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From PHYSICS WORLD, Oct 1996 page 50:
  Videotapes of the lecture series on which Richard Feynman based his
  best- selling book have been rediscovered at the U of Auckland. F's
  family have given permission for the university to distribute copies on
  a not-for-profit basis.

From Ralph Leighton:

 Dear Feynman fan,

    Thanks to the University of Auckland and the
    Feynman family, Richard P. Feynman's lectures on
    Quantumelectrodynamics (QED) for a lay audience
    are now available.  The NTSC edition is now ready!
    It's on four VHS cassettes.  Total time is about 6 hours,
    which includes some questions and answers after each lecture.

    (In the fall, I hope to make a closed-caption edition
                        for non-native speakers of Feynmanese.)

    Right now, there are several options:

    For the US and Canada:

         1) $59 for one set delivered by air mail or priority mail
                        (2-3 days, once I've processed your order).

         2) $55 for one set delivered by 4th class or surface mail
                        (about ten days, once I've processed your order).

         3) $40 for additional sets of lectures sent at the same time.

    ***For the rest of the world, the price is $59 for one set delivered by
                        surface mail; $75 for one set delivered by air mail.

    Please make check payable to Friends of Tuva and mail to:

                        Friends of Tuva
                        Box 70021
                        Pasadena CA 91117 USA

    For non-US orders, please send an international postal money order,
                         or a check drawn on a US bank.
                         (Bank must have a US address on the check.)

    Packaging:  Four separate plastic cases (sleeves), so your tapes can
                        fit into a cabinet that holds other VHS tapes;

    Please note!  These videos are in NTSC (US standard), used in
    the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and elsewhere--
    but NOT in Europe, Russia, or British Commonwealth countries
    (unless you have a multi-standard player and TV).

    For PAL (UK standard), please contact Prof. John Dudley in
    New Zealand:   jmd@phyvc.auckland.ac.nz

    Thank you for your interest.  Enjoy the lectures!

    Ralph Leighton

    Ralph Leighton  (213) 221-8882 vox & fax.  If you would like to 
    receive the latest (Dec '95) FoT newsletter, please send a
    self-addressed stamped envelope Friends of Tuva, Box 70021, Pasadena
    CA 91117 USA ($0.32  in US, $1 outside)

    Please note my new e-mail address: fot@lafn.org

    Long live Richard Feynman!

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