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  • Extremely creative solutions in HW and SW
  • Embedded controller design and software
  • Realtime programming C and assm, drivers, interrupts
  • Handhelds, VB under Win CE and .net
  • Laser scanner HW/SW design, Microscan and Intermec
  • Test Engineer, qual test, prod line test fixtures ATE Trace
  • Design and prototyping w/logic, analog, processors
  • RF design to 500MHz (some)
  • Design for EMI/ESD immunity, sensors in industrial envir.
  • Optoelectronic sensor design for industrial apps
  • Qual test products, IEC rf/emi immunity, CE/UL safety
  • Enclosure human factors (museum exhibit designs)
  • Analog interfacing micros
  • Proto shop, enclosure fab, lathe, drillpress, etc.
  • PCB Design and Fab, PC CAD, Schematic CAD
  • Apps: PADS, Orcad, Autocad 9 (schematic), PADS pcb, Tango PCB, pSpice, excel
  • Master-class debugger, maintain sci. research insts. wo/schematics
  • Troubleshoot to component level, analog/digital/micros/AV/Power-RF/Research inst.
  • All test equip: picoamp-Kamps, uV to 500KV, DC-500MHz
  • High Voltage & electrostat. design and troubleshooting
  • Small project management, team lead new products & custom mods
  • Customer interface, debugging at field sites
  • FMECA, marg. analysis, component internal physics, statistics


  • Embedded systems programming, C and Assy, realtime & interrupt-driven
  • Device drivers in assembler
  • Comm stacks, IRda
  • Portables, VB under Win CE and .net
  • Numerical simulation of mechanical systems
  • PC: high level and systems programming in C, some C++
  • Software Experience:
    Languages: C, VB, BS basic, Forth, Fortran
    Assembler: Hitachi 8 & 32, Microchip, Motorola 68000, 650X, 680X, 8085
    PC: C, MS-DOS, C/Windows,
    Internet: HTML, UNIX CGI Scripts, some perl, some Javascript


  • Creating novel concepts and designs for science museum exhibit devices.
  • Use of custom electronics, computer, video, and AV devices for interpreting science and technology ideas to the public.
  • Originating new methods for explaining physical science concepts.
  • Design and fabrication of physical science educational devices
  • Physics explainer
  • Amateur inventor: inventions
  • Artist w/Freehand and Adobe Illustrator
  • Proto machine shop: Lathe, bandsaw, drillpress,etc.


  • Lecturer on physics misconceptions and novel approaches to understanding
  • Technical Writer, Technical Trainer
  • Science textbook consultant
  • Department supervisor

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