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i have been teleported several time and with passengers in the car.. i had a wreck due to one teleportation< i love science and want to learn why this happened.. it was taking place alot between 2004 -2007 . has not occurred since.
M <mep69 a hotmail com>
NY USA - Friday, August 19, 2011 at 22:38:18 (PDT)

I just encountered one strange occurance that made me remember another. I was just driving down a road and saw a man and a women walking. The man looked a tiny bit familiar while i was driving by. I looked in my side view and reaer view to take a double take to see if i recognized them.. they werent there. i turned around completely. they literally WERE NOT THERE. there was no where they could turn, and no house they could go into. plus it was literally 1 second from when i saw them walking directly ahead to all of a sudden GONE. I stopped my car, turned around and could not fidn them anywhere. Where in the world would two grown adults simply vanish to? I looked in the yards they were walking past and dow na street that was coming up but knew they didnt have time to take. I cannot explain where they went but it made me feel as if i was going crazy. Im not going crazy. I saw these people, and actually found the woman attractive, then BOOM. gone!
Reading a lot of these posts it gave me information on parallel universes and reminded me of something.. When i was about 7, i was riding my bike across a street chasing another boy, so was going fast.. I didnt look and i was hit head on by an old woman doing about 30. The only thing i remember is standing on the sidewalk immediately during this and seeing my bike bent in half and destroyed by her car. I on the other hand was safe, on the siewalk, ON MY FEET!. a women near the scene said that she heard the screech and looked and saw me on my feet on the sidewalk liek i had floated there instantaneously.. Ambulance showed up and i was taken to the hospital. They coudlnt find a scratch. I have very little memory fro mthe time the car hit me to the time i was on the sidewalk.. all i know is i shouldnt have been mangled along with my bike under this womans car, and i wasnt. i had simply appeared on the sidewalk on my feet. Even if i was thrown from the bike there would be no way i would be on my feet without a scratch on me. how in the world did this happen? and where did those people go. I know im not going crazy. I just need the answers to understand what happend when i was 7 and what just happened today.

Jason M. <jasonm_murphy at yahoodot com>
USA - Monday, October 18, 2010 at 12:07:25 (PDT)

In 1962, I was living in Salina,Ks. I was going with my girlfriend(now my wife of 43 years).
I called her on the telephone and informed her that I was going to walk over to see her.
She said it was too hot. I told her I would be okay.
It would have been a 30 to 45 minute walk to her place.
I stepped outside the door of my house and for want of a better term "blacked out".
A minute later, I was standing at her front door.
She had just enough time to put the phone down(according to her) and walk to the front door.
She said that I must be playing a trick and called from one of the neighbors.
1.I did not know any of her neighbors and
2.There were not any cell phones in public use at that time.
Nothing like this has happened to me since.
I have no proof, but confirmation by my wife.

Bill D. Johnston <johnstonbil at gmaildot com>
Hutchinson, Ks USA - Wednesday, January 09, 2008 at 14:02:27 (PST)

Book ad: Tesla coil murder mystery at the University of Washington, A Spark of Death, by Bernadette Pager

In 1977 during college I was working a summer job at a local plumbing supply warehouse in Elmira NY. One of our tasks was to use an overhead gantry-hoist to unload metal stock from flatbed trucks: stacks of pipe, rebar, square and flat steel stock. We wrap the thousand-pound stack with chain, hook it to the electric hoist and lift, then push it manually along the gantry into the warehouse. Sometimes the square-shaped load would suddenly shift in the round-shaped loops of chain. So, pushing the load wasn't very safe. Wear gloves, and use knuckles or heel of hands.

Once I came back early after lunch and hoisted a huge load of 8ft 3in flat steel off a truck. Hoisting it up caused it to shift with huge bangs as different stacks moved around. When I started pushing it along, there was one more big bang, and I yanked my hands away. But then things got weird. My gloves were gone, and I found myself standing several yards away from the dangling load. I had to take several steps to get back to where I'd been. But I had no memory of running backwards. The load had shifted. It had pinched my entire gloves between shifting stacks. They were mashed flat and completely trapped. But this was impossible, there's no way my hands couldn't have been crushed. When the load shifts, it takes a tiny instant, like a mousetrap snapping shut. It was impossible that I could yank my hands out after the "bang." So, if anyone else had been watching, what would they have seen? Did I pull my hands out of the "moustrap" at superhuman speed, so fast that I left my gloves behind? And then I took many steps backwards, steps of which I had no memory? Or maybe I pulled a Gully Foyle from "The Stars My Destination." Jaunted to avoid gruesome injury, but not with a fire extinguisher as in that book.
W. Beaty <billb a eskimocom>
Seattle, WA USA - Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 01:07:27 (PST)


i was told this happens to many people but i still think it's weird, i did'nt have a dream in over two years now, its like when i go to bed i just blink and it's morrning time, but a month ago i was real tired so i went to at about 10 o'clock (friday night) an i had a dream i was been chased by something, dont no what it was though, the scary thing was i woke up in my friends house over a mile away, he told me he didnt let me in an his front door was locked, i was fully dressed no marks on my body or anything, i have no history of sleep walking, im 18, don't drink, smoke or take drugs. Can anyone tell me what could be the cause of this??????? Thanks!!!!
MIcheal Ryan <mukdazy at>
USA - Thursday, June 07, 2007 at 08:54:51 (PDT)

I was about 14 years old when this event took place. My mother,father and I were upstate in New York for the day at my fathers property. (Town of Arkville to be exact)We spent all morning and afternoon maintaing my dads land and decided to pack up and head home around 4pm.The road we traveled to get to my pops property was dirt and wide enough for 2 vehicles to comfortably pass. Often we would pass 2-3 cars a day on this road, that would be considered busy. Upon heading home we(all three of us) notice a red pickup truck moving very fast toward us and approx. 2/10 mile away. Since the roads were all dirt his dust trail was hard to miss. There was an old barn hardly standing we were about to pass when my father decided to slow down by this barn to move out of this guys way since he really was hauling ass. As we got to the other side of the barn to look out for this truck and it was gone and I mean gone(i get chills thinking about it now) There were no side roads no ditches just a short cut field of goldenrod. The dust cloud stopped as if it hit a 10' invisible wall and was slowly pouring its way over the top(curling like.)We got scared thinking this guy was dead off the road somewhere so we got out of our car to see if he was ok. Where this truck dissapeared was just where the road would bend slightly. We figured he went straight into the field of goldenrod. Upon looking we saw no evidence of tire tracks in the field no more dust and oddly no more tire tracks period. THIS TRUCK WAS GONE! As if it met a dimensional porthole or something. The ride home from there was a quiet one. Puzzled looks on all our faces. I'm 29 now and will never forget what I and both my mother and father witnessed that day.
frank pless <fpless a nycap.rr com>
selkirk, ny USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 18:48:27 (PDT)

A really really quick trip through NY state.

Summer of 1989. I was driving down from Montreal (QC, Canada) to The Great Chazy Marina (closed up now, the 'Great' part is a joke) in Chazy NY (upstate, really close to Canada). I did not take the usual route but a shortcut that the skipper had shown me a few weeks earlier. I was to pick up the skipper and his friends at the marina, they were coming back from Atlantic City, through the intracoastal waterways.

So I was driving through the fields of northern NY state, just a couple of kilometers south of US customs. The whole trip from the border to the marina is about 20-25 minutes, a bit faster if you take the shortcut.

I just entered a field I knew from two weeks before to be the right one for the shortcut. But I did not remember much else, I just figured that I was going south, it seemed to be the right way, and how can you get lost in country roads in upstate NY ? Being of the male gender, I did not stop to ask around :-)

A bit passed that field on a secondary road I saw the sign for Cooperstown. Where the baseball hall of fame is. Now, I knew Cooperstown was in NY state, but if it had been that close to the border why don't baseball fans in Montreal go there more often ? Anyway I entered Cooperstown and the town seemed dead. There were some cars parked here and there, but all shops were closed. There was not a soul to be seen. I drove a little further in town and lo and behold there was the Baseball Hall Of Fame, looking like a small white stucco chapel with wide front steps and "Baseball Hall of Fame" inscribed in an arch above the doors.

Well, ok, I told myself, this must be it, and maybe there's a big party and everybody is out of town. No big deal. I kept driving on that same road, telling myself that I would hit Lake Camplain, and drive north if I was lost. But no, after a few minutes I saw the road that I knew led directly to the marina, and found my friends who were just arriving (great timing !).

I told the skipper about the BHoF, and he started laughing and said there was no way I could have seen the BHoF because Cooperstown was 300 miles south...I checked the map and he was right...

What the hell happened here ? My timing was on the nose, I arrived at the exact time I had planned, and went into a 600 miles loop around NY state in a few minutes ???

Louis Vezina <louisv a>
Canada - Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 09:39:14 (PDT)


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