From: "Greg Watson" <gowatson asiaonlinenetau>
To: "Energy Vortex" <vortex-leskimocom>,
        "Energy FreeNrg" <freenrg-leskimocom>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 11:35:46 +1030
Subject: [FG]: SMOT Refunds

Hi All,

I need your help to rebuild my list of those who ordered & paid for SMOT
kits.  I lost my original files but do have bank records with dates &
amounts I paid in or came in via overseas funds transfers.

I intend to refund ALL the money whether you want it back or not but I
need you to send me (via the private email below) the date & amount you
sent me.  I can then put names to the dates.

I would prefer to do a direct bank to bank transfer but I can do US or
other currency bank cheques if you prefer.

Thanks for your help as I really do need to get your money back.

I do apologize for the delay but I just haven't been able to afford to do
the refunds until now.

Good Health & Long Life,
 Greg Watson,
   gowatson asiaonline net au

From: "Greg Watson" <gowatson asiaonline net au>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 16:28:51 +1030
Subject: [FG]: Smot & Dmec Flux Gate

Hi All,

Much water has gone under the bridge since the SMOT days.

Basically I was trying to do too many things at once, lost my focus & ran
out of time & money.  My consulting business suffered from the excessive
time I spend trying to get those damn SMOT bases working.  I sought
outside financial assistance (I was planning to get a injection mould for
the bases made) & ending up losing the lot when one day I found the door
to my "Lab" had the locks changed.  There were failures on both sides as I
couldn't get my RMOD (the water wheel like one) to deliver any real power
and I never received any of the scheduled payments. We finally settled out
of court, with them paying my costs.  I was told my "Lab" was sold to
recover costs.  I did see the auction papers. I never received a cent and
came out of the process about $30k Aus worst off.  In equivalent US terms
that is about $60k US based on both cost of living & conversion rates. Not
a pleasant experience.  It has taken me up to now to get somewhat back on
my feet as I also lost most of my consulting clients.  At 54, I'm now
retired, renting, making a living by day trading on the Aussie stock
market and still driving a 15 year old car which needs upgrading

I'm pleased to see Jean-Louis' site with a independent verification of
SMOT excess energy by Professor Pierre Clauzon & his team.  Seems 424
uJoules was not enough to get a good rollaround. Wish I had thought to do
this test myself!

I now believe I know why the SMOT worked and I'm currently doing a lot of
FEMM (much better than Quick Field) based sims to develop my asymmetric
DMEC (Direct Magnetic Energy Conversion) Flux Gate which shows (at least
on the sims) greater inward attractive forces than outward dragback
forces.  Like the SMOT there are NO coils, but unlike the SMOT, the device
is based on a moving magnet and linked stationary DMEC Flux Gates which
will allow true rotary motion.  All the sim work is based on multi linked

Hers is a link for a Excel screen shot of the forces developed on a DMEC
rotor magnet as it moves from the exit of one DMEC linked flux gate to the
exit of other.
(yahoo groups jlnlabs subscription required)

The first 3 results / curves are for finer and finer mess densities and
the last (Blue) is for a flux gate twice the length of the others.  
Notice how the force transitions on the negative to positive portion of
the curves have a low, flattish positive portion and the positive to
negative transition is quite sharp.  The OU? effect occurs in the low but
flattish portion.

Nothing has been built yet, no kits will be sold.  If the device does
work, Scott & Hal at Earth Tech will be my first stop.  Maybe Jed & Eugene
would like to be present.  I have asked Jean-Louis & David Squires to do a
replication once I get something working.

PS: Please keep the names, dates & amounts coming so I can fill in the
holes & get your money refunded.

Good Health & Long Life,
 Greg Watson,