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SCICLUB-LIST is for the discussion of amateur science experiments, amateur
issues, science fair projects, science education, and any similar topics
which the regular users consider interesting (ask us!)

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************************************************************************* * TO SUBSCRIBE: * * Send a blank email message to with * * the word "subscribe" in the SUBJECT: line. No quotes around * * "subscribe," of course. You will receive a "welcome" message. * * Once subscribed, send your email to * * * * TO UNSUBSCRIBE: * * Send a blank email message to with * * the word "unsubscribe" in the SUBJECT: line. No quotes around * * "unsubscribe," of course. * * * ************************************************************************* SCICLUB_LIST RULES ( WARNING! PLEASE READ! ) 1. NO FLAMEWARS 2. SKEPTICISM ENCOURGED, NO DANGEROUS TOPICS 3. IN REPLIES, DON'T QUOTE THE MESSAGE 4. LIMIT YOUR MESSAGE SIZE: 40K MAX 5. NO SPAMMERS 1. NO FLAMEWARS: use private email for impolite messages. If your message is the least bit angry, hostile, or apt to be insulting, do not send it to this list. Instead, use private email to send it directly to your target. VIOLATORS RISK IMMEDIATE UNSUBSCRIPTION. DO NOT RESPOND TO INSULTS. If someone insults you, either deal with it privately, or contact the moderator. See "Flamewars" below for details. 2. TOPIC LIMITS: No discussions of dangerous experiments (this group is not adult-only!) Please reduce any discussion of off-topic issues. Limits on "weird science:" SCICLUB-LIST is for conventional science amateur research, and proper "Truzzi-style" skepticism should be pursued. For the unusual stuff, see the FREENRG-L or KEELYNET discussion groups, 3. IN REPLIES, DON'T QUOTE THE MESSAGE. Well, it's OK to include snippets and chunks. However, please don't include the ENTIRE message in your reply. This fills the archives with useless junk, and overloads all of our inboxes. Only include the entire message if: (A) you are replying to a message that is several days old, or (B) you are replying point-by-point to many parts of a message. 4. LIMIT YOUR MESSAGE SIZE. Small email files please. The limit is set to 40K right now, those exceeding the limit will be bounced back to you. The server cannot handle sending a 200K file to hundreds of subscribers (and there are also hundreds of other lists on eskimo.) Larger diagrams and graphics can be mailed directly to interested parties. Or, contact me and we can place them on the SCICLUB-LIST webpage for viewing by the group. 5. NO SPAMMERS. Unsolicited email advertising will not be tolerated. Occasional on-topic advertising by regular sciclub-list users is acceptable. Used equipment ads yes, get rich quick schemes no. ************************************************************************* THE AUTOMATIC UN-SUBSCRIBER DAEMON If your email account bounces mail for several days continuously, you will be automatically unsubscribed from the list. This is done to prevent mail loops and excessive bouncemail error messages. When the Unsubscriber takes you out, it sends a message notifying you that this has happened. Unfortunately, this warning message usually bounces too, so you won't know why sciclub-list has suddenly gone dead. If you suspect that you've been automatically unsubscribed, simply re-subscribe yourself. Any missing messages can be found at the list webpage, in the archive. And complain to your internet provider that their system was bouncing mail back to the sender! ************************************************************************** DIGEST MODE A "digest" mode now exists for this list. The digest is actually a separate email list called To use it, subscribe to the digest, then when you start receiving digest messages, unsubscribe yourself from the normal list. To converse with list users, send your messages to, and *not* to sciclub-digest. The subscribe/unsubscribe commands are the same as for sciclub, but the address for commands is: The digest will be sent out every two days, or when the collected messages pass a size threshold of 40K, whichever comes first. ******************************************************************** FLAMEWARS Email psychology has an interesting effect: it breeds long outbursts of angry messages between two or more parties. To prevent these "flamewars", I must prohibit all impolite messages. This has some consequences. For example, if someone attacks you or insults you, you must abandon any hope of defending yourself in front of the group. Instead, defend yourself via private messages. Or, if someone blatantly violates the forum rules, you may NOT use the list to angrily point out their transgressions. Complaint to the violator privately, or contact the moderator instead. "Politeness" and "insult" of course are in the eye of the beholder. I ask that people try not to take insult. But more importantly, I DEMAND that all users try to craft their messages so that the RECIPIENT won't take insult. Any complaints should be totally polite, respectful, emotionless, and non-accusatory, with no 'namecalling' whatsoever. Often this is impossible to do. The solution is very, VERY simple: SEND YOUR MESSAGE DIRECTLY TO YOUR OPPONENT, NOT TO SCICLUB-LIST When a flamewar breaks out, people usually blame a particular person for causing it, and they feel justified in responding. However, sending your angry response to this list is PROHIBITED. If you catch yourself thinking "well, he/she started, I was just defending myself," then since you easily find justification to violate rule #1 of this forum, you should not be here. Some wisdom regarding flaming... "Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation or creed." - Bertrand Russell "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." - F. Scott Fitzgerald Being too ready to defend oneself is more dangerous than being too ready to admit a mistake." - Sir Karl Popper "Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders than by the arguments of its opponents." - anon "If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. If you really make them think, they'll hate you." - D.R.P. Marquis(1878-1937) ********************************************************************* GROWTH OF LIST SUBSCRIBERS # of users Date 1 ....... 05/25/95
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