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Titles of Investigation Reports
which have produced high marks.

1 The factors causing variation in the attenuation of perspex.
2 Flow of water over notches and weirs.
3 Contraction of adjacent turns of a coil due to current through them.
4 Investigation of factors involved in flow of powders and crystals.
5 Investigation of light from a 1.5 V bulb and relative amounts light of different wavelength from it.
6 Load/speed variation of parachutes.
7 Study of splashes.
8 Behaviour of thyratrons under varying conditions.
9 Corona discharge.
10 Forced convection.
11 Fibreglass joints.
12 Araldite bonds.
13 Audio percussion induced vibrations in metal rod.
14 Creep in copper wire.
15 Effect of shelving on breaking of waves.
16 Strengthening of ice by sawdust.
17 Aerodynamic forces on a motor car.
18 A liquid flow meter.
19 Piezo electric effect.
20 Use of eddy currents for >n-destructive testing.
21 A wind powered generator.
22 The formation of a water tornado.
23 Electrostatic particle precipitation.
24 Water impact with a plane surface of water.
25 Distribution of air-borne pollution.
26 An electrical analogue for water flow through locks.
27 Pouring - factors making the ideal spout.
28 Construction and use of a variable-interval coincidence counter for study of short-lived isotopes in a radioactive decay.
29 Factors which might be involved in the hanging of a chain of uniform mass/unit length.
30 Smoke rings.
31 The effect of different periods of short-circuiting on the rate of recovery of a dry cell.
32 Pressure/volume relationship of a rubber balloon.
33 Behaviour of drops on a hot plate.
34 Feasibility of solar energy.
35 Optimum aperture of a pin-hole camera
36 Absorption of microwaves.
37 A study and analysis-of rotational vortices.
38 The control of sound in rooms.
39 The effect of internal pressure on the performance of a football.
40 Conductivity of electrolytes in wood.
41 Absorption of liquids by filter paper.
42 Shapes of water columns flowing from tops.
43 Shaded magnetic probes.
44 Ionisation of air and van de Graff generators.
45 Design of an automatically operating burette.
46 Use of a photo-sensitive device as a photometer and application to light emitted from a light bulb.
47 Energy stored in a clock spring.
48 Investigation of cling wrapping: Why does it cling?
49 The production of a pump using the movement of ions in a magnetic field.
50 Magnetic suspension.
51 Temperature in a flame.
52 Absorption of electromagnetic waves by glass,
53 Motor and dynamo effects on conducting liquids.
54 The sound of sea as heard in sea shell Is.
55 Performance of a fan
56 Lightening valve rocker arms to improve engine performance.
57 Phase change in an induction motor.
58 Fringes in draining soap Films.
59 Heat pulse in a rod
60 Hovercraft.
61 Properties of foam plastic.
62 The singing of a kettle.
63 Acoustics of a large room
64 Relationship between the wavelength and changing concentration in a fluoresrcent substance
65 Rotating shafts.
66 Craters.
67 @king an accelerometer.
68 The shape of a drop.
69 Holes in magnets.
70 Oscillations of wire rings.
71 Does a flame conduct electricity?
72 Thermocouples using various metal junctions.
73 Sound frequencies from metal plates.
74 Quantitative transmission of radiant heat.
75 Puncture properties of paper.
76 Effusion of moving gases.
77 Plastic properties of leather.
78 Transmission of sound through water.
79 Effect of pressure on a sparking plug.
80 The settling rate of metallic particles.
81 Investigation into electrostatic load speakers.
82 The effect of shape on the efficiency of a rowing blade.
83 Some physical properties of a brake fluid.
84 comparison of the thrust of a propeller with its rate of turning.
85 To investigate the stream-lining of fish as related to their passage through water.
86 Measurement of capacitance using a monostable circuit.
87 Strengthening ice by paper.
88 Investigation of windmill design.
89 Perfect perforations.
90 Methods of using waves and tides to produce electricity; using models in the laboratory.
91 Harmonics in a guitar.
92 Behaviour of bubbles rising in liquids.
93 Beta-particie emission energy spectroscopy.
94 Properties of aerial arrays.
95 Variation in range of alpha -particles in air at low pressure.
96 Does water absorb ultra-violet light?
97 An experiment in the synthesis of speech.
98 Nature of water vortices.
99 Three-dimensional waves in jelly.
100 Performance of a model diesel engine.
101 Effect of wavelength on the angle of refraction of water ripples.
102 Dust and static as a problem with gramophone records.
103 Multivibrator used as a motor speed control.
104 A braking system using electromagnetic induction.
105 Properties of a vibrating string using Lissajou's figures.
106 Factors affecting the lift of an aerofoil.
107 Magnetic amplifiers.
108 The effect of a grid between two electrodes in partly ionic medium.
109 Back-scattering of beta particles.
110 Strength and domain structure of magnets at different temperatures.
111 Hull design.
112 Resonating laminas.
113 Transmitting still pictures.
114 interference produced by electric switches.
115 Sound damping by Polythene.
116 Fishing rod strike times.
117 Path of a ball through air.
118 The effect of the thickness of fibreglass logging in the temperature distribution along a brass rod, heated at one end.
119 Vibrating times of certain wires after being given initial displacement.
120 Electrostatic cooling.
121 To investigate the effect of salt and sawdust on the brittleness of ice.
122 Absorption spectra of plant pigments.
123 Pitch of xylophone bars.
124 Flight of paper aeroplanes and aerodynamics involved.
125 The catapult, methods of measuring efficiency.
126 To show stress positions in sheets.
127 Visibility of colour in the dark.
128 The creep of lead.
129 Use of a search coil to measure magnetic fields at high Frequencies.
130 Eddy current heating.
131 properties of 4 ply wool which make it useful for woollen garments.
132 Some useful properties of nylon fabric.
133 Strength of ice girders.
134 Intensity of radiation from a GHz oscillator.
135 Electronic feedback.
136 Aeronautics of a fly,
137 Load bearing properties of a spider's web.
138 Minimising feedback in a microphone system.
139 Analogue for polarising effect of hills etc on unpolarised UHF.
140 Effect of electromagnetic waves on permittivity.
141 Effect of smoke particles on the wavelength of sound.
142 Design, operation and uses of spectrum analysis for musical instruments.
143 Frequency of vibrating warm liquid containers.
144 A water trough as an accelerometer.
145 Factors affecting the suitability of materials for use in umbrellas.
146 Viscosity of fluids in flywheel bearings.
147 Potential variation in a tank of conducting liquid.
148 How the mass of an air track vehicle affects its performance.
149 Shapes and oscillations of soup bubbles.
150 Creep in rubber.
151 Support of a ball I in a jet.
152 How long does the flash from a bulb last?
153 Investigation of the behaviour of a commercial radiometer.
154 Contact resistance.
155 Switching speed of a toggle switch.
156 Forces in the skin of a balloon.
157 Schlieren photography.
158 Capacitor microphone.
159 Comparison of three loudspeakers.
160 Electrical impulses in skin.
161 The effect of different pitches on the overall performance of a marine propeller.
162 The velocity of particles from an 241-Am source.
163 Efficiency of a 12 volt motor.
164 A transistor as a zener diode.
165 Efficiency of airscrews.
166 The spiralling flight paths of various winged seeds.
167 Electrical resistance of ice +water with salt added.
168 Behaviour of wood under stress, strength and rigidity of different beam and girder constructions.
169 The dashpot method of damping.
170 The electrical characteristics of a solar call.
171 The behaviour of large waves in a narrow channel.
172 Variation of friction with the relative velocity of two bodies in contact.
173 Variation of speed of a mechanical wave in a wire.
174 Shattering of glass.
175 Noise in a hot resistor.
176 Restitution time of a steel ball on an iron surface.
177 Paddle wheel performance.
178 Effects of detergents an the reflection of light by cotton.
179 Relationship between humidity and velocity of sound in air.
180 Water rise up polymer threads.
181 Acoustic properties of plastic forms.
182 Intrinsic conduction of thermistors.
183 Vibrating plates.
184 Photoelectric effect in semiconductors.
185 Effect of load on cells.
186 The bursting of a balloon.
187 Microwave for ranging and detection.
188 Oscillations and deflection of model suspension bridge.
189 Deflection of water droplets at high voltage.
190 Effect of magnetic fields on electrolysis and semiconductors.
191 Electrical weighing machine.
192 Damping of oscillations in liquids.
193 Efficiency of a fan belt.
194 Finding the current in a floating aluminium ring.
195 Venturi principle.
196 Electromagnetic f lowmeter: using the Hall effect in liquids to measure the velocity of ionic fluid througha tube.
197 Investigation of sails.
198 The thermoelectric effect in metal wire and foils.
199 Action of salt on ice with reference to roads.
200 Why do soap films burst ?
201 The practicality of recharging dry cells.
202 The effect of internal energy on stress/strain relation.
203 Effects of a black and white disk producing colour.
204 Ultra violet absorption by water.
205 High velocity impacts in sand.
206 Effects of concentration and temperature on conductance of a solution.
207 Effect of magnetic field on current in a thermionic diode.
208 To find the best 'tap' to polish plate glass.
209 Hall voltage in electrolysis.
210 Characteristics of an LDR.
211 Sedimentation.
212 Bumping and bol I;ng.
213 Efficiency of a water wheel.
214 Adhesive properties of 'blu-tack'.
215 Conductivity of damp wood.
216 Friction reduction by oil and grease.
217 Add-on multi-beam display unit for oscilloscope.
218 Rotating liquid surfaces.
219 Measuring forces electrically.
220 Cross linkages in rubber.
221 The physical characteristics of a system which measures
distance accurately using light interference.
222 The flight properties of a shuttle cock,
223 Rheological gel strength and other physical properties of solutions of gums used in food industry.
224 Polarisation of scattered light.
225 Efficiency of a bow.
226 Soil dispersion by falling water.
227 Origins and forms of waves at interfaces.
228 Construction of an air flow meter.
229 Fresnel lenses for 3 cm waves.
230 Paper clips.
231 Resistivity and dislocations.
232 Conductance through low pressure gas
233 Forced oscillations in mechanical resonating systems.
234 Electromagnetic clutch.
235 Dam spillways.
236 Physical efficiency of common surfactants.
237 Factors affecting refractive index of liquids.
238 Projecting drops from a nozzle.
239 Functional properties of copper pipes on cooling.
240 Absorption spectra of plant pigments.
241 To make and use a photometer to investigate the luminous intensity of a lamp.
242 To try and find an ideal air track slider.
243 Building and testing an electrostatic speaker.
244 To find the best aerial design to give the strongest signal for horizontally polarised radio wave reception.
245 Crystal growth.
246 The bouncing of relay contacts.
247 Friction of shoe sales.
248 The string telephone.
249 Effect of cooling fins.
250 Rate of condensation of water etc with an applied electric field
251 Electronic tuning device for a guitar.
252 Factors affecting the efficiency of infrared absorption.
253 Properties of plastic cups.
254 Cracks in glass rods.
255 The effect of make up on ultra violet light.
256 To study the effect of soaking in water on the tensile strength of cartridge paper.
257 The natural radioactivity of rocks.
258 The effect on the rate of combustion of a material of on electric field.
259 Effect of liquids on the static bending of balsa wood -
260 Temperature changes with depth in liquids and colloids when heated.
261 Factors affecting regulation.
262 Motion of boats through narrow channels.
263 Effect of solvents and papers on performance of chromatograms.
264 Paper strip in an air stream.
265 Absorption of radiation of heat from a surface.
266 Lead cells.
267 Particle cohesion.
268 Thermopile efficiency.
269 Lecher wires.
270 Formation and bursting of soap bubbles.
271 taking and testing a graphite strip microphone.
272 Recombination time of ions.
273 A relationship between thermal and electrical conductivities in metals.
274 Fog lamps.
275 Power transmission efficiency of a cycle chain.
276 Currents induced in ionic solutions moving
277 Electrical properties in moist gycerol
278 Liquid phase secondary coil in a transformer.
279 The frequency response of dielectric materials in capacitors.
280 Drainage of a vessel.
281 Penetration effects of air gun pellets on plasticine and wood.
282 Lubrication of graphite.
283 Efficiency of GM tube.
284 Producing a hologram.
285 Hysteresis in rubber.
286 Elastic properties of fishing line.
287 The flow of water around a U-bend.
288 The transmission reflection and absorption of ultraviolet light by Polythene.
289 Properties of a paste of flour and water.
290 To investigate the factors affecting the !strength of a pillar.
291 Analysis of a thermos flask.
292 An investigation into the depth of focus of the eye.
293 Factors affecting the bow waves produced by a boat.
294 The effect of turbulation on model glider aerofoil performance.
295 Factors affecting the playing speeds of a squash ball.
296 Hot wire windspeed meter.
297 The strength of plaster.
298 Investigating P T F E.
299 Corrosion and cathodic protection.
300 Investigation of Moire fringes as of use in measuring.
301 Fluid analogue of an electric current.
302 Water shrinkage of tissue paper.
303 The analysis and synthesis of musical sounds.
304 An investigation of the diffusion of tea through teabags,
305 The deflection of liquids passing through an electric field.
306 Torque - r p m curve for a model diesel engine.
307 Studying the effects of stretching different plant tissues.
308 Stability of slopes.
309 Linear motor.
310 Hardness of pencils.
311 Humidity switch.
312 Forces on fences.
313 Rupert's drops.
314 Sea anchors.
315 Paramagnetism.
316 The forces between magnets.
317 Is eye colour caused by scattering of light?
318 Solders of various composition.
319 Hysteresis in a transformer.
320 The efficiency of cloud chambers.
321 Factors affecting behaviour of sparks.
322 Motion of elastic pendulum.
323 The effect of reduced pressure upon ionisation currents in air.
324 Factors affecting the production of uniform bubble rafts.
325 Rate of deposition of particles from aqueous suspensions.
326 Measurement of paper thickness.
327 The velocities of selected ions in aqueous solution.
328 Distribution of velocities of thermoelectrons.
329 The formation of sand dunes.
330 Water flow round obstructions.
331 To construct an accelerometer.
332 Nature of pencil lines.
333 Polarising effects of sellotape.
334 Life history of water drop.
335 Effect of oil on evaporation of liquids.
336 Energy loss in bounces.
337 What causes flapping in flags?
338 Strength of string.
339 Accuracy of hand catapult.
340 Molten metal into water.
341 An investigation into photoelasticity.
342 Resonance of wine glasses,
343 Charge leakage from electroscope.
344 Measurement of speed by Doppler effect.
345 Metals - work hardening and heat treatment.
346 Rings formed by running water on flat plates.
347 Electrode potentials of period 4 transition metals.
348 Evaluation of chalk/blackboard writing system.
349 Reverberation time apparatus.
350 Behaviour of ink drops in water.
351 Efficiency of model racing car.
352 Vibrations caused by an electric motor.
353 Electrical resistance welding.
354 Making and calibrating a strain gauge.
355 Diffraction halos produced by small particles.
356 Heat flow through crystals.
357 The effect of twisting on 2 ply wool.
358 Reduction of vibrations subjected upon equipment.
359 Energy stored/efficiency of a clock.
360 Resonance of metal rings.
361 Production of diffraction gratings.
362 Turbine blades.
363 Refraction of a light beam through unstirred sugar solution.
364 Construction and use of a chart recorder.
365 Physical properties of hen's eggs.
366 Electrical properties of silver deposited on glass slides.
367 Millikan's experiment with smoke particles,
368 Measurement of the vapour pressure of water at various temperatures using microwaves.
369 Feasibility of comparing abrasive characteristics by light scatter.
370 Application of Bernoulli's principle to design of chimney pots.
371 Variation of light output and temperature of tungsten lamps as a function of power input,
372 Effect of electric fields on rate of evaporation of liquids.
373 Mechanical properties of plastic sulphur.
374 Potential drop method of crack characterisation.
375 Optimum launching of flying discs.
376 Uniplanor girder design.
377 Apparatus to provide a constant force.
378 Alpha particle absorption by gases.
379 Self inductance of metal springs.
380 The ways in which a glass rod transmits light.
381 Transmission of light through perspex.
382 Acoustic properties of a kettledrum.
383 Strength of paper tissues.
384 Velocity of ripples in a ripple tank.
385 An Investigation into the optimum helicopter.
386 Erosion of sand from base of piers.
387 Efficiency and energy losses in a small steam engine.
388 Vibration of rubber sheet.
389 Factors affecting physical characteristics of plasticene.
390 Concrete hydration.
391 Contact resistance.
392 Heat transfer in electric fields.
393 Thixotropic substances.
394 Slot effect in close hauled sailing.
395 Soap foams.
396 A water jet in the Earth's gravitational field.
397 Efficiency of a rudder.
398 Nail-wood bond.
399 Brittleness of ice.
400 Strengthening fire clay.
401 Vibration of wire carrying AC current.
402 Wind induced oscillations in lamina.
403 An electrical method of detecting small movements and vibrations
404 Characteristics of a loudspeaker inside and outside of an enclosure.
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