Benveniste's Digi-bio claims

I just heard a short presentation by "water memory" researcher Dr. Jaques Benveniste (at conference SSE 18th, 6/5/99). He claims that the "structure" of biochemicals can be impressed on water electrically using white noise and coils, and then the water will display some of the activity of the original biochemical. See His experiment is fairly simple:
- wind two coils around a test tube containing a water solution having a particular biochemical. Benveniste mentions using "telephone pickup coils" taken from those suction-cup things (maybe the ones from Radio Shack? I know Tandy/Radio-Shack in Paris.)

- play white noise into one coil, sense the modified white noise via the other coil. A sort of "water-core transformer," with the water containing the chemical being studied.

- transmit the "modified" white-noise to a distant location (or record it, then mail the recording to the distant location, or send it as a digitized .wav file over the internet.) Bandwidth must be about 22KHz, perhaps lower.

- at the distant location (where cross-contamination is unlikely) play the modified white-noise signal into a coil that's wrapped around a test tube full of pure water. Shake the tube during this process, otherwise the water supposedly won't "record" the pattern reliably.

- test for presence of the original biochemical. See if the pure water will cause appropriate reactions in sensitive bio-materials.

- alternately: play the modified white noise signal into a coil wrapped around the bio-sensitive material itself (such as a lab animal!) and see if it has any effect.

From memory (so might not be totally accurate) :
He found that a standard test for staphlococcus would respond to "white noise treated" water as if it had a certain chemical in it. Also, guinea pig skin capillaries responded to an acetylcholine "treated" water by a visible dye response. Also, live guinea pig hearts responded to another type of "treated" water as if a chemical was actually present.
One problem: his tests rely on highly sensitive chemical reactions which are triggered when trace amounts of certain materials are present. The "signals" impressed on the water give a reliable but WEAK effect. I was wondering if the signal for alcohol could be impressed onto water, and then the signal could be played into a coil wrapped around a human body to cause intoxication. :) If the effect is tiny, this wouldn't work.

Scary thoughts: some tiny chemical concentrations have very large results. Play the white noise through a bottle of LSD, then send it into a coil wrapped around a human body. Will the signal cause the same reactions as if traces of the actual chemical were injected into the person? What if we amplify the signal and apply it to a very large coil? Would everyone in the vicinity trip out? Play the signal into the power lines and affect the population of an entire city? :) What if we use nerve toxin instead of LSD...

Speculative weirdness: wind the two coils around a human head, play the pure white noise through it, then send the resulting signal into a coil wrapped around ANOTHER person's head. Like bad 1950's sci-fi movies! would we get telepathic communication? Or would the personality of the "transmitter brain" overwrite the personality of the "receiver?" :) Repeat the experiment using a human and a duck, or use a fresh corpse, Dr. Karloff. Or more seriously, can the water microstructure of a healthy person be used to strengthen somebody who's weak and sick? OK, try to transmit diseases or disease-immunity over wires. Maybe cause a developing frog egg to grow up into a chicken? Or can the chemical structure of a youthful body be used to rejuvinate an elderly one? double :) !

Suggestion: extract the difference signal between the original white noise and the sense coil. Does the difference signal measurably change when various chemicals are passed near the coil pair? If so, then examine this signal with a spectrum analyzer to look for resonance lines associated with various chemicals.

Suggested circuit from Rick Andersen:

An implementation of a system to produce audio frequency "Bio-Holograms"

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