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Welcome to the Experimental Science Instrumentation mailing list. This
list is hosted by CyberTects in Austin, Tx. If you have questions or
problems please send email to 'list@ssz.com'. You should receive a
responce shortly afterward. 

There is a place for a webpage on the SSZ homepage. However, currently
nobody is involved in any sort of project. If interested please send a
note to the list. To see what else is up at CyberTects look at
http://www.ssz.com/. It ain't much, but it is home...;) 

This mailing list is intended for the rigorous exploration of nature.  One
of the primary areas of experimentation is instrumentation and data
reduction.  This list is intended as a resource for the advancement of
knowledge in both areas. As a consequence off-topic discussions are
STRONGLY avoided. 

This list is NOT intended for beginners. They are certainly welcome but
are expected to stay out of discussions they are not experienced in.
General questions are welcome from any party on relevant issues. We
strongly believe the novice experimenter should be helped. Discussions at
all levels are available. It is not acceptable behaviour to expound on
personalities or other 'flame bait' topics. 

Sale and advertisment of services are permitted with due consideration of
the other members of the list. Each 'ad' should appear ONLY ONCE per
calendar year. The 'ad' MUST be relevant to the mailing list members and
its charter topic. All responces should be by direct email. 

As a member of this list it is expected you pursue active experiments or
projects. We would very much like to hear about what you are up to and
where you are taking it. A working knowledge of diff-eq's, computer
programming, basic electronics (analog & digital), physics, chemistry,
safety proceedures, etc. is assumed for most discussions. 

The person behind the email is Jim Choate. I would like to tell you a
little about myself and provide some insight into the mailing list. 

This list is NOT for the exploration of pseudo-science, space aliens, etc. 
I named the list after Nikola Tesla because I admire his accomplishments
and his strong indipendant nature. 

I have been building 'projects' since I was a kid of 8-9, I am now 37. 
For seven years I built projects at Discovery Hall, a hands-on science
museum in Austin, Tx. I am currently working on a hexapod robot and a
high-performance rocket. I am currently a computer engineer for Tivoli -
IBM as well as run my own business, CyberTects. In both cases I play with
what I lovingly refer to as the 'bleeding edge'. Through CyberTects I
support several hands-on technology mailing lists and two user groups. 

I started the list a couple of years ago with the intent of finding others
who like to build 'professional' quality projects. Since that time it has
grown slowly but steadily by word of mouth. The folks who participate in
the mailing list are truely an impressive lot. Don't feel hesitant about
starting a dialogue. Historicaly the list has been very low traffic. The
majority of traffic is cross-posts from other sources. I would really like
to see more discussion about current projects. 

             "Reality is observer dependant"
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                                  James Choate

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         Political ideal: The Constitution says "Congress shall make no
         law..." & What happened to the 9th & 10th Amendments?

         Philosophy: Pantheism - the belief that everything is divine,
                                 that God is not seperate but totaly
                                 identified with the cosmos, and that
                                 God does not possess personality or


         The end of our exploring will be to arrive at where we
         started, and to know the place for the first time.

                                                T.S. Eliot


                         Chance favors the prepared mind.