Mainstream scientists regard Electrogravity research with distaste, class it as a disreputable field of study, and group it with research into UFOs, bigfoot, unexplained phenomena, etc.  So-called "Antigravity" is the target of skeptical debunkers, and any physicists who venture into the subject put their reputation and career at risk. Einstein's General Relativity implies that benchtop devices cannot produce strong gravity effects; that no strong links can exist between gravity (spacetime distortions) and electromagnetism (photon exchange). Gravity engines? "It's impossible," therefore it's open to ridicule.

This page is an unabashed collection of both mainstream and far-fringe Antigravity files and links. Where professionals fear to tread, the lead is taken by amateurs, maverik researchers, and crackpot inventors. This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, mainstream scientists once regarded the crazy inventors of "flying machines" with smug amusement if not outright disgust. As a result, modern aviation came not from conventional science, but from the arena of "crackpot" flying-machine inventors. Those who smugly dismiss the crazy antigravity inventors of today would have fit right in with those who ridiculed all the amateur aerodynamicists at the turn of the century.

"We may learn to deprive large masses of their gravity, and give them absolute levity, for the sake of easy transport." -Ben Franklin, 1780

"I Dream of Jeannie"  episode 112, 4th season #25 1969, 'Jeannie and the Secret Weapon'
   A crackpot airforce contractor submits AGNES, an antigravity device 
   for review by NASA ...which doesn't actually work.  Jeannie creates a 
   functional prototype with a blink.  Tony has her get rid of it, and it 
   ends up in the hands of an inventor, to be mass produced as a flying 
   toy  ...a toy which is actually a real working antigravity machine.  
   Tony will be jailed for selling black-project military technology to 
   the public.

Antigravity files here:

    Spillin' out of the steel & glass,
    Gravity gone from the cage.
    A million pounds gone from your heavy mass,
    All the years gone from your age.
      - Paul Katner, Grace Slick

Yahoo forums: antigrav

Other Websites: Best Ones

Some Papers

Many Other Antigrav Websites:

Some "Dean Drive"type patents

Tampere Gravity-shielding claim (Sept 1996)


T.T. Brown Electrogravity

Floyd Sweet's VTA device


"It is not uncommon for engineers to accept the reality of phenomena that
are not yet understood, as it is very common for physicists to disbelieve
the reality of phenomena that seem to contradict contemporary beliefs of
physics" - H. Bauer
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