luis. If anybody knows any history about this area of San Luis I would be very interested to find out . Thanks
J McKinleyville, Ca USA - Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 11:28:09 (PDT)

I once met a man who said he was 'oppressed' by three demons. My dad introduced me to him, at church.

I guess the guy had approached the pastor for help, who promptly passed him off to my dad (who'd had counselled a friend who'd been stalked by a demonic cult -- another story). The guy also said that whenever anyone spoke about "godly" things, three demonic voices would mock the speaker, making it hard for demon-oppressed guy to hear.

This guy would flinch and grunt whenever at church, or talking about 'churchy' things... said he was being assaulted by the three demons. My two brothers and I just thought he was crazy.

My dad did have any magic solution to this guy's problem, he just befriended him, invited him and his son over to swim in our pool, talked to him frequently on the phone, whatever.

This 'afflicted' guy didn't get better.. After time he was still being 'assaulted'. The assaults would even start when the guy set foot in our house.

Anyway, over time Dad wondered whether he was helping any, or just feeding the guy's neurosis. We were at church one Sunday when Dad started praying about it (he told me after) during silent prayer time. I was sitting right next to him. When the pastor started talking, Dad suddenly sat straight up, and scowled at me. I mouth "what?!" at him, then he looked over at my two brothers, behind the pew, everywhere. Suddenly, Dad jolted a foot straight up out of his pew.. all 280 pounds of him! Then he smiled over at me and almost laughed out loud.

He told me afterward that when the pastor started talking, he heard 3 mocking voices. He first thought it was me and my 2 brothers, then looked for a tape recorder or some other prankster in the pews around us. Suddenly, he was kicked in the butt, and it was all over.

Dad felt like someone was letting him know that his friendship with the demon-oppressed guy was not in vain, not just feeding a neurosis.

Our (somewhat morbid?) family has always had a good laugh about that.
Jim <the21cen a hotmail com>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 16:45:43 (PST)

Laying in bed one night on the verge of falling asleep, something quite frightening happened to me. The room was dark, but the moonlight was coming in through my blinds. The window is to the back of my bed and my bed faces the door to my bedroom. It was dark but I could still make out shapes in my room. So I'm just laying there, quite comfortable acutally. This is where it is hard. I'm not sure if I was awake or dreaming, or if it even matters. The door to my bedroom swung open. At the instant it opened, in one terrifying moment, the door opened and a huge shadowy figure made it's way from the doorway across the room and positioned itself right over the top of me and my bed. It just hovered over me for a few seconds with it's arms raised in the air as if it were reaching for me. It had no face that I could see. It only looked black like a shadow. It had it's arms outstretched and I could tell it had robes or a cape of some kind on because I could see the cloth haning down from it's arms. It was so fast and so completely horrific. It just came straight at me with it's arms in the air over it's head. It got right by my face and it enveloped me. I began trying to scream but couldn't. The fear was overwhelming. I began sweating and shivering. It was over in moments. The whole encounter only laster probably 5 seconds. But it was just so freaky. I got up from bed, still very scared. I was shaking and turned on all the lights in the house and began to look around. I saw no sign of anything out of place except for one thing. The only reason I know that this encounter was real and not a dream is that I always shut my bedroom door. And when I got up to turn on the lights the door was wide open. I sat up for the rest of the night. I couldn't get my mind off of it. This hasn't happened before, or since then. And I'm glad. I feel that when and if I ever see this figure again, it will be my last moments. It really feel like the grim reaper had paid a visit to me. As if he just wanted me to know that he is out there waiting.
NB <beelzebud420 a hotmail com>
IL USA - Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 19:32:05 (PST)

I am 41 years old now, and this happened back in 1984. I was in the Marine Corps, and had just finished a tour of duty overseas. My wife and young daughter had stayed with her mother while I was gone. After I returned, we rented an apartment at a "garden-style" apartment complex. They were some of the newest and nicest apartments in town. We signed the lease, then went to the storage facility to get a few items for the night, and planned to get the rest of our belongings the next day.

As we started to settle in for the night, my wife was getting our daughter (who was less than a year old) ready for bed, and I took some quilts and blankets into the bedroom to make us a place to sleep.

As soon as I entered our bedroom, a feeling of terror came over me. I ran from the room without thinking, and told my wife I couldnt sleep in there tonight. But after that night, every thing was fine, until a few months later.

Our routine was to watch the evening news, then go to bed. She would immediately roll over and go to sleep, while I would read in bed for 30-45 minutes. I never dozed off with my glasses on. I always sat with my back against the headboard, and a pillow behind my back.

One night, I sensed someone was watching me. I slowly raised my eyes, and saw someone or something in the doorway to the bedroom. This "figure" was covered from head to toe in what looked liked a dirty white sheet. The shape of it filled the entire doorway. It seemed to be swaying gently from side to side. My first thought was that there was an intruder in the apartment, and I was wondering how he got in. I kept a Kabar (Marine Corps fighting knife) in the top drawer in the night stand.

Suddenly, "it" rushed at me. I rolled out of bed and onto the floor, preparing to defend myself. I felt a rush of air as "it" went by me. I grabbed the Kabar out of the drawer and jumped to my feet, but whatever it was had disappeared.

I immediately ran from room to room, looking for the intruder and checking to see if all windows and doors were locked, which they were.

We lived in that apartment for several more months, until my discharge. The incident never happened again, and to this day I have no idea what it was.
Dennis Horyna <horynadennis a waterloo.deere com>
cedar rapids, IA USA - Tuesday, September 04, 2001 at 10:38:41 (PDT)

When my ondest daughther was about 6 years old, a young college student gave her a dark brown gunie pig which we named Poopsie. We kept the pet in a cage in the house and occasionally would let it out in the back yard to get fresh air and exercise. One day we let it to play and after about 15 minutes my daughter went out to check on it, came back in the house and told her mother "Mommy, Poopsie's head is gone". Neither my wife or I could believe it. We went outside and sure enough right next to the house and immediately to the right of the door on the back pourch was a little ball of fur. I looked at it trying to figgure out what seemed so odd. There was was a perfectly clean ball of fur with a small drop of blood about the size of a match head in the spot where the head would have been attached. The animal was in a perfect position as is it was just setting on all fours in a natural position. I thought perhaps a dog had attacked it but no hair was wet or ruffeled like it would have been had it been attacked by a dog or other animal. I grew up in on a ranch and had seen many times what happens when one animal attacks another but yet that was the only explanation I could come up with. There was no phsical signs of this type of attack. There was a close knit fence around the entire back yard and it could not have gotten out nor could a dog have entered the yard. There were no dogs in the yards next door. I looked for over an hour trying to find the head to that little animal. No head was ever found. I just buried the little fellow and marked this down as a unexplainable experience.
Ron <rondl a juno com>
TX USA - Saturday, September 01, 2001 at 15:07:58 (PDT)

After spending the day waterskiing on Lake Powell we turn in for the night in our room at the hotel by the Marina. I awake later, with the feeling that some force was trying to take my son. Sure enough, he (about 5 or so at the time) was headed for the door. I try to get up to stop him and my legs are senseless - I fall on the floor. I call to my wife to get him - she wakes and thinks I'm nuts (she was always grumpy if I woke her). Meanwhile my son is at the door, I'm yelling at him to stop, he finally does. He says his stomach hurt and it hurt more if he didn't go to the door. He finally was able to return and still remembers this weird scary occurance - some force telling him to go out the door. What was this?!!!
Barry Klein <barryklein a home com>
Trabuco Canyon, CA USA - Sunday, December 24, 2000 at 23:14:04 (PST)

Well, here's mine...I have only spoken about it to close friends and family, so I might as well share it with everyone.

Three years ago, my daughter, now 7, slept in me and my wife's bedroom due to the fact of us only having a one bedroom apartment. That's really only for background, so let me continue. At about 3:00 in the morning, I awoke to find my daughter sitting straight up in her bed, eyes big as saucers, mouth open and breathing heavily. I sat up and asked her was she okay, when I realized that she was starrign at something. We always left the bathroom light on because if she needed to go, she couldn't reach the light, so the hallway was well illuminated. I looked to where her eyes were aimed at, and this is where it gets freaky, however, very honest.

All I could see from my perspective was a shadow of someone very tall and big, however, yes, yes, yes, a little bit of horror movie coming out here, but wasn't a person. The shape was wrong, and the head, well, the shadow was large, and looked as if the head was covered in dread-locks. I couldn't move, just like my daughter, and at my angle all I could see was a shadow, she SAW it!

The shadow moved out of line of sight, and I snapped. I hopped up and grabbed my firearm that I kept in our room, removed the gun lock, pointed at my daughter and growled at her, "Stay here!" I pushed my wife on the bed and demanded that she was to wake up, and I moved into the hallway. Nothing. I moved throughout the apartment, and still, nothing. I feel bad about saying this, but my daughter could have gotten hurt that night because she came out of the room behind me regardless of what I told her and I spun around on her. I have been trained with a firearm, so my finger was not on the trigger for safety.

I immediately went through the apartment turning on lights, and sat my daughter on the sofa. My wife came out, bewildered why we were up and why I had my gun. I immediately began to ask my daughter what did she see, but she would only look at me and shake. After a while, she began to cry.

The next day, I tried to ask her about it again, but I got the same result as I did the night before. She wouldn't say anything, and eventually she began to cry. Recently, like other times in the past, I would try to ask her again what she saw, but she would simply grow distant and space off. After a while, she would simply whisper, "Nothing". I don't know. That was three years ago, and I still can see the shadow, but she saw it...whatever it was. We were wide awake, I hadn't been drinking, and I am quite sane. I would normally not believe other people's stories, and would simply appreciate them as just a good old fashioned boogey-man tale, and that would be that.

So, if any of you have had an unexpected shadow near your children, let me know. I feel freaked out again here at work, typing this, remembering this. I hope it was all a dream.
Paul Hight <plhight a aol com>
Chicago, IL USA - Friday, December 29, 2000 at 10:03:44 (PST)

since as long as i can remember i have had unexplained scarring on my genital area.i have talked to everyone in my family,and learned nothing.i have 5 piercings around my one has been able to explain them to me(well how they got there)not even my doctor.something like that has to stay in for awhile to remain open like that!i am 27 now and since i can remember they have been there??????!!!!!!

anyone have any suggestions
not specified <atimekill a hotmail com>
anywhere, kt USA - Sunday, January 21, 2001 at 15:49:29 (PST)

I too, have this phenomena with street lights going out when I pass by or underneath. In my case, I feel it is a curse or anathema, Ever since I saw a flash of light, like a camera flash, back in 1991, people's attitude towards me changed drastically. Now everyone seems to disagree with me or sides against me. My family, sisters, mom, no longer want to have anything to do with me. I am not an alcholholic, drug user, or mentally ill, however I am treated like an outcast. In my case, I believe it is some sort of curse, I read Ben and Jean William's book, "Black Hope" and found that this phenomena occurred with one of their children everytime they walked down the block. This family's true life story inspired the movie, "Poltergiest II" You can read this book about a family who bought a new home unknowingly built over a cemetary. Respond if anyone has had a negative experience with this phenomena.
Oslow,Andy <www.r0001da a paranormal com>
Uriel, CA USA - Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 12:38:05 (PST)

About 5 yrs ago, I opened the front door at night to go into the yard and play, when something dark caught my eye. When I looked at it, it was the shape of a masculen man with his back towards me and he was all dressed in black. I was instantly filled with fear and all sound disappeared. As soon as I could move again I ran inside to tell my mother. She quickly went with me to go outside but, she became filled with fear herself as her hand grabbed the door knob to open it. Not knowing what caused her to feel terror, she turned around and grabed my hands and said "let's pray". We did and then she opened the door. Everything was normal again.....Never did find an explanation for my seeing the man all in black plus all sound disappearing.:#
jonanna <annquinones a>
Miami, FL USA - Tuesday, January 25, 2000 at 12:52:57 (PST)

I beleive you would call this a paranormal encounter. Four years ago my grandmother had to have emergency angio-plasti surgery in Oklahoma City. My grandfather and mom both went to the City to be with her during her hospital stay. Some relatives of our s, I don't know exactly how we are related to them, were living in a old house outside of the city. My grand-pa and mom went there to stay because it was free. No hotel bills, or food costs. When they arrived they unpacked the car and got settled in. My mom who was living in Kansas City at the time had brought her two Newfoundland dogs. Immediatley the dogs were acting strange, my mother told me. Poe the male, was barking at things, and wouldn't enter certain areas of the house. He would go to the room e ntrance then stop. My mom would place his food bowl in one room of the house, and he wouldn't even eat. My mom thought this was strange, but maybe he was nervous. That evening my relatives told my grand-pa and mom of all the strange happenings that occured in the house.(There are many I can't tell them in this story) My mom and grand-pa just laughed at them, and thought they were crazy. Neither my mom nor grand-pa beleived in ghosts. Later on the dogs were still acting weird, it was late and my mom was trying to go to sleep. Poe kept on panting and circling her, so finally she got upset and was going to throw him out. She told me as she was getting up, she felt three shocks go through her body and collapsed unable to move, then passing out. As this was going on my grandfather was up in the attice which had be converted into a room. Being up in the attic it was hot, and he had a box fan blowing on him. He told me as he was laying there he couldn't go to sleep becasue it was so hot. As he lay there he was looking at the ceiling, when he couldn't feel the fan blowing on him anymore. He looked over at the fan, and could still see the blades spinning but the air was no longer hitting him. He was getting up to go down stairs, becasue he was hot, a nd this was just strange. As he got up he felt something press down on his legs and chest. He told me he fought it and fought it for almost 4 hours, finally it let go of him, and he threw himself off the bed, becasue of the strength he was using trying to get up. My grand-pa is a mechanic, who has huge muslces, he is a strong man, and served in WW2. He never believed in horsecrap, as he called it, before. Now he carrys a cross with him all the time. He told me he was more scared in that attic than anytime in the w ar. My mother who was never religious went through the training to be catholic, and now has rosarys over her bed at all times. They would never make this up. I have always wanted to go there and check it out, but they said they will never go back. Soon after that, my relatives moved out. I wish I could tell the other events that have occured there, but I would be speaking thrid person, so I will stick to what I know is no joke.
John Seyerle <colin a clandjop com>
Pittsburg, KS USA - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 09:46:23 (PST)


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