Torsion Physics, Honor and Integrity

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)  Could not continuous vibrations in the crust of the Earth + the 
) geomagnetic field give raise to a propagating torsion field? Especially 
) since there is such an abundance of ferrous matter. Could such a torsion 
) field not possibly be perceived as sound? If this thought is implied 
) "under the surface", why not expressing it bluntly.

Because I know nothing about natural torsion "noise."  On the contrary, if
torsion physics is real, then, in my opinion, it's almost certain that the
Taos Hum comes from military submarine communication devices.  This has
been much discussed on this forum, especially in the early years.  In
particular, see these messages:


  Date: 03 Feb 97 23:09:27 EST
  Subject: Re: Radar & Hum?

  ) I recently saw an article that mentioned a Naval Research Center here
  ) in New Mexico that uses radio waves to communicate with nuclear
  ) submarines.  The article claimed that they transmit "ultra long
  ) frequency waves" that go right through the earth.  Does anyone know
  ) anything about this?  I  don't understand "ultra long frequency"
  ) because in my mind frequency is either high or low but wave lengths
  ) are short or long.

  Yes, I understand how this system works.  I do not know the location of
  this site, but I have long suspected it is nearby us. (We are in Taos).
  I was approached a couple years ago by a scientist from Los Alamos who
  told me that he had seen the equipment both land based and submarine
  based and that the Navy is quite proud of this achievement. He also told
  me "that they never thought there would be a problem that humans could
  sense it." He also indicated that "they" didn't know what to do about
  it. I have this persons resume and they seem to me to be quite credible.
  I don't wish to reveal his identity however. 


In the above message, "THEY" don't know what to do about it?  A military
person of honor and integrity would know INSTANTLY what to do about it. 
Are such people so rare in the US military?  Perhaps.  If human beings are
behind the Hum, then I would suggest that they examine their own behavior,
and note that perhaps the truth might eventually come out.  A person of
integrity would take proper action immediately.  Military people are
supposed to LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES to protect the people of their country. 
What if it was their own wives and children who were being driven insane
by the hum?

Self-interested people would not care about the public.  Self-interested
people would try to maintain the secrecy, protect their own butts, and set
up their collegues to take the blame when their victims learn the truth. 
There is a simple term for this.  "Evil."  Evil people protect themselves
before all others.  This sort of person is very well described in Dr.
Peck's excellent book THE PEOPLE OF THE LIE.  Evil people think like
so: "The tosion transmitters must remain secret, or it would jepordize
national security", but they avoid facing the fact that the technology
CAME FROM THE RUSSIANS, and everybody and his brother is probably using
that technology today.  Keeping it secret has NOTHING to do with
protecting American citizens, and EVERYTHING to do with protecting their
own careers and their own asses from the rage of their fellow citizens. 
They rightly should be afraid. 

My hope is that there are some people of integrity in the US military.  If
the Hum is really from a military transmitter, then this provides clear
evidence that they are rare; that the military is infested with "people of
the lie", and that we need not defend ourselves too strongly against
foreigners, because the true enemy is our own defenders: the people
supporting the secrets behind the Hum.  I pray that the Hum is a natural
phenomenon.  Knowing human nature, I strongly suspect that it is not.

Maybe there is a worker in the military field who will blow the whistle on
his evil bosses?  Such an act would destroy their own career.  Should they
rightly think twice before sacrificing their career in defending their
country against evil?  I thought that they had taken an oath to lay down
their lives.  Careers can be protected.  For info on whistleblowers in
science, see:

Citizens in the US stopped several of the vast ELF antenna proposals in
the 1950s and 60s, for fear that they would interfere with their lives.
Today the rumor is that such antennas are unneccesary, that other
technology is used instead.  Looks like perhaps the evil people did an
end-run around the people of their country, and are harming lives even as
we speak.

"Hums" have been around for centuries, and probably NATURAL torsion
signals play a part.  But the sudden onset of "loud" torsion, and the
infamous TH correlation with global unrest, point directly to military
communications interfering with our lives.  But I could be wrong!  In any
case, investigation of Torsion might lead to the truth eventually.

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