The Seattle Outsider Artist Project (SOAP) is a Washington State
non-profit for the advancement of marginal art by marginal people, art
by non-artists, non-art by artists, and undifferentiated creative
proliferation in the community. Please contact us immediately if you
feel like you fit into any of these categories.

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The Seattle Outsider Artists Project (SOAP) is a Washington State non-profit dedicated to supporting creative individuals and groups that cannot or will not get resources from conventional sources or exposure in conventional venues. Like the Indymedia Center (IMC), it is the goal of SOAP to further the self-determination of marginalized and under-represented people by providing them with the tools and resources to become personally involved in media production, though our sphere of concern is creative expression rather than journalism. We are working to provide alternatives to "mainstream" modes of art production and consumption that rely heavily on a dwindling state support apparatus, on foundations and institutions which reward insular elites over promising amateurs and "outsiders", or on corporate sponsorship, which is subject to the biases and narrow worldview typical of corporate controlled media.

Our mission and business model derive from the understanding that financial sustainability for arts organizations today implies a certain degree of independence from traditional benefactors and a willingness to experiment with different methods of generating revenue. We seek to design programs and services that are volunteer-driven, low-overhead, and multi-purpose, ones that create income as a byproduct of fulfilling our mission.

In our first year of operation, we will initiate and maintain a rolling series of SOAP-sponsored events that showcase art, film, and performance that embody our vision, elevating the organization's public profile and providing the opportunity for members, potential members, and the public to meet and interact, thereby fostering a sense of community, purpose, and momentum. These events will raise funds through admission fees, art commissions, beverage and snack concessions, and limited merchandizing.

We will also establish a web-based peer-to-peer network to facilitate collaborative creative activity through connecting people and projects with willing volunteers. By its nature, this service is free to the public, but it creates a valuable volunteer pool to be drawn upon for SOAP operations and activities, and also serves as an ideal vehicle for promotion of SOAP events, programs, and services. The website will be ongoing and self-sustaining, with virtually no overhead but at tremendous utility.

Additionally, SOAP will host a series of inexpensive workshops that focus on the skills and techniques of art production, taught by experienced volunteers and covering a broad array of topics (such as silk-screening, creative writing, welding, and basic electronics). This will empower people and catalyze creative activity, and at the same time generate revenue for SOAP operations and activities.

Finally, SOAP will solicit grants and other resources from philanthropic organizations. As our organization grows and its achievements accumulate, this source of funding will increase the scale and diversity of events, programs, and services that we are able to sponsor.
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