Alexander A. Shpilman ( )

Observation of "Spin" field

(axion or torsion of fields)

It is possible to observe a "spin" field (Z-field), generated described in "Spin-field Generator" device, at bright lighting in air as mirage. At weak lighting it is possible to observe bright-dark bands. More than 50 % of the people (Russian) is capable it to feel.

The field, generator described in "Spin-field Generator", increases hardness of a surface of high-carbon steel on 35%. During day, after irradiation, occurs relaxation of hardness of steel to a reference value.

The action on one-cell organism is not revealed.

Influences on plants is through a water.

The activity of immunity system by an animal and person changes. The electrical conductivity of biologically active points varies. The character of effect of medicinal preparations varies.