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Mar 2001 Geotropism one last time Feb 2001 Counting Particles from Space

Jan 2001 Canteen cloud chamber,


Dec 2000 Calibrating with Cold, [archv]

Nov 2000 ARTIFICIAL LIFE: Boids of a Feather Flock Together, [archv]

Oct 2000 Down Among the Micrograms, [archv]

Sep 2000 Using a Kite as an Experimental Platform Aerial Photography, [archv]

Aug 2000 How to Rear a Plankton Menagerie, [archv]

Jul 2000 PCR at Home (DNA replication), [archv]

Jun 2000 Home Is Where the ECG Is, [archv]

May 2000 Fun with Flat Fluids, [archv]

Apr 2000 Furnace in a Thermos, [archv]

Mar 2000 Automated Precision Magnetometer, [archv]

Feb 2000 Gamma-Ray Bursts Come Home, [archv]

Jan 2000 Detecting Extraterrestrial Gravity, [archv]


Dec 1999 --no column (MacArthur Grant Award collision!)

Nov 1999 Falling into Chaos Chaotic dripper, [archv]

Oct 1999 Modeling the Atomic Universe Atomic Crystal SW Sim., [archv]

Sep 1999 Counting Atmospheric Ions, [archv]

Aug 1999 Viewing the Sun, [archv]

Jul 1999 Detecting the Earth's Electricity, [archv]

Jun 1999 Plant Preservation: the experts' secrets, [archv]

May 1999 Hot Views of the Micro-world, [archv]

Apr 1999 Detecting "Hot" Clouds, [archv]

Mar 1999 A Homemade High-Precision Thermometer, [archv]

Feb 1999 Tackling the Triple Point, [archv]

Jan 1999 Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse, [archv]



December 1998 Sorting Molecules with Electricity, [archv]

November 1998 Floating a Challenge: USGS drifter bouys

October 1998 Home Movies of an Invisible World

September 1998 Spooling the Stuff of Life: DNA Kitchen Lab

August 1998 Building a Consciousness of Streams

July 1998 A Year for the Oceans

June 1998 Waiter, There's a Hair in My Hygrometer

May 1998 Sensing Subtle Tsunamis: Atmospheric Waves

April 1998 Controlling Atmospheric Pressure

March 1998 The Pleasures of Pond Scum

February 1998 Bird-Watching by the Numbers

January 1998 A Kitchen Centrifuge


December 1997 Taking Back the Final Frontier

November 1997 Caught in a Wind Tunnel

October 1997 Article:The Lure of Icarus

October 1997 Recording the Sounds of Life

September 1997 Unraveling the Secrets of Monarchs

August 1997 Getting a Charge out of Rain , and more info (not there yet!)

July 1997 How-To's of Butterfly Rookeries

1997 Scientific American Explorations: Science at Sea Sidebar Log - Day 9: 7/97

June 1997 Getting Inside an Ant's Head (file missing!)

May 1997 When Hazy Skies Are Rising

April 1997 The Joys of Armchair Ornithology

March 1997 Exhibits:The Trail of Hale-Bopp

March 1997 Algorithm of the Gods, and code, more info

February 1997 A Picture Perfect Comet

January 1997 Catch a Comet by its Tail


December 1996 Dissecting the Brain with Sound

November 1996 Much Ado About Nothing , and The Technique of High Vacuum, by John Strong, from PROCEDURES IN EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS

October 1996 Working in a Vacuum

September 1996 The Pleasures of Exploring Ponds

August 1996 Detecting Micron-Size Movements, and Hall Effect Tranducers, by John Lighton

July 1996 Covert Observations of Nesting Sparrows , and more info, also Additions, By Dr. Robert Slaughter

Analysis: Star-Hopping by the Outhouse: June 1996

June 1996 A Home-made Electrobalance, and more info

May 1996 Detecting Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Waves, and more info

April 1996 New Backyard Seismology

March 1996 Exploring Chemical Bonds, and error notice

February 1996 Growing Seedlings at Less Than One g, and extra info. Also: The Clinostat: Scientific Tool for the Gravitational Biologist, by Jeffrey Smith

January 1996 Recording Nature's Sounds, also: more info


December 1995 Measuring the Metabolism of Small Organisms, also: more info

November 1995 Measuring the Wind With Hot Metal, and more info
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