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Monthly 'Weird Science' Salon in Seattle

a list of some past meetings
[Some meetings have demonstrations of current projects or interesting videos. Others are just a collection of odd people fiercely jabbering until thrown out around 3AM. At least you can sleep late on Saturday.]
Sept. 7 1998 A tour of 'weird science' on the internet, a demo of ancient holography, night vision microcam, plasma spheres without glass, maglev without electronics, and motors without wires.
Oct. 5 Argon balloon plasma ball (didn't work!) More high voltage popbottle motor. Classic VandeGraaff hair-raising. Fascinating discussions lasting far, far into the night, and on a work night too! Future meetings now Saturdays.
Nov. 3 Meet Mark Hendershot, the son of the inventor of the famous "Hendershot Device" overunity oscillator. Free rainbow powder. Seeing electric current inside wires.
Dec. 1 Physics of VandeGraaff machine. Setting fire to 2X4s with series-connected 9v batteries. The Schauberger story. Foot-long VDG sparks and pinhole fingerburns. An attempt to see Yost's strange "ion wind" threads.
Jan. 5 Messin' with a small tesla coil. Sparklength enhancement via noble gas. Coil videos, homemade laser lightshow, bite the cryogenic marshmallow liquid nitrogen shennigans.
Feb. 9 "Brain machines", arbitrarily large solar furnaces, humidifier that melts holes in plastic with an ultrasound beam, endless acousto-scalar-osity.
Mar. 1 More brain machines, dry ice trickery, Nazi UFO videotapes, momentary maglev, scanning laser and CO2 fog, pizza consumption, fearfully waiting two hours for the dry ice experiment in the driveway to finally explode!
Apr. 5 Blowing stuff up (a continuing theme!) Theremin video. Try your hand at Hand Drawn Holograms. Hi-freq discharge tube phenomena. Ruth-beer floats. Industrial quantities of rainbow-generating sidewalk treatment. IR camera. Death by used 9v batteries.
May 3, The Kelvin Waterdrop Apparatus (bunch of soup cans on black plexiglas) actually worked! Little sparks from dribbling water. The kids were much more impressed by the old standby though: VandeGraaff generator.
June 7 Meeting at Dan Corson's neon sculpture studio. Neon Demonstrations, electron gun in vac chamber High voltage, silent plasma writhing in the night.
Aug 3 Big load of old PCs for free! Tiny computer demo. Flowing pools of fog.
Oct 5 Meeting at Merlyn's. Brown's Gas welder demo. IR sniper- scopes.
Nov 1 Fun with a working Rife plasma-tube device. No miraculous cures were evident, but Bill B. felt weird while the device was on (more weird than usual, I mean.)
Dec 6 A pop-can electrostatic generator (didn't work), superconductor levitation, screwing around with liquid nitrogen, electrostatic sensor plans, electrostatic motor demo, "doin' it mechanically" maglev device.
Jan 10 Mostly just good conversation and munchies. UFO detector binocs, sound absorber straw wall, laser pointer interferometric squeals.
Feb 7 Magnetic bubble memory, with visible bubbles (microscope)
Mar 7 Rife/Bare healing devices, floating magnets, good conversation, snack food potluck.
June Sectorless Wimshurst machine, SMOT overunity device
July 11 Meeting at Vetco surplus store. Russian antigravity book.
Sept? WEIRD FOOD NIGHT. Unidentifiable edibles. Bean paste popcicles. Eat some leaves and sticks. Foreign meats.


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