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Looks great on first visit...keep it up...I'll be back to check things out. Only after you visit my site and sign the guestbook though *grin*
dimension4 <dimension4 a hotmailcom>
Mornington, VIC AUSTRALIA - Thursday, May 08, 1997 at 05:41:53 (PDT)
First visit enjoyed very much will try one idea be back.
L beier
Conroe, TX USA - Tuesday, May 06, 1997 at 20:02:49 (PDT)
I realy like you site?
William C. Wood <968152 a Millwood.ednet.ns.ca>
Sackville, Canada - Tuesday, May 06, 1997 at 08:18:14 (PDT)
Thank you for making such an interesting web site available. Please concider adding my site to your listings. http://www.kyes-worldcom The Event Inventor
Kye Ewing <mail a kyes-worldcom>
W Palm Beach, FL USA - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 12:44:31 (PDT)
Am interested in replicating the VTA experiment! Is there anyone else working on this? What is the ferite magnet conditioning process refered to in the papers on this device?
Mark E. Manning <Mark E. Manning a jpl.nasa.gov>
San Gabrial, CA USA - Friday, May 02, 1997 at 15:50:00 (PDT)
like this page is so like whatevvver!!!!like see ya like later like!
Garfield <mmcool a rocketmailcom>
Santa Fe, NM USA - Wednesday, April 30, 1997 at 16:43:17 (PDT)
This place is BOSSSSSSSS man the only thing that could make this site better would be to have an electronic order form to by the teslea coils and the rest of the stuff for the experiments. WORD UP! Keep up the good work. And I salute you, you happy scientist you.
Robbie <ERAG1 a aolcom>
Brooklyn, N.Y. USA - Wednesday, April 30, 1997 at 13:22:41 (PDT)
This page is cool
Panama City, Fl USA - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 15:17:35 (PDT)
A splendid resource even for a professional scientist. Thanks for compiling it all!
Hans Schantz, Ph.D. <hans a schantzcom>
Austin, TX USA - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 09:57:41 (PDT)
Best place on the web........ How do you find the time ? I hope you realise how many people you've got hooked on this sort of stuff. Keep up the good work.
Darren Hesford <dhesfo a globalnet.co.uk>
Manchester, Uk - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 11:30:52 (PDT)
Very nice.....awesome!!!i love weird science!!!
JP l?berg <jiipeel a freenet.hut.fi>
nastola, Finland - Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 01:59:27 (PDT)
I do heaps of experiments any ideas would really help.
Patrick <wall a infolearncom.au>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 21:07:21 (PDT)
Cool! I love expiermenting sen me some tests & projects!!!!
Patrick <wall a infolearncom.au>
sydney, NSW Australia - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 21:02:18 (PDT)
As I want to make Tesla world system ,please send me files for Tesla world system with free.
recyclen <recyclen a japan-net.or.jp>
Bisai, Aichi JAPAN - Tuesday, April 15, 1997 at 23:03:01 (PDT)
This is easily my favorite site on the web. Thanks for the hologram idea.
Dagwood Reeves <dagwood a unm.edu>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Tuesday, April 15, 1997 at 16:13:28 (PDT)
This is a really WEIRD place......weird in a cool way! I might turn weird if I stay here too long, but, I guess I (and my family) will be willing to take that risk! This is weird!
Steve <stevemr2 a televarcom>
Sunnyside, Wa USA - Monday, April 14, 1997 at 22:46:02 (PDT)
I have being doing "Scientist-In-Residence" for elementary and junior high school students for several years. I have been asking lots of educators if they are aware of people doing what I do. I find your page very interesting and plan on using contents in the future. I have taught several thousand K-6 students science principles with interactive hands-on experiments, I have found that I can rarely "intellectualize". As a result, to obtain their interest and enthusiasm (motivation) I tend to simplify in their street language. I have had tremendous response with this approach from students, teachers, parents and administrators. With this approach, I have had 4th grade students build battery operated electric motors (material cost $2.) and understand how the motor works. Building the motor was an idea given to me by a high school physics teacher who had his physics class build one. Keep up the page, it is the best I have seen as a science resource .
Bob Burns
USA - Saturday, April 12, 1997 at 18:03:47 (PDT)
MATT <davegrange a msncom>
CHELENHAM, U.K. - Saturday, April 12, 1997 at 12:26:33 (PDT)
great site. my son made the electrostatic motor (pop bottles). barely moved with "the electrophorus". with the TV really got moving. however we now have a TV that has no picture (too many on-offs). so all of you motor builders be carefull.
Ted Richardson <te2dy a redshiftcom>
Salinas, Ca USA - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 22:57:10 (PST)
I am very glad to been able to read this importent document
Torkel Morgell <torkel.morgell a swipnet.se>
Stockholm, Sweden - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 13:35:58 (PST)
NEWS FROM GREENWICH MUSIC -- April 1997 OLDEST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT KNOWN PLAYS NOTES OF DO, RE, MI SCALE. The oldest known musical instrument in the world is a flute, a fragment (from a Slovenian Neanderthal camp site), of a cave-bear cub's femur, with 4 holes in it (43,ooo to 82,ooo years old). It's also the first musical instrument ever associated with Nea nderthals. This flute has now been analyzed by Canadian musicologist Bob Fink as playing 4 notes of the Do, Re, Mi scale (known as the diatonic scale), making it the first evidence of the diatonic scale in prehistoric periods. Fink's interdisciplinary analysis was checked and accepted by earth-scientists involved in work of the site where the bone flute was found, and by musicologists who heard about the findings. The odds the 4 holes could be spaced as they are by chance are very slim. CONTACT: MORE INFO, or FEEDBACK: green at webster.sk.ca or phone (306) 244-0679. FAX: (306) 244-0795.
C. Norton <green a webster.sk.ca>
Saskatoon, SK Canada - Sunday, March 30, 1997 at 08:53:18 (PST)
I am working on machine to generate electricity from ocean waves,can be done economicly feasible,please consider the following. THE POOR MANS SOLUTION TO ?THE ENERGY PROBLEM? ?THE POLUTION PROBLEM? ?THE GLOBAL WARMING PROBLEM? WAIT NOW!! DON?T GO AWAY!! CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING. Electric battery operated autos will not do it you know. Suppose all autos, trucks, trains, planes were battery operated, how many coal and oil fired generating plants would it take to keep all these batteries charged? Batteries only relocate the pollution. The solution is ? A hydrogen economy?.
ARDEN, NC 28704USA - Saturday, March 29, 1997 at 07:52:21 (PST)
Quite funny thise site! Good work!
Daniel <qpjr a theos.ping.de>
Herdecke, NRW Germany - Friday, March 28, 1997 at 04:02:47 (PST)
Quite funny thise site! Good work!
Daniel <qpjr a theos.ping.de>
Herdecke, NRW Germany - Friday, March 28, 1997 at 04:01:23 (PST)
I'm doing a experiment on viscosity.Any suggestions on how to build a simple viscometer would be appreciated. Thanxs
D.Lovett <clsmoov a msncom>
Pgh, Pa USA - Wednesday, March 26, 1997 at 18:40:59 (PST)
WAY COOL SITE!!! I am so glad I found this site for our science education. I homeschool my kids and their friends, and I was especially glad to see the section of science myths of K thru 6th. This will be an oft-used resource for us.
D.J. Brewer <djbrewer a hal-pc.org>
Baytown, TX USA - Tuesday, March 25, 1997 at 20:53:21 (PST)
I just discovered this address and have enjoyed it immensly - will be back for more. I am a grandfather and have printed out some of your subjects such as Bad Rain and Bad Greenhouse to give to my grandchildren in grades K-6. Keep up the good work!
Thomas L. Griffin <TOMG12527 a AOLcom>
Inman, SC USA - Tuesday, March 25, 1997 at 17:39:32 (PST)
Your site is truly a fantastic source of information. (Or is that source of fantastic information?...) I may actually try out some of the 'alternative' projects some day. Keep up the good work!!
Rpt <philot a ixnetcomcom>
Tallahassee, FL USA - Tuesday, March 25, 1997 at 11:43:49 (PST)
Great Site. could be better
James <jaodonne>
E Patchogue, ny US - Saturday, March 22, 1997 at 11:13:52 (PST)
Fantastic page! Keep up the excellent work!
Vic Vector <vvector a execpccom>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Friday, March 21, 1997 at 19:53:53 (PST)
Interesting info? I a science buff and I've been looking for a sight like this. I think the science jokes are great.
nancy mccarthy <noel a frontier.wilpaterson>
wanye, nj USA - Wednesday, March 19, 1997 at 08:57:34 (PST)
I am currently in need of a valve suitable for automotive antifreeze that can be controlled variably via voltage or some other automatic means. If you have one or know where I can get one, expensive or not, please drop me a line.
Jonathan E. Brickman <brickman a cjnetworkscom>
Topeka, KS USA - Tuesday, March 18, 1997 at 08:20:20 (PST)
I built something close to the "scalar magnetic" device mentioned in Weird Science. Warning: there are dangers. If anybody wants more details please email. I have a few, though they are not specific enough to suit me. I will be building a far better controlled and more powerful version of the same in a few months. Jonathan Brickman The Association for Freedom and Growth
Jonathan E. Brickman <brickman a cjnetworkscom>
Topeka, KS USA - Tuesday, March 18, 1997 at 08:17:09 (PST)
USA - Sunday, March 16, 1997 at 16:45:56 (PST)
you mispelled
USA - Sunday, March 16, 1997 at 16:43:33 (PST)
Thanks for the information on the Van de Graaff page. I halped my kids build a fairly large Van de Graaff several years ago for a science project but it never really worked very well. We could only get 2 to 3 inch sparks out of it at best. Using so me of the info on your page we worked on it and are now getting up to 20 inch sparks out of the same machine. Thanks. Benny Wilkie and family
Benny Wilkie <wilkie a intplsrvnet>
Blair, OK USA - Sunday, March 16, 1997 at 10:34:02 (PST)
my kids enjoy your page. they also are learning alot about weather because I am a skywarn spotter in kane pa
clarence parker <weather a penncom>
kane, pa USA - Saturday, March 08, 1997 at 16:45:37 (PST)
Great sight,found it looking for some info on Tesla for school. Can you believe until tonight I couldn't find anything on the guy Thanks for the Info
RICK <GRIMLIN98 a aolcom>
LAKELAND, FL USA - Wednesday, March 05, 1997 at 18:22:05 (PST)
Great site too bad we didn't find it sooner last week I was in a second grade science fair. This would have helped a lot. Maybe next year.
Joshua Cohen <neqis2 a junocom>
N. Huntingdon, PA USA - Wednesday, March 05, 1997 at 17:18:04 (PST)
Jason Feldman <jfeldman a physics.utexasedu>
Austin, TX USA - Wednesday, March 05, 1997 at 16:05:41 (PST)
Free Energy!! Free Energy!! Free Energy!! Anyone out there who wants to help make it happen? E-Mail me.......Thanks.
Dan LaRochelle <dansway a pacbellnet>
Aptos, CA USA - Wednesday, March 05, 1997 at 00:21:40 (PST)
This page is great! It is truely a work of art.
Ian Doyle <Talamarius a hotmailcom>
loogootee, in USA - Tuesday, March 04, 1997 at 07:03:37 (PST)
LANCE LOCKEN <locken a sk.sympatico.ca>
Tribune, SK CANADA - Monday, March 03, 1997 at 17:48:17 (PST)
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Good work.
Lewiston, ID USA - Monday, March 03, 1997 at 12:03:53 (PST)
I like your work. If anyone wants to, please mail me! Louise
Louise Friberg <nv96lofr a klippan.se>
Sweden - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 04:53:02 (PST)
WoW!...Every time I visit I enjoy your page more! Keep up the great work!
In my profession I deal with Science everyday, and it NEVER gets boring!!

lab_girl <lab_girl a hotmailcom>
A VERY small town, BC Canada - Saturday, February 22, 1997 at 20:43:19 (PST)
WoW!...Every time I visit I enjoy your page more! Keep up the great work!
In my profession I deal with Science everyday, and it NEVER gets boring!!

lab_girl <lab_girl a hotmailcom>
A VERY small town, BC Canada - Saturday, February 22, 1997 at 20:42:30 (PST)
My family and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication put into this web page, keep up the great work.
Melvin L. Leppla <melvin a onslowonlinenet>
Jacksonville, NC USA - Sunday, February 16, 1997 at 08:37:37 (PST)
I've just found this site while looking for others doing serious work on anti-gravity. So far it looks very interesting! Thanks !! It's curious to me that many reports on "UFO's" include indications of rotating saucers...like the Finish experiment. I'll be visiting often - looks good !! DC
Dennis Capewell <dencape a webtv.den>
USA - Sunday, February 16, 1997 at 08:03:21 (PST)
I was helping my 9 year old daughter find some information on her science experiment. I found your site very education and easy for the younger children to move around. Your site provided her with a lot of resources, thank you!
Tammie Johnson <tammiej a eastkycom>
Middlesboro, Ky USA - Thursday, February 13, 1997 at 19:04:38 (PST)
Cool page. But now my brain hurts !! Thanks alot !! Tesla + coil + ufo = Tunguska ? Black holes create atoms ? Come check out my "Relative 2 What?" section of my page.
Chris Stoddard <evilnad a geocitiescom>
Canada - Thursday, February 13, 1997 at 06:06:30 (PST)
Great site.Like the Terminator, "I'LL BE BACK".
TIM TRAINOR <giants.fan2 a junocom>
USA - Wednesday, February 12, 1997 at 22:23:31 (PST)
HI! If anyone knows in detail how a motor or electrostatic motor works please E-mail Me!!
Chris <glamour a mulberrycom>
Brockville, ont Can. - Monday, February 10, 1997 at 02:32:55 (PST)
I'm interested in time travel, and I've designed my own time machine. Why not check out my homepage?
John R Tooker <jrtooker a freenet.calgary.ab.ca>
Calgary, Ab Canada - Sunday, February 09, 1997 at 15:19:34 (PST)
Come visit power by design for railguns, magnatrons, and oxygen cannons!
Alan Cooper <mrcooper a hotmailcom>
Syracuse, NY USA - Friday, February 07, 1997 at 03:41:12 (PST)
NEWTON'S LAWS??? I'm looking for reputable resources that deal with student (primary to secondary) misconceptions in Mechanics (more specifically, Newton's Laws). Any suggestions?
Steven Maier <maier a provaluenet>
Stillwater, OK USA - Monday, February 03, 1997 at 18:29:51 (PST)
Question: I got here by searching for 'preheating teapot' but the page I clicked on doesn't exist. Does anyone know where that went? I'm looking for a study whether preheating the pot before brewing tea makes any difference. Cool site, though - I'll add it to my bookmarks! Andrew Queisser
Andrew Queisser <queisser a peak.org>
corvallis, or USA - Monday, February 03, 1997 at 10:08:24 (PST)
Your club is the best!!!!!!! PLEASE WRITE BACK!
Melinda Deuso <handyman a mdcnet>
Lowell, MA USA - Sunday, February 02, 1997 at 07:03:19 (PST)
I selected an experiment from the science fair idea exchange and it didn't work can anybody help me?? The experiment is to see which type of bean gives off more gas a frozen,fresh, or canned bean by putting it in a test tube with vinegar and place a b alloon over the test tube and measure the size of the balloon. I did'nt know how much to put in so I used a 1/2 tablespoon of both bean and vinegar. Nothing happened !!! Need help for Science Fair Please!!!
Matthew Kadell <kadell57 a open.org>
Salem, OR USA - Friday, January 31, 1997 at 20:10:37 (PST)
I was just wondering if anyone knew if using a battery could power an electrostatic motor? If so please respond A.S.A.P! Thanks!
Chris <glamour a mulberrycom>
Brockville, Can. - Thursday, January 30, 1997 at 18:43:54 (PST)
We liked everything here, especially the Hand made holograms.
Jeremy Roman <EagleBound a aolcom>
Glen Burnie, MD USA - Thursday, January 30, 1997 at 10:44:50 (PST)
Great Site! It's good to see that the garbage I learned in highschool science class isn't being repeated. You should have some stuff on time travel physics & devices. I'd be happy to contribute...
Rev. Dr. John R Tooker <jtooker a mailmashercom>
Calgary, Ab Canada - Sunday, January 26, 1997 at 15:13:33 (PST)
Forgetting high school physics? Remember how to fill a volume with a gas? Buy a glass globe from light store. Fill bathtub with water, better yet, fill bucket with distilled water. Submerge globe. Run a rubber tube from gas source under water and i nto globe. Turn on gas. Bubbles fill globe. Great, but it's wet. Tell me how to dry it so I can seal it without losing gas or letting the nasty M-class planet atmosphere contaminate it.
Bill Boucher <boucher a kent.net>
Chatham, ON Canada - Friday, January 24, 1997 at 17:26:36 (PST)
Hi there. I guess I'm just here to day that it's a pretty darned cool page. Also, if you like pretty darned cool pages, I advise you to visit mine. Actually, I don't want you to be disappointed, it pretty much sucks. But it'd be nice if you went an yway. Well, back tot he point of these comments, I'd just like to say that it's really interesting, and ball lighning sounds really cool. I hope that this page grows, prospers, and anything else that can be considered good happens to it. Science Rules! (I'm a big fan of Bill Nye The Science Guy) Bye bye now!
Sara (Madfairy) Anderson <mjsjk a rmcinet>
Boise, ID USA - Monday, January 20, 1997 at 20:19:37 (PST)
Hi. I realy liked this page. I realy needed the help with my science fair project. I got an A++ on it. I would just like to thank you guys for all the help Katue
Katie Johnston <klj02 a aol>
Musacatine, IA USA - Monday, January 20, 1997 at 16:01:12 (PST)
Your page and pages like yours ARE what I got a computor for!I have recently completed writing "Heresy:A Manual for Heretics" I'll send you a copy if you like. Also, how far away from my computor should I be to operate my VDG (400Kv) safely?Other precautions?
Kevin Taylor <kjohn a intergate.bc.ca>
Surrey, BC Canada - Monday, January 20, 1997 at 15:09:33 (PST)
I can't access any of the project info that We need for our science
squamish, na canada - Tuesday, January 14, 1997 at 11:14:19 (PST)
I was wondering if a battery power source would work for the 2 liter soda bottle electrostatic motor project. My 9 yr old son would love to do this project for school, but I don't know where to get a static eletricity generator. Thanks, excellent web site!!!
Greg <greg a surfnetinccom>
St. John, IN USA - Sunday, January 12, 1997 at 21:06:01 (PST)
I was looking for info about the Kelvin generator, and Yahoo came up with your link. It's been the most helpful I've come across, and you're in my own backyard. Thank's for the site. I'm sure I'll be back.
Steve Meyer <dubes a eskimocom>
Seattle, WA USA - Sunday, January 12, 1997 at 20:18:19 (PST)
I am the Astrocreep. Build railguns and vaporize things!
Garloc <mrcooper a hotmailcom>
USA - Sunday, January 12, 1997 at 19:13:32 (PST)
Wow. This is pretty neat. One question though, where is the make your own home nuke reactor kits? Max
Maximus Ambrosius <maximus5 a hotmailcom>
Cleveland, TX USA - Thursday, January 09, 1997 at 19:49:27 (PST)
Great Ideas. Has anyone noticed that when you stare into the centre of a colour wheel for a minute then close your eye lids tight. Then, a colour wheel will form on the insides of your eyelids but 180 degrees rotated????? To test this use the ESP tester colour wheel at http://www.are-caycecom/esptester.htm Is this to say that our minds remember things 180 degrees out of phase so that when they are played back (recalled) they appear correct???????
Shane Rowatt <sdr a bha.oz.au>
Brisbane, QLD AUSTRALIA - Tuesday, January 07, 1997 at 17:32:08 (PST)
Here I am again, HAL didn't register my street address the last time, so here it is again: Remy Chevalier, Environmental Library Fund, 25 Newtown Turnpike, Weston CT 06883, Fax 203-226-3531. Hope I didn't take too much of your time...
Remy Chevalier <25 Newtown Turnpike>
Weston, CT 06883, USA - Friday, January 03, 1997 at 10:06:55 (PST)
I'm still low tech, so I hope you'll send me your snail mail address so we can still communicate. I like your site and what you're doing. I was New Age Researcher for Factsheet 5 before surfing the Web replaced the zine revolution. I'm still trying to scrounge the pennies necessary to buy the equipment I need to get online. In the meantime I still network best I can the ol'fashion way! Did I have to go the the line somewhere along the way. I'm sitting down at an all access Express Internet terminal at the Darien Public Library. It says on the sign glued to the monitor 15 minutes only. I'v ebeen here three hours, no one's notice. Ah, no too late, they're taking me away... Just kidding. Look up page 57 or 58 of Angels Don't pPlay This Haarp, my name is t here. Keep up the good work!
Remy Chevalier/Electrifying Times <Sorry, don't have a home computer yet!>
Weston, CT USA - Friday, January 03, 1997 at 10:02:11 (PST)
A good friend of mine is teaching high school physics in Houston with very limited lab resources. Your links to simple experiments are really helpful. More?
Cathy Cabrera <cathycab a u.washingtonedu>
Seattle, WA USA - Thursday, January 02, 1997 at 08:58:31 (PST)
I think I've found a new hobby.
Stuart Perkins <perkins a popi.net>
The Colony, TX USA - Wednesday, December 25, 1996 at 10:13:08 (PST)
Hi! Very useful page. If you have any new info on Magnetism as in relation to Geo- and Astrophysics, could you please let me know. Facts, sources etc. Thank you ever so much.
laila <liala a iafricacom>
rsa - Wednesday, December 25, 1996 at 06:39:35 (PST)
Wonderful page! I am physics major at Colorado School of Mines. Thanks for the info...I intend to use it. -John Fuhrmann
John Fuhrmann <jfuhrman a minesedu>
Golden, CO USA - Monday, December 23, 1996 at 02:46:53 (PST)
Hello, I am a sophomore in highschooland plan to do a science project in the spring. I really like your web page and I am mad that I don't have time to look at the entire page. I was wondering if you could give me any ideas about a sience project on superconducters.I was reading something about them the other day and it really interested me. I wish you could help me out. Also this science project does not have to be this year. I would like to find one that I could work on until my senior year. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work on the web page.
Samuel <sbrewer a pclnet>
Gadsden, AL USA - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 19:50:33 (PST)
I'm for Weird! Stamp out Reality! Question Authority! Thanx, Robert
Lambert, Robert D. <noumena947 a aolcom>
Long Beach, CA USA - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 00:19:36 (PST)
Hi, one of the best pages I saw in the net! Multimedia Physik
Peter Krahmer <krahmer a t-online.de>
Wuerzburg, Germany - Saturday, December 21, 1996 at 16:10:45 (PST)
I am 15 and am interested in science.Would you tell me about the latest gizmos and gadgets? Thanks.
Ngai Jin Sien <jsngai a pc.jaring.my>
Subang Jaya, Selgor Malaysia - Friday, December 20, 1996 at 20:59:00 (PST)
Hello, Its to nice to se this pages, and good for my, im not have experencie in this stuff. ES muy bonito ver esta pagina, para mi que no soy muy bueno para estas cosas. Sincerely Sinceramente Antonio Ulloa Jr. Nexus_X
Antonio Ulloa <antonioulloa a nlaredo.globalpc.net>
Laredo, TX USA - Thursday, December 19, 1996 at 21:52:04 (PST)
Bearden and others keep referring to E.T. Whittaker and his articles from 1903 and 1904.They can be found in postscript form at: ftp://hoffman.rstnu.bcm.tmcedu/pub/free_energy/noring/Whittaker/ backtrack to the base directory and check in the .../incoming/ directory for zip files of .jpg scans of photocopies of those articles for those who can't read postscript files... ...there,I've done your footwork and searching for you...
WSP <none>
Hartford, CT USA - Thursday, December 19, 1996 at 12:40:09 (PST)
This GUEST BOOK is nice! This GUEST BOOK is nice!! This GUEST BOOK is nice!!! This GUEST BOOK is nice!!!!
Rex C. Plantado <s9310689 a katnga.adnedu.ph>
Naga City, Philippines - Wednesday, December 18, 1996 at 01:20:40 (PST)
Gostaria de receber prospectos dessa bela apresenta?o. Admirei muito. Grato
Luiz Ferraz Netto <leo a barretoscom.br>
Barretos, SP Brasil - Sunday, December 15, 1996 at 15:28:05 (PST)
Stormwise has inexpensive Lightning Sensors and Lightning Data Logging Software that may be useful in your classroom studies of weather, science, etc. www.stormwisecom. Thanks!
Lightning Sensors <none>
Greenville, TX USA - Monday, December 09, 1996 at 20:15:09 (PST)
I enjoy this type of web page and have bookmarked for further use....Thank you and keep up the good work..
Patrick McLaughlin <patrick a wurtsboro.ny.frontiercommnet>
Middletown, NY USA - Monday, December 09, 1996 at 17:25:10 (PST)
Hello, you've a great site !! Wonderful and interesting links. I bookmark now !
Euro Space center <eurospace a ping.be>
Transinne, Lux Belgium - Sunday, December 08, 1996 at 05:28:05 (PST)
Your site is very nice. I like your interface. Science Rules
J.C. Murray <jcmurray a mindscapecom>
USA - Thursday, December 05, 1996 at 17:25:38 (PST)
Great Web page. Just looking for more information on the Hoverboard.
Britt Beaubian <bbeaub01 a lausd.k12.ca.us>
L.A., Ca USA - Wednesday, December 04, 1996 at 20:43:32 (PST)
As a full-time 'laboratory animal' I enjoy your light-hearted approach to the really fun stuff one can do with technology. After years of people who are only interested in making money (or getting another grant) with technology, it is refreshing to associate with people who appreciate technology for what it is - fun! Rave on, Mad Scientist - you are not alone.... (The Big Question is, "Are We Alone?")
Bill Terrier <billdh a concentricnet>
Taylor, TX USA - Wednesday, December 04, 1996 at 18:36:36 (PST)
I'ts so great to finally find a place to relate to.Thancks for being here.
USA - Tuesday, December 03, 1996 at 21:32:50 (PST)
E.K.SWAMY <ekswamy a hotlinecom>
mumbai, maharashtra INDIA - Saturday, November 30, 1996 at 21:47:34 (PST)
You have a great site ! I had loads of fun. To hell with Edison, Tesla was the one who really got it right!!! So long.
Tara Whelan <pdx7836 a iol.ie>
Bray, Ireland - Saturday, November 30, 1996 at 17:29:43 (PST)
Liked the information and links keep on keeping on: check my page dealing with free energy http://www.main.murraynet.au/~egel like to hear from others .geoff
Geoff Egel <egel a main.murray.net.au>
Loxton, SA Australia - Saturday, November 30, 1996 at 01:04:54 (PST)
Liked the information and links keep on keeping on check my page dealing with free energy http://www.main.murraynet.au/~egel like to hear from others .geoff
Geoff Egel <egel a main.murray.net.au>
Loxton, SA Australia - Saturday, November 30, 1996 at 01:04:11 (PST)
What about lava lamps ? Pleeeeeeeeease, dig up some information (I can't find any anywhere !) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Amanda Glosson <amanda.g a junocom>
Grovetown, Ga USA - Friday, November 29, 1996 at 05:49:54 (PST)
I finally found a site I could really enjoy!!!
Victor Romeo Vergara <cocomach a skyinetnet>
Caloocan, PHILIPPINES - Wednesday, November 27, 1996 at 04:53:07 (PST)
great place to spend time and whet the mind
Jerry A. Collins <edsinc a talltowncom>
Lakeview, OR USA - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 19:13:38 (PST)
great place to spend time and whet the mind
Jerry A. Collins <edsinc a talltowncom>
Lakeview, OR USA - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 19:12:06 (PST)
Thick rubber soled boots dont stop a 400Kv mini tesla coil shock. Excellent web site.
Joules <julian.mallett a torran.almac.co.uk>
uk - Sunday, November 24, 1996 at 15:32:18 (PST)
Interested in T.Townsend Brown and all other experimenters who have found a propulsive/antigrav effect using electrostatics. Seems simple enough to verify/disprove. Anyone working on this?
Jay Dillon <jcfdillon a hotmailcom>
Boulder, CO USA - Sunday, November 24, 1996 at 12:42:07 (PST)
Interested in T.T. Brown and other experimenters who claimed to have found a propulsive or antigravity effect with electrostatics. Seems simple enough to verify or disprove. Is anyone doing this?
Jay Dillon <jcfdillon a hotmailcom>
Boulder, CO USA - Sunday, November 24, 1996 at 12:39:24 (PST)
WOW! One of the best sites ever seen! I've discovered it just few days ago, now i hopefully look around to found somewhat about lasers (homebuild...)!
Martin De Tomaso <mdetomas a inf.unitn.it>
Bolzano, I Italy - Thursday, November 21, 1996 at 01:02:54 (PST)
Interesting, very interesting.
Stew Harris <tomitire a infinet>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Wednesday, November 20, 1996 at 13:33:51 (PST)
[Me] I like what you've done. With any luck, people will read your information frequently.
Helge Moulding <hsm a slc.unisyscom>
Salt Lake City, UT USA - Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 08:22:53 (PST)
USA - Sunday, November 17, 1996 at 18:04:35 (PST)
GREAT! Thank you, keep up the good work, I enjoy.
Tom Coomes <cemc a aolcom>
Louisville, KY USA - Sunday, November 17, 1996 at 10:46:51 (PST)
I enjoyed your homepage and its contents. Your opions and those of others are impartial and credible. I hope to see some more information on the "Patterson Cell". It may already be there, and if it is well please excuse the request. I will add this site as one of my book marks. Thank you. (Look here. -billb)
paul rozsahegyi <paul1935 a erolscom>
mechanicsville, vva USA - Thursday, November 14, 1996 at 17:52:54 (PST)
AMAZING!!! Excellent source of information.
Matej Horvat <matejh a uc01.s-dgm.mbedus.si>
Slovenia - Tuesday, November 12, 1996 at 05:51:35 (PST)
What a great resource. Thanks for putting it all together. Lightning & Aircraft & Space Photography

Cori Prazen <cori a prazencom>
USA - Sunday, November 10, 1996 at 22:48:55 (PST)
The help in all the areas is really appreciated. I dreaded the science fair before. Noe it's no problem. Thanks! Peace, Laove I'm gone
Laramie Jorgensen
Great Falls, MT USA - Saturday, November 09, 1996 at 15:13:19 (PST)
Is there anyone of you young aspiring scientist that can tell me if there is a any liquid or solid that weigh more than water that will float on water. thank- you as its always puzzled me. ( Trick question. Make a toy canoe of plasticene, it floats even though clay sinks in water. - billb)
JH REYNDERS <adsys a global.co.za>
johannesburg, gau south africa - Friday, November 08, 1996 at 08:24:44 (PST)
anna marie ritter
nashville, tn USA - Wednesday, November 06, 1996 at 14:07:25 (PST)
Where can I find science projects?
Bill (Look here - billb
Sparta, Tn USA - Saturday, November 02, 1996 at 07:40:18 (PST)
I have been looking for information on 9-12 science projects. This sight has helped me. Is there any where on the web to see many examples of science projects?
Bill Shaffield <connections a blomandnet>
Sparta, TN USA - Saturday, November 02, 1996 at 07:35:56 (PST)
Science is a wonder that will never end. It's My life, second to Music. It's our Future.
Dharmini Joseph <mini a pl.jaring.my>
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia - Tuesday, October 29, 1996 at 22:38:49 (PST)
You are THE MAN! Excellent Page! I built a Jacobs Ladder - just discovered that 5 KV at 30 ma will not kill you, only set your leg hair on fire!
Ross Overstreet <oversrw a eng.auburnedu>
Auburn, Al USA - Tuesday, October 29, 1996 at 12:11:04 (PST)
good stuff!
walt scott <scottj a parktown.jhb.school.za>
johannesburg, south africa - Monday, October 28, 1996 at 03:03:05 (PST)
Science is my work...is my life. I love to see a place where science is shown so well. GREAT SITE!!
lab_girl <lab_girl a hotmailcom>
BC Canada - Sunday, October 27, 1996 at 22:58:44 (PST)
loved the misconceptions. add more asap. thanks
bob h <helives a terminus.intermindnet>
las vegas, nv USA - Thursday, October 24, 1996 at 22:54:31 (PDT)
listen and sayit simply..thats the answer
the saint <energyegs a magnet.ch>
USA - Sunday, October 20, 1996 at 07:18:33 (PDT)
Brilliant! I'm gonna go build a rail-gun!
Mr Hyms <ee600730 a ntu.ac.uk>
Nottingham, England - Friday, October 18, 1996 at 04:14:16 (PDT)
Roberto Venturetti <robyv a freenet.hut.fi>
BARLASSINA, MI ITALY - Thursday, October 17, 1996 at 03:44:02 (PDT)
Roberto Venturetti <robyv a freenet.hut.fi>
BARLASSINA, MI ITALY - Thursday, October 17, 1996 at 03:43:44 (PDT)
Hello folks i am glad to have all information for free energy and living water
Bieli Rolf <100717,2720>
Basel, BL CH - Tuesday, October 15, 1996 at 12:21:46 (PDT)
A Good site!!!
Rhea Scheltus <rheas a welkincom.au>
Melbourne, Australia - Friday, October 11, 1996 at 18:08:09 (PDT)
Science is the thing how gave my a new hobbie. IT'S GREAT !!!
Alain Lavanchy <Alain.Lavanchy a fam.admin.ch>
Bern, BE CH - Thursday, October 10, 1996 at 00:12:07 (PDT)
Yours is one of my favorite sites.
Rick Hess <Rick_Hess a wowcom>
Hobe Sound, Fla. USA - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 19:54:34 (PDT)
You give new meaning to science. Best internet site for education and entertainment!!!!
Jan Curtis <jcurtis a gi.alaska.edu>
Fairbanks, AK USA - Monday, October 07, 1996 at 21:57:54 (PDT)
Anyone with ideas for a a project on misconceptions in science?
Kim <kimrs a erolscom>
VA USA - Sunday, October 06, 1996 at 06:11:05 (PDT)
neat site!
twalker <twalker a orednet.org>
USA - Saturday, October 05, 1996 at 11:24:53 (PDT)
another test. How about an image:[earth] This commment has no "http" on the URL above.
Bill Beaty <>
Seattle, WA USA - Thursday, September 19, 1996 at 06:19:28 (PDT)
Hey Jim, this new software appears to be working!
Bill Beaty <>
USA - Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 17:30:07 (PDT)


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