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VORTEXC was created as a temporary forum for discussion of various issues regarding experimental investigation of the physics of Torsion. This topic includes "Radionics", "Pyramid power", anti-gravity, PSI phenomena, and time machines. All may subscribe and participate, although the intended audience is advanced hobbyists and professional researchers.

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WARNING: read the rules below!!!

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1. Intelligent, respectful discussion only.  Meaning, no flamewars,
   no namecalling, no insults.  Do not use vortexC-L to reply
   to insults, use private email.  The list moderator is intolerant
   of violators.  Please stay very aware that the low information content
   in email can lead us to read between the lines and hear insults where
   none were intended.  So, think twice (or more!) before replying to
   apparent attack.  If in doubt, ask the author to clarify, or 
   simply take the fight to private email.  See more info about
   flamewars at the end of this message.

2. No anonymous lurkers.  Subscribers are required to be up front with
   the group members and post their name on the subscriber's website at:


3. Small postings only.  The limit is currently set to 40K.  Some
   users have mailbox limits, others must pay by the K for received
   messages.  Do not attempt to circumvent the 40K boundary by
   splitting up files into separate messages.  Large files can be
   mailed directly to interested individuals.  If you would like to
   post something on the web page, mail me at 
   for more info. 

4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: when you reply to a message DON'T include the
   ENTIRE message in your reply.  Always edit it a bit and delete
   something.  The more you delete, the less traffic overload.  The entire
   message should really only be included if: 

     (A) you are replying to a message that is many days old, or 

     (B) you are doing a point-by-point reply to many parts of a message.

   Many vortex users must pay by the kilobyte for receiving message
   traffic, and large amounts of redundant messages are irritating and
   expensive.  So, when including a quoted message in your reply, ALWAYS
   DELETE SOMETHING, the more the better.

5. Outsiders and new subscribers may not post advertizements on this
   list.  Regular users of vortexC-L may post ads if they are
   somewhat on-topic.  If in doubt, ask the group.

VortexC-L digest mode:

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  Normally, VortexC-L forwards each received message within minutes or
  hours of receipt.  VortexC-digest is different: it collects messages,
  then sends them as single large chunks.  VortexC-L and VortexC-digest
  are two separate lists.  It is possible to subscribe to one or the
  other, or both.  When changing your subscription from vortexC-L to
  vortexC-digest, you should probably subscribe to the digest and then
  wait for one or two digest messages to appear, and only then unsubscribe
  from vortexC-L.  That way you will miss no messages during the

Address Changes:

  If your email address changes, you can email  to fix
  things.  Or, you can simply send a "subscribe" command while using
  your new account.  When your old account is turned off, the eskimo.com
  bounce detector will unsubscribe it.  If you still have access to
  the older account address, you can unsubscribe yourself using
  that address.


  Eskimo.com software contains a mechanism which might automatically
  unsubscribe you.

  This will happen if your email address starts bouncing all email from
  the list for several days.  This is done in order to stop possible
  email-loops, and to prevent the eskimo.com software from being
  overwhelmed by email-bounce warning messages.  

  When the Unsubscriber takes you off, it sends you a message explaining
  its action.  Unfortunately this message will usually bounce also.  From
  your viewpoint the message traffic from the list will suddenly cease.

  If the email server on your internet service has a habit of overloading
  or crashing for several days at at time, you will probably encounter the
  Unsubscriber.  If list traffic seems to suddenly stop, or if your
  messages to the group are returned with warnings that you are not
  subscribed, simply resubscribe to the list.  If you are still
  subscribed, attempted re-subscriptions will do no harm.



  Email psychology has an interesting effect: it breeds long outbursts of
  angry messages between two or more parties.  To prevent these
  "flamewars", I must prohibit all impolite messages.  This has some
  consequences.  For example, if someone attacks you or insults you, you
  must abandon any hope of defending yourself in front of the group.
  Instead, defend yourself via private messages.  Or, if someone blatantly
  violates the forum rules, you may NOT use the list to angrily point out
  their transgressions.  Complaint to the violator privately, or contact
  the moderator instead.

  "Politeness" and "insult" of course are in the eye of the beholder.  I
  ask that people try not to take insult.  But more importantly, I DEMAND
  that all users try to craft their messages so that the RECIPIENT won't
  take insult.  In other words, treat others as you would want them
  to treat YOU.   Any complaints should be totally polite, respectful, 
  emotionless, and non-accusatory, with no 'namecalling' whatsoever.
  Often this is impossible to do.  The solution is very, VERY simple:


  When a flamewar breaks out, people usually blame a particular person for
  causing it, and they feel justified in responding.  However, sending
  your angry response to vortexC-L is PROHIBITED.  If you catch yourself
  thinking "well, he/she started, I was just defending myself," then
  since you easily find justification to violate rule #1 of this forum,
  you should not be here. 

Some wisdom regarding flaming...

  "Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation or
  creed."  - Bertrand Russell

  "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two
  opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to
  function."   - F. Scott Fitzgerald

  Being too ready to defend oneself is more dangerous than being too
  ready to admit a mistake."  - Sir Karl Popper

  "Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders than by the
  arguments of its opponents."  - anon

  "If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you.  If you
   really make them think, they'll hate you."  - D.R.P. Marquis(1878-1937)

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