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UPDATED: June 2012
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I'm a high voltage engineer. I was performing a high voltage breakdown test between 2 toroidal corona shields. Test voltage was approx 300,000V peak a 60 Hz and spacing was about 15 inches. When I placed some "dust bunnies" on the bottom toroid to simulate a dirty surface and raised the voltage the mass of hair/dust and ??? started to slowly float. It would stick to the bottom then lift off and glide back and forth between the metal toroids. Been in HV for 30+ years and never saw this with AC. My guess is the difference in charge mass is causing some sort of rectification but other than that I have no idea.
Fred Schroeder <burnerdaddy666 AT yahoo com>
Bay Area, Ca USA - Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 15:58:57 (PDT)

Here's a possible SLI (streelight phenom) experiment:
Suppose the SLI effect works with tiny neon bulbs. If it does work, still we'd probably have to adjust the bulb so it's just barely working; so that any external signal could trip it into darkness. Ah, but there's a way to do this automatically.

If we pulse an NE-2 pilot light with 150VDC (through a resistor of course,) but then turn the voltage down just below 55V, the bulb will go dark... so what if we ramp the voltage down from 60V to 50V very slowly. An external "signal" might make the bulb turn off earlier or later than normal in the rampdown. When the bulb goes off, give it another 150V spike and start the rampdown over again. MEASURE THE TIME BETWEEN SPIKES. Display the time on a number display. The number should not change. (OK, it might change if the temperature of the bulb should drift, or if the bulb is illuminated with powerful radio waves.) If the number should change when a particular person approaches, that means we've invented an "SLI effect detector."

Simpler version: use a 150V battery, an NE-2 bulb, plus a resistor and capacitor to make a slow-flashing neon blinker. With luck, the nearness of a "SLI" person will make it flash visibly slower than normal.

Hmmmm. Big Brother paranoia idea! Set up the device so it triggers a camera if the rampdown time should change, then place it on a busy city sidewalk, and it will take pictures of SLI-ders while ignoring everyone else!
Bill Beaty <billb a>
Seattle, WA USA - Thursday, April 07, 2005 at 18:18:50 (PDT)

i am not sure how to explain but in my village i have my uncles home where my aunt experience presence of a ghost name fatima ,she may be owner of home aunt has even build up small room or mandir for them there where ppl have started visiting there from other places.....i too believe in the presence of these souls but i in practical never experienced them with my eyes opened so i donot believe until i see them with my opened eyes and in my complete plz tell me how can we determine the presence of these things....
sukhjit singh manhas <ssinminhas1982 a gmail com>
Gurgaon, Haryana India - Monday, October 17, 2011 at 09:41:20 (PDT)

Book ad: Tesla coil murder mystery at the University of Washington, A 
Spark of Death, by Bernadette Pager

I'm a chemistry major. I was roto-vaping DCM off a solution under vacuum and with some heat applied (Heidolph brand rotovap with a dry ice / isopropanol cold finger condenser). I noticed that the condensing DCM on the inside of the large condenser outer walls would flow down like normal condensing liquid...

However, when my gloved fingers touched the outside of the condenser and moved down in front of an advancing drop it would alter the course of the drop to a small extent. I could somewhat alter the path of a droplet so that it was following a line downwards more or less 20 degrees either direction left or right from vertical. I couldn't do it reliably every time because drops which became too large were not effected enough and would flow down the side too fast. However it was very clear that touching it was having a considerable effect on it.

A strange effect to be sure. As for a possible explanation... I think perhaps the temperature difference of my finger tips was enough to heat up the area before and to the side of a drop so that it very very slightly decreased the surface tension of the DCM and made the resulting slightly hotter path a more "favorable" path to take to flow with less restriction. This explanation makes the most sense to me since it was under vacuum anyways so the temperature of the DCM coming off wasn't very high considering DCM's boiling point, and decreased boiling point under vacuum. The heating bath was filled with plain water as well.

I'm not sure how repeatable this would be since lab temperatures vary, rotovaps vary, I don't have any measurements of temperatures or pressures, etc... However, since your working at the University... Perhaps you could ask some of the professors doing research to keep it in mind and mess around whenever they are needing to rotovap DCM off something anyways. Perhaps someone else can see this effect as well. I did take a cell phone vid, but I didn't think to put a black sheet of paper behind the condenser for contrast at the time, so you can't really see the effect. I have since graduated so I won't likely have a chance to try to reproduce the effect for some time.

Any ideas?

Travis O.
Austin, TX USA - Monday, August 15, 2011 at 05:41:20 (PDT)

I was electrolysing a copper-ammonium hydroxide\sodium nitrate solution with electrodes of graphite(-) and aluminum(+). Voltage:1.5V. At certain time the solution was full of aluminum(?) crystals and I have no idea how this happened. Aluminum doesn't becomes metal on aqueous solution! (Sorry for the errors, my english is bad.)
Odair B. Costa <mestre.oda.1 at gmaildot com >
Brazil - Monday, March 21, 2011 at 10:30:19 (PDT)

Sapulpa, Oklahoma, 1990/1993?
About fifteen years ago, I had a short experience with time-lapse in my life. I would get home from school at about 3:15 on average and my parents would get home from work at about 4:30. I was about fifteen or sixteen at the time. I would clean the house up a bit and then approximatly around 4:15 I would walk down the drive-way and cross the street, jump the always locked gate and go into the woods for a cigarette. My parents would have tortured me for days if they knew I smoked, which is why I would go to extremes to be private about my habit. Besides, if my step-dad ever found any cigarette butts anywhere on our acre of property, it would have been my butt in trouble. So anyway, I would typically walk almost an acre more down to the pond and then hang out for awhile until I heard the truck pull into the drive-way up at home.
It was in the middle of summer when I decided to explore the rest of the 80 acres behind the pond. Walking a narrow path through the weeds, I kept walking until I found a side path to the left that split into two different directions. I took one of them, smoking another cigarette of course, and after what seemed like twenty or thirty minutes later, I found myself back at the origional path. I had gone in a good size circle. I headed for home, worried that my parents would be bothered by my absence without leaving them a note. When I got to the drive-way, I could see that they were not home yet. When I got inside the house, It was around 4:10. I felt that this was strange because I had been gone for longer than twenty minutes, I thought.
Anyway, I tried the path again the next day, this time wearing a watch and making sure that the time on my watch matched the time on the v.c.r. before heading back out.
It was half an acre down to the road, another acre atleast to the pond, about five minutes of normal walking past the pond to the path. Two cigarettes at about five minutes per cigarette and then the walk back home. My watch always said that I had been away from the house for no less that 45 minutes, but the v.c.r. would still be reading no less than a half an hour less than my watch. After almost a week of doing this cool experiment, I decided to bring my mother along with me, minus the cigarettes. She actually agreed to go, plus, she had (still has) a gold Mickey Mouse watch that is guaranteed to be very accurate to some set standard of time. (???)
We got almost all the way there when my mother told me that she was going back home, complained that it was way too cold outside. It was hot as hell to me, but whatever. So I went alone and this time only lost maybe fifteen minutes of time. This portal eventually closed off but it was probably one of the coolest things of the unusual I have experienced.

Anderson, MO USA - Friday, December 22, 2006 at 09:27:33 (PST)

Gearturbine - Atypical Thermodynamic Technology Submission

http://gearturbine.260mbdot com

YouTube Video; Atypical New * GEARTURBINE / Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Thrust Way Type - Non Waste Looses

http://www.youtubedot com/watch?v=0cPo9Lf44TE

GEARTURBINE -Atypical Combustion Turbine Engine, -State of the Art, -New Thermodynamic Technology, -With Retrodynamic "Dextrogiro vs Levogiro" Effect, is when the inflow direction moves is against [VS] of the circular rotary dynamic, When the inflow have more velocity the rotor have more RPM / because push the single turbine with the planetary gear, (an a example is like to move the head to the side of the strike hit) / RPM Rotor Move VS Inflow Conduits Way /ACTION VS REACTION / Front to Front / Velocity vs Velocity, making in a simple way a very strong concept of power thrust, a unique technical quality. -Wide cylindrical shape dynamic mass (continue Inertia cinetic positive tendens motion / all the motor weight is goin with the power thrust direction), -Non Waste, parasitic losses form-function engine system for; cooling, lubrication & combustion; -Lubrication & Combustion inside a conduit radial position, out way direction, activated by centrifugal force Fueled Injected, -Cooling in & out; In by Thermomix flow & Out by air Thermo transference, activated by the dynamic rotary move, -Increase the first compression by going of reduction of one big circumference fan blades going to, -2two very long distance captive compression inflow propulsion conduits (like a digestive system) (long interaction) in perfect equilibrium well balanced start were end like a snake bite his own tale, -Inside active rotor with 4 pairs of retrodynamic turbos (complete regeneration power system), -Mechanical direct "Planetary Gear" power thrust like a Ying Yang (very strong torque) (friendly loose friction) 2two small gears in polar position inside a bigger shell gear, wide out the rotor circumference were have much more lever power thrust, lower RPM in a simple way solution, to make possible for a some innovative work application (cars/land). -3 Stages of inflow turbo compression before the combustion. -3 points united of power thrust; 1- Rocket Flames, 2-Planetary Gear & 3-Exhaust Propulsion, all in one system. -2two continuous circular moving inside combustion (rocket flames) like two dragons trying to bite the tail of the opposite other. -Hybrid flow system different kind of aerolasticity thermoplastic inflow propulsion types; single, action & reaction turbines applied in one same system, -Military benefits, No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target profile. -Power thrust by barr (tube); air sea land & generation application, -A pretender of very high % porcent efficient power plant engine. -Patent; Dic 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187

Carlos Barrera <gearturbine at yahoodot com>
Monterrey, NL Mexico - Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 10:31:17 (PDT)

Does a person emit a unidentifiable energy when sick?
Does only people with certain dna markers emit when sick?
I take infra-red thermo images of people, but when I find someone sick of cancer or a serious illness it will show up or I will see angiogenesis of the veins ahead of time. As the person is photographed by my camera, it affects the electronics and I have stop shut it down. This phenomenon happens all the time when people are really sick or about to die, they emit a blast of energy or static discharge and affect all electronic. I have been trying to document this affect. I have been associating this with an imbalance of nervous bundle or of just plain sick body. I am a good scientist, and a good licenced thermographer and accept the data as a mystery. The data does not lie, only those who do not know how to interprete it.
I will report more of this effect as I collect data.

LAZARO gonzalez <lazg655 at peoplepcdot com>
CUTLER BAY, FLORIDA USA - Friday, June 18, 2010 at 16:49:14 (PDT)


My Name is Tony Devencenzi.

I am a retired instrumentation designer and an amatuer scientist. for the past five years I have been doing a research project on a discovery that I made involving naturally occuring ultra low frequency waves and have performed many experiments that have lead me to postulate a theory that is based in the belief of an aether. In short, I have discovered naturally ocurring ULF waves with a frequency of 0.5Hz down to .01Hz, that are detectable by electrical, magnetic and scalar means. These waves are everywhere and are imprinted on the earth's electrical field and also upon the power grid. They have the ability to penatrate shielding. I am offering all of my research, plans for the instruments I have constructed, details of experiments, virtual instrumentation software that I have written, schematic diagrams, etc, to anyone who is interested. I have just put all this with download ability, on my new website I am not selling anything, just want to share my work.


Tony Devencenzi

Tony Devencenzi <frostalarm at att dotnet>
Bakersfield, ca USA - Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 09:20:08 (PDT)

Hello Everyone --

Several weeks ago I began research and experimentation on the development of a software program and kit that when downloaded and installed would allow the user to conduct true time travel, essentially turning their home computer into a Time Machine. I am now very near completion of the kit for market, but weeks ago when I was still researching my theory and had not yet even developed a project plan or prototype - I began to get what I call "time ripples"; distortions in the local time-space continuum. One in particular was really cool, but rather disturbing too.

I was taking a break from reading up on the theory behind psionic time travel, and I was sitting under a tree outside my favorite coffee house on the corner of Haight and Masonic in San Francisco. I was wondering idly if I would ever crack the theory of time travel and succeed in physically traveling through time. At that moment, myself from approx. 25 years in the future came strolling down Haight Street ! I knew instinctively and with complete certainty and no doubt INSTANTLY that it was me from the future - and as the other "me" from the future came abreast of my tree I wondered in my head: "Surely 'I' must know that this is 'me' sitting here, I wonder if the 'I' from the future will be able to resist the temptation to turn and look me in the eye?". At the exact moment I thought that thought, the "me" from the future, less than ten feet away - turned and actually smirked at me !

I guess my Time Travel Software Kit works !

SINCERELY -- Christopher Doyon

Christopher Mark Doyon <MagusChristophorus at gmaildot com>
San Francisco, CA USA - Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 14:19:38 (PDT)

BETTER PHOTO VISUAL IMAGE EFFECT!!!!!+ added bonus experiment SEE YOUR OWN BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read the article here about the photo image effect in a dark room when turning off a lamp. I had actually found a much more dramatic example of the effect years ago when showed by a friend. Same setup as far as a COMPLETELY dark room. No light is a must. A room without windows is preferable. Now take a camerra flash. the older kinds on film/rather than digital camerras is the best kind. Perhaps a VERY bright strobe light may work if you can set it to flash only once and then be turned off. Anyway, so you are in a completely black room. Flash your BRIGHT flash source, and......after a few seconds you should see a very intense image of whatever was in your field of vision when the light went off. This is a VERY cool illusion because wherever you turn your head the image will stay with you (almost like a heads up display). Try standing up and looking down at the ground before the flash. Then get on you knees and continue to look down-it seems like you are really high up and looking down a long pit! BONUS TRICK LOOK AT YOUR OWN BRAIN!!!!!!!!!! This one is even cooler!!!!!!Reverse your sight and look inward toward your own brain!!!!!!(actually you are likely seening the blood vessels in your eyes!) I learned this one from a very old mysterious book called Etidorhpa, which had lots of weird science and Freemasonic overtones!! Hold a small LED lightbulb (in the book they used a candle but this is much too difficult as it depends on getting a much more subtle angle from farhter away-plus they didnt have LED's during the time of the book-1800's) and get yourself into the same ultra dark room used in the experiment before. look directly forward and stick the LED light right up to your bottom eyelid touching it if you have to (LED's are not hot) Get just the right angle it should be shining not into your eye but more accross it)and suddenly you will see images of the inside of your eyball VERY WEIRD AND WONDERFUL EXPERIMENT!!!!!! I believe that this works by causing the lens of your eye to become a mirror.

brian hornbuckle <bhornbuckle75 at yahoodot com>
Kokomo, IN USA - Monday, May 18, 2009 at 06:28:07 (PDT)

Is a method for finding complex single are true numbers within dates are groups of other normally forming numbers. Any number from 1 to 9 would be conceder a true number use the following method.
Let??s use today??s date we would write the date in long form only using numbers.
03 28 2009
Now we would break them down in a way we can find the true number.
?? 31
> 60 > 6 + 0 = 6
?? 29
X = (A+B) +(C+D) + (E+F)
I have found that the numbers follow a order from date to date.
For a example take the doom days date 12 21 2012 and work your way back. This method has helped me understand they way things work, everything is about numbers, in reproduction it takes two 1+1 = 2 whatever the numbers point two are mean I do not know. A person can use this system for codes. I do for much of the work that I do.
When using Codeis remember the rules

1. Add are subtract each set of numbers until there are only one digit.
2. Always use the format, never add are subtract over a double digit.
3. The last and by most the important, always question your logic and what you see is never the answer.

Thanks for reading,
Denny R Randall
moriartydean at ymaildot com

Denny R Randall <moriartydean at ymaildot com>
mount airy , nc USA - Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 12:39:30 (PDT)

I frequently have trouble with 'hearing' things people nearby say, before they say it. I also Have a tendency to intuitively know things, and it quite often gets me in trouble.

Shock things, hear clock ticking incessantly, need help to stop sounds including ticking, preaudation and humming coming from ground of several spots. Am partially blind, but hear both real and mental sounds, thinking in sounds, unable to visualize at all. I and the Western Atlantic Intelligence of Auditory Mysterious Phenomena Board would like to know about your dealings with the hum, if such on-line sites are avaliable and our research may be of usage to you. No emailing adress or internet site is available, regretably, though.
Max Rip, WAIAMP board
MA USA - Friday, September 26, 2008 at 18:23:39 (PDT)

"Possible anti-gravity effect in high tension AC 60Hz field"

I work in a high voltage metrology lab, during some not too routine testing we experienced some effects that I nor my boss had ever seen. We were testing some toroidal surfaces for breakdown voltage using a 450KV PK AC transformer. After the test (only went to about 300KV) I decided to see how dust, dirt and wads of "dust bunnies" may lower the breakdown voltage. I scooped up a handfull of crud from the floor of the lab and placed it around the bottom toroid. At about 280KV I noticed the hairy dirt balls actualy lift off the bottom, slowly move to the top, then back and forth with a changing time constant, it actualy hung in between the conductors several times. I would expect this during a DC tent but this is really strange for an AC field. Perhaps some rectification was happening but we were stumped.

I have not repeated this test but plan on doing a few controlled experiments.

Fred M Schroeder <burnerdaddy666 at yahoodot com>
Campbell, CA USA - Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 14:52:44 (PDT)

Working with a glow discharge tube, had serviced 2600 volt, 10 amp power supply. Decided to start web cam and record if anything weird as I tested the power supply and discharge tube.
Unusual striations in the discharge tube formed and maintained quite a while. These were Roundish and three of them formed. Initial size was about beach ball, then all 3 reduced to basket ball size. It is strange that striations form at the ~ 4.5 to 6 amp region, this is uaually where arc discharges are, in bthat current range.
Striations are usually below 100 milliamps and I never get striations that last at arc currents.
This time I did.
Pressure in tube is ~ 85 to 120 millitorr (sea level pressure is 760 Torr)
Current at time of ball formation 4.5 through 5 amps DC.
Voltage across both ends of tube is 185 volts (after arc mode established)
Initial plasma starting voltage is 1100 volts DC.
Tube height is 73 inches, with end seals included.
Inside diameter of tube is 22.5 inches
Gas mixture is standard air, simply pumped down to lower pressure.
Why did the 3 balls form when usually flat striations form and why at such high currents?
One of the functions of this tube is glow discharge to determine what currents, at what pressures, cause a "sprite" to glow at a given light level.
Please see the video at the link provided:
It would be nice to get some input as to why these "balls"
formed and I sure am glad I captured the rare event on video.
The movie has a sound track and once I saw there was something strange going on, I went with it started making comments and reading off pressure and current readings, while leaving the camera on the display I was looking at.
The tube has been used on National Geographic Naked Science
in the episode "Lightning" and also filmed for Discovery Science channel in the new series (26 by 30 minutes episodes) "Weird Connections" expected to air November 2008.
Any input feel free to email me directly.

Mike Valente <induction (at) comcastdot net>
Brockton, MA USA - Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 16:02:35 (PDT)

i was board so i connected a low power electric moter in series with the secondary of a 240v to 18v transformer and connected this to a 12v battery so a pulsed DC current was produced, i then connected a neon light(the type found in switches) across the primary windings on the transformer and powered the circuit up and as expected the neon light lit up but, then i noticed that one of the wires from the primary of the transformer had become disconnected from the neon light and to my amazement the neon light was still lit up even though the neon light was unly connected to the transformer by a single wire! wtf!?!?
JM <jonathan-marsh(at)fsmail(dot)net>
UK - Friday, March 21, 2008 at 04:20:26 (PDT)

Hi Bill,
This is NOT actually a weird science report - I just wanted to know wnether there was any follow up, blogs or comments on the weird science report on your website by Chris Eccles (1998)on the spinning magnet disk? (his email is defunct) I am constructing one of these at present hoping to duplicate the effects, so any additional info would be most useful. Any reports on effects will of course be reported to you, even if negative.
Many thanks,

Andrew King <xxxa42sking at talktalkdot netxxx>
Biggin Hill, Kent UK - Wednesday, January 02, 2008 at 04:12:28 (PST)

I was able to shatter glass with just the sound of a trumpet. I have the video on Youtube. Here's the link:

There is absolutely NO trickery here!



Nick Drozdoff <nick at nickdrozdoffdot com>
Glencoe, Ill USA - Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 04:46:10 (PST)


The phenomenon of life. There is nothing so amazing as to blow my mind then sheer existence. The age old question. Why should any phenomenon be so hard to believe when existance of self awareness is so mind boggeling. But, it is boring. We just except it. It's normallity. What's the point in life? All things living must die. Is the ultimate goal ever lasting life and happiness? What's the point in telling others about strange occurences? Is it to vindicate that there is more to life. That time thing with the clocks is a wierd feeling. My experience was always checking and the clock would say 2:02 or 5:25 or 1:51 or 12:12 etc.. doesn't happen much any more. Had a cool phenomenon happen in the same town as the movie "phenomenon" was filmed. I was expiermenting with radio transmission and was transmitting a musical instrument to several portable radios within close proxcimity. The feedback started creating an angelic like music on its own dependent on slight movement in the feedback range; complex musical patterns with perfect resonance and harmony occured. It was a lot like surfing. Invisible waves like the waves of the ocean but with electricity. I still think the strangest of all is the fact that I have the capacity to sit at ponder right here right now in the phenomenon of life that won't last forever. THINK ABOUT IT!

Bill Snomer
USA - Sunday, November 18, 2007 at 03:35:47 (PST)

Here is a very strange thing!
Human face immortalized in Cretaceous flint.

Also published in Mu a Japanese magazine,
S8int Ooparts:
Mystery site:
and more.

Contact me if you want link-exchange or use my material,


Chris <beforelucy at>
g?eborg, sweden - Friday, November 16, 2007 at 12:27:11 (PST)

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. USA - Saturday, October 06, 2007 at 13:55:57 (PDT)

I have been experimenting with a Hodowanec type receiver,
However I have managed to modify this circuit so as to
become a very sensitive receiver to UHF pulses of magnetism.

The sensor can detect the build up of magnetic pulses 30 minutes before the X-ray flare occurs.
If any one would like more information please E-mail me

The West Australian
Radio Observatory
22 June 2007
waro at westnetdot

Brian Sallur <waro at westnetdot>
west australia australia - Friday, June 22, 2007 at 00:01:58 (PDT)

Watching red blood cells moving without a microscope.

Several times, moments after waking up with the sun in my face, but with my eyelids still closed, I have see my own red blood cells moving along within a network of fine tubes. The cells move along in pulses as the heart beats and stop for moment between each beat. Where there are Y junctions in the network, you can even see the cells going their different ways.

If you wake up when there is a bright light, keep your eyelids closed, head very still and watch carefully. I am sure others must be able to see this but I've not heard about it anywhere. The phenomena may last for a few seconds.

Best regards, Eric.

Eric Johnston <eric at satsigdot net>
Chelmsford, Essex UK - Friday, May 04, 2007 at 14:33:11 (PDT)

I found something I consider a bit strange while experimenting with high voltage and charging a 5 inch dia. pipe that is about 12 inches tall. I was using this for an antenna while I was experimenting with power transmission using high voltage and high frequency. The pipe was insulated by sitting it on an empty cardboard box and was being charged with at around 100,000 volts. There are a cool breezes that flows all around the pipe similar to an air conditioning vent blowing on it from nearby. Very noticable and unmistakable. Turn off the voltage and it stops circulating. This can also be used to put out a burning match if you bring it close. After some investigation I found that a guy has put in for a patent on this to cool welded joints in airplane wings that cannot be left to cool on their own because of the materials under the welded area that will be heated and destroyed. This effect evidently effects properities of the transfer of heat within a metal and could be used to improve heat transfer.
Aubrey Sims <asims1956 at yahoodot com---*>
Ga. USA - Tuesday, March 13, 2007 at 12:57:40 (PDT)

I'm a college student majoring in physics.. after some research decided to build a bajak temporal flux generator.
Well I built an exact replica to spec and got some truely strange and bizzare results..
I devised an expiriment where I combined the magnetic (field this device seems to produce) with accelerating kinetic energy.(my car)
So after accelerating to 100 mph I took the freeway offramp. I felt like I was on some sort of drug, just like john bajak described a subliminal and accoustical roller coaster.
I remember not really liking this feeling a very strange and eery feeling like mild confusion ..A feeling like the world I was in was a complete and utter illusion.
The town seemed different somehow. I noticed little things like signs and billboards looked old and faded.. and all the cars in traffic were like what you expect to see a few years back. but nothing significant.
The year and date are all the same. So I decide to go to Wal-Mart to check up on the latest available technology for sale. I pull into the parking lot all the while feeling like I had to drive fast It was an almost immutable urge..I park in the side of the lot next to some undeveloped woodlands (I'll post the rest of my expierience later...the library is closing)

philip Galindo
- Friday, March 09, 2007 at 18:02:29 (PST)

I've been reading the list of reported 'weird phenomena' - I know what a lot of them are, if that would be interesting to readers.

eg. Kaleem Ali (29th March, 2005) - a classic St Elmo's Fire description

N Sherman (29th January, 2002) - as they said themselves, the second rainbow is caused by the light from the sun's reflection in a pool of water. A great sighting of a rare phenomenon.

Yokohama (19th July, 2002) - a 'glory', or halo, around the moon. Quite common, caused by light fromt he moon being refracted by the water droplets or ice crystals in thin cloud covering it.

Randal-on-the-road (2nd May, 2002) - St Elmo's Fire (those meteorologists must have known that....!)

Paul (11th May, 2001) - as above

Richard Pearce (16th April, 2001) - a light pillar, I suspect (if it was cold).

Dennis Deveckx (July 25, 2000) - sounds like good light pillars.

Phil S (March 23rd, 2000) - sounds like a reflected rainbow as above.

Chris Canning (May 9th, 1999) - a classic 'glory'. I'm amazed the crew said they'd never seen one before as they're very common from aircraft.

Randy Bornorst (2nd January, 1998) - a fogbow

Michael Hoffmann (10th October, 1997) - a hole punch cloud (caused by the water droplets being seeded into ice crystals, which drop down out of the cloud, and form a neatly-edged circle of cloudless sky).

Paul Whitehorn (1st November, 1996) - Alexander's band. Google it!

Bill (27th September, 1996) - holepunch cloud again

Hope this helps!


Alex Freeman <alex.freeman at bbcdot co dotuk>
UK - Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 09:21:24 (PST)

Yesterday evening I went to dinner with my wife's cousin and her husband. During the evening the husband demonstrated a strange ability he has whereby objects both metal and plastic 'stick' to head head rather like metal to a magnet. After much experimentation and even washing his head at one point I must say I am confused. I can feel a very slight pull when I get an objects very close to his head. I have photographed him with various things 'attached' to his head but of course I realise that these prove nothing on their own. He thinks there's nothing really strange about it and sees no reason to consult a doctor etc. about it. Anyhow, it seemes unsual enough to send to you, I also sent a text message to a friend who studied physics more than me but he reacted by suggesting it was either friction or a hoax by me.
Alan Dalmon <alan.dalmon at>
Switzerland - Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 07:53:59 (PST)

The glue on some envelopes, the ones that stay tacky. (not the ones you lick)

As you pull it open you see a blue flash, you can do this again and again...

There ought to be a section for anomalous glows.

John Berry
Auckland, New Zealand - Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 11:18:49 (PST)

Dear Jakash
I tried your watch 'watch'.
I guessed the time was 10:57 PM.
My alarm clock said 10:56 PM and my cell phone displayed 10:58 PM.
I will continue to develop this.

Mary Robertson <mmmmmaryatvanat yahoodot communication>
USA - Thursday, December 21, 2006 at 23:16:11 (PST)

In Mechanical engineering - Met E 442 I think - the prof mentioned deforming iron using fluctuating high magnetic fields without raising temperature. My phenomenon is this - Peterbilt truck on highway with entire cab, engine block and all deformed (actually reduced to the surface of highway)sheet metal all wrinkled, paint still on metal, no smoke or fire or even a trail of oil on highway - it looked as though this semi had experienced the phenomena mentioned in Met-E class but no name or descpriptive equations given - any help would be much appreciated.
Kristen Hansen <etek.indat hotmaildot com>
USA - Friday, December 08, 2006 at 14:16:15 (PST)

Maybe not too weird. Remember that guy from (maybe) Britain that said on TV that he had made this special thermal insulation that was cheap, anomolously high-temp resistant, and made with "things found in a grocery store" (he said with a twinkle in his eye)? He would take his white goo from a mayo jar and paste it to an egg, wet. Then torch the hell out of it and the egg was fine. He said that military were looking at it, and they said they couldn't crack what it was made of even with spectroscopy of whatever kind. Never heard anything more about it. Well, I may, or may not, have made some on my porch in college.

OK, so here's what I was mucking with that evening on the porch: A propane torch (cheap and cheesey Bernz-O-matic like), a [probably alumina, white as snow] refractory brick tray used for electronic parts manufacture like ferrites and ceramic resistors or some like stuffs, "20 Mule Team" Borax [Hydrated sodium borate], Table Salt [sodium chloride], Sodium Hydroxide [aka: lye, caustic soda, sodium hydrate], Flint Glass Rod (and/or) Soda Glass Rod (and/or) Borosilicate Glass Rod.

I was just making molten balls of stuff and one of the balls of stuff crystalized before my eyes and would not melt. This would be no biggy, but for the fact that when I took it to my metal sculpture class and torched it with the oxygen/acetylene torch and the little ball of stuff would not melt even after I had a pool of this [probably alumina] firebrick under the flame. Never have I seen anything hold up to a flame like that before or since. I feel like an idiot, but I don't know which items from the above list I had mixed together and I just blew it off for the longest time.

If it really is similar to what the ol' Brit was making I see why he had the twinkle in his eye... everything I used can be found in some form within a grocery store. Be it the Borax from the launrdy section, the "Red Devil" Lye, the various glass types from everything from light bulbs to pickle jars, Table Salt, or even if the alumina brick got in on the reaction, it can be found floating around in one or a hundred fixtures of machines and lights.

Being that I have almost everything for this test and absolutely no content on my website, I hope someone beats me to it and finds that it is a useful substance. Poke me in the forehead if you think I should do it and post my results on my site.

Thanks fer listening, RR
Ryan A. Reynolds <ryanreynolds (at sign) cheesemagnet (dot) com>
Lincoln City, OR USA - Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 02:15:56 (PST)

My partner in gradute school called it "The Gillespie Effect". At Rice University around 1990 I discovered a technique to create a "blue light source" which lasted up to several minutes from nothing but a piece of foam rubber. It happened during an experiment to measure semiconductor optical flourescence, when a piece foam rubber that was used to help secure a low temperature cryostat, was accidentally spashed with liquid nitrogen when the dewar was over filled . The frozen foam rubber was accidentally irradiated by UV light from low power Helium-Cadmiun laser (325 nm wavelngth)and a brilliant blue glow light formed right before before my eyes. It continued to emit blue light whuch was quite bright for 1-2 minutes even when the UV light was turned off! When I showed my co-workers, they coined it "The Gillespie Effect" aftet yours truely. We never persued trying to exploit the phenomenon for anything further because it didn't seem very practcal for most uses. We assume the blue was from the N2 emmission held by the frame work of the foam rubber, but it could be something more. It also worked with a mercury lamp source. It looked pretty cool the first time!
Paul Gillespie

Paul Gillespie <pgil64 at sign yahoo com >
Allen, TX USA - Wednesday, October 13, 2004 at 09:27:18 (PDT)

My flux capacitor messageboard is at: http://www.insidetheweb com/messageboard/mbs.cgi?acct=mb974786
John Bajak < johnbajak a hotmail com>
White Plains, NY USA - Thursday, February 10, 2000 at 04:26:54 (PST)

Weird Transformer Effects

One you can try at home easily and it's paradoxical and bizarre!

I have a toroidal transformer with a primary and secondary. Turns ratio is irrelevant but primary is 6V to secondary 240V (ie 1:40). Now Imagine this setup (this is done with relays so every goes back to high impedance, o/c):

Primary to a voltage source:
      |       |
      |       |
      |       |
------        -------------------------

Secondary shorted by relay:
         |                    |
         |                    |
         |                    |
----------                    ---------
Assume that on primary side we have given enough time for transients to die away so that steady current in primary. We then short the secondary. FACT when we do this, no effect on primary side (as you'd expect).

WITH SECONDARY STILL SHORTED. Disconnect primary current. What happens? You'd expect to see a back-emf in the primary? Hang on flux links the secondary too, so you'd see one there too, right? FACT: nothing!!

So what happens when you eventually unshort the secondary (the primary is o/c)? (Eventually could mean seconds, days, weeks, months, years ...) FACT: You see a back emf in the primary!! (Finally!)

A Quick Thought:

1) IF we did see a back emf when we o/c the primary we could violate c-of-e because we flux link two coils. Imagine the primary(s) is an LC tank circuit setup to give us the pulse. We then un o/c our secondary when the current in the primary is steady and pick up that change in flux when we o/c the primary. NATURE won't let us do that.

2) If when we unshorted the secondary we saw no back emf in the primary, where did our electrical work go in setting up the primary current??? It can't have disappeared - another violation of c-of-e.

3) Okay, we saw a back emf. That implies a flux was present => a current was flowing. Hang on, the primary is open circuit!!! The secondary is shorted, there must be current in the secondary BUT the secondary is totally passive (no current sources). WHAT THE HELL KEEPS THE CURRENT GOING! (especially if we unshort days after!)

If there is no current, there is no magnetic field. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What generated our back emf? I've been talking to some engineer freinds of mine - there is some stress in space apart from the usual em fields.

Please, can we have an answer. Can anybody make use of this phenomenom. This is so easy to replicate.

R. C.
London, Britain - Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 14:41:28 (PDT)

Back when I was about 14, something I had built did something I'd classify as odd. The circuit was simple: the DC-DC inverter salvaged out of an old xenon timing light, and one of those hoop-shaped UHF television antennas. I hooked the inverter to 12 volts DC from a wall adapter, and connected the high voltage/high frequency secondary to the two leads on the hoop. Surprisingly, the crude device didn't short out and go up in a fireball; and I could hear the inverter make a faint "whining" sound from the transformer laminations vibrating.

Somewhere along the line, I got the bright idea to stick something inside the loop and see what (if anyhthing) would happen - I expected at most some magnetic oddity. So I suspended an ordinary steel paper clip in the exact center of the ring with fine sewing thread, and plugged the circuit in. The paper clip developed a faint blue glow around it, and about ten or fifteen seconds in, IT VANISHED, leaving the sewing thread dangling free. Where did it go?

What makes this so odd? It's that when I reversed the polarity of the hoop (by doing the 'ol switcheroo of the two high voltage leads) and repowered the thing, the paper clip reappeared on the thread amidst a faint blue corona like it had the first time around. The paper clip appeared to be intact, and did not change temperature or exhibit any obvious metallurgical changes.

So this leaves the question: Where did the paperclip go anyway? Did it really "transport" to another physical location? Did it slip through our spacetime and end up in some kind of subspace domain or interfold layer? Did a quantum phase shift occur, putting it slightly out of phase with the dimension we exist in? Did it end up in another quantum reality; ie. an alternate universe? Or did it time-travel to some past or future point?

I think I can rule out a straight "transport" from one physical location to another; for the paperclip would have likely fallen on its side during the first half of transport and reappeared in a different physical orientation; assuming it reappeared at all. It might also come back very cold (from being briefly exposed to space, should it have been transported there).

Time travel also seems suspect; a very similar effect might have been observed upon its return - again, it might not even have been retrievable.

That still leaves the door wide open as to what may have happened to that paper clip after it vanished from the wire hoop.

About two weeks after this experiment, I came home from school one day to find the entire apparatus (which had been set up on a dresser) quite thoroughly destroyed; and I've never been able to re-create these results nor did I ever find out who smashed the piss out of it.

Has anybody else come across some wierd effects in some circuit they messed with, either intentionally or by accident - not counting the Bajak flux cap, of course.
Craig Johnson <toyletbowlbbs a>
Seattle, WA USA - Friday, January 21, 2000 at 03:37:35 (PST)

In the book " Lost Science" by Jerry Vassilatos, the author describes how the infamous "Philadelphia Experiment" took shape. It started with a huge pulse-welder which was used in a Navy yard to fuse steel plates together while building battleship hulls. Workers reported that certain tools would turn up missing after each welding "shot." There were no eyewitnesses since the welder created an x-ray hazard, so workers were not allowed nearby. So they set up film cameras and recorded the tools actually vanishing. That was supposedly the event which started the research program. (But just who told Vassilatos about this, and how do we know they weren't just making it up?)

Anyway, if the paperclip really did vanish, and if the Philadelphia Experiment really did make metal turn transparent, then perhaps the key to tabletop replication of the Philadelphia Experiment is to pump some high frequency pulses through a small single-turn coil of heavy wire with a paperclip suspended in the center. (Maybe you need to use steel wire in order to attain the effect, since those UHF antennas weren't usually made of copper, and that would also explain why we don't observe such things when working with normal copper-coil inductors.)

But if such things are real, why don't we see them all the time in the electronics business? WHen running the "quarter shrinker" metal crushing capacitor device, why doesn't the quarter frequently vanish? Maybe the stories are bogus. But here's another possibility. When we discharge a big capacitor, usually the waveform is AC added to the DC; it's exponential ringing. If the fields are important, and if nonlinear effects are involved, then the AC component might screw things up. (If reversing the polarity will reverse the spacewarp, then an AC pulse train added to the DC pulse might keep the effect from happening at all.) We'd want to pick a discharge resistor that gave a neutrally-damped output pulse, but not so large a value that the pulse would be greatly weakened. Perhaps a lucky experimenter would use just the right coil to produce strong fields but without high-frequency ringing, while other experimenters would never hit on the right conditions. (It's very important to preserve the original experiment... and often you can't help anyone to replicate the effect by just giving them written explanation, they have to come and see the actual device.)

Bill B Seattle, WA - Saturday, June 3, 2003 at 6:51:42 (PST)

Some time ago, after seeing the Bajak Flux Cap. I decided to construct one myself. I could not find all of the exact parts, so I fudged a little and used capacitors that were as close to spec as I could obtain without having to order parts. A little reluctantly I switched on the circuit for the first time, thinking of the story attached to the plans. Nothing happened. I wasn't too surprised. I continued to play with the switches and varied the times and order of pressing the switches. I began to feel a little weird, kinda like I was slightly nervous or worried subconsiously. Maybe I was to a point. Then I got brave and aimed the transucer towards myself from about a foot away. After a few moments, I began to get a slight headache. Excited, I turned on the circuit and placed it on the table and sat with my head over it. The headache grew so intense that I did not think I would be able to go to work that afternoon. The next day I repeated my little experiment. The headache returned. I tried turning the rheostat both times to see if I could detect any changes. Nothing different. On the second day however, after turning the pot each way to its max, suddenly I put the smoke theory of electricity into effect. My rheostat burned out with quite the little smoke and spark show. Quite impressive from only two 9vs. I plan to order the correct parts and rebuild it in a small plastic box. One theory I have on the headaches is, that without a driver circuit, maybe the transducer emits some sort of sound freq. that tends to give humans a headache. I dont have a dog or I would have tested that theory. I am not an electronics whiz, I only know the basic principals behind electric current and can follow simple schematics enough to get by. If my theory is totally off the wall, let me know.
Rod Peters <petersr a uniserve com>
Vanderhoof, BC CANADA - Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 20:54:46 (PDT)

I just noticed if you have been experiemented with such devices as Van De Graaff generators for awhile (i.e., hair rasing experiments and letting them shock you), and go into a dark room with a flourescent tubes, and then rub it, it will glow dimly. This result can be seen many hours after contact with the generator. One night I was running and experiment with the Van De Graaff generator and showing off in front of my friends (shocking myself and my girl friend). I got up the next morning, reached over, and toched my alarm clock (which was unpluged as usual due to the dog). Upon touching it, I actived the LCD display. For the longest time I couldn't figure it out, until I decided to just forget about it and take a shower. When I entered my bathroom (which has flourescent lights around the mirror) I noticed the light was glowing. I rubbed it, and as it had done before, it increased in intensity. Quite fascinating. Perhaps the humidity was low and I hadn't come in contact with any ground source all through the night. Therefore, the static remained stored in me? I was a giant human capicator?

Pretty cool. If you have a Van De Graaff, the experiment with flourescent tubes is pretty cool. Be sure to do it in a darkened enviroment. You can really freak your friends out by rubbing the tube and making it glow, then handing it to them...what(!?)...they can't do it??? That's becuase they don't have the "gift" :-) - Tom
Tom <N/A>
Columbus, OH USA - Friday, May 07, 1999 at 21:39:27 (PDT)

A few days ago, I read this post by Bill Beaty's brother:
Fort Myers, FL USA - Saturday, February 06, 1999 at 20:39:29 (PST) >

Now, at first, I thought, "This guy has just had some luck at guessing the time." Until, later that day, I was cooking some food in the kitchen, and like Dave, I set the electronic timer to ten minutes. While waiting for the food to be done, I walked around and listened to some music, moshing all over the kitchen and so on. Then, just to amuse myself, i remembered this post I read and pointed at the timer without looking. At this very instant, it went off. This scared the living #$ a ! out of me! I checked the pizza in the oven, and the cheese wasnt fully melted, so, I set the timer for an extra three minutes and went back to headbanging. To test my luck again, I spontaneuosly pointed at the timer and sure enough, it went off immediately. Remember, there are NO CLOCKS IN THE KITCHEN, and even if there were, i would be too dizzy from jumping around to read them correctly. As a result of this experience, I have been led to believe Dave Beaty's idea that humans may have some sort of "internal clock" that gives them an amazingly accurate sense of the passing of time.

If anyone else has had these type of experiences, please let us know.
Dan Greuel <virtuoso35 a geocities com>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 19:38:02 (PDT)

I have always been intrested with time and time travel. Now Since that i read a lot of enstine stuff and i came to the conclustion that time couldn't be fiddled with. I knew that the faster you travel in a object that the slower time gets and your mass increases and when you hit hte speed of light you mass gecome infinet and time stops no if you know anything about science you would know that it would take more that infinet energy to propell that craft faster than light. And IF you could do that you could go back in time. I thought of this and sine i don't have any space crafts that go faster than light then I couldn't go back in time. Then one day (after seeing "Back to the Future")I thought to humor myself and do a internet search on time travel and i found the bajak flux capacitor i have the plans and i don't think that they are 100% right so if you could e-mail me the plans of a place in which i can get the real ones then that would be great. I Will post my finding of the plans on this page. Or if this plan is riht then i don't need another one

I would also like some site adress talking about this

       Flux Capacitance Time Travel Circuit
              (c) John Bajak 1990

           /         |
    +-----o  o----/\/\/\/--+-----+------+
    |      S1        |     |     |      |
    |             G1       |     |      \
 + ---                 +   |    ---    -/-> G2
  ----- B                -----  XXX P1  \
   ---                 C1-----  ---     |
  -----                    |     |      o
    |                      |     |       \ G3
    |                      |     |      o

B1    27 volt source
C1    1200 uF 50V cap electrolytic
P1    piezoelectric transducer (value uncrit.)
S1    charging switch (SPST)
G1    25-ohm rheostat (future control)
G2,G3 switch (SPST) and 1M-ohm potentio-
          meter for past control
< Transcriber's note: I don't know whether G1 and G2 are really supposedto be a rheostat and a potentiometer, or both rheostats, or both pots. He refers to two rheostats elsewhere, and I was just going to call them pots until I remembered that rheostats would have some inductance. >

Louis Murphy <LMurphy5 a go com>
Darien, IL USA - Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 15:00:44 (PDT)

Internal Timer.
Several experiences have led me to believe we have an untapped ability to judge the passage of time, in some circumstances, to a very accurate degree. The other day I had the mechanical timer set on the stove for 15 minutes or so. I went off and was watching television. All of a sudden I knew it was about to go off. I went to the kitchen and rasied my hand. As I humorously lowered it and pointed at the timer, it went off at that instant. I wasn't even looking at the reading when I did this. Reminds me of the times I set the alarm to an early hour and wake from a sound sleep, look at the alarm and it goes of the moment I look at it. Anyone else?

Dave Beaty Bill's Brother <dbeaty a>
Fort Myers, FL USA - Saturday, February 06, 1999 at 20:39:29 (PST)

Green Flashes Get some lifesavers or other similar sweets, Go into a dark place and get a friend to watch as you bite in to get a bright green flash.! Kind of like the green light in "The Tommy Knockers"!!! extremely strange. Hitting sugar cubes with a hammer should work too.
The Baron
Southampton, UK - Tuesday, February 02, 1999 at 09:39:37 (PST)

The Blue Flash! Go to the refrigerator in near total darkness. (You need to have your eyes dark adapted.) Grab an unmolested ice tray; metal, plastic, whatever. Place it over the sink (to catch ice cubes). Crack the ice cubes loose by twisting the tray. Bango! All the cubes make a blue flash when they pop loose. Get some sleep.
Robert Fritzius <rsf1 a>
Starkville, MS USA - Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 22:38:04 (PST)

I was building a electromagnet and It was starting to look good. I had put a switch on it to divert the power at my will. Also, i had added a minutere tesla coil to the design for optimal power. when i hooked it up to a 9 volt battery and i held up the screwdriver which i had wrapped the wire around to magnatise. i was able to take my other hand and metal objects would attract to it as if my hand were a magnet.
USA - Monday, January 25, 1999 at 03:55:25 (PST)

Odd image on wall
Somebody at work moved a metal rack which had been against the wall in the hall for years. The white-painted wall contained a sort of fuzzy dark "image" of this rack. Bleaching by light? No, the image was a brown-colored deposit of fine dust. The rack was not touching the wall, but was spaced about 1 in. away. This rack is made of white-painted steel pipes, and the side of the pipes which faces the wall ALSO had a heavy dust deposit.

Hah! A clue! Dust does not settle on polished vertical surfaces unless they are electrically charged. This rack has a row of coathangers with blue labcoats, the specialized conductive-cloth types used in electronics labs. Here's what must have occurred. People walking down the hall become electrostatically charged (rug floor). They constantly bump against the blue coats, charging them, and therefor charging the entire rack. The rack has plastic feet, and sits on a rug-covered floor, so each charging event would presumably decay over many minutes. The gap between the rack and the wall is behaving as an electrostatic air cleaner! As air carries dust along, the strong field gradients between the steel pipes and the wall will cause electrified dust to be driven either into the wall or into the rack. A layer of dust builds up on the back of the rack, and the wall ends up with a fairly detailed "image" of the rack. Xerography in action.

Now that I think about it, I think I've seen these "images" of metal cabinet-backs appearing on walls before. It must not be a very rare phenomenon.
Bill Beaty
Seattle, wa USA - Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 18:09:36 (PST)

I've seen discussions of "pool devils", the V-shaped wakes that mysteriously zip across the surface of swimming pools. Here's something similar: Falaco Solitons (w/cool photo)
Bill Beaty
Seattle, WA USA - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 15:12:46 (PDT)

Currently and for the past year I have been experiencing some form of neurological interface or synthetic telepathy. There is apparently direct access to my mind and two way communication via some technology.

At 1225 W. Lunt Chicago Il. 60626-3079 in my apartment the phenomena is most intense. I have not had x-rays yet to check for implants but invite researchers with instrumentation to verify What I am reporting. This may also be some type of domestic terrorist group operating in Chicago in the begining of what will probalby be what is termed DIRECTED ENERGY WARFARE.

This is a website for a patent: /cgi-bin/ilink4? INDEX+0+4877027+F

This is a description of a technology from the 40'S that can do it:

These are other victims of similar things: net/~mcf/

What this means is that the human brain as a mind thing can be interfaced to machines or some type of recording. I am experimented on and interrogated in my own home daily against my will with zero compensation as well as tortured to bleeding by a group of people who have zero regard for my privacy or human rights and try to abuse me in every possible way using this technology. This is similar to the Dr.Mengele method of involuntary human experimentation. The medium could be used for good but is is instead being used to try to lobotimize me, spy on every thought and violate my constitutional rights. They also try to sexually harass me as well daily with this technology. This method must be stopped as it is being used on U.S. soil to strip away constitutional rights, of law abiding patriotic citizens. The group using the technology is trying to drive me insane with it and destroy my mind. Its a shame to see such technology used for such selfish and lowly purposes when it could be used in such a different way.
Steve Wilson <SamadhiW a aol com>
Chicago, il USA - Thursday, December 11, 1997 at 06:09:26 (PST)

There I was researching the flux capacitor when I realised that if something were to travel through time it would stay in the same place it was in when it shifted in the linear time stream. And thus it was obvious that any displacement of an object through the space-time continuum would not likely remain in an useful earthly postion. Since the surface of the earth is traveling at about 920 miles per hour about its axis, and since the earth itself is orbiting about the sun at about 66,000 miles per hour, and of course the solar system is rotating in its place within the milkyway galaxy...... well as you can see, it all get rather stupid and compicated quiclky. As I began to calculate the adjustments needed to the flux capacitor concept in order to displace correctly with the space-time coordinate system, I quickly realized I was stuck with a 27 dimension problem which I would not be able to resolve with my super nintendo powered apparatus. While I have built the flux capacitor system, I have not been able to replicate the dual watch experiment in the same way as others have indicated in the web page. Unfortunately, everytime the system is fired up, the "target" watch apparently vanishes off to somewhere else in time and space. Very weird!!!! At first, in the first trial where the system was run for only seventeen seconds, the target watch became incredibly hot, the hands warped into a perfect french curve shape, and the crystal was shatered in an odd repeating spiral pattern. When a new target watch was substituted and the flux capacitor allowed to operate for 1 minute, the watch merely glowed blue and red and then disolved into thin air. Please help me understand, are these objects really going somewhere? Are they just becoming invisible? The flux capacitor circuit is starting to really bother me. I find it hard to sleep at night and I haven't had the courage to run it for longer than 1 minute. On the last trial I felt like the table was also beginning to show signs of temporal distortions showing up in the pattern on the formica surface (Incredibly wierd!)

Ginger Ayle <gingera23 a aol com>
madison, WI USA - Sunday, October 11, 1998 at 19:01:32 (PDT)

I would like to get in contact with anyone who has done experiments with the Bajak Flux Capacitor. I am planning on making my own soon and I would like to know what to expect. Any information is welcome. You can e-mail me at torchie a webtv net Thank you.
Russ Mason <torchie a>
St. Marys, PA USA - Monday, September 28, 1998 at 17:49:57 (PDT)
I am in the middle of my tests on the Bajak Flux Capacitance Time Travel Circuit. As of today, I have had 3 failures. I will try to describe what I did and why they possibly failed to the best of my ability. Test #1 was done the " old fashioned way ". This first test was done by simply taking the components and twisting the connection terminals together. For test one, Due to the rarity of getting parts in Neosho, I had to make 2 substitutions. Sub. one was composed of (1) 1000 uF 50 V cap. and (2) 100 uF 50 V cap instead of using a 1200 uF 50 cap ( electrolytic of course ). Sub 2 I had to use a 1 M-ohm potentiometer instead of a 25 ohm rheostat. Upon testing, I got no audible noise. Also note, I used a piezo transducer with out a driver circuit. I have possible reasons why this test did not work. They are, one, bad connections, two, bad parts, three, incorrect part(s), four, incorrect wire type, and five, faulty wire. Test 2 was done exactly as test one EXCEPT I used a piezo buzzer INSTEAD of the piezo transducer. Test 3 was soldered instead of twisted. The reasons could still be any or all of the five listed above. My final experiment will be conducted soon. I plan to use perf board ( circuit boards ). I will not start construction until I get the correct parts as given in the parts list. I personally think that this circuit has worked once or twice before in the past under the correct conditions. I hope to replicate these conditions and have a actual working model. I do have another theory regarding time travel except the theory I got out of an old book refers time travel as bioelectronic force fields. Just to note, I have never again been able to locate this book. If anyone is interested in the bioelectronic force field theory i have just mentioned, please contact me. Please do not send mail asking for the Bajak Time Circuit. It is avaliable at www.keelynet com. Anyone who has built this circuit, successful or not, I would appreciate any information you have on the conditions you were in when it worked and any changes you had made to the parts list and/or circuits. My final experiment will be posted later on.
Ray Bradshaw <rmelton a clandjop com>
Neosho, MO USA - Thursday, July 16, 1998 at 23:03:42 (PDT)
Expanded report on "electrostatic air-threads" at:
Bill Beaty
Seattle, Wa USA - Monday, June 08, 1998 at 16:16:16 (PDT)
While playing with dry ice, I stumbled across a strange electrostatic effect. If chips of dry ice are placed in a dark-bottomed pan with 1cm of hot water, a layer of moving white mist covers the water. This is fascinating to watch, especially if several chips are scattered around the pan. On a whim I grabbed a 10KV high voltage DC supply, clamped a needle onto the -10KV terminal, and was directing ion wind at the mist and blowing it around.

Here's the weird part. The thick high-voltage wire swung across the pan for a moment, and in the mist layer there appeared a collection of parallel dark lines, as if the wire had been spewing a number of narrow "rays" which swept across the mist and cut furrows into it. Brief experimentation showed that the entire wire was sending out these "rays", they reach out about 10cm to 15cm and seem to be less than 1mm across. This was the negative lead, the positive lead was grounded. The wire is fairly old test-probe wire, not designed for 10KV and has a bit of leakage.

Some of the "air-stream rays" appeared to originate at the tips of tiny pieces of lint which were clinging to the wire. The big mystery: if these "rays" are simply charged wind, why do they form narrow streams? Charged wind should self-repel and spread out!
Bill Beaty
Seattle, WA USA - Saturday, June 06, 1998 at 01:04:00 (PDT)

I noticed something strange when I tried to receive a stronger signal on my radio. I tape piece of alunimun foil on the radio it self and left the other end about 16" of foil just hanging in the air. But when I went up to touch it to move the foil, it moved before I touched it. This may be due to static electricity or something but I thought that it was very strange. I think I got my hands a little wet and then tried it again. Since static goes away with moisture I thought that it probaly wouldn't work but if I remember right it worked jsut the same as before. This is an incredibly simple experiment to try at home or anywhere else.
Isaiah Ritchey <mritchey a gervais com>
Or USA - Thursday, May 21, 1998 at 23:35:12 (PDT)
I have finally decided to order parts for the "time travel" circuit. I intend to post the results of the project.
Ray Bradshaw <rmelton a clandjop com>
MO USA - Thursday, May 21, 1998 at 20:37:35 (PDT)
I've seen discussions of "pool devils", the V-shaped wakes that mysteriously zip across the surface of swimming pools. Here's something similar: Falaco Solitons (w/cool photo)
Bill Beaty
Seattle, WA USA - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 15:12:46 (PDT)
Hey Blake could you please e-mail me the plans of the flux capacitor. Thanx
Jim Peat <jpeat a>
Utterson, ON Canada - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 11:18:17 (PDT)
These reports on the bajak temporal flux capacitance circuit could possibly not be true. One thing I noticed on the circuit was the positive and negative teminals on the battery. The smaller end on the battery schematic is negative, but it is written as positive. I also am trying to still understand the future and past controls. According to the circuit, you have to hold down the past control THEN press the future control to travel forwards in time. Has anyone else seen this simple glitch in the schematics, or am I seeing things everytime I read my file ?
Ray Bradshaw <rmelton a clandjop com>
Neosho, MO USA - Saturday, April 04, 1998 at 21:55:51 (PST)
I have been adding Lithium grease to my gasoline for a month. Per a report in Gene Mallove's "Infinite Energy"... Getting about 15% better mileage. Supposedly because of Li7 + H1 = 2He4 Hummmmmm?
Unknown Ghost <HGhost a compuserve com>
Shorewood, MN USA - Friday, March 27, 1998 at 14:52:01 (PST)
I have no report of something, I just want to ask for Blake Bowyer to report something more the Bajak flux capacitor for I am very interested in time traveling. Thanks in advance.
m. van marion <mvmarion a>
brielle, holland - Tuesday, March 17, 1998 at 03:41:40 (PST)
Hi, it's me, Blake again. I have some more time now. Recently I said I Had built the bajak flux capacitor, a time machine. I received the info from an unknown person who saw a little message on time travel I posted up. Anyway I put the circuit together, and I used the beeping from a smoke alarm to provide an oscillating input. I put the machine on top of my watch, which was synchronized with another. I left the machine beeping away for exactly seven minutes. When I returned, I turned off the machine and compared the watches. After I finished jumping around and screaming "IT WORKS", I wrote the experiment down on paper. The watch under the machine was exactly two minutes and seventeen seconds faster then the control watch. I'm going to try to improve it, and I will write if there are any more amazing results. P.S. I think there is a discription of the circuit somewhere at, but I'm not sure.
Blake bowyer
woodbridge , va USA - Thursday, March 12, 1998 at 08:51:12 (PST)
I am only fifteen, but I have alarge interest in time travel. My lunch break is over, so I have to hurry. I recently tested the bajak flux capacitor. Beefore if burned out, I acheived a 2 minute time shift in 7 minutes. have just ordered parts to build a good one. Got to go will right back later with more time.
Blake Bowyer <don't know. On school computer>
woodbridge , va USA - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 08:50:20 (PST)
PHOTO VISUAL IMAGE First you need to be in a very dark room sitting next to a lamp in a comfortable position. After your eyes get ajusted to the dark turn on the lamp momentarly(1-3sec)then turn it back off. All the while having your eyes fixed on an object about 1 to 3 feet away. If your eyes are perfectly still you will see the image you just saw in amazing clearity.With no light! The image can last from a few seconds to a lot longer depending on the amount of practice you have. The trick is to keep your eyes perfectly still without blinking. Try staring at your hand while the light is on and then moving it away while it is off.The effect you get while staring at your hand and knowing it's really not there is kinda strange. Please email me and tell me how this trick works for you. Iv'e been telling people this for years and no one has even tried it.
Dana Smith <dana10 a>
USA - Tuesday, December 02, 1997 at 15:48:39 (PST)
Materials: two or more 2 Liter plastic beverage bottles (carbonated and pressurized). Procedure: thunk one of the bottles with your fingers like you would sound a watermetalon. Result: one bottle by itself will produce a soft resonant tone which dies out very rapidly. Place two bottles together (they do not have to be touching) and the tone is very much louder and dies out much slower.

A. F. C. St. Clair <nermal a>
Orlando, Fl USA - Sunday, November 16, 1997 at 17:01:32 (PST)
I'm 12 and I'm a science frek. Any way I was expirementing with two copper wires and 120volts (from the wall outlet). I glued the wires 1/2 inches apart in a glass bowl and plugded the two wires into the wall. Then I went to bed. The next morning the wires had connected them selves with a small copper link less than .2 mm in diameter!
Andrew Harmon
Tulsa, OK USA - Thursday, October 16, 1997 at 10:13:45 (PDT)
Here is a phonemona I'd be interested in someone explaining to me: Tell someone that every time you say a number, you want them to repeat it 5 time. Don't even think about it, just do it with as little amount of thought as possible, and they can even use their fingers to keep track of how often they say something. Then say 'Okay, lets try first with the number 5' The person should respond with '5 5 5 5 5'. Then say '5, 5' and they should say '5,5 5,5 5,5 5,5 5,5'. Do it again with 5,5,5. Now they probably will use their fingers, and this actually helps the results. Say 'Alright, without thinking tell me the first vegetable that comes to your mind'. Did they say 'carrot'? More than 1/2 the people doing this will say carrot, because your brain apparently associates 5 to the colour orange. (Using fingers, btw, ends up with an open hand, further focusing the experimentee on the number 5). Why is that? Associations are usually easy to make, but this particular one has me a little baffled. BTW: In my previous note (excuse the pun), the C Major chord is actually an A Major chord. I had to cut/paste that doc, and actually there is 1 1/2 sentences missing from it. It still is correct, except the chord name, which is from the beginning of another sentence.
Karsten Johansson <ksaj a>
Toronto, ON CANADA - Thursday, October 09, 1997 at 07:56:01 (PDT)
I was practising french horn while sitting in front of the computer. For the fun I played the lowest note I could and then played gradually higher, suddenly the screen started wobbling up and down, what happened?
Pieter La Grange <pieter a>
Roodepoort, Gauteng RSA - Wednesday, October 08, 1997 at 13:28:19 (PDT)
Many years ago I was thinking seriously about what has been nicknamed the "6% rule" in music. This is mostly seen on a guitar fretboard, where each fret is 6% smaller than the one before it (and on trumpets, where each note uses a 6% step decrease as the tube length increases, and on trombone...) This also is the reason why an octave above 440Hz is not 880Hz. (apply the 6% rule in 12 increments, and you'll come up with the right answer...) What came to mind is that if sound waves work this way, I wonder if light waves do. Well, it seems that they do. If you consider the full visible light spectrum as being an octave (so now you can hear *and* see octaves) and apply the 6% rule from the bottom of the spectrum, you'll end up at exactly the top of the visible spectrum. Now came the question: why do we percieve our musical scales as A B C D E F G, but the major scale is C D E F G A B? Why are there no B# or E# notes? Take a picture representive of the spectrum divided into the 12 parts (with the 6% rule taken into account, not 12 equal parts) and label each part with the 12 notes of the scale (A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#). You'll notice that the letters A B C D E F and G all have their own colour. The C major chord, C A E are on the colours Red, Yellow and Blue (the 3 primary colours). Trying this experiment with 14 notes just does not work (and if you play the musical frequencies of a 14 note scale, it sounds simply aweful. Although the octave is right, 3rds sound very off, and the #4 (devil's interval) does *not* sound like one would expect. It sounds bad but not sinister. ;) ) Is there anyone else who has noticed this? I have found no reference to it anywhere. Believe me, I have searched high and low. http://www.aracnet net/~ksaj

Karsten Johansson<ksaj a>
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Yes, I have another. I was expermenting with salt water. I made a highly concentioned salt solution. I put to stainless steel butter knifes in the solution and put 12 volts of power through it. the solution started to bubble around the electrodes. and the solution turned from clear to yellow.then dark yellow. then a dark green, and then it had a brown liquid on top. then when I put it in the mircowave for 2min. Also I put a tester in it and got a voltage reading. Can any one tell me what I did cause I ask and nobody knows. and there is nothing about it. only thing I can think of is that I ionized it.
Steffen Caston <rcaston a>
Detroit, MI USA - Sunday, September 07, 1997 at 13:57:14 (PDT)
When using a push lawnmower if you mow backwards(with or without catcher) the lawn looks almost perfect and there is no grass to be seen, you never have to empty the catcher? Wheer is the grass. Compare this to mowing normally and not emptying the catcher, result- a big mess??
Aus - Saturday, July 26, 1997 at 23:23:20 (PDT)
I often experiment with high voltage, electromagnets, and ion repulsion in my basement. I often have trouble with a home made array of electromagnets that are held together with long iron rods. The weak solder connections often force the magnets in on each other, creating a magnetic dome. It was around 3 a.m. when I filled a metal bucket with highly concentrated salt water, trying a crystalization experiment. I placed the bucket on my "electro-table" which can generate high charges of positive, negative, or combined charges via a thick wire connected to the bottom of the bucket. I connected the negative charger to the bucket. When I went to connect the positive wire, a large spark occured which startled me. Jumping back, a mistakingly turned on the electromagnet. I broke and went into a dome shape. The bucket flew up towards the magnet. I was about to turn the magnet off, when I notice that the water was slowly making a pilar. Like a cone of water within the dome of megnets. I quickly put on some thick rubber gloves and touched the cone. A very painful splash of water hit my face and the cone immediately collapsed. It seemed like the water was also spinning at a very high rate of speed, which was confirmed when I touched it. I don't know how it happened, but I have been unsuccessful in recreating the event.
John Cox
Columbus, Ga USA - Saturday, July 26, 1997 at 07:52:08 (PDT)
I have a small tesla coil and I mounted two rods on it about a foot and 1/2 long. When I turn on the power the rod that is grounded starts to wobble back and forth. I turned off the power and it stoped wobbling. I then turned on the power and it started to wobble back and forth again this time it started hitting the other rod. The rods are about 1" apart. They are from CB antennas. While they wobble there is a spark between them. They only will wobble while a spark is "connecting" them. I don't know what the coil voltage output is but I think it is about 1000-4000volts.
Or USA - Friday, July 25, 1997 at 23:33:46 (PDT)
On may occasions I have witnested taunt wires and cables oscillate or vibrate with extreme energy when there is zero wind. This is especially noticable when observing barb wire streched over a live stock water tank in extremely cold weather. Also guy cables on towers will "sing" at night, when there is zero wind movement. I have played with these observations, and I do not belive that thermodynamics are involved. But something is happening here. If any one else has observed this, or has ideas please drop me an Emal.
John Jones II <jjones2 a>
mo USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 00:30:49 (PDT)
About 9:30 pm, on the 16th of March 1997, I turned on my guitar amp, a Crate solid-state GX-15R (nothing special about it). As it came on, there was a strange morse-code like beeping sound coming from it. I realised that the live connection (the tip of the input cable) was touching my bedroom's floor. I picked it up, and the beeping stopped. As I tried "probing" the walls with the cable, the signal was a lot weaker. I was barefeet at the moment, and when I touched the tip of the plug with my finger, the signal was several times stronger. I switched the amp to the clean channel (I was using the Overdrive, a channel that has about 1000 times more gain than the Clean)on , and the signal was still powerful enough to drive the amp. In fact, it didn't sound weaker than on the Overdrive channel. After a few minutes listening to the signal, there was some type of response: the same pattern was repeated, at a higher pitch! Then I played the guitar for about ten minutes, and when I tried again, the signal had stopped. I'll try to get a recording of the signal and upload it as soon as I can. If you want to try this, use a properly grounded guitar amplifier. Please e-mail me if you find aniything.
Francisco Rasia <francisco.rasia a>
Curitiba, Brazil - Monday, March 17, 1997 at 14:51:33 (PST)
I am only a twelve year old but I quite personally believe that cold fusion should get a lot more funding than it gets because I have seen first hand that cold fusion works a friend of mine and I have been working in his garage and I believe we have built a cold fusion generator when we activated it,it started the process there was a blinding flash and literally it melted! because all of the energy collected and totally melted the generator.
fusion <withheld at my request>
withheld, ID USA - Thursday, December 19, 1996 at 20:50:08 (PST)


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