"STRINGS MOTOR," is it a scam?

Scam or not is beside the point, SPAMMER WARNING!!!! I opened that "strings motor" mail, and the very next day I started receiving vast amounts of new spam email. This normally never happens (account at work, usually no spam at all.)

So it SEEMS as though they can detect that a real person has read that email. Probably the jpeg images in the mail have loaded from their server, linking you with that event. And now *you* are their product, they can sell your email addr to other spammers as a guaranteed real person, not a stale unused address.

Is the "Strings Motor" a scam, one of those "fakes plans" ripoff companies? Probably. Who cares, since the message itself is being sent out by evil spammer types. Don't even open it.

What does the "Free Energy" research community think? Stirling Allan's PESWIKI maintains a (large) list of Over-unity scam companies. Tesla Strings Motor doesn't appear. But then this one is fairly new. Here's the list of known scammers to avoid:

And here's my own warning about all of these RUN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE ON FREE ENERGY $49.99 PLANS! Note that mine is from 1997. The "amazing FE plans" scam has been going on a long time.
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