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I just heard about a new source for VDG materials:

   95 Botsford Pl.
   Buffalo, NY 14216
   716-874-0133 phone
   716-874-9853 fax
   Download PDF Catalog

This is the current incarnation of Frank Lee's old Morris and Lee company. 
Mr. Lee has retired, and his daughter Nancy Bell is continuing the
tradition, selling all sorts of science education materials, and in
particular, various VandeGraaff generator kits, parts, and spun metal
spheres.  Call them for their catalog.  Prices below are from 6/97. 

   8" spun aluminum tesla coil toroid
   #10-209 $59.95

   12" spun aluminum tesla coil toroid
   #10-210 $79.95

   14" spun aluminum oblate VandeGraaff sphere,
   about 750,000 volt maximum potential
   (It's hole is sized for standard PVC sewer pipe)
   part no. 60-0604  $88.95

   7" spun aluminum VDG oblate, 60-601, $25.00

   2" rubber belt, 45" (22" in loop) 29-1480, $21.00  (heavy duty!)

   Toy VDG plans 12-020, $3.95

   Complete 750KV VandeGraaff Generator Kit 10-085, $329.95

   Complete 200KV VandeGraaff Generator Kit 10-065, $93.50
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