Cheap, solid microscope from Harbor Freight Tools


Try the $129 microscope from American Science Surplus instead.  400 power.  
(I haven't bought one myself, but the description looks good, and it's 
about half the price you'll find elsewhere.)

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> Bill,
>     I would appreciate any leads on where to purchase a high quality but
> affordable microscope to be used by homeschooled children of elementary
> to junior high age.  Thanks for your help!
>                Tina M.

Hi Tina!  I have just the thing.  A mail order company for cheap shop
tools has started selling an imported chinese microscope.  I bought one
for my daughter (who's 5y, so this is a future xmas gift.)  I played with
it for awhile, and compared to those cheap "chemistry set" kid's
microscope, this one is *really* nice.  I suspect it's a medical school
microscope for a third world country.  The XY stage is the best part; it
lets you drive around on the slide (and in most science catalogs, the
price of an XY stage is the same as this entire microscope, stage
included!). I can't recommend the accessory illuminator lamp;  I suspect
it's designed for a lower voltage, so on a 120V the light bulb burns too
bright and fails in a few minutes.  (If you can find an identical bulb for
120V, it would work fine.) 

Also: the price started out at $89 and only went up recently, so I bet
this company is making a big profit.  Maybe if you got five or ten
homeschoolers together, you could buy several and talk them down on the
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