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Updated April 2005

About 6 months ago, for around 2 weeks, i managed to develop a strange ability to guess the time on my digital watch with precise accuracy. For example, I would be eating and getting bored so I would be thinking, "The time is around 08:26". And when i looked at my watch, it would say 08:26. I know it sounds like a lame game but I soon found that it i could do this time thing all of the time. I experimented with myself and that if i blurted out any random time than it would be incorrect.Nevertheless, if i thought for more thanabout 10 seconds, than i would also be wrong. All i had to do was to rememeber the last time i looked at my watch and guess the current time.

Maybe because that ihad a new watch that it made me count the time, or is it something todo with my internal body clock, or am i subconsiously counting the seconds - i know for a fact that i hav a very active subconsious mind.

- Saturday, April 02, 2005 at 07:55:25 (PST)

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Last year during a deployment to the middle east, I was standing around with a couple coworkers during a smoke break. We were playing a little game as we talked, one where you toss rocks at a wall and the goal is to get your rock closer to the wall than anyone else's. The wall we were aiming for was forty, maybe forty five feet away.

Sure we were chatting and smoking but we were paying close attention to our rocks and how close they got. Close enough attention that when one got close, we'd give out an "ooh" or "ahhh" in unison. anyway.

We had each thrown a few rocks already and what I saw next(what all three of us saw) made me ash out my cigarette and walk away *fast*. The other guys did the same thing. We didn't say a word to each other until we were well away from the area.

This rock was thrown and hit the concrete halfway to the wall. Unlike all the other rocks that had skipped, rolled, and stopped near the wall, this one just "stuck" to the concrete where it first landed. there was no wobble, no slight rolling, no nothing... just a *click* and complete stillness. The action reminded me of two magnets attracting and sticking to each other.

We've played that game on smoke breaks since then, and we talk about it almost every time... "remember back in the desert when..."

Morgan <morgan.dunne a me and I will kill you)>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Thursday, February 17, 2005 at 17:27:15 (PST)

Regarding the internal human clock post. I have the ability of going to sleep and wake up at the time I decide to, with a error margin of 5-15 minutes. I noticed this usefull skill when, everytime I had to set my watch to wake me at a particular time, I always woke up 5 to 15 minutes BEFORE it beeps. It took a while to trust this internal clock, but nowadays I don't use alarm clocks anymore. All I need to do is to memorize the time I'm going bed and concentrate on how many hours I'll have to sleep. I know a bunch of people who can do the same, many in alesser degree.
Neto <manoel a homelink>
Recife, PE Brazil - Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 11:03:26 (PST)

Hello. I am not sure if I AM on the only one on this but I DO hope to find someone who has this same problem like me. Anyway here is my story.

I every time either on a FALL or WINTER season of the year and it either happens twice or once a year, I would wake up with a dizzying head. If I try to get up I would get EXTREMELY nauseas. Like as if I am about to throw up that exact moment unless I lie back down. I tried finding some people on the interent about this and I can't find no one about it. NO THIS IS NOT SOME SORT OF SICKNESS!!! I tried going to the doctors and all they say is different excuses. Either that or different perscriptions. It seems that I loose my "sense of direction". Kinda like being spinning around and around for a long time. Anyone who knows what it feels to be spinning around can FEEL their heads "spinning" right? Well this is the cause. But WHY??? I haven't done anything and I DEFINITELY DO NOT DRINK OR SMOKE. I am in excellent health. Each person has a certain "compass" within their minds. For example, like birds they use electromagnetic to guide themselves and it HAS been proven if taken away they do get lost. Does anyone feel this way? Like losing your "sense of direction" one morning? AND I DO NOT MEAN LIKE LOSING YOUR WAY IN THE WOODS! Of course we all have a "sense of direction" it is just that some people don't know it is there. I am beginning to wonder if I am sensitive to certain changes in magnetic fields around me. No matter where I go I feel "it". I had this "feeling" since I was a little kid and now I am an adult. If you do sense this please contact me!

Kiva Wolf
KivaWolf a yahoo com ( Please place "COMPASS" on subject line. )

Kiva Wolf < KivaWolf a yahoo com>
Anchorage, AL USA - Friday, July 26, 2002 at 14:24:00 (PDT)

I have had a lost time episode. While driving down a highway, I glanced at my clock and it read a time that was correct with my travel plans. I drove what seemed like only ten minutes down the road, in fact the cd I was playing advanced only two songs. I glanced at the radio and 45 minutes had elapsed and I was only ten miles down the road according to the roadsigns indicating my destination. Naturally I had assumed my clock malfunctioned, but my parents' clock when I arrived home said the same and they asked me what had took so long. This is not the first time I had experienced lost time and I often wondered where it went.
Vincennes, IN USA - Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 16:15:58 (PDT)

Strangers call me by My Twins Name. Complete strangers, in the context of business,often from another state, will say,for example,"Thanks Patrick" My name is Philip. My Twin brother's name is Patrick.I Never had the time to let them know my name, much less that I had a twin brother.My twin lives in another city in a completely different line of work. When I questioned them to see that if they Knew I had twin they always said NO.This happened for the last 15 years( we are now 39) It has happened personally,by fax and telephone. I would say conservatively about 24 times.Does this happen to others? HELP! What is going on here? Any help, please.Thanks.
Philip Bewley <philip a therien com>
San francisco, CA USA - Friday, October 04, 2002 at 20:57:18 (PDT)

I used to be a truck driver. I don't know how many people are experiencing this but as I remember other drivers warned me not to continue driving through this type of fog. This happened in the Fall 2000. It was my shift to drive and my partner watched cautiously as we had been warned not to drive through a grayish green low fog (it sat about 1 foot off the ground about a foot and a half to two feet thick). I could see no real danger I could see through the fog and it made no real difference to road conditions.

My shift of driving was to start at Thunderbay Ontario and finish in Herst Ontario. I was alloud five hours to fuel, take one break, and arrive in Herst. My maximuim speed was controlled by computer and set at 90 km (55 mph).

After fueling my partner watched as I drove through little towns scattered through Ontario. A town or two after Nipegon he went to the sleeper to get some rest. I drove to Longlac and stop for coffee. I came back to find my partner quite confused. He felt certain we had arrived in Herst. After some talking he realized his mistake and tried to get more sleep. I look at my watch and realized it wasn't working. I took it off and through it on the dash. I pushed the button on the radio but its clock as well was not working. To figure out the time I though I would just listen to the radio. Unfortunately I recieved no stations. This fog stayed the whole trip.

Finally I arrived in Herst. I stopped in at the truck stop and look around. After getting my bearings I looked at the clock on the wall. I asked what the actual time was but the clock was correct. I went back to the truck to my partner who was furious. He had no sleep hadn't slept at all. Our trip was supposed to take 5 hours but was done in 3 hours. Probably 2 hours of actual driving. There is absolutely no explanation. A plane might make this kind of time but the truck I was driving had only 355 hp with a heavy load.

The fact people were warning us tells me others know about this but are unwilling to talk about their experiences. My partner is. Recently I herd about a burmuda triangle type experiences around the great lakes could this be part of what happened?
I Karras <zeph a mts com>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Friday, September 27, 2002 at 00:18:25 (PDT)

This was about 25 years ago, my cousin an I were in an old house scratching around the fire places and under and around the lanoleum flooring. It was late in the evening and getting dark. We had found some coins but nothing of interest so we decided just to rip up the lanolium to look under it. We grabbed the edege and lifted it up from the side. It tore in a large circle, about 8 feet or so. When we did, in the middle of the floor was a glowing mass about 12" in diameter which kind of had the consitancy of mercury. As we watched it, it all of a sudden looked like it poured through the floor boards and dissapeared. It was glowing a blueish purple color and the top surface kind of had what looked like waves in water. We both saw it and was shook up for about 20 minutes until we realized that it must have been some kind of natural but unexplained event. Just wanted to know if anyone else (other than my cousin and I) have seen anything like this. Thanks..
Micah Garrett <micah_garrett a hotmail com>
Buchanan, Ga USA - Friday, October 05, 2001 at 11:47:06 (PDT)

I was about 14 years old when this event took place. My mother,father and I were upstate in New York for the day at my fathers property. (Town of Arkville to be exact)We spent all morning and afternoon maintaing my dads land and decided to pack up and head home around 4pm.The road we traveled to get to my pops property was dirt and wide enough for 2 vehicles to comfortably pass. Often we would pass 2-3 cars a day on this road, that would be considered busy. Upon heading home we(all three of us) notice a red pickup truck moving very fast toward us and approx. 2/10 mile away. Since the roads were all dirt his dust trail was hard to miss. There was an old barn hardly standing we were about to pass when my father decided to slow down by this barn to move out of this guys way since he really was hauling ass. As we got to the other side of the barn to look out for this truck and it was gone and I mean gone(i get chills thinking about it now) There were no side roads no ditches just a short cut field of goldenrod. The dust cloud stopped as if it hit a 10' invisible wall and was slowly pouring its way over the top(curling like.)We got scared thinking this guy was dead off the road somewhere so we got out of our car to see if he was ok. Where this truck dissapeared was just where the road would bend slightly. We figured he went straight into the field of goldenrod. Upon looking we saw no evidence of tire tracks in the field no more dust and oddly no more tire tracks period. THIS TRUCK WAS GONE! As if it met a dimensional porthole or something. The ride home from there was a quiet one. Puzzled looks on all our faces. I'm 29 now and will never forget what I and both my mother and father witnessed that day.
frank pless <fpless a nycap.rr com>
selkirk, ny USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 18:48:27 (PDT)

This wasn't really too wierd, but I'm hoping some of you smart folks can help me out here. Years ago, in junior high, I was doing something with standard 9 volt batteries. I can't remember what. I may have been trying to find one for my clock-radio. When I took a new one out of the package, I dropped it and it fell to the floor with the identical old (dead) one. This was before they were putting testers on the packages, so I was reduced to putting them to my tounge to see which one was hot. Then I had a bright idea. I decided to turn the batt onto it's narrow side, and then place one terminal onto my top row of braces and the other terminal onto my lower row. I don't remember the polarity orientation, if it matters. Anyway, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror so I could line the battery up, and at the moment of contact a bright blue spark about 2 to 2.5 feet flew from my mouth across the room. (Toward a light switch, if it matters.) After the feeling came back into my teeth and I worked up the courage, I gingerly placed the battery to my tounge. It was dead. Thinking I had confused it with the old one I was replacing, I checked the other battery. IT WAS DEAD TOO. Apparently, I completely discharged a 9volt battery in one shot with my mouth. Is this unusual? Would someone mind explaining exactly what happened? I'm not sure, but I think between the braces, saliva and my teeth I made some sort of capacitor and then immediatly discharged it. Am I close on this one? It doesn't really matter. I haven't started blowing street lights or hearing voices, so I don't guess it's affected me any. Just wondering exactly what happened. Thanks!
Willie B. <pinebeltparanormal a excite com>
MS USA - Monday, September 23, 2002 at 16:20:49 (PDT)

Well, it'n not that strange, but merely something of which I'm curious and has become neurotic ;-)

Next time, try some instant hot chocolate or instant soup in a ceramic cup, the 'powder-and-water'-kind. Stir very well using a metallic spoon and then, (best result as the water is still rotating) tap repeatedly on the bottom of the cup. You'll hear that the tapping sound will raise in pitch, every time you tap. Ain't that fun![ It's called hot chocolate effect.- billb]
Matthew <matthew a>
Enschede, USA - Monday, September 23, 2002 at 12:16:47 (PDT)

RE: This post regarding microwave timing coincidences:
Dan Greuel
Milwaukee, WI USA - Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 19:38:02 (PDT)
Many microwaves (and alarm clocks) have barely audible cues for when they are going to finish. My bedroom clock puts out a very faint tick about 5 minutes before it would go off, and my microwave has a very quiet ticking that increases in intensity for the last 3 or so seconds of it's timer's run. [ That could explain some incidences, but unfortunately some people seem to have "absolute time" ability (similar to "perfect pitch" musical ability?) My mom does, as do I and my brother. I'll wake up without an alarm clock, and the time on my watch will usually be within a few minutes of the time I intended to wake up (sometimes within seconds!) Is this just habit from waking up at identical morning times? Could be, but if I need to get up at 3AM for a plane flight, my ability still works, and if I decide to get up at widely different times each morning, I can do it. Often ridiculously accurate, but it's not reliable though. - billb]

Michael Kowalchuk <sarojin a>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Tuesday, September 24, 2002 at 12:01:53 (PDT)

Anomalous Images in photography. I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years, My work is primaraly in the entertainment industry shoting concerts, celebrities,ect While on vacation near San Louis Obisbo, California. I took this anomalous picture of a FACE IN THE SEA. What is amazing are the odds of the ocean forming a FACE at the percise momment I took the photo. ANOMALOUS IMAGES and energys are very strong and the critics can only go on so long before they accept the world is no longer flat and the ANOMALIES IN ART & PHOTOGRAPHY are REAL.

Regina Lee Paris <Parisartist a>
Hollywood, Ca USA - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 11:03:55 (PDT)

Sometimes during the night I hear music just faintly and when I get out of bed the music usually stops. One evening my son awakened to the music and asked me where it was coming from and neither one of us could find it and it once again just suddenly stopped. The music is not of this generation it is more of maybe the 30's or 40's. Another strange thing I hear at night is a low humming or a low voice talking like someone sending a radio signal somewhere on a submarine. I cannot make out what they are saying.
J. Thurau
Lake Havasu, AZ USA - Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 17:23:32 (PDT)

is this strange?i can sleep for exactly how long i want,and wake up when required at any time of the day or night.litrally if iwant to sleep for 20 mins or 20 hours i can, virtually instantly.i have allways been able to do this.
damian williamson <hamster_feeder a yahoo com>
london, england - Sunday, August 18, 2002 at 06:26:48 (PDT)

Every a.m at 8:48 we hear and feel a shaking of our house and windows. Its almost like a sonic boom,but longer and of a different intensity. I seem to remember reading about this phenomena on the South Shore near Boston, can anyone verify? Pail Frongillo.
[ Sounds like the unexplained explosions called "barsial guns", "fog guns", "mistpouffers" discussed by Charles Fort. These are like thunder, but with no lightning or storm involved, and supposedly they always happen over water.]

paul frongillo <pwaf a msn com>
carver, ma USA - Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 20:25:27 (PDT)

I'm 55 years old and have experienced this only about 3 times. I'm in a full tub of water and want to turn on the faucet to bring in more hot water. When I touch the faucet, I have what feels like an electrical charge in my hand, also when I touch the water, I feel the same sensation. I put my foot to the water and faucet, but do not feel the same electrical charge I felt when I touched it with my hands...Please can someone tell me what is happening? Thanks!
Susan Fenner <SusanFenner a msn com>
Nazareth, pa USA - Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 17:31:15 (PDT)

I've seen weird white feathers and white lint come up out of my skin. I have seen this for a number of years and doctors don't have any ideal what this is. This is a weird Phenomena Report. These feathers look like long bird feathers that just come up out of my skin
Lansing, MI USA - Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 22:06:37 (PDT)

I was jogging last winter through some woods on a service road that runs beneath some powerlines. There was no wind, but the temperature was quite cold, about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes it is crazy to go jogging in cold weather like that but I was training for our intercollegiate track team. I paused for a moment and observed a strange phenomenon.

The powerlines began emitting a relatively loud whining/vibrating sound, although they did not appear to be moving and there was no wind. It was not an electric sound such as arcing; it was a musical, metallic type of singing. Additionally, the sound was emanating from what seemed to be one point on the powerlines, and not from the entire line. Also, this point from which the sound came moved. It slowly drifted along the powerlines, such that when I stood still I could hear the source of the sound moving away from me. When I ran I could catch up to it again. Eventually I left the road. I have not since observed this phenomenon again. I haven't spoken to anyone about it because I never thought it was really weird, but thought it might make an interesting anecdote here.
Colorado Springs, CO USA - Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 22:39:45 (PDT)

This happened to me when I was about 8 years old, being that young (to some people) discredits this event but it happened. It was about 10:30 or so at night and I was in my room in my bed. I was looking out my window and i saw a shadow of a perfect cirle. I thought it was something under the streetlight, but it was perfectly still and slowly faded away as I watched it. I rushed to my window and looked up and found nothing! This was very strange, if anyone has any insight email me...
Justin Neal <EndIessConfusi0n a aol com>
Greenville, SC USA - Monday, June 24, 2002 at 19:39:21 (PDT)

About a year ago my brother and I had a pet mouse named Spyrow. Now Spyrow was and escape artist and had escaped about 3 times ushully ending on top of her cage or not very far from. One morning though I woke up and said good morning to Spy who was in her cage and went down to breakfast. Later after my dad had droped my mom off at work he was vacumeing out the car when he called to me. I went out side and to my astonishment there was Spy sitting on the drivers seat. My brother swears he dident put her there as a prank and I beleave him.

But tell me how could a little mouse get out of her cage, out of my bed room which is te attic of a 3 story victorian, and then get into the car?
Angel <cookiecat24 a yahoo>
Providence, RI USA - Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 06:50:27 (PDT)

This is a small strange one. It happened around 3 years ago, i was asleep in bed, probably around 2am and i wake up to absolutely blaring music coming from the computer room in my house. Both me and my dad were waking up to this at about the same time, i ran in and noticed my CD player was running and literely shaking the walls.

Well now heres the wierd part. While i WAS listening to that cd earlier, my setup was an old cd reciever connected to a seperate stereo system. I was always very careful about turning off my stuff before going to bed so as to avoid an electrical overload. Not only would the cd reciever have to be turned on (mechanical switch no less) but the stereo system would need to be turned on as well (another mechanical switch) and im fairly positive i wasnt listening to that stereo at anything near that volume earlier in the day.
Enos Shenk
Fort Wayne, IN USA - Wednesday, June 05, 2002 at 08:42:43 (PDT)

I was at the movie theater, Buying tickets. I had a twenty doller bill in my hand. I sat it Down on the counter, and the moment it left my hand, it flew acooss the table and went went strait to the ticket woman's hand. She just put it in the register as if nothing strange had happened.
Danie Andrew <d_motz a hotmail com>
Hagerstown, MD USA - Monday, May 27, 2002 at 12:49:47 (PDT)

In 1987, I went on a rafting trip with my sister (and several others) down the Rio Grande. Though the trip can be made in a day with a motorboat, we opted for the slower tour that lasted three days with campouts on the shore of the Rio Grande for the evening. On one place of the river, we camped out on an embankment. On our side was the embankment and a cliff and on the other side was a sheer c.1000 ft. cliff. We slept on the embankment that night with our feet toward the river. I had some difficulty sleeping but I was enjoying the clear night sky with the bright stars visible through the cliff opening. In addition to the stars that morning (it was about 1:00 a.m.) I also saw some lights on the cliff. Since I didn't have my glasses on I thought that the little sparklies that I was seeing on the cliff was the result of my fatigue or the result of rubbing my eyes the wrong way. To confirm this I put on my glasses to get a clearer view of the cliff on the other side. The lights came into focus. They were real and they were moving. I got goosebumps and, for a moment was frozen with fear. But, I unfroze myself a little bit, and, using as few muscles as possible as quickly as possible moved my left hand over to wake my sister and show her what I was seeing. She said she thought it was fireflies and tried to go back to sleep. I told her that fireflies don't live in the desert (which this part of the Rio Grande seemed like). (I'm no biologist, but I do believe that's true about fireflies.) Though I didn't believe my sister, her calmness brought me back to my senses and I did conclude that the lights were some kind of animal and my fear changed to interest. For the remainder of my waking hours I did observe the lights and tried to ascertain whether they exhibited behavior of crawling or flying. (It couldn't immediately be determined because the cliff was completely black against the night sky and the lights were only visible against the backdrop of the cliff.) I concluded that their speed of maneuver up and down the cliff and their apparent pulling away from it meant that these were flying creatures of some kind. Also, their "flying" behavior seemed to be that of probing the cliff, much like a fly or moth does when it runs up against a clear window, almost like it was looking for something.

Has anyone else had the opportunity to spend the night on the Rio Grande and see such lights? Or in any desert between two cliffs and seen something similar?
Tim <trferrerNoSpam a yahoo com>
Arlington, TX USA - Friday, May 24, 2002 at 17:42:48 (PDT)

Regarding the internal human clock post. i set my alarm to go off at 4:10 AM cos i had to go to work, and i woke up at, no joke, 4:09AM.........just in time to get up and pick my phone up (which i was using as my alarm)and turn it off....weird hey also, when im listnin to a cd, i look over at the timer on the display, and 9 times out of 10, it says 1:11, its so weird......
sydney, nsw australia - Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 04:57:24 (PDT)

About that French Horn post. It works with other instruments such as a trumpet. I think that if you play a note on the instrument that is equal to the monitor's video frequency, the video will start bouncing around. For instance, let's say your video frequency is set at 75 Hertz(fairly common). Now, if you play the musical note D2, that frequency is at 73.42 Hertz. This is when the video starts to visually oscillate and dance. It is a very unusual effect and really drives home matching resonance experimentation. This unplanned event happend to me several years ago when I was playing my trumpet in front of my computer monitor. It was like an acid trip(I assume it would be as I have never taken acid). Have a great day! Sciman [ This also happens if you blow your nose very hard while staring at your computer monitor or TV screen. - billb]
Sciman <sciman a geocities com>
Austin, TX USA - Thursday, May 09, 2002 at 23:18:24 (PDT)

OK, weird event number two of three. Unrelated to the first, except perhaps the deep state of relaxation that seemed to accompany the events.

About 6 years ago. Winnipeg, Manitoba, working in a group home for youths. It had seen some bad times, I was sure, and there had always been fanciful speculation about what a house like that must have seen and, perhaps, display. But like I said, fanciful. Well, it was one of those long Friday nights in the winter. My weekend shift started Friday night and ran till Monday morning, so Friday nights could be long and somewhat lonely. The first night this happened I was leaning against my back window, looking out at the snow-covered railroad tracks. It was dark and quiet, when I heard the sharp crackly sounds of a radio voice from upstairs. The kids rooms were up there and like any kids, they'd try to stay up as long as possible, and would play their stereos and stay up and talk, etc, etc. Well, I was feeling a little playful and wanted to catch them at it, so I crept out to my door, turned the knob ever so slowly, and made my way silently upstairs. I listened at each bedroom but nothing, no noise. Shrugging, figuring they heard me, I headed to the office, got out my ring of keys, and unlocked the door. The hum of the computer and the smell of coffee greeted me as I entered, but I stopped short at the door. Something was bugging me, needling me. My gaze swung directly to the old AM radio that sat in the corner. I could hear nothing from it, but just the same I went over and took hold of the volume knob, turning it to the right. "Click." Off it went, and I didn't feel bothered anymore. It had been on, but the volume was all the way off. I couldn't hear a thing from within the room, but somehow I had heard something from a floor and a half away. Strange, I thought, but what to do? Nothing really, so I went about my work as usual. About ten days later, same event. I think it's one of the kids playing a stereo. I hear that crackly radio announcer voice and maybe some background music. Sneak out and up. Nothing. This time I go to the office and straight to the radio and turn it off. The third time, a few days after, I just go to the radio. Same thing. Fourth time wasn't for another couple of weeks after the third, and I thought I was wise to the whole thing (as wise as I could be without any kind of explanation). Again I hear the crackly radio voices above my head, go up to the office where I hear nothing, reach for the radio... and find that it *was* off. Up till then the whole thing just seemed a little weird, but that scared me. What was it I had been hearing? I have evidenced uncanny hearing that my friends have remarked about before, but, well, nothing like this.

That was the second of three weird things I've experienced. The third is... too personal, but even stranger.
R. <randal_on_the_road a hotmail com>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, May 02, 2002 at 16:58:46 (PDT)

I've witnessed three things in my life for which I have no adequate explanation.

The first occurred about 8 years ago with a friend on the outskirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We had gone out to see northern lights where they wouldn't be so obscured by city lights, and parked by the highway and just stood around in the darkness for a bit. The lights of houses can also be quite nice at night on the prairies, and there was one of those flashing white towers a little distance away -- with the four white tower lights, blinking. We had been talking in low tones... very relaxed and it was very quiet, when all of a sudden I realize that I've been standing there for a *long* time and neither of us has been saying a word. Well, we're good friends, so silence is not really an issue, but to lose track of time like that... That's when I noticed what a bizarre sight it was before me. My mouth felt dry and it was a little hard to talk, but I forced myself to say, "WHY is everything... flashing?" My friend visibly shook and stared with shock, and then looked at me. ALL of the lights on the landscape were pulsing, rhythmically. I was hit with a very bad feeling and then suddenly a truck raced around the corner and we were hit with light and noise. A few moments later things were back to normal but we were too startled to stay there, got in the car, and got out of there. Talking about it later, our best guess was that we had entered some deep state of relaxation, possibly aided by the rhythmic flashing of the tower, where... is this possible?... we could see the light as it was -- oscillating. Except that lights oscillate so quickly you don't normally perceive it. I find it interesting that we both experienced the same thing. Does this make any sense?
R. <randal_on_the_road a hotmail com>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, May 02, 2002 at 16:37:45 (PDT)

I was editing an 8mm video I made of my Spring Break in Daytona the other day. I tried to get the video to play on the television but the was just darkness. I then realized I had the recorder on the record setting and not play so it was showing everything in the livingroom on televion. I picked up the camera and the viewfinder swept past the television and I noticed an unusual burst of light when that happened. So I pointed it directly at the T.V. Was I saw was very strange. I realized I was taking a picture of a picure of a picture on into infinty. There was a ball of light pulsating at the center of the T.V. I then began to play around with this. I zoomed in on the television and there were all these strange multicolored lights and formations flying at the camera at high speeds. I played aroud with it for around an hour I thought I saw human figures, but they go by so fast you ccant tell what they are. So I recorded some of this and to my amazement when I paused the taped footage at the right moment you can see thin humanoid creatures with 2 legs 2 arms 5 fingers large heads with beady eyes. I was realy freaked out I woke up my roommate and he could not explain it either. If anyone has herd of this phenominon please let me know.
M P < Belleview, FL USA - Monday, April 29, 2002 at 11:25:30 (PDT)

I really don't know if you would consider this an odd coincidence, so here goes.

Sometime in January of 2000, my girlfriend (now fiance) told me that whenever she looked at the digital alarm clock in her room, it said it was 12:34. Not that it was busted and only said 12:34 (besides, we've gone through 3 clocks and it happens on all of them), but that by coincidence, she only ever happened to glance at the clock when it was 34 min. past midnight.

This happened for a couple of weeks, and it even happened to me a few times. Then it waned and it left our minds.

However, it started happening again to me again in December 2001, and it still happens to this day. It's not an everynight occurence, but every three days or so i'll absently look at the alarm clock to see what time it is and notice that it's 12:34.

I've considered the obvious answer - that I only notice it because I've noted it mentally as odd. But I can count on one hand the times a day I use that clock to check the time, I much prefer the one in the living room or kitchen (out of convienence). I also do not "force" myself to check that clock at about that time, counting down to see what I wish to see. Lastly, it is not a habit or routine to necessarily be in the bedroom at that time (as I usually go to bed after 1:30).

Any opinions, ideas, hypothesis, or it just has happened to you too? It's really creepy, and I would just like some feedback.
Bob Lusian <lyffyr a yahoo com>
Winona, MN USA - Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 22:56:10 (PDT)

My Brush with the bermuda triangle.

I was on a 50 foot trawler on my way from Cat Kay (~20 mi South of Bimini... my memory fails me...) back to miami. it was pretty much a straight shot, 8 hours roughly west. we had just cleared the reef on to the north and west side of the island (a tricky manuver) and I took control up on the flybridge and pointed the bow west and were looking forward to an hour of calm before we hit the gulf stream. Suddenly , the navigation equipment was beeping , and it indicated "rudder alarm: helm failure" it does happen sometimes, when where "where you are" and "where you should be" confuze the gadgets. as standard procedure, i took all speed off, and put the computer-driven gps-aided auto-piolt gadgets offline. i figured we had hit the gulf streem and it had suddenly swept us suoth a bit. i set cruise speed again and we were off i manually steered a course of about 280 (WNW) and proceeded to reset all the nav gadgetry. in the gorner of my eye i caught something an the computer screen chart that was bizarre. it showed that within the last 5 minuets we had travled 20 miles north to a point 2 miles due northwest of bimini and and 20 miles back in an apex (v shaped) course and returned about a mile further along our course than where we should be. i looked around visually and found i was where i should be and everything was normal , and set the autopilot we were off. the rest of the trip was uneventful, and i brushed it aside as an insturment fluke. once we got to into miami, i showed the computer logged course to an older and wiser friend. "that is crazy,- absolutely not possible! you do not travel 40 miles in 5 minuets at 8 knots. if you really did this, you might arrive here at midnight!" he looked me in the eye and started a fit of terrified, morbid laughter - as if i had just swallowed a sword. he then whispered "you are a very lucky man, the bermuda triangle is usually not so nice" - NOTE: see for yourself! plot my descriptions onto a nautical chart of the area. this happened in the late 1990's, so my memory may not be exact but darn close. J. Evans
J. Evans
Manistee, Mi USA - Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 18:22:47 (PDT)



COMSTOCK PARK , MI USA - Monday, March 18, 2002 at 11:40:45 (PST)

One day my friend and I were driving down my street when his car blew a fuse. His car had a am/fm casette player (digital tuning)from the early 1980s. When we replaced the fuse, his radio would not display a frequency or change bands. What it did do, however, was play a series of beeps ad infinitum regardless of what you did to the tuning. We thought that it might be morse code, so we wrote down the pattern and it turns out his radio kept playing the letter "R" over and over. What's going on?
Ryan <Rynage a yahoo com>
Bend, OR USA - Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 16:50:00 (PST)

I'd like to report a phenomenon that used to happen to me regularly in the hopes that someone out there can explain what was happening. It happened several times between the ages of 12 and 20, and only at my parent?s house. It has not happened to me since I?ve moved out. In the middle of the night, I would wake up and see various colored lights, like a few strands of a dew-covered spider web that glow blue, red or green floating above me. Sometimes they were spherical (but not solid), and seemed to be very fragile. The lights were SO pretty, like looking at a Christmas tree with your eyes blurred. Generally, I would wake up and the instant I saw them, I reflexively threw my blanket over them and hopped out of bed before I barely knew what happened. Most times, I would quickly turn on the light and stand there with that adrenaline feeling for a few moments before I would pick up my blanket and inspect it, but no physical evidence ever remained. Because of this fact, I?m inclined to think that it was all in my head, but it just seemed so real. So if you know of anyone experiencing this (whether you believe it is a physical or mental phenomenon), please let me know.
Peter B. <pbarney a yahoo com>
Ohio USA - Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 12:44:41 (PST)

In the Christmas season of 1974 my two year old daughter, my ex-wife and I were at Ford City Mall in south suburban Chicago. We were watching a school group singing songs for the holidays. The mall had several rows of chairs set up for the shoppers to enjoy the show. I noticed my daughter not looking at the show, but she was staring at a little girl sitting about 5 (empty) chairs away. She seemed to be "locked" in a stare with the other girl. I looked at the girl and she was staring at my daughter in the same "locked" way. I noticed the other girl's eyes, they were not round but oval, like a cat or a reptile. I then looked at her father. He turned his head slowly and looked me in the eye and his eyes were just like hers! I was shocked at what I just saw and turned away for a few seconds. When I looked back, the two of them were gone. They were both dressed like everyone else there, nothing to make them stand out. I looked around the area to try to find them again, with no luck. I walked around the mall looking for them and have never seen anything like that again. I have talked to several eye doctors about these eyes. They have all told me that no one has eyes like that. I know what I saw and can't find an answer. Hopefully one of your readers has seen the same thing.
Jim <luckyjrc a aol com>
Orland Park, IL USA - Monday, January 21, 2002 at 06:11:47 (PST)

I have noticed that someone has places a triangle symble of dots, mostley done with white paint or white out,on many street signs around my area. I wouldn't think this strange, but I have noticed it not every where, but enough places to drive me crazy trying to figure out why, and who is doing this! I have noticed it not only on signs but post box drop points aswell. and not just in my town and with no apparent pattern. usually its an upright dot,triangle formation but sometimes inverted. has anybody else seen these ?????
Mick Nader <doonoak a yahoo com>
Garden City, MI USA - Saturday, October 13, 2001 at 05:45:33 (PDT)

A few strange things happened within a week of each other. By far the most strangest was when me and a friend of mine were standing by the train tracks by my house. We saw lights in the distance that would appear and then disapear and they were constantly moving towards us. There was about five seperate lights that would turn on then off and move closer. Then in the same week a couple other weird things happened. We were sitting in my basement watching TV and all of the sudden the TV turned off, this happened a couple times but hasn't happened since. Also in my house we had a helium baloon and all of the sudden it jsut dropped about 3 feet and stayed there. I probably would never have thought anything of the those instance if it wasn't for the light thing but theres no way to explain those lights.
bob <asidrain a hotmail com>
USA - Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 21:11:01 (PST)

One night at college, I was awakend by a faint repetitive tone coming from the living room of my apartment. It was the sound the answering maching makes when it is first plugged in, as if someone was plugging and unplugging the thing every 60 seconds or so. I thought perhaps there were power surges and got up to go check it out and unplug my computer.

Well, then I notice the pulsing light coming from under the door :) Uh-huh. We've had a few unexplained things happen at the apartment, such as a light that neither my room mate or I admitted to turning on being on, the deadbolt locking with no one inside, etc; this one would take the cake, I thought.

So I crept out through the door and peeked around the corner. Apparently, what had happened was this: I had a negative ion generator hanging up above my work desk that had somehow fallen (although it is light and was supported by copious duct tape.) It had come to land directly below my table lamp. The lamp would slowly grow brighter and brighter and then *Zap!* There was a discharge from the ion generator to the bulb, the room went dark, and the answering machine, plugged into the same outlet, would reset itself. Phenomenon apparently solved, but spooky. I couldn't duplicate it later either.
Sam < iri di um bo y a h o t m a i l . co m (anti-spam)>
OH USA - Saturday, June 30, 2001 at 07:00:12 (PDT)

About four years ago i woke up in bed one night at about 2:30 am to hear a clock chime 5 somewhere down stairs in the house. It was loud and the sound was definatley a clock , yet we do not have a clock capable of chiming in the house. I went downstairs to investigate the source of the chiming but could find nothing. If anybody else hase experienced this or think they can explain this please let me know.
Chris Barnes < 7000895 a>
Hemel Hempstead, England - Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 06:54:53 (PDT)

i don't think this is too "weird", but thought i would post it to get some answers. I was at the park tonight at around 10pm, walking along with my girlfriend. all of a sudden i touched her back, and she yelped in pain. At first i thought she had something, a stray cactus needle maybe, that landed on her back. or possibly on my hand. However, when she touched her back it did not hurt, and when i touched my arm with the hand i touched her, i felt no pain either. I proceeded to try to touch her in other places, arms etc. she felt the same pain. When she felt me she said it felt like an electrical current was going through my arms, numbing her fingers. We finally deduced that it was electrical. We were under some pretty heavy duty power lines, and once we moved away, i wouldn't send her an electric charge when i touched her, and she wouldn't feel one when she touched me. So am i an "electric human"? Or is it solely related to being under these powerlines? or a combo of both? Not too weird, but it freaked me out!
jonah < jdiggityd a hotmail com>
tempe, az USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 23:33:55 (PDT)

This happened during the day on my way to Concodia University. I was just walking along the sidewalk and contemplating the nature of reality. I said to myself "Give me a sign if it's possible to control reality." Just then I heard a sound of something striking the ground ahead of me. There, five feet away lay a pack of cards. I picked it up. It was a pack with Air France written on it, and french symbols ex. R for Roi or king. The pictures were beautiful and the deck was full. I didn't see it land so I can't claim that it fell (from where? The sky?) Or did someone in a passing car throw out the pack?

In my younger days, extreme sadness would cause the lights to turn off, and electric watches would shut down within a few days.
Leyland Burgess < ianrinehart a lycos com>
montreal, canada - Wednesday, June 06, 2001 at 20:44:07 (PDT)

Now enter, the Twilight Zone....

Roughly 6 years ago, while driving through the southern states of Virginia and North Carolina, I experienced some very unusual incidents which I have yet to comprehend.

While driving at night through a very dense fog in the more mountainous regions of the trip, I observed random brilliant flashes of light being projected from the sky onto the roadway in front of the vehicle. I was moving along at about 60 mph, and the forward visibility was probably less than 10 yards.

The light was as bright as daylight in contrast to the occasional glimmer of light detected from oncoming traffic.

The light source was definitely not lightning - it was far too bright, blue, and long lasting to be lighting. One of the "flashes" lasted for a count of 200 (I began counting as a way to gauge the duration) and others would last only to a count of 50 or less. There appeared to be no pattern to the flashing, and absolutely no thunder was heard.

Now here's where this all gets a bit more interesting. I was getting fatigued by the fog and I was very curious about the unexplained light, so I exited the highway and came upon an all night diner.

I walked into the diner and sat down. When the waitress came by the table, she asked me if I had gotten the sunburn on vacation. I looked at her oddly and immediately went into the restroom and looked at my face in the mirror. My face was BRIGHT red (I do not have high blood pressure), and when I touched my skin it felt as though I did have a sunburn. I splashed cold water onto my face and held some towels on my skin. My hands were also a bit burned and felt hot. I hadn't noticed this until it was brought to my attention by the waitress. The only "feeling" or sensation I had was that of fatigue, which I attribute to the needed attentiveness of driving in the mountains during a heavy fog.

When I returned to my seat, I noticed two men seated across the diner who seemed to behave as though they had witnessed an accident. I listened to their conversation as much as possible from my location. They were discussing the flashes of light they had seen on the highway. This entire "light flash" ordeal had transpired over the course of a 4 hour period, roughly between 11 PM and 3 AM.

I walked over to their table and introduced myself. I asked them if they had seen the light and we all laughed a bit at the seemingly silly event. One of them suggested lightning, the other believed it could have been "search lights" high in the mountains used by hotels and restaurants to draw in travelers. I suggested to them that it was probably a bizarre government experiment with radiation or weaponry - as I pointed out the redness on my hands and face.

The younger of the two men began laughing, the elder sat upright and nodded affirmatively. He suggested we contact the airports and military to see if some sort of testing was being conducted. I returned to my table and ordered something to eat. I noticed that I was feeling weak and extremely tired. After I ate, I checked into a nearby motel where I slept for an entire 24 hour period. When I continued on my trip, I did not observe any more instances of the light flashes, the redness on my face and hands disappeared within days. I never felt nauseated and my hair did not fall out (except what is naturally falling out due to MPB.)

Anyhow, if anyone would care to comment or suggest what may have occurred, I would appreciate it. I do not wish to be anally probed by aliens or kidnapped by Men in Black.
Frank Thomas < ddoomed a yahoo com>
Pataskala, Ohio USA - Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 23:15:16 (PDT)

USA - Thursday, September 07, 2000 at 23:11:52 (PDT)

I was in my garden with my wife when small objects fell from the sky, these objects, looked like baked beans in size and colour, but where hard like a nut. The weather was overcast and thunder was rumbling in the distance. The objects fell at a rate of about one per minute. I walked a 100 or so yards from my house and found the same baked bean like objects on the pavement. P.S. I am not a nutter.
Neil < neil.donna a ntlworld com>
Harlow, UK, UK - Sunday, July 08, 2001 at 14:53:03 (PDT)

While camping at Paint Creek campground (also a spot where a lot of logging goes on). This is located below Greeneville Tn and above and to the east of Newport, TN. We gathered up firewood and brought back to camp to split . . . some of the split wood (also had an abnormal looking center core) glowed in the dark. I'd like to think this was a fungus or something, but spots in the wood along the outter core, just beneath the bark actually glowed in the dark like those old necklaces you could get at the fair. We brought some of the wood home with us to find out about it and IT NEVER HAS GLOWED AGAIN. Now we really do think we are crazy. Has anyone ever reported this? Can you give me some possibilities as to what it was . . . any help will be welco me. Thanks [I've seen this too. It's the underground "roots" or mycelium of honey mushrooms. When growing, they glow bright sky blue.]
Melissa Hill < kppmelissa a aol com>
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 10:21:51 (PDT)

Many years ago while driving taxi I picked up a lady at an intersection in Toronto and asked where she would like to go. We drove off and as we got closer to the destination I asked her if the corner would be all right. She didn't answer so I asked again and when she still didn't answer I turned around to find she was gone. I saw her get and and shut the door, and we hadn't stopped for any intersections or lights along the way, but she somehow was gone. I told the story to the next two customers that got in but then realizing I sounded like a nutcase I didn't tell too many other people for quite a while. It is equally strange that three times that night as I was driving along alone I heard a loud snapping sound from the back seat that sounded like a cap gun going off. One of the weirder incidents that I recall from an often eventful and interesting pasttime.
John Hanney < info a bikeyard com>
Toronto, Canada - Friday, July 13, 2001 at 00:11:42 (PDT)

This happened way back when I was in high school. A bunch of us planned to drive to southern ohio t visit a friend's parents. We were to leave early, figuring it would take 4 to 5 hours to drive from Lake Erie area to Athens, and we were to be met at 2 pm by the friend's folks. As it usually goes with groups, especially groups of teenagers, we were running late. I know it was after 10 am when we finally headed for the freeway, may have been close to 10:30. We had a normal drive. I had an older car, one that belonged to the literal little old lady. It had higher mileage, but had never gone over 60 in its life, and wasn't about to do much more than that when I owned her. So speeding didn't factor into the weirdness.

We got to Athens and it was very empty. No one one was on the "main drag", maybe 2 cars parked there. We knew we were in for it, it seemed like late afternoon, and the folks we were meeting had no way of knowing we were late, and we didn't know if they would wait, and had no clue as to where to go from downtown athens.

I parked just up the street from the theatre. There were 5 of us in the car, we got out and looked around - into a really large crowd of college age kids, a busy street with lots of traffic, and cars parked all over. That wasn't the end of the weirdness.

We went into a store that catered to "cool" college kids - lots of pro-dope stuff, smoke weed and make hammocks with hemp place. The kid at the counter told us it was just about noon, and pointed us to a pay phone. We figured he was stoned, and called the folks we were to meet. The friend's mom told us it was just past noon, how did we manage to wake up early enough to drive all that way and get there ahead of schedule ??

We checked the time in a few other placecs, and got weirded out. The matter of the empty street suddenly filling up in the space of time it took to open a car door and step out also weirded us out. We weren't on drugs - none of us had the money, nor the desire to spend time in a jail in southern ohio. All 5 of us experienced the same thing.

Now, I can drive from Cleveland to Columbus in about 2 hours, if I speed. But we went from Cleveland to Athens in under 2 hours. When we got back we verified the time we left - it was after 10, maybe 10:30, when we pulled out of the last person's drive and headed out. We rarely spoke about it - it was too weird. But it has stuck in my head ever since. I don't claim time travel, but maybe space-bending happened ?? Or unbending ?? Whatever it was, the drive it self was normal, no oddness there, no lost time, no "missed" landscape, no feeling of being speeded up.

This trip made me believe in the possibility of all sorts of reality bending happenings. Also made it hard for me to sleep for awhile.
M < irelandmari a yahoo com>
Oh USA - Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 18:52:31 (PDT)

It was about 15 years ago, in autumn. September. Nights were dark already, I could see the stars. I was about 10 years old, maybe 11. I was on my back, looking at the starrs, on the lawn. Suddenly I saw a moving star. It was a bright spot on the sky, just like every other star on the sky. That evening was very clear, no clouds at all. That dot of light seemed to be moving very randomly, but doing loops and like moving around other stars! It never crossed another star, it just went around. I witnessed this several times, and still don't know what it was. It cannot be a satellite, since satellites move straight forward... This light just... flew around randomly. The city is called Vilppula, in central Finland. If anyone knows what this was, please mail me.
Emmi < bbw_emily a yahoo com>
Finland - Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 00:03:22 (PDT)

Being a big fan of the Discovery Channel and TLC, I have watched countless videos on strange things that people have seen in the sky. One of the common videos that seems to be a part of all of these shows is a shot of a black sky (no points of references)with a little point of light that zings from place to place at an incredible speed. I've always thought that these vidoes looked incredibly fake. Ironicly, my experience deals with this very thing. My friends and I were at camp and we had just jumped into the lake after having a long hot sauna. We spent several minutes staring up at the stars and we were totally amazed to watch this single point of light that was leaping from place to place. It would rest in one position for a few seconds, then jump to another location. It's movement was sort of like a fire fly. We must have watched it for 15 minutes or so. It looked just like a shooting star that didn't burn out. Truly one of the strangest experiences I have ever been witness to. There were four of us there at the time and we all saw the same thing. The sky was unusual too; it was sort of cloudy but there was a lot of light from the moon and stars. Has any one else seen anything like this? Write to me if you have an idea as to what we were looking at.
Tom Mathews <tnuge a hotmail com>
Canada - Friday, December 03, 1999 at 15:59:18 (PST)

When I fly I always try to get a window seat (not over the wing) because I love to watch the ground from 11 km high. Last May I was flying north from San Francisco and had the misfortune to find that my window seat was over the wing. This was because the plane had rear engines (B-727, -not many left anymore) and the wing was further back on the fuselage than usual. The time was about 1 pm (13.00 hr) so the sun was darn near on the meridian, but it was to the rear of the plane and we can guess from the latitude and time of year that it was about 26 degrees south of the local zenith. I noticed a narrow white stripe (almost a pinstripe) running down the wing about 1/4 of the way back from the leading edge. Its brightness was emphasized by the circumstance that immediately to the front of it was a dark stripe equally narrow. This stripe pair drifted about slightly as the plane rocked. It was apparent that the dark stripe was an area where the sunlight was absent and the bright stripe was where the sunlight was concentrated. I presume this was because of some prismatic or refractive effect that caused the light hiting the wing within a certain narrow angle was being bent creating a line of deficit and a corresponding line of concentration. The air flowing over a wing has layers of different density and these are curved so one might anticipate that some broad lens effect could be created, but I am unable to configure any flow pattern that would create the narrow band of light deflection that I was seeing. I also noticed that a slightly fainter but similar stripe also ran down the wing about 2/3 of the way to the rear. This stripe ran right to the tip of the wing. The leading edge stripe was stronger but only ran to about half way along the wing then faded out. Anyone out there who can explain this effect for me? Does it occur in other situations (besides 800 Km/hr at 11 Km high?)
j. Fell < jfell a>
Vancouver Id, BC Canada - Monday, July 09, 2001 at 02:36:03 (PDT)

This is a story about lights, not in the sky or far away but almost close enough to reach out and touch. One evening I walked out of the sliding glass door on my second story porch. I shut the door and turned around to take in the view and fresh air, basically just stepping outside for a bit. I immediately see lights about 8-10 in front of me at roughly eye-level. They were bright and defined but not solid or connected to anything. They were arranged in three points, if you connected the points you would have drawn an equilateral triangle with sides of about one foot. Each cluster or point of light contained a red bar, a yellow bar and a green barI stared at it for about two seconds debating with myself if it was actually there and then it began to sweep from side to side, no more than a foot or two in either direction. It made three slow and smooth motions back and forth and then just disappeared. After that I cursed for awhile in disbelief and then opened the glass door and asked if anyone inside happened to look out and see what just happened. Of course they didn't. I can't even begin to speculate about what took place, but those are the facts.
Jason <taojones10 a hotmail com>
Greenwood, SC USA - Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 23:12:02 (PST)

I just have a question about an occurrance that has never been sufficiently explained to me. It is a rather common event that happens when you look at your shadow on water. For some reason light rays appear in the water and seem to be emanating from behind whomever it is that is looking at their shadow on the water. For example, if I look at my shadow, the light source seems to be originating from behind my head, from another person's view it seems to be coming from behind their head. Why is this? If anyone can give me a reasonable explanation I would greatly appreciate it.
Kathryn Evans <kathryn a bohemianstyle com>
Sherman Oaks, CA USA - Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 15:37:56 (PST)

A most unusual thing occurred during my adolescence while living at the family home on No. 88th. St. I am the youngest of four children. After my three siblings were married and moved out, I was the only occupant on the 2nd. floor, containing two small bedrooms. I was awakened in the early morning hours by a radio in the next room at nearly full volume and became quite alarmed as one would expect. The "broadcast" was a stream of numbers announced by a male voice. It stopped abruptly. I summoned the courage to investigate only to find the radio, the only object in the room, unplugged from the wall, containing no batteries and the on/off switch in the "off" position. I am still perplexed to this day and often wonder the significance of the "broadcast".
Dave Hicks <escarpmentwebtvnet>
Milwakee, WI USA - Tuesday, January 16, 2001 at 14:59:27 (PST)

Several times I have seen what looked like a small trail of fire appear a few feet off the ground and ahead of me, then "burn out".. I cannot think of a logical explanation for this phenomena.. if you can or have had this kind of experience let me know ..
Fascinated <erysian a hotmail com>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Tuesday, November 07, 2000 at 09:56:46 (PST)

Exploding Crane Wheels

Overhead Traveling cranes are quite common in steel mills which is where I work. They travel on wheels similar to the wheels on railroad cars except they are smaller and have a retaining rim on both sides instead of one on the inner as a railcar wheel. These are stored in an inside area close to the control house where I was working. Suddenly a heard a large bang on the door like someone was trying to get in. I tried to open the door but found it blocked by a 300 pound piece of crane wheel. There were people running around yelling..Evidently a crane wheel that had been stored there for some time had exploded spontaneously showering the area with 100 to 300 pound pieces of metal. No one was hurt. there were pieces weighing 100 pounds plus as for as 200 feet away. Needless to say no one had a reasonable explanation,being in the metals industry it is known that castings can split apart during cooling but this wheel had been there for over 6 months. As a response we never store crane wheels in an occupied building.
John P.Franks <jpfranks a home com>
Valparaiso, Indiana USA - Saturday, November 04, 2000 at 08:43:44 (PST)

When I was younger, it was really late and I was about to go to bed when I saw some square green lights on the floor of the living room. I could only see them when I didn't look directly at them; if I did, they disapeared. I could not find a source of them. I wrote it off as exhaution at the time, but now I'm not so sure.
Charlie S. <mathomhouse a skybest com>
Myrtle, VT USA - Friday, November 03, 2000 at 20:04:32 (PST)

A really really quick trip through NY state.

Summer of 1989. I was driving down from Montreal (QC, Canada) to The Great Chazy Marina (closed up now, the 'Great' part is a joke) in Chazy NY (upstate, really close to Canada). I did not take the usual route but a shortcut that the skipper had shown me a few weeks earlier. I was to pick up the skipper and his friends at the marina, they were coming back from Atlantic City, through the intracoastal waterways.

So I was driving through the fields of northern NY state, just a couple of kilometers south of US customs. The whole trip from the border to the marina is about 20-25 minutes, a bit faster if you take the shortcut.

I just entered a field I knew from two weeks before to be the right one for the shortcut. But I did not remember much else, I just figured that I was going south, it seemed to be the right way, and how can you get lost in country roads in upstate NY ? Being of the male gender, I did not stop to ask around :-)

A bit passed that field on a secondary road I saw the sign for Cooperstown. Where the baseball hall of fame is. Now, I knew Cooperstown was in NY state, but if it had been that close to the border why don't baseball fans in Montreal go there more often ? Anyway I entered Cooperstown and the town seemed dead. There were some cars parked here and there, but all shops were closed. There was not a soul to be seen. I drove a little further in town and lo and behold there was the Baseball Hall Of Fame, looking like a small white stucco chapel with wide front steps and "Baseball Hall of Fame" inscribed in an arch above the doors.

Well, ok, I told myself, this must be it, and maybe there's a big party and everybody is out of town. No big deal. I kept driving on that same road, telling myself that I would hit Lake Camplain, and drive north if I was lost. But no, after a few minutes I saw the road that I knew led directly to the marina, and found my friends who were just arriving (great timing !).

I told the skipper about the BHoF, and he started laughing and said there was no way I could have seen the BHoF because Cooperstown was 300 miles south...I checked the map and he was right...

What the hell happened here ? My timing was on the nose, I arrived at the exact time I had planned, and went into a 600 miles loop around NY state in a few minutes ???

Louis Vezina <louisv a>
Canada - Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 09:39:14 (PDT)

about five years ago I was with a friend in Menomonie Wisc. We took an exit off the freeway and up ahead we saw a very bright light in the sky. We turned north, the light was to our west. We drove north for quite a while and after a long drive we came to a sign saying south Menomonie 1 mile ahead. It was impossible because we headed north after exiting Menomonie and it was an extremely dark evening. We saw nothing we could recognize the whole time and in order to come in from the south of town we would have had to cross a very lit up freeway. Several hours were lost that evening and I know something really strange happened.
jan anderson <jlaloulou a aol com>
st paul, mn USA - Saturday, February 26, 2000 at 23:25:51 (PST)

Several years ago, I experienced a strange light phenomenon while driving on an interstate a couple of miles from my home. The weather was good for a change - it was daytime and sunny, and the road surface was clear and dry. I happened to glance at my rear-view mirror and noticed that the road surface seen in the mirror was considerably darker than the road that I was seeing before me, almost as though it was wet with rain. For the next two miles until reaching my exit I kept checking the rear-view mirror and comparing the very much darker road behind me with the lighter one in front, all the while racking my brain for any reasonable explanation. I had traveled that highway countless times before in all kinds of light and weather and had never seen anything like it. It seemed almost as though there were a tint in the rear window that darkened the view, but my car had a tint in the FRONT windshield and none in the rear! How, then, could this be happening? I have no idea what caused this weird lighting effect, and still cannot even come up with any kind of theory to explain it. I have driven that same stretch many times since then in weather and light conditions similar to that strange day, but have never seen that dark-light effect again. I am still puzzled. If anyone else has experienced anything similar, please e-mail me!
Pat <PL799EZ a aol com>
Port Crane, NY USA - Thursday, January 11, 2001 at 19:41:53 (PST)

We live in a place which often has low flying aircraft, euro jets practicing. Yesterday we were inside when, we assume, one passed very low and broke the sound barrier. The strange part was that outside the window, within a little courtyard, we saw a bright white explosion. From a ball appr. 18 ins. wide which was about 3ft from the ground. As the ball exploded the room shook and the electrics went out for about a second. We have experienced the sound barrier boom & the way it can shake windows but this was way beyond that. Has anyone else heard of this? It was not a bomb + we know of no weapons that would cause this.
Mary <Mary a>
Holy Island, UK - Wednesday, January 10, 2001 at 02:05:09 (PST)

my strange phenomena happened about 6 months ago,roughly 18years ago me and a friend decided to put our names on 2 50p with a hammer and a punch i put my nickname which is biffo on the coin.this was in 1982 we were 14.imagine my shock when i paid for fuel at a petrol station ,200 miles away and was given the 50p coin back in my change 18 years after i spent it .
karl smith <biffo a>
wakefield, pontefract england - Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 17:01:15 (PST)

I had an unexplained event yesterday morning. Never before in my 40 some years has anything like this ever happened, and I feel "odd" asking about it; however, I'm just spooked.

It was 5:40is in the am, I had been awake since 4:30..very unusual for me to awake so early. I didn't get up until 5:44 last I looked at the clock. The point is I was very much awake..not half-asleep. I put coffee on, went into my den to pick up a few things. I folded up a blanket that was on the small sofa, put some pillows into place...bent down to pick up what I thought was a manilla folder sticking out from under my sofa approximately 6". As I pinched the edge to pick it up, it instantly went straight back under the though someone were under there who "ripped it out of my hand." My brain recognized two things: 1)the feel of this thing was sort of rubbery to gel-like in consistancy,an unrecognized touch to me, and 2) what in the world could pull that thing right out of my hands in an instant? Believe-you-me, I was apprehensive to look under the sofa, but still felt there was a logical explanation. I increased the lighting in the room, got down on my hands and knees and peered under. No thing was there like this object I had attempted to pick up. A 2" thick phone book was to the left of the area, and a magazine was to the far right and back. The magazine was not of the same color. It wasn't that. (The object I had touched was approximately 1/4" thick). Behind the sofa is a wall. I do not have any animal that could have snapped this thing away from me, nor could a person be under there...besides the other 3 family members were still asleep. After this happened I was so absolutely dumbfounded I kept checking all around the sofa, the room, I smelled my fingers to see if an odor was left from the object, nothing... I feel like a nutcase, but I saw what I saw, and I felt what I felt. I want so much to have a logical explanation, but there simply isn't one.
Pam <ParisByEve a aol com>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 10:08:10 (PDT)

While spelunking in a dry, red-sandstone composition cave near Albuquerque, New Mexico, some friends and I had crawled about 2-300 feet into the interior recesses of a cave that had numerous larger bubble-shaped "rooms" opening from a central cavity. Some of the walls between the rooms had crumbled, while others had only tiny access holes to give visibility into the bubble "room."

The floors were covered with a thick layer of fine red sandstone dust that we had kicked up in the process of getting to the end of the cave so that the air was full of a thin "fog" of red dust.

What we found was that trash (beercans left by prior visitors!) in some of these "rooms" appeared to be 55-gallon drum sized due to the dust in the air. The illusion was incredible! Peering through a hole into one room showed debris in the room to be of normal size. Once we had kicked up some dust, however, the debris now appeared magnified and the dust in the air seemed to act as a magnifying lens.

It was an unusual and a unique experience. I haven't seen it reported anywhere else.
Paul Eckert <peckert a>
Ft. Worth, TX USA - Friday, January 28, 2000 at 08:39:43 (PST)

It happend when i was 10. Now I'm 30. It was on a sunny day in spring. I was playing in the garden while suddenly a thick fiber glass-like wire hang above my head. I called my sister, who was lying at the back of our garden sunbathing and asked if she had seen falling something. She saw the wire but didn't know where it suddenly came from. I followed the wire expecting a kite hanging in the tree, but it was on oval-shaped bright orange thing that was attached to it. I climbed into the tree until it was right before me. I wanted to grab it but it suddenly vanished without hearing or feeling something. I run confused to all our neigbours but they didn't know anything about it. Please contact me if you had a similar experience!
Jan VAN EETVELT <jan.van.eetvelt a>
Bornem, Belgium - Saturday, January 29, 2000 at 16:27:24 (PST)

Approximately 3 years ago, having recently moved to a home in the flight path for our local airport, I first noticed a strange phenomenon which becomes apparent when I am travelling roughly parallel to a low airliner making a landing approach. Once the forward distance between my car and the approaching plane has decreased to less than 200 feet or so (the plane's parallel path may be anywhere from nearly overhead to 1000 feet or so off to the side), the plane appears to become suspended, motionless. Landing gear may or may not be down at the time - reverse thrusters certainly aren't kicking on yet - but as long as I am glancing at the plane, it appears not to move in relation to landscape landmarks. However, if I pull over and stop, the plane appears to suddenly pick up speed and shoot off in the direction of the airport. By changing the forward speed of the car, I've found that a speed of 5 to 7 miles per hour is enough to cause this phenomenon to be observable. I pointed out the observation to my daughter and her family, who also observe the same effect. However, I have never heard of anyone else whose seen this. Our research has led us to believe it is somehow explainable by Einstein's Theory of Relativity, but we would like to find out exactly what causes this effect.
Louise Roberts <grimsby a>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Thursday, September 09, 1999 at 20:26:27 (PDT)

I'd like to share two strange events in my life that occurred within a week or two of each other several years ago. My wife and I were crawling into bed for the night when we heard something that resembled a crackling fire in the kitchen. By the time I reached the kitchen to investigate, the crackling had stopped. I found no evidence that anything unusual had occurred: nothing was out of place, there was no odor of smoke, and no apparent source of the strange crackling sound. The next morning my wife opened the kitchen cabinet and discovered that three drinking glasses (made of glass) and one large ceramic mixing bowl were broken in a very strange and subtle way: Each looked as if it was still in one piece. However, each was, in fact, fully cracked around the middle as if crosscut with a saw. The top half of each glass and the bowl could be lifted and separated from its corresponding bottom half sitting on the cabinet shelf. I have no concrete evidence that the sound of a crackling fire in the kitchen that night and the broken dishes we discovered in the kitchen cabinet the following morning are related. I just feel that they are.

About a week or so later I was sitting in a junior college classroom listening to a sociology professor explain why he thought corporal punishment for disobedient children was a great idea. He was in the middle of suggesting that "bad" children should be offered the opportunity to choose the instrument of punishment for themselves from a selection of belts, switches and paddles when I raised my hand and bluntly asked the professor if he beat his wife as well as he beat his children. A tense silence swept through the classroom at that moment. The professor and I were glaring at each other. Both of us were speechless and shaking with rage. We were all waiting for something to snap. But before either the professor or I could react to the horrible situation I had plunged us all into, the fluorescent tube light in an enclosed ceiling box directly over my head spontaneously shattered. Broken but untouched! You could see fragments of glass lying on the translucent plastic window of the fixture box. Everybody in the classroom jumped at the little explosion. And the startle turned immediately to laughter. The spell of anger was broken. And the professor wrapped up his lecture and sent us all home early. The event was never discussed in class. And nothing like this has happened to me since.

Please don't bother sending me a metaphysical explanation for these events. I am afraid I am not interested in entertaining speculation. I just wanted to share my little story with those of you who have had a similar experience and are NOT seeking occult celebrity status or practicing new-age medicine. Thank You!
Anon ;
CA USA - Tuesday, September 07, 1999 at 02:09:13 (PDT)

CHICAGO, IL USA - Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at 17:30:02 (PDT)

One early morning at 6:00 AM, I was awakened by a rumbling sound coming from the basement. I walked downstairs into the basement hallway and looked around... Suddenly my shop vac came rolling toward me! I leaped out of the way into the downstairs bathroom. When I got up, the shop vac was just about to enter the bathroom. I slammed the bathroom door and locked it. The shop vac, that was just about to go through the doorway collided with the door. The shop vac rolled back until it hit the wall and charged at the door. The door blew open! The shop vac slowed to a stop in the middle of the room. Suddenly, a jolt of electricity jumped from the shop vac and hit the toilet. The toilet blew to bits. I lunged at the shop vac. The shop vac fell to the ground. I checked te on\off swith. The switch was on. I turned the vacuum cleaner off and it stopped moving. I simply have no clue of what made the vacuum cleaner come alive.
John Darian <Darian a>
Seattle, WA USA - Monday, August 02, 1999 at 18:40:35 (PDT)

several years ago, I was in a car with 2 friends, we had just parked and were gathering our things. I looked up and saw that down the street, everything had turned red. At first I thought i was seeing things, then my friends saw it too. It was not smoke but it behaved like smoke. It seemed like a large red thin film was passing by, causing everything to be red. Then it passes by and was gone. The three of us looked at each other and were speechless.we walked to where everything had been red and found nothing to explain what it was. I watched the local news that night to see if there was a repoet of a gas leak of some kind that day, there was no mention of anything related to this event.I have never seen anything like that again. this thing was really there, not gaseous but not solid.
shawn casey <peacefrog714>
westville, nj USA - Thursday, January 13, 2000 at 20:50:36 (PST)

??viitti!!!??tee tollein!!!

It happened last summer when i was in the army... We had so called rookie camp in a place called kiikala. we had been there about four days now and had many accidents like someone burned his eyes trying to warm our tent.

Well it was night and my turn to gard our place and gard our groups area.All we had slept in four days was under 10 hours and everybody was tired and wantedto go home...

Kiikala is an area that only army can go there, so there can be anything secret...Now i was walking there around the area with my rk62 our gun...i saw some light coming there i wanted to see where the light come.I went closer and closer to the light and what i saw was somekind of flying thing that looked like an UFO...well that it couldn`t have been that because i don`t believe in UFO`s...I walked more closer and saw there our army leaders, i tryed avoid them noticing me .After a moment someone shouted "sento", i didn`t know what it ment but my reflecs was that i jumped up and stand there without moving about 1 hour .I couldn`t move and i couldn`t speak at all, i dont know why???

There was lots of lights and somekind of "j?dytys as we finish call it" goingon...I think it had something to do with the flying object...
Ville Nieminen <mixman79 a hotmail com>
espoo, Finland - Sunday, December 19, 1999 at 07:56:27 (PST)

2 years ago, I was a normal, healthy man with no history of mental illness, no belief in flying saucers or any sort of what I considered conspiratorial nonsense. One day, though my life was forever changed, and like many changes that come in life, there was no loud warning signal telling me that I was headed for the twilight zone. Initially, there were numerous "odd" and "repetitive" coincidences that seemed to occur in my life. I began to receive numerous threats by people that I would be raped. These occurred by different people within statistically improbable periods of time. At my job, my employer and about 10 other employees began to openly harass me as loudly and blatantly as possible. One day 5 people basically marched in a circle around the whole office, saying I was unwelcome and should get out! (none of this behavior was explained to me) Whenever I would try and ask them the motive for their behavior, (as any normal person would) I was always told that I had imagined it (its very hard to imagine people standing right next to you yelling expletives!). After several months the odd behavior increased and my boss seemed to mention personal things about me in conversation which I had never told her. She threatened to reveal private information of mine to others, but never explained why? When I would ask her why she would do this, and where she got this information she would become extremely irate as though I had said something offensive. This behavior progressed until one night almost 2 years ago, when I heard some strange voices in the bathroom of my home, which I thought rather odd. I suspected a listening device had been planted in my home, so I searched as best I was able but was unable to find anything, the next day at work my boss and several co-workers were discussing my conversations on the phone with an attorney that I had consulted to stop the harassment. I was frightened, and angered but said nothing. Several nights later, as I slept I was jolted awake by what felt like some sort of electrical current. It made me experience extreme discomfort and I could not sleep the entire night it continued, in the alley beside my apartment I heard laughter and basically a threat that this would continue until I agreed to be a "good boy". I was extremely irate and determined to discuss this with no one due to my complete disbelief over what had occurred. I don't subscribe to any belief system that can't be objectively demonstrated but I could basically prove nothing. I had no witnesses and no allies to the behavior or the harrassment. Not surprisingly, although I was attired normally and behaved the same I was greeted with raucous laughter by my fellow employees when I came to work the next day, the catch phrase was, "Look who had a rough night!". I began to read everything available to me to find out what I could do to stop this and I was looking for employment elsewhere, I consulted the EEOC, and the Labor Commission, and a few other local legal entities, and I only discussed the verbal harrassment that I had encountered, but none would help me. Finally, I began to hear odd sounds inside my skull itself. These sounds later became voices and these voices oddly enough sounded like the employees at my job, they laughed at me and told me I would be made a sex offender, and that I was "schizophrenic". I was angered, and didn't doubt my lucidity for a moment. If the voices had occurred without the blatant harrassment by my boss and co-workers I would have consulted a psychiatrist, but they continued to blatantly demonstrate they not only had knowledge of what was occuring to me, but had instigated it. Numerous administrators and employees came and told me in exclammatory fashion "sick! sick! sick!", then they would laugh. Some of them told me I wouldn't be able to complete my college degree, because of some unstated act I had commited, one of the main administrators who I knew by name, came by and told me I was a "child molester". I was not fired because of the nature of the position I had, it would basically take an act of Congress to relieve me, but the pressure never let up. The synthetic auditory hallucinations increased and too late I understood it wasn't merely some sort of sound projection device, but a direct signal to the brain. I realized this the day the voices told me what they would cause and made things to occur. I was told I was a sex offender and gave away the right to run my own life ( I had never had sex with anyone by the way, and basically was waiting for marriage ). The voices accused me of attempting to sue my employer and of attempting to help another employee who I did not know at the time, was similarly harrassed to leave. Maybe at this point, I sound crazy but I found the other employee who left under mysterious reasons, and I found out she had the same situation as myself. I had her sign a notarized letter indicating that she had been verbally harrassed in the same manner as myself, she was a little smarter too, and actually caught the supervisor on tape making some of her statements( I was too afraid of appearing ridiculous to ask her about my other symptoms).

If you doubt the veracity of some of my statements I am currently seeing a doctor now, for spontaneously reduced testosterone, and a complete loss of sensation in the penis, an outcome predicted by the "voices" I experienced more than one year ago. I have also had to suffer the indignity of having my body "remote-controlled". If you understand that brainwaves can be broadcast electronically, it is not too far to see how someone could "over ride" control of your own body. Dr. Steven Aftergood, of the Federation of american scientists was also interviewed on CNN stating that this technology is also in existence, although he doubts its deployment.

I can't really prove anything, unless I could get just one of my former co-workers to agree to take a lie detector test, which is inconclusive in some court rooms, but that is never going to happen. I can at least prove I was verbally harrassed by the other employees in my same department who were forced to leave this way, but I don't have the money to pursue, and can't find an attorney who will take the case Pro Bono.
Anonymous <Anonymous a aol com>
santa barbara, ca USA - Friday, July 09, 1999 at 14:18:00 (PDT)

I feel sort of lucky that a lot of strange things have happened to me so far in my life, and I'm just now turning 21, so there's hopefully a lot more to come. But for now I'll just tell you about one particular incedent that has occurred that no one else here has seemed to talk about. I ensure you that what I'm about to say is 100% true - or at least it seemed real to me. I suppose it could have been some sort of hollucination(sp?) but I really really doubt it. - I wasn't an 11 year old drugy, and have never done any by the way.

Anyway, when I was about 11 years old - I was in about the 5 grade, It was winter time in Michigan, it was dark out, in the mid evening I guess, probably around 7 o' clock. My mother, her boyfriend, and I where going to go somewhere (we lived in the country with a few neighbors houses within viewing distance). Mom's boyfriend was driving, I was getting in the passanger side rear seat, my mom was getting in the front seat of the car. Our doors where opened, and as I was about to get in, I looked down at the ground. There was ice over the driveway (a gravel - mud-holed driveway) directly below where I was standing. There was snow on top of the ice at most places, and this bare spot below my feet.

Now the strange part. Suddenly, 2 very small points of glowing light that where below the ice, or inside of it came from under some of the ice that was covered with snow. I THINK the lights where a strange "electric" blue, but maybe green - hard to remember that point. It may have been an area of ice where there was a layer of air between it and the ground (caused from whatever freezing and going away). Anyway, they came out from the snow, and zipped around down there in pretty close proximity to each other - never more than about 2 inches apart from each other. They seemed to interact with each other. I would describe it as they where "playing". They never stopped moving, and where only there for about 4 seconds before they shot away very quickly in a pretty straight line off under the snow again, in a different direction from which they came. This all happened right down near my feet where I was standing. The lights were small - I wondered if they where somehow lightning bugs or something trapped under the ice, although they moved too fast for that, and that doesn't make sense anyway (but I was only about 11). This all happened as plain as day, and was very real. I stomped around on the ice to see if they would come back or something, and tried to clear away the snow from the ice where they had gone away to to see if I could dig them up or something and find out what they where. I told my mom about it right after it happened, but she was in the car already, and of course sinse there was nothing there anymore, there wasn't much to concern ourselves with so we left.

I guess I never really thought about this incedent until now after reading other peoples stories. I wonder if maybe it was some sort of static electricity that was in the air layer below the ice, and it moved around partially because of my weight on the ice. I don't have a clue really : ) I'd love to hear from you as long as you're not going to just say "YOUR CRAZY!" or something : )
Isaac <ffm a>
Waupaca, WI USA - Thursday, December 02, 1999 at 10:00:16 (PST)

Walking a beach in Denmark at night, I noticed that the sand responded to the touch by lighting. It lit very briefly (less than half a second), but brightly enough to notice by a half moon. When you jumped on it, an area of approx. two feet of diameter lit up, more brightly in the centre than on the edges. Throwing sand or stones onto it had the same effect, roughly proportional to the force of the impact. The whole phenomenon happened only in a stripe of beach approx. 20 yards wide,near edge 10 yards from the sea, where the sand was half-wet. I have two witnesses. We couldn't reproduce anything the following night. I'd be grateful to know what this was, and if anyone else has ever seen something like it.
Erik Meltzer <ermel a>
Braunschweig, Germany - Wednesday, December 01, 1999 at 12:22:26 (PST)

When you squint at a figure you usually see two out-of-focus images. If youlook at a dark spot on a white background in this manner you will notice that the images formed by the Left and right eye become prominent alternatively. This cycling of the two images has a frequency of 2-5 sec in my case. What i think is that the brain tries to get as much information from the images formed by both the eyes. So instead of processing them together (parallely) the brainactually processes serially. feel it for your self and you will know it!
Anand A Vatkar <anandvat69 a>
Aurangabad, MH India - Friday, November 26, 1999 at 03:35:58 (PST)

I have been a very dedicated deer hunter for the last 42 years.but something really boggled my mind. a couple of days ago while hunting I came out of the woods after dark and crossed a huge meadow and headed uphill to a farmer's gateway. As soon as I passed through the gate the ground under my feet lit up. assuming that someone was behind me with a flashlight or vehicle headlights. I turned around and saw no light. I continued to walk to the top of the hill,looking left,right,up and behind me on a cloudy moonless night.but still had a light and my shadow ahead of me. As I reached the top the light slowly faded then disappeared. any ideas? I don't have a clue.
wayne royce <wroyce a highgate.k12.vt.vt>
Swanton, vt USA - Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 12:37:52 (PST)

Ok, this just happened about twenty minutes ago and the first thing to run through my mind was to tell it here, so here goes. I was just sitting in my room and "surfing the net" when I started to hear this rattling sound, it was faint at first but slowly got loud enough to really draw my attention. So I get out of my seat and I try to follow the sound which lead me first to the TV and then above it to my CD rack. That's when I found the cause, my CD's were rattling against each other very quickly! I have a square CD case which holds 11 CD's on each side and spins around. Each CD is on it's side with the labels facing out. Now at first I thought that maybe this was the signs of a minor earthquake or something equally as mundane, but then I looked a little closer. Only four or five CD's where shaking, all on the side nearest me, and even when I turned the CD case only those CD's would shake. I steadied the case with my hand, they still shook. I picked up a screwdriver and poked at the CD's trying to make them stop, they still shook. Even if I applied a fair amount of force with the screwdriver they would shake. Now I got kinda scared, but I still had courage to reach out and touch one of the CD's. As my finger came in contact with the CD's edge, they all stopped. Instantly. Now I'm wondering if perhaps static electricity might have something to do with this? It's never happened before though, so I don't see why if would only do it now.

One more thing I guess I should mention, a couple of months ago my mom woke up screaming about someone being in her room, and several weeks later she swore she saw a ghost in the livingroom, sothere is a fair chance that some kind of supernatural activity is going on around here. Can anyone give me some kind of explanation? I have goosebumps still from this.
Russ M. <nyhc4 a>
St. Marys, PA USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 23:39:42 (PST)

Me and my friend were wisiting kos island last summer... what we had to face....My friend started to shout come ... we were in our hotelroom, what my friend saw was these two humans...or i`m not sure but i believed him... it was dark and i heard a noise... it sound like "paapim". When i come there i saw friend had seen these two what ever they were...and he shouted to them i see you dont trye to hide...but there was no answer. Only sound"paapim"...After a while when i come i didn`t see anything, but my friend was sure that he had seen... i hope someone mails to me and tells what it could have been....the truth is out there
Ville Nieminen <mixman79 a hotmail com>
espoo, finland - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 08:12:09 (PST)

About five or more years ago I was relaxing on my bed listening to music, when I heard thunder outside. This caught my attention because living on the north coast of california you don't see much lightning muchless hear any thunder. It was storming outside and I figured if its an electrical storm, I better play it safe and turn off my stereo--electrical storms have a way of sriking power lines which can find their way into the house circuit and damage any connected to the outlet. Anyway, just as I looked up and reached over to turn my stereo off, I noticed and came in contact with an eary blue halo around the stereo, which gave me a powerful shock and cause my hand to ach and tingle for about an hour afterward. I've been shocked many a time by the normal 120 ac voltage going through house circuits, I use to shock myself just for the hell of it, but this shock was strange it wasn't a continuous tingling sensation that you feel from a house circuit after a few seconds jolt. This was a zap, I didn't have time to feel any distinct feelings, except for afterward. I am a physics student and I know saint elmo's fire can't shock you and nor can an electrical field of some kind in mid air shock you. And a corona discharge of somekind can't shock you, you have to be touching the lead terminals of a high voltage circuit to get shocked--such as a kirlian photography device. What I think happened was that lightning struck a powerline nearby and tried to ground through the house circuit, to which my stereo was hooked up to. How there was a blue light around my stereo and most of all, how I got shocked by this light or whatever still continues to puzzle me. I do know that I am one of those electrical people that effect radios, getted zapped constantly and occationally blow out more than one light bulb at once. If anyone out there with more of an electrical or physics background has an explanation, I'd be glad to here it.
Darren Wright <dew1 a>
Arcata, CA USA - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 22:25:32 (PST)

over the past 4 years my neighbors and i have been feeling and hearing the effects of a very low frequency. it can be heard and felt inside or outside your home. in my opinion it seems to be amplified inside the home. this rumble has lasted up to 2 1/2 min and it starts and stops with the same sound and feel. its like a combination of thunder a huge explosion. when i have been outside and it has happend there were no planes or jets in the sky. it happens more in the day than at night. if anyone can explain or give there there coments on what you think this may be my neighbors and i would appreciate it.
Curtis Reynolds <kickercustom a>
lamar, in USA - Saturday, February 06, 1999 at 00:11:50 (PST)

I was walking home from school. A hand jumped out of the sewer. I ran home and cried.
Mike Kucharski <Seth_Daniels a hotmail com>
Frankenmuth, MI USA - Tuesday, February 02, 1999 at 07:57:51 (PST)

On the evening of September 8th, I was sitting in my room folding laundry and watching television. The bedroom door was shut, because I didn't want the sound of the TV to disturb my sleeping children. Suddenly, the door began to bang, as though someone were trying to open it without using the knob. The banging lasted for about five seconds, then stopped. I assumed my wife had returned home and couldn't open the door because her hands were full, so I opened the door but saw no one in the hallway. My next thought was that one of the children had done it, but since neither of them were in the hall I ruled that out. I looked around at the rest of the house for anything that might clue me in to what happened, including the pull chain hanging from our ceiling fan. I thought if it was swinging, I could assume we'd had an earthquake. It was not, so I didn't know what to think. I looked at the clock - 9:32 PM. A little later, the news came on, and one of the stories concerned a "quake scare" in a place about fifty miles from my house. The reporters said that some aircraft had been flying nearby at supersonic speeds, causing a sonic boom at 9:30 PM. Many residents had assumed there had been an earthquake. It is strange that a sonic boom could, at this distance, translate into a low-frequency expansion/compression of air resulting in my bedroom door banging as much as it did, without my actually hearing it at all.
Tom Bowns <tbowns a chronology com>
Redmond, WA USA - Thursday, September 10, 1998 at 13:19:44 (PDT)

It was spring, 1977 and my brother had just gotten home from university. We were sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and full moon. To the east of our house about five miles is Logansport. Suddenly, without any kind of noise or change in the ambient light, a large dome of pearlescant light seemed to billow up from the ground. As it hung in the air, several pastel colored lights blinked on and off inside the dome. After a few seconds, it 'deflated' and disappeared. I looked in the newspaper to see if anyone else had reported seeing it, but there was nothing ever reported. Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?
Richard Caudle <richard a cqc com>
Logansport, IN USA - Saturday, September 05, 1998 at 21:21:58 (PDT)

well a couple of weeks ago i got back from a late night of debauchery and as i pulled into the driveway i noticed a light in the sky. living directly under a major skyway i simply thought "airplane" it was a nice night so as i got out of the car i looked up at the stars and again at the... airplane it was a solid light when i was in the car not blinking or anything and i had only glanced at it. now it was blinking and looked like an airplane. perhaps aliens on board forgot to turn on their visual detection countermeasures... or maby im just paranoid :)
chris estes <fox a>
pfafftown, nc USA - Friday, January 30, 1998 at 17:14:40 (PST)

I copied this from a front page article in The York Daily Record dated 1/21/98. If anyone wants to verify this heres the whole article so check it out.

York Daily Record January 21, 1998 York Pennsylvania

Vandalism, airplane sewage and aliens have all been offered as explanations for the mystery goo covering a Paradise Township home.

By Teresa Ann Boeckel Daily Record Staff

Special Agents Mulder and Scully might be stopping by York Conty this week to open a new X-File.
A mysterious brown substance apparently fell from the sky Sunday afternoon on Rose Snell's property in Paradise Township.
It splattered the house, the roof, the windows, the barn, the stone driveway, the trees.
Police can't figure out what it is. Neither can anyone else. Its the color of mud, but it isn't grainy like mud.
An insurance adjuster has ordered tests on the substance. "It's mystifying," Snell kept saying as she walked
around her house in Paradise Township. "There was not one side of the house that was missed."
The mystery began as Snell arrived home after 7:30 p.m. Sunday.
She noticed the brown splotches on her side door as she entered the house.
Great, she thought, I bet those boys were having a mud battle.
Her 18-year old son, Marc, had been hanging out with several of his friends during the day.
She was prepared to have a few words with him when he walked in the door.
But his comment took her by surprise.
"What's going on here?" Marc asked.
Marc said he arrived home about 6p.m. He, too, noticed the brown splotches on the door.
One of his friends saw similar splotches on Marc's car.
Marc tried to wash them off his windshield with washer fluid. They were hard to remove.
He said "Mom, its like a paste or wax on there," Snell said.
They called Northern York County Regional Police.
An officer arrived. He shined a flashlight on the side of the house. Thats when
they realized the brown splotches covered everything on her property.
"It's everywhere" Snell said.
The officer checked a neighbors home. No dots. No splatters.
At first, Snell and the police suspected vandalism.
Police studied the splotches. It didn't look like someone had had hurled the brown substance all over the place.
"It appears as though it came from the sky," Northern Regional Police Lt. Mark Bentzel said.
The next suspicion: sewage from an airplane passing overhead.
Thats not likely, said Arlene Salac, a spokeswoman for the eastern region of the Federal Aviation Administration.
Airplane pilots cannot push a button to discharge sewage in midair, she said.
Only a leak in the bathroom would allow sewage to seep out.
When that happens, the sewage freezes because of the cold air at high altitudes.
Then when the airplane starts to drop, the ice starts to melt and chunks of ice fall to earth.
That ice is usually blue or green from the special chemicals used in restrooms of airplanes, Salac said.
"To me, it doesen't sound like it came from an airplane," she said.
Harrisburg International Airport did not have any reports of airplanes with restroom leaks.
Neither did York Airport in Jackson Township.
Some military planes passed over the area Sunday, but many of them do not have restrooms for domestic flights, said Joe Dias, an air traffic manager at Fort Indiantown Gap.
"We're not that sophisticated," he joked.
Even if it were waste from a plane, it probably wouldn't have made such a direct hit, said Rich Fuess, the operations manager for York Aviation Inc.
"It sounds like UFO waste to me," he said.
So the brown mysterious substance continuse to baffle many, including Snell's insurance agent.
"Our adjuster was just out this morning and can't determine what this substance is," said Brenda Test, an associate agent of Roberts Insurance Agency.
"We've never had any reports of anything like this," she said.
Test said the adjuster has called a company to take samples of the brown stuff and have it analyzed.
In some spots, the brown substance has stained the house.
Snell thinks there may be only one pair that might be able to solve this mystery.
"I think we should call Scully and Mulder," she said.
The truth is out there.

r. t. alfano <rudy.alfano a cyberia com>
York, Pa USA - Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 08:55:17 (PST)

It's me again. Ive gotten some E-mail about the plant the spider like animals came out of. Heres some more details about the plant. The plant is a plumaria plant. After they came out they left very tiny holes in it. After they left the plant seemd to have died for about a year. But then it sprang back to life. Idont know how mutch the plant weighs but it's still alive and doing well today. The tiny holes they made have disapeard some time ago. Heres a few things I dident include last time. I used to have a pet gecko . I know geckos can grow there tails back but canthey grow new eye balls? This incedint sugest they can. One day I noticed the geckos eye was somewhat bigger then the other eye. Both me and the gecko found this a little disturbing. A few days later it fell out. Both me and the gecko also found this disturbing. A while later the geckos eye was back and good as new. Does anybody know how this happend? I was listening to a herpetoligist talking a few years ago. Somone I know had somthing interesting to say. He said his two frogs exploded. He said they werent in a hot place either. The Herpatoligest was clueless as two what happend two the frogs. When I was nine I was in a car going down a high way. I saw a large brown blure go past us. I looked back and saw a animal that resembled a hampster but was about the size of a great dane. It had a tail that resembled a rabbits tail. It had two black beady eyes on the sides of its head. That means it was no predator. It had short light brown fur. Then it stept over the gaurd rail and was gone. There were other cars there so that meens I've got whitneses. so if any of thoes whitnesses reads this e-mail me. A few years later I thought back to that event and decided to find out what it was.Here are the two animals that most closeley matched what I saw. The Austrailien wombat And the south American CapyBara. Later on I discussed the incedent with my two freinds Nick and Seamus. Both of them had highly unlikely theories on what it was. Nick said "It's a giant freaken hamster!" Seamus said "It's a Wolverine!" I said I dont think so. It obveously wasent Either of thoes. So what was it? I was Lying in bed When I was about 10 or 11. Then their was a strange buzzing noise. A bluish light shone through the window. Then there was a loud whistel and it was gone. Ive always wanted to see a UFO up close but for some odd reason that thing had me spooked. It always anoyed me that my instincts forced me not to look at it. Because I really whould like to have seen it!
Danny Ichinose <Jen-Dan a msn com>
Evanston, Ill USA - Saturday, March 08, 1997 at 19:41:22 (PST)

I just found an odd Federal Research grant ad. It is under the subject of electromagnetic warfare. The contracter must have all kinds of top secret clearance. Check it out at http://www.fie com It is listed under funding opportunities, subject search electro magnetic or electromagnetic warfare. or just select list all. What do you think their up to?
xx <xx>
xx, xx USA - Tuesday, October 01, 1996 at 21:10:37 (PDT)

In the early eighties(80 or 81), I went on a trip to Kentucky with my minister's son to assist my borther in moving to a new apartment. We stopped overnight at the church camp that we attended each year. While we were there, I hooked up with a good friend that I hadn't seen in a couple of years(he was working as a cook). We were sitting in the open air chapel at the camp talking when we heard what sounded like hundreds of people screaming at the same time. It went on for what seemed like a minute, but was probably only about ten seconds. After the screaming stopped, we could hear dogs barking in the distance. Weird, huh?
Richard Caudle <richard a cqc com>
Logansport, IN USA - Saturday, September 05, 1998 at 21:02:04 (PDT)

unfortunately, this is a second hand report of an experience my sister had (and continues to have) her bedroom in the apartment she shares with two other women appears to be possessed by national public radio. it plays thru her radiator, thru her radio (simultaneously with any other station she happens to tune to or alone if there's only static) and thru her phone, loudly enuf that when i call her i can hear it - sometimes softly, sometimes so loud we have to discontinue our conversation. she was extrememly relieved when i told her that, yes, i heard the trumpets - apparently it doesn't happen anywhere else in the apartment or even in the building. is her room acting as some sort of attena? if so, why dont' other rooms adjacent or above and below it in the building 'receive' the station? i've confirmed that it's not 'just us' by having my husband listen over the phone..he thinks we're nuts, but he admitted he could hear the jazz and the announcer's voice. any suggestions for 'exorcising' npr?
Stephanie <leffler1 a verinet com>
Fort Collins, CO USA - Sunday, August 23, 1998 at 22:20:43 (PDT)

A long time ago (8 or 9 years ago) I was vacationing in a certain part of Russia (whose name I do not remember.) The weather was completely horrible and it kept raining for about a week. While it was raining I became friends with a small group of youngsters. We sat around a fire and drank hot chicken soup. Then one day, one of the teenagers picked up a wire that was electrically charged. The wire was wet & water was dripping off. Funny thing was that this water was electrically charged and was green and blue. I tried to duplicate the effect but had no success. It looked like a liquid form of ball lightning. Oh, and the wire was charged up by itself. It was not connected to any power source where it could've gotten the electricity. P.S. If anybody has the plans on how to make a time travel device, please email me the plans and an explanation why/how it works. I have my own theories but they are all based on Einstein's theories.
Leo Zeygerman <LZ01 a hotmail com>
Brooklyn, NY USA - Thursday, March 26, 1998 at 18:58:14 (PST)

Personal: Self described cynic and skeptic; clear-headed and prone to logical thinking (read: Spock-like) On a friday last summer, my 12 HP lawnmower blew a drive belt. I rolled it up onto the step at the rear of my house and removed the belt, which was missing a large piece. Since I live 20 miles out in the country, I placed the belt to the side, planning to drive into town during the weekend to purchase a new one. I awoke Saturday morning to a loud clanging noise which I assumed to be the one of the farmer-landlord's piece of machinery. I dressed in preparation to confront the farmer for making noise so early and opened the back door. I stepped out to find the lawnmower running! The clanging noise was from a plate taken off the mower that seperated the drive pulley from the mower deck pulley rubbing on the lower, deck pulley. Looking back, I cannot remember if I left the key in the 'ON' position or in the 'off' position, but what started it? There was a large thunderstorm that rolled through that night, but could an 'area charge' from a lightning bolt engage the solenoid of the mower? I'm stumped!
Joe Myers <myersj a>
easton, ks USA - Tuesday, January 20, 1998 at 14:25:36 (PST)

I have witnessed several types of strange occurrences in my life. However this is nothing special since it appears to me that very many people witness many unexplained phenomenon. I do not look for odd phenomenon; I , like most of you, fall victim to such an event while in a state of feeling that all around me is normal. I am like an old Tom cat, who, when shown a tape recorder, gets up and walks away as if to say, Don?t try to rearrange my concept of reality. The following rip in my concept of reality occurred on the night of 11-27-95. At that period my wife and I would often walk around the hills of our small mountain town during the evening. It was near 8 PM when we were ascending up a small gulch to the NE of our town. I happened to look up the east hill slope and saw a large black area. At that moment a light came on in the area: it was a large hole in the ground about 50 feet long and maybe 30 feet wide. It was slightly above us and about 170 feet away. There was for a short time the sound of a motor, like that of an air-compressor. The sound was a steady ?puut puut puut puut? like a one cylinder engine. The light illuminated the sides of the hole (actually it was very bright) and we saw the fresh surface of broken rock. As we continued to ascend the gulch I told my wife that it was probably the site of a new house being built. I figured that it was a hole for a basement. The light was bluish-white like that seen in the older mercury vapor lights. The motor sound only lasted a minute and once, the light went off only come on again. I assumed that the owner was in the hole doing work. Other than wondering how such a hole was dug into solid sandstone I gave no special thought to the event. I almost decided to walk over and look in but decided not to since the owner might not want me on his land. We ended up seeing the hole from several heights (both from below and slightly above) and several angles as we walked on towards home. Several months passed. On 3-10-96 it was a fine Spring morning and my wife and I decided to go up and see how the new house was coming along. As we topped the rise above the small gulch all that met our eyes was a smooth hillside covered with old weeds and grass with a few small stones. Nothing appeared to have been moved for decades! As a child I had read about such things but that type of phenomenon was one kind that I refused to believe possible. What really chaps my hide is the noise I heard in the hole. Why not some high-tech sound? Why not an electrical noise? But no, it had to be some stupid piston noise like one might expect to hear in a silly Jules Verne movie. The upshot for me as a Christian is simply this: when Moses wrote that the earth opened up and swallowed thousands of people in the desert he probably was not referring to a giant quake. Most likely the earth simply opened up, like a hole in space-time, and thousands fell to their deaths.
Mark Buitron <rokemit a oneimage com>
Lyons, CO USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 07:31:29 (PDT)

On may occasions I have witnested taunt wires and cables oscillate or vibrate with extreme energy when there is zero wind. This is especially noticable when observing barb wire streched over a live stock water tank in extremely cold weather. Also guy cables on towers will "sing" at night, when there is zero wind movement. I have played with these observations, and I do not belive that thermodynamics are involved. But something is happening here. If any one else has observed this, or has ideas please drop me an Emal.
John Jones II <jjones2 a>
mo USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 00:30:49 (PDT)

One evening about 2 months ago (March 97) I took my son to a short church meeting at approximately 9:00 at night. I elected to stay in the car (1979 Mustang) and wait for him. The engine was off, the car was in gear (manual transmission, low gear) and I sat comfortably with my feet on the floor and hands resting on the bottom of the steering wheel as I contemplated how beautiful the night was. I was, incidently, parked facing north in a parking stall of a level parking lot with the car's front toward the curb. Suddenly I both heard and felt a collision from behind, as though I had been rear-ended by another car at say 5 miles per hour. My car lurched forward several inches, I was thrown forward in my seat by about 8 inches and the gas in the gas tank was sloshing around. I immediately jumped out of the car only to find nothing else around. The gas continued to slosh for several seconds but otherwise there were no sounds as the night was silent with no wind. No earthquakes were felt (I asked), and the car was in good condition with no apparent damage.
Henry Johnson <faraday a burgoyne com>
Preston, Idaho USA - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 13:10:40 (PDT)

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