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I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago with petite mal epilepsy which gave me constant migrains and the attacks I had were awful, I had these attacks since childhood and I thought I would never get better. Then in 1995 I was working at a gallery finishing an installation. The gallery artist asked if I would help scrub the paint off the floor and while I was doing this on hands and knees in a pool of water, they placed several broken clamp lights on the floor next to me in an attempt to dry the floor. When I touched one of the lights to try and turn it off, thats when I almost died. I was suddenly encompassed by a white light which felt wonderful, I was at peace, it was all encompassing. I don't know how long i was under but when I awoke, the world seemed a different place, I could see so much better and I felt great!

After a few months I had not had any epilepsy attacks so I went to my neurologist for a check-up. He came to the conclusion that I was cured and my vision had improved to 20/20 and would no longer need my reading glasses!! Well I now have been drawn to electricity and have my own buisiness making and restoring chandeliers and light fixtures, I am drawn to anything electrical and guess what, the doctor was right, I havent had an epileptic attack since the incedent. I am a new person and yes, I am constantly shocking people and getting shocked from static electricity. E-mail me if you have any questions. Thank You
Jessica Kay < JessieKayLamps a aol com>
SF, CA USA - Friday, July 06, 2001 at 17:26:52 (PDT)

I'm a streetlamp person myself and so is my partner. I tend to turn them off in sequence, more than one at a time, when I'm driving or out for a walk and I'm kind of in a trance or daydreaming. (I don't daydream when I'm driving, but often my mind will automate the task and my reflexes and I'll be in a state of contemplation of something else while my body takes care of the gas pedal and wheel. It's sort of meditative.) This is when the streetlights go off the most.

I once delivered some bad news to my boyfriend at work. After about ten seconds of extreme emotion, the fire and burglar alarms in the building we were in went off spontaneously and the monitoring system claimed that the fire was directly above the room that we had been sitting in. Obviously there was no fire. It took hours for the relevant authorities to get the systems back to normal because they kept going off until we left the building. This was a problem since we were there to lock up and couldn't leave until the alarms were settled.

I can always sense other "electric" people. I had a theory that it had to do with auras after I saw photographs of plant auras and a description of them as being simply electriv fields that everything possesses. I started learning how to see auras and became quite good at it.

I also can't keep a watch running for more than a few months. Mine never start working again once dead.

I seem to have an affinity for certain electrical devices. I can almost always predict accurately what the next song will be on the radio as the current song is ending. I tend to pick up the phone to call someone and find them on the line about to dial my number. How we connect without either of us dialing is a mystery to me. I'm also quite intuitive when it comes to computers, although this is hard to explain. If there's a problem with my machine I just sit and think about it for a second and the answer, however obscure, will pop into my head.

I'm fascinated by these accounts of alien implants that I read about on this page. I'm interested in taking the test for implants and I have to wonder if that's why I have such an intense aversion to shows about those grey alien critters. Hmm.
Stephanie VanD < jihad17 a hotmail com>
Toronto, ON Canada - Sunday, July 29, 2001 at 11:13:05 (PDT)

My sister disrupts electrical connections, especially the starter switches of automobiles, seemingly involuntarily, though it most often occurs when she is upset. She can, if that is the right word, also dim or blow out light bulbs, cause computers to crash and street lights to dim and (I know this sounds like the craziest part) create very localized atmospheric disruptions such as rain or high wind when there none elsewhere in the area. (Yes it really happens!) This is what you would call a "highly sensitive" person who seems to use these as a primitive defense mechanism. She says she is tired of it happening and would like it to stop. She is in her 30s.
gladys designs < indefatigable3 a home com>
Tampa, FL USA - Wednesday, July 25, 2001 at 14:59:25 (PDT)

I just found this site and found some commonality with myself. I have noticed over the years that if I wear a watch with a battery I am ok until the battery goes dead then if I change batteries they will only last for a month or so then die. I no longer wear watches.

I have been shocked by 110 volt house current a number of times, I kind of enjoy it. I have also stalled car engines by simply taking hold of the distributer and grounding the system Enjoy that also.

I am also a very warm person. I exude heat to the point that people can feel the heat emminating from me, sometimes from a couple of feet. I have always been this way. I wear less clothing in the winter than other people I work with.

I had never heard of streetlights going out when going by but latley I have noticed one light going out as I go by don't know if this is me or coincedence.

I have had apromlem with electrical,especialy electronic devices. I have been known to stall computers on occasion, tho so far nothing serious with this one.

I saw a reference to internal explosions I dig it. It has happened to me twice. Just as I was going to sleep I had a bolt of lightening go off in my head I don't know where it came from or how to reproduce it tho I would like to.

There are so many things I could mention if I had the time, Ireally would have to think moer about them, I'll come back again and add somore.
Wade Flagg < Fescrap a aol com>
Creswell, Or USA - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 22:19:15 (PDT)

Well, I'm notorious for blowing light bulbs. I can't even tell you how many, but we can never keep stocked up. But my real problem is, when I'm mad or REALLY MAD I not only blow bulbs, but I zapp any electrical thing I'm around. The tv will shut off, or change channels or volume, depending on the level of "mad" I'm in.My computer will freeze and refuse to let me even pull up the log in page. But my friends, especially my best friend, really hates being around me when Im angry, I zapp them and, well, they're getting angry back at me now, but if it goes up a notch between us, I zapp them and it comes back and zapps me. That's usually when I go off by myself to calm down. I go thru spurts where lampposts will go off when I go under them and come on when

I move away.My pets hide, not that I'd do anything to them, but you can feel the energy around me intensify and animals are sensitive to things like that. I've made my computer lock up three times in the 6 months i've had it. It's really been active since I got married 14 years ago. I zapp the phone and pick it up and start talking to someone. Now that one freaks my husband out still. I'm not "allowed" to do it, but sometimes, without thinking I just reach for the phone and my husband goes for a ride.I hope this is the kind of stuff you were asking for . But I saw a chance to tell someone about this and read about others in the same kind of boat. How weird.
Brenda Sheklian < sunmunstrz a msn com>
Visalia, CA USA - Monday, July 23, 2001 at 19:59:00 (PDT)

In my youth some understandings of a psychic ability appeared. I ignored it. In my adulthood it has appeared from time to time. Noticed as well and very much when pregnant, and after another strange phenomena. My body would shut down electric office equipment, and as well when I would go into stores, cash registars would close down.I would go to another cash register, and it happened again,in frustration I'd have to leave the store so as not to infringe on other people's interchanges.This happened in over a year's time. Today at times psychic phemona and the stopping of electrical equipment will happen. It may be nothing, or something.If anyone would like to give me further info, I would be very appreciative. Thanks for allowing me to share my minor incidents.This is a great site. Thanks.
Tatiana < mhonamhona a>
USA - Saturday, July 21, 2001 at 17:15:25 (PDT)

Are there different extremes of Electric people because i don't have trouble that i have recognized with appliances.In fact the only time i wondered what was going on with me is when i lived with carpets and at my job were there are carpets. I could turn florescent lights on by touching the bulb, lights did blow out an awful lot around me and touching metal would give me a real shock. Now that i live with hardwood floors I haven't noticed much problems with electizity. I also were leather shoes i see they say that helps.Actually now that i think about it in my apartment when i walked around on the rug all day the florescent light would go on if i just got real close to it.I haven't been able to do it lately I miss it it freaked people out when i would turn the lights on. Until i found this web page I thought it was mental and i just lost the ability or because I was showing off so much it was taken away, silly I know.
Erica K. Marrero < johnerica_10 a yahoo com>
oakland, CA United States - Thursday, July 19, 2001 at 08:08:46 (PDT)

I have noticed all my life that I have these unusual things that happen to me involving electricity and natural instincts. First im going to explain some of my electrical occurances. It all started back in about 2nd or 3rd grade. My brother and I were with one of his friends playing with and electrical fence. We would touch it and get shocked. We were just acting like idiots and having a good time. I distinctly remember the next day waking up and when I turned on my bedroom light. It blew out. Then I went and got my bro to replace it because I was too little. Then I tried it again and guess what, it happened again. Then the third time he put in a new bulb, I let him turn it on and it worked fine. Then I got all dressed and when I turned out the light, it blew out again. I couldnt believe it. I just left and went to eat breakfast. Then I had an expierence back in 5th grade involving electricity. I remember me and some of my friends learning about static electricity in Science. Me and my friends tried out that thing when you scuff your feet on the carpet and touch a door-knob. My friend Jacob did it first on the way to lunch. He took off his shoes and scuffed his feet all the way down the hall. Then he touched a door-knob and it shocked him. Then everybody around the hall started trying it and then when I tried it you could actually see a spark of electricity jump from my finger to the knob. Even when I was about 1/2 or 3/4 inches away from the knob you could see a spark and hear it also. My friends were amazed and my teacher was too.

About a month ago I was playing with my dogs in their electric fence area and I had my baseball cleats on. The grass was damp because it was early in the morning and I was about to go to practice. I decided, for some stupid reason to touch the fence to see if it was working properly because one of my dogs had been escaping from it everyday. Well I touched the fence with my stupid metal cleets on in the stupid damp grass and ZZZAAAAAAAPP!!!! It shocked the crap outta me. Ever since that, almost every time I turn on a light switch, POW, it goes out. It has gotten so bad that I now have to ask people to turn on the light switches for me. I've been afraid to touch the microwave and elevator buttons because I think something bad might happen to its circuts and it might hurt me or break down.

Today when I was taking a shower I noticed that the lights would dim and then get bright, then dim and then get bright. There was no storm, and it was very sunny out. There are 5 bulbs in the vanity light thing. I dont understand how all of them could get dim at the same time. I think that my body harnesses electricity or something because these things always happen when I get shocked.

Okay, now here is where you hear about my natural instincts. When I first got aol IM, I was talking to somebody and they asked me if I could guess what they were wearing. I guessed the shirt, pants, and shoes all right. Everyday since then they ask me these kinda questions that I would not know a thing about and about 90-95% of the time I get it right. I just try to picture the person and when I picture them the clothes are just there and that's what I guess.

Sometimes, I'll talk about something, for instance a song that I like, and when I turn on the radio, there it is playing. Today me and my brother were talking about some hot girls and I told him about how Britney Spears, Christina Aguleria, and Jessica Simpson have all had parts on the Simpsons. About an hour later, there was Britney Spears on the Simpsons. He told me and I didn't think much of it. Then later at 11, I was watching another episode and Jessica Simpson was on. Ok, now that kinda freaked me out. Then I thought about how I was singing this song when I was putting my t.v. on channel 3 to play a video game. When I got to 3, there was the song I was singing. Ok, here's the last part. All my life I have had this nack for finding 4 leaf clovers with no problem at all. I can be riding my bike through my yard and i'll spot one in a blur. It just stands out to me really well. As a matter a fact, the other day I was with my dad who was inspecting a house. I was in the back yard just lookin at stuff and after about an hour and 45 minutes, I had found 29 4-leaf clovers and 2 5-leaf clovers. My dad said that that runs in the family because his grandfather and my sister could also do that very well.

Those last 2 things didn't have a thing to do with electricity, but I just thought that they were interesting and I wanted to find out if anybody else had these kind of problems.

J. McLean < greenguy a tomgreen com>
USA - Wednesday, July 18, 2001 at 22:25:39 (PDT)

I stumbled upon this site while looking up information on lightning bugs. I've had a lot of these problems for years but i didnt know anyone else did!! In fact, the more stories i read, the more i remember. I guess it got to the point where i must have chalked my experiences up as normal and forgot them. I have wondered for years why the streetlights on the freeways blink on and off so often. I never considered the possibility that it might have something to do with me. I dont shock or get shocked frequently except in wintertime when wearing a certain pair of boots. However, i have owned 5 toasters in the last 10 years. Ive joked to people that either i have some sort of force field that burns out toasters or they just arent making them like they used to. I have gone through two monitors on my brand-new computer - they just die but only when im using them. I cant keep a clock radio to save my life. I was about to throw out one that had been broken for years when my son plugged it in and it works fine. If i get near it, it doesnt work at all. I have had two electical fires in two different houses. One was from a lamp that i turned on in a newer house in texas. The other was a light fixture in the kitchen ceiling in an older house in Ohio.

In both cases the wiring was inspected and found to be fine. I have owned 10 cars in 15 years. In two cases, i bought the car from a friend who had had no problems with it whatsoever (i knew this firsthand). Once i bought the car, all hell broke loose. In fact, my current car is in the shop for ignition failure, transmission failure and exhaust system failure. All of this happened within a week. I should mention also that i have had some psychic experiences as well. Once, while in a small men's clothing store with my mother, i felt the need to leave immediately. It started as soon as i walked into the store and became worse and worse until my mother noticed that i was panic stricken and pale. She finally let me leave the shop and once through the doors, i was fine. That was the only time anything like that ever happened. At one particular job i became adept at predicting when the phone would ring and i always knew which of my family or friends it was calling me. The odd part was that i was not concious of it at the time - it was only after i picked up the phone and answered the caller by name that i realized i had stopped what i was doing (blanked out kind of) right before the phone rang. That one was really strange and has not happened since i left that job. I was electrocuted as a child when i stuck a metal paintbrush into an outlet. I remember a warm buzzing feeling but nothing unpleasant. Interestingly, as a kid I always fantasized about having extra sensory powers and powers with electricity.
Kelley < Keyo7999 a aol com>
oh USA - Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 13:01:44 (PDT)

Help! I think I'm a freakin antenna. There are times that I pick up radio and television signals, especially at when I lay down at night or in a quiet room. I have experienced this since I was young, but as I have grown older the signals are clearer and more frequent. I realize that our body and brain work on an electrical conduction system and that technology & satellite equipment has improved on range and frequency. Could this be the problem?Most of the time I can tell what they are saying, in fact I've listened to ballgames, the Olympics, and music.

My childhood was in an area where power lines & towers arelocated. The site has a history of paranormal stories connected with it, such as people seeing ghostly images, lit lantern lights, etc.

There is only one other person that seems to tune in on these radio frequencies, and that is my sister. Do you believe there could be a connection? And, are there others out there who pick up these type of signals? Thanks, quazycatt
Kathy Horn < quazykat a juno com>
Greenup, Ky USA - Sunday, July 15, 2001 at 08:42:55 (PDT)

I, and about 300 associates, have had many instances of electric shocks, street lights going out while walking or driving under them, and a good many more "unexplained" phenomena which behave similarly to psychic events.

The reason "unexplained" is in quotes is that we know that our phenomena are deliberately targetted upon us by the "descendants" in crime of the original MKULTRA illegal involuntary human experimenters.

Even though MKULTRA was exposed in the U.S. Senate in the late 1970s, only 8 of several hundred experimentees have ever been compensated. The rest have been told they need to "see a psychiatrist".

This cover up by official denial and ridicule has kept the fact that this class of human experimentation, using remote- acting advanced electronic weapons, continued unabated by either the Senate hearings or successful law suit.

I'm offering this information because our experiences overlap those of "electric people" to some extent, and may help some "electric people" to at least understand that they may be experimentees, rather than just unlucky.

Eleanor White, P.Eng., Technical Advisor
Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (International)

Eleanor White < eleanor a>
Hamilton, ON Canada - Saturday, July 14, 2001 at 16:34:36 (PDT)

I have always generated large amounts of static electricity, for example I have to open most car doors with my sleeve. One day 9 years ago at a baseball game I was feeling odd (the hair on my arms standing up...)one of the large field lights close by flickered and dimmed and an (for lack of a better discription)arc of electricity like a small bolt of lightning came down from the fixture and struck me in the side of my neck. It has happened three times since and under different conditions, I'm much better at avoiding the situations as you can usually feel it coming or the potential of it happening. I had no idea other people had these types of things happen to them too.
Keef < neffen a telus,net>
Canada - Friday, July 13, 2001 at 09:32:51 (PDT)

back in the early 80,s my wife took a computer programing class. she kept erasing the hard drives disks just by handling them. the instructors took her out of the class refunded her money and told her to find a feild of work with out electronics. we built a new house in 85. they installed the phone and my wife would blow out the line. after 7-8 months of constant repair the phone company brought in a specialist. he solved the prolbem by adding a special box to our phone line. this worked for our regular phone but does not for the portable phone. the specialist said that he has seen many problems like this and happens frequently with healers my wife is a massage therpyist and holistic healer.
alex thibeault < ian007f a aol com>
charlton, ma USA - Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 07:47:34 (PDT)

My father stopped any watch he wore after a few days - this included quartz watches. He found if he wore a thick leather watch band that went between the watch and his skin that the watch would not stop. I bought a Boy Scout compass for my nephew and my father picked it up to look at it the compass began to spin around in different directions and then sucked to the bottom of the compass. I couldn't get it to point north for over 3 hours. My sister has the same problem. She swears that she attracts lightening and won't go outside in thunderstorms. I have been near her when she said it was time to go inside - the hair would be standing up on her arms - and sure enough soon later there would be a lightening strike fairly close. This would even happen when the storm is not really evident close up. I have never seen either my sister or father affect anything that is attached to household electricity.
MMO USA - Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 20:35:59 (PDT)

No one will want to read this boring story of mine, but I am putting it on here anyway - I've never made things (that I'm aware of) malfunction but oh my god, I get zapped more than anyone I know. I've read stories before about people spontaneously combusting and I wonder if I'll be one of them. This winter was horrible - I got zapped so bad every single day on my locker, blue sparks would shoot off, and if I place my hand near the cord to the fan in my living room when the lights are out, the cord moves towards me and buzzes, and eventually a blue spark shoots out and connects to my finger and zaps me. Every time I get out of a car I get sparked too. It drives me crazy! I'm so staticky.
JL < >
IL USA - Tuesday, July 03, 2001 at 15:54:06 (PDT)

For some reason I destroy electronics. If I touch a computer it crashes, especially if I'm frustrated. Modems, Zips, Cd players. When visiting my friend in Az he said "Well you've been here five minutes and every light in the house blew". I think it involes my emotional state most of the time. If I'm angry or anxious, things detinate around me. It is strange.
chad < elpasedor a aol com>
boston, ma USA - Thursday, June 28, 2001 at 22:01:42 (PDT)

I can not begin to tell you how relieved I am at discovering that there are other's who experience "electrical" phenomena's.

I never discuss my experiences with others for fear of being deemed either a freak or nutcase. Initially, I tried to convince myself that the black-out of streetlights whenever I passed by was a coincidence...that perhaps they were on a "timer," and I merely walked by when they were "set" to shut down. However, it became increasingly difficult to continue denying this phenomena as the years passed by and the lights kept shutting off---even when driving under them!!!

I never connected my computer problems with this phenomena until I read a few of the testimonies here. I've been having major problems with my mouse (it refuses to highlight certain paragraphs or sentences, or will only highlight a small portion), and I planned to replace it. Also, a few months back my computer wouldn't turn on. I pressed the button...nothing. Because it was still under warranty, I took it back to the store I purchased it from and explained that the computer was malfunctioning and wanted a replacement. The tech plugged my computer in, and to my shock, it started right up. The tech looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, and said..."it works fine." Now red-faced, my son and I lifted the box the tech placed my computer in and promptly left the store. When we arrived home and plugged the computer in, sure enough, it turned on without a problem. I am still clueless as to how this happened.

But the strangest thing that occurred was when a group of us decided to drive through surrounding neighborhoods to look at the various displays of Christmas lights and decorations. We came upon one house that was bright with thousands of small, colorful lights, as well as mechanical santa's, snowmen and reindeer. It was a beautiful sight. I stopped my car in the middle of the street to get a good look at this house, and as we sat and stared at it, the entire house, as well as the next 2 houses next to it, went completely black at the same time! The streetlight on the opposite side of the street also shut off. Suddenly it seemed dark. I sat there in disbelief and then drove off in a hurry. My roommate who is well-aware of my "electrical" problem, as well as my son, said..."Well, you did it again!" Took me awhile to shake that one off.

I also find that I must replace lightbulbs constantly. Gets very expensive! And as many here have mentioned, I tend to pick up static. When I reach for my doornob, I get shocked. That goes for the TV, refridgerator, my iguna's cage (made of metal), and a great many other items. I often shock people when I touch them. Needless to say, I'm hesitant to shake other's hand.

I want to thank you all for sharing your stories. It sure has given me some relief! I have never run into anybody who claims (or will admit) that they experience this phenomena. It is so nice to know that I'm NOT so "strange" after all!!! ~~Kim~~
Kim < DazzlerDame a aol com>
Redlands, CA USA - Friday, June 22, 2001 at 07:24:14 (PDT)

I'm shocked, no pun intended. My wife found this web page and referred me to it. I thought I was the only person that had these kind of wierd experiences. I worried that people would laugh at me if I talked about my experiences.

I'm a big fan of the Amazing Randi so I constantly have looked for logical explanations of this phenomenon over the last 20 years.

1). Streetlights tend to go off as I drive past if I am extremely tired or emotionally "down." Streetlights tend to come on as I drive past when I'm feeling well rested and emotionally "up." My logical reason for this phenomenon was that some well lighted areas tend to get "flooded" with light. When this happens the electric eye on one of the lights gets a "daytime" reading and turns off. This in turn lowers the light level to the point that the electric eye registers "night" again and starts its power-up cycle. This cycle takes about 2-4 minutes to complete at which time the whole process begins again. Weather conditions, such as fog would tend to magnify this phenomenon. My guess is that I tend to notice lights turning off more often when I'm tired or "down" and lights turning on when I feel better. I'd like to study a light that turned off or on over a 12 hour period to test this hypothesis.

2) I've never been able to wear a mechanical watch for more than about a week. Each day the watch begins to run more slowly untill eventually it stops completely. This one is easy. Different people's bodies DO have varying electrical fields. This isn't magic, just biochemistry. The magnetic field of a person's body CAN effect a change on external objects, especially something as delicate and sensitive as the internal working of a mechanical watch. Solution: Buy a quartz watch.

3) My hands are always VERY warm. My guess is that this is due to general good blood circulation in the capillaries in my fingers. Nothing too strange there.

4) As a child, light bulbs sometime imploded when I was in an emotionally exited state. This tended to happen in the mornings before going to school, mostly in winter. I lived in a old house with so-so heating. My guess is that the bulb got hot and then either was hit by a drop of water or even an unexpected shot of extremely cold air. The combination of the hot glass in the typically very inexpensive bulb and the sudden cold broke the glass.

5) My finger has left glowing trails in disturbed sand or swampy ground. I discovered that some types of molds will give off a faint glow when disturbed. My guess is that this is what I experienced.

Would I like to believe that I have special powers? Sure. As a matter of fact, I think I have all kinds of special powers. These range from clear deductive reasoning to good mechanical skills to just being an overall nice guy with a 150 IQ.

I welcome the chance to be refuted.
Grover Torbel < gtorbel a yahoo com>
Fort Wayne, IN USA - Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 07:02:36 (PDT)

when i was 9 i was put through electric shock and ever since then radomnly i will go up to a light and it will blow but then i relax and i can turn it back on. ive sent jolts of electricity through playground equepment and makes peoples hair stand up on a hot windy day while the people are huddled together email me with similar happenings
tyler < twomindsofme a aol com>
gulfport, ms USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:42:07 (PDT)

I read 95% of the articles that appear at this site. I found this site accidentally while searching for "the effects of massive doses of electricity on humans" in our ever-increasing electric society. My leads were not found here, but I stayed because I can relate....overheating hands, shocks, other people's remarks about my emanating "electric vibes," sensitivity to mood and atmosphere, especially when involves premonitions, reading others' thoughts, psychic experiences unnumbered, bulbs & streetlamps (yadda-yadda), sensitivity to electronics (sometimes agitating), daytime is loud, even if quiet, and more......BUT WHAT'S REALLY WEIRD is that rubberbands and me just don't get along (unless they're fresh, and big or thick)! My witnesses even got frustrated. And plastic forks, knives, and spoons ALWAYS manage to bust on me, which has caused me embarrassment in a number of situations - social/professional situations, as if I'm this eating beast or something! And I'm not! (We all know that as a general rule we tend to be less "aggressive" in front of company, especially associates). Why plastic? Maybe plastic and rubber are related to electric? Maybe they're not??? I always thought they were opposite in their conductive properties. Anyway, as a teacher, I believe that electricity inundation may be having an effect on the neurological functioning of some cases, negatively.
m-wax < Phan4music2000 a aol com>
L.I., NY USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 19:04:52 (PDT)

Unlike most of the reports I've read here where people encounter negative effects I have an unusual ability that is quite positive for me. I am an electric lift truck mechanic and many times when I arrive at a vehicle breakdown I find nothing wrong and the vehicle operates flawlessly, even when three or four other operators verify that the lift won't run all I do is try the controls and it runs.When there is an actual burned up componentI can usually locate it immediately without the manual or running any tests, I just open the access doors and I am just drawn to the trouble spot like a magnet. Also when I get an indescribable caution feeling when driving I know to slow down and look around because there is a radar setup somewhere. I never have any problems operating any kind of electrical devices when nearly everyone I know has certain problems now and then. I feel blessed and never try to use it or figure it out I just let it happen and follow along.
mrfixdit < mrfixdit a>
USA - Sunday, June 03, 2001 at 15:49:44 (PDT)

I didn't think about it, I wrote in something in a search engine, clicked this link and started reading and it's just like what I've had.

What I feel a relate to is a post which talks about the over-powering feeling of electric, once or twice in last months I have being lieing in bed, unable to sleep and then there's this massive bolt of lightning in front of me, this thing that over powers my sight and sound, a see this flash and after my heart is beating faster than ever, and it's like a build up of something and a release. After feeling this I would sit up and look around, trying to find a reason for this, I was very scared, especially when this happened inside of me.
Andy Simpson < andrewbsimpson a hotmail com>
Birmingham, England - Saturday, June 02, 2001 at 18:54:23 (PDT)

i was sent here by an acquiantance, and i didn't really know so many peopl had this problem. um, i'm not really HARDCORE electric, well at least not anymore. when i was a kid, i used to get chocked on everything. and when i was 5, i was trying the Coin-Op Glitch Hack (build up static electricity with feet, touch lock on arcade machine, system board is grounded to lock or coin slot). i did this a few times, but it never really seemed to work, so i slid my feet for about 10 minutes across the carpet at Camelot Golf Arcade...when i touched the lock, i was knocked back. now, it wasn't a big flash, or some great electric show, but it pushed my muscles hard, and it felt like i was being punched in the chest. i fell on the floor about 5 feet back, and was a bit dazed. when i looked at the machine, the screen had gone blank. i revisited the arcade about a week later, and asked why Star Wars was gone, and the guy said that someone fried it somehow, and it's worthless. i figure that the fall could've been just cause i reved up my static for 10 minutes, but someone told me it should never be that high, to where i get knocked back. well in anycase, i'm 22 now, and it seems i have no more ability to channel any kind of electricity. when i was a kid, it felt good to feel it run through me, and i'd be able to hold a charge, and use it for a few days, but now whenever i have anything electric pass through me, my hands sweat real bad (maybe as to prevent me from channelling it out). the sweat does't conduct in ANY way, instead it causes impedance. this started happeneing to me after i started puberty. i'd sweat anytime i had charge in me, and then the charge could not get out. is there any cases of like Battery people? people who can pull the charge, instead of giving it off? when i was about12, i noticed that walkmans would hardly EVER pick up radio stations when i wore them, and i gave the walkman to my sister, and she's tell me it's fine, and she could hear the music. i feel like when i started maturing, i started losing whatever gift i had, and it was going 180 degrees on me. just a few weeks ago, i was playing inside my puter, and looking to see if everything was mounted on correctly (i was getting an error about a card i put in), and the power was on. i have an exposed power supply (it's exposed cause i hadda add a few more power cords to my devi ces) and i accidentally touched one of the posts where a wire was attached coming in from the uotlet. i didn't go flying, and i didn't get all burnt, i pulled my hand away instantaneousely when i felt it, but it did feel good to me. and immediately i started sweating. after that chock, i felt pretty revved up, and was digging it alot. but a few days later, i felt empty, and i kinda had a fix for doing it again, like i have my fix for nicotine. well anyways, i'd like to know more about what i've got, if i've got anything at all. please email me, someone who knows.
Ryan < Sam_R_I_ a yahoo com>
Huntington Beach, CA USA - Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 11:32:32 (PDT)

When I was young, I would be shocked right out of sleep in the early am hours (usually 3am). I could smell the scent of burnt flesh and metal in my sinuses. I thought a loose electric cord had accidently touched my bed, but I never found anything. This happened a few times.

Later, at age 25, I had some spiritual experiences and became a Christian.

Street Lights would often turn off and on when I was in an excited "spiritual" state of mind.

At first I tought it was those sensors... but they would turn OFF when I was, and turned back on as I passed them.

One street light kept turning off or on as I passed it.

Some have suggested that these are risdual effects of mind control experiments done on children using electric shock.

Who knows.

Phil Spades < philspades>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 12:09:34 (PDT)

All I've read is people breaking things. I fix them. Computers, machinery, whatever. I just have this intuition about how to fix things. I can sense where it is broke automatically (no matter the device). I have the most experiance with computers though. Some times I can even sense packets being sent (though this may be some kind of precognition psychic ability showing through, not sure). I've been given countless peices of hardware and been told "if you can fix it, it's yours". I take it, give it a quick once-over, plug it in, and it works. Most of the time I don't even have to test anything, just check a few jumper settings or wirings or bolts (or something just as basic so that it will work as if it should in the first place), then turn it on and it will work fine. One time at school someone couldn't get the computer past POST. He turned it off, I said "let me try" (I had quite an arguement over letting me try to fix it because I'm so young yet claim to do so much (they don't let me prove anything)), I sat down and turned on the computer. Went past POST with no problem. I just read through a few more posts and found 2 other people that can "fix" things. Too bad the posts are so old the Email address is probably gone. I will keep the same ICQ UIN until ICQ dies or I die, whatever comes first :). Still though, 3 people out of about 30? Something is very messed up. Too much negative energy in this world!

ICQ/Email me if you want any more info or have a name for this "ability". Best I've found is a form of Shamanism called Technological Shamanism. Doesn't fit me, but it's all I got to work with. Plus Technological Shamanism seems to be more of a skill than innate ability. I've been able to do this for as long as I can remember...

ICQ UIN: 22406125

M. Griffith < valkor a>
KY USA - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 23:54:20 (PDT)

Hello. A lot of things happen to me that i feel has to do with electricity.

First of all, when someone is writing on a chalkboard (weird) or i am near an electrical appliance, i seem to(pick up energy) from it. First, i feel like i have goosebumps. The next thing i know, i have my hair sticking up. Even if im 10 ft away.

Speaking of ten feet away, i feel like my body has a built in sonar detection. For example, i was riding my bike, but right when i was at the edge of the road acoss the street at my neighbors, i felt radioactive waves, sorta, and i knew the TV was on. weird?

When i was 4, the weirdest thing happend, the weirdest you`ve seeen. I ran into a 50,000 volt electric fence, and it was on. i was near the switch. I ran into it, and barely even got shocked. Really, that is enough to kill you.

Body heat wise, weird, but i can stay warm without freezing even at -0 temps. I went outside at -6ºF with shorts and a Short sleeve shirt. for like an hour. didn`t even get cold.

If i could, id tell you more, but i g2g.
Kevin < Basslover11 a aol com>
Science Hill, ky USA - Monday, May 28, 2001 at 20:00:47 (PDT)

I have never been able to waer watches since childhood, even windup, except a pocket watch. As a young adult, when angry, I could "throw chi" by visualizing fire or hurt, for instance in someone's stomach, causing them pain but no real harm. Stupid, I agree, I add this as info only. The TV-VCR remote can be directed at me to control these devices, it seems to "bounce off" me. I have a lot of trouble with electronic equipment of all kinds, as well as lights. Oddly enough, other types of machinery and equipment improves with my use. I was a truck driver in my younger days, and always had the lowest incidence of repair no matter where I worked, or what different trucks and equipment I operated. Large appliances also seem to work better over time with me.

Back to "chi", when angry (which is seldom, as will become self-evident) all kinds of weird things start to happen. Recently I was angry with my husband. As we were bent down fixing a couch leg, he inadvertantly dropped it on my hand, and without touching him, I "blew" him back against a wall. He weighs 260 lbs. Imagine the look of shock on his face. I prefer life to be as "normal" as possible, so for those of you out there with this problem, relax, and enjoy, it could be worse. That Which Brings Calm is a Good Thing.
KBARBER < YomammaPAWA a aol com>
Seattle, Wa USA - Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 17:49:10 (PDT)

I am so happy to have found your site I thought I was the only one. I too am accused of "breaking" office equipment. It just stops when I am around. The street light thing happens to me all the time I am actually surprised when it doesn't happen.

My husband says he never sees street lights go out unless he is with me. I am so "shocky" that I am afraid to touch things. Grocery shopping is sometimes impossible. I have been shocked up to 20-30 times in a row sometimes. My friends and kids sometimes go with me to pick up items. The strangest thing has happened to me twice. I have been doing daily activities and have suddenly felt "strange." I have had to sit down...then I will se a bright flash of light come from deep within my brain then I will literally give off an incredible spark that hurts badly. I then smell the smell of an electrical fire. Both of these have been witnessed. I told my husband, half jokingly, if I spontanously combust to remember this history. I don't think I was ever electricuted...does anyone have any other explainations?
marrah < marrah11 a aol com>
WA USA - Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 23:37:15 (PDT)

I can make chills run up and down my spine any time I want, and I can feel other people's energy, like if someone is coming up my road, or if something bad is about to occur. I also have a hightened sense of hearing/smelling to an uncanny point, but only at random times. Ever since I can remember I have had a sort of ESP. I sometimes jokingly say ting and they happen moments later, or I am playing basketball with friends and I can predict every shot missing or going in. It just happens randomly without me attempting. I dunno. I just felt like adding this...
Anonymous < N/A>
York, PA USA - Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 16:31:53 (PDT)

After reading all these prior entrys, I must say I am amazed. However in hindsite it all seems rather obvious. Its just evolution , after all when Oxygen first appeared in the biosphere; It was a deadly and corrosive poison,but life adapted and now it is a vital source of energy. It is a tribute to flexibility and adaptability of the Human species, that we have already began to harness and use electricity , not only with machines and technology;but our own nervous systems as well. I also have had many unusual experiences with electricity, It all began when I was nine years of age. I was walking home from school and passing through a housing project, when a gang of nine fellow students attacked me with obvious intent to harm. I have never thought of myself as a coward, but against those odds, I naturaly chose to run. As I was running away I passed a guyline leading up to an electric pole, and i got a sudden insane urge to reach out and grab it. Instantly a huge jolt of power latched onto me and jerked my body into the air,twisting me around and over the guide wire and setting me on my feet on the other side,with my hand still clenched tight on the wire. as I landed ,and erie glow surrounded my body and a savage grin sculpted itself on my face. Naturaly the group of bullys scattered like chickens. :)

At the time I Thought it was electric current that i was experiencing , but in retrospect and after years of experimenting , It seems more like a huge static charge just suddenly decided that it preferred to be inside my body instead of inside the wire.

Shortly after that incident I began to have intense headaches and many of the symptoms that the other people have talked about here.

About a year later I Discovered that the OLD "swamp cooler" That was used to air condition our house, Had developed a short. I got into the bad habit of standing in the overflow in my bare feet and grounding out the current. The electricity from the cooler was so strong that it would make my arms and legs contract and cramp. But It never burned me or seemed to produce any other ill effects.

And oddly enough , The intense headaches that had started after the first event, would go away for a few weeks every time I held onto the cooler. Since then , I have studied many subjects, Including neurology. One of the interesting things about nerves is that electric current sometimes causes dendrite growth instead of atrophy. Obviously some of us have had the biological equivalant of high voltage circuits "BURNED IN" so to speak.
Jeremy Tipton < electronshaman a aol com>
USA - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 20:55:14 (PDT)

Ever since I was little, I've always shocked people when I touched them. When I got older, about eleven years, I was cleaning, and I walked by the radio, and changed the station completely. At first, I thought it was something different, like the radio was screwed up. But then I walked back past the radio, and it changed back. I can't touch the door of a car when I get out or I'll shock myself so bad my fingers will hurt for hours, my computer acts up when I touch the screen, and I can still change the radio station when I walk by it. But I think it's getting worse, because when there's a lightening storm, I get enough of a charge in my body to short-circut my light.
Mara J. < messiah3891 a aol com>
worcester, MA USA - Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 18:43:01 (PDT)

I have often told people of my ability to destroy street lights (never really having believed it was really me) but having seen so many others say similar things...

I often see lights go out just as I go under then (so they are just about to leave my field of view). It only seems to happen when the lights are about 10-20 degrees off from being directly above me and I have seen no pattern of moods/times to 'encourage' it. Often I can go for months without anything happening and other times it happens almost weekly - I've even told people about it and then had them witness it numerous times!
Paul < paul-uf a>
Cambridge, UK - Friday, May 11, 2001 at 04:59:30 (PDT)

I don't believe in paranormal things generally. I am a mechanical engineer and as such am hard bound the rules and laws of physics. However, I cannot discount the sum of event over the past several years. 1) Streetlights turn off whenever I am around walking or in my car, sometimes sevral at once or in succession. Seems independent of mood and stress, I do not believe in psychic phenomenon.
2) I have been stuck by lightning. Aside from numbness for a few hours and being sore days after, no other ill effects.
3) I tend to "disrupt" normal operation of sensitive or poorly designed or shielded electronics. Cheaper CD players, microwaves, computers, etc.
4) This one makes little sense to me. I tend to induce the reception of radio signals, mostly HAM sometimes police, in just about anything with a device capable of vibrating at audible frequencies. This is odd because I know how radio waves are produced, transmitted, and received and it makes no sense. It happens to my computer speakers often, as well as my reference monitors, even to microwaves and a tube bass amplifier. However, this is the least concerning to me because the design of all of the devices mentioned above allows for the reception of radio waves if conditions are right, which is more often that people think.

I will attempt to document the events when they occur and look for trends in the data. This should bring out what is required for each to occur.
TX USA - Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 17:04:16 (PDT)

OK it all started when I was 5 when I was at home and stuck a screw driver into a outlet. The hairs on my arms and legs stood straight up. And ever since then I have been getting this warm vive off of electric items. It feels like static is running through my finger tips as I type. I have gotten use to the feeling. It's only every now and then do I get a greater shock, like when I rub my hand across the TV. One time it blew the Tv u. My hand was cut in so many places. Light bulbs are the worst. Once I forgot to unplug a lamp before I changed the light bulb and when my fingers barely touched the bulb it burst and once again cut up my hand, any one who touches me gets one of those static shocks.
Matthew Randolph Scott
VA USA - Sunday, May 06, 2001 at 20:26:20 (PDT)

For years now I have "deactivated" streetlights- walking or driving under them. My family would laugh when I told them I believed I had some mystical power. Just decided to do something different tonight and searched the web for unusual phenomena. f

I was amazed to discover sites dealing with "sliders". My family does not know how to respond. I cant believe how many people out there have this so-called ability. I will continue to do my research. By the way, my family is no longer laughing.
stevie < srs6226>
new york, ny USA - Sunday, May 06, 2001 at 19:20:12 (PDT)

I can't remember any shocking events that started my experiences, but at about 16 I started having premonitions of air disasters that would happen within the week. I dreamt about the crash sites in color. I started to affect electronic typwriters at the age of 21 when I was pregnant. The techs said they never had so many trouble reports on a daily basis. I should own stock in light bulbs and just had my whole house rewired to separate the different circuits and install additional service because I kept blowing the circuit breakers on a daily basis. The light bulbs sort of explode inside the globe. If I'm tense or in a hurry I'll blow the circuits and at least 3 bulbs in close proximity. I try to turn lights on slowly rather than quickly. My computer won't turn off quickly but just keeps running long after everyone else has signed off and left. I have trouble signing on, and a tech will come over caress the little keyboard and tell me there is no problem. By the way as I write this my screen keeps winking on an off. This is a new computer.

I sense negative energy in others and have learnt to adjust how I interact based on this 'instinct'. My energy affects others usually positively and my children feel my moods from many miles away. I can think them into calling me within 15 minutes of sending out the thought. Someone asked about heart related problems, I was diagnosed with a heart murmur and a leaky valve which causes palpitations, so they say. But this only happens when I am particularly stressed. My body practically vibrates with energy. If I slow my breathing, and try to breath to music that plays to a 3/4 beat I can usually bring this under control.

And yes street lights flicker and shut off when I pass, espsecially when I'm upset, watches run fast or not at all and I'm definitely a shocking lady. Glad to know I'm in good company Sue
susan < rumacka a aol com>
toronto, ont Canada - Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 22:52:29 (PDT)

My best friend's little brother, man do not get him mad! he has a tendancy to look upward when irritated and (besides already looking odd, like maybe he's "different") lightbulbs that are over his head burst or go out, once, eating dinner with amy and her family, he didn't want to eat his spinach and when amy told him he couldn't leave without finishing his food he looked up and made the light (bulb AND cover thingy) shatter...
no < waverly a bolt com>
n/a, no USA - Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 16:09:24 (PDT)

the following is a brief list of weird electrical occurances that happen around me: 1. street lamps blowing bulbs* ^
2. street lamps that are out, turn back on ^
3. occasional radio disruptions^
4. computers crash (more than normal)

^ witnesses have seen this happen
* worst case...I was violently mad after an argument, I went driving, As I slammed my fist into my dash board, 2 miles of interstate lights went out!

Derrick Hughes < shadowfall1973 a aol com>
Warsaw, KY USA - Sunday, April 29, 2001 at 19:40:12 (PDT)

I have been searching for someone or someplace that can offer some advice about my "condition" . If you know of any please let me know . I have looked up "electric people" on the net an learned there are two types . One type is just static , and the other makes things malfunction and are psychic . I fall into both categories which confuses me all the more .

On unpredictable occasions I will go through lightbulbs very quickly . I usualy burn out bulbs when turning on lights , rarely also when walking by . I also have a broken flourecsent light that I make flicker . That is the extent of my malfunctions .

Cars are a nightmare . Usually it comes or goes like the weather but I build up large shocks . In the article I read it states to change shoes , I did to no avail . It stated that humidity stops it , I shock in complete rain . It stated to change seat material , leather or cloth I zap just the same . Sometimes I even zap multiple times in a row , zap through clothes , or even when up to an inch away from the metal . I can also store a zap and get a person . As a joke I zapped a pals head . They said their muscles contracted and got a headache . If it's dark my zaps go an inch long and are a white / purple color and are VERY loud .

I also have lucid dreams , some divination abilities , and so much dumb luck and coincidences that the odds are truly "odd" .

Alison < Evil a Singapore com>
Tucson, Az USA - Saturday, April 28, 2001 at 21:33:27 (PDT)

Does anyone else have trouble w/ automatic grocery doors? I will walk into a supermarket and the door will not budge. My friends will laugh when I step back and they try and the doors open right up. Also streetlights go out when I'm in different moods not just inmy hometown but any where I seem to go. The streetlight behind my old house would flicker constantly no matter what the city dept tried to do w/ it. And of course the constant changing of the lightbulbs.
Traver J < tj_903 a hotmail com>
USA - Friday, April 27, 2001 at 23:49:51 (PDT)

As time passes, I am gradually becoming susceptible to receiving shocks from more and more objects.

For instance, I never used to get shocks from the phone receiver, but then one day it happened, and I knew that from then on the phone receiver would be a repeated cause of a shock. However, it doesn't happen every time.

The newest thing is that when I stand close to a certain wall in my home, I can feel a furriness coming from the wall. I don't know of a better way to describe it.

My problem with shocks started about three years ago. I am now 30. I didn't have more occurences than the average person until then.
Sophia < sophia1 a>
Israel - Sunday, April 22, 2001 at 11:49:06 (PDT)

I feel like crying right now because after hearing these stories i finally have someone to relate to. i often have the same problem. when i touch anything metal i get sparked. i feel so bad when i go to the grocery store cause the cans on the shelf cause a spark and people stare when i jump back. i wait for people to walk out of buildings so that i can just pass through an open door cause i'm embarassed of being shocked. i cant wear a watch becuase it stops working all of a sudden. i constantly replace the battery to no avail. i learned through this website THANK-GOD!that i can just touch something with my keys before to avoid a spark. until now i thought i was insane. i didnt even know what type of doctor to go see about this. are we weird or what? why does this happen to us only? i also tend to have frequent psychic experiences that occur through dreams. could this all be related? please help.
tx USA - Saturday, April 21, 2001 at 18:02:06 (PDT)

After two or three days of receving shocks from my car and patio door it finally ended when giving my husband a kiss. It was electric the static that discharged was amazing, let's hope the static has now discharged as my husband is now nervous about kissing me!!!
Julie Hinton < com>
Newquay, England - Saturday, April 21, 2001 at 08:43:35 (PDT)

I find this interesting and I LOVE IT! I was dreaming about how cool it would be to be a wizard, this is NOT a fantasy! It got me thinking, hang on. At the science centre near where I live (a place where general public come to learn about science), I was part of an experiment where only 2 PEOPLE COULD BE A PART OF IN 1.25 MILLION CITIZENS!!! It was some weird experiment but it involved 25,000 volts with extremely low amperage being run through my body.

I am a computer technician and I seem to have a fascination with electricity, it doesn't worry me, I don't care about being electrocuted. I don't go around seeking to be shocked but if it happens it happens. I have been turning off lights and a blue spark will shoot from my finger, I hear a high-pitched noise which no one else hears and it suddenly blows the bulb? My computer keeps locking up when I am in a bad mood, but when I am working on them I know what is wrong in a couple of minutes, it is like they speak to me through my brain, it's as if they tell me what's wrong with them, I reply "I can get the part for you in some many days" telepathically, it works again for a couple of days, I get the part, put it in and it doesn't give me trouble!

I also have destroyed CD drives just by touching them, they were pretty awful but refused to even open once I touched them. I never wear a watch because it transfers my electricity to the machine I am working on and also SLOWS DOWN making me miss my bus and decides to SPEED UP depending on my mood, happy or sad! I can hear my computer talking to me in a series of clicks, I seem to be in "tune" with dogs and animals, they treat me like a father to them.

I can shock who I want, if I am angry enough, I can build up electricity through anger and touch someone and I don't feel much but they jump.

More to come.
Russell James Garrard < piecartlover a yahoo>
Brisbane, QLD Australia - Saturday, April 21, 2001 at 03:58:03 (PDT)

When I use to get upset, I would get Hives and now I dont itch anylonger.... OH I still brake out but now... The persons who make me mad brakes also...They have no sign of hives except the itch...
Ranger < foxxfire123 a>
Upper Little River, NC USA - Thursday, April 19, 2001 at 11:49:48 (PDT)

When I Was nine years old Iwas struck by lightning .I left a fan in my window during a storm and lightning struck the pole across the street and hit the fan .I awoke when I saw the light and sat up in bed ,the lightning grazed my shoulder.I was'nt sure what happened but,when I became hysterical my parents rushed in and saw the mark on the fan and yhe burn on my shoulder.I have since become very psychic aswellas having the unpleasent sid effect of blowing out bulbs whenever I turn on a light when I am upset or angry.anyone else with the same problem?
Laurie J. Bourgeois < natrlblonde01 a aol com>
Quincy, MA United States of America - Friday, April 13, 2001 at 12:10:19 (PDT)

I am so glad I found this site I can not wear a watch I blow light blubs and when I get mad things like the TV the computer will just shut off. Also when I wash dishes when I put my hands in the water blue sparks fly. I did not know other people had thses problems I have been told that I am Psychic which I already knew
Jackie Rowland < SMABLO302 a AOL coM>
Nashville, In. USA - Friday, April 13, 2001 at 05:47:50 (PDT)

Just want to add my own small bit here. I can't wear watches with batteries, of any kind. Only wind up watches. And I have to wear platinum, or put band-aid or felt on the backs, 'cause I get angry red welts from the nickle backs of the watches, wind up and battery alike. I am allergic to gold, I don't know if this has anything to do with the battery thing or not.

I have also noticed entire strings of street lights going out as I drove down the road. No strong emotions, no excitement happening, just an odd feeling as light after light went out as I approached and passed. Odd feeling was same as when watching a good thriller - more a reaction to the weirdness.

I don't have many lamps, mostly lights operated by wall switches. I blow out too many bulbs on lamps. The bulbs last about a month, then pop. Cheap bulbs, expensive bulbs, doesn't matter. A few exploded. I let other folks deal with the lamps now.

I work with a guy who kills pagers. The LEDs on them go before the batteries do, usually. He went thru 7 or 8 in one year. He might have gone thru more, but he got emarrassed and wouldn't tell me when his pager died right away, only after it was obvious he wasn't getting pages. We got him a better pager clip, one that was thicker, and a heavier pager with thicker plastic. He's only killed 3 of those in the last year.
oh USA - Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 19:32:32 (PDT)

Street lamps go out when I approach them. I have noticed this when walking and driving. Was it just a coincidence when the Nuclear Power Plant tripped as I got out of my car to go to work on the first day of my temp job there? When I walked across the parking lot I knew the reactor had just gone off line. Coworkers confirmed that when I went inside the building. (I'm not an electrical engineer - it was a clerical job!)

I was shocked when I was 8 years old while plugging in the xmas lights. Scared the ' out of me. My father enjoyed having me 'test' the electric fence on our farm. He grabbed the fence wire with his calloused hand and touched me to give me a zap of electricity. He thought it was very funny; I hated it. It didn't really hurt - it was jolting. He said he couldn't feel anything. When I wised up to his tricks he had to test the fence himself. He knelt on the ground while gripping the fence wire. He claimed he could only feel a 'tickle.' 1500-pound cows had no problem feeling the shock and I remember hearing the snap sound and sometimes seeing a blue flash when a cow's wet nose got too close.

I have lived near high-tension power lines for all but 10 - 15 years of my life and I am 42 years old.
cheryl <ernie2cheryl a aol com>
longview, wa USA - Wednesday, April 04, 2001 at 02:37:50 (PDT)

ive noticed street lights go out mysteriously as we passed them, it happens to often and at too many places for it to be timed lights. can humans affect things with their own electricity or magnetism? any ideas?
mja <mja95 a yahoo com>
ky USA - Thursday, March 29, 2001 at 23:17:45 (PST)

I believe I have negative ESP and SLI first of all I have never won a coin toss and only once has a sports team I was cheering for won. It may have helped that I hadn't seen most of the game. I dont know if I am affecting the outcome or if my internal feelings of their going to lose even though I want to win leads me to choose by precognition or something the losing side team/coin. But, I must say I am leaning towards my ability to affect outcome because it appears that the worst outcome imaginable is the one to occur. Such as the year I watched every Redskins game the entire season and what happened; they went to the superbowl and won (I am American Indian so that season really pissed me off). Also, every time I come anywhere near a radio antenna I cause a great deal of static and when I touch it that is all that can be heard but for some reason with some newer walkmans I greatly enhance the signal by touching it. So I believe it may have more to do with the electrical configuration.

I don't know if this is relevant but ever sinse I can remember I have had the overwhelming feeling that I am a lot more than I know. When I was younger this led to my atheism and Neo-Sapien feelings. By which I mean I have always felt I am a step beyond the rest of humanity. So much so that I do not even consider my self human. Logic dictates my life and it saddens me to see humans believing they are free while subjegating their selves to a non existant being in which the majority of the followers have no t even read the book which proclaims this deity.

Sometimes I feel there is an energy building up inside me that I must release not emotional a physical force that I am withholding; something that is being subcontiously suppressed. At fist I thought it was bottled up emotions because the first time I felt it I was angry but it has occured many times afterwards no matter what mood I am in. The best way I can describe it is as an adrenalin rush for no particular reason, like wanting to burst forth but being restrained. Also, physical signs are present such as all the hair on my body standing on end a tingling sensation on my body and a cold sensation going down my spine all of which can last minutes. At which time I will be obsessed with releasing this energy sometimes feeling a state of enlightenment. Aft er which questions I have pondered seem childish and are easily answered. I am not talking about what's for dinner but rather chicken or egg dilema. Which if you are not familiar with basically asks if the mutation which created the first chicken occured before or after hatching, did the parent mutate (chicken) carrying on the mutation to offspring or did the original mutation occur during the process of conception (egg)? Simply put did it happen inside or outside the egg, did the first chicken start out as another animal but through mutation became seperate or was it born that way through a genetic defect therefore being born a seperate species from it's parents?
Robert Harley <reaharley a aol com>
Brandywine, MD USA - Thursday, March 29, 2001 at 11:46:25 (PST)

I found your we page. I was very glad because my husband, Janusz has been having some strange experiences with electricity, stereos,CD players,light bulbs, etc.. When we first arrived back in the city of Albuquerque, NM.,3 years ago (we have been married 6 years) I noticed a street light going out and back on intervally, outside the house where we were living.

Then we were walking to the circle K and a street light blew out in the parking lot when he was walking by it. I know that I am not causing this, because it doesn't happen when I walk by myself, or walking with someone else.

Anyway, this has been happening on a regular basis since 1998. Now it happens everytim we go out, walking OR driving. Janusz says that it has been happening for 8 years. I have been filming this phenomenon for 3 years. We have an hour long videotape, and are still filming.

We would like to share this video with anyone who is interested. It's very amazing!

We would like to hear from anyone who has any input on this phenomenon. We have heard that others have had similar experiences. Is there anyone out there who has filmed or videotaped it? Sincerely, Diana Kozikowski
Diana Kozikowski <Dianaduv9 a aol com>
albuquerque, nm USA - Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 15:53:33 (PST)

Static electricity has given me shocks my whole life. I touch anything metal with my shoe before I touch it. My computer will turn off automatically. I shock people when I touch them and shock my children when I kiss them. Street lights go out and my car has become painful to get out of if I do not interrupt the current first. But, the most amazing event occured on an evening not too long ago. I was sitting at my computer very intently reading an email. When I think about it now, I had blocked out everything around me except that email and did not realize it at the time. My hand was on the mouse and I was reading. All of a sudden, an intense white light shoots out of the monitor (if you have the movie "Poltergiest" you will know what I mean)towards me.

I inhale quickly. Then the monitor kind of becomes wavy, fading in and out and the computer sounds like it is dying a slow death. I pull my hand off of the mouse and the phenomena stops, leaving me fine, but shaken and scared. Since middle childhood I have had premonitions, seeing a vision in black foretelling of death to someone I know. The most recent vision occured last week. When my father passed away, I saw a little girl. More often than not, I know how 'things will turn out' even before all of the facts are presented. My Mother and I are both psychic and often 'talk' without talking at all. When we really talk with words, we often finish the other's sentences. This drives my sister insane! Maybe, the electricity causes or supports one's ability to be psychic? Interesting.
Susan <nslka a aol com>
PA USA - Sunday, March 25, 2001 at 20:36:11 (PST)

All my life I cant step out of a car in the summer without a good zap from the car to my lower leg or my hand to electric window switches, and have sent my vcr or clock radio into convulsions on occasion
Adam <jwp1946 a aol com>
Sherry Hill,, NJ USA - Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 13:49:54 (PST)

The report by Steve of Orem, UT on Dec. 26, 2000 is the exact same as me. I can make things work. Mine is more related to electrical devices and not so much to mechanical but it just is. When people ask me what I did now a days I just tell them you just have to have the touch . . . . and I have the touch.

I also have street lights go out around me - regularly. I don't understand it but it is one of those things in my life.
John Watson <powakee a bigfoot com>
Roswell, NM USA - Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 03:54:06 (PST)

I thought nothing of it I have a 86 fire bird , at times the cruse control goes on by its self, the signal lights don't work at times along with the right head light cover not lifting, street lights off, then on when I pass them by, once the oil pressure gauge read 0. this got me frustrated , then the dash light that lights the gauge went out, I have two cars in 2 years I went through 4 alternators there is nothing extra in the cars to cause this problem I thought it was the cars. How ever I was not at home for a month , when I came home I turned on the kitchen light it blew out , my wife said to me while you were gone no lights blew out in the house, that first week back 3 lights blew out, thought nothing of that either ,other problem my computers crash when I get frustrated , One more thing Atlantic City the casinos certain slot machines seem to pay off , then I started to put two and two together, and I found this web site.Nothing here is made up all is fact
Bill <cobrnj429 a>
brick, nj USA - Monday, March 19, 2001 at 23:01:06 (PST)

I'm so glad I found this page. I'm a moderately electric person. I give and recive shocks pretty often. But this is especially so, in places with dry weather. And yes, car doors give me shocks all the time. People think I'm nuts because I touch the door with the tip of my finger first and check before opening it!!! I always knew this was'nt a common happening, suprisingly no one really knows about it.
Ann <ann_l a yahoo com>
India - Monday, March 19, 2001 at 21:47:12 (PST)

last year i was struck by lightening while washing dishes in my home ,as i touched the water on the running tap the shock went up my arm and a big white light flashed in the stainless steal sink ,one side of me stiffened then buckled as it went down my leg ,There was one rumble of thunder then the storm was gone (i found out later that there was only one bolt of lightening that day,we think it may have hit the ground nearby or the roof and traveled through the water pipes).I went into shock i think ,switching on my pc to chat to freinds ,it was one of them who persuaded me to phone the hospital ,i had bad pain down one side of my body but i felt exilirated not at all unwell ,the hospital insisted on sending out a ambulance much to my dismay (red lights flashing),on examination i was found to have increased heart rate and blood pressure ,they said i was lucky to be alive i received no burns ,i asked not to be taken to hospital as i felt ok .The pain in my arm and leg then went on to last several weeks ,especially in my joints .okay so that sounds like the end of the story but today i grabbed a bare wire on my vacunm cleaner while it was switched on (i had not noticed the wire had split badly )i received a shock ( same hand as last time ),my husband says that it should have sent me flying its higher voltage than a kitchen appliance and could have killed me,i had no shoes on nothing to earth me but i received no injurys .Am i extremly lucky or has it something to do with having thousands of volts in my body previously ,i have also received electrical shocks from a tv and a microwave in the last year with no ill effects . i have had problems with static also in receint years lifts metal shelves ect nothing too freqent but when i used to push my daughter in her pram it got really bad anything metal i touched would shock me ,sometimes there would be a blue flash ,this happened if i passed change to people also ,i know this has something to do with the motion of the pram but no other mothers i have spoken to have experienced blue flashes of light or as many shocks as i had im wondering if maybe there is a connection .
samantha harris <samleeloo a hotmail com>
plymouth, england - Monday, March 19, 2001 at 05:18:54 (PST)

3/18/01 I left home earlier this evening to return a video and noticed as I left how dark my house seemed with only the one light on in the living room. On my way to the movie store 6 separate street lights went out as my car passed. On the way back I noticed they still weren't on. When I returned home I was frightened to see that every light in my house was on. The doors were locked, the light switches were in the off position and when I turned them on then off, the lights went out.
Marjie McClellan <raven a>
Great Falls, Mt USA - Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 21:36:38 (PST)

I'm only 17, but as far as I can remember I've always been able to tell when some electrical appliance is on in my house. I've tested it, and I'm best with tv's. A few years ago, I purchased a watch and it would gain and lose as much as half an hour in the course of no more than 5 minutes, but only when i would wear it.
ED <Awol16 a hotmail com>
BH, NY USA - Monday, March 12, 2001 at 19:18:32 (PST)

Lately, I have had weird electrical experiences. I constantly get shocked, esp. by people wearing polar fleece. My computer constantly freezes up, and I crashed three computers by walking by them. Later that day, two of the three restarted when I walked past them again. When I am within a foot or two of any given person, I can feel their energy, or aura I guess you can say. Since I am always being shocked, I flinch whenever people touch me. Lights always flicker alot around me, and my bedside clock gets off time by hours after a few days. This has happened with other clocks too. At night, after a stressful or frightening dream, I wake up with an electric-like shock.
Smidgy Winkins <SmidgyWinkins a aol com>
USA - Sunday, March 11, 2001 at 19:33:47 (PST)

I have not had the problems associated with "watches" but I have recently been having some major problems when using computers. I am in a web page design course and am seriously considering changing my course of direction. I seem to have an unnerving effect on computers. I have them freeze up on me on a regular basis and constantly lose my internet connections. I have lost files from floppies, and files that have been uploaded to the web have mysteriously changed their file extension names. Only my instructor was able to find the file after looking deep in the brain of the computer for about 45 minutes. He had to search by dates to find it. I am on my third computer at home now. I first thought that it was just my lack of knowledge that kept causing me to have problems such as mentioned above. I also had a very old pc. I had it rebuilt only to have the motherboard blow up several weeks later. The techie that rebuilt it for me said that he had never seen that before. He took the part back to the store and the salesperson agreed. New problems! Now my computer contantly freezes up on me and I can never even get it to boot up anymore. Last week it ate the metal cap to my floppy and it is now stuck in my "A" drive! I saw my advisor at school and told him all of this, and that I wanted to change directions. We got on the internet on his computer to do some searching.....he lost his connection, the printer would not work and the computer completly froze up! He had to reboot THREE times to get it to work again. I didn't even touch the computer! He asked me to sit across the room for the rest of our meeting. Two computers in the library lab of about 150 p.c.'s would not work for me that day. No one else had a problem. The next day I was sitting next to my friend in a computer class and her computer started acting up! She asked me to move! She is the one who sent me this website.I don't always have this problem, but it seems to usually occur when I am under stress.After reading some entries here I now have associated the "shocking" that has occured on occasion when I have touched some people, with this "problem". I too, have had MANY streetlights go out when I have driven or walked under them. What is up? I am beginning to wonder about the " implant" theory(by aliens).......any ideas? I am feeling a little weird here!
Trisha <Alkigabster a yahoo com>
Seattle, WA USA - Saturday, March 03, 2001 at 09:51:16 (PST)

I just would like to say in my experience these things are increased if the person is upset and or angry. For me I have more of these instances when the Sun is going through a Sun ruled sign, as I am a Sun sign.

It would be interesting if others noticed this same effect. Itoo have had the light thing but usally only if angry, very depressed, or excited. As a child had alot of polgergeist activties. I beleive some of these things are inheriteted.I cause people to get headaches if I am upset around them; I think that got worse when I had a near death exp. at 18.Things electrical have always went :crazy if I'm upset: drink machines, pay phones, scanners at supermarket, cars, especially alternators. I knew there were others.

If you got a large amount of us together it would be interesting to see what kind of experiments could be conducted.....
N. Allen <Allen14410 a aol com>
Louisburg, N.C. USA - Friday, March 02, 2001 at 22:20:13 (PST)

I can honestly say that I have experienced the same phenomenon as as andy. For the last few years (about 5-6 years now I think) I have become aware of street lights going off exactly as I passed underneath them. this happens whether I am driving or cycling or walking and happens far too often to be the result of pure chance. It is really quite scary and empowering at the same time, but it only happens when I am not thinking about it (i.e. If I'm chatting with someone or thinking of other things )If I consciously try to look for the lights to turn off then they don't, but I have seen many suddenly blink off the minute that I pass under them (within 5-10 metres of the light either side)it seems to happen about once every two to three months. has anyone else heard of this before.. I have thought about it just being chance but for that to be true I would have to spend an average of 2000 hours under these street lights every 2 to 3 months (average lifetime of bulb 2000 hours???) Is that true or it more like the 23 people at a dinner party having a 50:50 chance of sharing the same brithday???... by the way every conversation I have just like andy turns into and argument, but I thought that was just me always stating the truth no matter who gets affended??
stephen H <ket26 a>
New Zealand - Friday, March 02, 2001 at 03:56:49 (PST)

I constantly have electrical things break or go out when I enter a room. I am a musician, a bassist by trade, and have always had problems with amplifiers blowing up for no reason. Similarly, I have always had grounding loops on equipment which was completely isolated for such problems, and, supposedly, modified to eliminate any grounding problems. Many times I have had to wear an alligator clip that is touching my skin on one side, the mixing console, on the other. The last part of this phenomenom is, many times I would 'sit in' on other bassist's gear in a session or club date. No matter how the controls were set, in terms of equalization, on the amplifier, as soon as I picked up the same bass guitar everyone else had played that day, somehow a 60 hertz standing wave would develop from my playing. Mind you the instrument, controls, amplifier and everything else onstage was the same. Only the player was different. One night I remember there were ten or twelve other bassists that all got up to play, and one by one they continued, until I got up to play, and then, voila, the same sub frequency appeared. Funny thing is, every bassist that I have 'sat in' for, (using their equipment and instruments), has immediately charged the stage, following my playing, in order to see how I changed the equalization controls. When they say that their amplifier settings had not changed, they were always amazed at how I got a different tone out of the same exact setup. Remember that this happens on electric bass guitars. The hands do not come into play, so much, as, with the active electronic pickups used in todays basses, if one plays too hard, the pickups will overload and distort. If one plays too soft, the pickups will amplify the signal, in a, sort of, compression mode. Both result in the cancellation of the 60 hertz waves I am speaking of, which develop! Lastly, I simply cannot eat off of a fork which has touched aluminum, nor eat any food which has touched aluminum, as I feel electric 'shocks' in my teeth and cannot continue to eat. I even taste the aluminum from the foil which a baked potato has been wrapped in, and simply cannot eat anything from aluminum tins.
Robert Parr <frobass a aol com>
Westport, CT USA - Monday, February 26, 2001 at 19:38:56 (PST)

on reading the posts in here, i see that part of my story has been noted by Art Greenfield, "antigray"....he has included me in his book that is being printed at this time.......i too am is it intense....i notice the streetlights too, but that may be co-insidence...mainly I zap people at work....more so when i am stressed....I was handing a salt shaker to one of my coworkers last month and i zapped her with a charge that jumped about 2 inches!!!!!!.....I sit on a chair with rubber wheels and arc with my puter keyboard frequently... shorted one out last year..i have shorted out 2 electric blankets at home as well...i had a rewritable CD on the shelf above my computer (in a locked box) which was erased (my head is near it when i play at the puter)...

all this started about 10 years ago, after i moved into my appeard to be haunted, but soon was apparent that it was another life form...yes i had many encounters...but the electrical phenonoma began after i was hit in the face by a ball of electricity from my computer i wasn't harmed, only my hand was numb where it exited my body.....just before that event, i noted a small Light inside the floppy drive back in the left rear corner....LOOK IN THERE GUYS, THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN.....

appears that i have several "alien implants" in my face as well as other points in my body....we have been doing some experiments,....very for Dr. Roger Leir, we are in contact but he hasn't called me to come down for removal yet....and yes, someday i have a book to be written about all this............ thank you for the chance to speak......
barbara <windancer a theriver com>
claypool, az USA - Sunday, February 25, 2001 at 10:10:41 (PST)

It never fails... Whenever I drive at night street lights will go out. They go out on the approach, they go out when I'm under them- and sometimes it seems that I only have to look at them and they go out. It wouldn't be a big deal if it was one light, but i've counted as many as 6 lights within 10-15 minutes... It's not always the streetlights-i've had lights on buildings go out. My bedroom light burns out four or five times a year-which seems a little strange... I'm also always getting static shocks-especially when I get out of cars... Computers are also trouble for me (considering I work with them everyday). My home computer locks up all the time. My friends won't let me near theirs, because they will freeze up within 5 minutes of using them-even if the computer has never had any trouble before. This happens to my computer at work as well.
Derek <gocobbers a aol com>
mn USA - Saturday, February 24, 2001 at 22:35:33 (PST)

My watch never works. I've busted one toaster. I have constant problems with radio reception whenever I stand near it. I also live under power lines. Would this have any effect?
Billy-Ray <EsperanzaFuermo a aol com>
Crenshaw, PA USA - Friday, February 23, 2001 at 22:53:05 (PST)

This is a phenomena, which I discoverd upon receiving a rather powerful shock from my computer monitor. As I was shocked, an electronic table-top trivia game on my desk sprang to life. I have a theory or two aboutEM pulses generated by the shock, but alas my science could say nothing more than "OOOoooo! It sounds like it's haunted!" This seems fairly unusual, do you have any ideas?
Dan Murphy <DCMurphy a>
San Francisco, CA USA - Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 22:27:14 (PST)

Until I experienced the phenomenon myself, I had no idea it (SLI) was so widespread. I began to experience it in 1991 but it has taken the intervening time of observation and research to actually believe that I am causing city lights to disrupt on a regular basis.

The one thing I can add to the available information on Street Light Interference is a forty minute video. The video answers as well as asks many questions of just how the phenomenon occurs. This is a chronological documentation which covers fourteen months, taken in dozens of different exterior lighting environments throught the city. The time and date info. clearly shows that there is no fancy editing and I am also able to predict events that will happen later on the videotape.

Despite considerable research on the topic, I have been unable to find anyone in the scientific community to even look at the videotape. SLI is often reffered to as an "urban legend," which means to me that there is no hard evidence. Why haven't there been videos before? The evidence gathered thus far appears to be only anecdotal. The only way to bring this phenomenon into serious research is by some sort of tangible evidence. My videotape provides this information. What is recorded here definitely contradicts the notion that these lights are disrupting in normal manner.

To those who experience various types of electrical or psychic phenomena, I can only attest to the fact that there can be uncomfortable side effects. Those who have done metaphysical research suggest that these sorts of phenomena are part of an evolutionary process through which mankind is passing in preparation for new age of man. If so, then, we the "electrics" may be the vanguard of this new age. We are the X-men!

I can plainly say that my experience with SLI is now throughly predictable. I can go out any night with anyone who wishes to accompany me, and cause the disruption of one or more lights. Once disrupted these lights no longer fucntion normally and cycle on and off indefinitely until replaced. I do not think that SLI is an electrical phenomenon, however. My research into light sensitive technology indicates that the lights sensors are shielded against interference from other light sources and electrical activity. They lights sensors are not being disrupted by electrical activity. They are being disrupted by an invisible light frequency which is somehow related to my aura or electro-magnetic field. Perhaps it is a psychic phenomenon.

SLI is only part of the various unusual phenomena which have followed me around most of my life. It is an important phenomenon to be explored because it can be recorded and studied. To those who are having this experience regularly, I suggest putting the phenomenon on videotape in order to answer all the objections raised regarding SLI. If there are any folks interested in pursuing these ideas.. contact Janusz at STREETLIGHTPHEN a AOL com
janusz <streetlightphen a aol com>
albuquerque, nm USA - Monday, February 19, 2001 at 12:21:57 (PST)

I am a teenage girl, and apparently these problems run in the mom suffers from them too....but when i get very strong emotions,weird stuff happens....clocks spin,lights go out,things fall w/ o any physical help. And this is not electrically related,but doors open and my hand hasn't even touched it yet......I've read about the "poltergeist" effect,and i think I'm generating a kinetic energy by stimultion of emotions or reflexive thoughts....if anyone want sto help me, my addy is XxriotgrrlixX a AOL com...thanx.
Megan N <Xxriotgrrlixx a aol com>
DesMoines, IA USA - Friday, February 16, 2001 at 22:40:49 (PST)

I read half of your site last night, amazed. I kill watches. Have since I was a little girl. My parents told me that I must have gotten the watch wet. Time and again I figured I must have banged the watch or gotten them wet, but finally gave up. I have met one other woman in my 43 years that has this problem. I am a nurse and really need a watch but have found ways to cope. Currently I take care of a parapalegic who, when he wants to give me a hard time (he has serious personality disorders) , he will ask me what time it is. I have told him about my watch problem. So I just reach down to his wrist, gently look at his watch, and tell him what time it is. This is all well and good, except now, his electronic wheelchair is malfunctioning. It is only three years old, and has started to just stop completely when we are out. I then have to push this 300 lb. wheelchair with a 220 lb. man in it up the ramp of his van and into his home. He has had it fixed four times in the past 3 months, and just last week had a new "brain" put into it. Could I be doing this? His TV remote control malfunctions a lot. I cannot get the remote control on one of our TV's to work - ever. My husband gets irritated and says "you just push the button!" and it works for him. I have purchased 3 cordless phones in the past 5 years. Expensive ones. My printer is now broken and even my teenage son has no idea why. Today, while waiting at my daughters doctors office, I became irritated due to the extreamly long wait, and the lights in front of me blinked off and on. This has never happened before to me, to my knowledge. I just read about it last night on this site! Why all of a sudden? I have never had the streetlight problem, but am afraid now that I have read about it, it will happen. Often, when I turn on a light, it blows out. We go through a lot of lightbulbs, but it seems to go in cycles. When I was a teenager I had severe static electricily problems, but thought everyone did. Never was shocked. Father in the military and lived on a lot of military bases, maybe the alien implant idea!!LOL None of my sisters have this thing. When dating my ex-hubby many years ago, I could "will" him to call, by thinking "CALL" and picturing him. The phone would ring within a minute or two. Got to where I was nonchalont about it. Had an experience when age 20 - was on a date, driving in the country around noon on a sunday. The guy I was dating all of a sudden sounded exactly like my favorite uncle. I even told the guy "I cant believe it, if I closed my eyes, and heard you talk you would sound EXACTLY like my uncle! He thought I was wierd because I couldnt get over it. Yes, my dear uncle had died around noon that day. After returning home, I saw the guy one more time, and he sounded nothing like my uncle. He chalked me up as a wierdo. I have had other strange experiences like my alarm clock jumping off the nightstand, knocks above my headboard before someone I love dies, or something serious happens to me or someone close to me. I am have a strong faith in God, and pray often. I am often spooked and used to be petrified of the dark. Thus learned to pray to have some peace and feel protected. I have felt the presence of God as a white bright light. Have also witnessed demonic stuff. Have had dreams that came true. One daughter had a dream she was in a car accident the night before it happened. Her head cracked the windshield and she was perfect without a scratch. She claims it was because the accident happened right in front of our church.

I could go on and on, but dont want to bore you! I am sure glad to read about other people who have the same thing, and kind of relieved in a way. I am going to visit some of the other sites referenced here to see if there is something that can be done. I will try the alien test (!) and the other one with the battery detector when I can find one.

Take care. Lynn
Lynn <lynnliefer a aol com>
Ill USA - Friday, February 16, 2001 at 19:05:47 (PST)

Hi, The email address is obviously not real. I just wanted to add my experiences without getting a ton of email.

I've been highly sensitive to electric current for years; in fact, once at Emory Clinic I was undergoing a "stress test" and I could actually feel the current from the electrodes. I was told by the technician that there was no way I should feel it, and she immediately started checking the machine. All was normal but I still felt it.

I constantly get static shocks, even from houseplants, regardless of the type of shoes I wear. Passing my hand over any radio has an antenna effect, but if the signal is already strong, it may actually mute the signal.

My body has a very high acidity level: I have caused the death of several metal-cased watches, and have gone through several sets of metal-frame glasses (even so-called stainless steel turns gray, real gold plating peels off, and other metals get pitted).

Some watches died of dead batteries within weeks, but not before their cases were pitted or discolored. I switched to half-frame glasses (no metal touches my skin) and an Armitron aluminum-cased watch. The Armitron is over 3 years old and is still on the original battery. I don't know if this is significant, but the watchband is real rubber with metal inserts.

My normal body temperature is 94-96 degrees Fahrenheit. I hardly ever have a fever, even when down with the flu.

I do PC repairs for a living, and have been accused of "faith-healing" computers; at times, they begin to work as soon as the person calls me! Luckily, I don't get paid per service call.

I can't verify this, but I believe I was struck by lightning when I was about 12. I grew up in Kentucky and had been hill-climbing before a sudden thunderstorm. I was on my way back down when the rain started. I remember waking up, soaking wet and flat on my back, thinking I had slipped going downhill and knocked myself out. The only thing is, I never had any soreness in my head, no bumps and no bruising. I didn't have burns or blue tinge to my skin, either. My lower legs tingled for a while after that and years later I developed problems in my left knee and foot. These include bone spurs, a blood clot and neural damage that bothers me to this day.
Larry Coots <nobody a nospam com>
Pomfret Center, CT USA - Friday, February 16, 2001 at 19:01:24 (PST)

I just have to say I'm glad this type of thing doesn't just happen to me. I too stop watches, street lights, microwaves, digital cameras and you name it. I was electrocuted when I was three. I stuck a bobby pin in a wall outlet and when flying across the room. I don't really remember too much about it , but know I have had this problem as long as I can remember. I also have had psychic events. I really don't understand all this but it's nice to know I'm not alone.
Shay <aninimity2 a aol com>
USA - Friday, February 16, 2001 at 17:52:46 (PST)

I have not been able to wear analog/pocket watches for many years, but after purchasing a magnetically sheilded seiko digital watch my problems stopped. People thought I was nuts, and it wasen't until I started asking around that I discovered that my experience was not an isolated one.

Then other problems started in my late 20's. I would get severe shocks from my car and my co-workers noticed that their computers would malfunction when I was around and forbade me to touch their equipment. I have noticed that if I am in a bad mood the problems seems to crop up. Recently I have been teaching the benefits of focused practiced as opposed to practicing in the car for my choir members. I provide tapes for my choir members who can't practice by themselves. For one stubborn member I jokingly 'charged' their tape to get them to stop practicing in their car. Their tape player died within a week.

After reading the website and the pleas for help, I am convinced that the best we can hope for right now is learning to focus our gifts. I would recommend looking into a mode of Massage Therapy called 'polarity' which treats the body as an electrical system, and acupuncture. The complaints at work forced me to look into other alternatives and I am currently studying tai-chi and Chi Gong martial arts which allows your mind to guide the energy where you want it to go. I have had great sucess.

I would like to thank everyone who came up with this website. Keep up the good work!
Eric Pletcher <sprtwlkr a hotmail com>
Destin, FL USA - Friday, February 16, 2001 at 11:46:34 (PST)

I have been reading everyone's reports, and I must say that I too have always had street lights go out when I pass them. Ususally, and most noticably in my car, and yet also when I'm simply walking beneath them. Or I've also noticed that if a street light was out as I approached it, it would turn on once I passed it. That "coming to life" of the lights is what most freaked me out. My whole family has also noticed this weird thing, and are also amazed and puzzled by it. I've payed more attention lately, and it seems to happen most when I'm in deep thought about something. No matter the mood, I just have to be lost in thought. If anyone is able to offer a theory, please email me. Thanks. :)
Rachel <DreamNSing a aol com>
Scottsdale, Az USA - Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 10:03:49 (PST)

at age 12 i got a timex wind up watch for birthday. when i put it on it lasted about 10 or 15 min and the second hand went backwards and then poped off.i have not had another watch like that but i can wear a battery watch
rick hardin <mytuffz a aol com>
atlanta, ga USA - Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 06:43:01 (PST)

A lady that I knew years ago could not wear a mechanical watch because it would become magnetized over a period of several days. If degaussed with an ac coil, it would become again affected. She also had DEMONSTRATED other paranormal abilities which she had explained had to do with being born with a VAIL?
Keith Millard <drallim a icce com>
Priest River, Id USA - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 15:30:23 (PST)

This is so funny. But I thought I was the only one. But when I work in my office, the copier messes up, the computer all of a sudden doesn't work, I blow more bulbs than I care to admit. I even broke my vacuum. That might just be a coincidence. But I am also very warm as a person. I often said, I might be one of those people that combust one day. And I am a little psychic. What that has to do with it I don't know. But it's real........
tina <ttttrus a aol com>
USA - Thursday, February 08, 2001 at 11:19:46 (PST)

I've always had problems with electrical devises working (watches, pagers, cell phones, etc...)and year-round, I conduct static electricity. But there are two things beyond these that have made me wonder if I were an "electric person" (even before I knew that's what it was called.

Several years ago I took a late night stroll along the beach in St. Augustine, Florida. I knelt down and began to draw in the sand where it was still a little damp from the waves)with my finger. I was amazed, almost to the point of disbelief when I saw what happened. As I would drag my finger across the sand, the trail that my finger made would sparkle and glow (not like a radiation type glow, but it would just kind of light up and then fade out after a couple of seconds.) Pretty wierd huh? I must have sat there for 30 minutes, trying to prove to myself that it was just a fluke, or my imagination, but it never stopped. The next night I tried it again and it wouldn't do it. I've never told anyone this happened to me. I think you can see why.

Another electrical encounter I have experienced a few times has happened while I was asleep. Some emotional climax or confrontation would happen in my dreams and I would feel this incredible surge of energy explode in my body - like being struck by lightning from within. This would obviously wake me up, and I would just lie there, with an odd presence of energy surrounding me. Still wierding you out? Well this next story is not as weird, but I do think it's relevent. One time I was changing a 5,000 watt television light (called a 5K) and I had unplugged the wrong fixture. Because of the heat, I was sweating and when I put the new lamp in the fixture - ZAPPP!! But I was unharmed. My hand - more from the scare of electricity, than the shock of it - went numb for a second and I dropped the lamp. But other than that, I was fine. Does all this qualify me as a weirdo, or is there really something to this "electric people" phenomenon?
LM Tranthem <Imanideamanchuck a aol com>
Atlanta, GA USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 12:51:45 (PST)

When I was a toddler, I stuck a metal object into the electrical socket and was thrown across the room. Had my diaper been wet, the doctor said I would have not survived the incident. After reading the comments from the other writers, I realized that there seems to be a correlation between being shocked and noticing problems with electrical things. I just replaced 5 lightbulbs in my downstairs this very week. If I turn on a lamp quickly after walking into the room, you can bet it will blow with a mighty flash. I have noticed that if I wait a few minutes before I turn on the light, it seems to help. It doesn't happen all the time and I have not discovered the pattern.

I have in the past been able to sorta predict things that I just felt were going to happen. Lots more of this but too personal to mention here. On a smaller and less important scale, if I am driving in my car and I get a feeling to slow down, 100% of the time, a police car will pass within seconds. I too, am sensitive to sounds very few people can hear. I have to reboot my computer several times while I am online. I suppose I just felt everyone had there occurances. Maybe not ...
Gina <Snoopi77 a aol com>
Evans, Ga USA - Tuesday, February 06, 2001 at 20:32:50 (PST)

I experience lights go out or drastically dim as I approach. I seem to 'taste' electricity whenever I touch something metal. Am prone to static sparks. Wireless devices do not function properly in my vicinity when I am angry. My most brilliant dreams occur when sleeping during a lightning storm.
Dusty <d_boy_dusty_d a yahoo com>
TX USA - Tuesday, February 06, 2001 at 09:56:16 (PST)

I also have streetlamp episodes, usually when I'm angry and hyper...also heavy static and wierd computer things, usually mouse related, like leaping cursor. (Sure doesn't help to get pissed about it either). But here's a new one I don't find on this list - when I touch ferric materials, they become magnetized. Screwdrivers, chisels, tuning forks, tweezers, single-edged razors, etc. Moreover, these objects remain magnetized for months as indicated by compass reactions and Gauss meter and their field strength isn't weak either. My mother and sister can both do the same thing, and all of us have hyperactive thyroids, which may be a cause or an effect, beats me.

I also know one electrical worker who says he magnetizes his tools when working in a high energy field. Any other magnetizers?

For those distressed by this condition - you might try using the Strong Bio- electric Discharger - it's supposed to drain off some of the 'fire' in your system and bring your blood pressure down too. Several websites have it for sale.
David <voicecoop a aol com>
Deland, FL USA - Monday, February 05, 2001 at 17:36:12 (PST)

Hello fellow electrical currents.... I have found that in the last few years, there have more and more incidents with me. Such as lights (streetlights)going on or off as I come near them on my way down the road. I have found myself causing problems with my computer at times, so that I have to get away from it before it would completely shut down. One night while I was very angry with my ex-husband the light above my head blazed so brightly I had thought it would explode!! When I was younger I had problems with screwing up watches, but now I have a Seiko quartz and it seems to be fine. I myself don't remember ever being "zapped", but I have always been able to feel people's energy, walking through malls is quite a challenge at times, as well as the energy from machines. I do know that my Dad was "zapped" a few years ago, to the point where he literally could smell the burnt flesh of the roof of his mouth and his sinuses. He had problems for a few months with lights going on and off and making computers go crazy.Not to mention the problems he had with the machinery he was working with...yikes!! I had told him to close his eyes and relax. To picture himself standing next to a large battery,connected to the battery were to cables (like car jumper cables) he was to see himself picking up the cables and let the electricity go so that it filled the battery. When the battery was full it would set off a light. It took a few weeks, but it seemed to work by helping him ground himself. Hey, it may sound hokey, but it might work for you too.... Just thought I'd share that with you all..
DivasMagik <DivasMagik a aol com>
NJ USA - Sunday, February 04, 2001 at 20:45:15 (PST)

I really don't want other people to contact me about this. I am only writing this to add to the other info. on this site.I also have problems with electricity and electrical objects, this was noted by my family when I was very young. I do not remember a time in my life with out having to be very careful when handling anything that has to do with electricity whether it is on or off,plugged in or not etc.,etc....When I was a child I shocked people whenever I touched them and we lived in a house with wood and stone floors.When I was 23 I was 3 months pregnant with twins and living in Alaska a place where lightning is a rare occurance, while I was cooking dinner for my house guests lightning hit a telephone pole ran under the ground and came up through the stove and hit me, one of the twins died and was resorbed as a result of that event.I also have a tendency to blow out electrical appliances I have been known to go through 3 coffee makers(1 set itself on fire while making coffee),2 toasters(1 of which went up in flames) and 2 can openers in 1 month. I blew the fuse box in my mothers house just by turning on the kitchen light when in a fit of anger. I cannot wear battery operated watches unless I put a bandaid on the back of them 1st.I have a small circular burn scar on my right wrist from the batteries of watches before I learned this trick. A psychic once passed his hands over mine and my hands started burning they were almost totally red before I got them under running water and cooled them off. The psychic told me that I have an opposite polarity from other people.
Theresa Carraher
Vinita, OK USA - Saturday, February 03, 2001 at 19:06:13 (PST)

When emotional street lights go out, several times whole sections. Also watches stop working at times. One digital exploded on my wrist. My aunts had a running joke that things jump off the shelves and commit suicide when Ricky comes through a room. I swore I ws no where near. Lightening hit my house at 19, came out through the fuse box and through one room and left a scorch mark right by my head in another. When I was a child I stuck a fork in a light socket and I had wet diapers on at the time. I do not remember this. I have been told the story many times.
Ricky <o2b4u2c a aol com>
Tacoma, WA USA - Friday, February 02, 2001 at 13:16:31 (PST)

The syndrome most of the posters here talk about is shared by three abductees I know personally and have written about in my book. What these three have been experiencing is caused by radio frequency energy put out by the implants that were put into them by the aliens when they were abducted. To prove that this energy is coming from specific points in your body there is a cheap implant detector that can pinpoint exactly where they are in your body. Get a Sony Walkman or other small portable radio. Turn it on the AM band between stations. Pass it over your arms, legs, and head mainly. When it gets near the implants you will get a blast of static that will almost blow out the speakers, even if the volume is turned down. I have personally done this test on 2 of the abductees. I located one implant in one persons foot, and another in the right sinus cavity in the skull of the other person. Some abductees have as many as 6 implants in them. The aliens use the implants primarily to monitor your physical condition and as a locator transponder so they know where you are. There are 5 other things they use them for. It is sending telemetry continuously so that they can monitor your physical health and emotional state. If you would like to talk to one of the people I know who has this same syndrome, contact Brynne Seamuson at the Yahoo Mars South Pole Forum at: com/clubs/marssouthpole

She recently was asked to be a founder of the club. If you have any questions ask me or her. You may be in for a shock. (No joke intended). I respect this forum staff's intent to study this from a scientific standpoint and kick alien "theories" to the other site they listed, but the people I have met and examined and interviewed are all long term multiple abductees. If it quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. An abductee I am in touch with in Arizona has provided me with X-rays showing her implant in her jaw. It has been malfunctioning and causing her all manner of problems. Soon she is scheduled to have it surgically removed by Dr. Roger Leir in California. I would love to report all the fun we have had experimenting with this particular implant but it would take far too long. It takes up nearly an entire chapter in my book. We were able to learn a lot about implants from the things we did. Some of the information we developed is not in the mainstream of information about implants. I have most of the information posted in forums we belong to but I don't want to post other forum addresses here since a lot of places don't like you doing that. They think you are trying to spam to get members elsewhere, etc. If you want additional info Email me and I'll Email it back to you. I hope this helps you all. Antigray antigray a cs com
Antigray (Art Greenfield) <antigray a cs com>
Cocoa, Fl USA - Friday, February 02, 2001 at 08:26:29 (PST)

For years now I have not been able to wear watches because they either don't keep acurate time or quit working all together. In the last few years I have noticed a slight electrical shock when I touch things, and light bulbs are constantly going out around me. I even have one of those touch lamps with 3 light settings that will dim, brighten go off and on just when I enter the room. It has gotten to the point that most everyone around me has noticed and usually joke around with me about it. I never thought much about it until seeing this site
Jonn Wesly <jwesly a aol com>
N. Little Rock, AR USA - Friday, February 02, 2001 at 01:05:32 (PST)

I'm 18 and for most of the life I can remember electricity has been interesting around me. I've definately had dimming street lights around me. I've definately had electricity go through me from my car while only hearing the hissing sound and jerking my hand back after I realize that I'm burning my fingers from pure electricity. I just did it a few minutes ago in the K-Mart parking lot while tuning my engine.

I've definately heard the high Hz of electricity that everyone else couldn't hear. I've stopped asking people if they notice or hear the things that I do, because there has never been an occasion that has shown me that I'm not alone with these strange occurences.

When I'm angry I sit a think for a long time about one thing, kind of like meditating and I ALWAYS feel a warm tingly feeling across my back and then slowly across my arms and neck and it feels like pure electricity flowing through my body. I comepletely love this feeling and have actually worked with it and have held it in my body for up to fifteen minutes even while other people are talking with me. I did this once and touched a girl near me to see what would happen and she said she had the strangest feeling of electricity when I did. This isn't a girl that likes me btw, she doesn't think I'm "her type", for those of you who are thinking, "love by first touch..." lol =)

I'm interested in how my mind is able to develop these things and how sometimes I'm able to call forth the energy of a person whom I care much for and then they can feel me touch them even more then ever before when we've touched.

Hope this helps some people out in this large electric world we have now.

I'm curious if anyone else has these traits, and can control that electrified feeling at all. I'm also curious if these electric type people are highly prone to ear infections or not. And if they sense things that are about to happen, seconds before they do...these are all things that happen to me frequently...thanks!
Charlie <argentumdraco a home com>
Lewiston, ID USA - Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 22:32:52 (PST)

When I was a little pissed off at a girl in my class (i go to a catholic school and we use laptops in almost every class). I mumbled to myself, "I wish her computer blew up". about ten minutes later her power cord sparked for a period of about five seconds. do you think i performed a strange form of telekinisis?
Julie <jbacon a>
Stoneharbor, NJ USA - Wednesday, January 24, 2001 at 10:38:26 (PST)

i shock almost everything i touch i shock myself on car doors and machines and i can't wear a watch it stops running.i worked for a injection molding plant and the supervisor use to yell at me i could walk by the machines and they would stop.grinders would shut down.i don't know what all this means.if you have experienced this to please e-mail me.
kat <usrk9156 a icq com>
tn USA - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 19:22:29 (PST)

READ THROUGH MY STORY, THEN TRY OUT MY TEST AT THE END! Sounds like there are those who dim lights, and those that carry static electricity... since I was a small child in the '60s, I've heard what I called high intensity whines emitting from homes as I walked by outside, or especially in dept. stores. Since childhood, I have had the "ability" to static shock myself or others, which was quite a fun game in elementary school, and always an interesting reminder that life is mysterious!. I'm now in the habit of touching my sweatered elbow to the car door to de-charge myself before entering my car. My most recent strong shock experience was a bit disconcerting: we were at the Griffith Park Observatory, and I touched a meteorite (of all things! Talk about Woo-woo!) on display and got majorly ZAPPED while the other 5 people in our party felt nothing! Unless I managed to decharge it already... In general, I get really sparky around magnets in Science Museum displays. I also feel a tingle through my computer mouse, and have frozen up my Mac on occasions when I'm startled by a sudden noise.

To add to my childhood "sparkiness," in my mid-20s, I was shocked on an electrified fence as I leaned over to pet a horse (the wire was on my forehead! What can I say? I'm a city girl!). When it pulsed, I blacked out and woke up in a heap on the other side of the dirt road. I don't know how long I'd been unconscious. But I do remember feeling especially "sparky" for a few days after that event.

My husband, on the other hand, is a watch stopper. He was shocked from the house current as a child in Great Britain (isn't it 240 over there?), and survived. Now, any watch he wears, whether digital or analog, stops after a few days. He's a general contractor, but very leery of electrical work to this day! Then there's our family's second generation of electrical people: We have a 7 year old boy who talks about his internal "radiator," which he claims he can adjust with his mind. His radiator allows him to be in shirt sleeves and barefoot when his peers are bundled for winter (I'll admit, we DO live in L.A. But even on a field trip to the snow, he was exquisitely under-dressed and feeling fine). This boy does not spark, however. But he did test REALLY HIGH on my little test (see below).

I've always noticed these abnormalities in myself and others and find them fascinating. When I started studying Tai Chi 3 years ago, I became more comfortable with the idea of CHI ENERGY running through my body and emitting from my hands. Plus the more I focused on it, the more I at least felt like I could control it (This can be used for healing, by the way... when a cold is brewing, I quite often summons chi and "send" it to the area of the body that's getting sick such as throat or sinuses, and let it bounce around in there, jiggling all the molecules. It borders on plain old visualizations, EXCEPT that I can feel a tingle sometimes... and it seems to work.) ON TO THE TEST: One day, just for fun, I started playing around with "measuring" currents in our family and friends with a battery tester. I forget what they're called. Ommeter or something like that. Its the little battery-operated device that you can test a house current with it, or your 1.5 volt batteries.


Put the setting on 1K ohms(its the lowest measurement). Then just hold the testers, one between each set of index finger and thumb. Then you will get a reading, whether you believe yourself to be electric or not. I use the DCV.mA sweep to measure. I'm not sure what this means, but its one of the many choices on the meter, and it has big numbers spread farther apart so easy to see.)

I measure between 50-60 DCV.mA.

My husband the watch stopper registers lower, about 30-40 DCV.mA.

My 4 year old son is like me: 50-60.

My 7 year old son (the "radiator") inexplicably spikes way up to 125 DCV.mA.

which is about mid-way. Both my 80 year old parents had hardly any reading. Only a small twitch of the needle....

I'm expanding my little test to others now: Regular folks. Electrical Folks. Spiritual folks. Neighbors. Kids at school. My tai chi teacher. A Hands-On healer I know.

I am recording the results. I try to make sure each test subject is barefoot and on soil, to make one less variable.

I invite you to try it out!

Report back if you wish!

Any science types out there want to play with this?
Virginia <Lerossigno a aol com>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 14:39:10 (PST)

Do you think there is any link between this electric syndrome and psychic ability and/or mental illness (ie depression/borderline/etc.)? Also, is there any link to heart problems or seizures? If you think so, please email me.
kate <LquidPearl a aol com>
Charlotte, NC USA - Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 18:48:10 (PST)

Until recently I thought I was the only person that made street lights "go out". It usually happens when I'm in a heightened emotional state. I also go through about 2 or 3 personal electronic devices a year, I take extreme care not to physically damage these devices yet they always fail in some way or another. From cassette players to CD players now to MP3 players, they start functioning erratically and eventually stop working.
sam odom <odoms a nytimes com>
new york, ny USA - Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 13:00:24 (PST)

i can'tbeleive that thereare others that have the same electrical problem that i've had for years.i also did not know that there was a name for that street light thing.

one night i had 25 lights go out on me. i'm so bad that when we go to visit other people,my family will warn them not to let me use their appiances.

usually i feel a large jolt just as i reach out to touch an appliance and then the applaicne will pop and never work again. sometimes it's when i go to touch a switch,or even people. i have actually hurt people by touching them.

i can't wear watches, stand by t.v's or radios.well' thanks for all of you for being brave enough to share, i'm glad to know that i'm not alone.wait till i tell my family.
helen browne <naha0366 a yahoo com>
ok USA - Monday, January 15, 2001 at 13:03:41 (PST)

I too have noticed street lights going out while I approached them but never payed much attention to them. The first time I really payed attention to anything such as this happening was Halloween of 2000. I was sitting on the floor with my boyfriend when I noticed a tingling first in my hands. As I payed closer attention I noticed concentrating on it caused it to spread through my body.

I was interested to see if I was imagining things so I used my boyfriend as a guiney pig so to speak. I layed my head on his legs and concentrated on the tingling sensation. After a few minutes he looked a little shocked. He asked what I was doing. When I told him he said it had moved through his body.

I wanted to see if I could share this sensation with him and my little sister so I tried to pass it to them. I cupped my hands around theirs and they said they could feel the tingling along with heat. After a couple of minutes I had passed it to their hands also. Interesting!

Another thing happened right before Christmas. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend when I saw a part that I wanted him to see. He couldn't find the remote and I got frustrated and decided to do it the old way. I reached for the VCR. My hand got about an inch from it when I felt a slight shock. The VCR started to rewind "without me hitting the button" and then stopped working all together. My boyfriend said he saw a blue streak of light come from my finger and enter the VCR. Needless to say he won't let me touch his new VCR.

I can touch things "such as the electrical parts of a water heater" and what normally would hurt someone only tingles my finger. No, I didn't intentionally do it. I've touched surge protecters and current will run through my fingers and cause tingling. I'm just glad to know that I'm not crazy or alone.

I also wonder if its possible to control these things because especially when I'm frustrated I cause things to stop working. Especially light bulbs.
Angela <Little-Blue-Angel a excite com>
Hartsville , TN USA - Thursday, January 11, 2001 at 20:38:56 (PST)

I'm so glad I found this site. I plan to mention it to all the people who refuse to believe me when I tell them about my own electrical problems, many of which I seem to have outgrown. As I child, I had a terrible problem with static electricity, and was constantly shocking myself and any other person I touched. (I spent a lot of time insisting to my mother that I WAS picking up my feet when I walked.) I also stopped all watches (both digital and analog) within a week of wearing them or carrying them around. Both of these problems disappeared around the age of 16 or 17. Since then, my problems have mostly been limited to cars: I shock myself badly EVERY time I exit, and my own car clocks are completely unpredictable, running sometimes fast, and sometimes slow.

There are no eletrocutions in my past, although I have always been afraid of electricity, and will go to great lengths to avoid plugging an appliance into an outlet.
Tiffany <tiffanymetz a>
Chicago, IL USA - Tuesday, January 09, 2001 at 21:21:18 (PST)

most of it's not that interesting, ive given people bad shocks, stopped tapes in the VCR, Im standing on on the curb and the lamplight turns on and off for 20 minutes or so. when i'm angry, i can't listen to music or use the computer, they turn off. One unusal thing is that I can, I guess you could say "project" this electricity on command. I can force it out through my head and it almost sounds like it's hitting metal objects in the walls and ceiling (i.e air ducts, hinges). I think this has something to do with unusual psychic experiences ive had, especially over the telephone. I've literally read peoples minds and received mental images over the phone (though only over the phone). This might sound a tad bit ludicrous, but i had an actual ghost of one my deceasd friends ( he hung himself in his garage last April) travel through the telephone, while I was talking to his father about, funny enough, epilepsy. My younger sister (16) was there, she had to leave the house because of the presence. What Ive thought, (i m not sure if anyone else thinks this) is that these electrical charges in the brain have a direct connection with the Third Eye and psychic ability.
Tom McGee <Popeholyspirte3 a aol com>
Red Bank, nj USA - Thursday, January 04, 2001 at 14:39:21 (PST)

What a relief to find this website! There are so many entries its overwhelming! I've always thought my problem with electricity was real, but people look at me funny when I tell them about it. I experience the "street light phenomena" frequently. I do not wear a watch because they always die on me. Magnet therapy gives me a headache. I constantly get shocked. I love those soft fleece garments, but have learned that wearing them is painful (to me and those around me). Its always worse, for some reason, when I come inside from outdoors. My cats run away from me when I come home because I usually grab them up immediatley and SHOCK them! Slathering myself in lotion sometimes helps. The MIS people at work have come to fear me. "Don't let Cindy near the new such and such", or "It was working fine until Cindy walked over", or when something's not working - "Did Cindy touch it?" At least I provide them with new challenges. My computer (actually my fourth)has been rebuilt over and over again. All the office equipment is subject to my zap. I have literally walked by the digital copier and it went down. Something that would work just fine for someone would be inoperable for me when I would try to use it. If I get anxious, the zapping gets worse. I read one entry where the guy would get a headache just before an electrical storm. Yes, this took a while to figure out for me. And that he actually felt an electric energy from people. Me too! I am highly sensitive to people's energy. Some people have made my hair stand on end. This has come in handy in some tough social situations in New York City. I have also experienced premonitions and other types of psychic phenomena. In my mind, I have always linked the zapping with the psychic stuff. As an interesting aside, I have a physical condition called "Early Repolarization". I was being examined by a cardiologist after I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse. He was giving me an EKG - I was relaxed, lying down and resting. As he looked at the results he laughed and said "According to this you're having a massive heart attack right now". He said that some people are more highly charged with electricity, or have a different composition of electricity in their bodies. He gave me a card to carry in my wallet, so that in an emergency, they wouldn't treat me improperly, as if I were having a heart attack. I wonder what would happen if I did have a heart attack? Has anyone ever heard of this before? It would explain some of this, but I am curious as to what is physiologically different in us to cause this.
Cindy <cindybcuw a aol com>
Park Ridge, NJ USA - Thursday, December 28, 2000 at 13:14:28 (PST)

I never owned an electronic devise that I have not shorted out. Lights go on and off all of the time. If I do not like some thing or feel the energy, I can change the moment. I break friend computers, screw traffic lights up and witness the most unusual events. I am finally used to it as it is just a part of my life. I have really witnessed miricles and feel sorry for individuals who take advantage of me. Its not intentional! I rearly speak of this as I know I am different.
Lisa <lrosen7751 a aol com>
St. Louis, Mo USA - Thursday, December 28, 2000 at 03:24:32 (PST)

When I was about 10 I was struck by lightning and saw a very bright light I woke up five min later without a scratch. Ever since then I am forgetful and get a very sharp ring in my ear at times. I can wear watches and light dont blink but my fingers tingel very bad and cant stand still. Some 1 help me please I rather be able to make lights go out than to have this
tyler <twomindsofme a aol com>
biloxi, ms USA - Tuesday, December 26, 2000 at 22:05:52 (PST)

It never seemed to me that I had an "odd" talent until I read the section on electric people. Those folks who can't keep lights, watches, or appliances working because they die simply because they are in the presence of thethe machinery.My "problem" is exactly the opposite. Delapidated, decrepid,worn out machinery works forever in my presence. I have often climbed onto "dead" machinery and found nothing wrong becauseit refused to die when I was on it. It does not matter if it is Diesel, electric, electronic, or gas powered the same thing happens. The only way I experience a truly dead machine is when the thing is utterly burn up, or crushed to smitherines. Someone who knows me will ask me to "look" at some odd appliance and it will just start working. Of course they want to know what I did and all I can tell them is "I don't know" it just started working. Just because it hasn't worked since grandad burnt down the outhouse doesn't mean it can't be plugged in, gassed up, and driven away.
Stephen <sdstreet a hotmail com>
Orem, Ut USA - Tuesday, December 26, 2000 at 20:30:01 (PST)

Psychic Electricity I, too, have experienced many of these phenomena. Being an Electronics Technician has made this a very helpful and frustrating life. I am also somewhat psychic and the combination has led to some very interesting things. I first noticed the psychic phenomena as a child when I realized that I could awaken my sister from sleep just by calling her name in my mind. This continues even today with people that I have a close bond.

The electrical phenomenon only started to become apparent as I reached puberty. When I was about ten or twelve, lightning struck a TV set positioned about two feet from where I was sitting. I was numb for several minutes, but had no other apparent symptoms. I was always fascinated by electricity (my dad was an Electrician) and used to play with an old telephone set that my dad used to test circuits and shock fishing worms out of the ground. I enjoyed the electrical sensation from slowly cranking the magneto and to this day enjoy a mild shock (less than 120 volts). No, I don't go deliberately trying to shock myself. I'm not stupid. I have a healthy respect for the dangers of electricity. It's just that in my line of work, an occasional tingle is almost inevitable. So far, my worst shock has been from a 440vdc power supply in a 1950 model analog computer. A burn on my arm and being knocked on my butt was the only visible consequence. The engineer was very surprised at the minor amount of hurt that I sustained, considering that 440vdc almost always guarantees a hear attack or worse. I thank God for my survival. I would say that over the course of twenty plus years, I have been seriously shocked about ten times. In all cases, I lost no more than a few minutes work and back to the task at hand.

The blown light bulb phenomenon began when I got my own bedroom at about the age of twelve. The light above my bed would not stay on for more than a couple weeks before it would blow out. It got so bad, that my parents thought that I was deliberately doing something to the lights. That was definitely not the case. The room I had also contained some sort of spirit or energy that would open the closet door in the middle of the night. I would hear the floor creaking as though someone (thing) were walking through the bedroom. The sound would then return towards the closet and the door would close. The one time I tried to see what was happening, the light bulb blew out just as I pulled the chain. All I saw as darkness fell about me was the closet door slowly swinging open. I never knew what was happening, and was glad to leave for college.

In college, one of our pastimes was to go out at night and hit the streetlights on campus with our fists. This would cause the light to go out for a few minutes and we would see how many lights we could knock out before the first light would come back on. I found that I could cause the lights to go out by just lightly touching, and sometimes just passing by, the light pole. I became an odds on favorite for winning the "lights out" competition. I also began to notice that highway lights would go out while I was driving, especially when I was thinking angry or upset thoughts.

The fluorescent lights over my service area at work have not functioned properly since we moved my shop. I did not like the move, and apparently it shows. We just recently moved my shop area to another portion of the factory floor and now the lights overhead of the new area flicker on and off whereas they had not before my move. Another recent dramatic example concerned a lady that I was very smitten over. She just wanted to be friends and I was trying to deal with that because I valued her friendship. One night I was over visiting and she was online on her computer. She wanted to check e-mail privately and asked me to step into the kitchen for a moment. Well, irrational, green-eyed jealously welled up in me and as I walked into the kitchen the kitchen lights began to buzz and flicker and her computer began to make strange noises. It got so bad that we had to shut the lights and computer off for the evening. I then tried to explain about my relationship to electricity, which did not calm her any. I'm happy to say that we are still very good friends and she can use her computer around me without fear.

My career has me interacting with electronic machinery on a daily basis. As I've matured, I've come to realize that the machines seem to "talk" to me and often I can troubleshoot simply by touching the machinery and "asking" what the problem is. My eyes will often then be drawn to an area or I will see in my mind where the trouble has occurred. I've had several colleagues remark about my intuitive leaps to the answer. I believe this is all a gift from God and thank Him daily for the help. Where some have the gifts for helping people, mine are for helping machines.
Mark T. <fuzzylogic57 a aol com>
VA USA - Thursday, December 21, 2000 at 14:59:41 (PST)

i have noticed lately,the past six months, that things malfunction at times when i am upset or nervous. i have been practicing meditation for years and with my increasing awareness of subtle energy fields that things are dysfunctioning around me at times. i am not suprised or in disbelief, however i hope to learn to put it to good use for healing or something. Having recently witnessed a grand master of tai chi and kung fu do some watch stopping and some psychic phenomenon and fix my arthritic neck without touching it only confirms my beliefs. i welcome emails on this subject
beth christenson <entropic a>
queens, ny USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 20:54:34 (PST)

ever since I was electrocuted by sticking my hand into my aqaurium to get a broken water heater out of it (stupid, wasn't it), I have had strange reactions to electricity and to energy in general. As I was sticking my hand into the water, it felt as though something was repelling my hand. This feeling went away as soon as my hand was in the water, and it was replaced by something else. I could feel massive amounts of energy flowing up my arm into my body, but it didn't hurt. On the contrary, it actually felt good. I felt power like I have never felt in my entire life. It felt like my body was accepting this new energy source, and I felt stronger than I have ever felt. This feeling scared me, because I was only 16 at the time, so I took my hand out of the water. Ever since then I have been able to absorb heat and use it for energy in my body, and I can make the T.V. reception better.
Jason Donegan <phoenixfire35968 a aol com>
Parkville, MO USA - Monday, December 18, 2000 at 05:31:07 (PST)

DURAND, MI USA - Sunday, December 17, 2000 at 01:50:57 (PST)

My mother and I both experience street lights either going out or coming on. I have also experienced seeing a blue shock between me and another person after a choir concert. People around saw it was well. It was intense and it was hot. Most lately I've been trying to recover my hard drive that crashed for no reason. It will turn its self off and this happens to no one else in my family. I can not think of anything that could possibly do this. And does it help that my name so closely resembles exactly what I feel every day?
Electa M <shortibsb a aol com>
Wy USA - Friday, December 15, 2000 at 20:40:54 (PST)

I too can be added to the list,Street lights have been turning off just as i get to them. It happens at least 2 times a week but has happened much more than that for the last 10 years !I can feel an electrical short i was working on a gas pipe & was getting shocked very badly three others could feel nothing but when i put an electrical meter between the pipe & ground it showed 9 volts. the static shocks happen all year round regardless of the humidity .
mark wolf <markwolf7 a email com>
manitowoc, Wisconsin USA - Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 19:15:19 (PST)

I dont know what in the cock is going on but for the past year almost everything I touch jolts me. Today I have been shocked at least eight times. Door knobs, telephones (like it bit me in the lip), forks, my computer monitor, chairs every metal-ish thing I touch wants to shock me. I have changed shoes sometimes I dont even wear shoes. I dont know what the hell is going on but this is getting rediclyous. Some one tell me what to do cause this sucks. Everyday even right after I wake up and touch the knob to get out of my room Bam. My house mates are laughing at me here people. Please tell me how to bunk this thing. I am affraid to touch car doors, this is not healthy. CJ
Clinton Jarvis <cjarvis a>
Tacoma, WA USA - Tuesday, December 12, 2000 at 19:35:53 (PST)

I work in a controlled invorment at work. Everything I touch expect for the things on my desk shocks me. When I want to go to the out to the break room or even go to the bathroom I have to watch for poeple to open the door. Sometimes I get the courage to go and open the door only because I have been holding it for 4 hours. So I get the door right and then I just stare at it praying and hoping it won't shock the crap out of me like it always does. Some poeple here think I am making this up and I show them and they still say I am trippin. The bad part about this is that it is getting worse. I am now touching the door and seeing yellow and blue little lighting bolt. And let me tell you it will pop your hand right off the door and the pain now last for 1 hour to all day. Just right know I touched the electric stapler and got shocked and yes the was a yellow lighting bolt. I am sick and tired of being afraid to open and touch anything. HELP!!!!!!!!
KEMO MCDANIEL <kemo06_95624 a yahoo com>
ELK GROVE, CA USA - Saturday, December 09, 2000 at 11:07:44 (PST)

I am so glad i found this sight. I have thought i was just wierd for so long. i have never been able to wear a wristwatch as they quickly begin running fast and within 2 weeks completely die. I have noticed streetlamps, in one or two areas in particular,will turn off when i drive by. At my old place of employment the register went down several times while i would be operating it and would say "power failure". And the clocks at my current place of employment all run fast. We go through a lot of light bulbs at our house. I also am sensitive to magnets and don't like the sensation they give. Are their any real scientific studies devoted to this type of phenomena?
gin <gins4cats a cs com>
louisville, ky USA - Monday, November 13, 2000 at 22:07:05 (PST)

I used to write courses for a fortune 500 company. The meetings we had were frustrating and time-consuming. Talking heads would go on and on, and I would be worrying about meeting a deadline. I would get so anxious and angry in some of these meetings that my watch would stop. It happened about three or four times, then I started taking my watch off before I went into the meetings, and it never stopped again (unless it needed a new battery of course). Anyone out there ever make their watch stop?????
Barb <Barbarasteinb a aol com>
USA - Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 10:07:55 (PST)

It is interesting to know other people are having the same problems I have. I have a collection of watches that refuse to work, several after wearing them just a couple of days. On one the hands have spun around spontanously or when I pick it up. As a child my parents my parents nicknamed me "Iron Hands" because anything electronic would stop working, especially if it had batteries. Remote controls refuse to work for me. I have dreams that come true.. I also can sense when people are thinking about me and often what they are thinking.
Sara S
Fl USA - Monday, November 06, 2000 at 02:34:23 (PST)

Does anyone know where I can meet other people like me? I want to start a society of electrically influenced people. I believe that enough of us got together in one spot, that we could make explosions. I want to make explosions. We could explode horrible things, and really influence society. Society needs to be influenced in more explosive ways.
Bob DePalma <bobdepalma a hotmail com>
Middleton, PA USA - Thursday, November 02, 2000 at 16:34:51 (PST)

I've stopped watches and other small electronic devices my whole life. It's really just been a minor annoyance, until recently, when I discovered that I can't get a digital wireless phone to work! I've tried just about every phone and provider out there, with no luck. Is there a solution to this problem??? I need to have a cell phone for my job, and my boss does not appreciate the fact that it is impossible for me to have a five-minute conversation without the call being dropped. This is the first time I've ever really done research on this weird thing I do, and it is good to know I'm not the only "freak" out there. If anyone has had a similar problem and can give me advice, I'd appreciate it!
Jamie <seasaidh a angelfire com>
CA USA - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 14:47:44 (PST)

I thought I was the only one with this problem! I'm constantly getting shocked, without really moving around enough to justify it. Once fall rolls around, I'm like a lightning rod all winter. I get shocked at least a few dozen times a day, often repetitively - get shocked, take a step, get shocked again, take a step... I've gotten into the habit of touching the back of my hand to doorknobs and other items to discharge before using them because I'm afraid my fingertips will wind up with nerve damage if I don't! I finally started looking for anwswers after getting shocked, taking about two steps, and then getting painfully shocked by touching WOOD. I also replace bulbs way more often than I think I should, and I get the streetlight effect that other people have mentioned. However, I seem to have a GOOD effect on computers and other machines I work with!
Liz Long <riverdragon a theglobe com>
Arlington, VVA USA - Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 11:21:25 (PDT)

Like many others, I just happened upon this site and am so relieved to find out that there are so many others out there. I have always had a problem with street lights -- as soon as I walk past or drive by one... you guessed it, they go out. I don't have to be in any particular mood for street lights to be affected but if I am in a highly tense mood, I usually affect something around me-- computers freeze and cannot be rebooted but have to be unplugged and restarted. (this just happened again today!) Lights blowing out or a build up of electricity that usually ends in me shocking someone. But I have also experienced a larger buildup of energy -- if I am very angry or very upset, I have actually shattered glass, plates or anything breakable just by reaching out to touch it. This is very frightening and usually "snaps" me out of whatever state I am in. I also tend to be very sensitive to the negative and positive energy of those around me. I have been told that I was "psychic" as I can "feel" someone's mood. There have been several instances where a negative person can actually make me physically ill if I happen to touch that person or pick up any bad vibes. Another interesting note-- I wonder if there are more of us out there that have "heart conditions". I suffer from a condition called S.V.T. (Supra Ventricular Tachicardia) with P.A.T Paroxysmal Atrial Tachicardia)--All these arrhythmia's result from problems in what is called the conducting system of the heart, which is the tissue in the heart muscle which conducts the electrical impulses which make the heart beat. If anyone has any suggestions on how to channel this energy or even subdue/control it.. I would love to hear it.
Mari <chunkimonki1972 a aol com>
TX USA - Thursday, October 19, 2000 at 21:19:05 (PDT)

During a period of time in 1996 I experienced incredible feelings of electric charge, an object moved across a bar, without my realizing it, but was seen by someone, who asked me how I had done it, I caused a garage door to open for me, without any device, I just willed it to happen, and sensed energy waves moving through space, some seeming to eminate from people, others just from the ground. The changes that happened prior to these things, were a car accident (suffered a head injury) , long distance bike riding (50 miles a day for about 2 months) , and drinking large quantities of water (2-3 gallons a day), I noticed that the water I drank never seemed to fill me up, or cause profuse urination, rather it made me feel light, and very dense, and my senses were greatly sharpened, to the point of annoying. I have absolutley had no experiences since then, I had an encounter of which i do not have the space here to elaborate, if you want, E-mail me and I will tell you more, but that encounter is why I have not ventured further into the routines that brought me to that point. I do know for certain, that in my case, the lengthly periods of excercise caused energies in my body to really open up, and made whole body more 'flowing', and that the water I was drinking was a necessary catalyst for the keen sensitivity I had. I could make computers screw up easilly by getting angry, but often attributed these to coincidence. Actually I'd rather say all of this was coincidence, I'd feel better. Becasue I was freaked out back then, and still want to deny, the kinds of things I was realizing then. I can tell you that I not responsible enough to handle the powers I was experiencing and learning, perhaps someday though, I will.
Kevin <Hardcastle8 a cs com>
Flagler Beach, Fl USA - Wednesday, October 18, 2000 at 17:49:49 (PDT)

Since I was a little kid I could fix electrical problems with touch such as putting my hand on a radio to fix the static and lately even if I walk by a radio I can change the station and I have walked past my friends car to get in and i can make his lights dim and change the channel by waving my hand by it. One time my cousins girlfriend (that lived two towns away) requested a song for him but the station didn't come in. So i grabbed the wire and stiffened my muscles and it came in clear as a bell. This also works on calculators and computer and TV monitors. I also forgot to mention when I needed to go to physical therepy the woman woild put the pulses on and turn up the machine thing until I was uncomfortable. She stated I had the most tolereance of electricity of anyone she's seen.
Rob <Sureshot119 a aol com>
Plymouth, MA USA - Monday, October 16, 2000 at 18:57:31 (PDT)

Just wondering if anyone can relate to this. The clocks in my house, car, as well as watches, all seem to be "speeding up". I change them back to the correct time and again, a few days later, I notice that they are running too fast. This phenomena appears to be increasing exponentially. If anyone knows anything...please e-mail me! thanks DAMION!
Damion Rowland <damionjosiah a hotmail com>
USA - Sunday, July 16, 2000 at 15:11:18 (PDT)

Every time i get angery or stressed out,my watch starts going wrong(ie it's numbers dont form properly)Having said that,sometimes when i take it off,the screen goes blank. And also lights flicker ever so slightley,like the bulb is not in properly! Another thing i think i can do is sense electricity! Every time there is a lightning storm on the way,i get a terrible headache,but this only happens when it is an LIGHTNING storm!....And when i run my hand over something with an electical current,i get a tingeling in my palms,which feels like pins & needles! One other very important fact i think i should mention:
When i was 14 (i'm now 16)i was in my room looking out of my window at a teriffic storm that was going on. I thought it was over as it had stopped raining, sighed and bent my knee so it touched my radiator.Suddenly a huge bolt of lightning struck a house nearby,and i was pushed back on to my bed. I think the may have discharge travled along the pipes,up my radiator,and in to me!!....But it did'nt hurt. Could this have something to do with it?

Ben "Delirious" Richardson <Ben.Richardson a>
(town)Hastings, UK - Saturday, October 07, 2000 at 09:25:38 (PDT)

I make streetlights go out when I pass.... this happens enough so I notice it regularly... I get a lot of static shocks in the fall and spring. I can often hear a high pitches "whine" way above the hz of a modem tone or fax machine. When I can hear this sound, others cannot. This only happens in proximity to electronics never in nature.

I have never ever been able to use floppy disks succesfully. Even 10 copies of a file will be corrupt in the trip from home to school. I only e-mail homework noe because of the high potential for errors....

I have a strong ability to 'feel' what is wrong with electric equipment.... I have had a few 110v shocks and as a child, I was zapped with 220v current from the back of our electric stove.

I have a strong knowledge of the supernatural-- but these items I experience don't seem to be 'ghostly' but of a more scientific nature.
Wayne Broderick <wbroderick a hotmail com>
Portland, me USA - Friday, October 06, 2000 at 11:50:43 (PDT)

I have always written this off as odd coincidence but after seeing this site, I'm remembering as a child I was badly shocked by standing barefoot in water and grasping an ungrounded handle of a travel trailer as we we loading it for a vacation. I'm forty now and cannot wear watches, I continually see an arc of blue static electricity hit me when I exit my car(Does'nt seem to effect others in my car) and I Can't tell you how many times I've had a streetlight go out just as I pass underneath. Is it all related?
Mark Pitts <Markapitts a eamil com>
Richardson, Tx USA - Tuesday, October 03, 2000 at 12:34:34 (PDT)

I may be only 11 but im very mature for my age. Here is what happened to me: I walk down my grandfather's basement and open a door to the back basement closet thing. I try to turn on the light and get a huge shock which numbed my whole arm for at least 5 minutes. It did not hurt but I did not want to tell anyone anyway because they would probably think I was making this up. I have also expierienced my radio flickering on and off and sometimes my light in my bedroom will dim for a split second. It just did as I wrote this. Will someone please e-mail me to tell me about this. Thank you very much.
Richard B. <Kirby139 a aol com>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 16:58:55 (PDT)

I havn't had a lot of trouble with electric devices but I could seemingly repair them with a touch. I have touched cars at gas stations that wouldnt start and the owners would thank me and say they had been there an hour trying to get it working. I could also fix computers that had frozen up and people were about to just unplug it. I feel that if you have a problem with electric devices you also could help them to work better for you. If you just think that you are helping the printers to work or the radio it will. Use your gift as a gift, not a curse or problem. p.s. ask any doctor what the human body runs on and they will tell you electricity.
ORLANDO, FL USA - Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 08:57:55 (PDT)

WELL TO START OFF I JUST REALIZED ALL THESE THINGS HAPPENING DUE TO THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE BEEN HAPPENINIG NOT TO MUCH TIME APART FROM ONE ANOTHER.I got mad and my tv turned off and my light in the kitchen flickered.And today i was watching a movie and the light in my kitchen flickered to turn on .Mainly what I can do so far is mess up cd players in cars , casino machines ,street lights,light bulbs go out,i made the computers in two offices go out along with the lights and i blew out a tv..All i want to know is if you can control it to make it stronger or weaker and what you have to do .
BOYNTON BCH, FL USA - Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 19:55:32 (PDT)

If I do fit into the catagory of 'electrified person,' I am a fairly minor case. I now work a desk job where I am constantly on the computer. With out any doubt, I can assume that my computer will glitch up on me at least twice a day and I am always in need of rebooting. When I read in other emails that there are peolple with similar problems, what with computer problems and all, I thought it would be worth my while to submit my situaton. I have had problems that even the most skilled techies at my work place can not understand and it seems to me that I have had computer problems from even my most earliest experiences on them. But it seems to me that this is the limits of my electrification... and in a way thank goodness.
M. M. Cipov <mississippigary a hotmail com>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Wednesday, September 13, 2000 at 10:46:57 (PDT)

It is such a relief to know I don't suffer alone! There are too many experiences I've had to list here. Lets just say Psychic Phenominon Intuition, dreams, empathy, etc. My head tingles on the left side. Brain and all! I'm capable of learning programming except for the fact the computers don't work well for me. I average three monitors, three mice, and one keyboard each year. My monitors have each lost the red color. I tried to have my own fax machine. He He He. This thing is annoying. I was very angry at my computer, put my hand on the screen and wished it dead. It died. Neat! I've had a typewriter type backwards, 2 sewing machines died in perpetual reverse. The copier at my old job read "NOT READY" when I came near. No one will let me touch anything when I'm angry. My cars and trucks break down often. The new television I just purchased will not speak to me. (Really, no sound at all when it's in my room) It is now perfectly happy in the livingroom. No watch has ever survived my wrist. I know I can aggravate this condition with anger. I think this affects luck as well. If guessing one hundred cards your bound to get at least 40% right? I'll get less than 2%. My luck is impossibly bad. I could go on......and on. We need to be studyied.
Chris <danchrismoore a cs com>
Willingboro, nj USA - Friday, September 08, 2000 at 22:06:22 (PDT)

Reading the accounts on this site I am excited,scared and oh so relieved I could cry.So many accounts mirror my own experiences. I had got to a stage where I was just exhausted and frustrated by the different problems I experience. Like others I am constantly replacing light bulbs, my electricity bills are so much higher than any one elses. Once the Electricity Company came to my house of their own accord as they felt I must have a problem with my electricity supply as my usage was so high. I cannot wear a watch not even an analogue as they speed up. Even my car clock. Last year I went through 33 handy bank cards and I figured out if I touched them I wiped the magnetic strip. This is so frustrating. The bank tellers know me well now, some believe me and some laugh in my face and tell me I must be placing my card next to other cards etc. If I kiss my youngest daughter I get a very painful shock but she doesn't feel it. When I get out of my car I get shocks. This has been getting worse over time. My computers at work and at home constantly do weird things and you do feel stupid when you say 'I didn't do anything'. I do have some other strange things that happen which I try to push away as they frighten me. I have dreams that come true and ocasionally have what I call a brain storm. It's like when you are channell surfing on the radio and pick up bits and pieces of dialogue and static. This will happen if I am walking past houses in particular and then I have ocassions when it's like I am being bombarded with lots of information and I can't make head or tail of it, it goes by me so fast. Sometimes its stuff I have dreamed as I dream every night. It's not like voices in my head more like sequences of events. I don't know if all these things are connected. I've never told anyone else as I find it frightening and disconcerting. I don't think I am nuts as I have a pretty normal life and am generally a very happy person. I just don't know how to make a sense of it. I feel there has to be a way to unravell these occurences and make sense of them. Any help gladly accepted.
Christiena Astwood <xtiena a hotmail com>
Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA - Tuesday, September 05, 2000 at 06:14:16 (PDT)

I've had all of those experiences, too, so I'm glad to see we may finally be acknowledged. There still isn't much about it. Believe me, I've been looking. Now, I have a question. Recently, by accident, I discovered that I seem to have a newfound talent. I can feel the current of the electromagnetic field around me. I stand in one spot and let my body relax. Within a few seconds, I can feel the energy coming through me and my arms will float up on their own. I can actually feel the current gently activating my nerves and them my muscles to respond. Depending on the spot, it can be strong or weak. I have had my health tested to make sure that it isn't a nerve or muscle disorder (I'm fine)and have tested the ability for the last few months (always the amature scientist). Of coarse EM is everywhere and I feel quite certain that I am really feeling it. A couple of weeks ago I was in a local playhouse after hours, that has a reported haunting. Ghost hunters seem to agree that a high EM reading is fertile ghost atmosphere. So, I decided to test it out in a "haunted" place. I was amazed at what I felt! Different areas in the playhouse that had a strong EM, had different characteristics to how they felt. Two places had a very definite and strong current that moved my arms in a spinning motion. Vortexes! I felt them!

My question is, does anyone else here know what I am talking about? I would think my ability has to be directly linked to my electricity sensitivity. I haven't found anyone else that seems to feel this, but I just found this site. Have any of you experienced this? Would you be willing to give it a try if I explained how to do it? Please e-mail me with any questions or suggestions. No one seems to be testing us properly, so I think we ought to work together to realize our potential, don't you think?
TheMrs <TheMrs a desperado com>
CT USA - Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 13:06:34 (PDT)

WOW! I too seem to generate static electricity for some reason. Possible Cause: When I was about 12, I got shocked from a outlet while plugging in a tv. It was the only serious shock I've ever had. Ever since I have had CONSTANT trouble with static. I get shocked from EVERYTHING made of metal(cars, doorknobs, keys, handrails, ect, ect...). Also my ears are very sensitive to the high-pitch tones emitted from lights, tv's, vcr's, clocks, radios, PC's, ect, ect... I can tell if freinds are watching tv or on their computers even before I knock on the door just by hearing the tones. Sometimes, when I go into town, all the tones from lights and security systems and all gives me severe headaches! I'm now 23, and after about 11 years the "problem" has yet to cease. My wife thinks it is all coincidence, but when you get shocked around 100 times a day, its hard to believe that! Anybody out there know what the problem is???
jeromy a <screamin4_u a yahoo com>
norway, me USA - Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 23:33:41 (PDT)

This is no joke or anything abnormal! I have static electricity! I only have it when I touch my car or any metal. I don't have this problem in my home and I DON'T drag my feet. I've had this problem for about 2 years, and no one can give me any advice on how to make it stop. I'm worried that I'll spark at the gas station! This is really not a joke! If anyone can help me please let me know what I can do. Thank you
Nancy <lola_labamba a yahoo com>
Atascadero, CA USA - Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 00:33:45 (PDT)

one time i was shocked badly, and any kid would have died but strangly made it. since then all electrical de vice has some effect on my entrance into a room (i.e. tv screens getting brighter ) and one time i was really mad at my teacher, and i wanted to humiliate her and when she piked up some chalk, iexploded, almost at will! i dont know what it is but if you do email me
niquelei <seven0707 a aol com>
beech grove, I USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 15:53:14 (PDT)

When I was very young (age 2) I had the "unhealthy" obsession to pass AC currents through my body by sticking my fingers into the gaps of plugs between the wall outlet and the plug itself, frequently unscrewed the lights on a Christmas tree and placing my fingers in the sockets, placing a bare foot on a metal floor vent and touching appliance with wet hands, and holding on to electric fences that are used to corral farm animals...the ones with the pulse feature and constant.

I found I enjoyed all of these forms of energy exchange to the horror of my mother and father, but the delight of my grandfather. However I will say "Never stick you hand into a fuse/breaker box as that was not enjoyable at all."

I too have had the experience of the lights in the park going out as I walk by them and have been fortunate enough to have people witness this event and different occasions. Mind you this doesn't happen every single time I approach a light, however my acquaintances have deduced it has something to do with my mood, which is good most of the time. I also can not where non-wind up watches due to the stopping of them. To complicate the whole jewelry thing, I have a PH which dissolves most metals within months...and makes them very tarnished within days...thus why wear it, it looks like crap after a few uses...right? Even gold leaves a greyish sort of effect on my skin.

Oh and this event was rather freaky. My other half bought me a hematite ring, knowing I can not wear metals. I was very pleased with this thinking it would last forever. shattered on the second day. I knew hematite was an oxidized iron I thought it would be fine to wear. It turns out hematite is also supposed to have a balancing property or something...which may explain why it shattered.

What I'm beginning to think is maybe it's just natural for some people to have bodies that are "natural batteries". I look at the electric eel and don't give it a second thought, perhaps we just have the stuff it takes to emit a charge now and again.

I like it.
Kevin Oertel <xyoflite a>
Saint Paul, MN USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 10:57:26 (PDT)

Whenever I experience headaches, I seem to blow lightbulbs at the switch (the flash comes from the switch, not the bulb) the bulb usually just gets a little brighter, then goes out. I cannot wear electric watches as well as they cease to function within days. Incidents started after head injury 8 yrs ago. Profuse sweating may contribute to conductivity (also a result of the injury) possibly even becoming some sort of "static capacitor" and releasing a static field when condensed (no ground, lots of moisture and tissue) Other than the explanations given, we have had no satisfactory diagnosis from the medical profession.
WA <warangel a geocities com>
Anchorage, AK USA - Tuesday, August 08, 2000 at 04:20:57 (PDT)

Thank Goodness! I've noticed this for quite some years, but during the past few months my work life has been a living hell because of this. I've been working doing digital imaging for a museum. For some reason, only when I'm imaging, the cards are corrupting--the images are being effected and cannot be downloaded. I find that I run hot all of the time. If I am hot or angry, lights go out (street lights and interior lights), radios lose their stations when I walk past, computers freeze up and must be re-booted. I am not doing anything physical to any of this equipment, but people are beginning to look at me as if I am deliberately sabotaging these shoots. I've gotten to the point that I refuse to do any imaging. People have commented on feeling strange sensations when I touch them. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Whew!
Teri <teribearheart a>
Vallejo, CA USA - Monday, August 07, 2000 at 08:47:48 (PDT)

My 26 year old daughter has had some strange activity,she describes like an electrical shock happen in the left side of her head. It has happened about 3 or 4 times. Last night as she lay in bed she received an electrical jolt in her head that was so strong it made her sit up in bed. She also saw a bright light. She said it was like someone had taken defibulator paddles and placed them on her chest. She looked to see if had awakened her husband, but it did not. To my knowledge she has never had any affect on streetlights or watches. Is this the same type of incident or could it be something else that we should be investigating?
Ruth <RuthGrafton a aol com>
Shreveport, LA USA - Monday, July 31, 2000 at 20:07:13 (PDT)

For the past several weeks, i have been expereincing spontaneous burts of electricity from my hands. It does not matter id i am touching anything or not. These "discharges", for lack of a better term, are painful and very frusterating. I have noticed no pattern to this. In some cases, people have seen and heard these discharges. It is getting very old very quickly. E-mail me with info please...Thank You
Rick Piersson <piersson a visto com>
Butte, MT USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 13:55:32 (PDT)

SHOCKS IN THE SHOWER: while taking a shower in Arizona, many sparks and discharges occurred in the shower spray all around me; they continued briefly even after the shower was turned off. The discharges were unfelt and apparently totally harmless. When this was mentioned to some of the locals, they responded with. "Oh, that doesn't usually happen to temporary visitors, just the permanent residents." Any insights or similar experiences? Mineral-rich water?
Tom Farruggella <tommyf a>
Newburgh, NY USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2000 at 19:49:53 (PDT)

I have been experiencing this phenomena all of my life. It reminds me of the boy in the movie "Powder". I am constantly shocked by metal, especially car doors and phones. Sometimes when I use a key to unlock a door a bolt of electricity will shoot out from the key to the lock. People who touch me often receive violent shocks. Televisions and other appliances are constantly shutting themselves off, or exhibiting other abnormal behavior.

I enjoy walking at at night, and I began to notice that streetlights dim as I pass underneath them. They will suddenly go from extremely bright to very dim, and as soon as I am clear of the streetlight it will return to its natural brightness. I confided in a friend about this anomaly, and she didn't know what to think of it. So we took a walk together down a street at our college campus. As I passed the streetlight it quickly dimmed. My friend gave me a look as if she had seen a ghost. We continued up the road, and eight lights in succession completely dimmed as I passed. She was a little frightened, and she told me to stop manipulating the lights, but I could only laugh because I had no control over my electric field at the time.

I'm highly psychic, and I have learned through meditation to balance the energies of my auric field. Occasionally, lights will flicker if I'm really upset, and I then realize my electromagnetic field is out of whack and needs repair. There is a Reiki form of meditation called "grounding" that will abate any of these electrical anomalies.
ELGIN, IL USA - Monday, July 10, 2000 at 14:16:42 (PDT)

It's very interesting happening on this site. I have had similiar experiences involving static electricity and lights going out and/or burning out constantly. When I was eight years old, I reached out to shut off a table lamp and was electrocuted. I distinctly remember that I couldn't do anything about the situation I was in and felt like eternity. My mother reached down and pulled the plug. I was unconsious for about thirty minutes. After that incident, I could hear and feel thunderstorms coming way before anyone heard the first sound or felt the first rain drop. I would hear a continuous pop-pop above my head and the hair on my arms stood up. I would walk/drive under street lights and they would go out. I continuously shock people whenever I come in close contact with them. I shock myself whenever I touch metal objects. I keep a large supply of lightbulbs on hand because they are always burning out. Most times electrical appliances and cash registers malfunction when I am near and my watche s always run slow or fast. I am very sensitive to others' emotional well being. Stress puts out a lot of energy. The energy others put out gives me the advantage in business because I can sense when things are going good or bad and act on this intuition before the final decision. I dream true now and then and can accurately predict the sex of pregnant women. People seek me out because I have the uncanny ability to "cure" muscle ackes and pains through message. When I do this, I imagine the heat in my h ands and the positive effect it has on tired muscles. These people walk away with a distant memory of pain.
Having this "problem" has it's advantages and disadvantages and sets "us" apart from the average person. I am not afraid of the electricity or energy (and neither should you!), only very, very, cautious.

R <runslikeadeer860 a aol com>
(city) WI USA - Sunday, July 09, 2000 at 20:54:17 (PDT)

I, too, have had problems with electricity that I have brushed off as coincidence most of my life. I have finally realized that I kill watches (usually within a week or two) and have given up wearing them. Also, I seem to kill CD-ROMs (usually after 3 months). I've pretty much given up on ever having a functioning CD-ROM in my computer. I also have problems with light bulbs going out very frequently. Once, when I was extremely upset and flipped my light switch on, the light bulb glass exploded out of the metal "screw-in" part of the bulb and was left hanging by it's wires. Somedays, though, I'll be "on" and everything will work excellent for me (including CD-ROMs). I wish I could control it better! Maybe we all should just buy stock in light-bulb comp anies!!
Rae <crache21 a hotmail com>
MI USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 00:33:46 (PDT)

ever since I could remember, I could never wear a timex watch. It wasn't untill a few of years ago that not only did a timex watch stop running within 10 minutes of putting it on, but any watch would either lose time drasticaly or just stop running. Im 45 now and in the past 5 yrs. I would have dreams of events, family members, and uneasy feelings about myself, like something is going to go wrong. At least 4 times a week I get a weird premenition about something or someone, it always comes true. My friends and family hate it when I call to warn them.I kept this ability a secret fearing that people would not believe me or think I was crazy.
HOPE SPEARS <Tenngal9080>
nashville , Tn USA - Monday, June 19, 2000 at 22:41:19 (PDT)

BROOKLYN, NY USA - Saturday, June 17, 2000 at 10:19:08 (PDT)

I've always had an affinity for electricity. When I was younger I was able to sense a "hum" from any sort of electrical device (lamps, etc.)if I held my hand very near them. (This no longer happens.) I was an electronics technician for a long time and am now a computer technician and I can find problems almost by intuition. Sort of sensing a disruption in the normal pattern of the various fields given off by a device that is not working correctly. None of this is very spectacular, and I can't make lights dim, but I've always been puzzled by the fact that EVERY clock in our house (battery-operated, digital, electric, my wristwatches especially) runs fast.
Tony E <virino a>
IL USA - Friday, June 09, 2000 at 21:39:51 (PDT)

This is amazing. Up until a year or so ago, I thought I was the only human "electric eel" on the planet. I don't usually get shocks, but my mere presence is enough to make lights flicker, turn street lights on and off, change traffic lights (bad habit apologies to the MTO), crash computers, and sometimes much worse. It seems to be some form of electrical psychokinesis, as I have occasionally "moved" small objects unconsciously. I can use this "Electrokinetic" ability consciously, but it happens spontaneously much more often. I guess I'm kind of lucky - I don't get shocks by touching grounded metal, except during thunderstorms. A few of my friends may have noticed my unusual "electric vibes", and I hope I didn't scare them. I have only recently learned how to keep it totally under control. I don't want to hurt anyone, and I'm sorry if I scared some people out there (hint: Cracked, Vancouver) If you have heard of me, don't believe the lies. It's hard being an eel, but at least I know I'm not alone. fEEL free to drop me a line for more info. Later, and PLUR Dave "the Eel" eel411 a hotmail com
Dave "the Eel" <eel411 a hotmail com>
Toronto, ON Canada - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 00:13:47 (PDT)

I have always known about this type of phenomenon but didn't realize so many others are affected. I get a variety of the symptoms - watches don't last more than 3 weeks on me, fluorescent light turn off or on both in buildings and while driving, I often get an electronic while in my ears around electronics and magnets, and I often get shocked more often than other people I know. My older son is starting to exhibit these also (he is 11). IS there anything to be done? No one sells wind-up watches anymore, so I haven't worn a watch in over 12 years. The electronic whining and buzzing ranges from annoying to progressive migraine. Any advice?
Gabrielle <gabrielle3 a home com>
Omaha, NE USA - Friday, May 12, 2000 at 19:38:19 (PDT)

Wrecking electrical and mechanical equipment without touching it has been a problem all my life and I reckon my tendency to stop watches, create sparks, wreck all sorts of electrical equipment and even knock pictures askew without touching them was inherited from my mother. She never could keep a wristwatch working and understood when I had similar phenomena occur. I am delighted to find that research is being done into this condition and welcome mails from others who suffer such experiences. That is, if I don't have to reformat my computer yet again after some sort of 'storm'.
Mike Brearey <mike a>
Dewsbury, UK - Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at 13:53:24 (PDT)

I'm not static, and Im a teen, so please don't contact me. Electronics bother me most of the time, I can hear them. From across the car, I can hear my mother's watch buzzing, and I'm the only one in the family! The lights flicker when I enter a room, announcing me in a way. Once, my vcr kept spitting a nonexistant tape out at me, even turning itself back on after I turned it off! These things scare me, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one out here!
USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 18:41:20 (PDT)

I have many problems with electicity some static some not , I also have a type of tachicardia, an electrical problem with my heart. I can effect an electical item with out touching it , not often on purpose , when I am irritated it happens the most. I submitted a letter ealier but had left out my heart problem. any info would be appriciated. Blowing bulbs and tubes in Maine.
Julie Jordan <Pansflute a aol com>
auburn, me USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 08:40:12 (PDT)

First, WOW , I am not alone cool beans I say. I have had a problem with electricty ,for as long as I can remember. It was televisions and transfommers blowing when I was a child (things with tubes ), oh and lightbulbs , I dont even want to discuss how many bulbs I blow in a month. As I got older it became a family joke "Dont let Julieann touch anything electric." ....Stereos... cars ( I have set 5 cars on fire by pushing in a lighter or turning on the radio,each time I was quite irritated, each time it was an electical fire),remote it's the PC on occasion when I get an iritating instant message , I will become aggitated and send the pc straight to dos with the simple gesture of hitting reply or cancel. Recently , with in the last year , I have had an incredible static problem, especially with cars. Getting in and out of a car has become a real Pain and it seems to be increasing. A week ago I was zapped by a friend who's elbow touched my knee , it traveled out my finger to the roof of the car, it looked like a little match burn . That was a first . I have been zapped many many many times , 110 and 250, on one occasion I should have been terribly burnt , felt the buzz and saw bright blue colors ,heard high pitched sounds, I had been cleaning a metal table with a wet rag, my feet were not touching the floor and I wiped the rag across a 250 wire that was frayed , wweeee haa . I knocked the bartender over on my way out of the kitchen. Those who witness it said the room turned blue. There are so many different examples I could give you from street lights to pepople who have made me mad .On almost all of the occasions where I have had an incident I have been excited or irritated. Oh yeah High pitches ...I hear high pitches constanly I hate them .
Julieann <pansflute a aol com>
auburn, me USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 08:16:33 (PDT)

Yea, I've just lately started having the save thing happen. Static discharge from ground to me at odd times and with no apparent reason. I'm involved with low volatgae devices but I'm no enginner. I've just bought a new car and I'm geeting sparked after a get out and grab the door. There could be a static build up from the rubbing across the upolestered seat, grounding (by getting out) then a discahrge to ground by my bare hand grabbing the meatl door frame. Interesting.
Dan <dpor673358>
USA - Monday, May 08, 2000 at 09:45:01 (PDT)

I used to be able to cause glitches on the TV, by relaxing, & then somehow projecting the energy from my stomach.
Paul Fraser <pfraser a>
Birmingham, UK - Saturday, May 06, 2000 at 07:27:43 (PDT)

It started one night as a teenager when I was walking home from my girlfriend's house on Christmas Eve. It was snowing hard. As I crossed one street, heading toward my home a few blocks away, a car drove toward me without any intent to stop. There was no alternative but to place my hands on the hood of the car and pray that my body would be propelled toward the windshield and not slip beneath the automobile. As it happened, The car stalled out. I looked at the driver through the windshield as he tried to the engine over again and again. His car was dead. No lights, no nothing. I continued my walk home. In the quiet night as I proceeded to the next block I heard that distinctive sound an automobile makes when the alternator has completely gone kaput. I didn't think much of it at the time. But as I grew older other things happened. Lightbulbs going out around me. Strange power surges in offices I worked in. Lately, the computers and printers at work have started acting weird when I'm around them for too long. Programs quit, the whole nine yards. What I've reported here is true. There have been other strange things occur in my life, but now that I'm older I've come to accept them. Unfortunately, those occurences don't fit the parameters of this outlet.
Richard <xaphan3 a juno com>
NJ USA - Monday, March 06, 2000 at 17:09:55 (PST)

i seem to have problems with hand watches and visual devices mainly. Every hand watch i've ever worn has either gained or lost time at unprecedented rates(such as 30 minutes over an hour) and i even had one run backwards after wearing it for a week or so. Also, after i use computers for a while, the monitor always starts to flicker and then goes out. This has happened on three or four seperate occaisons with two or three different monitors.
jr <cafeconqueso a aol com>
st. louis, MO USA - Friday, March 10, 2000 at 19:32:40 (PST)

I am so relieved to hear I am not the only person experiencing this annoying problem of getting shocked everytime I touch something metal. It started a few years ago when I would open the car door. I would get zapped unexpectedly. The frequency of being shocked by metal objects is increasing. I am afraid to open department store doors with metal handles because of the expected pain. I get shocked by other people wearing metal objects. This is such a bummer. Please....if anyone has an explanation or solution to this, I'd really like to know about it.
Angela Ponce <AngelaPonce a aol com>
Hilo, HI USA - Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 01:08:44 (PST)

For as long as I can remember there have been numerous electrical problems whenever I get upset. Electrical fires in our home when I was growing up and an electrical fire in my home as an adult. At work we've had three power boxes go on the computer, the fax machine go numerous times, electrical shorts in the wiring and the street lights. Once I was going into a strip mall to get a coffee. I voice told me to be careful of the car in front of me. It said he was going to run me over. I thought I was just under too much stress. There was a thunderstorm going on and I was about to drive into it. As I exited Starbucks, I wasn't paying any attention and stepped off the curb. I heard a car horn blast and tripped as I scrambled over the curb to get back on the sidewalk. The driver of the very same car got out and asked if I was okay. I was just fine, other than my bruised ego. He apologized and said I just stepped out in front of him.

I assured him it was entirely my fault and I was fine. I got into my car and started driving home, right into the thunderstorm. I started to shake and called my sister on the cell phone. She has commented on this often. I am in my 40's and it has been a major part of my life, even though I spent most of my time denying it. I was shaking as I was talking to my sister. I asked her about the storm and she assured me it was no where near her town, the sky was clear. I proceeded to tell her about the strange voice when I heard a loud clap and the line went dead. I tried calling her and no answered. When I got home I called her again. She answered and said her house was hit by lightening. It was strange because there was not a cloud in the sky. She asked me (laughing) not to call her when I'm that wound up again. We always purchase the extended warranties on everything we buy. My husband and I have gone through 6-12 light bulbs a month for the past 22 years. He comments on it and I am finally starting to take notice. It's nice to know I am not alone, although I do not wish this on anyone. I had an employee quit. Her reason was that she heard about people like me and she's noticed too many weird things that cannot be coincidental.

The clock tower has not worked correctly since I started at the store (3 years). Employee's that have been there longer discuss the clocks and the fact they have worked for years and in the past three years they've been eratic. Home, work, and the car. Electrical problems constantly in my cars. Finally had to go with older cars with less gadgets. Does anyone have any ideas on how to control this? I've learned to try and calm myself, but it is not always easy. The last time it happened, an employee walked out on his job. He had gotten into an argument with one of my assistants. He threw his name badge at me and told me to fire my assistant manager. I got very angry and the computer "popped". About an hour later there was smoke coming from a metal strip going across the floor. A wire shorted out. The electrical contractors said they have never seen so many problems. The battery on an employee's wheelchair went dead after a full charging. It worked fine a few hours later. I am scheduled for a second EEG, this one sleep deprived. The first one showed a "glich", they said. I was calm during it, but I fear if I get upset something will happen. I am not looking for these things to happen...they just do and I don't seem to have any control over it. Sorry if I've rambled and thank you for getting to this point of reading.
Kathryn <BandCo2 a aol com>
USA - Thursday, February 24, 2000 at 21:11:42 (PST)

I have some type of condition where I generate electrical shock. People think I am crazy when I tell my story. Sometimes it is very difficult to grocery shop. whenever i reach for an item on a shelf the sparks start. There is an extremely loud pop or crackle and I get shocked. My husband finally heard the crackle and on an occassions he has felt my elctrical output. Sometimes its funny but when I get a very strong volt it is quite scarry. I wear alot of tennis shoes with rubber bottoms but this still does not stop the shocking effect. Does this condition have a name? What can I do to minimize my electrical output? Does it get worse over years? Should I be concerned when there is a lightening storm? any info will help in me knowing what my conditions is called and can it be healed. Also what precautions I should take. I have a seizure disorder would the electrical firing in my brain cause an outward discharge. I don't know if it is relevent but we go thru alot of lightbulbs in my house and alot of vacuum cleaners.
lilli jordan <lillijt a aol com>
zephyrhills, fl USA - Sunday, February 20, 2000 at 10:09:50 (PST)

I am so glad this web sight is here. I thought I was losing my mind. I tried to shrug it off, for a long time but I can't any-longer. Every once and a while I see elecrtic sparks coming from my fingers tips, I tried to shrug it off like its a dream. The other night it was so strong, the sparks were so bright and it wouldn't stop for a while. My finger tips hurt so bad, I sat right up and I couldn't go to sleep at all. The next morning my finger tip continued to hurt, it felt like a minor burn, but still continues to have that feeling. Like others, I also have problems wearing watches, they slow down and eventually stop. What causes this? What is going on? I am afraid to tell anyone about this.
Ruth <AGMF420 a aol com>
Pa USA - Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 07:24:49 (PST)

For the past three weeks, I have had this strong sensation of static electricity. Everytime I get out of the car, I get horribly shocked. I don't wear wool and I don't move or scoot around a lot in the car. Also, my hair has been Very staticy within the past few weeks. I brush it, comb it, nothing helps. This doesn't usually happen to me; nothing abnormal at least. And I don't know where it's coming from.

Honestly, I thought it might have something to do with what I've been eating or drinking. Or maybe even how my body is handling sexually. Who knows? If you have any thoughts, please let me know!
Leah <misssunshine a mindspring com>
Alpharetta, GA USA - Monday, February 07, 2000 at 11:20:57 (PST)

I am extremely sensitive to the buzz of TVs and computer monitors (CRTs). I can't sleep if there is one on in the building, which used to be really bad because I lived in a dorm. Whenever I'm near a CRT I get headaches, find it hard to concentrate, and sometimes I get nauseous. LCD screens have no effect (That's what I'm using right now). When I am near a CRT I experience a very annoying buzzing noise which changes volume without warning. I found that if I hold a magnet up to my ear for long enough, sometimes I can hear a 'static' sound. One time when I did this, I thought I heard a very faint voice like a conversation. I thought 'maybe it was just me picking up a cell phone call or something' but who knows, its just a wild guess. I also found that compasses usually point away from me no matter what direction I'm facing. And floresent lights will sometimes flicker when I get too near to them but this doesn't happen very often.
Durk Bonvillian III <dbonvillian a>
St. Charles, MO USA - Thursday, February 03, 2000 at 16:40:51 (PST)

Wow! I cannot tell you how amazed yet relieved I am to see that other people have these same things happen to them!...I happened to come accross this site tonight while looking up symptoms of electric shock ( I am a 911 dispatcher and was shocked through my headset tonight...but thats another story) Ever since I was a little girl I would avoid touching my locker at school because I would always get shocked...I have to get out of my car by first grabbing the handle then getting out and closing the door with the other hand to not get shocked...I also seem to put out streetlights quite frequently and without control--sometimes 2 or 3 at a time...I cannot wear fuzzy clothes and have more than my share of computer problems!---
Ginger <Gingorama a aol com>
Wi USA - Tuesday, April 11, 2000 at 19:11:41 (PDT)

This seems so, like, wierd. I had a collection of old computers, everything from an old HP to a pentium, each had a different disc drive type. Anyway, I can only get about half a dozen uses out of a diskette; I always (until now) thought they wore out naturally. I have also had the ability to change stoplights - it's almost exactly on a 15 second delay (less than half a dozen instances in the 22 years I've noticed this)and can count one-onethousand, two... etc. At 15 the light changes. Similarly electronic devices seem to wear out on me to the ratio of 10:1 to others. Are there really others like me? How did this happen? Sometimes it's pretty cool, but it can be a drag, too.
Sue <Sixtifor a aol com>
CA USA - Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 13:10:08 (PST)

I have had ststic problems for yrs. After reading all the letters have sebt,I didn't realize so many people had such strong ststic. If I jiss someone,we both get shocked. If I turn on the tap for water and put my hand under I get a shock. If I pet an animal we both get a shock. I used to walk my TV set and it would change chs,but I wouldn't know it til I came back to resume watching TV.Several times I walked by the stool in the bathroom and it would flush.I just figured I had a phantom toilet. I called the plumber and he raised the water level and it quit. I can never open my car door that I don;t receive a shock.I sure wish all this electricity would work when I'm in the Casino,on the slot. Wish we could use all this static for some good in the world.

I shock people when I touch them.If I undress in a dark room,the fireworks is amazing.Styroform cups sticks to my hands.If I pick up a piece of plastic wrap to throw into the trash,I have to attempt it several times because I can;t get rid of it.It would be funny if it didn"t smart so much when it happens.Thanks.
Dolores Shehi <dee a>
Manhattan, Ks USA - Tuesday, March 14, 2000 at 09:27:58 (PST)

I was reading those reports when I finally noticed that I wasn't the only having those "problems".It first began about 10 years ago. While walking in the street, street lights used to switch on and off alternately without any reason. Well, I just thought that it was just a coincidence and nothing more. It used to happen at least once a day, but lately things got "worse" (in a way)

It first began with some unexplainable chest pains. I (of course) went to the doctor to know what was the cause of all this, as I was afraid to have a heart attack, and finally doctors couldn't any valuable explanation.

Then pains radiating in the arms, and fingertips appeared and, then slightly began to move into "electric" sensation in the hands.

This didn't stop there. Then, I could feel this electric sensation moving slowly from my back to the chest, the arms, the hands, fingertips, neck and jaws. But something unexplained, not like pain or tinglings, something uncommon. Nothing doctors could tell. Some thought of a compressed nerve or something, but no "drugs" or painkillers could stop it.

In the same time, my computer stopped working properly (floppy disk failures without any reasons, video card flickering when I approch my hands from the PC, etc.). I couldn't have a mouse for more than 1 month without having to buy another one (the DELs looked like 'burned'). Watches stopped working as well at ONCE I touched them. If I stopped touching them, it was like if nothing happened.

That's when one of my friends told me that I must be an "electric" person.

All my pains stopped a few months ago, and know it even seems that the contrary is happening: i had a very old computer screen whose display was "red/blue-ish" and now it is getting better and better... Apparently I can dissolve unwanted magnetic fields now..

I can't explain all this like many of us, but I'm glad that things are going really better now...

And please forgive my english as I'm french ;)
Thanks for reading...

Alex Andrew Seawood <the_nj a hotmail com>
Middlesbrough, TS England - Monday, March 06, 2000 at 06:03:33 (PST)

How exciting that there are others! I've always had the electro-experience. Lights, computers, cars all respond to me but I have found a way to level it. Long baths. Water, drink it, swim, bathe, believe me it works to dis-charge the batterys a bit. But on the positive side, everyone around me notices it and loves it. My ability to "tune" into people and animals is at its best when I am highly charged. But always watch out for anger, rage and excitability...I've closed down whole buildings! The transformer on my block blew, coincidence, maybe...but real odd. Anyway, I know someday it will come in handy. I'm still searching for the answer..I think Pythagoras Theoran and teachings have some answers to our electro abilities.
Ray Anne <RASarna a aol>
Middletown, NJ USA - Thursday, January 27, 2000 at 22:22:34 (PST)

I have an extreme static electric problem. I have even get shocked when holding a coffe cup and then turn the water on to fill it. Watch batteries die after about a week of use. Some computer monitors get a puple color distortion when I put my hand up to the front of them. What o earth could cause this?
Ed Suttles <edsuttles a hotmail com>
Temperance, MI USA - Thursday, January 27, 2000 at 08:56:42 (PST)

please help me find out about this strange disorder or what can i do to help it not happen i need a cure!
SANTA ANA, CA USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 12:23:11 (PST)



SANTA ANA , CALIFORNIA USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 11:34:06 (PST)

I have the nerve-wracking problem of shocking everything I touch. It began a little while ago, and has bugged me since. I am now scared to touch any metals in fear of the oncoming scare. I live my life in fear now of just spontaneously busting of so much built-up energy.
Keith J. <keithnol a>
Seattle, WA USA - Tuesday, January 11, 2000 at 17:54:34 (PST)

I started using a multi-vitamin supplement about a month ago and now whenever I brush my hair or turn on a light sparks appear and I shock myself and/or others. Doctors tell it's a normal reaction, but I don't think this is normal,or healthy in that respect.
Charles <n/a>
Tuscon, AZ USA - Thursday, January 06, 2000 at 09:41:24 (PST)

I am looking for some information on something that I experienced December 24 while putting gas in my vehichle.

I drive a 99 Ford Windstar. Friday, December 24, I stopped on my way to work to put gas in my van. I set up the pump to operate automatically while I sat in my car for a few minutes. A little after $10 i got out proceeded to pull the nozzle out of my ve hicle. Upon doing it a burst of flames came out of my tank with the nozzle on fire. I jammed the nozzle back into the tank and ran from the vehichle afraid I was on fire or the fire would cause an explosion. I ran into the convenience store yelling to call the fire department as my van was on fire. At this time the flame was blazing from the fuel tank as high as the top of the van on the drivers side. I knew my van was going burn! The store employee shut the pumps off causing the flame to reduce in size. A male customer approached my van and jerked the nozzle from my van while another gentleman shot it with a fire extinguisher and than shot the van fuel tank with the extinguisher. About this time the fire department arrived. There cause of fire on the report was static electricity.

I would like to know if you have ever heard of such a thing involving a vehichle fuel tank. If you have what can a person do to prevent this from happening? At this point, I am very apprehensive about fueling my vehichle. I can't help but think there has to be something not right either with the fuel pumps at the convenience store or my van for this situation to trigger a fire. If itwas merely static electricity it looks like this would happen more often as there is so much static electricity this time of year.

I look forward to hearing from you.

D. Ratliff
Debbie Ratliff <dratblue a aol com>
Claremore, OK USA - Sunday, December 26, 1999 at 20:03:43 (PST)

First of all, please forgive my grammar, English is my second language. 9 years ago I got very angry at a customer, as I couldn't respond to his insults, "the customer is always right" I had to listen to him for about 15 to 20 minutes screeming at me. My arms starting shaking and became very heavy. The next day I had to go to the doctor, I had burn stripes on my hands, and I still don't know what caused it. The problem today is that everytime I get a littel angry, or suddenly scared, either by a friend trying to scare me, or driving and getting near to having an accident, I feel a burning sensation all over my body. Is as if my entire body is on fire, very painfull. I will like to stop this but don't know how. Can anybody help me?

I also stop watches, and shock people and myself all the time. I leard a way when stepping out of the car, before completely leaving the seat, hold on to the door, and step out, then close the door, the problem is that when I have to open another door I get Zapped.
Mavi Figueres <maffifa a yahoo com>
Montgomery, Al USA - Saturday, December 18, 1999 at 13:33:26 (PST)

I also have the problem with street lights going out as I pass. Have had dreams that came true most of my life. And I have a scanner type radar ability. (sight with skin?) I once (25 years ago) worked as a patrolman on security guard route. And found most incidents and accidents for the evening were places within a block of where I recently passed at random on my routes. (I got tired of directing traffic) I am now a skilled mechanic /electrician, who picks up and carries the needed part to the machine befor it is called for, and frequently meet others coming back to get the parts. I "zoom into trouble spots from a distance. For these reasons I am good at my work. Helped by a near photographic memory for shapes. After an accident two years ago left me slightly handicapped, I have had ghosts (physical hallunications of people). And have been treated with drugs of various kinds to cure them. After 45 years of this life, I have found my niche as a mechanic with the ability to "scan". And mostly want to be left alone to do my job, so I do not talkabout it.

After my accident, due to drugs, I briefly went for a week period, where I was able to see thru walls accurately, my skill levels peaked but this faded andthen turned into "ghosts". I think part of my "external scan" turned into a "internal scan" and has been partially stuck this way for two years. Now allergic to prednisone and any other steroid. (Still deliver parts befor asked for.)

You have all the information I wanted to deliver. I still want to be left alone. (I am still seeing doctors for ghosts)
Thomas <BrotherThomas a>
nc USA - Wednesday, December 08, 1999 at 20:29:07 (PST)

Just wanted to let you know I stop watches, Lights flicker when I come into a room wonder why? P.S. my Grandmother had the same prob thanks 4 listning C.
Caroline <cgfoisy a aol com>
everett, wa USA - Tuesday, December 07, 1999 at 01:05:36 (PST)

To those "Electric People" out there: I guess there are quite a few of us. I seem to have the "electric" touch at times. And I agree that it does seema little too weird to believe, but I too am unable to wear watches. After a couple of weeks they stop working. I also have trouble working with electrical machinery. For example, I used to work at AT&T. One day my boss gave me a job testing small resistors. It was called a "continuity test". Every resistor I tested proved "good". I knew this was impossible, so I told my boss. Hesaid the machine must be broken so he gave me another one. I had the same problem--every resistor I tested proved "good". The boss came over and tested acouple. He found one that tested "bad". I then put my hand on the very same resistor and the machine said the resistor was "good". The boss said he'd never seen anything like it before. He gave me a pair of rubber gloves to try.As long as I was wearing the rubber gloves the machine tested accurately. Another "electrical or magnetic" problem I have is with computer disks. I learned the hard way. If I handle a disk without latex or rubber gloves, the information on the disks gets either erased or jumbled. When I put the disk into the computer it reads "File Not Found". So now I always wear latex gloves when I handle computer disks.
Lynn Lipari <LMLipari a Juno com>
Ma USA - Sunday, December 05, 1999 at 21:01:28 (PST)

I have always stopped every watch I have worn. The self-wind ones last longer, but eventually they all stop and never work again.
Debbie Sershon <Minnmom60 a aol com>
USA - Thursday, December 02, 1999 at 15:38:17 (PST)

I'm almost 40 and have not been able to wear a watch since childhood. I have not had any "phenomenal" events happen to me to cause this problem but I dohave a strong affinity to electrical storms and love to feel the energy of them. I no longer own a coffee maker as they never last more than 3 or 4 monthswithout quitting (purchased new or used). I don't use the remotes in my house or I have to replace them every 6 months or so. I get shocks from cars, small appliances and misc. machines;lawnmowers, vcrs, clocks, toasters (not the fridge,stove, washer or dryer though). Street lights dim and brighten or go out altogether.Every car I have ever owned has developed some kind of electricalproblem, 2 of which the whole electrical system blew. I avoid material that is conductive. Batteries never seem to last as long as they should. And there is the anaomaly: I have to be grounded at work or strange things happen to whatever computer I am working on, but I have no problem with my home computer...knock wood... If static levels are high I get zapped by everything, yesterdaya coworker was holding on to a piece of paper that I also reached for nd the electric charge arced through the paper. When static levels are low, I still get zapped whether I am in bare feet or whatever. It doesn't matter why, but how do I stop it?
donna kay <woman a>
regina, sask., canada - Friday, November 19, 1999 at 06:55:18 (PST)

Hello! I have a big problem. I have been labeled an "electric person"by many different doctors. Is there anyway that I can stop myself from doing this? Please help!

-Mary Ottolini
Mary Ottolini <Ottolini40 a aol com>
Gettysburg, VA USA - Thursday, November 18, 1999 at 11:46:21 (PST)

This seems pretty tame in comparison with some of the other stories posted,but I do have a question that someone might be able to help me with.

Is it possible that an individual can emit just enough electricity/magnetism/electromagnetism/whatever that it will eventually cause problems with her computer? I sit at one all day, as do 599 other people at my company. I have becomean unwilling source of amazement to the people in our IT department because of the number of times they've had to replace the CPU in my system. When I havea new one, everything is fine for several weeks or months, but sooner or later I start having inexplicaple error messages again. Short-term fixes are very short-term. I think I go through a couple of CPUs a year.

Has anyone heard of anything like this? I can wear watches with no trouble. I do have problems with car doors in the winter, especially when I wear leather gloves.

Thanks in advance for the info.
Marjie <marjie1 a>
Arlington Heights, IL USA - Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 11:11:34 (PST)

About two years ago I had a very strange experience with electricity. I had been helping a friend of mine clean a large building and I vacuumed carpet for 3 or 4 hours. The next day when I woke up I had terrible throbbing pain in my hands. I didn't know how to explain it, (and did not make the connection with the vacuuming the night before) but my hands felt like they had electricity in them. I thought my doctor would think I was nuts if I told him it felt like I had electricity in my hands, but the pain was so terrible I went to the doctor anyway and just told him my hands were hurting for some unknown reason. He had no idea what was wrong, but ordered a bunch of tests and sent me home with a mild painkiller.

That night in bed, as I reached down to adjust my nightgown, (nylon) - what looked like "green lightening" (similar in color to those green glow lights they sell at concerts), came off my fingertips. My husband and I watched in horrified amazement as I touched my nightgown repeatedly with the same effect, making the neon green currents jump between my hands and my nightgown. It was a light show! I was a green lightning bug! It was terrifying.

A few days later the test results came in and my doctor told me he couldn't find anything wrong except that I had an unusually high electrolyte sedimentation rate. He didn't know how it could relate to the pain in my hands and told me it must be a sudden attack of arthritis. (He looked rather flustered by it all and I didn't have the nerve to tell him about the green light).

The pain and the "green light" continued for several more days before finally going away. I found some relief by "flinging off" the electricity. I would shake my hands hard in a downward/outward motion. I also got some relief from holding a large metal/magnet thing that came out of an old stereo unit of my husbands. ( I was desparate to get the feeling of electricity out of my hands and I couldn't think of anything else).

It was such a weird and frightening experience. I have told several people about the experience but no one had ever heard of such a thing and after a few "uh, yeah, sure" responses, I quit relating my eerie tale.

From reading the material on this site, I think it was indeed what it felt like - electricity in my hands - and it was somehow caused by the vacuuming. I have had no further occurrences.

As an irrelevent side-note, I have had several mishaps with electricity. The worst episode was when I was 12 years old. I was seriously electrocuted when I tried (and unfortunatly succeeded) in separating my record player from an extention cord that was still plugged into the wall. The real mistake happened when I couldn't get them separated manually and I decided to use MY TEETH -ouch - Everything faded to black, I began to see stars and I fought with all of my strength to pull that cord out of my mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, I got it out, but my bottom lip was a huge burnt sausage for months. That was 25 years ago and I still have two prong-shaped scars on the inside of my lip. That day I learned about the awesome power of electricity (and that it's not a good idea to put live wires in your mouth) lol
Tammy Donaldson <Rad302 a>
Yukon, OK USA - Friday, October 15, 1999 at 02:28:56 (PDT)

My mother has a problem in that every wristwatch she has ever owned dies on her within weeks. All sorts of watches, new or used digital or not. Watches worn on a chain from the neck are O.K., however. Although I am not sure if that is caused by electricity, it sure is a peculiar ailment.
Andy Cleary <$ Oneida, NY USA - Thursday, September 02, 1999 at 20:02:37 (PDT)

I am constantly burning out light bulbs,About 2 a week.I Also experince at least 2 electric shocks a day and have been known to make street lights go out.During times of emotianal stress I can make a styrofoam cup fall of a table without touching It.This occurences are anouing if you have info on how to stop them please contact me.
Sincerly G.T

Grant Trent <GWTrent a $ St.Cloud, FL USA - Monday, August 09, 1999 at 15:15:37 (PDT)

I've seen reports about this sort of thing on TV and there is actually a name for 'electric people' who generate fields around them. I am certain that I also have this 'ability'. Not only do I shock others and myself on a semi-regular basis, but am acutely aware of my affects on lights. On almost a daily basis I cause light bulbs to dim/go out and once I pass them, they come back on. They range from large streets/highway lamps to small bulbs as well. I mentioned it to my girlfriend (who thought I was nuts at first) who later confirmed the phenomenon after being together with me after about 2 years... So I know its not just my head. I now patrol buildings on a regular basis (its part of my current job) and every day, I dim the lights as I walk around the building. As far as I know - there's no cure. ( and sticking your hand near a picture tube as another person here suggests is a quick way to die - DONT DO IT! )
Roger Thomas <roger_m_thomas a hotmail com>
Belleville, IL USA - Wednesday, July 28, 1999 at 03:35:36 (PDT)

I am also an "electric person". Not always, but very often. Usually when I am in a state of anxiety or in a snit about something. What happens is I get very strong shocks whenever I get near anything metal. I don't have to touch the metal. In a grocery store, all I have to do is reach for an item on the shelf, and sparks will arc 4 to 5 inches. Other people have seen this happen to me. I wear rubber soles, which I am told do not conduct electricity, but apparently it is not connected to the ground. I also attract lightening and have been "brushed" by it 4 times. Battery operated watches will go dead in about a week on me. Anything electrical is liable to malfunction around me when I am "in a mood". I usually just try to avoid electric items. I am curious about this phenomena (I have learned to live with it), and wonder how common it is and what variations of it there are. I'm glad I found this page.
Omenn <omenn a hotmail com>
Grant's Pass, Or USA - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 at 21:03:56 (PDT)

A man reports that he has become electromagnetically sensitive after being struck by lightning. Article here,
Bill Beaty
Seattle, WA USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 15:47:31 (PST)

Ever since I could remember, I have often experienced the phenomena of streetlights turning off and on as I approached them, and getting static shocks incessantly. But being a skeptical person, and finding no reason as to why these things happened, I just wrote them off to bizarre coincidences. However I have a couple of lightning stories to relate. About the time I was 13 yrs old, back in 1973, I was living with my family outside of Brandon, MB on a small hobby farm. One evening, my mother and myself were outside by the fence of the horse pasture. The air was still, yet an upcoming storm was palpable in the air. We went inside, but continued to observe the horses from the kitchen window, because they were racing around the field and seemed visably upset. All of a sudden, about 20 feet away, we saw an orange ball of light about the size of a basketball by the pasture fence. It seemed to bounce off the ground and brake off into two spheres, which then travelled along the top of the fence in an undulating fashion until they were out of sight. Amazing.

A year later, another strange electrical event happened. On this day, the whole family were out in the yard. Dad was barbecuing in fact. The sky was clear except for a few dark clouds far (I mean really far) in the distance. I was standing bare footed, leaning against a spruce tree watching my Dad flipping steaks. "Could you get the BBQ sauce dear?" I took two or three steps toward him and away from the tree when I felt an incredible, forceful aura that caused the small hairs on my arms and neck stand up. I felt myself being thrown as I then heard a deafing "Ker-ack." The tree had been hit by lightning. It had thrown its lumber as far as over the roof of the house. I had felt a surge and was thrown, yet I was spared. Shaken, we all went into the house. An hour later the clouds rolled over, and it rained. This evening, I was out running my usual 5 mile route and I managed to flicker off 3 street lights...should tomorrow, I try for a 4th? Maybe I need to buy a treadmill and stay Christie
christie thorsteinsson <christiethor a>
winnipeg, mb canada - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 00:33:46 (PST)

Although not as spectacular as some of what I have read so far, I find myself almost continuously charged insomuch that, even in humid weather, I have at times generated rather painful 'static' shocks. I have tried all suggestion given me (wear leather shoes, they conduct better, etc) to no avail. I have found that 'electrical storms', any form of fabric covering on seats, and 'loose' fitting clothing make matters worse. I feel more like 'an empty vessel' rather than one constantly charged though. A ride in any car at any time "charges me up" to the point that I now rap my fingers against the car after exiting, the pain of the 'smack' being more tollerable than the shock.
Lancaster, PA USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 18:36:56 (PST)

I was so glad to see a website on electrified people because I have recently become one, unfortunately. I was on a business trip in D.C. Something told me not to bring my teddy bear (yes, in my mid 30's, I still sleep with a teddy bear) but my girlfriend said to bring it. The second night there I got up in the middle of the night to turn down the heater and upon getting back into bed, my bear and the bedding started to become electrified, like veins of lightning. The bear looked like a skeleton and the bed just crackled with long static pops of light. The more I touched things the worse they got. This literally lasted for around 3 minutes. I sat frozen, waiting to spontaneously combust. Finally I took the bear and put him in the bathtub. The bed was still sparking, especially when I moved. This has happened on three or four other occasions in the last month. A fire even started in a tree next to me. This is eerie.
Sarah Brown <clairleah a aol com>
San Francisco, CA USA - Monday, December 14, 1998 at 14:33:51 (PST)

Well, I suppose I am a mildly Electrified Person. For as long as I can remember, I've been getting zapped by static electricity. It happens year round, regardless of humidity or temperature, though it is far more severe in the winter. I've tried super moisturizing EVERYTHING with lotion on skin, conditioner in hair, water guzzled by the gallon, and double fabric softener on clothes. I even use Static Guard, despite the fact that the fumes make me ill. As a marketing professional and web designer, I'm on the computer all day. My boss makes me wear one of the anti-static wrist bands tethered to a ground source, which alleviates the zaps though it doesn't stop them. Being tethered to a ground is not a feasible option for life, however. The zapping even plays a major mood-killer in my personal life: My fiance still laughs about the time I tried to be romantic and walked over to him [barefoot & disrobed, so don't blame my clothes for a static buildup!] and was about to give him a hug when a HUGE shock passed between us. OUCH! It hurt a lot AND killed the mood! I haven't stopped any watches that I'm aware of, but my heart does a flutter when a big zapper hits me, and once it nearly triggered my asthma...I couldn't breathe. Basically, I just get shocked and shock others A LOT. It is especially bad in the winter or if I wear wool, silk, etc., but I've tried every trick in the book and the best I can do is minimize the jolts. Frankly, it sucks. =)
Dawn <dawnbick a yahoo com>
Eldersburg, MD USA - Friday, December 04, 1998 at 12:03:52 (PST)

I don't know if my story qualifies as a phenomena report, but I believe it to be very annoying and unusual. It started three weeks ago, when I began to work out at the local gym. I went to workout and walked on the treadmill; nothing happened that day at all. The next day I went again, except I found every time I touched the machine while I was walking on it, it would shock me. I mean SHOCK me. I have never been shocked like this. It goes right up my arm and into my shoulder, close to my heart. It would happen every time I touched it. I thought it might be what I was wearing that was different. The next day, I went back again, and it still shocked me, continuously. I found that I could not hold onto the grip bar because the pain was so awful. Since then I am afraid to go near it, and I have occasionally tried it with different shoe types, clothes, clothes washed in different detergents, etc., but it won't stop hurting me. I don't consider myself a wimp and I want to know what is wrong with me. My whole family rides them wearing basically the same thing and they don't get shocked at all; in fact no one there does out of about 15 treadmills ( I asked the trainers for help, and after a demistration they were baffled). Also, I have been getting shocked by many other metal objects and people. I can't go a day without being shocked. Its gotten to the point where I am afraid to touch almost everything. I was just wondering if this happens a lot, where someone never gets shocked and then one day they do and it never stops, but seems to get worse. Maybe there is something I am missing. I would like to know if there is. Please help my static situation.
Staci Buckingham <Missoni1 a aol com>
Geneva, IL USA - Wednesday, October 21, 1998 at 16:08:41 (PDT)

All my life I have been a "shocking" personality. I don't wear a watch because I usually stop them when I shock something or get shocked. My heartbeat is constantly disrupted by BIG shocks (like when I open the door at AM/PM) and my dog really does love me but he cowers when I go to pet him because a touch to his nose or ear zaps him pretty bad sometimes (never intentionally). My kids usually touch me with a finger before they kiss me so they don't get mom's "electrifying kisses" I refuse to touch TV's, computers, most metal doors (instead I push open on the glass). Don't know if there is a connection but I am VERY sensitive to other people's "energy" certain people really raise the hair on my neck and arms, certain people give a very strong negative energy adn some people have this absorbing energy.... Oh well, I am normal except for the disruptions in thought and heartbeat 50 times a day. If it doesn't exist then I must be nuts-- I can literally see my clothes glow and spark (and my blankets) in the middle of the night when they touch me...... I worry someday I will give myself a heart attack if I touch another tv or person wearing one of those stupd furry sweaters.
Sherry Tate <sherrytate a aol com>
Anaheim, CA USA - Monday, January 19, 1998 at 00:14:18 (PST)

Also: Older electric human reports


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