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  [GIF of upside-down planet earth]
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It's the Earth. Upside down. Duh!

But... how can there be any "up" or "down" in outer space far from the Earth? Photographs of the planet Earth CAN'T EVER BE UPSIDE DOWN!!! When looking at the Earth from space, "down" is TOWARDS THE EARTH!

Obviously many people have fallen for a misconception that "north is up" on all maps, therefor any map is "upside down" if south appears at the top. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with reality, and is just a convention created by humans. It is a powerful idea though, so powerful that few escape its control. Me, I should know better, but even so, I see the little Earth-GIF as being "upside down."

[EDIT] WOW! The original famous "Blue Marble" photo of the Earth from 1972 was originally "upside down!" People didn't like it, so NASA turned it "rightside up." Lol.

I guess I should make a GIF that shows Antarctica in the center of the image, and the rest of the continents as being a thin line all around the "edge" of the planet.

But that will do nothing to help cure my "Mercator Map Braindamage", which forces me to believe that Greenland is enormous, and Canada is about as large as China!
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