Tips for Printing this Website with Netscape Navigator

When trying to print out the pages on this site using some laser or color ink jet printers, the white and yellow letters on the dark background result In printed pages that are mostly white or mostly black. This can be easily remedied by doing the following:

If you get mostly white pages just pull down the "FILE" menu, and click on "PAGE SETUP" . In "PAGE OPTIONS" check "BLACK TEXT" and "BLACK LINES", then click "OK". That's it! (You can leave these settings on all the time.)

If you get mostly black pages just pull down the "OPTIONS" menu and click on "GENERAL PREFERENCES". Select the "COLORS" page tab and choose a "TEXT COLOR" of BLACK and a "BACKGROUND COLOR" of "WHITE", then click on "ALWAYS USE MY COLORS, OVERIDING DOCUMENT" then "OK". (After printing, you need to go back to the "COLORS" dialog box and uncheck the "OVERRIDE" checkbox to see website colors properly again.)

Another option is to simply highlight the text, then use your edit function to copy it into any word processing program, then just print it out from that program!

"Note: This site looks and sounds best under Netscape 3.0. You can LINK HERE to go to the Netscape website and download a trial version of this software for free!

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