Scientific Equipment and Chemical Suppliers

B. Merriman, UCLA 2004

Favorite Sources

I use the following suppliers to obtain primary equipment and chemicals for personal experimental work; all provide free catalogs upon request:

  • Grainger is the major supplier of commercial and industrial equipment, components and supplies. They have their complete, illustrated and physically massive catalog online and searchable. Grainger sells only to businesses, so if you want something from them, you should get a local industrial supply or machine tools shop to order it for you.
  • VWR Scientific , (800-932-5000); extensive general lab supply; their catalog is on their webpage.
  • Cole-Parmer (800-323-4340); general lab/engineering supply. Fantastic technical information sections in their catalog. A must have for its educational value alone.
  • Chem Lab Supplies (310-973-2391/714-630-7902); LA-based chemical and labware distributor. However, they will sell chemicals to small accounts, sell in small quantities, and act as a middleman to the major chem supply houses that only accept large accounts. They will ship orders.
  • Hagenow Laboratories Inc. Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220 Phone/Fax 414-683-3339 They have laboratory apparatus and chemicals. They don't have everything, but they accept small accounts. They claim to have the lowest prices. Their catalog is $2.00.
  • Sigma-Aldrich (800-558-9160); comprehensive chemical selection, and limited lab equipment supply. Their catalog is on their web page. Note: they will not sell chemicals to individuals; only corporate or university/government accounts. Catalog is a good reference for what chemicals are available, though.
  • Alfa-Aesar (800-343-0660); comprehensive chemical selection, and lab supply. Note: they will not sell chemicals to individuals; only corporate or university/government accounts. Catalog is a good reference for what chemicals are available, though.
  • West L.A. Microscope is a great source for quality used microscopes. The owner, Jerry, is a true microscope buff and quite friendly, and he has a large selection of scopes and components at very fair prices. I've purchased several from him.
  • A. Daigger and Company has a 700 page annually published catalog, featuring general lab supply and lab equipment, with discount prices, and maintain 8,000 stock items.
  • National Instruments (512-794-0100) ``Instrument Reference Catalog''; computerized data collection, everything you need to automate your data collection and control, and couple it to your PC.
  • If you work with potentially radioactive things, Hotcell Services (22626 85th Place South Kent, WA 98031 Tel (206) 854-4945 Fax (206) 854-4947 Toll Free 1-800-562-2439) supplies Radiation Shielding and Viewing products, Radiation Shielding Windows, Hot Cells and Shielded Glove Boxes and related equipment and field crew services.
  • Scientific Equipment Exchange, Inc Distributor of used scientific equipment, highly recommended by one frequent, satisfied customer.
  • Scientific Exchange Another distributor of low cost scientific equipment.
  • LabX Online marketplace for scientific equipment, surplus, new and used.

Also, check local yellow pages for scientific, chemical, glassware or labware suppliers. They may offer sales of smaller quantities than the big supply houses, and can also act as middleman for purchases of chemicals and other materials not sold directly to small accounts.

The favored suppliers suffice for most projects. A more extensive list of possible suppliers, many of whom provide free catalogs, is:


Equipment Suppliers Listng

catalogs with 1-800 number customer service lines

  • VWR Scientific (800-932-5000) (general lab supply)
  • Cole-Parmer (800-323-4340) (general lab supply catalog (has good flow meters))
  • Sargent-Welch (800-727-4368) (general lab supply catalog)
  • Fischer (800-766-7000) (general lab supply catalog (has pumps))
  • Thomas Scientific (800-345-2100) (general lab supply catalog (has good pumps))
  • Baxter Scientific (800-543-7999) (general lab supply catalog)
  • Alfa Aesar (800-343-0660) (``Alfa Aesar Catalog'', general chemical supplies)
  • Chemglass (800-843-1794) (general glass ware and products)
  • Beckman (800-742-2345) (``Consumables Catalog'', general lab equipment)

catalogs with local representitive/non-800 number lines

  • Grainger (714-776-8514; 24 hour emergency line: 1-800-225-5994) (``General Catalog #386'', large catalog of industrial tools)
  • National Instruments (512-794-0100) (``Instrument Reference Catalog'', computerized data collection)
  • Kimble Glass Inc (rep: 714-525-8573, cust. service: 609-794-5560) (``Kimble Science Products Catalog'', has good glass beads)
  • Beckmann (714-634-9394) (``Science Essentials'' catalog)
  • Lab Line Instruments (800-323-0257) (``Catalog #890'', has heaters, stirrers, mixers, etc)
  • Gems Sensor Division (203-747-3000) (``Fluid Level and Flow Sensors'' catalog)
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