ElectroGravity : ELG02 an Electro-dynamic device (PART 1)
by Jean-Louis Naudin -
Email : JNaudin509@aol.com or 100721.3620@compuserve.com

ELG02 - Description ELG02XP.GIF

This is a description of a method to construct and experiment an "Electro-dynamic" device called ELG02xp. The ELG02 device use the directionalized Grad E like "Biefield/Brown Effect" to produce an acceleration field and this field surimposed on gravitational field reduce the mesured mass of this device. This experimental device show how Grad E field generate thrust and up to 6% weight lost.

ELG02 - Construction

Parts needed :

--> Attached after this doc, in Mime 1.0, base64 encoded : sheme and picture (color GIF) of the ELG02 device.

Construction steps :

  1. cut a ring 14 cm (outer diameter ) and 10 cm (inner diameter) in 6 mm polystyrene sheet,
  2. cut the 15 cm wood staff in three pieces of 45 mm lengh
  3. Wrap up the 3.8 cm ball with aluminium sheet
  4. Wrap up the 14 cm polystyrene ring with aluminium sheet
  5. Make a cupola form with aluminium sheet on 20 cm sphere ( like a hand ball) and cut it to have a 169 mm diameter cupola.
  6. Glue the ring center on the cupola top
  7. Glue the 3 wood parts on sphere to build a tripod support between the aluminium sphere and ring;(see gif diagram and attached document ELG02XP.GIF )

                                  *  *
                                *      *
                               *        *   (- sphere   (aluminium)
                               *        *     (POSITIVE, more than 50Kv DC)
                                *      *
                                / * | * \
                               /    |    \   (- tripod support (wood)
                         XXXX**: : : : : :**XXXX  (- ring (aluminium)
                          ***               ***
                       ***                      ***   (- cupola (aluminium)
                    ***                            ***    (NEGATIVE)
                 ***                                  ***
       Figure 1

Note : The space between the positive sphere must be at least 15 mm. (breakdown voltage for dry air is 4.7 Kv/mm)

Put the ELG02 device on a precision balance, the ELG02 device MUST BE ELETRICALY ISOLATED FROM THE BALANCE. Connect the sphere to POSITIVE and cupola to NEGATIVE pole of electrostatic generator.


ELG02 - MEASURES and TESTS (to be continued)

I use a 250 Kv Wimshurt machine to make tests, and i limit voltage just under the breakdown between sphere and cupola.

For 70 Kv, I measure 5.7% weight lost of ELG02.

Jean-Louis Naudin
Email : 100721.3620@compuserve.com or JNaudin509@aol.com


[ELG02XP.GIF] Attached document : ELG02pl.GIF (ELG02PL.GIF is sheme, ELG02xp.GIF (Picture + sheme)