Yet Another Proposed Nature for "Subtle Energy"

William Beaty, 6/27/2000

People have spectulated that Subtle Energy is:
So here's my own contribution, fresh from the dark hole which emits intuitive realizations. "Subtle energy" is the communication of Complexity. It uses all possible communication channels simultaneously (probably including some which are outside of contemporary physics.) It is transmitted by any complicated pattern, and received by any complex material which is subject to Symmetry Breaking.

That's pretty obscure, no? OK, how about an analogy.

Crystal patterns are not inherent in individual atoms. Instead, crystal patterns exist only at a "higher" level, and if we zoom our mental microscope in on a crystal pattern, all we see is atoms with no pattern. Also, a collection of identical atoms can crystallize in many DIFFERENT patterns once a proper seed crystal is provided. Also, many DIFFERENT kinds of atoms can crystallize in the SAME pattern. This drives home the point that the whole crystal pattern is not hidden in each atom, it is separate from atoms, and it cannot be understood in Reductionist terms. Subtle energy is something like a crystal pattern: it is made of something smaller, yet it is only a sum of its parts, and the parts don't contain it. If we "zoom in" on subtle energy in an attempt to analyze it, all we will find is white-noise of various types (acoustic, EM, etc.) However, if we block the flow of EM and sound, then we interfere with the transmission of Subtle Energy.

Is Subtle Energy just a way of modulating EM waves? Yes and no, because the "transmitter" and "receivers" are very different than those used in, say, FM radio. Subtle energy is more like the "spread spectrum" signals used in cellphones. Suppose we have an array of 10,000 little radio transmitters which all can affect each other, and we use them to send a complicated pattern. Their signal will resemble white noise, but will be filled with interference fringes, and a lone receiver will not be able to detect this pattern. If we have 10,000 little radio receivers, they can only receive that pattern if they are connected to each other in the same as the transmitter. Now let the transmitters and receivers use sound and light as well as radio, and you get some idea of how Subtle Energy works. The "pattern" is the Subtle Energy, and it rides on the waves. But it is not just EM waves, because it doesn't have just one frequency, and the STRUCTURE of the transmitter and receiver must be similar in order for the pattern to be received.

Another analogy: the razor blade balanced on edge. This illustrates a typical "symmetry breaking" situation. The razor blade cannot remain upright, but which way will it fall? In the everyday world, the tinyest thermal vibration would knock it over. The razor blade is a very sensitive receiver! OK, now imagine millions of razor blades all standing on edge, and all connected together by rubber threads. They MUST fall over, but the threads allow one blade to pull on another as it falls, so the falling blades will develop patterns. And last, imagine that we have two such arrays of razor blades on the same table. When one falls, it makes noise and wind which causes the other to fall too. Yet the noise and wind carries complicated information, and if the first group of razor blades falls in a pattern, the second one will have that pattern too. The pattern leaped between the two groups only because the second group could interpret the complicated transmissions of the first group. If human beings attempted to find the pattern in the noise and wind, they would fail. Only a group of falling razor blades with rubber threads could sense that information pattern in the noise created by the first group.
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