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1. *Real* weirdness please. Pursue accuracy and eliminate exaggeration.

2. No UFO abduction/encounters please. Try UFOCENTER, or Hyneck Ctr. for UFO Study.

3. Limit any "odd coincidence" reports; post only very oddest ones.

4. No 3rd-hand reports or urban legends (see below)

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No Urban Legends please!

In other words, report only those phenomena which you experienced personally, or which were experienced by someone you know and trust. I make this requirement in order to eliminate those dynamically-mutating rumors which get spread whenever stories are supposedly told third-hand, but actually they have been circulating for years. If unexplainable things happened to you or to an associate, please do report them. But if they happened to someone your relatives know, or to co-workers of collegues, or to a friend of a friend (an FOAF,) then they are almost definitely a tall tale or an urban legend, and should not be reported here. If you have ambition, track down that person and get the non-exaggerated story directly from the source.

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