White Gold Mail List & David Hudson Information
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   The White Gold Mail List was started on May 23, 1996.
   The non-moderated White Gold Forum is primarily for the discussion of
   the David Hudson material commonly known as White Powder of Gold. The
   discussion is open to all parties interested in this subject. Because
   of the nature of the material and it's physical, medical, political,
   alchemical, philosophical, religious and mystical aspects and
   ramifications it is impossible to create a short concise definition of
   limitations. For that reason there are none.
   The only hard and fast rule that exists is that participants show
   courtesy and respect for all other participants of the list. Within
   that simple framework all submissions are welcome. Because the subject
   boundaries are so wide everyone can assist by clearly identifying the
   source of statements, beliefs, or information that is not otherwise
   obvious from the context. If you believe that another persons post is
   inappropriate you are welcome to say so and state your reasons. You
   are not welcome to be abusive.
   This White Gold Forum was not created to provide a place for
   manufacturers or distributors to advertise their products. However
   People that produce products or sell products that are based upon or
   connected with the valid subject matter of this list may post
   information on their products no more often than once per month.
   ***Absolutely NO Exceptions*** Participants of the list are also
   encouraged to comment on and critique any product announcements that
   might be posted.

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