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Mike and Karen, 

Your entertaining exposé has succeeded, in my opinion, to send
Bill Hones back to the bush without a plane where he belongs. With
honesty and clarity you have taken a stand to right a great
wrong. Your chronicle of these fascinating facts have revealed, to me
and all the other unsuspecting levitators out there, a scoundrel and a
genius. May the telling of these events help replace Roy Harrigan to
his rightful status as the true inventor of the Levitron, and may your
own courage and conviction be rewarded a thousand fold!

Paul Brandi
Mesilla, New Mexico 

You seem to revel in either real or imagined legal difficulties 
which might befall Fascinations and your personal self-righteous 
attacks on my ethical behavior are abominanble.

Bill Hones
Seattle, Washington 

I don't think anyone should be surprised at Bill Hones' acts, just
look at the daily world news; corruption and greed are running rampant
now everywhere, and the ones doing it all don't even believe they're
doing anything wrong! What Bill Hones did certainly may be wrong, and
it sure looks that way, but does he care? No, he's just more resolved
to denying any wrongdoing. Hmmm, too bad...

Dan Perry 
Bellingham, Washington 

It's almost unbelievable that such chicanery still goes on today, and
that Bill got away with it for such a long time before he was
caught. I applaud your stand on suspending Levitron sales. I'll still
continue to amaze and amuse my friends with my Levitron, but I'll tell
them to hold off buying one of their own until this mess is
straightened out. Thank you for your honesty.

Ken Piletic 

How about making a video on the true history of the Levitron -
including the court case?

Mathew Hargreaves 

I am writing to compliment you on your high ethical standards and the
position you have taken. This whole thing has to have been very
traumatic for you. I want you to know there are people out here who
respect what you have done. When this whole mess is settled and you
are back in business with Roy's devices, you can count on me to
purchase one!

Gary R. Weisman 
Professor of Chemistry University of New Hampshire 

All I can say is, do whatever it takes to bring the Levitron back to
"the masses." And, as you both have already demonstrated,
continue doing so with the integrity and legitimacy that this

Jan Madrid 

Wow! I had no idea what was brewing behind the scenes.  The revelation
of the long and warped history of the Levitron is a maze of half
truths and behind-the-back maneuvering. I am glad that your company
has taken the "stand back and let's see what happens"
position. If Bill Hones is indeed as crafty as he seems through the
events you describe, then he needs to be stopped and the rightful
inventor recognized for his discovery.

Ray Miller 
Boise, Idaho 

Ah, so that explains it. 

William Beaty

Maybe I am a cynic, a pragmatist, or a fellow member of the morally
marginal, but if I got excited about an invention and wanted to sell
it, but the inventor didn't seem willing to cooperate, whether because
of a slight mental illness or whatever, and I found out I could sell
something similar without having to even bother with the original
inventor, then I might do it.  I think I would acknowledge the
original inventor, but if I was told by my lawyer that acknowledging
him might make me liable, then maybe I wouldn't even do that!  Gosh,
how easy it seems for me to slide down the slippery slope of

Kenton Green
University of Rochester

While your important expose' will not eradicate fraud and greed, I
believe that the delinquency and unprofessionalism of the Patent
Office needs to be highlighted as well. Their impotence facilitated
the fraud and is playing to the hand of the attorneys.

Reuven Zach

New Feedback Letters added 3/23/98:

Bill Hones' comment about "your personal self-righteous attacks on my
personal behavior" - in my opinion - only serves to add credence to the
allegations of theft, falsification, and deceit.  His 'offer' to Roy
Harrigan of 2 1/2% (royalty) was and is - in my opinion - akin to a
'slap in the face' with a handful of the proverbial 'warm-brown-mushy'
stuff.  One fact is for certain - one day in the future, Mr. Hones
will have to answer to his Maker.  Then he will truly receive his
'just reward'.

Jim Nivison
San Jose, CA

Loved your site and comments!  I found it inadvertently, like most
good stuff on the web?  Your entire site is awesome - great punishment
for the SOB!!  I am an Engineer/Inventor? and I have dealt with my
share of "businessmen" with weird values and "justify anything as long
as they take most of the bucks" ethics.

What you have done on your site is wonderful and will be emulated.
This concept for a web site gives us great power - thanks for making
me realize this aspect of it (I hate lawyers, too, which you will find
out if you delve into my site).  And YES your responses and entire
letter is totally credible.

Douglas J. Malewicki 
Newport Beach, CA 

cc: my email to Bill H:

Bill: Is the quote from you on the UFO feedback page the full text of
your response?  If it is, is that the best you can do?  Respectfully,
I suggest that if you are unable to come up with any factual
corrections' and must resort instead to insulting their listing of
events; you don't come across as very convincing.  I further suggest
that their listing did not strike me as "self-righteous" at all,
though it DID strike me as "righteous"-a distinction it might be well
for you to ponder.  Do let us all know if you decide to be righteous,

DJK Moore 

cc: my email to Fascinations:

Hello. I love the Levitron and was interested in possibly retailing
them.  I then read an article by Mike and Karen Sherlock about the
dispute over moral and legal ownership of the patent(s) which concerns
me. Do you have any info on your side of this dispute that you could
email me?

Best Regards, Les Gripkey

Dear Mike and Karen. 

Following is the email I got from Fascinations..  

Best Regards, Les Gripkey

Dear Les,

Thank you for your email.  It is perceptive of you to recognize that
there is much more to this story than the information you have been
presented with.  Unfortunately, I cannot go into much detail at this
time.  I am confident however, that Fascinations will be vindicated in
the near future.

I can tell you that:
1. Bill Hones is the inventor of the Levitron? and holds a patent to
that effect.
2. Bill Hones also invented the Perpetuator ?, and Super Levitron ?.
3. Bill Hones has also invented a secret device to be unveiled next year
which is truly amazing.

Best regards,

UPDATE - Since these last Feedback letters were posted, Bill Hones has spoken! CLICK HERE to link to the beginning of his statements, quoted in the Hidden History article.

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