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March 8, 1992


Hydrostatic Space-Time and Gravitational Monitors
Monitoring Space/Time Stresses
by J.G. Gallimore

The sun has been proven to bend light and magnetic lines of force. The hypothetical "black hole" is thought to bend space itself. Space is considered a fabric composed of lines of force which like light, can be bent, or interferred with. The space fabric is NOT MATTER, but encloses all matter like water around a fish in the sea.

The measurment of the stress of space is very much like measuring currents of water. We can use existing currents, or, as herein contained, CREATE CURRENTS IN SPACE BY FORCE.

The primary location of a stress current is thought to be AROUND MASS. Any mass should create by it's weight, a STRAIN IN SPACE which creates curvature of the space/time fabric PROPORTIONAL TO THE MASS ATTRACTION.

The question of measurement by lineage, time, mass weight, or distance can be ruled out because the objects or tools used for measurement WILL THEMSELVES CHANGE in DIMENSIONS proportional to the space curvature. An iron bar on a space ship traveling many thousands of miles an hour will have it's LENGTH change.

The measurement aboard the spaceship will have also changed the same amount, so the iron bar APPEARS to retain the same length. Only a remote observer out of the actual affect of the phenomena could measure the foreshortening effect, providing the long-distance, elaborate equipment was developed and available.

However, we are fortunate that stresses in and around matter produce phenomena in a localized area of space, which means an observer and his measurement equipment could exist outside the sphere of influence.

As an example, a Russian researcher (Kozyrev) discovered that a rubber band (matter) "stressed" (pulled apart) created a stress in the space/time fabric that would displace a sensitive pendulum (local mass) sideways. A SMALL ROTATION TORQUE WAS ALSO NOTED, but the sensitive equipment needed to be very close to the area of space stressed (within 40 feet).

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While the torque and displacement of the pendulum could be measured, the fabric of space could not, only it's affects. His discovery that stress in mass EMITTED or CREATED localized space/time stresses provided incentive for more research around the world.

The simplified phenomena of space stresses as shown by Kozyrev can be detailed as follows :

1) A "rubber band" when stressed created a time/space stress. a. All mass stress will create a time/space stress.

2) A suspended mass in the localized area of time/space stresses was affected as an affect of stress curvature. a. A displacement (angle) and a rotation torque was imparted to a suspended mass in a localized area to time/space stresses.

The following experiments were conducted (by Gallimore Labs) using these general parameters :

A. Comparison of dielectrics (rubber band) with equal mass non- dielectric for stress potential (emission).

B. Comparison of crystalline mass with non-crystalline mass for stress potential (emission).

C. Comparison of crystal lattice structure mass with non- organized lattice structure (emission).

The above were tested for emission and absorption of space/time stresses. Conclusions:

the dielectric (glass, water, etc.), as opposed to the non- dielectric( (metals) were found TO ABSORB and EMIT more stress energy.

The crystalline mass absorbed and emitted more stress energy than the non-crystalline. The organized crystal lattice structure achieved maximum results in storage and emission.

It was at this point in my (Gallimore Labs) research that electrical stresses in matter were examined for emission and absorption. Electrical stresses PRODUCED GREAT EMISSIONS of time/space currents, evidence was found on absorption that "areas of least electrical charge absorbed the greatest amount" (interior of tube, hollow solid, etc.).

While information on the physical parameters of space/time stresses and their abnormalities was achieved, the lack of an electrical monitor began to be felt often in the lab.

Like the foreshortening of the iron bar, the electrical phenomena was of a self-compensating nature. The variables associated with known theory prevented an active stress monitor from being proven. The limitations were such that ONLY A PASSIVE MONITOR would be accepted in theory (something acted on WITHOUT ITSELF ACTING).

The passive monitor grew out of the discovery that a high dielectric

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with an organized lattice structure absorbed normal earth stresses, and was in constant emission of same through the C-axis.

The emission off the C-axis was eventually detected by a passive/active monitor; a dielectric with AN IMPOSED electrical charge on each side of it by electrical plates (i.e. a capacitor by measuring leakage curves).

Test design setup :

A two pound optical grade quartz crystal was placed with it's natural pointed end (C-axis) pointed at, and almost in (90 degree) contact with a 15V - 15 microfarad capacitor.

A one volt, 100 milliamp regulated direct current charge was imposed on the capacitor PRIOR to the source crystal contact.

The electrical DC charge was used to define the normal capacitor curves, then the current charge was switched off a calibrated waiting time (strain curve).

The source crystal was then placed in contact for four minutes, and then removed.

The capacitor was again switched on electrically and the current absorption curve noted.

The result was the capacitor curve changed, for that test duration and the next seven tests as well.

The stress energy absorbed in the capacitor dielectric (internal) produced effects LASTING 34 MINUTES.

A computer analysis which was done afterwards showed the capacitor had CHANGED it's electrical value of capacitance. It also changed from a PARABOLIC curve of current absorption to a CUBIC curve.

The dielectric between the metal plates had temporarily changed it's dielectric constant upwards to a higher constant. The capacitance value increased accordingly. The metallic plates were unaffected. The computer verified the test curves, as ALTERED, NOT ERRORS. The test is acceptable to physics and mathematics in that the test is REPEATABLE, and the results defined and predictable once known.

Vangard Notes...

This fascinating paper is a result of massive investigations carried out by Jerry Gallimore into the phenomena of various energies. Jerry had the unique ability to see patterns across vast bodies of information which helped him to determine universal principles applicable to both energy and mass.

In the last few years of his life, we kept in touch through occasional phone calls. Jerry said that if we established a fixed building he would donate ALL his research notes, papers and equipment to help others carry on the effort. We have yet to setup a research/library facility though we are actively working on it this year.

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The purpose of this comment is an interesting field of thought still not accepted by "formal" science, that is the concept of PUSH GRAVITY as outlined in the file WRIGHT1.ASC on KeelyNet.

A very brief synopsis of the PUSH GRAVITY concept is that gravity is a result of energy streaming INTO all planetary bodies (indeed, according to Keely into ALL MASSES). This streaming force not only holds mass together but in its flow is interferred with to CREATE the slowed down energy we term mass.

If Newtonian gravity is accurate in stating that ALL MASSES ATTRACT, then why isn't the entire universe a "clump of grapes" to use Walter Wright's phrase. There is not a single physical experiment to PROVE the truth of Newtonian PULL gravity although Walter Wright has produced DOZENS OF PHYSICAL MODELS to PROVE the PUSH gravity concept.

He has also made hundreds of challenges to scientists, government agencies and higher bodies of education (colleges and universities) to PROVE the Newtonian PULL gravity theory (taught as absolute truth) and DISPROVE his PUSH gravity theory and ALL HAVE DECLINED!

Other researchers in numerous fields, particularly dowsing and radionics have noted a DOWNPOURING of force which flows at right angles to the surface of the planet. A NORMALLY LINEAR wind of energy.

One of the most interesting researchers of Radionic phenomena was aircraft engineer Darrell Butcher. We have very little information regarding this man or details of his work, but the following comment in Mr. Butcher's own words is quite interesting :

"We are going to discuss the DOWNPOURING first. This is a known force. It has been given MANY NAMES. I am of the personal opinion that it IS ALWAYS WITH US. And that it does come down VERTICALLY under normal circumstances and this can only be made use of if we abide by the LAWS OF LIGHT, one of which states that :

"Vibrations of the ether take place, NOT in the DIRECTION OF THE WAVE, but in a plane AT RIGHT ANGLES to it, and the latter are called 'transversal vibrations'."

"This is from Ganot's Physics."

The point here is that this force necessarily PENETRATES all mass as it moves downward and when encountering the patterns which make up "mass" forms ripples at right angles. These ripples are the Chladni vibrations as seen when a flat flexible plate with sand sprinkled on it, is vibrated to form complex patterns which are as stable as the sustaining energy.

Mass creates these stress waves (read interference patterns) as the energy flows through, interferes with and sustains the structure of the mass itself. Another file on KeelyNet discussing this is PZT1.ASC.

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As anyone with an electronics background knows, if you can detect a wave, you can create that same type of wave with higher power versions of the same equipment. That is why such research as this is so important.

The claims that it is a GRAVITATIONAL wave might be incorrect since the Aether spectrum as mentioned in NEUTRAL1.ASC shows gravity to be but a "frequency or band of frequencies" within the Aether flow.

Proof of this would be an anti-gravity effect as could be generated by an intense (probably coherent beam) of this energy. Rather than "create" it, redirecting it would be the most efficient means of demonstrating that it is truly a gravitational force.

The flow as detected by the researcher in GRAV3.ASC as well as in Gallimore's capacitor tests might be something entirely OTHER than gravity itself. The results are far from in and we will keep you as informed as we can based on how much "public" information is shared with us.

Gallimore claimed in a press release that he had built a GRAVITY LASER as partially described in GRAV9.ASC on KeelyNet.

Additional information as to circuits using op-amps to pick up gravity waves can be found in GRAV3.ASC on KeelyNet

If you have comments or other information relating to such topics as this paper covers, please upload to KeelyNet or send to the Vangard Sciences address as listed on the first page. Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.

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