Hidden in Plain Sight:
Nikola Tesla's "Radiant Energy" Devices


Wardenclyffe machine: Octagonal conical 
tower with windows 8 storeys tall, topped by gigantic distorted metal 
hemisphere covered with small glowing bumps in square array, surrounded 
by a multi-layer glow-discharge hundreds of feet across.  In the 
background are biplanes, dirigibles, and what appears to be a floating 
rectangular sky platform, all which exhibit glowing searchlight beams 
directed downwards.

Fig. 1 Tesla transmitter tower (original)

Another Wardenclyffe tower, this version with much larger multi-pane
windows, a distant background cityscape w/skyscraper radiating three huge 
glowing beams up and out, exotic monoplanes each with a glowing ray 
connecting to ground, and a dirigible with one ray to ground, a second 
ray projecting upwards, the distant city sky is clogged with tiny clouds 
which perhaps are flying machines.
Fig. 2. Tower and city w/aircraft

Fig. 3 Future warfare

Fig. 4 "A kind of Roentgen tube" on Tesla Coil top, conductive path sensed by distant receiver

Fig. 5 "Radiant Energy" patent: DC ion-path emit/detect

Fig. 6 CS lab w/horizontal lightning-ray.
Accurate depiction of the Colorado Springs experiment: Tesla's
aurora gun, an animation from the film "Secret of Nikola Tesla."
The sound effects are notable: very, very accurate from what I
understand of this. They reveal a main key to the mystery.
also see: youtube version

"There is a method of conveying great power to ships at sea which would be able to propel them across oceans at high speed. This method I conceived between 1897 and 1899, and in Colorado Springs in 1899. I made experiments along this line on a large scale. The principle is this: A ray of great ionizing power is used to give to the atmosphere great powers of conduction. A high tension current of 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 volts is then passed along this ray to the upper strata of the air, which strata can be broken down very readily and will conduct electricity very well. N. Tesla, 1935

Fig. 7 Wingless machine w/array of vacuum bulbs & corona glow

also see: youtube version

Figs. 8,9 The key invention: Tesla's "sensitive brush" x-ray tube from his 1892 Royal Society lecture
See also: Proc IEEE Vol 21 No. 92, p84, 1892

Fig. 10 Painting of Tesla w/beam (forgottenfutures.co.uk)
(or perhaps a retouched photograph.)

Fig. 11 Photo of Tesla with wireless lamp

Fig. 12 Ineffective UV spotlights in TW Benson plagarism, 1920

Fig. 13 Factory w/right-angle relay concept

Fig. 14 Projectile-style electric aircraft
also see: youtube version

Fig. 15 Rocket plane

Fig. 16 Flying machine

Fig. 17 Train

Fig. 18 Personal Car

Fig. 19 Turbojet Hovercraft

Fig. 20 Transmitter tower w/right-angle relay concept in distance

ELECTROSTATIC HOVERCRAFT: force limits for a giant "lifter"

Assume 1-atm, max surface e-field of 3MV/M
C = farads/cc = 8.9e-14
E = energy stored per cc at max field = 4.01e-4 joule
F = mech. force to store E with work over 1cm = 4.01e-3 newton
F = surface lifting force on one M^2 = 40.1 newton = 9.0lbs
F = lift produced by 50ft disk = 1640 lbs
The above value is for ideal conditions: a permeable wire grid fuselage with charged-exhaust reaction force only, and no aerodynamic lift. If instead we used a solid fuselage shaped like a Frisbee or like an icecream cone, perhaps Coanda effect would give us far higher thrust, much like replacing a 1950s-era narrow-aperture turbojet engine with a modern turbofan. But that ignores a fascinating possibility: active suppression of normal gas-breakdown.

Fig. 21 Tesla Bulb
Also see original article, Elec. Experimenter June 1919, page 134, page 179-184

Fig. 22 Balloon-lofted ray-emitters (1899)

Fig. 23 Death ray tower (1945)

Fig. 24 Death ray tower
( deBobula design )

Fig. 25 Death ray power supply (1945)

Fig. 26 Tesla's demo lab, 1892 Royal Socity lecture

Fig. 27 Death ray gun tip

Fig. 28 Pre-Roentgen (?) x-ray image of human foot, N. Tesla (1895)

Fig. 29 Magnifying Transmitters, from Serbian text "TESLA" by Branimir Jovanovich



So this Zealot comes to my door, all glazed eyes and
clean reproductive organs, asking me if I ever think
about God.

So I tell him I killed God. I tracked God down like a
rabid dog, hacked off his legs with a hedge trimmer,
raped him with a corncob, and boiled off his corpse
in an acid bath.

So he pulls an alternating-current taser on me and
tells me that only the Official Serbian Church of
Tesla can save my polyphase intrinsic electric field,
known to non-engineers as "the soul."

So I hit him. What would you do?

- Spider Jerusalem, Issue #6

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