In the tradition of Thomas Bearden's speculations about "scalar wave" weaponry and technology, here's something that suddenly appeared in my mind last night. As the little paranoid guy in "King of the Hill" says, "It was not done BAH me, it wuz done THROUGH me." :)

In a nonlinear material, a brief pulse will be stretched and spread in frequency as it travels. Lightning does this in the earth's electromagnetic ducts, resulting in ELF "whistler" radio signals. Or, clap your hand near a long 12" pipe mouth, and you'll hear "DEEEOOOOOOW!" as the pulse signal returns as a "chirp".

High-energy laser pulses can be assembled via the "Antichirp" process, where a time-reversed chirp is sent through a nonlinear material, and the waves condense into a very brief, high-power pulse. If the material is weak, the signal power can damage it, or at least cause variations in Index of Refraction, or even cause plasma ignition (electrical breakdown.) Because of this, it is conceivable that a wave could BOUNCE OFF OF ITSELF at a certain distance from the emitter. It would reflect back to its source when it hits the inconsistancy in the material which the wave itself is generating.

Bearden's books say that space is nonlinear and that a-temporal "scalar waves" exist. If so, then perhaps something similar to the above is possible? If an "antichirp" scalar wave is launched, will it compress into an intense shell-membrane at a certain radius from its emitter?

After reflection, a conventional wave would become a "chirp" again instead of an "antichirp". Maybe scalar waves are different? If they are, and if their odd temporal character keeps them as "antichirp" even after reflection, then an odd effect will occur. The reflected wave will concentrate at the emitter, pass it by, then form another spherical membrane on the opposite side! Once the thin spheres of concentrated wave-energy have appeared, we would have a spherical resonator chamber. The wave-emitter would only need to "tick over" slightly in order to keep up the energy in the bouncing wave patterns.

If an intense region of scalar waves is destructive to matter, then the thin shell of intense scalar waves would act like a solid barrier. If we touch it, the steam explosion at our skin surface drives our hand back. If we fire a bullet at it, the portion of the projectile that enters the high-field region will vaporize and drive the remainder of the projectile back via reaction forces. Light and sound perhaps would pass through. This sounds an awful lot like Nikola Tesla's fantastic claims made early this century for "energy bubbles" which could protect entire cities from any enemy. It also resembles the "misty blue spheres" which are reported over the oceans and in uncivilized areas from time to time. Hmmm. Maybe somebody went out and built themselves a "Star Trek Shield Generator"?

How would we build such a thing? I have no idea. How does one synthesize a scalar-wave wavetrain? Hmmm... Maybe... Could be... TESLA-COIL?!!! Other reported methods make the whole affair quickly become ridiculous: electrostatics rather than magnetics, piezo-nonlinear materials with electrodes... and right away we have the quartz Atlantean Power Crystals which make antigravity craft levitate and produce invisible force-walls which protect our high-tech prehistoric cities.

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