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Ultrasonic cavitation explosion

From: (Elf)
Subject: micro-cavitation fusion
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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 1994 00:19:10 +0000
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Micro-cavitation fusion, or luke-warm fusion

Nobody knows WHY cold nuclear fusion works, or even if it does. \conventional theroy does not cover it, and the ones invented to explain it do not work.

O.k, fine, so heres one that does, maybe.

I have a friend who does reaserch for the MOD, on subs etc. He showed me a paper on cavitation. It was also mentioned on Tomorrows world apperently. Cavitation is when you get bubbles forming in a violently stirred liquid, for those who don't know. This effect occurs around submarine propellors at depths of about 300ft or lower. Ie at pressures of 10atms. It can also me produced at1atms (up here at the surface), by pushing a ultrasound frequency into a sealed container of liquid. Water is best. This has been know for ages, since 1952. What is new is that these bubbles glow in the dark. Dimly blue. Each bubble is aprox 1 to 3 microns in diameter, it depends on the wavelength.

What my friend was doing was studying the energy inside them, with a veiw to preventing it, (he didn't say why, MOD stuff). It turns out that the bubbles glow becuase the energys involved produce a plasma inside as they collapse. one that is at temp/pressures equal or greater to that at the core of the sun !

Reaserch into the experimental set-ups used in cold-fusion show that most used magnetic stirrers which produce small amounts of ultrasound, and some did not. I made a small set-up using a glass tube, and a ultrasound transducer. The end cap was positivly charged to attract free electrons.

The inital run with plain water heated it no more than expected, ie slightly less energy out than in. The next using heavy water, plus dissolved deuterium gas was a little more dramatic.

The equipment was activated in one second bursts, in case of radiation production. In aprox 1/10 of a second enough energy was liberated to vapourise the water, causing a large steam explostion. also sufficent light to blind me temporally.

There was no detectable radiation. upon later thought I theroised that the oxygen atoms wheer acting as neutron absorbers, and the surrounding water coped with the gamma.

Since I am currently in finacial dire striats, would anyone care to follow up on this. It is to important to be forgotten due to accident. I suggest a modified internal combustion engine would work. The air intake converted to a water intake, with the fuel injector acting as a gasious deuterium injector. The spark-plug would be replaced with an ultra-sound transducer (speaker). Basically a fusion powered steam engine.

N.B, conventional gas plasma theories of fusion still apply, its how the plasma is created thats weird !


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